Sailor Moon (DiC) Episode 3 (2 For the Dub) Sub/Dub Comparison

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Plot: Jadeite is behind a creepy late-night romantic love radio show, and its listeners are succumbing to symptoms of sleeping sickness. Can Sailor Moon figure out what’s going on before everyone’s lost in an eternal slumber?


Title Change: Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love is changed to Talk Radio

Entire Series Edit: Before every episode, we have a brief preview of the episode we’re watching today. The original is left raw while the dub includes a 90’s-esque Sailor Moon border.



The first conversation with Usagi’s mom and dad starts with her dad seeing something in the paper about a sleeping illness going around. Her dad says he wishes he’d get that so he could get some rest. Her mother scolds him for wishing that misfortune, and he responds by saying he was kidding. After all, if he was asleep, he’d miss out on her great cooking.

In the dub, he asks why she circled the date in red magic marker and she gets slightly angry before he says he knows it’s their anniversary.

During that same scene, as Usagi is waking up, they edit out Usagi running down the stairs.

The same gist is kept in the next scene, however, when Umino first appears, he says it’s unusual for Haruna-sensei to be late, not that thing about yellow earth worms.

Name Change: Motoki is changed to Andy.

In the original, Luna’s worried that Motoki heard her talking. Motoki recognizes Luna because they ‘met’ in the last episode. Luna relaxes since it doesn’t seem like Motoki heard her talking. Then he goes in to get some milk for her. Luna gets gushy eyes because he’s treating her so nicely and then stews that Usagi never treats her like that.

In the dub, Andy recognizes Luna for no given reason. One can assume that he might’ve heard of Luna from Serena since she goes to the arcade so often, but dub viewers would never know that. Luna says that Andy is the boy Serena likes so much. How? Why? She never mentions him, and dub viewers have never seen him before this episode. Andy then says he has to go instead of getting Luna a bowl of milk. Luna also doesn’t gush over Andy, leaving the sparkly eyes out of the dub, and then says it’s a good place to use a communications base since it’s so close to Serena’s school.


The next scene is also different. In the original, the possibility of a sleeping sickness is already established. In the dub, it’s like that theory is just as passing musing. Instead, the focus is on staying up too late to listen to the Love Line program on the radio.

After that, Usagi mentions that a sleeping sickness where you never wake up would be nice, which is why her friends freak out. She then explains that getting to stay in your dreams forever would be great.

Serena basically asks what the big deal is and there was no need to call the medics. Then Molly and Melvin freak out….for some reason. I guess maybe because that was a fairly insensitive remark since something could be very wrong with them. Then she says that at least school is canceled.

They cut out a few seconds at the start of the next scene. It’s just the guy setting down the letters.

Okay so this one took me a little bit to figure out. In the original, as Naru and Usagi walk down the street, they pass three guys around a car. In the dub, the shot zooms in really quickly on Molly and Serena, and I couldn’t figure out why until I paused the shot and realized the guy in the car has an unlit cigarette in his mouth. I figured the zoom was a work around to censoring the shot, but I managed to catch the first frame of the scene in the dub, and they did paint the cigarette away. I suppose the jarring zoom in was so they wouldn’t have to paint any other frames.



Sorry for the wonky quality on Molly. It was a motion shot.


Serena: “You’re a creep Darien!” ….I’m almost positive we haven’t established his name. Even in the original, we haven’t gotten his name yet.

They edit out Serena plopping her head down on the desk and giving up.

They edit out Serena blushing with a little thought bubble that has a little cartoon of herself dancing around.

In the original, Usagi transforms into a “pretty newscaster.” In the dub, Serena turns into a “sophisticated talent agent.” Wouldn’t a newscaster be more suited for entering a radio station?

So Jadeite isn’t deterred by Sailor Moon’s attacks, but he’s deterred by a random rose thrown at him from nowhere?

They edit out Usagi gushing over Tuxedo Mask with heart eyes.

An outside shot of the radio station is removed.

Coming up next, Usagi and her friends are obsessed with weight loss. Jadeite takes advantage of the insecurities of humans, especially younger girls, to use a gym as a front for stealing energy.

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