Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 3 Sub/Dub Comparison: Digimental Up!


Plot: The new group of Chosen Children is outnumbered by the Digimon Kaiser’s group of Tyranomon. They have to find two new Digimentals in order to have a chance at beating them, but they have no idea who the new Digimentals belong to. When Kari and Takeru discover that the Digimentals are theirs, they have to Armor Evolve Patamon and Tailmon to save the others.


Title Card: DA02EP3SCREEN1

Another awesome title card. Look at those colors.

Title Change: Digimental Up! is changed to A New Digitude….

In the original, Daisuke just asks if the Digimon are there. In the dub, he asks if Demiveemon saying he can smell Davis means he stinks.

Tailmon originally says that, due to the way the Digimon are acting, that she worries for the future. In the dub, Gatomon basically says the same thing but says she hopes her first litter doesn’t act like this. Ooh lala, Gatomon….Pretty sure Digimon don’t reproduce that way….or perhaps at all since I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Digimon have parents.

Miyako doesn’t say that the gate’s open until she actually turns on the computer to check unlike our now psychic Yolei.

How slow of a news day is it when you’re interrupting regularly scheduled programming to announce the winner of a computer programming contest? The original doesn’t say they’re interrupting anything for it, but still it’s apparently a major news story.

The man that they cut to is actually one of the judges of the contest who just says that Ken made an amazing computer program without actually telling us what it did. In the dub, the man is another reporter also commenting on the contest (Seriously, this is a two-reporter job? How slow IS this news day?) who says the computer program was one that brushed your teeth for you (Wouldn’t that be a robot design then? Not like your computer has the hardware to brush your teeth) and that Ken’s developing one with floss next.

The report continues to state that Ken also recently played chess (and I guess won) against 20 adults at the same time, is a master of math, judo and soccer. In the dub, they state that he plays one game of chess while everyone watches (that’s something of note apparently) he balanced the ‘world’s largest checkbook’, which really just implies that he balanced a checkbook that was blown up like the novelty checks lottery winners get, and he’s single, which is kinda weird to note for a 13-year-old.

Continuing still, the reporter then asks how Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji went about raising Ken. They said they did nothing special, and that it was like they were the geese that laid the golden eggs. Iori then says it’s hard to believe that people like Ken exist. In the dub, the reporter asks what the benefits are to having a genius son. Mrs. Ichijouji says it’s great in the kitchen because Ken invented dishes that wash themselves while Mr. Ichijouji says he gets it from him since he once guessed how many jellybeans were in a pickle jar. Cody then says he heard that Ken was so smart that he once gave his teachers homework.

Takeru says Ken really is a genius. Miyako’s not pleased as she turns off the monitor and says she can write programs too. Daisuke then follows it up by saying that may be true but Ken’s also good at sports, unlike Miyako. She just grumbles in response. In the dub, TK says maybe Ken knows how to defeat the Digimon Emperor. Yolei turns off the monitor and says she knows more about the Digital World than he does. Davis then says that maybe so, but he’s still a genius. Yolei grumbles in response.

The dub doesn’t make as much sense to me. Miyako’s getting jealous because he’s so amazing at something she’s really good at too, writing computer programs, which is why she starts acting that way. In the dub, she seems like she’s jealous because…I really don’t know.

Yolei’s only been to the Digital World once, why would she be so full of herself on her knowledge of the Digital World with that little experience that she would actually get upset at the thought that someone else might be more helpful than her in defeating the Digimon Emperor, especially when TK’s the one who said it? The one who, out of everyone in the room (including Kari because she went later on) has the most experience in the Digital World.

Aw man, I don’t wanna watch this scene!….*sigh* Everyone knows what it is anyway!…..Fine. Ken kicks a puppy *audience gasp* I know! D: In the dub, they remove the shot of him kicking the puppy and the puppy falling. He threatens that he’ll call the pound on the puppy instead which makes it run away.

In the original, Mrs. Ichijouji says nothing more than saying she has to go to work and she made Ken some food. In the dub, she adds on that she bought a new label maker and she can’t stop labeling everything with it; she even labeled the toilet. I guess this is supposed to be a joke on the fact that the bathroom door has a sign that says ‘Toilet’.

They edit out Elecmon getting hit with the whip.


They don’t cut away to the Gatsumon before Ken kicks Elecmon in the original.

I think they shorten the scene of the Gatsumon headbutting each other.

In the original, the group wonders where the next Digiegg is and what Digimon will emerge from it. They also wonder if this means there are more Chosen Children. In the dub, Davis says it’s getting dark (it’s not…) and tells Kari if she’s scared then she can hold his hand. Kari says she’s not scared, and TK chimes in saying that’s not Kari’s hand he’s holding – it’s his. Davis then says “Sorry, TJ” and Kari corrects him, saying his name’s TK. Also, I should mention that Kari and TK are nowhere near Davis when he says this so the hand-holding thing doesn’t really work.

Takeru says the Digimon Kaiser before them is a hologram. The dub says it’s an illusion.

They remove Patamon hitting the tree.


Patamon says they’re useless as they are, and Tailmon says it’s frustrating. In the dub, Patamon says he thought cats were always supposed to land on their feet and Gatomon tells him to shut up. It’s actually pretty funny.

Attack Name Change: Big Crack is changed to Digmon’s regular attack of Gold Rush. I do believe the dubbed named Rock Crackin’ appears much later in the series, though.

Attack Name Change: Red Sun is changed to Tempest Wing. The dub name, Eagle Eye…I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before but I could be wrong.

This episode has really bad animation….I mean, Digimon’s never been known for fantastic animation, but this episode and the Tyranomon moving…just…ick.

In the original, Nefertimon’s Armor Evolution phrase is ‘Light of Smiles, Nefertimon’ in the dub it’s ‘Nefertimon; the Angel of Light.’…..Which makes no sense when you think about it. Yeah, Gatomon Digivolves into an angel, but this form has nothing to do with angels besides maybe the white wings. Nefertimon takes her name from Nefertiti and her form from the sphinx. Angels aren’t even part of Egyptian mythology, are they? Well, no one ever said Gatomon and Patamon had Digivolutions that made much sense I guess.

Nefertimon is….friggin creepy. I’m sorry. She just is. Her non-moving expressionless sphinx face is just ughghsdjhasdhksdh…Her main attack is the Rosetta Stone in which she hurls a stone slab with writing on it at her enemies. The reference is neat, but the execution is silly.

Name Change: Pegasmon is changed to Pegasusmon. I don’t really mind this change. It sounds better in the dub, to be honest.

Pegasusmon’s Index screen is changed to reflect this.

Attack Name Change: Sanctuary Bind is changed to Golden Noose. It’s weird, they took a holy sounding name and made it sound like a fancy hanging.

Attack Name Change: Needle Rain is changed to Star Shower because Saban seems to have a big thing about giving attacks that are clearly different from the others the exact same attack name. Later, I believe it gets changed to Wind Mane (dub name) a few times.

Attack Name Change: Nile Jewelry is changed to Rosetta Stone for again the same Saban-y reason. I believe this gets switched to its dub name, Queen’s Paw, a couple times.

Kari: “I want to get a digital picture of this” Haha, get it? Digital picture! 😀

Also, who says that? “I want to get a digital picture.” Just say “I want to get a picture.”

In the original, Hikari fumes about how the Digimon Kaiser went after Digimon who couldn’t evolve. In the dub, she says the picture turned out great except the Tyranomon all have red eye. Then she says that must be because they always have red eyes. That joke might work if not for the fact that we saw Tyranomon’s normal eye color at the end. They’re blue. The only reason they were red in this episode was because of the Dark Rings – they always make the affected Digimon’s eyes turn red.

Hikari originally ignored Daisuke and asked Takeru if he agreed. In the dub, she asks TK if he’ll defeat the Digimon Emperor. Right, TK by himself will beat the Digimon Emperor. I think that line was put in there to make Kari give a poke to Davis’ pride, but it’s a silly change.

Iori was pointing out how it’s weird that Takeru and Hikari got Patamon and Tailmon to Armor Evolve but got no new Digimon when their Digimon were born when the Digieggs were picked up. In the dub, Cody explains what’s happened so far what with them all getting new Digimon and everyone being able to bypass the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Digivice, but they keep forgetting that he’s human and they need different tactics to beat him.

Iori thinks to himself that he can’t harm another being. Miyako then says it’s like an adventure game, and Daisuke wonders why she had the sudden shift from angry/scared to joking. In the dub, Cody believes he shouldn’t have spoken up because now they’ll just make fun of him….and he was basically right.

Yolei says he’s too young to be worrying about stuff like that, and Davis says to just let the older kids handle it. Right, he’s practically the only one of the new kids to consistently keep focus and get good ideas and plans yet he should just pipe down because the older usually dumber kids should handle it. Someone should point out to them that TK and Kari were the youngest of the old Digidestined and giving them special treatment because of their age just constantly held them back.

Next up, Yamato makes his appearance as Gabumon has a run in with Digimon Kaiser.

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Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 3 Sub/Dub Comparison

Run away, Gabumon. Don’t look back, just run.

Plot: The kids find yet another oddity in the Digital World, this time in the form of a trolley car. While some of the mystery surrounding Yamato and Takeru is unfolding, Seadramon attacks the group. When Yamato gets himself caught by Seadramon, Gabumon must evolve to save his friend.


Title Change: Not much of a change, really. The original’s called The Blue Wolf, Garurumon! While the dub’s called simply Garurumon.

Title Card:

In the original, one of the kids asked Taichi why Agumon was the only one who evolved back in episode two. Taichi calls Agumon over and asks him. Agumon says he doesn’t know, which causes Taichi to comically nearly fall off of the cliff they’re on.

In the dub, it’s like Tai is writing a letter to the audience saying that they’ve got awesome new Digimon friends who Digivolve into awesome creatures like Agumon did in the last episode. Tai calls Agumon over and tells him that he likes him when he’s Greymon and asks why he doesn’t stay that way all the time. Agumon says he can’t/doesn’t know how and then he says that even superheroes need a rest (Agumon really shouldn’t know what superheroes are.) and that causes Tai to comically fall for some reason.

A little bit of subtlety is missed in the dub. Originally, Takeru falls down and Yamato asks if he’s okay. Taichi turns around as they’re running and says “Takeru’s okay to go, right?” Takeru says yes, gets up and runs off while Yamato looks slightly upset.

In the dub, TK falls down and Matt acts like it’s a bother saying “Come on!” Tai turns around as they’re running and tells them to hurry up. TK says “Okay” and runs off while Matt looks slightly upset.

If you’ve seen the series, you know why Yamato actually seems upset. He was babying his brother when Taichi knew he was perfectly fine. When he got up like nothing was wrong, it favored Taichi’s belief instead of Yamato’s and also instilled a feeling of insecurity. And that was your psych minute of the day.

Originally, Mimi just says she’s tired and sick of walking, and Taichi replies that it’s just a bit farther. Mimi says if she walks any farther her calves will get fat (I’m guessing she means big because exercise is kinda the opposite of gaining weight.) Agumon responds by saying fat calves are beneficial because they’re stronger and you can do stuff like kick dirt better, but Mimi’s not amused. Palmon chimes in and says that she likes flat feet with long roots (I guess insinuating that she might also get those from walking too long.) and Mimi’s not amused by that either.

In the dub, Mimi says she only walks for long distances when she’s in a mall and they’re not in one. Tai tells her to stop whining, and Mimi refuses because her feet hurt. Agumon suggests that she take off her boots and socks to make her feel better, but Mimi doesn’t want to walk on the dirt. (Can’t say I blame her. Last thing I’d want to do if my feet hurt would be to walk on dirt barefoot. Grass, sand or carpet, sure, but not rocky dirt.) Palmon then chimes in and says she loves the feeling of dirt beneath her feet and between her toes and Mimi says that’s gross.

Tai: “Mimi wait up!” ….You do realize that Mimi’s pretty far behind you, right?

They replayed a closer shot of Tai and Agumon entering the trolley for a second I guess to lengthen the dialogue.

After Jo suggests that the trolley could help them get home, Taichi shoots down the idea and says that it’s impossible since there are no tracks. In the dub, Tai says it is possible and maybe that’s how they’re going to get home. It’s a little funny because that trolley IS how they get home at the end of the series.

They replay another shot of Tai talking to lengthen the dialogue, but he just says “Oh yeah, I forgot”

Originally, the mushrooms that Palmon sees, the ones without spots, are safe to eat according to her, but the spotted ones that Mimi sees are poisonous. In the dub, both the non-spotted and spotted ones are poisonous apparently. Also, Mimi tells Palmon that the flower on her head isn’t for looks and thanks her for her great advice on the mushrooms. In the dub, Mimi just says she’d be lost without Palmon…the Digimon she just met a day ago.

Yamato tells Taichi that cooking fish by holding it over the fire just ruins it and tells him to stick it by the heat instead.

Matt says that Tai will burn his fingers cooking that way and says to use a stick. Tai then asks how Matt knows how to do that and he says he’s ‘the man’ which is two accounts of “(you’re/I’m) the man” in one minute since Tai said that to Agumon in the same scene.

Another scene of Taichi muscling in on Yamato’s business is missing. Originally, Yamato asks Takeru if he wants him to remove the bones from the fish he’s eating. Taichi comes over and tells him to bite through the head and keep going which sounds a million times worse out of context.

In the dub, TK says that his mother doesn’t let him eat fish with his fingers and Matt says it’s okay. TK’s unsure, but Matt pushes that it’s okay. Tai then comes over and says that it’s fine because TK’s hanging with the big boys now. So, the older you get the more sloppy you can be? Thank God. I can finally achieve my dream of eating food like the Tasmanian devil.

Originally, Taichi asks Sora the same thing Izumi asked in a previous episode – why Takeru calls Yamato ‘Onii-chan’ when they have different last names. Sora says she doesn’t know.

In the dub, Tai asks Sora if she’s noticed that Matt seems to treat TK like more like a bother than a brother. Sora agrees and says Matt’s still learning how to be a big brother (TK’s eight, he’s not a newborn)

…..You know….it’s times like this that I really regret that I started this comparison. I mean, I know that there’s no English phrase quite like ‘Onii-chan,’ so they probably couldn’t mirror what was being said in the original, but the dub makes Matt look like an inherent ass who needs to learn how not to be an ass to his brother. In the original, he’s just overprotective because he hardly ever sees Takeru, at least so far. Maybe they could’ve made it work by having TK call Matt ‘Brother,’ but that word isn’t as wide as ‘Onii-chan.’

Originally, Sora and Taichi conclude that because they can’t see the North Star that they must be in the Southern Hemisphere, but Jo says that that’s impossible because he can’t find the Southern Cross either.

In the dub, the dialogue is kept the same until we get to suggesting that they’re in the Southern Hemisphere. Joe says it’s possible in the dub, if they’re even still on earth, instead of saying it’s impossible like his counterpart. What, can you mention the North Star fine but not the Southern Cross?

Originally, Taichi says to keep the girls out of the watch duty lineup. Tai just says everyone can keep watch at one-hour intervals.

Taichi wanted to steal Gabumon’s fur for a blanket (as a joke.) He says he’s been dying to see what’s under the fur (….Uhhhh) and starts playfully tugging at it to tease Gabumon. In the dub, Tai insinuates that Mimi is the one who wants Gabumon’s fur as a blanket and even goes so far as to say she might CUT HIS TAIL OFF WHILE HE’S SLEEPING………

The dialogue about finalizing the lineup for lookouts is kept the same. However, that creates an error in the dub. Since they didn’t keep the line about omitting the girls from the lineup, saying that the lineup will be Tai, Matt, Izzy then Joe doesn’t make a lot of sense since they said all of them would keep watch for an hour at a time. Also, that means that they’re only going to sleep for four hours?

Originally, Mimi was thinking to herself as she fell asleep that she really wanted a bath. In the dub, she thinks that her feet still hurt.

Izzy and his aliens rears their ugly heads yet again. Originally, Koushiro thinks that it’s going to be a long day spending all day tomorrow with everyone. (Hm?…..Does that mean Koushiro doesn’t like being around them or socializing period?) In the dub, Izzy wonders why a trolley car is there and wonders if it was the aliens.

Originally, Jo hopes that everything will be back to normal when he wakes up. In the dub, Joe hopes he doesn’t get monster cooties….Really, Saban? Monster cooties? I know this is Joe, but come on.

Yamato says that he has a tendency to fly off the handle and be overprotective – maybe that’s why Takeru’s more attached to Taichi than he is to Yamato. Taichi asks Yamato what Takeru is to him, and Yamato replies that they’re brothers, but their parents divorced so they’re living in separate houses (And, as a consequence, have different surnames).

In the dub, Matt basically says that he’s getting stressed from being in the Digital World and having to take care of TK. Tai then asks if they even live in the same house and Matt says no. They’re half-brothers (Whaaaaa?) and because of that I guess they don’t see each other much.

I don’t understand this at all. I’ve watched this series numerous times and I could’ve sworn they’ve stated that they’re full brothers but their parents are divorced. Why is this changed? I don’t understand. Is divorce somehow taboo? I need to keep this in mind later in the series because I know they mention divorce somewhere.

The harmonica music is changed in the dub. There’s not a huge difference in the music styles, but the dub’s definitely sounds peppier and jazzier. Also, I love this scene. It’s like a parody. Emo Matt runs off in the middle of a tough conversation to sit alone at night and play the harmonica. Hah.

Taichi doesn’t insult Yamato’s harmonica playing like Tai does.

In the dub shot of Gabumon and Matt reacting to the tidal wave in the dub, it sounds like Tentomon’s voice is coming from Gabumon as he’s going “Whooa”

The Digimon Index screen for Seadramon is misplaced in the dub. Originally it appeared right after Tentomon told us who it was and was followed by the narrator giving the explanation of what it was.

In the dub, the Index screen appears only a moment after it debuts and no information besides its name is given. The Index scene is left silent, which is kinda dumb. Tentomon could’ve easily given that information. Why change where the Index screen appeared and leave out the information on it?

Tentomon originally says that Seadramon rarely attack, but asks Taichi and Agumon if they did anything to upset it. They try to deny it (Taichi accidentally got an ember on his tail) before being flung around by Seadramon.

In the dub, Tentomon doesn’t mention this and says that they’ll be fine as long as it doesn’t see them. Then, without cutting away, Tentomon says that Agumon and Tai jinxed them and now it sees them. They did nothing during this shot so I don’t know what happened there.

Dub!Agumon calls for the Digimon to attack and Gabumon’s voice responds….Well, Gabumon’s swimming to the island that the others are on with Matt so why is his voice with them?

Gabumon originally says that he simply doesn’t have the power to save Yamato from Seadramon. In the dub, he says that he has a find a way to save him.

Also, Gabumon originally evolves because he’s thinking that he’ll never be able to hear the gentle melody of Yamato’s harmonica again if he doesn’t find some way to help him. In the dub, he says he doesn’t understand what’s going on (What’s to understand?) but, and direct quoting here “What’s a little stinky fur compared to a friend like him?”….Ya know, that line basically insinuates that the main reason Gabumon couldn’t do anything was that he didn’t want to go in the water and get his fur wet and stinky….

Another vocal song is edited out during the evolution/Digivolution.

Originally, Tentomon states that Garurumon’s fur is supposedly as strong as the legendary metal, mythril. In the dub, he says it’s as strong as steel.

Attack Name Change: Seadramon’s Ice Arrow is changed to Ice Blast.

Attack Name Change: Fox Fire (What?….Garurumon’s a wolf not a fox. Even the Japanese title acknowledges this. The Blue Wolf, Garurumon. What the?) is changed to Howling Blaster.

Dub Gabumon: “Flying sure is a good way to keep my fur dry.” But you were barely ever in the air during that battle and you just emerged from the water.

After Takeru thanks his brother in addition to Gabumon, Yamato says with a blush that it was nothing. Gabumon says Yamato’s too shy and Yamato responds with “Look who’s talking.” In the dub, Gabumon calls Matt “The man” again and Matt calls Gabumon the wolf man. This exchange doesn’t date this at all…

Original!Mimi doesn’t ask Gabumon if she can use him as a pillow. Also, the poor thing saves all of your lives and you want to use him as furniture? Jerk. 😦

Next episode, Birdramon’s debut!

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30DAC: Day 14 – Anime that Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Rewatched It

I’m surprised I actually chose a fairly long show/franchise for this prompt, but I’m choosing Digimon.

Matt’s spitting right in his face, yet he’s not putting on his goggles.

A gentle mix of nostalgia, cool monsters, likable characters, that thing I mentioned before about themed powers, some actually complex storylines, fun and cheesiness meld together so well that it’s so easy for me to just coast through old episodes of any of the first three series and enjoy it just as much as the first day I watched it. To be specific, though, I’m choosing Digimon series 1 or Adventure 01 since it was the one that started it all.

My Sub Dub Comparisons for the show (which I hope to get back to posting soon) have also introduced me to the awesome original version, so I can enjoy it in both languages. Sadly, it also highlighted just how awful some of the dialogue is in the dub, but I still enjoy every minute.

In essence, it usually is just a tried and true tale of good versus evil, but the setting of the Digital World and the aspects of the Digimon are pretty unique and interesting. Plus, some of the storylines, especially in Adventure 02 and Tamers are much more complex than that. I always thought it’d be awesome if it was real, but alas even with today’s technology there’s still no Digivice for me.