30DAC – Day 5: Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoy

This prompt was interesting. I’m not really ‘ashamed’ to like any anime. Embarrassed? Sometimes, mostly when talking to people who aren’t really anime fans and sometimes with hardcore anime fans who will chew you out for liking things you’re not ‘supposed’ to like, but I’d never try to hide that I like those shows. Though you will see me joking about denying this, I have even watched hentai before, and I even indulge in the super over the top drama that is most yaoi and shounen ai.

However, there is one anime that I feel silly and little hypocritical for liking, and that’s Queen’s Blade.

Queen’s Blade is about a tournament, the Queen’s Blade tournament, that is held between all of the great female warriors in the world for the title of Queen of the Queen’s Blade. This tournament was set up by God himself in order to quell the severe violence that plagued the world (solve violence with violence. Truly there was no better logic) and is refereed by angels. However, the main hook of this show is the outrageous amounts of fanservice, and I mean it’s just friggin’ everywhere.

Now I pretty much try to ignore fanservice. It’s turned into a necessary evil in a lot of anime. I hate, hate, hate when it’s plastered everywhere in an otherwise serious show or when they have the most obvious fanservice shots in the world (girl’s talking? Let’s focus the camera on her panties.), but I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I don’t enjoy fanservice with guy characters. It’s just that the female fanservice is flooding the market so much that it gets downright infuriating and just plain stupid. That being said, why would I actually like an anime chockful with female fanservice and exactly zero male fanservice? Because it is just so hilariously over the top and stupid.

This show has a bunny girl with her main attack being acid milk that she shoots from her boobs.

This show has a woman with such comically huge bazongas that she can use them comfortably as pillows.

This show has some of the most ridiculous and blatant fanservice setups in history (oh gee, Nanael has a vial of milk that she absolutely can’t spill no matter what. Hope it’s not a gooey consistency and that she makes a habit out of spilling it all over herself.)

This show knows what it is and makes fun of itself so much and so well most of the time that I enjoy the crap out of it. And some of the more serious moments are actually kinda interesting. There are still some times when the fanservice is obviously meant to be legit fanservice with nothing funny about it, which is disappointing, but I still just laugh my ass off at just how ridiculous this show can be with its fanservice a lot of the time.

BTW, given the content of the show at hand, I don’t really want to post pictures, but here’s a cat playing piano.

Cat + Internet = Yay