Episode One-Derland: Diabolik (2000)


Plot: Based on the Italian comic series, Diabolik is a master thief who has dedicated his life to righting the wrongs of his assassin and fellow thief brother, Dane, and the brotherhood he leads. Along the way, he meets a woman named Eva Kant whose mother’s necklace was stolen by Dane. She later finds out that he was one of the people who kidnapped her father several years ago. Diabolik recruits Eva to help retrieve her necklace, and she later becomes his partner in ‘crime’, aimed at taking down Dane once and for all.

Breakdown: While I have never read the comic this is based on, I believe this is a pretty good intro to the series as a whole. The theme song gives off a very weird air, like this is a very cheesy old spy show from the 70s, but it’s actually a pretty solid anti-hero story with some really cool gadgets and a surprisingly serious tone.

Neither Eva, Diabolik (which is actually pronounced Dee-a-Bowl-lick and not Die-a-Bawl-ick like I thought at first) nor Dane are really anything special in the personality department so far, and Dane is kinda super-villain-ish, but they’re still pretty good characters. Diabolik has a charm about himself, and Eva, despite being new to thievery, is made out to be a good strong female lead. I’m a little weirded out that she’s so open to the idea of becoming a thief, but considering they’re supposed to be stealing for the greater good I guess it’s not that outlandish.

There are also some surprisingly cool gadgets in this show so far, and he even has the trademark tricked out car.

I like anti-hero stories, and a phantom thief always seemed like a more appealing hero story than a spy. They have all the charm and intrigue, but with less of the cheese.

This show is a bit old, and the art and animation make it seem like early 90s not 2000, but I did enjoy what the story has to offer so far and I look forward to more.


Recommended Audience: There’s no comedy bits in this show and assassinations/killing people/death is alluded to a few times. 7+

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