Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon | Episode 15: Farewell Under the Lunar Eclipse Review

Plot: Flashing back to 18 years ago, we learn what really happened when the half-demon princesses were born to separate them from their parents.

Breakdown: I realize I’m very far behind, and I even wanted to do another lightning round batch review to catch up, but I had way too much to say about this one so I opted against it.

So this is the episode we’ve all been waiting for. The big backstory episode explaining what the hell has been going on.

I’m already on my Word processor writing about how confused I am…..when I’m not even to the opening theme song. Come take a 20 minute walk with me. I feel the path is going to be rocky.

This episode, as I expected from the next episode preview, is fully a flashback. Hosenki II has finished creating a black pearl after being loaned the green rainbow pearl and Izayoi’s rouge by Riku. This allowed him to create a new black pearl in four years when it usually takes 100.

Also, this confirms that Riku’s definitely not human, but what exactly he is, I don’t know either.

Hosenki goes to Kaede’s village to give Inuyasha the black pearl, but not before asking him to demonstrate his father’s ability – the Adamant Barrage. The instant he asked Inuyasha to do this I knew Inuyasha would destroy something with it and Kagome would get pissed at him. Lo and behold, he did. He destroyed their house…..Ya know, Inuyasha may not be joining Mensa anytime soon, but I refuse to believe he’d be THAT reckless and stupid. Especially considering, from where I stand, there’s no reason that wouldn’t have hurt/killed Kagome. She was standing in their doorway.

Cue Sit Boy.

The double standard of domestic abuse sure never gets old.

Hosenki tells Inuyasha and Kagome that the black pearls are actually Izayoi’s tears? And that they were turned into pearls after her death? And one of them was the black pearl in Inuyasha’s eye – the one that houses his father’s grave? What? How does that make sense? Why was anyone keeping her tears or turning them into pearls? What purpose would that possibly have? She’s human. There can’t be any mystical powers behind her tears. Where did he get one of Izayoi’s tears four years ago? She’s been dead for 20 years.

Apparently, he needed Izayoi’s rouge because he needed her deep sorrow in order to complete the pearl…..Why is her sorrow held in her rouge and why her TEARS aren’t ample enough sources of her own sorrow – I dunno.

But hey let’s turn a page in the Big Book of How Not to Write Inuyasha.

This is post-series Inuyasha. He’s matured quite a bit. He’s loved. He’s lost. He’s grieved. He’s found love again. He’s saved the world numerous times. He’s found a new family. He’s ‘married’ now….I assume. Later, it’s confirmed that Kagome’s already pregnant at this point (which means he almost just hurt/killed his unborn child with that stunt too, nice. So much for the ol’ overprotective expecting father). He may still and always be the reckless hothead we’ve come to know and love, but he’s not an asshole.

So why, pray tell, when Kagome’s like ‘Isn’t it great Inuyasha? We have two keepsakes of your mother now.’ he’s all ‘Why the hell would I need those things anymore?’ That, by the way, is word-for-word what he said.

Even when Inuyasha trusted no one and pretty much hated humans he still kept his mother’s rouge near and dear to his heart, so much so that he gave it to Kikyo as a gift that she, in turn, treasured (we’ll get to that elephant in the room in a second.) Why would he act like such an ass about these keepsakes now?

And yes I get it, Inuyasha’s still not good at showing his feelings, Kagome even says as much, but being reserved about your feelings isn’t the same as basically saying these keepsakes of his mother are garbage to him and he finds no point in keeping them. He even scoffs at the idea of bringing the items to his father’s grave out of respect.

Instead, he shoves the new black pearl into his eye, which, as Hosenki points out, means he won’t be able to retrieve it except in times of great need. Can he just keep an infinite amount of black pearls in his eye or does he need to pay for an inventory upgrade at some point?

Kagome insists that they keep the rouge, though. Inuyasha told Hosenki that he was surprised he managed to ‘find’ it and we get a brief flashback to Inuyasha giving the rouge to Kikyo. Yeah. In case you missed the late edit I made to my review of episode five, I suddenly remembered that Inuyasha didn’t just give the rouge to Kikyo. Naraku broke the rouge into teeny pieces right in front of Kikyo when he attacked her. So not only do we have to believe that the rouge was kept by….someone for the past 50 some-odd years for some reason, but also that it magically reassembled itself.

A little while later, Rin is giving birth to Towa and Setsuna. Judging from how old the twins and Hisui look right now, I’d say we’re only a few years out from the end of The Final Act, where Rin was 11, according to the Wiki. She’s 29 now….and her kids are 14……Meaning she’s 15 at this point.

Okay, we kinda can’t avoid this now….this is just squicky. Especially considering that it’s very possible she was 14 when she conceived…..

I figured she would’ve been at least a few years older, which still would’ve been squicky but not AS bad. As much as I suck at math I can determine that 14 year old + 200+ year old (at least) = eughgh.

I do have to be kind of fair and point out that this is still the Feudal Era – times were different. Like I said before, I really don’t want to research this too much because I’d prefer not having a bunch of questions of this nature in my search history, but it wasn’t terribly uncommon for adult men to have relationships with very young girls and boys back in those days. Hell, all across the world girls were getting married off when they were like nine to men who were 30+. The average marriage age back in feudal Japan was still 16, but from all I’ve read it wasn’t really viewed as a very official act back then (which might explain why there was no hoopdeedoo around Sango and Miroku and Inuyasha and Kagome getting married.) Feel free to correct me on any of this by the way.

So….on a social level, back then, this is probably viewed as being just fine.




I must point out that it’s not like Inuyasha is a series that strives for period realism. Sure, they have some historical figures pop up, and they’re probably fine in the realm of keeping the wardrobe, architecture and whatnot accurate, but that’s where the buck stops because our main character is part dog. He uses a sword that defies the laws of physics and has more forms than Frieza. He was in love with a clay zombie. His wife is a reincarnation of aforementioned clay zombie, and she can move freely between two set yet somehow simultaneously moving points in time via a well. She had a magic jewel stuck in her stomach because somehow the jewel burned with Kikyo’s body and somehow was lost to existence for 500 years before randomly reemerging. They were friends with a tiny transforming fox demon who used toys as weapons and could turn into a balloon. They flew around on a magic fire cat. One of them had a black hole in his hand. That same guy is friends with a giant tanuki. They spent a decade trying to track down and kill a half-spider demon who honestly should’ve been half-cockroach he was that difficult to kill. Said spider-dude split himself off into numerous other people with completely unrelated powers – one of which was a woman who controlled wind and flew from place to place on a giant feather, another was a small emotionless albino child who had a magic mirror and another was a creepy baby with a ball. They collected approximately 70 billion jewel shards to finally complete the world’s most annoying MacGuffin, and the grand finale to stop all of the fuss surrounding the thing was to have the jewel literally be wished away.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I don’t think it’s entirely unreasonable to ask the writers, who live in modern times, to maybe tack on another few years to Rin’s age to make this not so icky, even if it’s, inevitably, going to be a little icky considering their circumstances.

Literally nothing else would have to change. Even if Towa and Setsuna ended up being a little younger than Moroha, it’d be fine. Hell, technically, you wouldn’t even have to do that. If it really is difficult for half-demons to reproduce, you can just say Kagome took a long time to get pregnant. That’s basically what they’re already saying anyway considering Kagome’s only now getting pregnant and she’s been married to Inuyasha for a few years. They don’t really have any reliable birth control in this era. Unless it took them THAT long to do the marriage dance, which, considering it took them until the very end of the series to kiss canonically……yeah, that might track.

Moving on, it’s the night of a lunar eclipse, and Riku comes to meet Kagome and tell her about the Grim Comet. Once every 500 years, the Grim Comet passes by earth. Fragments of the comet break off and threaten the lives of the people in its path. 500 years ago, Inutaisho and Kirinmaru worked together to destroy the fragments that were falling. Now the comet is a mere seven days out and Inutaisho is dead while Kirinmaru has fallen into a deep slumber for some reason.

Kagome proclaims that Inuyasha will definitely help in his father’s stead, but wonders how they can awaken Kirinmaru. Riku explains that awakening Kirinmaru is a bad idea. He hates humans and detests half-demons. If he awakens, chances are he’ll murder Inuyasha, Sesshomaru’s children and even Kagome’s unborn child. The only way to stop the comet fragments is by getting Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to do it together.

……..Wait, the comet comes by once every 500 years?…Modern era times are 500 years off…..which….means………Uhhh are we all dead now? Or is this another thing that just doesn’t exist in modern times because reasons?

Sesshomaru’s listening to his children being born from a couple miles away….why he’s not actually there providing Rin with support, I don’t know. Can’t lose that stoicism that made the fanbase swoon, I suppose.

Zero drops by and basically just taunts him, threatens him and his family vaguely concerning Kirinmaru and tells him about the comet. After she leaves, Sesshomaru goes to see Rin and his new twin children.

Consensus on whether it’s weird for Rin to still call Sesshomaru ‘Lord Sesshomaru.’? Zero even said they’re married now too.

Sesshomaru just comes in and swoops the twins away, not even commenting on Rin or their new children. So just to recap – the first instances we see of these two as a couple are him listening to her give birth from far away and not reacting and him snatching up his newborn kids and making off with them with barely a sentence in response as to what he’s doing with them and no words to Rin whatsoever.

You guys are definitely going to have to do better than that. I mean, anyone who’s watched the original series knows how much they care for each other, but that’s on a, and I hate to go here, but it has to be said, a father-daughter level. Romance is a different level. The levels should never connect, but here we are. Any emotion in this scene, what little there is, is quite shallow considering it’s not only void of any romantic or tender moments between Rin and Sesshomaru but also between the two of them and their daughters. Rin names them and that’s it.

Kagome asks what he’s doing, and he simply says it’s the rites of courage and cowardice. Kagome asks if it has anything to do with Kirinmaru, but he just leaves without saying anything more. Rin tearfully whispers that she has faith in Sesshomaru. Jaken hands Kagome a paper explaining when and where Sesshomaru will face the comet fragment. He can do it on his own, but he’s giving Inuyasha the information just in case.

As Sesshomaru heads off, he’s confronted by Joka. Remember her? The Ka demon that you stopped caring about almost immediately? Who was then killed off almost immediately? She’s been tasked by Zero to take/kill the half-demon twins, but Sesshomaru just swats her away and easily cuts her arms off, revealing that she was using two rainbow pearls in her arms – the silver and gold pearls.

He mentions that the rainbow pearls are Zero’s tears…….???????

Sesshomaru takes the pearls and flies off. He leaves the twins at the sacred tree, giving them each one of the rainbow pearls that are implanted into their eyes—wait, is that seriously the origin of their rainbow pearls? Just that Joka literally came the fuck out of nowhere, had them, Sesshomaru swiped them more easily than a credit card and then sticks them in the eyes of his daughters? Okie dokie. Guess it’s about as disappointing as the origin of Moroha’s red rainbow pearl.

Jaken tasks himself with caring for the twins until they can take care of themselves. He also explains that he’ll bring Rin there soon enough. Wait, what? He’s raising the kids in Rin’s stead….but he’s also going to bring Rin there?

In order to have a safe place to raise them, Jaken puts up a powerful barrier all around a half-mile-ish radius from the sacred tree. Neither Joka nor Zero can sense the twins now, so they’re kinda stuck.

Cut ahead to the set meeting time and place for Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to take down the fragment. It’s at Sesshomaru’s mother’s place for some reason (even though she isn’t there). They take care of the fragment, which was a demon….comet….fragment I guess?, in less than a minute, and then they just leave.


Nail. Biter.

…..What purpose did that whole comet thing have to do with the plot, by the way? Feels like it was a big pointless waste of time. It affected nothing.

Cut to Kirinmaru’s….Pirate ship…house?…..Cool? He is awoken by Zero who shares the news of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha’s half/quarter demon children. It was prophesied by the Shikon jewel….somehow, that a being neither human nor demon who could transcend time would be Kirinmaru’s downfall, which, logically, even pointed out by Zero, would mean MOROHA’S the one he has to watch out for…..but apparently this series wants to focus on the twins.

I know the one who actually transcends time is Towa, but that’s not even her doing – it’s the power of the silver rainbow pearl.

Anyhoo, Sesshomaru comes in and acts as if he’s going to help Kirinmaru kill Inuyasha (and I guess the kids?) Also, we’ve time skipped a bit because now Moroha’s born. We’re at the exact scene where Moroha’s dreams were shown in an earlier episode. Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru face off against Kagome and Inuyasha, Kagome gives Moroha the rouge and sends her off with Hachi, why Hachi’s there I don’t know, but we now get more than we did then.

Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru attack Inuyasha. However, to Kirinmaru’s surprise, Sesshomaru rushes ahead and sticks his fingers in Inuyasha’s eye, grabbing the black pearl. He uses the pearl’s power to suck Inuyasha and Kagome into the world within the pearl. Kirinmaru is surprised Sesshomaru helped them….dude, you’re thick as a milkshake made of cement. Of course he helped Inuyasha and Kagome – he’s allied with them now. He has taken a human as a bride. He has two half-demon children he’s clearly protecting. If he really wanted Inuyasha dead, he’d have done it long ago, especially considering Miroku no longer has his wind tunnel and there are times where Inuyasha loses his demon powers entirely.

He’s definitely nowhere near as intelligent and conniving as Naraku if he fell for such an easy ploy as that. Combine that with how he seems to be manipulated by Zero and….I sense a lot of suckage on the horizon with this dude. I hope Zero’s the real villain because wow. Riku might be the villain, but I dunno. He’s been very morally gray.

Now you’d think Sesshomaru would be in deep shit for that. Afterall, he just betrayed and tricked the big bad Kirinmaru and kept him from killing those filthy half/quarter demons he hates so much.


Kirinmaru just kinda brushes it off. Jaken says they’ll need Inuyasha’s Meido Zangetsuha some day for whatever reasons and Kirinmaru’s all ‘Lol whatever.’ and then he walks off with Sesshomaru.

We see that Moroha was given to some new character in Koga’s wolf demon tribe to care for her, which is cool. I was wondering where Koga was and it makes sense that she would’ve been raised with them given how she acts. In hindsight, it’s kinda funny. One day, Inuyasha will have to deal with the fact that Koga, of all people, was one of the people who helped raised his daughter (I think?) I would pay to see his expression when that news drops on his head.

Using the dream-gazing thingy, Zero is able to see where Towa and Setsuna are, so she plots to burn down the forest where they reside. Sesshomaru, knowing he can’t refuse or else he’d show his hand, seemingly complies and walks off.

You know the rest.

Then we cut back to present/Feudal era time where Riku is breaking the fourth wall as he’s been the one telling us the story. That wasn’t really necessary, but okay.

And, uh, that was it.

I am thoroughly underwhelmed.

I really hate that I keep saying that about this series, but it’s true.

Like I said in the last episode’s review, I wasn’t really expecting much from this episode. They’ve dropped the ball with so much that I had little to no faith they’d pull off something impressive with this backstory – and they didn’t.

At least I didn’t get mad at it, but it also left me awash in a sea of ‘Meh.’ which, oftentimes, is quite worse.

It’s just a lot of…things….happening. But none of them are particularly interesting things. The things that SHOULD be interesting like Towa and Setsuna’s births as well as Moroha’s birth were flat and unemotional – we didn’t even get to see Moroha’s birth. She just appears. Sesshomaru being an ice queen about his kids I expected but I kinda wanted to see Inuyasha being sentimental about his kid. Instead we get him nearly murdering his pregnant wife just because he wants to show off and can’t aim in a reasonable direction and him being an ass about his mother’s heirlooms.

Considering the lack of emotional connection and caring between the girls and their parents is already an existing and glaring problem even before the girls have ever met their parents, the fact that there’s little shown on the opposite side of the fence is a really heavy blow. Inuyasha used to be nearly melodramatic. What happened to the emotion in this series?

In terms of action, that was even worse. The comet thing was poorly explained (why did no one mention it was filled with smoky demons. WHY is it filled with smoky demons? How did they get in there? Are there SPACE DEMONS!? That’s way more interesting than anything ever presented in this entire franchise.) and they did the job so easily I’m not convinced in the slightest that only Inutaisho or his kids could have destroyed it. There was no tension whatsoever in that scene. It was literally two shots – one to slice the rock and the other to defeat the smoky space demon. It’s always a little cool to see Sesshomaru and Inuyasha working together, but that’s about it. Like I said, the entire comet subplot seemed like a massive waste of time, especially in a backstory episode for god’s sake.

Looks cool, though.

The “battle” between Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru vs. Inuyasha wasn’t even a battle, hence the sarcastic quotation marks. Not only did no blows actually get traded, but I knew from the instant Sesshomaru walked into Kirinmaru’s lair that he was playing Kirinmaru. There’s no reason he’d go through all that trouble to protect his family just up and decide to kill Inuyasha for no reason.

It’s cool that Sesshomaru helped them out, as rough as his plan may have been, but the fact that Kirinmaru didn’t do anything to Sesshomaru after the fact is just lame. He didn’t attack him or threaten him, he didn’t even try to take the pearl– he just shrugged and they walked off together.

The one interesting hanging thread in this entire episode is where Inuyasha and Kagome actually are. Jaken acted like they were sent to Inutaisho’s grave, but there are two problems with that; 1) They spent way too much time focusing on the second black pearl at the start of the episode and making it a point that Inuyasha put it in his eye that I can’t imagine that wasn’t a setup for a switcheroo. 2) If they were in Inutaisho’s gravesite, then they should be able to leave whenever they please. They’ve done it before.

I wonder if Inuyasha and Kagome came up with a plan about this with Sesshomaru before he went to meet Kirinmaru. I can’t imagine they did because I’d assume they’d send Moroha off to safety before Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru faced off with them.

This episode also did clear up Sesshomaru’s intentions a bit, which is good. It’s tough love, really tough, but he means well. I still don’t entirely get what he’s doing, and I feel like, if he wanted to, he could kill Kirinmaru – especially if he teamed up with Inuyasha. We already know his Perils are jokes. He just doesn’t give off that impressive of a vibe. He’s a doof in a mask. Oh by the way, Naraku called, he wants his ‘using an animal head as a mask’ shtick back. Plus, he hasn’t even really done jack shit over the course of the series so far. In fact, the one thing he was actually shown doing was HEROIC. He helped Inutaisho destroy the comet fragment 500 years ago, saving countless lives.

Some things are obviously still missing from the backstory like how Rin became comatose within the Tree of Ages, what Sesshomaru’s grand plan is, what happened to Setsuna after the fire, how and when Setsuna came into contact with the Dream Butterfly, how she got her boa, how she ended up being trained by the demon slayers, why she said that thing about a rite of courage and cowardice when Sesshomaru said that mere moments after she was born, why Kirinmaru hasn’t just slaughtered these kids himself yet considering he now knows where they are, and, just for good measure, where the hell Shippo is. He is not here. Did the writers forget he existed? We saw him in episode one, right? Where did he go? I’m not letting this go. There’s no reason he hasn’t so much as made a brief cameo, especially in a flashback episode.

I dunno, guys. My interest in this series is tanking faster than a tank of gas in a tank as it drives around a tanker truck filled with tiny toy tanks. There’s a reason I haven’t gotten around to reviewing this in so long. Dread was a part of it, but I just found myself failing to care enough to press ‘play.’ It’s gotten to a point where it’s hard for me to care about what they wrote for the original Inuyasha crew because it’s just so boring and badly written, and that’s a big problem.

I am several episodes behind, though. Someone tell me they’ve already arrived at greener pastures.

Next time, we get Moroha’s backstory with her old master from the wolf demon tribe. I actually DO care about this, but, again, I’m not expecting much. The way they treat Moroha by default is crappy, despite her being the best new character, but at least it sounds like we’ll learn why Moroha’s in debt.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon | Episode 14: The One Behind the Forest Fire Review


Plot: Moroha, Setsuna and Towa are tasked by Jyubei to help a beautiful village girl named Tamano. When she was 13, she found herself constantly pursued by men who were in awe of her beauty. Everyone wanted to marry her, but she didn’t want to leave the village or her grandparents, so she denied every offer.

One night, she was whisked away by the fiery mountain god, Homura, who was also awed by her beauty, and takes her as his bride. They live together in an odd mansion atop a frigid snowy mountain. The mansion is unaffected by the tundra surrounding it. In fact, it seems like it’s perpetual spring there.

Tamano had no choice but to accept her new role. At first, it didn’t seem to bad because he was surprisingly sweet and caring, but she quickly realized how horrible he was. If a man so much as met her eyes, Homura would burn him alive on the spot. His jealousy was so intense that he eventually started blaming Tamano for seducing men even when she wasn’t doing anything of the sort. To keep her all to himself, he locked her up in a jail cell.

Tamano was able to pick the lock using her hair sticks, and she quickly made her escape down the mountain. However, the snow and cold were too much for her and she collapsed. Luckily, Riku was wandering by and managed to save her. Realizing Riku is now a threat in Homura’s eyes, the girls are tasked by him and Jyubei to hunt down Homura and kill him. His head is worth a mighty bounty, so Moroha gladly heads off to face the challenge with Towa and Setsuna joining her.

They reach the mansion and confront an enraged Homura who has just discovered Tamano is missing. He blasts Moroha away with a huge fire attack, though she’s kept safe by her robe of the fire rat. Towa and Setsuna face off against him next, but he halts the battle when he notices the rainbow pearls in their eyes. He’s shocked that they’re alive because he swore he killed them when they were young.

It turns out that Homura was the one who set the massive forest fire that separated Towa and Setsuna. He did so on the orders of a mysterious demon named Zero. She wanted to kill them, and Sesshomaru appeared to be compliant with the plan.

Hearing this, Towa explodes in rage. They both take on Homura together, with Moroha rejoining in the middle of the battle. Even together, the girls have great difficulty getting their attacks through to Homura whose flames are so intense and massive that they can’t seem to fend them off.

Suddenly, Tamano and Riku arrive on Takechiyo. Tamano wants to take responsibility for Homura and face off against him herself. Seeing Riku by her side and hearing her declarations that she will never, ever be with him again, Homura becomes even angrier and starts setting his entire mansion on fire. She and Riku egg him on so much that he burns himself up and eventually reduces himself to ash.

Tamano heads back to her village to once again live happily with her grandparents, but Moroha is without a bounty once more. As for Towa and Setsuna, Setsuna doesn’t remember the fire so she’s fine. Towa, on the other hand, has to let go of the past now that Homura’s gone.

Breakdown: This series makes me sad. So very sad. And frustrated. Especially when it does shit like this where it fools you into thinking things are getting better and then it just stops being good all of a sudden, farts and leaves.

Here’s a play by play of my experience watching this episode.

– After first few minutes of episode – Hmm, seems like we’re setting up a pretty good episode today. Nice new OP, too.

– Midway point – Yeaaaahhhh, lookin’ good! I like this one-off character’s story. It’s a bit cliché, but I like it. I’m excited!

– Five minutes from the end – Wow, it’s like an entirely different show! It’s well-paced. It’s exciting. Good action. Original and threatening villain. Some good comedic moments too. Didn’t leave Moroha out – they even adorably made her into a snowball. Mentioned her robe of the fire rat, though I’m still confused as to how she has that. An interesting splash of Sesshomaru and Towa and Setsuna’s backstory. We’re making progress in their story. Wow. I guess with a new OP comes a refreshing new level of quality. This is grea–

– After conclusion – Oh fuck you, Yashahime! Does your stupidity know no bounds? Why would you do that? You were doing so well! Why?! At least buy me a drink if you’re going to screw me over again.

Alright, before we get to the nitty-gritty of the mess that is the ending, let me talk about some small things first. Setsuna picked up Towa’s smartphone and freaked out about it, nearly cutting it up and threatening it because she didn’t understand what it was.


Does. This. Series. Ever. Pay. Attention. To. Itself?

I already asked episodes ago why it was that Moroha and Setsuna didn’t seem to be the slightest bit intrigued or weirded out by modern day stuff, especially technology, but here Setsuna is acting like Inuyasha vs. The photo booth from the second movie…..Moroha used an iPod a few episodes ago and no one batted an eye, but a smartphone? DIE VILE DEMON!

And, again, they lived in the modern era for a few days, so considering Towa is, by her own admission, addicted to her smartphone, I sincerely doubt they never saw her use one (Towa brings this up and Moroha says she doesn’t remember………) They must’ve seen Sota, Mei or Moe use one too.

This scene could’ve been pretty funny if they hadn’t already established all of that stuff regarding modern day items near the beginning of the series.

Oh well, at least they explained that Towa doesn’t get any Internet or cell service in this era so she can’t use it anyway, but considering they haven’t established a way for her to generate electricity I have to wonder how it has a full battery after being in the Feudal era for several weeks.

There’s also this stupid comparison they made between Towa’s attachment to her smartphone and Homura’s attachment to Tamano, as well as Towa’s connection to the past or something. It’s silly and not worth thinking about.

We have a new OP and ED now. I like the new OP just fine, but I prefer the previous ED over the new one. Beautiful new visuals for it, though. Absolutely gorgeous.


Onto the more important stuff, the story with Tamano and Homura is actually quite good. It feels like a story that’s been more or less done in this show before, not that it’s all that original anyway, but I was drawn into it. Was a bit squicked out that all of this was over a 13 year old, but I guess I have to remember what era this is taking place it. They never establish if she’s still 13 (they just said she started being hounded by men when she was 13) nor how long she was Homura’s captive.

Homura is a great enemy, for the most part. He has intense fire powers, he’s insane, cold-blooded and he has a pretty good design and color scheme.

I like how they tied him into the overarching plot as being the one who caused the forest fire that separated Towa and Setsuna. The fact that he burned down the entire forest in one fell swoop (how did Setsuna survive that?) was also awesome. Not sure why Sesshomaru was there nor why he consented to this. His actions might have something to do with the trials or whatever Setsuna was talking about, but I’m not sure…..

The battle between the girls and Homura was also awesome. It had actual tension, cool shots, Towa was completely PISSED for a change, Moroha wasn’t left out, in fact she saved the sisters, and it looked like the episode was going to be awesome.


Everything was going great.

I had a smile on my face.

Hope in my heart.

What the hell happened?

That’s all I have to ask.

What the hell happened?

It’s like an entirely new team took over the episode for 95% of the runtime and then the idiots from the rest of the series came back for the last 5%.

Let me get this out of the way, Tamano standing up for herself to someone like Homura? Aces. Awesome. I am unironically saying ‘You go, girl!’

That being said….Homura, the guy who would burn men alive instantly for making eye contact with Tamano, ended up burning himself to ashes because he got dumped too hard. He never tried burning her or Riku or even really Takechiyo. He just had such a temper tantrum at being rejected that his wittle broken heart couldn’t take it and he self-immolated.

This fiery mountain GOD….Not demon – GOD – killed himself….on accident…..because he got so upset over a break-up that he couldn’t control his powers anymore.

Tamano, by the way, isn’t some supernatural being who has otherworldly beauty or charms. She’s not cursed with beauty or anything either. She’s just a pretty girl.

Riku plays this off like this is mirroring Sesshomaru being in love with a human (and even mentions Sesshomaru by name) and that he can’t understand such human feelings……but uh, yeah, it kinda falls flat considering Homura kidnapped Tamano because she was purty and killed anyone who looked at her before locking her up in a jail cell and Sesshomaru legitimately loves Rin (at least I assume. I’m pretty sure most of what he’s doing is for Rin’s sake) because she was kind and loved him despite him being a demon and encouraged her to live her own life away from him until she could make the decision for herself whether she wanted to stay with him or go off on her own. Guess Riku really doesn’t understand if he can’t see that they’re completely opposite circumstances….Ya know…besides the squicky age differences.

Even if their situation did mirror that of Sesshomaru and Rin, it’d still be really stupid to have Homura kill himself on accident with his own powers because he couldn’t stand being dumped.


It’d be a little better if he accidentally killed Tamano (or they tricked him into thinking he did) in a fit of rage and he was so grief-stricken that he accidentally killed himself.

But even then it’d be disappointing because this is the guy who set the fire that separated Towa and Setsuna for around ten years. You’d think they’d let him stick around for a while or at least have Towa kill him. What a ridiculously stupid and lackluster ending for such a seemingly important character.

Top that all off with the still-not-funny-and-still-stupid running joke of Moroha not getting her bounty? Give me a break.

I lost all hope for the next episode during that ending. The next episode is one seemingly focusing entirely on the Inuyasha crew and spilling all the beans on the origins of the girls and where the old characters are now. Yup, after spending 14 episodes spastically running between 10MPH and 120MPH and still somehow managing to go nowhere, we’re about to have an episode where they just say ‘screw it’ and blow their plot load. I’ve been waiting for this since the very first episode, and I just don’t have any faith that it’ll be worth a crap. I also haven’t heard any word of mouth about it, which worries me deeply.

It’s just so frustrating. I can see the potential with this series, but they can’t resist screwing it up at every turn.

Next time, can Inuyasha and pals actually deliver something positive to this story? Or will I continue to get bonus points on my ‘frequent frowner’ card? It’s make it or break it time, Yashahime.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon LIGHTNING ROUND CATCHUP! Episodes 10, 11, 12 and 13 Reviews

Episode 10 | The Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls


Plot: Set out on another bounty, the girls face the conjoined demon brothers, Ginka and Kinka. Their kind, Ka Demons, are born two at a time, with each sibling sharing a body. They can only separate when one or the other dies, so they hatch from their eggs fighting each other until one of them dies.

Seeing that Towa and Setsuna carry Rainbow Pearls in their eyes, the brothers decide to team up temporarily so they can possess the siblings and fight using the pearls’ powers. Setsuna is able to regain enough control over her body to use special demon slayer poison to drive them out, but they still make off with the Rainbow Pearls.

Towa and Setsuna head off in pursuit, leaving Moroha behind on accident.

Ginka and Kinka meet with Joka, their clan’s leader, to deliver the Rainbow Pearls to her. She proclaims that she’ll finally get her revenge on Sesshomaru now, but the hitch is that the brothers won’t be praised for their efforts – they’ll be absorbed into her body.

Ginka is taken first, and the brothers who had once been viciously at each other’s throats, to the point where they were leaving deep scars in each other’s bodies and were destroying the neighboring lands, suddenly reach out for each other. Kinka desperately wants to save Ginka and even teams up with Setsuna and Towa and agrees to give up the Rainbow Pearls to do so. Setsuna, who has regained some of her memories from watching the brothers in their familiar situation, receives a fiery but temporary upgrade to her naginata to allow her to cause more damage to Joka.

They make a valiant effort to take down Joka. Setsuna even deals the final blow with a fiery Scourge of Swallows.

However, it wasn’t enough to save Kinka and Ginka, who are finally separated but too wounded to survive. Ginka passes first, leaving Kinka to lament their tumultuous relationship. He believes siblings connected by blood are always destined to die together no matter what and that, even though they hated each other, they were each other’s reasons for living. Kinka finally passes, and the brothers disappear in a sparkling cloud of ash.

The pearls return to Setsuna and Towa’s eyes, and an angry Moroha finally catches up with them, devastated that Kinka and Ginka are nothing but ash with nothing to bring back to Jyubei.

Breakdown: Well, at least Towa didn’t get another power this time, and Setsuna got a pretty good time to shine, but why exactly wasn’t Towa allowed to participate at all in the final battle? Why did it have to exclusively be Setsuna and Kinka? I know Setsuna wanted to try and understand these siblings, but wouldn’t she be able to do that more easily if Towa was participating too?

Also, I love how they keep highlighting that siblinghood means so much to Towa…..and then they leave their cousin behind and don’t even notice let alone care.

They were getting ready to chase after the brothers on Takechiyo. Moroha asked them to wait a second so she could get her weapons. She’s gone for about four seconds, tops, and Setsuna and Towa just hop on Takechiyo and leave. They don’t even acknowledge that she was talking, they don’t acknowledge her chasing them and yelling for them to wait (and, remember, they’re dog demons. They have super hearing. There’s no excuse.) nor do they even point out that Moroha’s not with them when they arrive. But Towa’s still all about how important siblings are and their bonds and pbbbttt. Look, I do get that siblings are closer than cousins, and Moroha’s technically their half-cousin, but they all have so little in terms of blood relatives that you’d think they’d at least not act like Moroha’s not even there half the time.

It’s starting to resemble their attitudes towards their parents and I don’t like it. Remember, the opposite of love is not hate – it’s apathy.

The story between the brothers is alright on paper, but there are a few issues that need bringing up.

First, these two characters are recycled from The Final Act, and they both died in that series. Unless it’s a massive coincidence that these two look and are named identical to those characters, this just seems really lazy. This is also the second time in a row they’ve recycled an enemy from The Final Act. What exactly is going on? Creativity kinda dry in the design and writing department, guys?

Second, Joka has a massive vendetta against Sesshomaru. Why?

Did they just mention him for the sake of mentioning him? Is this one of those Naraku moments where just mentioning him means they expect brownie points for making it part of the overall plot? Come on.

And for those drawing a blank on The Final Act stuff, no, she wasn’t there. So, pbbbbt.

Third, it seems so convoluted for these two to suddenly start acting like they give a shit about each other after engaging in a fight to the death since birth. Their battle has given them deep scars and has left the surrounding areas in ruins. They themselves admit that they hate each other, but apparently not wanting someone else to absorb their brother and their fight being their reason to live is enough for this sudden shift in their eyes. I am aware that this circles back around to what I mentioned earlier about how hate is not the opposite of love, but, considering the circumstances, it’s hard to draw a positive emotional connection between these two.

Once Ginka is captured, they’re constantly calling out for each other and calling the other ‘brother’ they’re reaching for each other and holding each other. And we’re supposed to feel bad that they died in the end. Who knows how many people died in the wake of their battle, but they were siblings so this is sad I guess.

Good thing they weren’t cousins, because then no one would give a shit.

Fourth, it really seems like the Rainbow Pearls did absolutely nothing to power them up, like….even a little. Even with two in their possession, they were both felled by Joka incredibly. They didn’t seem different at all.

Setsuna has recovered bits and pieces of her memory….but she’s also a complete idiot. She sees little parts of the fire from when she and Towa were kids, and she kept asking who that girl was who was trying to save her……

Golly, what a mystery.

Let me make a wild guess, though. Let’s see. White hair. Red streak. Red eyes. Calling you “sister.” About the same age.

Seriously, how can she even ask this question? Even if she doesn’t recognize/respect Towa as a sister, she can’t deny that, biologically, she is. They must have the same scent, Moroha pointed out as much, and they both know they’re Sesshoumaru’s kids. Unless she thinks she has a triplet who also has white hair, this is ridiculous. Oh well, at least she got some cool attacks this episode, even if, I assume, it was purely a one-off considering she can’t get fire from Kinka anymore.

Episode 11 | Curse of the Man-Eating Pond


Plot: Moroha witnesses a murky pond eat a bird, but Towa and Setsuna don’t believe her. After the sisters part ways with Moroha, they meet a pair of young siblings, Hikomaru and Chiyo, who have recently lost their parents to the pond.

Towa and Setsuna, with Moroha meeting them later, resolve to kill the Venom Snake demon supposedly living within the pond to avenge the parents of these siblings.

When they confront the demon, Moroha and Setsuna become weakened by the poisonous gas, but Towa, somehow, is immune from its effects. The Venom Snake is revealed to be joined with Drifting Pond – a demon that consumes ponds and becomes the water itself while also protecting its resident, in this case, Venom Snake.

Towa gets drenched in poisonous pond water by Drifting Pond, which makes her fall ill, but Setsuna is not affected by it. Myoga surmises that Towa and Setsuna have different types of immunity to poison. Setsuna is immune to venom/poison liquid but not gas and Towa is the opposite. Moroha has no such immunity to any poison, so she can’t help.

Realizing their affinities, Setsuna decides to tackle Drifting Pond while she leaves Venom Snake to Towa.

Setsuna learned earlier that, many years ago, a wandering sage planted medicinal herbs around the pond for the sake of purifying it, but the herbs were in a patch a good distance away from it. She uses her Cyclone Burst to attack the herb patch and direct them to Drifting Pond, purifying the demon and killing it.

Towa lands the killing blow to Venom Snake, and once the battle is over the pond is once again crystal clear and beautiful.

Breakdown: Worst animation of the series so far, hands down, which makes sense because this is pretty goshdarn fillery.

So, one more Towa power for good measure, but at least it came alongside a new Setsuna power. And Moroha gets screwed over again because of course she does. Towa and Setsuna don’t even go get her when they realize she actually did see the demon in the pond, which could be valuable information for their battle. Nope. Moroha got worried about THEM when they didn’t come home so she went looking for THEM. Then when she was actually engaged in the battle, she gets insta-poisoned, sidelined and attacked by Setsuna.

At the very least, Setsuna muttered to herself that Moroha better dodge her attack, but….Moroha was poisoned and kinda paralyzed……..And she….didn’t dodge it. I mean she didn’t die or anything, but she clearly got hit by it. Oh well, at least Moroha got to do other stuff this episode…..like choke on pancakes and be forced to clean Jyubei’s shop…..*huff*

Also, while it actually kinda weird to see Towa try to sleep on Setsuna, Setsuna’s roll dodge was awesome. Slick girl.

Episode 12 | Night of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Towa


Plot: Konton sends out the poisonous apparition, Nikosen, to attack the half-demon princesses. Timing is on his side, because Towa falls under the spell of the new moon, which drains half-demons of their demon powers until sunrise. In addition to that, she’s unable to withstand Nikosen’s poison as she normally would be able to, so she becomes ill and needs to be protected by Moroha and Setsuna for the time being.

Moroha manages to separate Nikosen’s head from his body, but both can act independently from each other. Setsuna hunts down the head while Moroha finds a safe place for Towa to rest. Nikosen’s body finds them and regrows his head – the one Setsuna is chasing is nothing but an illusion, so she rushes to return. Kohaku and the others meet with Setsuna and begin an assault on the mountain that Nikosen has been inhabiting and destroying.

Meanwhile, Towa, now with longer, black hair and brown eyes, has reverted to a fully human state. Towa is concerned that the same thing is happening to Setsuna and tries to go off to save her, but Moroha knocks her out to stop her from getting herself hurt.

Moroha and Myoga hole up in a cave that is protected with a barrier made from sutras and Moroha’s spiritual power, but it soon starts weakening due to the firebomb assault that the demon slayers are unleashing on the mountain.

Nikosen is able to sense and find them again, and he coats them in a substance that hardens over their bodies, essentially turning them into statues. Sensing her sister is in danger, Setsuna rushes toward them and attacks Nikosen, freeing them from their stony prisons.

The sun rises, and Towa regains her demon powers, allowing her defeat Nikosen.

Breakdown: Oh so now we’re stealing episode titles from Inuyasha, too? Neat.

This show is so goddamn confusing sometimes. I thought it was a known fact of all half-demons, even ones like Naraku, that they experience temporary periods where they lose their demon powers. (Technically, Myoga said it was a once a month deal that was different for all half-demons and Inuyasha’s just happened on the new moon, but they’re saying the new moon is the norm for all now. Jinenji was noted to transform during the day, though, so pbbbttdunno.) Now it seems like this group of half/quarter-demons simply don’t know this happens at all.

Here’s how it’s explained away for each of them.

Towa: This has never happened to Towa before coming to the Feudal era. Myoga explains that the reason it’s happening to her now is because she was originally from the Feudal era.

He legit says that no half-demon can escape the laws of the new moon, except Naraku as he was able to choose when he’d lose his powers, but then says the reason she never experienced this in the modern era is because….what? She didn’t belong there?

I will never understand exactly what this Feudal era even is. They always say it’s a different world, but it’s not. It’s the same world just 500 years in the past. Hojo’s ancestor is there, so it has to just be the past. So….like…where did all the demons go in 500 years? Why is there no evidence of real demons even existing in Japan? Why is there nothing supernatural in the modern era? And why would a modern era new moon not effect Towa? Did something happen to the moon in 500 years?

Also, oddly, besides Towa having her white hair turn black, her hair also grows to shoulder length…………..for……..reasons?

The reason for the hair color change is because the whiteness was caused by her demon half. With the demon half gone, it turns into her natural hair color. Both Inuyasha and Towa’s mothers have black hair, so their hair turns black.

Hair length has nothing to do with it, though. How would that even make sense? Sesshomaru has gloriously long locks. And even if he had short hair, they’re not Saiyans. Their hair isn’t bound by some genetic rules. There’s absolutely no reason why Towa’s hair should be long because of her losing her demon powers.

And, what, when the sun rises again does her hair spontaneously cut itself or suck itself back into her scalp?

You want to know what’s even more baffling? Her hair turns black and long because she lost her demon side, right? So why does she still have that red streak in her hair? Surely that’s a product of her demon nature. Rin sure as hell didn’t give that to her.

Moroha: Now, you’d think, being quarter-demon, Moroha would have it worse, right?


Myoga just says that maybe quarter-demons never lose their demon powers.

I would think a better explanation would be that the purifying/spiritual abilities that she inherited from Kagome might…I dunno, somehow make it so her demon powers could never be unbound from her?

No, that doesn’t make much sense either, but it’s a little better than just saying that, for some reason, quarter-demons don’t suffer from this massive weakness half-demons have. You’d think, if anything, they’d lose their powers more often.

Oh well, I guess we can chalk this up as Moroha finally getting a benefit the others don’t have…..

Or does she!?

Setsuna: Setsuna isn’t bound by the laws of the new moon. She doesn’t lose her demon powers once a month. It’s clear she’s never even seen this happen before.


Moroha theorizes that, in addition to her dreams, memories and ability to sleep, the Dream Butterfly also stole her weakness to the new moon.


Come on, really? The Dream Butterfly made her immune to the new moon? HOW? JUST. HOW!? Did it alter her blood? What the hell is going on?

What are the limits of the Dream Butterfly’s damage?

“Gee, Setsuna, you used to like apples when you were a kid.”

“Oh no, guess the Dream Butterfly took her ability to enjoy apples.”

Oh and hey just for good measure, Nikosen is ANOTHER recycled dead enemy from the original series. I can give it some leeway because Nikosen was originally only in the manga, but he’s still another enemy that Inuyasha and the others have fought and killed before. Some creativity is all I ask.

In the end, Towa saves the day……easily….by herself. Nikosen is an apparition that all of the demon slayers, Setsuna and Moroha have been having a bitch of a time trying to defeat, yet the instant Towa gets her powers back she downs him with two shots.

*lip smack*

And, uh oh, Konton now knows of the half-demon weakness…..which is kinda not as impacting as it should be because I was under the impression most demon-savvy people knew that.

Overall, the concept is fine and it did get the girls a little closer together – definitely a positive development for their group cohesion – but I was left beyond confused about the mechanics of everything going on with the new moon that I didn’t even much care about what was going on with the enemy. The writing in this episode was stretchier than taffy.

Episode 13 | The Delicious Feudal Monks


Plot: The monk-eating demon, and one of the Four Perils, Totetsu, roams the countryside looking for monks to consume. The more virtuous the monk, the better. His appetite leads him to Miroku, who is currently undergoing 1000 days of training in order to achieve enlightenment.

Hisui, Setsuna and Towa are sent to protect him, much to Hisui’s annoyance. He believes his father is nothing but a coward who ran away from his family to do pointless training.

Totetsu arrives, attempting to suck in his target with his wind-tunnel-like mouth. With Miroku and Hisui’s attempt to get Totetsu to consume demon slayer poison, they discover that his weakness is poison, so Setsuna asks Miroku to remove a seal he put on her years ago.

She then lunges at Totetsu, who bites her arm, but she reveals that she has poison flowing through her veins. As the others catch a look at her face, it’s revealed that she’s become more demon-like.

Totetsu despises the taste of the poison and decides to flee.

Miroku replaces the seal on Setsuna and she returns to normal.

Later, Setsuna reveals to Towa that Miroku told her years ago that she had inherited poison in her veins. When her demon side takes over, it’s hard to control it. She surmises that Towa probably has something inherited from their demon roots too that has yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Hisui visits his mother, Sango, who is happily tending to their home while Miroku is away.



……Is what I wish I felt. But this whole episode was underwhelming as fuck.

First of all, it is very bittersweet to return to Miroku so soon after Kirby Morrow’s death. I’m not watching the dub, yet, and this episode isn’t even dubbed yet, but it stings to see Miroku again knowing that Kirby Morrow’s gone…

Second of all, Moroha’s just straight up not here. She appears twice because she’s guarding some other temple, but she only gets a handful of lines and isn’t seen anymore than that.

Third, while Miroku looks a TINY bit older, with lines on his face and his hair down, Sango looks absolutely no different than she did in the original series, down to her clothing.


For the love of god, art department, 20 YEARS HAS GONE BY. You can’t say nearly 40 year old Sango looks identical to 18 year old Sango. And the fact that they hide her face until the very end of the episode….what is the point of that? Fanbaiting? For no reveal? Or is the reveal subtly hinting that she’s a vampire or has found the fountain of youth? She must’ve had a group bath in there with literally every other original character who was an adult in the previous series.

Fourth, Totetsu’s our final Peril, which is disappointing. He’s a fine filler episode enemy, but he’s seriously the last Peril? This goofy son of a bitch? Give me a break….

Fifth, the conflict between Hisui and Miroku was just dumb. Completely dumb. I was perfectly fine with the idea of Hisui and Miroku being at odds with each other, but not if the reasoning is ridiculous.

As we know, after Miroku’s wind tunnel vanished, he and Inuyasha (though he doesn’t mention Inuyasha) still went about with killing demons for cash. This was perfectly understandable. I mean, they’re good at it and Miroku did need cash for his growing family. However, after a run-in with some unnamed demon that I think defeated him or something, it’s never made clear, he realized that he needed to get much stronger. Thus, he started his 1000 days of training deep in the mountains, which supposedly leads those who partake in it to enlightenment and some form of divine power. He’s already gone through two years worth of training and needs roughly 200 more days to complete it.

Hisui is mad……because he views his father as a coward who ran away. Hisui believes this training is pointless and that Miroku’s just a coward who left his family to pick up the slack at home.

…..Keep in mind, Hisui’s the youngest of Miroku and Sango’s children, and he’s still probably 18, meaning he was likely 16 when Miroku left. Considering it seems like demon slayers start actively going on missions at around 11 (that’s the age Kohaku was when he went out) I can’t imagine Hisui was even still being cared for at home much when he left, meaning Sango was at home by herself….and….she seems to be just fine with this. She’s smiling, she’s making equipment for the demon slayers, she still has her daughters visiting her all the time – she’s fine.

I really don’t understand Hisui’s deal. Miroku felt he was too weak to fight demons, so he went to train. They even point out that, no matter if he gets some divine power after his 1000 days is up or not, he’s still training his ass off. No training is pointless. That’s one of the most obvious things ever. He’s getting more powerful with every day he puts in effort, which he’s clearly doing. Hisui is a damn demon slayer – he should know how valuable even the tiniest bit of training is.

Does he not know a single damn thing about his father? The demons he’s fought? The amount of times he’s nearly died to protect his friends and Sango? The fact that he went toe-to-toe with Naraku many times? He believes that Miroku is a coward just because he didn’t recklessly go back into demon slaying/exorcism after a tough fight even after realizing he’s not nearly as powerful as he once was and decided he needed rigorous training to even get close to his previous level of power? Hisui’s either ridiculously ill-informed, an idiot or both.

“But, Twix, Miroku’s probably hundreds of miles away from Sango and his children. He abandoned his family, and even if you can excuse him abandoning his kids since they’re adults, he still abandoned Sango!”

Thank you for pointing that out, Straw Man, but this is also just not true. Miroku lives so close to home that his daughter, Gyokuto, can walk from home to his temple in less time than it took Hisui and the others to fly there on Kirara from Kaede’s village. Sango can see Miroku whenever she wants and vice versa. Gyokuto also sends messages between the two whenever they can’t see each other. Miroku’s away, sure, but he’s still within arm’s reach.

You want to know how this two year old conflict resolves? Hisui just witnesses Miroku partaking in the battle and unsealing/resealing Setsuna and he’s all cool again.


I can finally wipe the sweat from my brow.

What an emotional roller coaster.

Finally, I have no clue about anything that was revealed about Setsuna in this episode. I can’t make heads or tails of it. She inherited poison from Sesshomaru – specifically in just her arm, I guess. Makes sense. He had poisonous claws.

….I have no idea what the rest even is. What is the seal, really? Is it meant to seal her poison arm or her demon side? The seal is specifically in her poisoned arm. I guess she would need something to seal her demon side. Inuyasha had Tetsusaiga to seal his, but there are numerous other half-demons who don’t have anything special to keep their demon sides at bay.

If it is meant to seal her poison arm, why? Must really suck to inherit such a useful power only to have it be so strong that you need to seal it, or else you’ll trigger your demon side coming out…or something? Is that how it works?

If it’s meant to seal her demon side…..why did Miroku unseal it? Why did it need sealing in the first place? She didn’t have a seal before he met her and we know she was perfectly fine back then. Did the Dream Butterfly steal her ability to keep her demon half under wraps too? Her arm is still poison even if she’s just half-demon, right? Totetsu wanted to eat her. Just, like, cut your arm and let him taste some blood. Why does she need to become demon-y and let him bite her arm? Can she not utilize the poison claws ability? Can’t she scratch his tongue or something? Is it literally just a poison arm? What a pointless ability if it’s just poison in her arm that she can’t utilize unless something specifically drinks her blood or eats her flesh from that arm.

Inuyasha typically only became a demon under the worst circumstances – when Tetsusaiga wasn’t with him and he was near death. The first time he transforms, he’s nearly singing Christmas carols outside death’s door and was still trudging on. Here? Nothing nearly that bad has happened. Hisui got a taste of his own poison, but they have the antidote. No one’s even been injured outside of that. Is this really the battle they thought was worth unveiling her demon form?

And is that REALLY her FULL demon form? Because not only does she keep her personality in line basically perfectly, unlike Inuyasha who had an insane bloodlust, but all that changes is that she gets lines on her face and bigger claws/fangs. Her eyes don’t even change, which is the bare minimum with stuff like that.


Inuyasha’s full demon reveal was kick-ass and terrifying. Setsuna’s is so boring I honestly don’t know why it’s here.

She doesn’t even kill Totetsu, which is the cherry on this disappointment cake. That goofy idiot drank her poison blood and still managed to get away. Inuyasha tore Goshinki apart with his bare hands when he became a demon the first time.

And after all of that…..We get no new information on anything at all involving the old Inuyasha crew. Nothing in the slightest. At least now I know Miroku and Sango are alive and well, but other than that we learned absolutely nothing about anyone else. Miroku could have at least mentioned Inuyasha. Like “Things were easier when Inuyasha was helping me fight the demons, but when he disappeared….” or implying something happened to Inuyasha and Kagome and he couldn’t save them so he trains to be powerful enough to help or something of the like. Anything. Nope.

This whole episode was pointless. It just dumped some things we wanted to see together and did nothing interesting with them. Like, golly, wonder who the last Peril is. Oh…..it’s uh…this doofus. Oh I wonder where Sango and Miroku are and what they’re doing now….Oh….nothing that interesting….Errr, well……Wonder what Setsuna’s demon form looks like and how it’ll be—oh….it’s just that….

They also act like there was no other way to defeat Totetsu besides poisoning him……How about attacking him from behind? His vacuum only works via his mouth. If you attack him from behind, it should be no real problem. He can’t even defend with his sword back there. It’s 4v1, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Again, remember when Inuyasha first turned full-demon? Goshinki was a huge threat because he was super fast, super strong and he could read minds, meaning he knew their weaknesses and what they were going to do. He could predict and prepare for everything they were throwing his way. Inuyasha’s demon form was so consumed by blood lust that Goshinki couldn’t read his mind in that state, which is how he was defeated.

Totetsu not only doesn’t get killed, but it’s literally a matter of ‘Ew this tastes awful! I’m leaving!’ Not kidding. His last words as he runs away are proclaiming he’ll never eat half-demons again.

A final note about this episode was that it showed us the final Rainbow Pearl – the orange one…You wouldn’t even know the dude had it, as, other than leading Totetsu to Miroku, it did absolutely nothing for him. He didn’t even actually use it, I don’t think? They’re doing an awful job at making the Rainbow Pearls seem like anything worth coveting.

Oh and I guess Moroha not getting her bounty is just a running joke at this point now.


And now I’m all caught up on Yashahime. We had some…….times.

I was going to say “We had some good times and some bad times” but……no….mostly just….times. There were some okay spots, but nothing impressive or memorable. In general, we had a lot of confusing times above all else, but this series is really turning out to be a mess.

Its pacing issues continue to be a huge problem (Wasn’t Towa trying to go to the foot of some mountain to find the Dream Butterfly? Did she just forget that? Because now she’s not even considering asking a Peril about the butterfly. She’s just like ‘We’re gonna slay you!’ And whenever they do actual, ya know, things, it’s usually too much too quickly.) Moroha continues to get ignored, things make less and less sense, and they keep doing everything in their power to not give us any information about Inuyasha and the others – even when they’re in the goddamn episode.

Does Hisui not even know that Miroku and Sango knew Sesshomaru, Rin, Inuyasha and Kagome? Do they not ever talk about their pasts? Is it not even slightly beneficial in some capacity to talk about them? We don’t even learn the actual circumstances of Setsuna and Miroku meeting or even when it happened. It must’ve happened before she became a demon slayer because Miroku’s surprised she’s with them. Why isn’t Miroku even curious about Towa? Or Moroha? Does he even know who Moroha is? He’d have to, right? Because he still knows Hachi and he was the one tasked with protecting her. You’d think Miroku would be the most invested in her since she’s the daughter of two beloved and possibly deceased friends.

I honestly don’t know where we go from here. I’m just kinda sad. Maybe my expectations are a bit too high, especially since, honestly, the original series was also plagued with a myriad of problems that still bother me a lot to this day, but this is just trying my patience and insulting my intelligence.

In addition to either copying many things Inuyasha did and doing it worse, they don’t even have the romance hook. That is the lowest hanging fruit you could have. Get some shippers on your train to keep people invested. They seem to be replacing that aspect with Towa and Setsuna’s sisterhood, which is perfectly fine conceptually, but the relationship has to be equally compelling, and it’s not.

At this point, their relationship amounts to Towa continuously trying to get close to Setsuna, emotionally and physically, and Setsuna continuing to shut her down. The physical aspect is a little cringey, to be honest. Towa hasn’t known Setsuna since they were little, and Setsuna doesn’t remember Towa at all yet she insists on trying to touch her, hug her and sleep on her all the time. Also, they just don’t have very good chemistry as siblings either. Ed and Al they are not. Admittedly. Setsuna is starting to show some caring for Towa, but I just don’t care much.

Remind me of all the migraines I had because of the perpetual “Inuyashhaaaaaaa!!” “Kagomeeeeeeeee!” yells all you want. Keep cutting my hands on the sharp edges of that annoying love triangle all you want too. Hey, just for fun, show me that shot of Kikyo pinning Inuyasha to the tree one more time. At least we were invested in all that. At least chemistry was involved.

Their cohesion as a three-person team is getting better, but only slightly, and their progress keeps getting hindered by the fact that Towa and Setsuna don’t seem to care as much about Moroha and they constantly leave her behind. I actually think Moroha and Setsuna have pretty good chemistry, but they don’t take advantage of it, and it keeps suffering because of the sidelining issue.

This last episode, Moroha was left doing absolutely nothing. She sat around waiting at a monk’s temple while Towa and Setsuna fought a Peril. Granted, it’s also getting VERY old that Setsuna and Towa keep getting assignments that coincide precisely with what Moroha’s currently doing, but if you’re going to do that shtick maybe actually let her partake in the events that are transpiring instead of just literally having her sit out.

With Inuyasha you can tell a good amount of effort was put in, even if it did have a ridiculous amount of hiccups. Yashahime? It’s hard for me to even say much effort is being invested – even in stuff as superfluous as updated characters designs. Kohaku looks awesome, Rin’s pretty, but barely any of the adult characters got an actual update after a 20 year time skip. Come on, guys. You can do better. Please do better.

Next time, we find the demon who started the fire that separated Towa and Setsuna. Will I care? Find out next time!

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon | Episode 9: Meifuku the Meioju Review (Spoilers!)


Plot: Moroha is sent on another bounty mission to kill the Peril, Konton. However, Towa and Setsuna refuse to go with her because…*shrug* they don’t have to.

Once Moroha leaves, Jyubei reveals that he still has no information for Towa on the Dream Butterfly because he only gets results when someone issues a bounty. Consequently, the amount to set the bounty for information on the Dream Butterfly is the same as the reward amount on the bounty Moroha has, so they decide to catch up and join her.

When they arrive, they have a brief scrap with Konton, but find that his armor is impenetrable. They’re saved by a child Meioju, or turtle demon, named Meifuku. He has been trying to kill Konton for ten years, ever since his father died at Konton’s hands. Konton turned a piece of his incredibly hard shell into powerful armor, and Meifuku’s father can’t rest until it’s retrieved and reunited with the rest of his corpse. However, Meifuku, despite being 50 years old now, isn’t powerful enough to defeat Konton on his own.

The girls decide to help him out since it’s in line with their mission anyway. Meifuku uses his shell to become armor for Towa and the girls start the battle. Setsuna and Moroha are tossed aside rather easily, but Towa lasts longer due to Meifuku’s shell. It’s mostly a stalemate because Towa can’t pierce Konton’s armor and Konton can’t pierce Meifuku’s either.

In addition, the shell no longer has demon energy, so Towa can’t absorb it to give herself an opening to attack.

This fact gives Towa an idea, however. Using her blade, she transfers her demon energy into Meifuku’s father’s shell, awakening his latent spirit. He tells Meifuku to use his dark lightning cannon to attack the armor while he spiritually holds Konton in place. Despite being a weak shot, it’s enough to give Towa an opening to break the armor off of Konton.

Towa is too exhausted to continue, which is a problem because Konton isn’t defeated yet. Moroha and Setsuna come in for the assist to kill Konton, but he vanishes.

Without a kill, Moroha doesn’t get her bounty, but they’re still able to lay Meifuku’s father to rest.

Breakdown: Another day, another Towa power.

She’s really wracking them up, isn’t she? And isn’t it so convenient that it’s always a power that would be super helpful in that specific situation. I don’t even really understand what happened. She transferred her demon energy into the shell and it….brought back Meifuku’s father’s ghost to that one piece so he could possess it and give them an opening to defeat him?

It’s starting to get depressing how Moroha and Setsuna are frequently sidelined in the big battles so Towa can be the star. For God’s sake, Setsuna is a demon slayer and Moroha’s a renowned bounty hunter. Towa is a high school girl who hasn’t known actual battle since before two weeks ago.

You can say it’s because Towa is Sesshomaru’s kid, but, uh, so is Setsuna. The power imbalance isn’t terrible, yet anyway, but I’m starting to get concerned.

As for the episode itself, it was pretty decent for what it was aiming for. It reminded me a bit too much of Shippo’s debut episode, though. Like, it was nearing plagiarism. (Self-plagiarism?) Little child demon has father die of the main baddie of the episode who wears their pelt (or in this case, shell) and the main characters have to defeat the main baddie to avenge the father. In the end, the father’s spirit helps save his child and one of the main characters before departing to the afterlife…..I can’t be the only one who made that connection. It was really blatant.

I did like Meifuku. Kinda wish he’d stick around since he has a pretty unique support ability and he was pretty cute and entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, despite Konton’s design being kinda boring, he had a decent personality at least. And, yay, he Naraku’d us! Wait, that’s not a yay. Dude seriously ran off in a puff of purple smoke right as he was about to be defeated. He couldn’t have Naraku’d any harder if he gave an evil laugh and prattled on about Sacred Jewel shards.

The team cohesion continues to be both good but also rocky. The other girls refuse to go with Moroha just because eh why should we? Moroha is legitimately upset about it because she’s lonely and wanted to be family with her cousins. Awww. I felt really bad for her because this is the first time Moroha has shown any sense of longing involving her past. She talks about how quarter-demons have it particularly rough in life, which is understandable, but how many quarter-demons could there be?

I was a bit annoyed that the only reason Setsuna and Towa wanted to go with Moroha is so they could mooch off of her bounty. It doesn’t even make much sense because the amount to set the Dream Butterfly’s bounty was the same as Konton’s bounty, but if they all went on the mission, they’d have to share the money, meaning Towa wouldn’t have enough to pay Jyubei.

Why is Setsuna even going if she’s sick of Towa’s Dream Butterfly nonsense?

The battles were pretty alright, and I’m glad we finally got a battle with a Peril without defeating it, even if he did Naraku them.

Next time, conjoined twin demons possess Towa and Setsuna and steal their rainbow pearls so they can fight each other to the death.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 8: The Dream Gazing Trap Review (Spoilers!)


Plot: Towa, Setsuna and Moroha pursue the four-eyed owl demon, Yotsume, who is fleeing back to Kyuki in a panic. She instructs him to use the power of her rainbow pearl in conjunction with his dream gazing ability to discover the weaknesses of the half-demon princesses.

He does just that, downing Moroha, Towa and Takechiyo, but Setsuna is immune because of her inability to sleep and dream. As Setsuna battles Yotsume, the other three dream about memories buried deep in their minds, revealing some mysterious events from their past.

Setsuna manages to defeat Yotsume on her own, allowing the others to wake from their slumber.

However, Kyuki has obtained the memories revealed in the dreams via the rainbow pearl. Now she must face the half-demon princesses herself.

Kyuki’s rainbow pearl possesses the ability to absorb demon power, which makes all of their attacks useless. Since they were hit with the dream gazing attack, which absorbed their demon power, Towa can’t call her sword and Moroha can’t become Beniyasha. Only Setsuna is left to fight, but she’s fairly powerless either way since she relies on demonic attacks.

Moroha reminds Towa that she possesses a similar ability to Kyuki’s. If she can absorb Kyuki’s demon energy, she can get some of hers back. Towa allows herself to get hit by Kyuki, which does indeed rejuvenate some of her demon energy and allows her to call her sword. She attacks the pearl directly, but it’s no use. She didn’t have enough resolve in her swing to actually cut the pearl out.

Setsuna saves Towa from another blow, but she ends up getting knocked unconscious as a result. Seeing her sister injured while trying to save her again angers Towa to the point where she can generate her sword and use what we now know is Sesshomaru’s Azure Dragon Wave. The wave fells Kyuki and knocks the rainbow pearl out of her grasp.

Riku, who has revealed himself as an incredibly powerful being who actually commanded Jyubei to send the girls out to defeat all of the Perils, finishes off Kyuki incredibly easily and obtains her pearl.

For their troubles, the girls earn a bag of gold from Takechiyo, delighting Moroha.

Two Perils down, two to go.

Breakdown: Twix getting to the most current episode of Yashahime before the next one drops? It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

So, wow, there is a LOT to cover in this episode. Like…a lot a lot. Let’s get started with a good ol’ fashioned breakdown.

– Riku’s actually some insanely powerful being who is a very important ‘client’ of Jyubei’s to the point where Jyubei and Takechiyo are subservient to him. Let me tell you straight out a line which kinda damages most of the current plot. Jyubei asks why Riku is sending the girls to kill the Perils if he can do it easily. And Riku flippantly says that he hates the Perils – he only kills those he loves.

It’s very unclear whether Riku’s actually a good or bad guy right now, but…he wants the Perils dead…can ‘easily’ defeat the Four Perils, and he won’t – for a very stupid reason. Okie dokie…

It downplays the power of the Perils as a whole, which makes their defeats at the hands of the girls seem less impressive. This is highlighted later when Towa defeats Kyuki and Riku says it was a ‘half-assed Azure Dragon Wave’ that took her out.

It’s disheartening to have one of Towa’s biggest moments in battle so far be farted on like that. ‘Pfft, weakling Peril defeated by weak attack. Pfft.’


Oh and, yeah, he said he doesn’t kill those he hates, only those he loves, yet uhm, wait, who delivered the killing blow again? *checks notes* Ah, yes, Riku….He even told Kyuki that he hated the Perils as he killed her. Contradictory character, you are.

– Speaking of Kyuki, let’s talk about her quick defeat, shall we?

But before I go off, a positive note to help balance things out. Ahem. I really like Kyuki’s design both in her false form and her true form. They are pretty cool designs. And now back my grumpy criticisms.

Kyuki is a peril that has been built up for a few episodes, and she’s the first enemy that the girls properly face now that we’ve caught up with the first episode’s initial scene, yet she’s defeated and killed in HALF AN EPISODE.


Don’t even get me started on how stupid the entire battle itself was. Kyuki’s ability to absorb demon energy is a good threat, but absolutely nothing about the actual battle makes a lick of sense.

First of all, the fact that she obtained their dreams? Had absolutely no bearing on the battle. They don’t even bring it up after she faces them. She didn’t learn of any weaknesses they had, which was the intention, yet she acted as if her getting the dreams from the pearl was to her benefit.

Second, hoo yeah, it is a BIG problem that Kyuki can absorb demon energy, making all of their demonic attacks useless. Sure is a shame none of them has spiritual abilities and sacred arrows which are the polar opposite of demon powers and are, in fact, meant to purify demon energy. Sure is a good thing they didn’t remind us that anyone in the group had these abilities in the first part of the episode by having that certain someone use those abilities against Yotsume and nearly defeat him that way.

Third, does Setsuna, this trained demon slayer, not have any abilities for slaying demons outside of her own demonic powers? Why does she keep using her demonic abilities when she knows they’ll just be absorbed? It makes her look really stupid. She could have used that opening to cut out the pearl herself with her naginata. That’s just a traditional weapon.

Fourth, the way Towa resolves this makes even less sense. Moroha’s like “Hey, remember, Myoga said you have a similar ability to absorb demon energy.” And then she frickin’ Iron-Reaver’s Towa in the chest to make this point! I was flabbergasted. Although, points for giving me a chance to use the word ‘flabbergasted.’

Towa absorbed demon energy through her sword last time. There was never any occasion where getting hit by demon energy allowed her to absorb it into her body, yet somehow Moroha was so confident that she could do this that she nearly maimed her friend to test it out.

The Iron-Reaver not only doesn’t hurt Towa, but it doesn’t even rip her clothes. This isn’t the first time this has happened – Inuyasha also Iron-Reaver’d Miroku in Movie 02 and didn’t rip his clothes – but why? All the Iron-Reaver does is leave a big purple claw mark on Towa’s chest to show that she actually absorbed the demon energy.

Took the words right out of my mouth, Towa.

…Hold the phone. Now Towa can absorb demon energy through her body via attacks…..Why has that ability not been shown until now? Wouldn’t every demon attack she’s taken so far just leave a mark on her instead of actually hurt her? It’s not as if Towa did anything to prepare for this, either. Moroha just swiped her out of nowhere.

Moroha says Towa can absorb any demon attack as long as she can withstand it. If she can’t, she’d end up getting killed.

Towa heads out to challenge Kyuki, but Kyuki swipes at her with her paw, leaving a claw mark on Towa’s chest. Even though that wasn’t a demonic energy attack (it was literally just her pawing Towa) it still allows Towa to absorb Kyuki’s demonic energy and get her sword back.

This shouldn’t matter because it’s a sword made of demon energy, meaning Kyuki would just absorb it again. It would an absorb-off.

Towa attacks the pearl directly, trying to pop it out of Kyuki’s mouth, but she fails because she doesn’t have enough resolve to succeed. After Setsuna pushes Towa out of the way of another attack, Setsuna winds up unconscious. Towa is devastated because her weakness got Setsuna hurt again, just like it did ten years ago. Channeling her inner shounen protagonist, this allows her to get a massive increase in power, which allows her to do the Azure Dragon Wave, which, from the way Riku was talking earlier, I thought might be different than the other dragon attack she had before, but it’s not….So they’re making a big to-do about her using an ability she already had?


Who cares anyway? It’s a demon-energy based attack, right? So, logically, Kyuki would just absorb the power and—whoops, she’s defeated by it.

….So uh…this was the demon who wanted to usurp Kirinmaru, eh? Either the girls, Towa specifically, are way too OP or these Perils are weaker than a newborn baby made of feathers.

Riku kills Kyuki by simply tapping his earring, which I still believe is probably another rainbow pearl, and she just fades into dust. Could he have killed her that easily this whole time?

– It’s confirmed that there are seven rainbow pearls, which means someone didn’t learn their rainbow colors. Silver is not a rainbow color. Maybe gold can pass for yellow or orange, but you ain’t getting a pass for silver. Moriah Elizabeth would be ashamed.

– Riku made off with Kyuki’s rainbow pearl and no one noticed, cared or mentioned it. The girls just completely forget that Kyuki had a rainbow pearl. And they forget this even before she’s killed. I don’t even think they noticed that Riku killed her. They’re literally about 20 feet away and not taking notice of anything Riku’s doing.

Speaking of being oblivious airheads, Towa happily greets Riku as if he’s an old friend and not a guy who just framed her for stealing a valuable sword from a powerful shogun lord and nearly got her killed.

And that’s the end of the episode. The battle may have been a jumbled nonsensical mess, but—Oh wait. You probably want me to talk about the dreams. That is mostly likely the main reason you clicked on this post in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dreams~~~

– Moroha, Towa and Takechiyo all get hit with Yotsume’s dream gazing ability. Moroha and Takechiyo’s dreams get mixed up because Setsuna used her cyclone ability near them. I don’t know why or how either. I guess so neither Takechiyo nor Moroha would properly remember the events of their dreams for some reason?

Moroha has Takechiyo’s dream. In it, he’s being ‘given’ to Jyubei as a servant by Miroku, which leads me to believe Takechiyo is indeed Hachiemon’s kid. Is this another case of a kid of one of the original characters not remembering where they came from or who their parents are and/or their parent is dead/trapped somewhere?

Still wondering why Sango’s been missing entirely too. This is another instance where Miroku is seen, but not Sango. Getting increasingly concerned.


Why is Miroku giving Takechiyo to Jyubei as a servant? Dunno. What connection does either of them have to Jyubei? Dunno. All I know is that Jyubei, at this point, calls Takechiyo a ‘young lord’ and Hachiemon is an ‘elder’ who is connected to Takechiyo. Also, he says he can’t treat Takechiyo the way he was treated before, he needs to be put to work, for some reason, implying that he was treated rather well, perhaps like royalty. What exactly did Hachiemon get into after the series ended that made him so important?

Miroku, by the way, still has his face obscured by his hat for some reason, and they’re not even allowing him to talk. He’s communicating purely through head nods in this flashback. Why? I can’t think of any reason why they’re doing this. He does still possess the ability to talk – he spoke to Setsuna, even though we didn’t see or hear it – so why? It’s always really awkward when shows try to mask cameos of old beloved characters by making sure they just barely have a presence by obscuring their appearances and not letting them talk. Especially Miroku of all people. Miroku practically had a silver tongue. There’s no reason he’d be communicating purely through nods.

Baby Morohaaaaaa!!~~~

Takechiyo has Moroha’s dream, which is the one everyone’s been waiting for. In this dream, Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru are together for some reason and they’re seemingly facing off against Inuyasha and Kagome.

Just to drive the weirdness of the obscure cameos even further, Sesshomaru is cloaked in shadow and doesn’t talk….but Inuyasha and Kagome are shown fully and audibly speak.

Kagome cradles a baby Moroha and gives her Inuyasha’s mother’s rouge. She tells her that she and Inuyasha agreed that, if they had a girl, they’d give that to her. (Well, that’s sexist. This series has proven men can have some mad makeup game.) That’s real sweet, but I still can’t stop thinking about the Kikyo aspect of that whole thing.

Kagome then tearfully hands Moroha off to Hachiemon, telling him to take care of her before she and Inuyasha, presumably, follow Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru into a temple for some reason. Their ultimate fates are never shown. I don’t really know how Moroha’s remembering this, considering she was a baby at the time, but at least we have a little more information on what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome. Doesn’t really alleviate any concerns that they died or anything, though. Does this mean that Moroha was raised by Hachiemon?

This also might confirm that Inuyasha didn’t give his robe of the fire rat to her, so where did she get it if that’s indeed what she’s wearing?

Towa’s dream is about Setsuna’s ability to sleep being stolen by the Dream Butterfly. In an interesting development, we see the Dream Butterfly flying to the Tree of Ages, who is the one in control of the butterfly, and sprinkling what it absorbed from Setsuna onto a sleeping Rin. This seems to imply that there’s a connection between the two conditions and, possibly, if they kill the Dream Butterfly, Rin might wake up too, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not that simple.

This dream really confuses me because there’s no rhyme or reason why Towa is seeing this. She wasn’t there to witness Setsuna getting attacked by the Dream Butterfly, and there’s absolutely no way she knows of Rin’s current state or that the Dream Butterfly is connected to Rin. The only way I can think of this working is if she’s psychically connected with Setsuna, which is possible (there is that belief that twins are physically linked and whatnot) but even Setsuna wouldn’t know about Rin…..would she?


In the end, none of them even talk about the events of the dreams, which is rather frustrating because I keep feeling like they’re purposefully stalling as much as humanly possible to avoid actually developing the backstories of the girls and what happened to the original cast. I should give some leeway here, because they were in the middle of a battle and didn’t have time to chat about the dreams, but I still feel like it’ll be a while before they discuss any of it, which just doesn’t feel realistic to me. Though, lest we forget that they all still remain completely uninterested in talking about their origins or parents in the slightest.

All in all, this episode is….eehhhhh….okay. It wasn’t a bad ride, and I appreciated the parts with the dreams, but the battle with Kyuki was a complete mess, and the dreams left me more confused than anything. I’m all for nostalgic fanservice, but they’re not even doing that right. Why are some old characters being hidden from us but the main friggin’ characters are fully on display? Miroku better have some badass facial scar or something.

At the end of the day, I can’t help but remember a tweet I saw a couple weeks ago where someone was saying something like ‘Yashahime continues to display its amazing ability to put too much plot into an episode while also not really furthering the plot.’ And….yeah that is pretty much what they’re doing.

They’re giving us the absolute bare bones of information each time they bother giving us some. Keep in mind, the dream stuff didn’t even matter to the plot of this episode. Kyuki didn’t use the information for any purpose. She mentioned that she tweaked Yotsume’s dream gazing ability in the rainbow pearl to absorb demon energy, which also doesn’t make any sense, and that’s about it. She already knew the girls were half/quarter-demon. All the dream gazing served to do was give a little more information to the audience about what happened to the original cast – information that is only about 1% useful.

Moroha’s hair is extremely light in this flashback. It’s in a shade that lies almost exactly between Inuyasha’s silver and Kagome’s black. Why is that?

I’m not saying back up the exposition dump truck onto my needy little head – you can’t shoot off all the fireworks at the start of the show, that’s boring – I’m saying they need to find a better way of dealing with the stuff in the past to make the overall story flow a little better. Following a trail of bread crumbs to your destination doesn’t work well when the bread crumbs are half a mile apart and you sometimes find a bunch of bread crumbs in one spot, but they’re spread out in the middle of a fork in the road.

I was continuously getting concerned about the power spikes in Towa, but I guess I shouldn’t because she’s still considered a weakling to actually powerful characters like Riku? Even though she’s mowing down Perils one after another in record time.

Inuyasha had a talent for making even low-level demons seem like a legit threat. Yashahime has a talent for making high-level demons seem like they’re weaklings. Remember these are the highest generals of Kirinmaru – a demon meant to be matched in power only by Inutaisho and Sesshomaru and who is also seemingly our main antagonist for now. If they’re not having significant problems with the Perils (Two have been killed so far, and we’re not even in the double-digits of episode numbers), why should I be in the least bit concerned about Kirinmaru?

What has Kirinmaru even done yet? Nothing, besides sit in the shadows and tell his troops “Take out the girls and bring me pearls. Yes, that rhymed.” Also, if Kyuki thought she could take on Kirinmaru with four out of seven rainbow pearls and she’s as weak as she was, then even his underlings don’t find him to be that much of a threat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not begging for another Naraku – please, dear god, anything but that – but still. I don’t much give a damn about him right now is all.

Next episode, it seems we might be getting another full-on filler episode, but maybe it’ll be fun.

Final notes: Yes, I did forget that Sesshomaru had an attack called the Azure Dragon Wave in the movies and The Final Act, so it makes sense that Towa would have this ability. In my defense, it’s been years since I watched The Final Act or any of the movies, and my memory is breathtakingly awful.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 7 – Meeting Through an Apple Review


Plot: Setsuna leaves Towa behind without telling her when she and her fellow demon slayers go on a mission.

Annoyed, Towa decides to just set off on her own to find the Dream Butterfly at the base of Mount Musubi. Along the way, she meets a mysterious pirate named Riku who has become separated from his ship and crewmates. After sharing her food with Riku, he gifts her the real kikujumonji, with Towa unaware that he had stolen it from its owner, Deputy Lord of the Kanto region, Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo. As terrible luck would have it, Hiiragi’s men find her and arrest her for the theft, somehow knowing that she’s from another world.

The lord and his aide interrogate Towa on the future of their clan since she’s from the future and even has a history book of Japan with her. As this goes down, Setsuna convenes with Moroha back near Kaede’s village. They’re now tasked by Junbei to fight another Peril, Kyuki, but Setsuna has to retrieve Towa. Takechiyo reveals that Towa appears to be near Kyuki, so they make a beeline for her location. However, they’re intercepted by Kyuki’s polar bear apparition, Fubuki.

They’re unable to fell the massive ice-wielding bear because the form before them is not its main body.

While listening to the lord’s aide go on about the story of Inuyasha and Kagome defeating Root Head, Towa sensed the real body of Fubuki, which was a small bear cub in the rafters behind her. Channeling her energy through her hands, she shot at Fubuki, causing it to lose concentration while simultaneously alerting Setsuna to her location. Moroha was able to pinpoint Fubuki’s real body and shot at it with a sacred arrow, finally defeating the beast.

The two headed off towards the mansion to save Towa, freeing her and ousting the lord’s aide as the owl demon, Yotsume. They decide to let him live, believing they can get valuable information from him. As Moroha and Setsuna take chase, Towa retrieves her modern day items, including the Japanese history book and Kagome’s old bike seat, and sets off to join the pursuit.

Breakdown: Ah, so now we’ve come full circle. We’ve finally reached the scene that we saw in the first episode.

Also, Towa’s an idiot.

Oh, sorry, I must’ve had something in my throat.

Anyway, Towa’s an idiot—oh darn, there I go again.

I mentioned in the first episode review that I was blown away that Towa was seemingly scared to death of changing the past and that was in direct contradiction to how Kagome basically played it, which was ‘lol who cares? Nothing I do here changes the future. Look, I got married and had kids in the past and nothing changed in the future. It’s all good.’

I also mentioned before how her mannerisms now don’t match how she was acting in the first episode. Let me tell you what Towa did in this episode before we reached the scene that we saw in the first episode.

First of all, this is unrelated to the time thing, but she smelled water from a ways away, yet apparently couldn’t tell freshwater from saltwater (She thought she was leading Riku to the ocean – she found a river instead.) which is something even people without a super sense of smell can do…

Second, still unrelated to the time thing, but she saw Riku basically do waterbending and asked “Is that a magic trick?” Towa, you’re well aware supernatural powers exist. You should be asking if he’s a demon right now.


Third, finally related to the time thing, she invites him to picnic with her, showing him a full spread of modern foods, including potato chips, pocky, ramen, gum (Why does she have gum out at a picnic?) bullshit-that-those-aren’t-brown-by-now bananas and maybe-I’ll-accept-the-apple’s-okay apple.

Fourth, as if giving him these foods wasn’t bad enough, when he comments on the apple being really good she says “Selective breeding has come a long way, and things taste better now.” TOWA! Come on!

But the final nail in the stupid coffin? She tells him to give the core back to her once he’s done with the apple because she doesn’t want the seeds to sprout in the past and change things for the future…..The contradictions occurring right now are insane.

Good on you for realizing that it’s dangerous to allow a foreign apple tree to possibly grow in the feudal era, but if you don’t want to change the timeline so badly, Towa, maybe don’t prattle on about future stuff and put a big neon sign on your forehead that says “YO I’M FROM THE FUTURE!”

Even Kagome didn’t advertise that she was from the future this much. She actually tended to have some discretion when she was using modern day things around the average person, like saying her medicine was special herbs and stuff. Most of the time, she simply wouldn’t give an explanation as to what the item was. I think there were one or two occasions where she’d give someone something from the modern era and actually say what it was, but she’d never say anything like ‘Oh, when you’re done with it, destroy it because it might mess up the timeline. I’m from the future – that would suck.’ She’d be more open around the main group, of course, because they knew who she was and they trusted each other, but that was about it.

I had to double-take when Towa said that last line. I thought maybe she said it in inner monologue because surely she’s not that stupid, right?….Wrong.

This just makes the part about Towa being pissed that Moroha brought that history book to the feudal era all the more confusing. I thought, when I watched the first episode, that Moroha was with her and packed it. But no. Moroha was off to meet Junbei. Towa had to have packed that herself. So she’s mad at Moroha for bringing it to the past but not at herself for putting it back in her backpack?

Obviously, some of the stuff Moroha initially packed is being left behind in Kaede’s village because the backpack is very normal-sized when Towa is traveling with it even though it was massive when it first came through the portal. Why wouldn’t you leave the book behind, too? All it is is excess weight. That book has no relevance to your pursuit of the Dream Butterfly. Hell, it’s so dangerous, considering Kirinmaru’s intentions, that you should have locked it up or burned it or something.


Speaking of Towa, though, she, at least, is getting better at sensing demon energy….and she has another new ability. Granted, this one is rather minor, but she now possesses the ability to concentrate her energy into her hand and shoot off energy spikes from it. It’s good that she’s getting more skillful, but, like I said, she’s kinda growing a bit too fast. Are they keeping her sensory abilities down to balance that?

The shot of her attack did made me realize that Towa doesn’t have ‘claws’ so to speak, nor does Setsuna. How does the quarter-demon have claws, but Towa and Setsuna don’t? It’s just very weird that Moroha consistently has more dog traits than either of them and acts more dog-like on top of that.

As for the episode as a whole, it was fine. Riku was okay. He’s pretty mysterious, but that’s understandable considering he wasn’t here for long and he’ll be back later. I find it very intriguing that he’s actually a pirate – if he’s not lying, that is.

Is it weird that I absolutely loved Fubuki? That little bear was adorable, and I want a plushie of it right now.


It was confirmed that there are indeed more than three rainbow pearls as Kyuki has one that is purple. So…are there seven? That still doesn’t make much sense considering silver and gold aren’t rainbow colors. Also, dun dun dunnn, Kyuki wants to overthrow Kirinmaru once she has the girls’ three rainbow pearls. I’m sure that’ll work out for you, sweetie.

It’s also possible Riku’s earring is another pearl considering it obviously has powers and looks very similar to the pearls, but I guess we’ll have to see on that one.

Uhm…not much else to say about the episode besides that. We’re back to the beginning, if that makes any sense, so now we’re officially making headway in the plot.

Speaking of that….

Next episode, holy crap, do I see Inuyasha, Kagome and Rin in that next episode preview? I do believe I do! They’re not actually going to appear, it seems, because I think they’re just in a bunch of induced dreams, but still I’m very excited to see what’s up with them, especially in regards to the pasts of the girls.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon | Episode 6: The Cat Juan at the Old Temple Review


Plot: Jyubei sends the trio off on a bounty mission to investigate the disappearances of some local villagers. On their way there, they nearly run over a girl who is being neglected by her mother since she cares more about her cats than her child.

When they investigate the village, they find that the girl’s mother isn’t the only one cat-crazy. Everyone is busy doting on the cats that are strewn about the village. Moroha and Setsuna are easily able to sniff out the scent of demon cats, but Towa’s untrained nose makes her unable to discern the problem until Moroha and Setsuna are mowing down the demon cats.

When a good amount of cats are defeated, the rest head to the mountain. Meanwhile, the villagers all snap out of their feline delusions, and the girl’s mother returns to caring for her daughter.

The three then head to the mountain where they find an old temple. Towa is baffled when the lone monk of the temple, Juan, looks very similar to Mei’s favorite idol, Julian, and believes he’s Julian’s ancestor. Juan doesn’t know anything about the demon cats, but Moroha and Setsuna sense the truth about the temple and reveal that it’s covered in them.

They lay a trap for the cats, which defeats a large group of them. After the attack, Juan reveals a story about the temple. Years ago, a priest had sealed away a demon underneath the floor, and they believe that demon might be attracting the cats.

Setsuna and Moroha go to investigate the bones while Towa stays inside with Juan.

The bones spring to life, revealing a giant demon cat, but no matter how many times they strike the cat down it manages to put itself back together.

Even though they hadn’t sensed a demonic presence in Juan before, it turns out that he’s been possessed by the main demon cat this entire time. The young and inexperienced monk performed a service for the demon to try to bring it some peace in the afterlife, and that was enough to allow its spirit to come forward.

Setsuna wants to strike down Juan to end all of this, but Towa refuses since Juan is still alive and human.

Myoga reveals that, if Towa can absorb the demon energy, she can slay the cat demon without killing Juan, citing that Inuyasha had a similar power in his tetsusaiga.

Resolute in her drive to help people and to not die until she has restored Setsuna’s dreams, memories and ability to sleep, Towa suddenly reveals a new power which allows her to bind the enemy and absorb its energy. She’s able to slay the demon cat without killing Juan.

Breakdown: If it looks like filler, sounds like filler and smells like filler, chances are it’s filler.

I think it’s safe to say this is our first real filler episode of Yashahime. Boring, forgettable villain (who doesn’t even get a name) really generic conflict (villagers are going missing) and the same song and dance for every other meaningful moment (Setsuna is annoyed by Towa because she doesn’t want to kill people and is overly sympathetic, but Setsuna warms up to her a little more BECAUSE she’s so sympathetic. Etc.)

Really, the only thing that might disqualify this as being filler is the fact that Towa gets a new ability in it, which….I have a few problems with.

First, I’m getting just a tiny bit concerned over Towa’s power progression. As it stands, the crew already has a myriad of abilities, and Towa just got a new ability a couple episodes ago, but now she also has the ability to ‘shoot’ her sword at enemies, bind them and this allows her to absorb demon energy and kill demons possessing people without killing the person.


Second, Myoga pops up just to say that Inuyasha had a special ability to absorb demon power with his tetsusaiga….which yeah, in its Dragon Scale form, sure, but—shit, I just remembered the Dragon Scale form. The tetsusaiga has way too many forms. It’s like it’s trying to give Goku a run for his money.

Is THAT why the girls all seem to have dragon powers? That make so little sense, but that is literally the only dragon connection I remember either Inuyasha or Sesshomaru having. However, as Moroha pointed out, why bother saying that if they don’t have the tetsusaiga? And Myoga has absolutely no answer. It’s just ‘Inuyasha could do this…so…I guess Towa can too.’

Towa just suddenly has the ability to absorb demon energy, and uses this to literally bind the cat demon and slay it.

But that just begs the question, if Towa does have some sort of tetsusaiga powers….how does she have those powers? She’s not Inuyasha’s kid. Sesshomaru never had the tetsusaiga. That was kinda his shtick. I mean, I guess it kinda makes some degree of sense because the tetsusaiga was a sword forged of Inutaisho and it was meant to protect humans, and Towa triggered this power by wanting to save Juan. Maybe Sesshomaru, now committed to Rin, was able to forge a sort of tetsusaiga-esque sword of his own fang, but it’s trapped within Towa’s silver pearl and she was able to channel the ability through her energy sword?

I dunno. I feel like I’m grasping at straws.

A few final notes, though – What was the deal with the Juan/Julian thing? We’ve never heard of Julian before now, and this guy seems like a one-off character. It’s not like when Kagome happened upon Hojo’s ancestor. Hojo was an established character, even if he never mattered to the plot, so seeing his ancestor had at least a little meaning. This dude is just…some idol’s ancestor. Julian isn’t even Towa’s favorite idol – he’s Mei’s, so this is even more pointless.

I find it funny that Towa has wireless earbuds but an old iPod. Also, I guess we haven’t reached the point where Towa’s scared of people finding her modern era stuff considering she’s riding around the countryside on her bike, gives a small child junk food and keeps telling Juan that he’s Julian’s ancestor….

You keep being you, Moroha.

Towa asks Moroha why she’s collecting all this money, but Moroha doesn’t answer her.

It is a nice little detail that Towa doesn’t have such an acute sense of smell like Setsuna and Moroha – or, more to the point, that she hasn’t trained it at all. It’s true. While some of her demon powers may have manifested in the modern era because of all her fighting, she had no real need for a super sense of smell.

The cat demon they fight here was a manga-exclusive character Inuyasha and the others fought once upon a time.

Other than that, filler filler filler. It wasn’t bad filler, but it was fillery filler.

Next episode, if the promo picture is any indication, we’re going to be introduced to another member of the cast, a ‘pirate’ named Riku.

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 5 – Jakotsumaru of the Red Bone Palace Review (Spoilers!)


Plot: Moroha has split off from Towa and Setsuna to do more bounty hunting since she has a debt to pay off. She’s told by a corpse dealer, Jyubei, to retrieve the head of a demon she slayed previously named Tokotsu. She had only brought back his headless body before, and he’s currently being brought back to life by his son, Jakotsumaru, by stealing the bones of people and animals from the nearby villages and feeding them to his skull.

With the promise of a bag of gold for her troubles, Moroha heads off to slay the beast and his son.

Meanwhile, Towa and Setsuna get information on the location of the Dream Butterfly, but Setsuna is more interested in demon slaying missions. Coincidentally enough, the closest mission is investigating the boneless corpses of the villagers, which of course leads them back to Moroha to face Tokotsu.

Tokotsu happens to be one of four beasts – referring to themselves as the Four Perils—under the command of Kirinmaru, much to Setsuna’s annoyance because it means they might be accidentally walking a path that will eventually lead them to fulfilling the wishes of the Tree of Ages. They explain Kirinmaru’s plans to Myoga, but he is perplexed because he knows Kirinmaru as a being who would never do something so treacherous as destroying the fabric of space and time.

Moroha also reveals that she didn’t slay Tokotsu. She has no memory of the battle and suddenly woke up in front of Tokotsu’s headless body. She took the red rainbow pearl in his armor for herself and brought the body to the corpse dealer for a bag of silver. She has no idea who actually killed Tokotsu.

Nonetheless, she faces off against Jakotsumaru and Tokotsu once more, and Tokotsu asserts that Moroha is indeed the one who killed him. Towa wants her to apologize and return the money she got for his corpse, but Moroha refuses as a matter of pride and blazing her own path in life.

She battles against them for a while, and then decides to use her secret weapon. Applying a special rouge, she is able to gain the memories of Inutaisho as well as a massive increase in demonic power. She calls this form Beniyasha. She’s able to slay Jakotsumaru easily and even badly wounds Tokotsu, but she suddenly passes out, having run out of energy. She’ll be out cold for at least 24 hours.

Setsuna and Towa pick up the slack and slay Tokotsu once and for all. The bodies of the demons are atomized, however, meaning no bounty for poor Moroha.

Breakdown: Okay, I guess I’ll concede a bit here. Unlike what I thought in the previous episode, they didn’t go down the episodic route yet. Things were definitely happening, almost to the point of exposition-dump-y levels.

First and foremost, I called it – they confirmed that Setsuna and Moroha were only in the modern era for a few days. But somehow Setsuna became a skilled violinist in that time.

Secondly, somehow, Setsuna and Towa haven’t connected the dots that they’re technically cousins with Moroha? Or if they have, they haven’t acknowledged it.

Third, Towa’s a bit too naive here, to the point where she’s almost kinda stupid. She’s seriously like “Apologize to him” and acting like they shouldn’t slay these demons when she saw firsthand that he’s been ripping the skeletons out of living beings to feed them to his father. By the way, thanks for the imagery of a bunch of dogs having their skeletons ripped out through their mouths. I wasn’t aware an Inuyasha sequel would bring me nightmare fuel. The scenes with the bandits getting their bones ripped out was also horrific, but those poor dogs….

Back to the point at hand, she actually views it like THEY’RE the bad guys in this situation and hesitates in both fighting and slaying them as a result. She even laments Jakotsumaru’s death. I get that she’s not nearly as battle hardened as Setsuna or Moroha, it’s to be expected that she’d be more put off by killing, but these are killer demons who are also currently trying to kill them.


It could be argued that Tokotsu didn’t do anything to warrant being killed the first time, that we know of anyway, but that’s about it. I don’t think there’d be a bounty on his head if he hadn’t been doing something bad in the first place anyway. Remember, he’s a bone-eating demon. I can assume he’s habitually eaten people. Towa has to be convinced by Setsuna that their crimes are nothing compared to those of Tokotsu and Jakotsumaru, which…duh.

Even Kagome had no real qualms about demons being killed when she first arrived in the feudal era. And, remember, it’s not like Towa is averse to violence. Her whole backstory is nothing but fighting people.

This episode is fairly Moroha-centric, which means we finally get more of her story. She’s apparently in deep debt to Jyubei for some reason and is using her bounties to pay it off. She also knows Myoga – and, yes, he’s here, which just adds even more questions.

Myoga’s a great big exposition dump in this episode, like he has a tendency to be. He explains all about the Four Perils, how Moroha has demon powers from Inuyasha and spiritual powers from Kagome, he also explains the deal behind Moroha’s rouge, which was brought up in episode one but never really explained or shown until now.

Apparently, somehow, Moroha not only has, out of all of his descendants, blood tasting the most similar to Inutaisho’s despite being only a quarter demon, but she has rouge which originally belonged to Izayoi, Inuyasha’s human mother. Inutaisho gave it to Izayoi as a present and it somehow made its way to Moroha. When applied, the rouge allows her to channel the memories or powers or something from Inutaisho, giving her a huge boost in strength (and allows her to use a couple of familiar abilities – Iron-Reaver Soul-Stealer and Blades of Blood) She names this form Beniyasha, and it’s implied that she was Beniyasha when she defeated Tokotsu the first time, but doesn’t remember it because the form only lasts less than a minute before she’s wiped out, falls unconscious and doesn’t awaken for 24 hours.

This is fine and dandy and all, it gives her a way of boosting her strength a little more considering she’s a quarter-demon, though her unique ability to use spiritual powers and demon power was already enough in my opinion, but…where the hell did she get that rouge? And why does it suddenly have powers?


I definitely remember the rouge. Inuyasha gave it to Kikyo, if I’m not mistaken. But he obviously didn’t have it after the fact (I’d be shocked if Kaede kept it for 50 years and, for some reason, gave it back to Inuyasha.) and, like I said, it didn’t have powers. So either the rouge just doesn’t affect humans and Kikyo didn’t sense anything about it or they bullshitted this out of thin air. Not even Expositionyoga explains why the rouge gives her powers – he just explains that it was a gift from Inutaisho to Izayoi.

Also, uhm, can we talk about the faux pas Inuyasha seemingly pulled here by giving a gift he gave to his late lover to his daughter born of another woman? ….Yikes.

SUPER LATE STAGE EDIT: Holy. Shit. I just remembered something. Didn’t Naraku destroy the rouge Inuyasha gave to Kikyo? Did Inuyasha have more than one of those things or are they being super sloppy with their continuity?

How did Myoga go this whole episode without explaining where Kagome and Inuyasha were? And why does Moroha neither seem to know nor care about any of the information that she does obtain about them?

We also learn that Tokotsu had the red rainbow pearl and Moroha just snatched it very shortly before she was brought to the modern era….*shrug* Why did Tokotsu have it in the first place?

I just kinda assumed Moroha got it from Inuyasha somehow or she was born with it, like Setsuna and Towa had theirs in their eyes. But nope. She’s just a thief who stumbled upon it.

They still haven’t really explained what the rainbow pearls even are or if there are more than three. I get that they’re jewels infused with great power, but that’s about it.

A final note we have to add about this episode is the totally random brief Miroku cameo. I say ‘cameo’ but he never really appeared. When talking to Towa about needing to kill demons like Tokotsu, she muttered “On meeting an arhat, slay the arhat; On meeting your parents, slay your parents. Know that the light to your path lies there.” She heard that mantra from a traveling monk and we cut to a shot of Miroku, though his face is obscured because they’re just doing that with old characters for some reason.


If that occurred any time recently, he seemingly looks absolutely no different than he looked 15 years ago. Maybe it’s also excusable for him because I would assume monks just wear the same robes throughout adulthood, and I never saw his face so maybe he’s a bit more aged there, but still. It was nice to see him, and it’s good to know he’s alive, even though he’s kinda low on my list of must-see characters at the moment, but it was really random to drop him in there like that.

Why is he traveling now? Wasn’t he doing his demon-slaying for cash with Inuyasha? Where is Sango, for that matter? Even though her kids have all grown up, she seems to have given up demon slaying entirely if she gave her hiraikotsu to Hisui. It doesn’t seem like she lives in the village anymore. Either she’s off traveling with Miroku and she just wasn’t present when Miroku told Setsuna that or something’s wrong.

Also, WHY did Miroku tell Setsuna that, and did he know who she was when he said that? What a screwed up thing to say. ‘Go on, kill arhats and your parents. That’s how you get on the right path in life.’ Like, whaaaaa?

EDIT: I just now realized that this implies that Setsuna has never formally met Miroku, which is weird because she works alongside Kohaku and Hisui, one of which being Miroku’s brother-in-law and the other being his son. That has a lot of worrisome implications.

Oh and as a final-final note, we’re also introduced to Takechiyo, who is basically like if you merged Hachi with Shippo – he can be used for transportation by changing into a bigger floating form of himself, and he’s a tiny demon kid used for comic relief.


Hm….I wonder if we’ll see an adult Shippo in this series sometime. Maybe not because I don’t exactly know how aging works with demons, but it’d be cool to see him all grown up. It’d be nice to know where he is, too.

All in all, this was a good episode for more establishment, and it had some really great moments with Moroha (I cheered when she did the Iron-Reaver and Blades of Blood), and I love how Setsuna’s warming up to Moroha more than she is to Towa, even calling the former her friend. It allows us to see that Setsuna is reasonable and can be friendly and sweet, but she just gets annoyed by Towa for a variety of reasons.

I didn’t much care for how easily Jakotsumaru and Tokotsu were defeated, considering Tokotsu is seemingly one of the highest ranked demons under the command of Kirinmaru. If they defeated this Peril so easily (and, remember, Moroha killed Tokotsu once before entirely on her own – she also defeated Jakotsumaru purely with an Iron-Reaver…) then the tension in the series is going to wane.

Next time, CATS!

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 4 – The Gateway to the Past Review (Spoilers!)


Plot: Hearing the story of Setsuna’s plight, Towa plans on heading back to the feudal era with Setsuna and Moroha to find the dream butterfly and kill it to restore Setsuna’s memories as well as her ability to sleep and dream.

Utilizing the power of the still-alive Root Head demon who was merged with the Tree of Ages, they all take their leave, promising to return to Towa’s family someday.

However, when they go through the portal, they’re stopped midway by the spirit of the Tree of Ages who has taken on the appearance of Kikyo since some of her spirit was embedded in the tree when she pinned Inuyasha to it with one of her sacred arrows.

The spirit of the tree has a request for the daughters of Sesshomaru – find and slay the dog-demon beast, Kirinmaru, a demon who was matched in power only by his counterpart, their grandfather Inutaisho. Sesshomaru is unable to defeat him, so the task is being passed on to them. Setsuna refuses, explaining that it’s Sesshomaru’s responsibility and they shouldn’t have to do his work. Towa, however, wants to complete the task until she learns that Sesshomaru will, too, have to be slain.

As punishment for defying the spirit, it sends them to the location of the Root Head within its body. However, the three manage to slay the demon, later realizing that this means they destroyed their only means of returning back to the modern era.

The spirit of the tree has a one-sided conversation with Sesshomaru as he lurks in the shadows wondering what will become of the woman slumbering before them if things don’t go as planned….

Breakdown: Excuse me for a second.

*deep breath*

RIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! That comatose woman has to be Rin, right? It looks like what I would picture an adult Rin to look like. What happened to her? Is Sesshomaru being blackmailed or something right now?….Is she their mother? I continue to be confused.

Anyhoo, this is more or less a segue episode to get us back to the feudal era so we can have all dem adventures, but there is a little more action and advancement. Mainly, the battle with Root Head which debuted a new attack for Towa, which, for some reason, is another energy dragon thing like Moroha’s, though Towa’s is blue as opposed to red. I really don’t understand why these dog demons keep displaying dragon powers. Is Setsuna going to get a gold one?

Also, we learned of Kirinmaru, who sounds like a pretty severe threat, going after space and time and whatnot, so I guess they justified Towa getting all freaked out over modern stuff in the feudal era from the first episode. Although, I can’t help but get a slight sense of laziness in that he’s the OTHER great dog demon. I don’t remember a lot about Inutaisho, but I’m pretty sure someone would have mentioned another great dog demon in the interim. And where exactly has he been for the past 20+ years? Is this another one of those weird situations where a villain just chills until the person or persons who are the only ones who can defeat him are of an age where they can defeat him and then he’s like ‘Ya! NOW is the time to strike!’

We still haven’t met him, though, so how good of a villain he’ll be is yet to be seen.

I love how Moroha pointed out that she wasn’t Sesshomaru’s daughter so it seemed like “Kikyo” wasn’t asking anything of her and was annoyed. The spirit replied that she’d basically be addressed in a minute….and she never was. Like, what the hell? Is it just because Setsuna and Towa refused the request so the spirit of the tree was just never able to ask anything of Moroha? Moroha was still on board with the whole thing because she’s awesome, but she was basically just accepting THEIR mission. I mean….technically, you can give the request to all three of them as she’s also a descendant of Inutaisho. Is it really necessary for descendants of Sesshomaru specifically to be the chosen ones here? It can’t be because of pure blood since they’re half-demons….

And now for Twix’s random musings of the episode.

– How long have Moroha and Setsuna been staying with Towa and her family? Because Setsuna, with no formal training beforehand, has learned how to play a song on the violin fully and seemingly flawlessly. Moe, who is a concert violinist I guess, calls her a one-in-a-hundred prodigy, but even prodigies wouldn’t be THAT good in what seems like a day or two.

– Why is it that Setsuna and Moroha aren’t confused at all by stuff in the modern era? Everything used to confuse the hell out of Inuyasha, but Moroha not only knows what a credit card is, but also uses it easily to go on a shopping spree by herself.


– It is really adorable that Moroha actually loved the weird gift Grandpa gave her as opposed to Kagome who would always either trash his gifts or feed them to Buyo. It was a great moment for both of them.


– Speaking of Moroha in relation to her parents….uhhh why does she have absolutely nothing to say about discovering the names and relatives of her parents? Does she just not care? Does she not have questions about her origins? Likewise, why isn’t Kagome’s family asking Moroha any questions like how Kagome is, what she’s been up to over the past nearly two decades, if she has anymore children etc?

Also, Moroha may or may not have mentioned to them that she doesn’t know Kagome, meaning she never met her mom and her family should be up to their elbows in worry right now in regards to her current whereabouts and condition.

Setsuna and Towa are just kinda falling into information about Sesshomaru, but they also don’t ask many questions about their parentage…..such as, I dunno, just throwing this one out there….who their mother might be. *shrug*

Also, would it make sense or not that Moroha should be able to piece together that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are siblings and that Inuyasha’s her father? She seems to know plenty about Sesshomaru (she even knows his scent somehow) and she seemingly heard of Kirinmaru, so she should know about Inuyasha. Even without those factors, wouldn’t Inuyasha be a bit of a legend in the feudal era?

I can’t imagine Sota and the others didn’t mention Inuyasha likely being her father…..Then again, they’re obviously not very good in the communication department. They’re just like ‘YOU’RE KAGOME’S DAUGHTER!’ and everyone left it at that apparently.

– They really couldn’t go the entire series without showing that same tired shot of Kikyo pinning Inuyasha to the Tree of Ages…Do I get some sort of achievement for viewing it a million times? Because I have to be close by now.

– Why do we need the name plates popping up on everyone? On their introductions, I get, but literally every time we see a character for the first time in an episode we have to put their names on screen. It’s episode four, I’m pretty acquainted with them. I didn’t see a nameplate on Rin, though. Ya know, the one person actually showing up for the first time since episode one.…


All in all, it’s a solid episode that served its purpose and had some great and cute moments interspersed within. And thank god Kikyo didn’t actually come back. I was probably blowing everything out of proportion before, but I can never be too sure with this franchise….Although, I was kinda right about her blowing off Moroha.

I’m not sure why the spirit needed to take on any form at all, though. Can it not just be a mysterious booming voice or something?

I don’t know how long this series is meant to be, especially considering there’s no manga to gauge anything from, but it seems we’re heading for the more episodic approach soon, and I don’t know when we’ll be formally introduced to the main villain or how long it will take to get the MacGuff—Dream Butterfly.

But who cares? Next episode seems Moroha-centric and I am HERE for that!

Rating: 7.5/10

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