Space-Time Detective Genshi-Kun/Flint the Time Detective Episode 3 Sub/Dub Comparison

FtTD Episode 3 SDC 13

Time Monster/Shifter of the Week: Eldora – A monster who can turn anything into gold. It has a secondary ability to blind its enemies with a brilliant light. Eldora can transform into a dragon-like creature called Warudora/Eldoracon.

Plot: After learning about the effects of greed for gold by Ms. Aino, the group heads to 16th century South America to save a time monster named Eldora from the clutches of TP Lady, who is using its gold-making powers to manipulate an army captain into terrorizing the local villages for the sake of finding the legendary golden condor.


Title Change: The City of Shining Gold is changed to Eldora.

They remove most of the shot of Genshi getting stuck in the door because you get a couple, for lack of a better term, upskirt shots. Seems weird that they removed this yet kept his naked ass in that scene where he got a bath in the first episode. Don’t really feel comfortable getting screenshots of this one – just trust me, it’s missing.

They repeat the edited shot before we cut back to the closeup shot of him still stuck. The closeup shot of his underwear is also removed.

So they bring Genshi to school because he’s a kid and needs to go to school, but they don’t bother giving him a haircut or giving him non-caveboy clothes?

These kids are in EIGHTH GRADE? Holy crap! I thought they were like seven. Ten at most.

Genshi originally asks Ms. Aino to teach him about tasty food. In the dub, after Sarah lists off all of the stuff Ms. Iknow teaches them, lists off the same things and then says something I can’t hear at all because sound mixing and editing is sure fun.

The music cue in the original after Ms. Aino/TP Lady recognizes Genshi is hilarious. It’s like a cartoony bugle riff. In the dub it’s just comedic music.

The kanji on the sign, which I believe roughly translates to ‘School Principal’s Office’ (I can’t figure out the last kanji.) is changed to Miss Iknow, which makes no sense because 1) Teachers don’t get their own offices outside of their classrooms and 2) It’s obvious the office is the principal’s, not hers.

Subbed: FtTD Episode 3 SDC 1

Dubbed: FtTD Episode 3 SDC 2

Okay, I might MIGHT be able to buy that Sarah and Tony are in the eighth grade. Genshi!? He’s second grade age, tops.

They add in a wipe transition after Petra’s meeting with her lackeys.

They remove Ms. Aino smacking her hand against a picture of an idol for some reason.

FtTD Episode 3 SDC 3

One of the students says that Ms. Aino really has an excitable personality and another says that’s one of the reasons why they like her. In the dub, the student asks why Iknow always teaches them about rich civilizations and the other says it doesn’t matter since they don’t have homework.

I’m kinda surprised they didn’t digitally paint the coin since it clearly says 100. Though, I suppose they could just say it’s actually a silver dollar.

Surprisingly, the time shifter for this episode, Eldora, does not get a name change.

TP Lady apparently has her own vocal theme song that plays as she travels to 16th century South America. In the dub, it’s just regular music and Petra is having internal monologue through the whole scene basically just explaining what she’s doing.

Name Change: Ms. Jinguuji is changed to Ms. Julian.

The computer screen has a plate with text on it when Eldora pops up. This is entirely removed in the dub.

Subbed: FtTD Episode 3 SDC 4

Dubbed: FtTD Episode 3 SDC 5

The professor yells to Sora and Tokio that they were not told to go with Genshi. In the dub, he tells them to bring him back a T-shirt.

They left the Japanese text on the Raidon’s readout alone? Not complaining, but why?

Genshi says that the jungles of gold is what it really means to have a lot of money. Flint says the golden jungle looks yummy.

Genshi states that he’s having trouble seeing because of everything being gold and all of the sunlight reflecting off of it. As Sora is also affected, she says that the golden jungle is more gaudy than it is beautiful. As Genshi rubs his eyes to get a better view, a golden soldier pokes him with a spear.

In the dub, Flint says he feels funny. Sarah says, as she’s obviously also being bothered, it’s all the time travel they’ve been doing; it’s made him hungry. Why the hell could you not just say that being in a golden jungle in the bright sunlight would be disorienting and blinding?

One of the soldiers scoffs at Genshi’s statement of being a time detective, making him fall over comically. In the dub, the soldier accuses Flint and the others of wanting all of the gold. He says ‘No thank you’, the soldier scoffs and for some reason Flint falls over comically.

Why did those trees break like trees? I thought thought everything was turned into gold.

They repeat the shot of Genshi cutting down the trees after the soldiers run from falling trees, but they also flip the angle to make it look like a different shot. Because reasons.

The acting of that Captain guy in the dub is appalling.

The Captain guy asks about a treasure and Genshi says he’s never eaten anything like that. He then clarifies that he’s looking for a legendary treasure that is supposedly in the area. In the dub, he asks them where the golden condor is. They refuse to tell him. Not like they know anyway.

Genshi freaks out purely because they’re taking his dad. In the dub, he freaks out because they’re going to feed him bread and water. Asking for his dad back is a complete afterthought. The dialogue literally goes like this. “BREAD AND WATER?! I can’t live off of that!…..And gimme back my dad!”

Name Change: Rene is changed to Lucas.

I don’t know for certain, but I’m almost positive Lucas is voiced by older TK’s (Digimon A02) VA, Doug Erholtz.

Mite: “He always wanted to be a goldfish!” Reach for the stars, there, Dyna.

Also, originally, he just points out that Eldora turns everything to gold. Noooooo kiddinnnnggg.

They remove a shot of TP Lady talking. Maybe because of the pose she’s in.

FtTD Episode 3 SDC 6

Eyecatch: FtTD Episode 3 SDC 7FtTD Episode 3 SDC 8

They add in a flipped shot of Genshi struggling with the bars and repeat the shot of the kids cheering I guess just so they could use another cheer they thought up. To be honest, though, the second cheer is stupid and doesn’t even rhyme, plus the sound mixing makes it difficult to understand anyway, so this whole thing is pointless.

They remove Ototan scolding Genshi for being weak just because he’s hungry when fighting spirit is all he needs. Instead, they just have Flint basically parrot all of it since he knows what his dad will lecture him about anyway.

FtTD Episode 3 SDC 9

Because of this change, they greatly extend Genshi’s original talking shot.

The village chief says he’s never heard of a time detective before, making everyone fall down comically, even though, why would he know of such a thing? He then accuses them of being with the Captain and his men who stole his village away and Tokio says they just escaped from them. However, the chief doesn’t believe him.

In the dub, the chief doesn’t believe that they’re time detectives or from the future (and seriously guys maybe you should stop introducing yourselves as such. No one recognizes their authority and it just makes an even worse ripple in the space-time continuum) He says it’s bologna and Tony says it’s not bologna or any other lunch meat. The chief then says that it’s beans then. The chief really shouldn’t know what bologna is…..

I find it funny that so many of these shows cut out prayer and religion and mentions of it, yet here we have a robot pterodactyl pretending to be an ancient deity, identifying himself as such and the villagers bowing to him and nothing is changed between versions.

So now Putera, the little pterodactyl robot, can turn gold out of nowhere?

It’s irritating that the dub seems to make light of the fact that these villagers have been forced to live in a cave. “Where’d you get this high-rent cave?” “It’s nice. I like the lighting.” “Thanks, I made the torches myself. I love interior decorating.” 😐


Entire show edit: There are a ton of caveman/dinosaur related references in the dub that are not present in the original.

The original Chief doesn’t mention anything about praising Putera’s name in ‘paperback and on video’ because, while it’s for joke’s sake, there’s no way a 16th century man knows about paperback books and video….

Also, I’m just now noticing this, but Putera apparently had a sex change between versions because she’s a girl in the original and a male in the dub. I guess it could just be nitpicking considering, as a robot, she doesn’t technically have a gender.

Name Change: Putera is changed to Pterry.

Sora tells Putera that it will be okay to keep up the charade because they will help them. In the dub, Sarah mocks Pterry’s predicament. Yeah, you’re the one who told him to trick these people into thinking he was the golden condor and now he feels bad because they’re putting so much faith in his lie. What a dumbass.

The chief tells the women and children to hide back in the cave before telling his troops to prepare. In the dub, he tells his men that since the battle will be rough and some people won’t make it back everyone else will be eating their desserts.

Name Change? The unnamed chief in the original is called Chief Dinka Dinka in the dub. I am almost certain that’s racist somehow.

Again, they mirror a shot and repeat it for no reason, this time with the Captain’s archers.

During this next fight scene, there are some recycled shots. We get a repeat of Ototan growing bigger, the little siren on his head and Genshi preparing for the attack. They flip and repeat the footage of Genshi hitting back the arrows.

Well here’s another stupid edit if I ever saw one. They edit the shot of Rene’s face getting more determined to make the eyebrow movements repeat in a goofy manner. They also add that if his pleas to stop the fighting aren’t enough he’ll do the funny eyebrow thing. My god. Not even 4Kids would make an edit this stupid. Congrats, Saban. You made 4Kids look respectable in comparison.

Genshi points out that TP lady was behind everything all along and she yells at him to not tell her something like that like she’s stupid. In the dub, Flint says she has a big mouth and Petra says she doesn’t.

Name Change: Eldora’s bad transformation is called Warudora. In the dub, it’s Eldoracon.

Also, I’m very surprised that they left in TP Lady whipping Eldora. They always edited that out of Digimon.

Eldora doesn’t talk in the original. In the dub, it says ‘Petrifying Blast’

They repeat and flip the shot of the soldiers attacking.

Oh my God, three times in one episode?! Again they repeat the footage of Ototan growing before Genshi hits the side of the cave.

Okay, this time I can’t fault the dub for replaying the Ototan growth shot because it’s also in the original……..but that just means that this is the FOURTH DAMN TIME that we have to see that shot in the dub. Holy friggin’ recycled footage.

Genshi was yelling out to protect Eldora. In the dub, he’s yelling out to stop Petra from getting the idol, which doesn’t make sense because he doesn’t do anything like that, he saves Eldora from a falling rock….

What the hell?….I don’t eve…*sigh* In the original, Genshi saves Eldora from a falling rock. In the dub, Flint, no matter what the shot of Genshi saving Eldora says, actually SMACKED ELDORA IN THE HEAD WITH HIS HAMMER. Eldora wasn’t even about to do anything. He just smacked it for no reason. Enjoy your brain damage, Eldora.

Oh so NOW they remember that they brought a Time-space Monster with them that has the ability to make people get along. That would’ve been useful…..from pretty much the instant they traveled back in time. They could’ve used it on the soldiers, on the Captain, on the chief, on Eldora, on TP Lady….the damn thing’s pretty much a Deus Ex Care Bear.

Why even bother with the memory erase beam if you’re just going to yell your farewells to them after they’re hit by it while riding your flying dinosaur time machine?

Toki-G praises the group for retrieving another time-space monster. In the dub, he praises Flint’s skill with a hammer and says he’ll do great in shop class.

Japanese Text is removed from the board.

Subbed: FtTD Episode 3 SDC 10

Dubbed: FtTD Episode 3 SDC 11

In the original, Genshi, in a daze from waking up, bites Ms. Aino on the ass and that’s the end of the episode. In the dub, they obviously wouldn’t go for that, so they cut away after Ms. Iknow yells at Flint and we cut back to Old Timer who laughs at Petra for being cranky after she gets defeated. They then add in Ms. Julian talking with Uncle Bernie about her visiting to see what’s up with Eldora. He keeps trying to prod her for a date, but she just keeps brushing him off before ending the call. He swoons over their chemistry for a while before suddenly becoming sullen for some reason. The end. No idea where this conversation comes from, but I assume it’s heavily edited to fit this dialogue and is lifted from a separate episode probably in the future.

FtTD Episode 3 SDC 12

Entire show edit: They always end with the eyecatch animation in reverse, showing it covering up the monster with the fossil instead of revealing it like the original does.


This episode was okay. I like the message of the episode, and Eldora is a pretty unique monster. Dub-wise…’s not that good. The repeated footage was irritating, and the fact that they edited some footage for sake of a stupid joke was lame to say the very least. Plus, I didn’t much care for the fact that they kept making light of the situation that the villagers were in. This was supposed to highlight how greed can cause suffering, yet the dub makes it out like the Chief’s a goofball and the villagers are living in a nice place.

Next episode, the group heads back to the Heian period of Japan to find Talun, a time monster who can enter storybooks.

Space-Time Detective Genshi-Kun (Flint the Time Detective) Episode 2 Sub/Dub Comparison


Time Monster of the Day: Honey-Honey/Jitterbug – Honey-Honey’s ability is to make people dance uncontrollably. However, this effect can only be accomplished if the targets hear the music that Honey-Honey makes when it activates its power. Merely covering or plugging your ears completely negates the effects.

Plot: TP Lady gets a tip that a Time Monster named Honey-Honey is in 2nd century Japan so she goes and uses its power to take over the land. However, when Genshi and the others catch wind of it, they quickly rush off to save Honey-Honey as well as the local villagers and the legendary princess/queen Himiko from her clutches.


I guess the recap of the Land of Time incident is not going to be present in the dub throughout the episodes.

The kids don’t say that Ms. Aino gives them the creeps like they do in the dub nor are they rude to her as they pass each other. They just realize that it’s Ms. Aino, hop off the conveyor belt sidewalk thing and say goodbye to each other.

The shot of Tokio and Sora jumping off the belt is before Ms. Aino waves, not after.

The sign outside Ms. Aino’s door and the tag on the present are both digitally painted. However, while 4Kids added her name to the name plate, the tag on the present is just a picture of a rose.



The original implies that TP Lady and the others have never met this masked man while the dub seems to imply that he’s their boss and that she has a longstanding crush on him.

They cut out a close up shot of Jinguuji talking.

Name Change: Honey-Honey is changed to Jitterbug.

Wow, they not only kept in the bath scene from earlier but they also left in the scene where Genshi runs around naked. You obviously can’t see anything, but I’m just amazed by that.

A clock wipe transition is removed I guess because of the commercial placement.

They repeat the shining part of the badge shot for no reason.

Also, I applaud this show for actually addressing the time travel issue of different languages and dialects, but why a translation badge? Why not an earpiece or something? Wouldn’t that just be more convenient?

A shot of Getalong from the previous episode is inserted before the discussion about Sarah and Tony going with Flint. You can tell because the background is obviously of the lab and not the garage. Also, yeah, that wasn’t totally pointless or anything. What is with Saban and repeating or reusing footage where it’s not necessary?

A vocal song is removed in lieu of regular BGM, and the animation is really poor in this sequence. I mean, this whole series has blech animation, but the scene where they travel through time is just ew.

I know this is a goofy time travel show about a caveman detective fighting time crimes and collecting small creatures as he does it to save a mythical time land, but—Ya know what? Screw it. Everything I was about to bring up was nullified by that sentence.

We don’t see TP Lady’s Ship come out of the time warp and then her opening the door to point out Honey Honey like we do in the dub. I assume that shot is taken from another episode. Also, they cut out an above shot of Honey Honey to put that in there. I don’t get it.

Also, Honey Honey is not talking while he’s running.

A little tag at the bottom of the screen when Honey Honey shows up that lists its name is removed.

TP Lady originally gushes slightly over the masked man again and even says she might make every room into her ‘sweet room’. I honestly don’t want to know what she means by that. In the dub, she doesn’t mention the man, just how she can get everything she wants now.

TP Lady asks how Genshi can be a time detective, and he says he doesn’t know, causing everyone to fall down comically. Sora then says that he doesn’t have to answer the bad guy’s questions. In the dub, it seems like they maybe misunderstood something because the scene would have been perfect, but Petra says she can’t believe a little pipsqueak like him can be a time detective, he says he is and she’s under arrest, which for some reason makes everyone fall over comically and then Sarah says he doesn’t have to respond to her insults…which he didn’t. It’s really confusing.

TP Lady originally explains Honey Honey’s power, which is to manipulate people into dancing uncontrollably. Petra doesn’t explain this.

The eyecatch for this episode is Honey-Honey.


The scene after the commercial is messed up due to the commercial, I guess. They repeat the footage of Flint talking close up and remove another shot of the two girls together in lieu of a shot of the girl with the headband alone.

Also, this is slightly nitpicky, but I find it a little stupid what the dub did to this scene. I mean, the scene shifts are fine. Pointless, but fine. But where Genshi merely asks why she’s crying the dub also adds Flint say that ‘it can’t be all that bad’ and the girl looks up sudden and says softly ‘oh’. I’ve always found that to be one of the stupidest responses to someone crying, especially when you don’t even know why they’re really crying. And the fact that she actually seems like that’s a revelation to get her to stop crying is just dumb.

Also, I guess let’s address Himiko’s title. In the original, Himiko is just called a princess. In the dub, she’s called a queen. I’m not enough of a Japanese history buff nor am I entirely sure of the accuracy of this show to really determine who is correct, but surprisingly I’m actually going to side with the dub here based on all I’ve found.

Wait, Ototan and the little robot pterodactyl thing can both leave the cave or were kept out of the cave? Then why is them being prisoner still an issue?!

Himiko keeps looking back and forth over and over with nothing on the screen but her as we hear the pterodactyl thing keep saying ‘there’ over and over while bringing Genshi food. Then we see what she’s seeing. In the dub, these two shots are switched, meaning they ruined a comedic reveal for no reason.

Genshi originally asks what a princess is and Himiko explains that it’s a person who makes everyone happy. Genshi then smiles and says that sounds just like a mom. In the dub, the question about what a princess or in the dub’s case, what a queen is, is removed in lieu of telling Himiko she makes a comfortable bed and saying her people must be very proud of her. She says they are, but she needs to get back to them, then the rest of the stuff about making everyone happy and saying the queen is just like a mom are inserted in there even though the line changes earlier on ruin the whole flow of the scene and make it awkward if not confusing.

That reminds me, where IS Genshi’s mom?

Mite is feeling sick because he drank too much the night before. In the dub, this is changed to him not being a morning person.

Rocky: “I’m afraid these guys were hammered!” Wait, so you remove a reference to alcohol just to make a pun about getting drunk?

The original has Himiko pleading with the villagers to put down their swords since they are not the real enemy. In the dub, this is basically kept the same, but the line about saying ‘I am the real queen, you must obey ME.’ irked the living crap out of me. Yes, a queen is someone who makes everyone happy AS LONG AS YOU OBEY ME!

The next scene isn’t any better. While, again, the scene is basically the same, the original ends her speech by saying she has a duty to protect the lives and happiness of her people while the dub has her COMMANDING that the villagers turn against Petra.

Ha, Petra said ‘Bimbo’.

Tch, really? The villagers change their tune because of Love-Love’s power? Come on. It would’ve been way better if their love and dedication for Himiko was what broke the spell. Kinda ruined the moment is all. Also, if Getalong repeats ‘Getalong’ over and over when it uses its power, I think I’m going to need to send it Carealot.

Name Change?: Honey-Waru is changed to Jitterbug-con.

They repeat the footage of Jitterbug-con stomping on Flint because I dunno.

Petra, Dyna and Mite make some word play on ‘Yamatai’ as they leave, but the dub just has them say goodbye to the group.

Sora tells Himiko and Nashime good luck and Genshi matches her statement. In the dub, Sarah tells Flint to get the time cycle and he says yes.

Honey-Honey doesn’t seem to possess the ability to talk at all, beyond saying his name, unlike Jitterbug. Which makes his awful voice actor all the more irritating.

Well here’s something weird. Maybe they didn’t have enough footage or something, but they tack on a scene of Sarah and Tony cleaning some classroom while complaining about Ms. Iknow to the end of the episode. They also take the entire eyecatch footage and place it in the end for no reason. *shrug*

Next episode, the kids are headed back in time to South America to catch a time monster named Eldora who seems to be turning everything to gold.

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Space-Time Detective Genshi-Kun (Flint the Time Detective) Episode 1 Sub/Dub Comparison


Time Monster of the Day: Love-Love/Getalong – Love-Love’s ability is basically to make everyone….. well, get along. It instills feelings of love and caring into its targets and tries to quell fighting.

Plot: The land of time is in ruins and the king of said land, Toki G wants to seek out a new Time Detective to fix the time stream, stop the evil actions of TP Lady and her cohorts and save the land of time. He finds a great candidate in the caveboy named Genshi.


Preface: This is probably the show I know least about. I remember seeing previews of it while watching KidsWB but I never sat down and watched….any of it. Hell, I never even knew the plot before this comparison. Hopefully I’ll be able to do its fans justice.


The theme song is completely changed, clips and music-wise. It’s weird – the entire theme is just tribal-like chanting and Saban actually puts a lame sing-a-long word prompt with Flint’s head as the prompt at the bottom of the screen. It’s not particularly bad, and it’s somewhat catchy.

Saban uses a stillframe that’s used near the end of the song for their title card. The original uses an animation of Genshi’s hammer. Since I don’t think these change over the course of the show, I won’t be taking note of title cards.

As for the original theme, it’s actually much better, clips and music-wise. It has a rather unique style to it.

I guess they didn’t misplace the opening narration, they straight up removed it. It was a scene giving the backstory of the show. There was a land of time that got attacked and nearly destroyed and now time is out of sorts. It’s up to Genshi and his friends to help put time back in proper order.

Name Change: TP Lady (Time Pilfer Lady) is changed to Petra Fina.

TP Lady just says “Music start!” and we get nothing besides that for a bit until a vocal song pops up. In the dub, she says “set the course!” and then says to set the goal for some time in BC. The dub also adds in a bunch of inner dialogue in Petra Fina’s thoughts about how she’s going to get the time shifter and soon she’ll have enough time shifters to give to her ‘dark lord’ to destroy the land of time. Wow, if there were ever a more cliché plot, I’d have a more original response. She also says a bunch of stuff about how she loves evil and how much of her life is evil, including how she dresses.

Somewhere near the end of her internal speech, we get the lyrics to the vocal song which is also singing what she’s about, but it says she’s all about stealing beautiful things and taking over the world basically.

Name Change: Genshi is changed to Flint Hammerhead.

The vocal song is not in the dub.

TP Lady excuses her purposely walking off of the plane by saying her personality is to always charge forward. In the dub, she just says she thought they were on the ground.

TP Lady seems far funnier than Petra. And her dub voice is really awful…..but….sounds….really familiar….like….I know her grating villain voice from something beloved from my childho——–RITA REPULSA! Ah, Barbara Goodson….the VA for Rita Repulsa in The Power Rangers, Naota of FLCL, Masaru of Kikaider, and Laharal of Disgaea as well as a crapton of other things. The best VA with a nails-on-a-chalkboard voice. Sadly, as much as I have a guilty pleasure for her work, I don’t think she’s the best VA choice for Petra Fina since she really is just full on using her Rita voice, toned down just a little. Eh maybe she’ll grow on me.

The two goons with her just say ‘farewell’ as TP Lady gets eaten by the pterodactyl. In the dub, they each tell each other to get her.

I just witnessed a girl in red leather go back in time in a ship that looks like it belongs in Samurai Pizza Cats with a frog person and I don’t know what, turn a pterodactyl into a fossil using a ray gun, meanwhile a caveman and caveboy are chasing a triceratops on foot and the conflict is resolved with a fairy thing that looks like an eggplant with lips comes out of nowhere and puts a love spell on them……Anime, you so silly.

The title of Love-Love’s love ability is removed.



TP Lady says she didn’t know people existed in that era. Petra says to keep an eye on them because they look suspicious…..Cavemen in prehistoric times look ‘suspicious’? I mean, yeah. Cavemen didn’t exist with dinosaurs, but I don’t think she’s talking about that.

The weird goon guy says in surprise that she fossilized Love-Love, but she says it’s okay because they can change it back later. In the dub, they act like she intentionally did this. The goon is impressed with her shot and she boasts about perfect she is.

By the way, TP Lady masquerades as the other two human protagonists’, Tokio and Sora’s, teacher Ms. Aino. I was surprised when I thought they left her name alone, but then I checked the wiki….they didn’t. Her dubbed name is Ms. Iknow….Get it? I….KNOW? I don’t know how that’s really a joke, but there you go. Also, Saban, I see what you did there, but Iknow would not be pronounced that way given how it’s spelled as one word. It would likely be ‘Ick-nao’ or something.

Name Change: Sora Yamato is changed to Sarah Goodman. Her brother, Tokio, is changed to Tony.

Sarah is voiced by Tiffanie Christun who voiced Yolei in Digimon 02 while Tony is voiced by Brian Donovon who voiced Davis in Digimon 02 and Rock Lee in Naruto.

Tokio says fossils are boring since they’re just rocks. Ms. Aino says that may be, but the person to find the fossils that she’s looking for will instantly get a 100 on their next archaeology quiz. The kids react with “Really?!” In the dub, Tony says they’ll never find any fossils and Ms. Iknow says anyone who doesn’t want to look for fossils can just wait on the bus. And the kids just give the same robotic ‘yes, Ms. Iknow.’

Despite not having that same line about the 100 in the dub, Tony still has the same drive as Tokio about digging up fossils to get an A.

Tokio makes a somewhat sexist remark about how women fantasize while men have to be realistic. This is not present in the dub. He just says if they find a fossil, it’ll probably stink.

I don’t get how Sora and Tokio are twins. I know fraternal twins only look as much alike as any other siblings, but they don’t even look related. He has blue eyes, she has green. He has brown hair, she has hot pink. I would say she dyed it, which is possible….but this is anime.

Tokio finds something in the ground and believes it to be a fossil when it’s really an old toilet. He jokes around by pretending to use it, but Ms. Aino or Sora (I can’t tell) smacks him in the head and we see him lying on the ground as Ms. Aino leaves. The bit from Ms. Aino reacting to the find, Tokio pretending to use the toilet, him getting hit, and him on the ground are all removed.


It’s weird, because Saban doesn’t even try to give the slightest explanation as to what it even is.

When we cut back to Sora, she’s upset because Tokio is so embarrassing and that’s ‘typical of men’ (they’re both sexist – that’s nice). In the dub, she’s angry because apparently we’ve jumped somewhat in time with no indication and she’s upset because they’ve been digging for over an hour and found nothing.

Sora thinks to herself as she finds the fossil that it’s amazing that the fossil has been waiting over 200,000 years to meet her. In the dub, she thinks it looks like a pineapple, but she believes it to be a fossil.

Sora says as the fossil bounces around “Could this thing really be alive?”. Ya know, something a sane person might say. Sarah says “Hey there! Looks like you want to be friends!” Ya know, something a person who’s not allowed to hold anything sharper than a marshmallow Peep would say.

The eyecatches, as expected, are gone in the dub. They’re actually kinda cool. They show the time monster in fossilized form then uncover half of it in a checker pattern before the break. When the show returns, they uncover the rest. Today’s is Love-Love’s fossil.


It actually reminds me of Pokemon’s “Who’s that Pokemon?”

They add a panning shot of the city during this part.

The sign for the Yamato O Parts Research Facility is painted over to say ‘The Bureau of Time and Space’….which it isn’t. That’s a completely different, much larger facility that we see later on.



Saban scene shifts in order to add more dialogue to the little robot pterodactyl, Ptera, and Tokio. Also, the professor is just incredibly sleepy because he pulled an all-nighter, he’s not being woken up by an equation after sleeping for three days.

Professor Yamato asks if whatever they need can wait since he’s tired and it’s Sunday…Sunday? That can’t be right. Why would they be at school on a Sunday? Uncle Bernie says it’s okay and he can see what they brought since he needs to get up anyway. Also, if they were up in the hillside, how did they get to the bureau so quickly? Surely they can’t think Ms. Aino wouldn’t realize they’re missing.

So Saban didn’t scene shift, they scene cloned. They left the shots that they added in for no reason earlier in the places that they were already in.

While the scene with TP Lady and Dyna and Mite (the goons) is kept mostly the same, the dub adds in this weird line.

“Whodya call?”


…..It sounds like they were trying to reference Ghostbusters and Good Times both at the same time………

Name Change: Apparently, Dyna’s name was changed to Dino in the dub because, according to the Wiki, Dyna’s a girl name so they gave him a more masculine sounding name.

The original doesn’t have Professor Yamato spout out a bunch of stupid ‘equations’ (E=MC2 to the fourth power? That doesn’t even make sense.) like the dub does.

Uh oh, Sora prays to GOD hoping that the fossils can be revitalized since they must’ve been lonely in the ground for 200,000 years. In the dub, Sarah says that mantra that you’re supposed to say when you wish upon a star and says that her wish is to have the fossils revived so that they can “appreciate life on earth.”…..Whaaaaa? They’re not aliens. They’re fossils. And let’s say she actually meant so that they can appreciate being alive again….who’s to say they didn’t before?

Name Change: Toki-G, the ruler of the Land of Time, is changed to ‘Old Timer’….haha.

Ptera says Genshi gained the power of speech through that weird light. In the dub, he says the Professor’s revival program did it.

By the way, Flint’s voiced here by R. Martin Klein, whom I know best as Gomamon from Digimon and 001 from Cyborg 009. I wish he did more work. I like his voice.

Sora and Tokio ask why Genshi’s dad didn’t get turned back to normal too and the Professor says it’s a mystery. In the dub, Sarah and Tony ask if he’ll remain a rock forever and the Professor says definitely ‘yes’.

Sora calms Genshi down by saying not to worry because she’s sure they’ll be able to restore his dad to normal one day. In the dub, Sarah tells Flint to calm down and say he can be part of their family now. Yes, kid. Forget about your rock-dad and become a family with these weird strangers.

Genshi just keeps hopping up and down gleefully about how he and his dad will get to be together forever again. It’s actually very cute. In the dub, he takes this scene to awkwardly introduce himself and his dad.

Name Change: Oto-tan is changed to Rocky Hammerhead.

Name Change: Love-Love is changed to Getalong…….I feel… this is a Care Bears reference…..but I really don’t want it to be.

TP Lady either thinks to herself or says (I can’t tell) that children who don’t obey orders should be punished. Petra thinks to herself that if they were back in class she’d flunk her just for being ‘perky’. I don’t think she’s using that term right. Perky generally means upbeat and happy not demanding and protective like she was acting before that line.

In the original, TP Lady is the one who has a very short flashback to dealing with Genshi and Oto-tan. The scene in particular is just the scene where Genshi pushes the Love-Love fossil behind him and them both getting ready to fight. In the dub, Flint’s having the flashback to remembering Petra and the scene is changed (with a ripple effect) to Flint taking out the ship with a rock, the time criminals under their ship and Petra fossilizing Getalong, Flint and Rocky. The shots of Petri in close up are removed as well.

When Oto-tan increases in size, he yells ‘Fighting Spirit!’ It also seems like this effect wasn’t included in the tech that the Professor added to him since he seems surprised when he does it and saying ‘A mystery…’ In the dub, he says ‘Hammerhead, rock!” when doing this (*eye roll*) and Tony says ‘That’s a cool effect’ while the Professor says ‘I guess’.

Weird note here, but Petra and the others say ‘Our failure was a success!’ as their robot cat ship thing flies off into the sky with fireworks….I would say this is a poke/homage/rip-off of Pokemon’s Team Rocket blasting off scenes, but I can’t be sure. The shows came out at roughly the same time both in Japan and the States….

Tony: “We would’ve been gopher bait without you.”…..Gopher bait? Huh?

They remove a small scene where Genshi says he’s hungry. Genshi also doesn’t ask if he gets his own cave like Flint does.

They do add a short scene of the Professor talking for no reason, though.

When the dubbed Professor asks Flint if he wants to live with him…..little creepy.

The Chief of the Time Bureau says to give Genshi a Time Ride and a Time-Space detective booklet. In the dub, he says to give him a Time car or card, I couldn’t tell.

In the original, as I just mentioned, Genshi gets a Raidon (a Dinosaur-shaped time machine) and a Time Ride, which is a belt that remotely calls the Raidon. In the dub, the Professor says HE invented the Time Cycle and is giving it to Flint.

Sora says that Tokio will just have to keep trying to be a Time-Space Detective and Tokio says of course he’ll become one some day too. In the dub, Sarah selfishly says that since they helped save Flint, they should get a reward too. Tony says the only reward they’ll get is detention from Ms. Iknow.

They remove a shot of balloons before the ending credits sequence.

Oddly enough, the background shots for some of the ending theme were kept in order to make some sort of epilogue explaining how Flint’s living with them now and he’s a great kid who’s quickly becoming part of the family. They remove some shots, such as Genshi rolled over, the kids all running, the kids at a table, a closeup of Tokio, a closeup of Sora, a short flashback scene to Love-Love, the kids making bubbles and being outside during the sunset, another flashback of Love-Love and the final still frame.

As expected, the next episode preview is removed.

All in all, this seems like a great candidate for comparison. The original is charming enough, but I keep feeling similarities to other shows. The dub is just blah. It’s not the worst dub in the world, but it’s plenty worthy to be on my comparison list.

There are 39 episodes of this show and to the best of my knowledge it’s fully dubbed, so here’s to the future!…..or the past….But this takes place in the 25th century….with a cavema – Forget it. Here’s to more episodes!

Next Episode, Honey-Honey’s debut!