Wasurenagumo Review


Plot: One of four anime created from the 2011 young animator training project, this is story of a girl-like spider demon who is sealed in a book and reawakened many years later by a used book dealer and his young friend Mizuki.

Breakdown: This goes to show you that just because something is from a bunch of students, doesn’t mean it can’t be a really great anime….even if the ending is really weird.

Wasurenagumo is about a young spider demon who look likes a very tiny girl (about the size of a cat), but with spider legs and a spider torso. After a warrior defeated a giant spider demon many years ago, letting it get away while horribly wounded, he discovers a small baby spider demon amongst the carnage that looks like a young girl. He finds himself unable to kill it and takes it away to care for himself.

He feeds the demon, who is rather cute and kind, but mute. He cares for it for a while, but soon discovers that men in the villages are going missing. As he investigates one night, he finds a man wrapped in web being eaten by the young girl. To stop her, he seals her away in a book.

Many years later, a used book dealer named Suzuri and the granddaughter of the landlord of his apartment, Mizuki, crack open the book and accidentally unleash the girl. Suzuri is rather charmed by the little girl while Mizuki is terrified of her.

They have to find out what they should do with the child while it gets increasingly obvious that this girl is doing something to Suzuri yet he doesn’t notice a thing.

This OVA was something interesting to say the least, and I sincerely applaud the artists and animators who worked on this. All of the art is gorgeous, and the animation is fantastic. These guys are going to go on to do great things.

This anime is really a great story to tell around the fire. The ending comes right out of left field. I won’t spoil it, but it surprised me.

The music is decent. Not memorable, really, but fitting.

The voices are all great, especially the little girl.

Bottom Line: This is a great anime for anyone looking for something different that is well-made and short. Perfect for Halloween and great for anyone with an appreciation for art and animation.

Additional Information and Notes: Wasurenagumo was directed by Toshihisa Kaiya and was written by Daishirou Tanimura. It was produced by Production IG.

Runtime: 20 Minutes

Year: 2012

Recommended audience: There’s no nudity, no swearing, some scary images and violence, 13+

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