Animating Halloween 2020 Close-Out + 1000 Posts! + Other Updates

With the rise of the sun in November’s first dawn, we close out this year’s Animating Halloween. I hope you all had some ~spooky~ fun with it. I certainly did, even if I nearly didn’t manage the one-post-a-day schedule. (Sometimes I posted past midnight…. D: )

As per usual around the Madhouse, though, the end of Animating Halloween means it’s time for me to slow my roll. I tend to take November easy blogging-wise since it’s sandwiched between two months in which I have everyday posting events. I’ll still be posting regularly, but not as often as normal. In the mean time, if you guys have anything you’d like to see me cover for A Very Animated Holiday Special this December, feel free to throw them at me.

In other news, as of my Corpse Party: Tortured Souls review, I’ve reached 1000 posts on my blog! I had no idea I was close to this milestone and I have no idea of anything I can do to celebrate, but it’s really cool to think that I’ve got 1000 posts under my belt. And I thank you all for reading however many of those 1000 posts. 🙂

I hope you all have a happy and safe November! ♥


Anime Madhouse Cleaning (Get it? Like House Cleaning *cough*)


Hey everyone! A brief update – For a long, long time I’ve been wanting to go back and fix a bunch of the posts on the site that have extremely glaring formatting and technical errors (As well as minor things like style problems and typos.) After putting it off for years, I finally got around to doing it.

I’ve been going through almost every post on the Anime Madhouse for going on a month now and I think I’ve fixed a vast majority of these issues. Obviously, they’re still far from perfect, but they’re much better than they were. A handful are exponentially better (I’m embarrassed that some of these even saw the ‘Publish’ button) some are just spruced up a tad.

Hopefully now that the Madhouse is cleaned up a little, it’ll be more suitable to invite people over for tea and brunch.

And, as always, thank you guys for continuing to read, like and comment my stuff. You all are the bees knees. 🙂


Site Updates 5/2/2015

Doesn’t everyone look like this when they blog?

Hey everyone, Fiddletwix here giving a brief site update. I have added a few new pages to the site as well as a shiny new poll section off to the right. Here’s a quick breakdown of what these pages are;

AniManga Clash! – Throughout my time watching anime, I’ve noticed a very popular trend of complaining that anime is always inferior to the manga version, if one exists. This is far from a new trend as movies commonly get that from being adaptions of books, games and even TV series. However, is that really the truth? It’s been my overall experience that manga do indeed tend to be ‘better’ but what makes certain manga better than their anime counterparts? And most importantly, I’m on a search to see what series do their source material justice, or hell even do it better!

Episode One-Derland (Both anime and cartoons) – The way that I watch anime is rather sporadic. I will start watching a series, set it aside and not get a chance to talk about it full out for a while as I’ll have other shows ahead in my watch queue. Plus, some shows I drop very early on because of how terrible the first episode was. This series will hopefully allow me to share my initial feelings on a show without needing to review the entirety of it. Full reviews will likely come later down the road.

I am doing the same thing with cartoons, because I really just love animation, however, I will likely not get around to doing full reviews of them and instead update previous posts with my final thoughts.

Shounen/Shoujo Step-by-Step – Lots of shounen shows, especially fighting and gaming anime are particularly long and some are downright goofy on an episode by episode basis. Shows like One Piece and DBZ need to be broken down by arc for me to give my full thoughts while other shows like Bakugan and Battle B-daman deserve more of an episode by episode analysis in the same vein as my Pokemon episode reviews.

Shoujo shows sometimes last for long periods of time especially magical girl shows and romance dramas.

My criteria for this series is that it has to be particularly long (50+ episodes, though there is wiggle room and exceptions) and they have to give me at least something to poke fun at or something that I can more critically analyze.

Other than that, I hope to fix up my reviewing formats to make things a little cleaner in the future. On that note, my blog’s skin is a bit screwy when it comes to any posts that have pages. The page selections are at the very bottom of the post, a little out of sight, so if any review seems cut off, such as my Itsudatte, My Santa! Review, be sure to keep that in mind.

Here’s hoping you guys enjoy the new series, and thanks for reading!