Spectral Force Review

Once upon a time, in a place called Neverland (Peter Pan’s calling his lawyers) there was…..uhhh….an angel getting crucified…..A demon army….a sword….a war…..a princess…some guy named Chick….The end?

Breakdown: Have you ever watched something that you actually put effort into paying attention to, yet it’s like the show itself didn’t want you to watch it? That’s Spectral Force.

Spectral Force is based on a PS1 game of the same name. I’ve never played said game, but if you’re a fan, this may be more for you. However, I hope the game is a lot better than this anime, because nothing whatsoever interested me here. The only reason I watched all of it is because it’s only two episodes long.

This show isn’t even laughably bad. I can’t find anything to really rant about. It’s just awful in all of the non-fun ways.

The art and animation are pretty bad. The actual art itself is passable, but the animation is cheap and the CGI is horrendous. And I mean horrendous. The character designs, barring maybe Chick, aren’t very memorable, and the demon extras look as generic as they come with most of them looking like walking skeletons.

The editing is also awful. Transitions and cuts are so jarring and confusing that it makes is seem like it wasn’t even done being edited.

Let’s move on to the story….Story….right…Ummm…Errr, demons run the earth I think, some demon king dies and the demon princess is left to lead the demon army while the humans try to take over. Or something. I’ll give it a couple of points for having a flipped version of a cliché story, but it’s still pretty cliché. Who thought just from my completely half-assed plot summary that this story was cliché?

Oh and let me spoil the ending….nothing happens. Hiro, the princess, meets another demon named Jaddo who turns out to be her brother who apparently was banished because his father thought him ether too powerful or too ‘evil’ to stay in the royal line (?? I mean….they’re demons) Something happens and the big fight never happens.

The elves (yeah, there are elves and, surprise, there’s nothing that differentiates them from the human-looking demons) come to help the demons and it just kinda ends….I don’t even know where Jaddo went or why he left the battle or why the battle ended. There are several characters that appear and seem to be established but have no information given about them.

I can give it a couple of other points for the music because it was actually pretty good, but felt more suited for a video game.

The characters are all forgettable as that thing you forgot a few minutes ago, and they’re all basic stereotypes except maybe Chick who’s only memorable in the slightest for having a dumb name and being a glasses-boy with guns.

The only other light spot is the princess’s fake arm, which looks awesome, but it’s doesn’t do much so eh.

The acting, Japanese version, is also blech to okay.

Bottom Line: Ever wanted to know what it’s like to slip into a coma? Watch this. If you like entertainment, watch something else.

Additional Information and Notes: Spectral Force was produced by Idea Factory and it’s licensed in the US by ADV films. It was written and directed by Yoshiteru Satou

Episodes: 2

Year: 1998-1999

Recommended Audience: Surprisingly, for an anime that basically glorifies demons to an extent, there’s not much violence here. There is a semi-graphic crucifixion of an angel that seems to have no bearing on the plot. No nudity, no sex, not even swearing. 10+

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