SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 43: Friend or Foe? Fight Onee-Sama?


Plot: The girls find Kisshu and Zakuro talking privately in a church. He seemingly convinces Zakuro to join him and further explains that, with or without Zakuro, the girls will fall to Deep Blue soon enough.

He teleports both him and Zakuro away from the church, leaving the girls frustrated and confused. However, they’re quickly called away by Shirogane and Akasaka who tell them of the true location of the Mew Aqua they couldn’t find earlier – it’s being carried by a swan that is in the protected area near the dock.

The birds suddenly start gathering near Mint and seemingly explain to her why they brought the Mew Aqua to this location. Just as they’re about to bring it out to the girls, Pai and Taruto arrive, gunning to get it first.

The girls all transform to battle, but Mint stays frozen in her tracks, believing the fight to be fruitless since Zakuro betrayed them. Despite her position and pleas, the birds insist upon her taking the Mew Aqua and joining the fight to protect it. She screams out in sadness and frustration, causing the Mew Aqua to rise up into the swan and seemingly vanish.

Pai and Taruto, unable to find the Mew Aqua among so many birds, take their leave.

Mint breaks down in sorrow, explaining how deeply Zakuro’s betrayal affected her. She lost so much hope and resolve that, in spite of hearing the birds’ pleas for help, she refused them.

Ichigo tries to encourage Mint to keep the faith in Zakuro, but Mint accepts reality. People change afterall. No matter what Zakuro does, they have to become stronger.

The next day, Mint continues to feel sullen about what happened with the Mew Aqua. She excuses herself from the café for a while, and Ichigo decides to talk with Shirogane about what Zakuro said to him a few days ago.

Shirogane explains that Zakuro told him they weren’t real warriors, but that they need to become as such in order to protect the world. This confirmed Ichigo’s suspicions that Zakuro wasn’t really betraying them – she was teaching them a lesson about being self-sufficient and reliable.

Akasaka detects energy readings matching Zakuro’s and Mint’s at the bird preservation area, indicating that the two have transformed and are about to fight each other. The other Mews rush to their location to stop them.

Meanwhile, Mint confronts Zakuro. Chastising Mint for losing her resolve simply because she wasn’t with her at the battle before, Zakuro asks Mint what she’d do if Zakuro really did betray her and join the enemy. Mint proclaims that she’d fight her – and that’s exactly what she does.

Mint and Zakuro fight with their all, tearful though Mint may be. Ichigo stops the battle before Mint is able to fire an arrow at Zakuro. Suddenly, a twister appears, sucking up the birds in the area. Pai has created the tornado to scoop up the birds, kill them all and leave the Mew Aqua behind.

Mint rushes towards the twister. With faith in the birds to heed her call and communicate their feelings, the Mew Aqua reacts and they’re able to spot it. Mint shoots an arrow towards the Mew Aqua. Using the Mew Aqua Rod, Ichigo collects the Mew Aqua and uses the rod’s power to stop the twister, clear the weather and save the birds.

The aliens retreat, and the girls rejoice.

Zakuro apologizes to the girls for going too far with trying to teach them a lesson. She explains that she goes to the church to visit someone precious to her. Right up to the end, neither of them had faith in the other, and seeing the girls have little faith in her about the rumor of her moving to the US made her upset, so she concocted this plan. However, she acknowledges that she went overboard.

She specifically apologizes to Mint and praises her for how much stronger and mature she’s gotten. She tearfully embraces Zakuro as Ichigo looks to the sky watching the swans fly away.


– I’ll save my remarks as to Zakuro’s ‘betrayal’ for later.

– So I guess this confirms that Mint really can talk to birds. Neat. Chalk one up for the non-Ichigo side.

– Ichigo: “Afterall, she is trying to provoke us, to make us realize we have to be more reliable.” Ranting saved for later, but yeah, reliability sure is important. Like how you’d expect someone to be reliable in situations where, and this is just hypothetical, a big glob of acid was flying at your face, nearly killing you. Sure would be nice to have someone reliable there.

And it sure is a show of reliability to have a person jump in front of a glob of acid for you, saving you from certain death. Boy howdy, if only we had some examples of those exact thing, eh?

– Hey, they’re talking about Lettuce’s crush on Shirogane again. Aaaaaaannndddd it’s gone.

– Ichigo: “Zakuro-san did that on purpose so we could become more independent.” Rant later…..


– Flashback Zakuro: “Let me just say one thing – we are little girls. Even though, as Mew Mews, we have always been fighting, we are not ‘real warriors.’ However, in the future, when the alien attacks become more severe, each of us must be a strong warrior with faith in ourselves in order to protect the earth.”


Okay, okay, okay. Okay. I need to take a step back and reel myself in before I go off the rails. Let’s go over everything that has happened in these past couple episodes.

There was a small rumor going around that Zakuro might move to the US for a movie deal. Pudding acted like a dumbass instantly believing this was happening, that it was the end of the Mews and, for some reason, seemed happy about it. Lettuce and Ichigo were simply inquiring about it. Mint just panicked and requested, if she were leaving, to please take her with her.

Zakuro lost her temper, insinuated that she might leave for the US, but also that she hadn’t decided yet. She was also fed up with how they acted in response to the rumor.

During a battle over Mew Aqua, Zakuro refused to transform, fight, or even move a quarter of an inch. Mint was forced to protect her from enemy fire, nearly getting herself maimed or burned to death on a big glob of acid in the process. Zakuro neither transforms to help her, goes to her aid or shows an iota of caring that she ended up getting hurt.

Zakuro later quits, claiming she’s moving to the US, and later the girls find her conspiring with Kisshu, seemingly joining the enemy.

Mint flips, can’t take the betrayal and also ends up failing in her duties as a Mew because of it.

This all leads up to a battle between the two where Zakuro practically begs Mint to shoot her.

All of this is because of either:

1) Zakuro wanted the girls to become ‘real warriors.’

2) Zakuro was pissed/disappointed that the girls were believing some rumor over just instantly assuming her decision was the opposite.

3) Zakuro wanted the girls, particularly Mint, to become more independent.

4) Zakuro wanted the girls to be more reliable.

5) Zakuro wanted the girls to have more faith in themselves and each other.

Okay. Okay. There seems to be a bunch of possible reasons behind why Zakuro did this, so let’s address every angle.

1) In times of battle, when have the girls proven to be anything else but ‘real warriors’? They’ve risked their lives, their relationships, their happiness all for the good fight. They’ve fought long and hard through all sorts of asperities, and even if they did complain sometimes, they have every right to do so every now and then.

It’s an insult to them to insinuate that they’re not ‘real warriors.’ Not to mention, Ms. Hypocrite, a “REAL WARRIOR” wouldn’t set up her friends, nearly get them disfigured, severely injured or killed all to teach them some arbitrary lesson like this.

2) Even though, yes, they should’ve defaulted to believing she wasn’t going to leave either way, it’s understandable for them to be worried when stuff like this happens. After all, Zakuro has missed Mew stuff on numerous occasions because of her career. Why is it so farfetched to believe that she might be moving to the US? Or even just considering it? It’s not like it would’ve been permanent, either. It’s a movie deal. She’d be gone for a year or so at most.

If you want to snap at them for jumping to conclusions and chastise them for having so little faith in you, go right ahead, but doing what you did is just horrible.

3) Here’s where I’ll balk a little bit, because Mint’s reliance on Zakuro can be a bit much, BUT, once upon a time, she was considering quitting and not even putting Zakuro into her debate. She was making the decision of her own accord. (Interestingly, that episode was also a lesson about having faith in herself and her friends that, together, they can save the world.)

I find it to be a bit OOC that Mint would be so shaken by Zakuro’s supposed betrayal that she’d freeze up like that. She was the second Mew to be discovered. She’s fought plenty of times without Zakuro. Even if it’s a terrible thing to think someone you loved betrayed you, that shouldn’t shake her resolve so much that she’d let down her friends and ignore the cries of animals in peril.

Zakuro didn’t even blame it on the emotional turmoil – she appeared to blame Mint’s lack of resolve just on Zakuro not being there.


It’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility, but, personally, I find it to be OOC.

How is purposely causing conflict amongst the team a lesson in independence anyway? Causing strife and undue emotional stress in your team is also not something a “REAL WARRIOR” would do.

Where did this lesson on independence even come from? Pudding’s comments about it being the end of the Mews if Zakuro leaves? You can’t take anything Pudding says at face value, and she’s always overreacting and saying weird things.

4) I don’t even think I have to go into more detail for this as I already pretty much explained why this is ridiculous in my earlier joke, but when have the girls ever shown to not be reliable? Technically, these were Ichigo’s words, so maybe this wasn’t part of Zakuro’s lesson, but still. The girls are always there for each other, whether on the battlefield or in everyday problems. Through everything from small crises to romance troubles to emotional breakdowns to world-ending threats, they’ve been reliable through and through.

Again, it’s a bit insulting to believe they’re not as such just because they jumped to conclusions over gossip.

They’re teenage girls, of course they put stock in gossip sometimes. Clear the air, scold them and move on.

5) If there were ever a stupider method of conveying this lesson. Act like you’re having a hissy fit and leaving, act like you’re joining the enemy, make the Mews feel like betrayed pieces of shit – that sure will make them have faith in themselves and each other.

Or hell, maybe it will. I mean, if they had complete faith in Zakuro from the outset, she wouldn’t have done this incredibly stupid lesson in the first place. That’ll teach you for thinking Zakuro’s not a psychopath.

Again, I’m sorry if it seems like I’m overreacting, but I still can’t get over the possible face-melting/death Mint nearly suffered just so Zakuro-sensei could teach her unwitting students lessons that they didn’t even need to learn.

Even if they did need to learn these lessons, there are much better ways to go about it – even on an extreme level.

And let me note that I actually really love this episode. I may find Zakuro’s part to be mind-blowingly stupid and downright insulting, but I love that Mint got a new power. I love that Mint proved herself to be able to fight Zakuro for the sake of the world, despite her own feelings. I love that Mint took on a twister by herself and had an awesome moment to shine.

I’m only slightly disappointed that her exposure to Mew Aqua didn’t result in Mint getting any cool new features like giant wings or a cool new attack or something, and I’m a bit miffed that Ichigo gets the ultimate limelight again, but I still loved it. Mint may not be my favorite character most of the time, but she gets some pretty cool moments of glory.

This is such a nice shot.

– Zakuro: “As Ichigo said, I overdid it.” She said at Mint’s funeral.

I’ll give Zakuro props for actually admitting she went too far, but I feel like she was saying that about it reaching a point of forcing Mint to fight her, not the stuff with nearly getting her killed. If she realized it back then, she would’ve had a reaction to it.


In the end, like I said, I really do love this episode barring the stuff with Zakuro. It’s Mint’s true time to shine, and I loved how it went down. Yes, I’m a tiny bit irritated that she didn’t get the full spotlight, but I’ll definitely take this over getting nothing to do any day of the week.

And while this was an important episode, like the episode that preceded it, the art and animation are all over the place. Sometimes it looks like they did a great job, but many other times it’s really shaky. When Lettuce tells Ichigo and Mint ‘congratulations’ at the end…she’s not looking at them. She’s looking beyond them. And there are so many instances of screwed up faces and even times when it seems like the art quality changes in the same shot.

Next episode, the city’s being overrun by forestry, and Ichigo has a serious talk with Aoyama.

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SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 42: Zakuro’s Dilemma – Only Four Mew Mews Now?

SSBS - TMM EP42 Screen

Plot: Shirogane and Akasaka detect a new source of Mew Aqua seemingly on a ship headed for a harbor in Tokyo. As they try to figure out how to find it among the numerous cargo boxes in the ships, they hear the girls freaking out over the latest news – Zakuro has been offered a movie deal in Hollywood, and it’s speculated that she’ll move to America, leaving her standing as a Mew Mew in jeopardy.

When Zakuro arrives, she tells them that she has indeed been offered a movie deal in Los Angeles, but she’s currently debating whether or not to take it. The girls all argue amongst themselves, especially after Mint tries to beg Zakuro to take her with her to America if she decides to go. Fed up with their arguing, she chastises the group for their behavior, tells Mint she has no reason to take her to America if she decides to go and leaves the café.

Later, Zakuro returns, and the girls are sent out to the harbor to see if the Mew Aqua reacts to any of them, even though they know that the Mew Aqua will only react when their emotions are high.

The girls split up and look around, to no avail. Zakuro reads a letter she got from home and remembers a painful time from her past, which triggers a reaction to Mew Aqua nearby, but she can’t tell exactly where it is.

The aliens arrive and corner Zakuro, prompting the other Mews to transform and rush to her location. They’re shocked to find that Zakuro not only hasn’t transformed yet, but seemingly doesn’t want to, claiming she’ll decide if and when she wants to fight.

Nonetheless, the battle between the aliens and Mews starts. The aliens conjure a Chimera Animal based on a crab. In the middle of battle, the Chimera Animal attacks Zakuro, who stands perfectly still and doesn’t react. Mint steps in and saves her, but Zakuro’s expression is still emotionless and she remains silent.

Mint falls while trying to save Zakuro from another assault, and Zakuro doesn’t even react. Angered, Ichigo steps in and defeats the Chimera Animal with a Ribbon Strawberry Surprise. As Taruto is about to make another Chimera Animal, Pai stops him. He believes that they truly don’t know where the Mew Aqua is so it’s just a waste to continue the fight.

They leave to search for the Mew Aqua themselves.

The girls rush to tend to Mint, but Zakuro, again, stands without response.

Later, Zakuro tells Ichigo to take care of Mint since she tends to stress herself out with worries over the future and needs someone by her side.

That night, the girls meet up to discuss Mew matters, but Zakuro fails to show up. She leaves a note with Masha implying that she really has quit and plans to move to America.

At the meeting, Shirogane tells the girls to just let Zakuro go, citing that she let Mint get hurt in battle and didn’t make any effort to help either before or after the fact. They can’t make her fight if she doesn’t want to, and she’s a detriment to them if they try to force her.

Ichigo chews out Shirogane for his words, stating that he’s forcing them all to become Mew Mews in the first place, and Zakuro is simply feeling alone and lost right now. She can’t leave her behind in such a state, so she decides to grab Mint and the other girls to go find her and bring her back.

They find Zakuro in her church, but she’s not alone. Kisshu is there with her, on friendly terms.


– They’re saying that noise is the signal of Mew Aqua, but it sounds exactly like a heart monitor.

– They do call her out on this, but why is Pudding so nonchalant and damn near happy to announce that the Mews are splitting up?

– I was actually content with the way the transformation mashup was working today. Each Mew got mostly their full transformation sequence, and they even went through Lettuce, Mint and Pudding before Ichigo….but then I realized they were plowing through their transformations to get to the ‘main event.’ Ichigo’s is not cut down at all, and they switch to an entirely different music track for it. It’s better than spitting out the other Mews transformations while Ichigo gets all the spotlight, but it still irks me.

– Wow, I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve seen the other girls summon their weapons. They usually only get their attack animations, and even those are usually cut down some.

– Though, admittedly, I am getting tired of the girls’ (barring Zakuro and Ichigo) attacks hardly ever working….

This episode sure is a back and forth on positive focus on the other Mews and then turning around and ruining it.

– Ya know, I usually think Zakuro is cool and reasonable, and I didn’t fault her for not helping the other Mews, but how big of an asshole are you to not even react, not in the slightest, when one of your friends falls in battle trying to protect you from an attack and falls unconscious as a result. No flinch of the eyes, no looking her way, definitely no going to her side to see if she’s okay – nothing. Not making a pun on the fact that she’s literally a female dog – what a bitch.

– The fact that no one’s angry about this is even worse. Again, I can understand if they were being sympathetic with her not transforming or fighting, but what she did to Mint is worth at least some anger.

– Zakuro makes a nice speech and observation about Mint after that scene, but if she’s so concerned about Mint’s well-being, why did she act that way? Am I not getting something? ‘Yeah, take care of Mint. She gets so stressed out about the future, but screw her if she gets injured and knocked unconscious. I don’t care.’

– So Shirogane’s the only one who even mentions what Zakuro did to Mint? Fair enough that it at least gets mentioned, but I feel like it should be more of an issue.

– By the by, that attack Mint protected Zakuro from? It was a huge glob of acid – powerful enough to melt a metal building in one second. Mint could’ve easily been terribly disfigured or killed if she didn’t have the power to stop that attack. And considering Zakuro still hadn’t transformed and couldn’t be arsed to react to the point of even removing her hands from her pockets, she could’ve easily been killed by that if Mint hadn’t stepped in.

So either, according to Ichigo, Zakuro’s confused about what she wants out of life and is lost to the point of near suicide, which I sincerely doubt, she’s incredibly stupid or she doesn’t care what happens to her or anyone else.

– And sure, let’s pepper in a dash of irony in that we’re also focusing on the fact that Zakuro’s religious in this episode. I’m sure God would’ve loved it if you let Mint become a burning husk on the ground as you stared off with that stone-cold expression.

I know it seems like I’m harping on this or being too harsh, but I can’t help thinking how I would’ve felt in that situation. I know Mint is more hurt than she’s letting on, the next episode preview shows that much, but the fact that the others aren’t even giving it a passing thought is annoying.

I know that this is all leading to Zakuro teaching the girls, particularly Mint some big lesson that I forget at the moment (it’s been a while since I’ve seen the tail end of this series), and maybe I won’t feel as angry as I do right now when that episode is done……but fuck off. You don’t have much of a lesson to teach to Mint if she’s a blob of melted flesh and bone.


All in all, I probably have more malice for this episode than I should, but I’m not taking it back. That scene with Mint really, really bothered me, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t much care for Mint. From what I recall of the second part of this episode, I honestly don’t think Zakuro’s reasoning will be of much comfort either.

Again, if you have a lesson to teach the girls, fine. Don’t transform. Fine. Don’t fight. Fine. Make them believe you’re quitting. Fine. Don’t flippantly nearly let one of your friends be killed in a terrible horrific way to get your point across. The aliens had much more of an emotional response to Kisshu being injured than Zakuro did to Mint being knocked out and nearly melted to death. What does your lack of response help with this little lesson either? I don’t get it.

Ichigo’s also kinda acting poorly here. I get that she wants to help Zakuro because she realizes she’s going through something, but the Mint thing coupled with the fact that her reasoning comes off as basically ‘Shirogane is forcing us to be Mew Mews so we have a right to hunt her down and drag her back’ is a bit off-putting.

If it’s any consolation, I do recall this leading to one of the better episodes in the series, but I also believe that will be tainted with the explanation behind Zakuro’s actions.

Last note, the art and animation for this episode is weird. The animation is average but the art keeps jumping from bad to ‘oh they’re spending money this episode’ levels. One minute everything’s all nicely lit and well-detailed, the next Zakuro’s face is smushed and she has eyelashes that might as well be woolly caterpillars.

Next episode, is Zakuro gone for good? What will Mint do if she’s gone? What does this mean for the Mew Mews?

….Previous Episode

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SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 32: Princess Fight – The Hero Can’t be Bought for Money


Plot: Mint decides to invite the other Mews to her family’s famous annual tea party. The girls are all very suspicious of Mint suddenly doing something nice for them, but she convinces them to go with the promise of meeting one of Ichigo’s favorite pop idols.

At the tea party, Mint, Zakuro and Pudding fit right in, but Ichigo and Lettuce feel out of place in such a fancy environment. They’re about to head home when a flashy helicopter arrives to literal fanfare. With a deafening cackle, a young girl emerges. She proclaims herself to be Mint’s eternal rival, Kanna Saionji, but Mint denies even knowing her.

Kanna shares a tale of her attending this same tea party seven years ago. It was a ‘fateful encounter,’ according to her. Mint walked by her as she was eating at the party…..and that’s it.

In a last ditch effort to jog her memory, she gives a big introduction to herself, but Mint still doesn’t care. She just sighs and walks away, leaving Kanna in the hands of her friends. Ichigo comes to the realization that Mint really only invited them to babysit Kanna so Mint wouldn’t have to deal with her – something Mint denies.

Angered at continuously being ignored, Kanna challenges Mint to a duel. Ichigo and the others ask why a duel is necessary, and Kanna proclaims that it’s a duel to see who’s really worthy of princessness. As she’s monologuing, Mint and Zakuro quietly exit.

Zakuro tells Mint that she believes she knows Kanna more than she lets on and that she seems to worry about her a little. Mint says she’s just an annoying girl who pesters her every year at the tea party, but she also annoys her because her arrogance and abrasiveness remind her of her old self.

Angered by Mint’s sudden and rude departure, Kanna is more determined now than ever to defeat Mint and determine who is really worthy of princessness.

As Mint gets news that a special item is right on time to be delivered to the party, Kanna finds her and prods her some more. Mint has had enough. She finally tells off Kanna, claiming she’s only doing this because she’s lonely and is trying to make friends with her. She tells her that no one will open up to her if she’s not open to others and to stop playing this ridiculous game.

Kanna acts like she has no idea what she’s talking about, and their conversation is soon interrupted by a crash. The horse-drawn carriage carrying Mint’s delivery has been overturned by Kisshu.

Kisshu claims there’s Mew Aqua in Mint’s delivery. He tries to grab it, but Kanna nabs it away, claiming something with such a lovely name as Mew Aqua must be something worthy of only a princess. Mint demands she give it back, but she vehemently refuses. She says she’ll give it back if Mint admits defeat against her.

Kisshu interrupts and attacks her by turning a spirit of one of the guests into a Chimera Animal. Mint and the others transform into their Mew forms to battle. The pterodactyl-like Chimera Animal attacks Kanna, but Mint manages to save her.

The girls do their best to combat the Chimera Animal, but it’s very powerful. It breaks through Pudding’s Pudding Ring Inferno and takes Zakuro and Lettuce’s attacks without issue. It’s also incapacitating them with a sonic blast time and again.

Mint tells Kanna to run away, but Kanna refuses since that would be admitting defeat to Mint. Fed up with her stubbornness and immaturity, Mint slaps her across the face and berates her. Kanna and Mint are about to be attacked by the Chimera Animal, but Ichigo jumps in the way, taking the full brunt of the assault.

It’s about to finish her off when The Blue Knight suddenly shows up, slashes the Chimera Animal with his sword and saves Ichigo. He tells her that the weak point of the Chimera Animal is in its mouth. She has to attack when its mouth is open.

Giving the signal to Mint, she tricks the Chimera Animal into opening its mouth. Mint shoots an arrow at Ichigo, and she deflects it into the Chimera Animal’s mouth with her bell. Now weak, she finishes off the Chimera Animal with a Ribbon Strawberry Surprise and the battle ends.

Kisshu checks the box and finds no Mew Aqua so he leaves.

Kanna is in awe of the Mews and asks if they’ll be hers, with no limit on how much she’ll pay them. Mint interjects and says friendship is not something you can buy. You need to open your heart to others to obtain it.

A flashback from Kanna reveals that she was always given everything she’d ever wanted. Her parents bought her everything, even her friends, but they weren’t genuine. When she met Mint, she was snubbed by her, and Kanna realized that Mint was different from everyone else. As a result, she always envied her.

Mint reveals that the contents of the box was a tea set. She was making a surprise private tea party for her friends, which is why she invited them to the main tea party. Kanna stands in silence as she listens to the girls have fun, but Ichigo decides to invite her over. Kanna reluctantly agrees, and she starts to enjoy herself. Still wanting to keep up her facade, she declares that she’ll invite them to a much better tea party at her house next time and that Mint remains as her eternal rival.

Kanna leaves in her helicopter and the girls bid her farewell, even Mint, who seems to be content that Kanna might finally be changing as a person, just like she did.


– I’m glad that the girls are very suspicious of Mint’s intentions with this invitation instead of blindly believing her. Not that Mint never has good intentions, but when it comes to stuff like this, she always looks down on the others, to say the least. They even outright say that she’s never done anything nice for them, which, honestly, I think is a bit of a stretch. She’s not the friendliest person, but she’s done nice things for the other girls. Never to this extent, but still.

– Glad to see the chemistry’s back between the girls, too. These past handful of episodes have been really brutal for them as a group. It’s been Ichigo City.

– Ladies and gentlemen, I present the ugliest helicopter ever.


– The ‘fateful encounter’ flashback is hilarious.

– If they’re trying to make Kanna seem worse than Mint, they’re doing a terrible job. She’s already a million times more entertaining and less bitchy.

– Ichigo: “I bet she has no friends.” What a horribly rude thing to say. I’d be more apt to question how Mint has any friends.

– Kanna: “Shut up, filthy commoners!” Alright, getting a little bitchy.

– Why is there so much blushing in this episode? It seems we can’t go a full minute without seeing a character blush for no reason.

– I’ll give props to Mint for rushing into investigating the situation immediately and telling her grandmother to take care of her guests.

– I love Mint’s reaction to Ichigo seemingly accusing Mint of having Mew Aqua delivered to the party.

– Hahahaha! Kisshu called Kanna a bitch.


– Oh okay, so I guess now we’re just ignoring the secret identities entirely and are just transforming mere inches away from other people. Smart.

– Yay for giving Mint a full transformation sequence, though. It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve seen someone besides Ichigo do that.

– Oh my god! She’s the only one whose transformation we get to see! Someone catch me, I feel faint!

– Mew Mint: “Now, make your escape!”

Kanna: “I’ll never run away before you!”

Just documenting proof that Mint did indeed transform in front of her, revealing her “secret” to her without hesitation. Granted, it was a difficult situation. Most shows have something that knocks out very closeby witnesses so they can transform without fear of being caught. At this point, I have to assume that at least a handful of people know who the Mews really are, even with their ridiculously obvious name connections and lack of masks. Are these people all just really nice and agreed to keep their secret or is this all plot convenience?

– This Chimera Animal is quite powerful for being made out of the spirit of some random rich guy at a tea party.

– I have to say, this is one of the more intrusive saves by The Blue Knight. This whole situation has nothing to do, really, with Ichigo, yet the focus is yet again on Ichigo and her knight in shining…….clothes. It would’ve been better if either Mint saved her or if The Blue Knight tried to save one of the other girls for a change.

….Does…he…ever try to save the other girls when they’re in danger? I know who he really is and why he’d be drawn to Ichigo, but it seems like a dick move to only show up when she’s in danger.

Kinda have to wonder if he just has impeccable timing or if he realizes Ichigo’s in a battle and waits in the shadows until she’s in direct danger so he can swoop in.

– And yet again he instantly knows the weakness of the Chimera Animal and just tells Ichigo how to defeat it, and she does. Friggin’ girl power, brought to you by a guy.


– Oh well, at least she lets Mint participate in the final attack.

– Ichigo’s bell can reflect other Mew attacks now? Okay.

– Oh nevermind, it’s a pre-final blow. Ichigo gets the real final blow because of course she does.

– I love how Kisshu opens the box, realizes it’s not Mew Aqua and just leaves. What is with all of these Mew Aqua misidentifications? Some of them kinda make sense, like the necklace, but others are just baffling, like the crystal ball and the tea set.

– How the hell did that tea set survive a horse-drawn carriage crash and falling to the ground about three different times?

– The special item really was a tea set?….Why? Why did it need to be specially delivered? What’s so special about it? Why did it start out in a safe on a ship? I get the message – that the real treasure was a nice private tea party with her friends, but I’m still confused as to why this was a super special delivery.

Unless the delivery was the tea itself, which makes even less sense.

And why did Kisshu think this was Mew Aqua? No way in hell did this thing give off any signals. He justifies it at the party by saying if Ichigo’s where this thing is then it must be Mew Aqua…..That is probably the dumbest explanation he’s given so far.

Ichigo is rarely ever by actual Mew Aqua, and every time they’ve suspected it otherwise has been a false alarm. Not to mention that he’s been following this thing since it got on the highway, far away from Ichigo. Grasping at straws is an understatement to say the least.

– You do feel a bit for Kanna. She’s a product of her environment. Rich people are already known for being really fake. Growing up in a world where your parents buy your friends, and you’re well aware of their disingenuous nature, has to be lonely. It’s hard to know how to make friends, either. Even if they’re not directly bought off, they might only like you because you’re rich.


Mint may be bitchy and condescending, but she doesn’t come off as very fake. Her lies are usually quite obvious, and she’s not afraid of telling you anything bluntly. As of this episode, it seems she has the most trouble being honest with things that make her seem nice, like this tea party.

– Speaking of which, Mint invited her friends for legit reasons and scheduled a private special tea party just for them, perhaps even because she knew they might be uncomfortable in the larger fancy setting. Mint gets major props in this episode.


I thought I’d dislike this episode because it’s Mint-centric and I was not looking forward to the fancy environment or Kanna, but it was actually really good.

Mint is the most tolerable she’s ever been. In fact, she’s been pretty….awesome? She did a nice thing for her friends out of nowhere, she even seemingly cared much more about the private tea party than she did the big fancy rich person one. She developed as a character by having disdain for someone she finds similar to how she used to be before she met the other Mews. She took initiative in protecting the people at the party and Kanna, no matter how much she annoyed her. She was blunt with Kanna without being a bitch, and she even managed to get to do something in the final battle.

Her character arc, if you will, went full-circle by showing Kanna the way to true friendship and leading her away from the synthetic rich person’s social life. We also got some cute moments with her and Zakuro. They were subtle, but Zakuro gave some small smiles that indicate that she’s proud of how much Mint has matured.

Kanna was much less annoying than I had feared. She’s more flashy than she is condescending and there were only a few instances where she seemed bitchy. Kanna seems like a nice enough girl. She just feels she has to put on this loud boisterous persona in order to get attention or be liked.

Even the Chimera Animal and the other girls were much more properly fit into the story than they have been lately.

Only a few things noticeably irked me, and they were pretty much the norm at this point. The Mew Aqua detection was laughably written, we’re just throwing the secret identity thing out the window, The Blue Knight was completely unnecessary and took the flow of the episode way off, Ichigo got the final attack again and Mint didn’t even get the pre-final blow to herself.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Good job, writers! You got me to like Mint! Whoo! I’m proud of you! Keep it up!….Please.

Next episode, Pudding’s engaged to a fully grown man?! Martial arts?! Her daddy’s talked about again?! Outdated marriage traditions!? Gasp!

….Previous Episode

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 21 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Mint is plagued by nightmares that make her increasingly annoyed with Ichigo’s attitude about their job. They get into more intense fights than usual until Mint snaps and leaves the team. Zakuro resorts to extreme measures to get her to come to an understanding while Kisshu and the other aliens try out Mew Aqua for themselves.


We get a couple of shots inserted at the very beginning. To show the audience that this is indeed a dream sequence, 4Kids adds in a shot of Corina’s house as well as her sleeping in bed before we cut to the dream.

The parakeet in Mint’s dream doesn’t actually talk. It just chirps and Mint can somehow determine what it’s saying.

Parakeet: “You must fly.”

Corina: “No. I’m only a girl. It’s not possible.”

Yeah, if she was a boy or at least drinking Red Bull, she’d be able to!

Also, why is it impossible? She gains her powers from a bird and has wings when she transforms. First Lettuce is all ‘I can’t swim despite having porpoise powers!’ now this? Okay, that’s quite bit different, but still.

Mint just yells “No, nooooooo!” as she flies up. Corina keeps yelling that she’s falling even though the shot clearly showed her floating up and the way the clouds were dispersing indicates that she was indeed flying not falling.

After Mint’s dream, she sits up in bed and just stares quietly for a bit before lightly bopping herself on the head. This is cut.


Ichigo is rushing around talking to a bunch of customers whereas Zoey is bragging about how much work she just did. Also, they remove half of the scene.


Ichigo is unimpressed by Pudding failing to balance on the ball. Zoey says they just waxed the floors, which caused Kiki to fall.

Ichigo is amazed by Lettuce’s ‘skill’ in balancing a bunch of food and plates she was about to drop. Pudding then tells Lettuce to keep up her posture perfectly to ensure that nothing falls. Zoey tells Bridget they have enough performers in the café, and Kiki tells Bridget to stop muscling in on her act.

They remove a shot of the wall that was used as a cutaway while Lettuce dropped the plates. In the dub, she also doesn’t drop the plates.

Zakuro says there was a tip for ‘Show Time’ of ten yen then revises it to five. Renee says there was a ten percent tip for entertainment and it was given to Bridget, which is weird because that literally happened a second ago.

They replace an outer shot of the café with a shot of their ‘closed’ sign.

Mint brings up the fact that Ichigo was late that day as retaliation for her complaining about not doing work. Ichigo says she may be human but she has the spirit of a cat, which I guess means she was lazy or slept in or something. This is changed to Corina saying she has “An aversion to customer service.” A small shot of Ichigo looking away to make her excuse is also removed.


The next scene is….basically the same, but there are shots of the café that are removed while Mint’s talking in an extended monologue. Also, Mint says that she’s actually more responsible than Ichigo because she’s always early while Ichigo’s always late due to the fact that the café acts as a cover for their superheroing, thus it’s not the work at the café that matters it’s being there early in case trouble starts.

Ichigo, for some reason, mocks Mint by asking if guys make her weak all over. Zoey mocks her by mimicking her saying ‘I’m so fabulous!’

The Mew Aqua (IE Magical substance of deus ex machina that everyone wants) is called….Blue Aqua….




Do they not know what Aqua mea—It’s blue! Okay, yes, the textbook definition is a green-ish blue color, but it’s still blue. They’re basically calling the stuff ‘Blue Blue’ What was wrong with Mew Aqua? I know 4Kids changes everything because ‘We can, now shut up and give us money’ but I just don’t get it. Did the translator mishear when Shirogane said ‘Mew’ or what? It’s not like the actual substance is blue either; it’s clear/white, so this makes even less sense.

Zoey: “Blue Aqua? Isn’t that redundant?”

Elliot: “Perhaps. But it’s the best we could do on short notice.”



You know, sometimes I have these moments when I’m doing these comparisons when I no longer hear the characters speaking. I feel like the 4Kids’ staff had a small conversation, transcribed it and made the characters’ VAs say the lines to put in the show for no reason than to screw with some people because that is just enraging to me. Here’s what’s actually going on here.

Writer: “Okay, the name of this stuff in the original version is ‘Mew Aqua’”

4Kids’ Exec: “Change it.”

W: “Why?”

E: “Just do it. For funsies.”

W: “How long do we have?”

E: “15 seconds.”

W: “Uh.”

E: “Time’s up. Whatcha got?”

W: “……Uh….Blue Aqua?”

E: “Blue Aqua? Isn’t that redundant?”

W: “Perhaps. But it’s the best we could do on short notice.”

Seems silly at first, but is perfectly believable given the circumstances isn’t it? Either that or they purposely changed the name to make that ‘joke,’ and I’m honestly not sure which is worse.

Mew Aqua is just crystalline water with such a high purity that it somehow has healing properties and other abilities. Blue Aqua is just a “mysterious magic substance with all sorts of magical properties.”

And upon hearing this, Corina says this.

“Magical properties? Seems pretty out there if you ask me.”

You are a group of girls given magic powers by somehow temporarily fusing your DNA with that of animals, your weapons are musical instruments for whatever reasons, and you’re destined to fight aliens who make monsters by fusing animals with aliens and the souls of humans with that of aliens. Your friend sprouts cat ears and a tail on a regular basis. Your other friend turned into a mermaid a couple weeks ago. Why is this so ‘out there’?

Shirogane just says that Lettuce was somehow influenced by Mew Aqua that time at the beach. Elliot says the same thing but adds that they’ll all eventually be able to have a higher level of transforming soon with Blue Aqua. Pfft. I wish. The other girls never get crap for powers or abilities, and Ichigo can transform into a cat just by getting all flustered.

The larger crystalline form of Mew Aqua doesn’t get a name in the original. In the dub, Elliot calls it Blue Aqua Crystal. I would’ve called it Blue Aqua Sapphire myself. Really driver home the redundancy.

Shirogane states that the Mew Aqua has the power to alter the earth’s form. Elliot again states the stuff about increasing their power to fight the cyniclons.

We get a close up of Mint clenching her hands before the scene changes. In the dub, we just repeat the shot of Mint’s worried face, but this time we get a quick zoom in because it’s all intense.

A further shot of Ichigo at the pond is removed.

Ichigo doesn’t make a lame joke about duck-sitting (Get it? Sitting duck? Hahaha……no seriously, that’s the joke she says. Even the laughter is in there.) like Zoey does.

Ichigo doesn’t ask Aoyama to keep the Mew Aqua thing a secret like Zoey does to Mark. Wouldn’t he wonder why it would need to be a secret anyway?

Aoyama’s speech is shortened…and it’s obviously dumbed up/preachified.

Mark doesn’t explain that what he has in his hands are arm bands for volunteers that pick up litter. He says he’s helping the environment by using what’s in his hand, but with the art you can’t tell what it is so you’re left wondering why this thing helps Mark with trash collecting. To be honest, it doesn’t even look like arm bands.

We originally cut from Ichigo and Aoyama to the café. In the dub, they place a scene with Dren and the other aliens talking before we cut back to the café.

The first conversation’s roughly the same. When we get to Kisshu, he explains they he found some Mew Aqua at the beach, and it’s something that the aliens already know of. Not only that, but they state that it’s responsible for the evolution of nature and humanity – because science. In the dub, Dren just talks about how he’s gazing dreamily at his bottle of ‘Blue Aqua’.

How’d he know the name? He didn’t. He claims he named it himself. Apparently the characters on this show have the creativity of my dog’s slobber. And not only that, but Sardon makes the same ‘Isn’t that redundant?’ joke from before. A joke so nice they did it twice. Support’s going pretty hard for the ‘They gave it a dumb name for the sake of an even dumber joke’ thing. Although, can I be honest? I really think that they misheard “Mew” as “Blue” and all of this “Isn’t that redundant?” stuff is trying to make fun of the original without realizing their own mistake….

In the original, Pai is reacting because he knows of Mew Aqua and wants to know why Deep Blue wasn’t informed.

Kisshu tells the others that they should try out the Mew Aqua to impress Deep Blue. Dren says he wants to keep it a secret from Deep Blue, which is something Pai/Sardon would not do but whatever.

Mint brings up the stuff she talked about earlier in regards to being at the café in case something happened. Ichigo says nothing happened so it doesn’t matter. Corina is enraged that Zoey would go off on a date with her boyfriend and blame it on ‘some daffy duckling.’ I’m convinced they’ve stopped trying with these jokes. Then Zoey tells her not to have ‘a hissy.’

God, 4Kids, what’s with the soap opera music when Renee tells Corina to drop it? Also, Zakuro merely tells her to calm down there.

The next scene in the original is the scene with the aliens, so we cut straight back to the café after the dub’s commercial break instead.

By the way, considering the Japanese commercial is right after the scene with the aliens….wouldn’t it have been better, suspense-wise, to leave it as-is? Wasn’t 4Kids all about making tension before the commercial?

Ichigo says that a package being delivered directly to the cafe is weird and tells Lettuce to check it out. Zoey says it’s probably the milk delivery and to tell the delivery guy that the half and half was lumpy.

Ichigo doesn’t say that whatever’s in the box is probably expensive and ‘snooty’ like Zoey does. Also, Pudding’s super excited because she believes candy is in the box, not something expensive.

Ichigo just says that she doesn’t know what they can do about Mint as things may have just gone too far this time. Zoey says that she’s believed for a while that Mint is on-edge and afraid of something.

After we cut to Pudding crying about Mint’s supposed resignation, she cuts the tension by saying if Mint leaves she’ll have no one else to play with. Ichigo falls over comically and then Lettuce points out that Pudding’s just a child, and both Pudding and Ichigo fall over comically. All of this is removed.


Because the scene is removed, the rest of it stays entirely serious in the dub.

Text is again removed from Akasaka’s computer.

Wesley: “If the aliens witnessed the transformation then surely they must–”

Elliot: “Don’t worry. They’re up to something.”

Yes, Wesley, don’t worry that the aliens might be planning something. I know they’re planning something.

Minor nitpick: Shirogane’s not the one who suggests eating lunch. In fact, the point is made that he’s too engrossed in his work with Mew Aqua and what the aliens might be planning to take a break at all.

Major Nitpick: Akasaka just says he’ll make some sandwiches for them. Wesley says he’ll make Elliot a turkey….mewwich……A mewwich…..mew…..wich….Must retain sanity…only….five more….episodes….

Shirogane laments that he doesn’t have enough info to do anything productive. Elliot laments that he’s getting turkey again. This is said like it’s a joke, but there’s no setup. It’s not like they work in a turkey restaurant. I don’t even understand why they’d seemingly have an abundance of turkey in a café that seems to serve nothing but desserts and tea (And health shakes for some reason) anyway.

Zakuro knocks. Renee doesn’t. In fact, Elliot basically senses her presence somehow.

Zakuro talks about how Mint has seen and experienced a lot, and she believes that she may be overworked. In the dub, she talks about how they’re all a team, and they just aren’t as strong when they’re not all together.

Shirogane asks if Zakuro is really a high school girl. Zakuro smiles and says it’s best not to question a girl’s age. Elliot says Renee’s a real team player after all, and she asks him to keep that fact between them.

A shot of the ‘closed’ sign is removed probably because they already used the shot somewhere it wasn’t meant to be.

When Ichigo says they should all go to Mint’s house, Lettuce’s expression gets all goofy and happy as she says Ichigo’s name. This is removed.


Elliot: “Those hoodlums are out to steal the Blue Aqua!” Hoodlums?! You’re getting your oldness on the show again, 4Kids.

In the original, they basically skip Pudding, Lettuce and Ichigo’s transformations entirely. They say their transformation prompts and then we transition to Ichigo transformed, under the assumption the others did too.

In the dub, they do a mashup of Zoey, Bridget and Kiki’s transformations with small cut in scenes at the end to allow them to play the whole ‘Supernatural’ song clip. Oddly, they even throw in a clip of Zoey doing her Strawberry Bell attack at the end, which is weird, because they’re not fighting yet.

The shot of Mint sleeping that was inserted in the very first scene is taken from this point….and they repeat it. I guess she’s REALLY comfortable in that position.

A shot of Mint’s window is removed. Also, Mint goes out on her balcony because she hears something. Corina goes out just because.

The back and forth between Mint and Zakuro is basically the same, but mentions of people dying and saying it doesn’t matter then if Mint dies now are obviously removed. The sentiment is basically kept though. I will say that Corina’s acting more selfish than Mint is.

Kisshu just notices something odd about the Mew Aqua but they don’t say what it is. In the dub, Sardon says it’s a more crystallized version…..but it’s a bubble so I dunno.

Ichigo says creating earthquakes underground will make subway workers mad. Zoey says she always knew they were vermin and now they’re working underground like rats.

*gasp* They didn’t do the motto again!


Maybe that motto is actually so awful that even 4Kids doesn’t want to do it anymore.

Wow, 4Kids & Studio Pierrot. Nice job on Zakuro’s face/some of her face redrawn when they got rid of the cross design of her whip.


I’ll go buy some Cheetos, she’ll probably get the munchies soon.

This whole thing with Zakuro attacking Mint was proving to her that there is a reason to fight. She cares about the lives of those precious to her, thus her fight is not useless. The dub continues on with Corina being scared of something and her admitting it.

Zakuro says, as I stated, that she’s finally found a reason to fight. She compares Mint to Ichigo in stating that, while they may think differently, they both always look ahead. Renee says it doesn’t matter that she’s scared. They all are. But that’s not a good enough reason to leave. She used the attack as a means to show her how it would be to fight an enemy on her own instead of with her team……So….you made her conquer her fears….by trying to kill her. Good job?

Nice record scratch 4Kids. Send me a postcard from Romantic Comedy Trailer Land.

Mint just thinks to herself “I am” over and over while Corina thinks to herself that she won’t be afraid.

Scene shifts, hooray. I am actually being kinda serious, because, believe it or not, I like what 4Kids did here.

In the original, we see Ichigo preparing her attack, and, for a split second, we see a split screen of Pudding and Lettuce just barely getting in a second of their attacks, and then Ichigo finishes her attack. In the dub, we start off with Bridget’s full attack, then Kiki’s, we see the effects on the monster and then Zoey starts her attack. I like this because the series has a nasty habit of excluding or downplaying the other girls barring Ichigo so it’s actually nice when 4Kids decides to give them more spotlight, no matter what the actual reason behind it is.

Pai is unimpressed with Mew Aqua’s powers, but Kisshu says that what they found wasn’t actually the real deal. It was another crystalline material that only gave a glimpse to what Mew Aqua can do…..What this material is and why it has properties similar to Mew Aqua is never explained, but whatever. Sardon says their hunt for Blue Aqua is off to a bad start, but Dren says it’s no problem because he still has his stash from earlier.

In the original, they’re talking about the silk of their pajamas, not wallpaper. Also, Ichigo asks if Mint’s been sleeping in the huge bedroom they’re in the whole time, but she quietly states to herself that Zakuro destroyed her actual room. Also, they’ve been to her house several times. They should know what her actual room looks like. In the dub, Zoey suggests that they make s’mores, and Corina quietly says to herself that she doesn’t know what those are….Seriously? I thought you were a true American. From America…..In America. Zoey then asks who she’s talking to, which I guess is supposed to be her breaking the fourth wall considering Corina’s kinda angled toward the audience but not really. Thus another dub joke that fails.

There’s a slow motion shot of Ichigo flying towards Mint to hug her for being back to normal that’s removed from the dub. Hugs are bad. M’kay?


Another of Zakuro’s cross necklaces is censored.

Zakuro tells Miki that he put on good show, implying that she made a plan with Miki to put him in ‘danger’ to help Mint snap out of it. It also implies that Zakuro can talk to dogs. In the dub, Renee verbally rolls her eyes at the girls having a pillow fight and for some reason gives a thumbs up to Micky when she says “Sleepovers are so 13.” …..So 13? I think 4Kids is making up their own slang now. Also, this obviously means the implications of this scene are entirely gone from the dub.

The ending monologue by Ichigo is about how the pillow fight made them forget their worries and how they seemed to fly off with the feathers. The dub is explaining that Corina and Zoey are friends again, she’s back with the team, teamwork, friends yay.


This episode is….confusing. It’s obviously not the one where it’s implied that Mint can talk to birds, which I could’ve sworn it was. But beyond that….I don’t really get it. What was the dream about? In either version?

Flying? Okay. She never flew. Are you being metaphoric? Because, bitch, you a bird.

She’s overworked? Since when? She’s lazy as hell.

Is it the emotional toll of their responsibilities? I guess I can get that.

She thinks the fight is useless? Why? Since when? If not for the sake of saving the planet, completing their mission would also mean they’d never have to do Mew stuff again.

Dub-wise, though, why would she be just getting scared now? Because of the Blue Aqua factor? Why would she think that leaving her team would quell her fear? Oh yeah, you face that alien invasion without a team. I’m sure you’d be fine. Maybe I’m missing something, maybe I can’t wrap my head around the real message here. I dunno.

Other than that, the episode was pretty blah. I’m not that interested in Mint-centric episodes anyway, but this was particularly bland outside of the implication that Zakuro can now talk to dogs….something I don’t think is ever brought up again, in the anime anyway.

Next episode, it’s the end of summer and….I guess that means filler.

…Previous Episode

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 3 (2 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo has been recruited to work in a café that is run by Shirogane and Akasaka and acts as their Mew Mew base. They tell her that she’ll need to find the other girls that were selected for the Mew project in order to help complete their mission. Along the way, Ichigo discovers a rich ballerina named Mint who turns out to be one of the Mews.


After Akasaka and Shirogane show Ichigo the café, Akasaka tells her that Aoyama was brought home safely from yesterday’s attack. She expresses happiness and gratitude at this. In the dub, Wesley explains that the café is her new place of employment, she awkwardly asks what that means, and Elliot says it’s not like she has a choice.

As she looks over the cafe, Ichigo says that it’s a beautiful store in a sincere tone. In the dub, she basically makes fun of the guys for making such a girly looking cafe.

A shot of the ceiling is cut out before we cut back to Shirogane and Akasaka talking in the dark.

In the original, Akasaka says that Professor Shirogane, Ryou’s father, would’ve been proud of Ryou’s progress in the Mew Project. Ryou responds that he wishes he could’ve lived to see it come to fruition. In the dub, they just say that the project’s underway. No mention of Elliot’s father or his death.

In the original, after Akasaka compliments Ichigo on how she looks, Ryou says that it’s just because the uniform was designed so well, and Ichigo yells at him. In the dub, Elliot basically does say that she looks cute, but Zoey gets mad at him anyway.

The name for the Chimera Animals in the dub is predasites (I assume the name means predatory parasites) – animals that have been taken over by aliens called infusors. In the original, the aliens that take them over aren’t named.

In the original, Ichigo freaks out because she’s going to slowly become more cat-like. In the dub, she freaks out because she can’t catch the school bus but they want her to save the world.

Text is removed from the various daydream magazines that appear as Wesley explains how adored she’ll be as a Mew.



Our first glimpse of a Mew mark in the dub, we see Zoey’s as Elliot explains the marks to her. Like I said before, they’re edited out quite often for no reason, but when they need to show them, they’re sometimes edited. Ichigo’s mark is on her upper thigh whereas Zoey’s is lower down around the knee. I guess this is to divert attention away from her crotch.



In the original, Akasaka coaxes Ichigo into working at the café on the promise that she can eat as many cakes and pastries as she wants. Since she loves cakes, she gushes at the idea but soon freaks out again because she’s trying to take all of this in.

In the dub, Wesley coaxes her into working there by calling her a superhero. Zoey gushes at the idea of being a superhero, saying that Mark will be so impressed, but quickly freaks out because she thinks that Mark will instead think that she’s a freak.

Wow, the voice of Deep Blue in the dub is ech. I know WHY he has that voice, but still.

Uh, Mint’s grandmother says to please excuse Miki and says that Miki ran out of the car to play. In the dub, Corina’s grandmother says that Micky (sounds more like Micky than Miki in the dub) jumped out of the window to ‘play with the street urchin.’ OUCH. What did she do to warrant that? Geez.

Also, in the original, there’s more subtlety to how Mint acts. In the original, she just scolds Miki for running off, politely apologizes to Ichigo, and offers her a handkerchief to wipe off her face after Miki licked it. When Ichigo comments on how soft it is, Mint says that it’s silk and adds “What? Don’t you know what silk is?” She then says that she can have it before they drive away.

In the dub, due to the line from her grandma, Corina repeats the insult and adds that she’ll have to give Micky a bath because he played with Zoey, telling Zoey that she can keep the handkerchief because she’s ‘sullied it’ with her face and, because of that, she can’t possibly touch it. This coupled with her incredibly snotty voice acting and tone, there’s no underlying act at all. You know from the instant she gets on the scene that she’s a snobby bitch.

Masha originally tells Ichigo that he must’ve made a mistake by saying there was an alien presence when it was just the dog. In the dub, Mini-mew just repeats what Zoey says about Corina being a jerk.

Some of the scene between Aoyama and Ichigo is cut out. Just a small scene where Ichigo makes conversation before she brings up the bruise. The way it’s edited in the dub, it makes it seem like Mark couldn’t help but notice Zoey staring intently at his bruise.

In the original, after Ichigo drops her bag, she comes to the realization that Aoyama must’ve gotten the bruise from yesterday’s attack, not kendo like he stated. Then she blushes and thinks to herself that she’s sorry for what happened to him and that she loves him very much.

In the dub, Mark is talking over this whole scene about Zoey acting weird and saying that she can always come to him with anything. She never blushes or thinks anything to herself and never comes to the realization that Mark was hurt in yesterday’s attack.

I don’t really think I have to mention that Mark’s tangent about having a substitute teacher that looks just like a lizard is made up by 4Kids, right? In fact, that’s really against Aoyama’s nature to not only make fun of someone but to talk about others behind their backs. In the original scene, he’s quiet as he picks up Ichigo’s stuff.

When Aoyama lifts his head up in response to Ichigo screaming, his hair and eyes are different colors than what they’re supposed to be. He’s supposed to have black hair with brown eyes, but in this shot he has brown hair and gray eyes. This is prevalent in both versions, but it’s such a closeup that lasts for so long that it seems odd that it never got fixed.

In the original, Ichigo distracts Aoyama by telling him that there’s an alien in another direction. In the dub, this is changed to a spider. To be fair, 4Kids’ explanation seems more believable.

Text on Shirogane’s magazine is edited away in the dub. Also…..Noodle Magazine? What?



In the original, Ichigo gets upset because she can’t find her companions and doesn’t want to fight alone. In the dub, she worries about what Mark would think about her cat tail and ears and asks what other stuff might happen to her.

A banner behind Mint at her recital is edited out.



In the original, Ichigo finally names Masha as she’s sitting on a bench thinking. She names him Masha after Aoyama as his first name is Masaya, and she gushes about how she’s happy just saying his name.

In the dub, since Zoey already named Mini-mew when they first met, this scene is changed to her thinking that she should put a posting on the internet to look for her companions that says “freak girl who turns in animals” or something. As Mini-mew repeats what she says she gushes over him, likely not being able to understand her at all and says he’s cute. To be fair, Mark could’ve actually worked as being inspiration for the name Masha (MA-sha. MA-rk) but 4Kids decided to throw creativity out the window.

There’s no mention of needing to go to bed to get up early for a recital or being tired from the performance for the less fortunate in the original. Mint just states that it’s rude to come into someone’s house and run about everywhere and tells Ichigo that it’s better for her to leave.

Mint originally tells Miki to stay away from ‘that vulgar girl’ when Ichigo apologizes. In the dub, Corina tells Zoey to not pet her dog because she doesn’t want to wash Micky for a second time that night. You do realize that she pet him a minute ago and you said nothing then.

In the original, Ichigo asks how Masha detects a Chimera Animal if there was no signs of it in the house. Masha says the mutation was incomplete and thus was too difficult to detect. In the dub, there’s no mention of this. Just “Danger, Danger” (Danger, Will Robinson. Danger) and “Predasite alert”

Can I just say that it is glaringly apparent that Corina’s VA cannot mask that she’s an adult in her screams? Not only are the screams awful, but it’s very obvious that the screams are being made by someone in her thirties, not 13.

In the original, the Mew motto doesn’t happen until after Ichigo has stood in front of Mint and told the alien to release Miki. In the dub, it’s right after she transforms…..I honestly don’t know if I can hear about 20 or so “Mew Mew style, mew mew–” I can’t even complete that. It’s physically hurting me.

Mew Mark Alert: We need to see Mint’s mew mark on her back in order to know that she’s a Mew Mew.

Transformation Breakdown: This time we’re tackling Mint’s. Here are the subsequent edits.

Mint in front of the DNA strands is gone.

Most of her dance is gone.

Her putting her power pendant to her back to grow wings is gone.

Her signature pose, as Ichigo’s, is also edited away. I still don’t know why that is. What’s wrong with the poses?

Also, they don’t have Corina say anything as she transforms. She’s originally says “Mew Mew Mint, Metamorphosis!” Dub wise, this would still be “Power pendant, Mewtamorphosis” but she says nothing.

Weapon Name Change: Mint Arrow is changed to Heart Arrow. Something else I don’t understand. Zoey’s weapon is still the Strawberry Bell despite her not having a name that means ‘strawberry’ anymore. Why couldn’t they have kept her weapon as Mint Arrow for her mint blue colors or something? Heart Arrow. Yeah, you go get ’em, Cupid.

Attack Name Change: Ribbon Mint Echo is changed to…..nothing. Really. They say nothing in the dub. I guess Heart arrow is also the name of her attack.

In the original, Mint thanks Ichigo for saving Miki, and Ichigo thinks that she’s a nice girl after all. In the dub, she says she’s sorry for how she acted before and says there’s no excuse for it. Zoey doesn’t have any inner monologue in this scene. As Zoey tries to shake hands at finally becoming friends, Corina says she was sorry for hesitating in battle and has no intentions of being friends. Originally, she did say that she has no intentions on being friends with someone as vulgar as her, but she doesn’t apologize for anything.

The menu is edited to make the menu items into squiggles. I’ll have one order of scribble with a side of unnecessary editing, please.



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