30DAC – Day 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

A few years ago, on a forum I moderate, we had this same discussion and I chose Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya….Her character design is somewhat similar to how I look, and our personalities in terms of randomness, fantasies and to a degree escapism are also on par with each other.

However, I do look exactly like that when I’m writing reviews.

However, I’m not nearly as outgoing and confident as Haruhi. I’m only really random and fun when I’m with people I’ve known for a really long time.

Thinking it over…..I’m a lot like Tama from Bamboo Blade.

Those are exactly my glasses, but she only wears these once.

We’re both incredibly shy and anxious in public with little confidence outside of what we know best. We’re both big time anime fans, of course, though I haven’t found a show I’m quite as obsessed in as Tama is with Blade Bravers, but still. She’s very loyal to her friends, tries her best to face every challenge, but still falters when failure starts whispering in her ear. And in terms of looks, while I don’t have purple eyes or hair, we do have very similar hair styles, so that’s something. 😛

Oh yeah and we’re both broke….

Tama’s not really goofy, but she does have her funny moments mostly in regard to how awkward she can be around people. However, I think our biggest difference is that I haven’t found anything I have such a passion and talent for like Tama is with kendo. Hopefully one day, though.