Sailor Moon Episode 7 (4 For the Dub) (DiC) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: The town has been taken over by star fever. Usagi and her friends all want to be stars just like their idol, Mikan. However, Jadeite sees this as his perfect opportunity to use these star-struck people for their energy. He concocts a plan to turn everyone into the stars they’ve always dreamed about while stealing their energy. Can Sailor Moon dash everyone’s hopes and dreams to save the day?


Title Change: Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star is Hard Work is changed to So You Want to be a Superstar.

The Japanese text on the pink sidebar on the poster in the beginning is removed (Even though the Japanese text next to it isn’t….weird.) This is made even weirder since the text magically reappears as Naru/Molly runs by. After Molly runs by, the text turns to English words that I can’t make out. Confusing? Yeah.





Also, despite occurring in the same scene, they have one of the dub’s transitions after Molly hits Serena only to show Molly running off after the transition.

The text is again removed when Umino is showing off the same poster. In fact, they zoom in on the shot (it was further away so it showed both the poster and Umino in the original) so that they can reuse the edited shot from before.

The story about Umino’s poster is somewhat changed in the dub. In the original, he states he just ordered a bunch of the same poster from the Internet. In the dub, he says he won only one copy through a contest in the Saffron fanclub that he joined.

Name Change: Mikan is changed to Saffron.

In the original, Umino states that she’s been in eight commercials and is only 17. He also states that her annual income is two million yen. In the dub, the other information isn’t given and we’re told she actually makes five million US dollars a year. Seeing as how two mil yen is roughly 19-20k US dollars, I’d say DiC rounded up and up and up and up and up….Unless those figures were drastically different in the 90’s which is completely possible, but my way’s funnier.

A shot of Umino’s screen is removed.


Usagi says she wonders how many shortcakes she could buy with that money. Serena wonders if Saffron needs an assistant.

The girls then discuss that Mikan was discovered by a talent scout as she simply walked down the street one day. Then they badmouth the scouts for not seeing and discovering them for all of their talent. In the dub, they just talk about what they’d do if they had all that money.

After, Umino states that the scouts are doing their jobs because Mikan was found and they weren’t, so the girls get mad at him. In the dub, he just says “In my opinion, one of you has the potential to be a real star,” so the girls get mad at him and ask him to spit it out.

They cut out a shot of a big banner on the TV station where Mikan’s signing autographs supposedly because the entire banner’s in Japanese, but the sign on the front of the building is in big ol’ Japanese characters so sense made=zero.


They edit out a shot of Jadeite putting his hands in his pockets and walking away from the autograph signing. They also edit in a scene of Queen Beryl just doing the typical villain shtick (Use the energy to take over the world Muahahaha) after that.

In the original, Naru says that they’ll sing to storm the entertainment industry. Usagi believes this to be storming them like attacking, so she gets a tennis racket. In the dub, they change this to Serena suggesting that they be tennis stars instead of singers. I don’t get why this was changed. It’s an easily translatable joke……though it is a stupid joke.

Right before Naru and Usagi sing, Luna thinks to herself that Usagi knows that they don’t have time for this. In the dub, Luna thinks to herself “Don’t tell me she’s going to sing.”

This next one’s gonna hurt. As Molly turns on the radio in the dub, it’s painfully obvious that they added in awful music notes animated onto the foreground. I guess this was to ensure the audience that indeed music was playing. Saved by the Bell had better graphics….

Sailor Moon 7

There’s also a crescent moon symbol in with the music notes…

It should also be noted, oddly, that the song being played on the original is the Sailor Moon theme song instrumental. The dub is some awful remix of the Sailor Moon theme song done with a xylophone and the beat track from an old keyboard I think.

In the original, the girls make up the lyrics. In the dub we have a weird meta moment as they sing the actual Sailor Moon theme song……So what is this? I’m assuming Sailor Moon is somewhat known in Japan by this point, but she’s got a theme song already?

Sailor Venus doesn’t even have her own theme song, and she’s been known way longer in Japan – to the point where she has her own video game.

I give Luna a pass for changing her inner monologue, because Serena singing? No, thank you.

As Naru and Usagi are fighting, Luna just stares. In the dub, Luna thinks “And they say catfights are bad!”

They replace a shot of Usagi’s bunny door sign that says “Don’t come in” with another shot of the boombox. Also, there are no cheaply made music notes coming from the speakers, so I am currently trying to figure out if there is indeed music being played. I’m running various tests right now and should have results by 2023.


In the original, Naru coaxes Umino into crossdressing to pair with her as a singing duo (Because guys can’t sing with girls I guess) by saying that Usagi would like him if he got real world experience or some weird explanation like that. In the dub, she coaxes him into it by saying he’ll be world famous. Also, instead of gushing about Usagi, he gushes about being famous and even starts reciting a speech he made to accept an award.

They edit out the shot of Mikan’s flowers presumably because there’s Japanese writing on the wrapping.

They make the scene where the monster changes into Mikan/Saffron even more sinister by adding MORE SHADOWS AROUND HER FACE! AHHHH!! God, DiC, put a warning on your show before you make edits like that. Children watch this show for God’s sake.

There’s this big-ass giant banner behind Monster-Mikan as she makes her speech. DiC, surprisingly left it alone. I guess because they couldn’t viably edit around it and painting over the text would cost too much money.

I should mention at this point that Cinderella is a common theme in this episode. Everyone wants to be the next Cinderella, same with Naru and Usagi. In fact, this contest or whatever that Monster-Mikan’s holding is called the Cinderella Caravan. In the dub, there’s no mention of this. Just fame and being like Saffron. I dunno why. Cinderella’s a common story in America too.

Now there’s an untranslatable pun in the scene with the talent show. The comedy duo at the beginning make a joke about asking for two loaves of bread at the bakery, but they gave her strawberry patterned panties instead that she holds up. In Japan, the word for bread is ‘pan’ and panties are ‘pantsu.’ When she asked for two loaves of bread (pan) they gave her pantsu because two pan. Yeah, it’s awful even in Japanese, but the dub is even worse.

In the dub, the joke is “Why do elephants wear green sneakers?…..So that they can sneak around in the grass.” Not only does that make no sense, it’s not funny in the least. Though, I guess that is the point; that a bunch of untalented people keep winning the contest. Also, they edit out where one of the girls holds up said panties. They just repeat the panty-less footage to make her talk longer. However, since she moves her eyebrows when she does this, it makes the footage jump several times.



Oddly enough, they don’t edit out the Japanese on the hand stamp. The symbol means “pass” in Japanese. Though maybe they thought no one would realize it’s Japanese.

Another untranslatable pun in the classroom. One of the girls asks, “What do you get if you take away a vultures (Hagetaka) feathers (ge)? You get Hadaka, which means ‘naked.’ In the dub, the girls just say they’ll do knock-knock jokes now, but don’t actually say one.

They edit out the shots of Naru’s autographs because Japanese.

In the original, Usagi, shockingly enough, says that they have to start class soon, but the other kids say that they don’t have time for class since the entertainment industry requires so much work….Well, if that’s the case, why did they even show up at school at all? In the dub, she just asks Naru if she won the contest, and the other girls just said they basically all did and that fame’s gone to Molly’s head.

After the other kids threw the streamers, one hits Umino in the face and Umino tells the other kids that it would be bad if a star’s face got damaged, and then Usagi thinks to herself that something is wrong. The dub cuts out to transition right before, and I mean milliseconds before, the impact of the streamer. The footage just stops and we get the transition. It’s so awkward.

They also cut out a shot of Umino and Naru singing. Also, Umino’s no longer dressed in drag so I guess he can dress normally now that the contest is over? What was the point in all that?

They also cut out the singing in the background entirely, but they keep in the shot of the end of the show….what the hell were they watching in the dub? Just Molly and Melvin standing on stage doing nothing?

They edit out where even more people appear on stage with Naru and Umino. I dunno.

Front of the Shan Shan Plaza is covered in Japanese text so they edit out the shot of it.

When we see shots of Umino, Naru and those two terrible joke girls as well as the cop, we’re supposed to see that the stamps they got on their hands are glowing I guess to show that their energy is ripe for the taking. Edited out in the dub….they kept the stamps but got rid of the glowing…..I do not understand….Oh and Umino’s crossdressing again….I really don’t get it. There are plenty of guys there. Why did he need to crossdress?

A front shot of Jadeite receiving the energy that has been shown tons of times and is recycled footage was edited out of the dub for some reason.

I guess at this point I should also mention that the original version has now started singing the actual Sailor Moon theme song too so I’m doubly confused.

Get a load of those bathroom signs….High heels for the ladies and a top hat for the men. How sexist. Now I can’t wear a top hat!? My Thursdays are completely ruined now!


Couple questions about the ending….A discoball shatters above your head and that didn’t at least give you several cuts? So, Mikan was just laying in a tub, naked, for the past few days?

Also, in the original, as everyone’s snapping out of it, one of the joke girls asks the other when did they start speaking in a kansai dialect. (I don’t know much about dialects in Japan to be honest, but I’m guessing this accent was put on to sound more like a comedian or entertainer or something?) In the dub they just say that they never want to hear another knock-knock joke again even though they never said one to begin with, at least that we heard, so the joke is lost.

Well, what the hell happened here? In the Sailor Says segment they leave in the shot of Umino getting hit by the streamer…. There is no such thing as consistency.

Next episode, Ami’s debut!

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Sailor Moon Episode 5 Sub/Dub Comparison Placeholder (Undubbed)

Best anime screencap ever.

Plot: Usagi’s little brother, Shingo, has discovered Luna sleeping in his room. Shingo hates cats, so their parents leave it up to them to figure out if or how Luna can stay with them.

Meanwhile, Shingo’s friend introduces him to a new breed of pet called a Chanela (named after Chanel perfume?) a small bunny-like creature that has become insanely popular around town. Shingo becomes entranced by the pet as Jadeite is secretly using the animals to suck out the life force of their owners. Can Sailor Moon save her brother?


This is a missing episode in Sailor Moon’s episode list. DiC decided not to dub it for some reason. While watching this, I can assume that it might be because Shingo kicks Luna across the room at one point, and Usagi slaps her brother, but I’ll probably just say it’s because DiC wanted to get to the introductions of the other Sailor Scouts sooner. Since this episode was pretty much filler as it was focused mostly on Shingo, DiC probably thought it okay to remove it.

I don’t really have much to say about this episode really, except for a few things.

Those Chanela don’t eat, and the parents don’t ask why? All living creatures need to eat something, why is no one questioning this?

This is actually one of those rare times that Tuxedo Mask doesn’t appear to save Sailor Moon in the nick of time.

How did Shingo know that Sailor Moon was ‘cute’ unless he saw her face?

I kinda wish Shingo had adopted that stray puppy that he ignored. There was no real reason for putting that scene in there besides making you feel bad for the puppy….

Hey, you know how in some video games the weak spot on a boss will be horrendously apparent? In this episode, the enemy’s weak spot was the base of its tail….and it was flashing white….A big ol’ beacon saying ‘hit me!’

Next up is yet another removed episode where Jadeite uses the power of music to steal energy.

…Previous Episode

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Sailor Moon (DiC) Episode 3 (2 For the Dub) Sub/Dub Comparison

Coming up next, the sweet sultry sounds of your death and destruction followed by Taylor Swift’s new single.

Plot: Jadeite is behind a creepy late-night romantic love radio show, and its listeners are succumbing to symptoms of sleeping sickness. Can Sailor Moon figure out what’s going on before everyone’s lost in an eternal slumber?


Title Change: Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love is changed to Talk Radio

Entire Series Edit: Before every episode, we have a brief preview of the episode we’re watching today. The original is left raw while the dub includes a 90’s-esque Sailor Moon border.



The first conversation with Usagi’s mom and dad starts with her dad seeing something in the paper about a sleeping illness going around. Her dad says he wishes he’d get that so he could get some rest. Her mother scolds him for wishing that misfortune, and he responds by saying he was kidding. After all, if he was asleep, he’d miss out on her great cooking.

In the dub, he asks why she circled the date in red magic marker and she gets slightly angry before he says he knows it’s their anniversary.

During that same scene, as Usagi is waking up, they edit out Usagi running down the stairs.

The same gist is kept in the next scene, however, when Umino first appears, he says it’s unusual for Haruna-sensei to be late, not that thing about yellow earth worms.

Name Change: Motoki is changed to Andy.

In the original, Luna’s worried that Motoki heard her talking. Motoki recognizes Luna because they ‘met’ in the last episode. Luna relaxes since it doesn’t seem like Motoki heard her talking. Then he goes in to get some milk for her. Luna gets gushy eyes because he’s treating her so nicely and then stews that Usagi never treats her like that.

In the dub, Andy recognizes Luna for no given reason. One can assume that he might’ve heard of Luna from Serena since she goes to the arcade so often, but dub viewers would never know that. Luna says that Andy is the boy Serena likes so much. How? Why? She never mentions him, and dub viewers have never seen him before this episode. Andy then says he has to go instead of getting Luna a bowl of milk. Luna also doesn’t gush over Andy, leaving the sparkly eyes out of the dub, and then says it’s a good place to use a communications base since it’s so close to Serena’s school.


The next scene is also different. In the original, the possibility of a sleeping sickness is already established. In the dub, it’s like that theory is just as passing musing. Instead, the focus is on staying up too late to listen to the Love Line program on the radio.

After that, Usagi mentions that a sleeping sickness where you never wake up would be nice, which is why her friends freak out. She then explains that getting to stay in your dreams forever would be great.

Serena basically asks what the big deal is and there was no need to call the medics. Then Molly and Melvin freak out….for some reason. I guess maybe because that was a fairly insensitive remark since something could be very wrong with them. Then she says that at least school is canceled.

They cut out a few seconds at the start of the next scene. It’s just the guy setting down the letters.

Okay so this one took me a little bit to figure out. In the original, as Naru and Usagi walk down the street, they pass three guys around a car. In the dub, the shot zooms in really quickly on Molly and Serena, and I couldn’t figure out why until I paused the shot and realized the guy in the car has an unlit cigarette in his mouth. I figured the zoom was a work around to censoring the shot, but I managed to catch the first frame of the scene in the dub, and they did paint the cigarette away. I suppose the jarring zoom in was so they wouldn’t have to paint any other frames.



Sorry for the wonky quality on Molly. It was a motion shot.


Serena: “You’re a creep Darien!” ….I’m almost positive we haven’t established his name. Even in the original, we haven’t gotten his name yet.

They edit out Serena plopping her head down on the desk and giving up.

They edit out Serena blushing with a little thought bubble that has a little cartoon of herself dancing around.

In the original, Usagi transforms into a “pretty newscaster.” In the dub, Serena turns into a “sophisticated talent agent.” Wouldn’t a newscaster be more suited for entering a radio station?

So Jadeite isn’t deterred by Sailor Moon’s attacks, but he’s deterred by a random rose thrown at him from nowhere?

They edit out Usagi gushing over Tuxedo Mask with heart eyes.

An outside shot of the radio station is removed.

Coming up next, Usagi and her friends are obsessed with weight loss. Jadeite takes advantage of the insecurities of humans, especially younger girls, to use a gym as a front for stealing energy.

…Previous Episode

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Sailor Moon Episode 2 Sub/Dub Comparison Placeholder (Undubbed)


Plot: Fortune tellers are the latest craze in the city. Jadeite has taken this opportunity to collect more human energy for Queen Beryl by using another of his minions, Balm, to pose as a fortune teller and control the people who see her for readings. Umino goes to her for a reading to help guide him with his crush on Usagi, but he, as well as many other students from their school, gets caught up in Balm’s spell. Can Sailor Moon defeat Balm and snap her friends out of her spell?


This entry is simply for completion purposes. DiC never dubbed this episode. Why? Well, according to some sources, it could be because of three factors.

  1. Umino flips up his teacher’s skirt and shows her panties.
  2. Umino and other boys vandalize the school by breaking windows with rocks.
  3. The fortune telling theme of the episode might’ve been deemed too controversial?

Well, every excuse I can think of really holds no water to me. The skirt scene and the window scene could’ve easily been edited out if they were problems. DiC has already shown that they’re not shy when it comes to putting the scissors to anime, so it’s not a valid excuse.

As for the fortune telling thing, there’s really nothing religious about it. They make no religious references or anything. So, I honestly don’t know why this episode wasn’t dubbed. Only logical reason that I can think of is that DiC wanted to lose some filler episodes to bring on the other Sailor Scouts faster.

I have nothing really of note about this episode either. It’s rather forgettable.

Next time, a late night romance show on the radio has tons of women and girls clamoring for love. But when people start succumbing to a weird sleeping illness, it seems that Jadeite is behind both it and the radio show. 

…Previous Episode

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Sailor Moon (DiC) Episode 1 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Usagi is an ordinary junior high school student. She’s the type to goof off and get bad grades while she daydreams all day. Until, however, a talking cat named Luna informed her that she is really Sailor Moon and that she has to use her magical moon powers to help save the world. Usagi’s friend Naru gets attacked by an enemy as Usagi learns of this. Can she save her friend or will her inexperience prove to be her downfall?


Title Change: Crybaby Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation is changed to A Moon Star is Born.

The opening has been replaced. However, the song in the dub keeps the melody from the original song. It’s redone slightly, mostly the inclusion of electric guitar, but it still retains the original melody.

That being said, the clips in the background are different, and the lyrics aren’t translations of the original lyrics. The new lyrics basically explain what the show is about. Sailor Moon fights evil, she’s in love, she has friends who also fight evil, here are their names, you’re watching Sailor Moon. Cliche-type lyrics, but it’s certainly an ear worm. That can be credited to using the original melody, though.

Also, the dub opening has the words “From a far away place and time, earth’s greatest adventure is about to begin,” in a Star Wars-like text crawl before the theme appears.

The dubbed opener has all of the Sailor Scouts (Well, at least the ones introduced in this series.) included whereas the original’s, for this season anyway, has only Usagi, Ami and Rei.


Name Change: Usagi Tsukino is changed to Serena Tsukino in the dub. This is a bit disappointing because her name actually has meaning. Usagi Tsukino essentially translates to “Rabbit of the moon” This is poking at an ancient legend, Usagi’s hairstyle, nickname and role as Sailor Moon all at once.

Serena is actually an ironic name for her to have, in my opinion. Serena essentially means peaceful, serene, calm, and Usagi is anything BUT that. The only reason I can see for this is because oooOOOoohhhspoilersoooohhhhHHH, she’s actually Princess Serenity’s reincarnation. The problem is that Princess Serenity has a completely different personality from Usagi. I’m not denying that Usagi can’t shed her hyper crybaby dumplingheadedness when the time calls for it, but it’s not a very good representation of her actual personality the rest of the time.

The episode starts out with showing Usagi sleeping for a bit as she tells us her name and characteristics in narration. She does this at the opening of every episode with the addition of her Sailor Moon identity explanation. Then she wakes up and goes downstairs.

In the dub, we get the entire backstory to the series, skip Serena’s intro and just jump straight to her waking up and going downstairs. I especially love this little story because it spoils so much.

The opener spoils enough in terms of who the other Scouts will be, but this story shows us Artemis, the rest of the Sailor Scouts including MAYBE Sailor Neptune? She’s in the picture with Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, I think. Queen Serenity, the identities of Princess Serenity and also Prince Endymion (Kinda makes the plot point of finding the moon princess moot when you know that it’s Serena. Of course it’s also obvious in the original, but not as much. Only way it could be MORE obvious is if DiC changed Endymion’s name to Darien. Ahahahahahahahaha……..But they’d never be that dumb, right?)

The opening narration is also skipped in all subsequent episodes.


DiC adds a glow effect to Luna’s crescent mark as Serena takes the bandage off.





They edit out where Usagi and Luna stare at each for a bit. They also edit out a front shot of Luna as she walks towards Usagi. They also add inner monologue coming from Luna. They also edit out the school bell. They also say I say ‘they also’ too much.

Entire Series Edit: They add in a lot of transitions where there aren’t any in the original. The transitions are usually cutting away to Sailor Moon’s tiara or flip transitioning in Queen Beryl’s crystal ball. They’re also EXTREMELY 90s-esque.

They skip showing the sign of Usagi’s school as well as her complaining that she’s forced to stand in the hall because she was late. She looks around the hall for a bit before deciding to eat because she missed breakfast.

In the dub, they cut straight to her about to eat. This is made even weirder because they add in dialogue like she’s talking to someone asking if they’ve seen the new Sailor V video game. She’s alone in the hallway, why couldn’t they have just made her say she was hungry?

Name Change: Naru, Usagi’s best friend, is changed to Molly. Also, they gave her one of the worst English dubbed voices in history. It sounds like Harley Quinn going through a blender.

Name Change: Umino is changed to Melvin because that’s what all nerdy kids need to be named.

This next scene is a mess. In the original, Usagi doesn’t know anything about Sailor V. When Naru tells her that Sailor V appeared again and saved a jewelry store from being robbed, Usagi gushes, but then wonders who she’s talking about. Naru yells at her for getting excited if she doesn’t know who Sailor V is. Umino pops up and explains that Sailor V is a heroine who has been popping up lately to stop crime in the area. Sailor V then pops up on screen three times as ‘Sailor V’ is said in the background. Then Usagi and Naru gush about gems. Umino also doesn’t realize that Usagi failed the test until Naru brings it up.

In the dub, Molly never yells at Serena, Sailor V is never brought up, Melvin already knows Serena failed her test and offers to be her tutor while Molly makes the suggestion of going shopping until Serena’s mom forgets about the test even though the dub teacher says her mom needs to sign it and bring it back in. Also, they add in way too much dialogue on Melvin in the final shot of that scene. He only says “Usagi-chan” in the original, but they make him say a whole sentence in the dub. He only makes one lip flap and yet they make him babble on.


Entire Series Edit: They add weird plasma ball effects to Beryl’s staff.





They add a picture of the city to Beryl’s staff after Jadeite shows up.

They edit out a picture of a building before they cut to the jewelry store.

They edit out a frontal shot of Jadeite and his hand absorbing the energy.

Molly: “Serena and I came to see the…”

Serena: “…Rhinestone jewelry!”

God forbid you just translate the words and try to make them fit the mouth flaps properly instead of making awkward dialogue like this.

In the original, after Usagi and Naru get mobbed at the jewelry store, Usagi says she really wants that ring since it’s 30,000 yen when it usually runs for 500,000 yen. They go back and forth about how her dad won’t pay it, especially since she failed her English test and she’s already used up her allowance.

In the dub, they talk about how Molly’s mom is acting strange. This is actually funny because Molly says “I dunno, but I’m really worried” with a giant smile on her face. Molly also gasps and says “Where are you going?” when Serena makes no indication that she’s leaving. (Also, why would that make Molly gasp?) Serena says she’s going home to take a nap.

The prices, by the way, are horribly off. In the original, the ring is usually 500,000 yen, roughly 5,700 US dollars, but she’ll lower it to 30,000 yen, roughly 350 US dollars. In the dub, she says she’ll sell the ring to her for 10 DOLLARS. That’s quite the jump, DiC.

Why did Serena throw that test away? Her teacher said she needed it back signed in the dub. You’ll get in even more trouble if you throw it away, moron.

Even though Mamoru is kinda rude to Usagi in the original, he just tells her to study harder after seeing her grade. He doesn’t call her stupid or lazy like Darien does. They also change Usagi’s nickname ‘Dumpling Head’ to ‘Meatball Head’ because America doesn’t have dumplings apparently.

They edit out a faraway shot of Mamoru as Usagi turns around. She also calls him a weirdo in the original, not ‘cute.’ Also, nice song cue on Darien. It was no secret he was Tuxedo Mask, but adding that song cue just makes it too obvious.

They edit out a repeat of Sailor V popping up on screen doing various poses.

Entire Series Edit: They edit out the commercial break eyecatch in the dub. Which is weird. They purposely add in transitions, but they can’t keep a cool eyecatch?


Usagi’s English test is changed to Algebra…..Ya know, we have English class in America too.

They edit out the shot of Usagi’s family name plate. They also add that Melvin and Serena stayed up all night studying.

They edit out the introduction of Usagi’s little brother. He kicks her in the butt, asks her if their mom locked her out again, then says he wishes he had a better sister before going in the house. Usagi then yells at him and tries to Sailor V Kick him but he shuts the door, causing her to hurt her leg. This entire scene is cut out.


They don’t include some dialogue from the original where Luna thanks Usagi for taking off that bandage. They also omit her saying that having her crescent mark being covered makes her unable to talk and lessens her abilities.

In the original, the words that trigger Usagi’s transformation are “Moon prism power, Make-up!” In the dub it’s just “Moon prism power.”

Right before Luna and Sailor Moon go after Naru, Usagi points to herself and basically says “Eh?” In the dub, they make her say “Okay,” which makes it look awkward because her words aren’t matching her facial expression.

It’s at this point that you truly realize DiC sucks at lipsyncing. They just do.

In the original, one of the mind controlled women comes after Usagi with a broken (beer?) bottle. In the dub, this is edited out and replaced by Morga attacking her instead. Because of this, the scene where Morga attacks is repeated in another scene a minute later.


Sailor Says: The dub adds this cheesy ‘message of the day’ segment to the end of each episode called “Sailor Says”. Today was all about putting your mind to something to achieve it….which is weird, because she was just handed magical powers, cried half the time, needed to be saved before just saying a line to defeat the enemy. It’s not like she put much effort into it. She was brave to at least go there and try to confront the threat, though.

Eventually they run out of ideas for this segment and just let it repeat.

The ending theme song is replaced by repeating the opening song. They also replace the ending animation and just add show clips in a picture-in-picture box.

They don’t include next episode previews in the dub.

Coming up next, a fortune-teller is taking the city by storm, but it’s really Jadeite’s demon taking people’s energy. This episode was never dubbed, but I’ll be talking about it for completion purposes.

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