Digimon Tamers | Sub/Dub Comparison Episode 4: A Tamer’s Test – Defeat Gorimon

Plot: Jianliang manages to devolve Terriermon after his evolution during his battle with Renamon and Ruki. However, he’s upset that Terriermon evolved against his wishes. When an old opponent of Jianliang and Terriermon, Gorimon, shows up with a score to settle, Jianliang will have to decide if making Terriermon evolve and fight is worth the risk.


Title Card:

Title Change: A Tamer’s Test – Defeat Gorimon is changed to It Came from the Other Side.

Takato asks Jianliang if Terriermon has evolved in the past since he kinda implied it by believing Gargomon will devolve after standing on his head. In the dub. Takato asks if Rika would know how to do it.

Wait a damn second, now that I’m thinking about it, why can Digimon Tamers show Digimon cards on screen when Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh have to go to such lengths to edit anything even close to real merchandise out due to legal reasons? Those Digimon cards look insanely close to the ones in real life.

What the hell is Takato taking a bath in? Ecto Cooler?

Culumon originally comments on how much fun humans seem to have. In the dub, he says humans are very tamable since whole groups react to the sounds of bells, in reference to kids reacting to a school bell. In all honesty, though, he’s not wrong.

The card, Training Gibs, is changed to Training Grips. I guess because kids wouldn’t get the reference.

Hirokazu originally gives Takato the Training Gibs card because he already has a copy. In the dub, he acts like it’s a crappy card and gives it to Takato seemingly out of pity. Likewise, Takato originally wonders if the card is in any way related to evolution. In the dub, he laments over getting yet another useless card. Also, the specifics of what the card does, increases HP and attack power, is not conveyed in the dub.

Takato asks Jianliang if he believes the card is related to evolution, and Jianliang says he doesn’t know. In the dub, Takato says he thinks Kazu gives him cards like that in order to use it against him in games, and Henry says he gives him too much credit.

Dub wise, why is it a stupid time to ask questions like “What’s a digital field?” and “Why is it chasing us?” when they’re being chased by a digital field? Not like talking slows you down, and if you didn’t want him to ask what a digital field was why even mention what it is? Hell, in the time it took Henry and Terriermon to have that line exchange, they could’ve answered both of his questions. “It’s a field where Digimon move between the Digital World and the real world” and “I have no clue.”

……Just seemed rude is all…

Name Change: Gorimon is changed to Gorillamon. The Index screen is translated and changed to match this.



Also, Gorimon’s attack is ‘Power Attack’? Boy, they better put up their Blocking Defense and maybe activate Fast Speed.

They censor Gorimon stepping on Guilmon’s head…..Really? That’s censor worthy?

Terriermon yells out to Jianliang that he was the one who wanted him to fight in the first place. In the dub, he asks Henry if he wants him to sit back and let him peel Guilmon like a banana. The sudden realization/memory is lost in the dub, plus it’s really jarring how much it looks like Terriermon is yelling in the dub, yet he’s not raising his voice at all.

Minor detail, but they specify in the original that the Digimon game that Jianliang gets is an American game. They leave this out of the dub, probably because it might seem awkward to say such a thing in English even though they have no problem saying the show takes place in Japan.

Boy the way this game looks sure does date this show.

Like the Index screen, the game’s screen is painted to mirror Gorimon’s English name.



Jianliang calls Terriermon cute. In the dub, he says he’s small and smart just like him. Ego much, Henry?

In the original, the first thing Terriermon does when he’s hatched in the game is poop. In the dub, they edit this out and shift the frames to make it look like Terriermon’s dancing, and the dialogue from Jianliang is changed to reflect this. I have no clue why they changed this. Poop is far from a new thing in Digimon. Hell, there’s an actual Digimon made of poop! Who throws poop! And makes other people poop! And we’ve seen Digimon poop in the series plenty of times, like when Koromon did it in the first OVA/movie. I would say it’s because we see him pooping and hear a fart, but the previous example had that too. Not to mention that this poop is extremely pixelated and disappears from the screen in seconds after he does it. No clue why this needed to be removed.

They add a pushed screen transition before we see Henry and Terriermon fight Gorillamon, I suppose to alert the audience that they were shifting back to the flashback.

Henry takes a much bigger jump in logic than Jianliang does. In the original, Jianliang wonders how Gorimon seems to be leaving the game and entering the internet of its own volition. In the dub, Henry can’t shut off his computer and can’t close the game. He instantly jumps from ‘maybe my computer froze’ to ‘maybe Digimon have a world of their own beyond ours!’ Look, I know Henry’s right, but he had no reason to say such a thing. Who sees their computer bug out and be unable to shut it down through regular means, not including shutting off the power supply, and instantly believes it’s because the characters in the game have their own reality?

They add a split-screen transition after the shot within the computer and before we see Gorillamon again.

They add in Gorillamon yelling, throwing a beam at Terriermon, and Henry and Takato talking, Gorillamon using his beam attack, and Gorillamon slamming down a beam again towards Terriermon, but omit him slamming Guilmon into a beam and grabbing Terriermon by the ear to swing him in circles above his head.

Another pushed screen transition after Henry’s closeup.

They, again, remove Terriermon getting swung around by his ear.

In between shots of Terriermon being flung up and falling back down, they put in another shot from earlier of Gorillamon grabbing Guilmon.

They also remove the shot of Terriermon on the ground and splitscreen transition back to the flashback.

You could argue that it’s not necessary for the Tamers to say ‘card slash/digimodify’ and what the card they’re using is when in real Digimon battles besides for the sake of the audience, but it seems 100x more pointless seeing Lee/Henry do it on his computer in his room. Though, maybe that’s just a kid being excited about his game…..I know I’ve done that before when I was deep in my Digimon days. I actually made a Gen III Digivice out of cardboard and made a spot in the side to slash the cards so I could do that.

The Boost Chip card is changed to Power.

They add a flash when Terriermon headbutts Gorillamon.

Alvandale’s Arrow, the card, is changed to Targeting. So much creativity going on in this episode.

The card Stamina Seed is changed to simply Stamina.

Wait, a Stamina card made Terriermon evolve the first time?….How does that work?

Ya know, I can understand why Jianliang/Henry is reluctant to let Terriermon evolve. He’s kinda a psycho when he’s Gargomon – at least at this point. He’s laughing while shooting up Gorimon like he’s getting paid for it. And, like in Pokemon sometimes, what dictates what happens when a Digimon evolves? For the most part, unless an evolution is corrupted like with SkullGreymon, most Digimon are basically the same, personality-wise, when they evolve. Yet some change and others go nuts.

Upper left hand corner wipe transition after Gargomon goes crazy in the flashback.

They remove Gorimon kicking Terriermon in lieu of yet another recycled shot; this time of Terriermon flying through the air.

Between Guilmon setting Terriermon on the ground and Gorimon pointing his cannon at them is an inserted shot of Gorillamon running towards them.

After the commercial break, they replay the scene of Terriermon being caught by Guilmon and Gorillamon approaching, but this time they don’t add in the inserted shot and Gorillamon doesn’t say ‘Playtime’s over’.

Devil’s Chip is changed to Power….wait, again?

Fade transition for the flashback this time.

I never really thought about it before, but the manner in which the Tamers get their Digimon is another thing that this season has over the other seasons. In Adventure 01 and 02, the Digimon were just given to the Chosen Children because, well, they were chosen for such a thing. Yes, they developed close relationships with the Digimon over time, but in Tamers, they were given the Digimon because they already shared a strong bond.

With Takato, Guilmon was literally created as Takato’s dream Digimon. With Jianliang and Terriermon, he was a game character that Jianliang felt especially connected towards and one he felt guilty over for hurting him and turning him into a crazed fighting machine. He desperately wanted to protect Terriermon for real so he was given to him. With Renamon and Ruki, they both shared a strong desire to become the best and strongest pair of Tamer and Digimon in the world. While their goals and points of view may have changed, their desires coincided with one another and they developed a true bond because of it. While I won’t downplay most of the eventual relationships between the other Chosen Children and their Digimon, the ones in Tamers just feel deeper and stronger.

Takato: “You and Terriermon are a great combination!”

Henry: “Yeah, I guess we are. Thanks Takato.”

Terriermon: “What are you thanking him for? He didn’t do anything.”

He’s thanking him for the compliment, Terriermon….not that hard to understand.

Davis: “Did Gorillamon’s data really go to the other side? Do bananas really taste good with peanut butter? Find out on the next Digimon; Digital Monsters!” You find out the answer to neither of those questions next time, Davis, but of course it did and of course they do.


Overall, this episode was really good. We’re given a legitimate and realistic reason behind Jianliang’s apprehension to letting Terriermon evolve, though I still don’t get why he goes insane when he evolves. We also get the backstory behind Jianliang and Terriermon’s first meeting. The resolution wasn’t predictable in Jianliang realizing that evolution was necessary to take down tough opponents as, in the end, he didn’t make Terriermon evolve in order to beat Gorimon. He used his wit and ingenuity to take Gorimon down, even though a legit attack was needed to finish him off. Jianliang didn’t concede on his stance, but he also didn’t decide to sit back and do nothing while Guilmon and Terriermon were attacked, as that kinda defeats the purpose of partially doing this for the sake of protecting Terriermon. He’ll eventually get into the real battle scene, but it’s a work in progress for Jianliang.

Next time……Culumon centric episode…..hooray.

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Digimon Tamers Episode 3: Renamon Vs. Guilmon – Fighting is a Digimon’s Purpose! Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ruki is attacking Takato and Guilmon in hopes of absorbing Guilmon’s data to make Renamon evolve. However, when Terriermon gets caught in the crossfire, he ends up evolving instead. As Gargomon, he starts getting out of control, and it’s up to Renamon and Guilmon to stop him.



Title Change: Renamon vs. Guilmon: Fighting is a Digimon’s Purpose! is changed to To Fight or Not to Fight?

Takato says Child (Rookie) level is what he was thinking when he made Guilmon. Rika wonders what he means by that but brushes it off to have Renamon fight. In the dub, he just says he’s new to this.

Card Name Change: Heavy Metal is changed to Armor. It’s actually a kinda weird change because Renamon doesn’t get armor from it, she gets some kind of hydraulic arm hammer thing.

Terriermon asks Renamon if she can evolve since she’s so strong. In the dub, he asks if she felt weird rolling around in the dirt.

A very short shot of Jianliang turning around to look at Takato and Guilmon is edited for the commercial break.

Jenrya gives his full name, Lee Jianliang, and Takato asks if he’s Chinese. He says his dad is from Hong Kong and his mother’s Japanese. We don’t get this information in the dub.

Takato learns that Jianliang keeps Terriermon in his room and envies that because Guilmon can’t fit in his room and needs to be kept somewhere else. He says it’s okay though because the place he found makes for a great hideout. Jianliang says that’s great and it’s also great that he and Guilmon are actually friends.

In the dub, they talk about Henry saving Guilmon from Rika and they wonder how anyone can treat Digimon like fighting machines. Takato says Digimon really just want to eat. He goes on to say that, due to his previous adventures in the cafeteria at school, he knew it was time to find a hiding place with a lock. Henry then says Guilmon probably saved their lives because the cafeteria food probably would’ve poisoned them eventually.

Takato asks Jianliang if they’re friends now too, Jianliang says yes, and he and Terriermon have a small back and forth about leaving before actually leaving. In the dub, Takato says Guilmon could be their official taste tester. Henry says that’s a great idea but then they’d go hungry. At the mention of food, Terriermon says he’s hungry. Henry asks how he can be hungry since he just ate, but Terriermon says moumantai and they leave for dinner.

Name Change?: Takato’s last name is Matsuda. In the dub, it’s Matsuki…..No idea.

Name Change: Juri is changed to Jeri.

Juri only says Takato ditched gym whereas Jeri says he ditched school altogether.

There’s no inner monologue from either Renamon nor Rika in the next scene with them in the street.

Name Change: Lee Shaochung is changed to Suzie Wong.

Shaochung repeats over and over that they have sukiyaki (A type of soup/stew) for dinner whereas Suzie, I think, keeps saying ‘bald bunny’ over and over after Henry’s comment about her rubbing all of the fur off Terriermon’s head.

Does Jianliang/Henry not understand the concept of devolving? He seems to believe that evolution is permanent like evolution in Pokemon is.

Jianiang says he’ll bring Terriermon some manjuu (a kind of pastry) after dinner. Henry says Terriermon’s response was rude. I guess because he started with ‘How many times do I have to say it?’

The original doesn’t make a sexist comment (Though I can’t even really be sure. It sounds like he’s saying girls can’t be good at the Digimon TCG, but, if taken literally, it sounds like he’s saying a girl can’t be the Digimon QUEEN. “Comprehend this; That’s the Digimon Queen! It’s like synchronicity dude! (Yeah, for some reason Saban made these guys complete idiots with surfer dude speech styles) “Come on, that’s a girl, man!” See what I mean?)

Also, yet another poke at my theory because only the dub states this line “Yeah, she’s kinda cute too. Kinda like Kari with a punk ya know sorta edge.” There’s no way they’d know about Kari unless the first two series were either TV shows or actual people in this universe. Also, wha, Rika looks in no way like Kari. Not even if you gave Kari a ‘punk ya know sorta edge’. Also also, it’s really weird for them to be gushing over her like this and even acting like she’s not even hearing what they’re saying.

The original just has the guys gushing over how good she is at Digimon and the tournaments she’s won…which is also kinda creepy, but at least they’re clamoring over how good she is at something and not going on about how cute she is.

Option cards are called modify cards in the dub.

Well it’s nice to know both versions are sexist in the scene where they’re amazed that a girl could be a champion at Digimon. I’d say they’re equally matched in their sexist comments, but the dub probably wins out by making it seem like Kazu’s making the case that he’d be a shoe-in for the next tournament because apparently the last tournament was so easy that a human being with a vagina won it. Hirokazu also originally says that the Digimon Queen is so skilled even high schoolers are intimidated by her abilities while the dub has him all cocky about how she just hasn’t met her match yet and he’ll be it. Kazu’s cocky anyway, but coupled with the aforementioned comments, it’s just compounding the sexism.

The original has Takato asking where the Digimon Queen lives and Hirokazu says she goes to school somewhere east of the train station. He then thinks to himself that that must be why she was so familiar. In the dub, they twist his words to make it seem like Takato’s making off like he’s instantly got a crush on her, and Kazu, in awe of this, says he’s out of the club.

Juri comes in saying that she enjoys tarot cards, but Kenta says you can’t battle with tarot cards and that Digimon is a man’s game! Ya know, despite the whole thing with the last tournament winner being a girl and everything. She says that’s discriminatory, and Kazu actually offers to teach her how to play Digimon and says she may even be the next Digimon Queen. Well, that makes up for some of the earlier stuff, I suppose.

In the dub, Jeri asks, if Takato needs a girl, if she’ll do. Kenta says not unless she can beat the Digimon Queen. Jeri then says boys are so silly with their fighting. Well, it’s nice to know that the sexism at least goes both ways. But Kazu actually says he knows plenty of girls who enjoy a good fight. Getting mixed signals here.

Juri’s friend is Miki, but in the dub they say it like ‘Mickey’.

Ruki says that Digimon always seek each other out because they’re meant to fight each other. Also, Ruki doesn’t keep making fun of Takato and Guilmon like Rika does.

Since they use the word Digivolution instead of evolution in the dub, the evolution screen had to be changed to reflect this.



Attack Name Change: Gatling Gun is changed to Gargo Laser.

Renamon scratches Gargomon’s face before jumping off of him. This is removed from the dub.


It’s weird, though. They remove the scene of him getting scratched, but leave the actual wounds.

Gargomon is actually pointing his gun at Rika. In the dub this is digitally painted away.



It’s hard to tell, but I think they also remove a front shot of Gargomon pointing his gun at Rika (and ultimately at the audience) It’s only for a split second, though.

Next time we’ll delve more into Jianliang’s past with Terriermon and learn why he didn’t want him to evolve.

.Previous Episode

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Digimon Tamers Sub/Dub Comparison Episode 1: Guilmon is Born! The Digimon I Created

Plot: In a world where Digimon is merely a card game (and maybe TV show?) a boy named Takato stands as one of its biggest fans. He spends most of his time playing Digimon the trading card game and drawing Digimon in his notepad.

One day a mysterious blue card is scanned through his Digimon card reader and transforms it into a Digivice. Not only that, but the new Digivice scans drawings that Takato made of a Digimon that he made up called Guilmon and brings him to life. Takato is thrilled to see a real Digimon but soon realizes that they may be more dangerous than he imagines. Is Guilmon to be trusted—OH OF COURSE HE IS! WOOK AT DAT FACE! SUCH A CUTIE!

Preface: I really like this season, even more than Adventure 02. (Whether or not it’s my favorite Digimon series…….I’d have to get back to you.) The cast for the Digidestined is better, the story is better, the relationships between the kids and their Digimon are better, and they’re delving into a darker atmosphere this time. It’s not without its problems, but I still really love it.


Our opener this season is even more changed from the original than Adventure 02’s. In fact, I’d say only about 10% of the clips from the original, if that, are kept in the dub’s version, which is sad because they have some creative and nice looking shots.

A couple of the shots that they kept, namely the scene where we see Calumon in the forest and the title card are altered. The scene with Calumon in the forest is reversed so we zoom in on him instead of zooming out. The title card is obviously changed to be English, but they also sloppily animate (and by that I mean have a paper cutout flying around) Calumon flying near the ground to make room for the logo, and the scene itself has been shortened dramatically.

The music is completely different from the original, no surprise there. This season also features the same theme song as the previous two seasons only with more emphasis on electric guitar and the inclusion of “Digimodify!” The original theme is okay. It reminds me of Blood +’s first opener for some reason. Just the chorus.

One of my main issues with the series is Calumon. I hate this thing. I just do. Maybe he’s less annoying in the original, I don’t know yet, but I hate his guts in the dub. I blame his voice for the most part and the fact that he never shuts up. He never does anything particularly wrong but he’s so damn annoying.

Also, I find his sheer existence to be pointless. Why is there a Digimon who needs to spur Digivolution? Why do they have such difficulty doing it on their own? Isn’t that what their Digivices are for? And doesn’t this become a moot point later or does Calumon always just happen to be near the fighting? I remember him being kidnapped with Jeri at one point, and I don’t remember them having any problem Digivolving then.

Name Change…Kinda?: Calumon is originally Culumon. Saban didn’t technically do this, though. The Digimon Collectors series altered its name like this, and it was applied to all English media as such.

Culumon in the original has a speech quirk where he constantly says “culu” at the end of his sentences. That better be adorable and not annoying as time goes on…

The title screens are, as the last two series, removed in lieu of just putting the title over the beginning scenes. The title isn’t changed for the most part, but here’s this week’s title card.

Title Card:

Title Change: Guilmon is Born! The Digimon I Created is changed to Guilmon Comes Alive, which is basically the same just shortened.

Sadly, it seems the title card art for the most part is pretty weak in this series.

In this world, Digimon is just a card game. We’re supposedly not building on the series canon from the previous two series. If we were, Digimon would be incredibly common parts of everyday life. Here, it’s just a card game. The cards are used in the series by means of a scanner on their Digivices. Certain cards give their Digimon special boosts and abilities like super speed, weapons, flight and more. They’re basically phased out by the end of the series, though, except when using the blue card.

A lot of people believe this was a marketing ploy to get Digimon cards to compete against Pokemon cards, while others believe it was a poke at Yu-Gi-Oh, and still others believe it was yet another pointless add-on to the series like Calumon. I dunno. I don’t really mind the aspect of the cards. I never quite understood how exactly they work in tying into the Digital World, but they seemed like a fun addition.

In terms of the real life card game, I have some of the cards but I never collected them like I did Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards (I have way more Yu-Gi-Oh cards than either Pokemon or Digimon) Neither Pokemon nor Digimon as a game interested me very much. I liked collecting the cards but I got bored of it after a while especially when trading for them died down.

Name Change: Hirokazu is shortened to just Kazu.

Ms. Asaji, Takato’s teacher, has the exact same voice actress as Kari from the previous seasons in the dub, Lara Jill Miller. I have to say, it is insanely distracting. She doesn’t do a damn thing to differentiate her voice from Kari’s except maybe make it a tiny bit deeper/more serious and it really doesn’t help that Ms. Asaji looks quite a bit like adult Kari too.

I love how Takato compares Guilmon to Agumon and not Veemon in both versions. Like, yeah we know Agumon’s better.

In the original, Ms. Asaji (without Takato realizing that it’s her) asks if Takato’s designing a monster and he corrects her and says it’s a Digimon. In the dub, Ms. Asaji asks if Takato’s designing a Halloween costume and he says “No, it’s a Digimon. Don’t you know anything?” Wow, Takato. That’s pretty damn rude.

He’s slightly snotty about it in the original too, but he doesn’t insult Ms. Asaji. Either way, there’s no reason to be rude. In the original, does Takato forget that Digimon is short for Digital Monster? So technically she’s right, especially since there’s no way to tell if it’s a digital monster from a little drawing.

Original!Takato tells us that Guilmon’s a virus type reptile Digimon while dub!Takato doesn’t mention that.

One of the people who works at Hypnos, the organization Yamaki runs, named Riley/Reika says that there’s an irregular packet detected. In the dub, she says she sees an irregular germination pattern. *shrug* Also, this woman, the one with the long red hair, is voiced by Yolei’s dub voice actress, Tifanie Christun, otherwise known as “I really really really don’t want to write my name like any other person.” It’s not as distracting as Kari’s VA in Ms. Asaji, but there it is.

If we’re going to delve into voice actors here, the other main worker at Hypnos besides Riley is a woman with short blond hair voiced by Peggy O’neal who voiced Davis’ older sister, Jun, in Adventure 02 and also voices Henry’s little sister, Suzie, in this series.

I’m a tad bit confused as to how Takato even knows what a Digivice is. I mean, is it a part of the card game? I think there might’ve been a Digivice card, but it was the first season designs not these completely new ones.

I have a theory that maybe this is supposed to be like our world and Digimon is not only a card game but a TV series as well. That would explain how Takato and the others know these things that I don’t remember being part of the card game, and why Takato would think that all Digidestined leaders, even though he didn’t know any other Digidestined at the time, wear goggles. Even if the Digivice is a card, there’s no way the thing about the goggles would be a part of that.

Takato’s mom originally tells him to take a shower before dinner. In the dub, she says dinner’s ready.

I will never really understand how exactly that whole thing with Guilmon’s creation worked. It was just a drawing with some stats and info. Unlike the real cards with something to actually scan, these were just pages from a note pad. Also, why did Takato believe scanning his notebook would work anyway? I know it did but why did he think that?

If scanning those pages created a Digiegg, why did Guilmon appear as Guilmon? Shouldn’t he have been Baby or Baby II level instead of Child? Also, how does Guilmon even have Baby or Baby II levels if Takato never seemed to draw them? Then again, I don’t think he ever drew some of Guilmon’s other Digivolutions. In fact, I think he only drew Growlmon, didn’t he? I really don’t get Guilmon’s existence entirely I guess.

The commercial break eyecatches are removed. They’re a little weird actually. The Digimon this time take the form of lego-like characters.

Dub!Takato: (in his sleep) “Guilmon…..Digiarmor….Energize….”…..Digiarmor Energize? Did they forget what series it was? How could that possibly be part of the card game? Did they ever introduce Armor Digivolving to the card game? And if so did people really say that?

Name Change: Ruki Mukino is changed to Rika Nonaka….because that’s…..less Japanese…right?

Ruki originally gives Lynxmon’s level while Rika just says “Lynxmon vs. Renamon” Also, Lynxmon is Armor level? It has no armor….

Using the Digimon cards for actual Digimon battles is called Card Slash. In the dub it’s Digimodifying.

The card that Ruki uses for a speed boost in Renamon is originally called High-Speed Plug-In B. In the dub she just says “Speed activate!” Rika! You shouldn’t promote drug use! That’s awful!

Also, lets say that the first two series of Digimon really are a TV show as well in this series. If it is, why are the Digidestined this season called Digimon Tamers and not Digidestined/Chosen Children? Takato in both versions calls Ruki/Rika a tamer. Is that what all people who play Digimon the TCG are called?

Attack Name Change: Koyousetsu is changed to Diamond Storm.

Originally as Takato wakes up from his dream/vision he says that it was just a dream. In the dub he says “I’m alive. Good game!” Well, you were never in the line of fire so dunno why you’re surprised that you’re alive. Also, from an enjoyment standpoint, it wasn’t really a good battle. It was entirely one-sided.

Dub!Takato actually proves my theory by saying “What if it wasn’t just a TV show or a game?” However this, again, isn’t mirrored in the original. Original!Takato just says “What if it wasn’t just a game?”

Culumon asks a bunch of questions about the people he’s seeing like why are they walking in similar patterns and why aren’t they fighting. In the dub, Calumon asks why the ‘metal Digimon’ (cars) are spitting out all those people and claims they must be really good fighters or have awful indigestion.

Ya know, if Takato really wanted to have the best chance of his friends believing him, he’d show them his Digivice. Yeah, they’d probably claim it’s a toy or something but it’d be somewhat proof.

They forget to re-add the sound effect of Takato hitting his head in the sewer so it just looks like he’s holding his head and groaning for no reason.

Name Change: Reika Ohtori is changed to Riley Ohtori.

Due to a commercial break, they had to rearrange a couple shots. In the original, we see Takato walking down the stairs before we see the team at Hypnos detecting Guilmon. In the dub, we repeat a shot of the light and show Hypnos before Takato walking down the stairs. They also remove the part where Reika says the location of the Digimon from the scene and place it after Takato walks down the stairs.

Also in the original when a Digimon appears in the real world they call it “realizing.” In the dub it’s Bioemerging or breaching.

Riley makes a mistake. She says the Digimon is appearing in West Shijuku. It’s called ShiNjuku, Riley.

Davis’ VA is our narrator for this season. What, did all of the VAs from the previous series have a contract with Saban to be in all of the Digimon series or something? Just to see, I looked up if TK’s voice actress, Wendee Lee, was in Tamers. She is, technically, as a kid named Mako who was one of the kids who was intended to be Impmon’s Tamer alongside Ai.

While we’re talking about Impmon, he’s voiced by Derek Stephen Prince who was Ken’s VA. Finally, Terriermon’s voiced by Izzy’s VA, Mona Marshall. I know it’s no big shock that a dubbing company reuses the same VAs for various projects, just look at Funimation or 4Kids, but that really sticks with me for some reason.

The ending theme is completely removed as is the next episode preview. Instead we just get a rehash of the opening theme as our closer, which is a shame because the ending theme in the original is really nice.

Next time, we’ll be meeting Henry and Terriermon and getting some hijinks from Guilmon.

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