The Salty Anime Challenge Day 4: The First Anime You Hated And/Or Dropped

Yikes. You’re going to make me trudge into ‘Goddamn, I’m old’ territory and look up…..My first reviews.

And I mean like the old old stuff that hasn’t even seen the Madhouse.

I do believe that honor goes to the dumpster fire that is School Days.

I don’t have much left to say about this series that hasn’t already been said by others or I haven’t personally said. At the bare bones, it’s a stupid harem anime with one of the worst main characters ever.

But when you really get down to it, School Days is just mean-spirited and makes you feel awful for watching it.

Admittedly, back in the day, I said I gave it some points for being so ridiculously over dramatized and stupid that it had some entertainment value in that regard. However, now that I am far more schooled (no pun intended) on anime, the series as a whole isn’t ridiculously over dramatized enough to stand out that much. It just decided to have the main character actually sleep with all of these girls as opposed to just wacky ecchi shenanigans or making out.

When you get down to it, though this show is really only remembered for the batshit ending.

Let me save you a headache for those who haven’t watched it. Sekai, Kotonoha and Makoto are in a love triangle. Makoto’s a dick to both of them and cheats on both of them without a care in the world, but ultimately chooses Kotonoha because he felt bad for emotionally breaking her through his dickishness (and she got raped by his best friend, but this doesn’t even seem like it’s a real plot point at all) Sekai is pregnant with Makoto’s kid, but maybe not. She doesn’t take being dumped well, so she viciously stabs him to death.

Kotonoha finds his body, beheads him, kills Sekai, slices up her body to prove she’s not pregnant (or maybe was?) then spends her last days on a raft in the middle of the ocean while clutching the severed head of Makoto.

Got all that? Good.

The ending catches people off guard because nothing alludes to it beforehand. It’s a brutal, bloody murder followed by another brutal, bloody murder in the tail end of a harem anime. Granted, the games have several bloody bad ends, so this might not have been a shock to people who had played the (Hentai) games before, but still.

Either that, or people were cheering their heads off that Makoto was killed at the end because he was such a massive douchewhistle. Bonus points for Sekai for some, though that might be controversial if she was indeed pregnant (they never made that clear.)

Then there’s the controversy that sprung around it back when it was first released. In many versions of the series, the blood is painted black to censor it so it looks like Makoto bleeds oil (I wouldn’t be surprised to be honest). They censored it because the ending episodes were being released right as a string of murders were happening in Japan. Upon first release, they didn’t even show the episode and instead showed some clips of boats – which is what spawned the ‘Nice boat’ meme.

If you ignore the ending, all the series is about is Makoto banging most of the cast of female characters and giving zero shits about who he hurts. You’re constantly wondering why Makoto is so highly sought after when he has absolutely no redeeming traits, and around every corner there’s someone else being a dick to someone. You root for no one. You like no one. And past me was overtly generous to give it a 2/5 score. I may have been easy on it in the original review, but I definitely believe this was the first anime I ever really hated, especially as time went on.

Sacred Seven Review

Sacred Seven

Plot: Alma Tandoji is a normal teenager living a normal life until a girl named Ruri Alba knocks on his door to recruit him as a warrior. She reveals that he holds the power of the Sacred Seven within him. He is the only one able to save the world from the power of the Darkstones. Despite being reluctant, he eventually joins her and her butler in their fight to save the world.

Please note that I dropped this show due to sheer mediocrity. Nothing is notable or memorable in this anime, at least from the three episodes I watched. This plot is overdone enough as it is (kid finds out he has powers and needs to save the world. Blah) but they add nothing to the table to make it unique.

They even have the random comic relief animal/object in the form of a small statue/mask thing. He even has the oh so unique name of Hellbrick. Because he’s made of (evil) darkstone. Dark-evil/Hell, stone-brick….Get it?

Even Tandoji in his powered up mode just looks like some weird mix between a Power Ranger and something out of S-Cry-ed.

We have a rich loli-esque character (Complete with cliche giant ribbons!…..What is with loli characters and giant ribbons?) named Ruri who makes a fine living providing exposition, being a love interest, and being stupid or useless besides buying stuff. Oh and she has a sister trapped in crystal or something.

It’s disturbing that she’s seemingly the love interest in this story. I don’t care how old she’s supposed to be, there’s no way she’s older than 10-12. Look at the poster! She only comes up to Tandoji’s butt!

Tandoji is your average lead from fantasy action anime. ‘I have powers? No way. I actually do? Holy crap! I don’t want to help you. Oh fine, I guess I will. The end.’ He doesn’t even go through the trials of learning his powers. Ruri unlocks them with her necklace and suddenly he knows how to do everything.

The butler is the only one who seems remotely memorable, but his character design is a little too close to Sebastian from Black Butler. Seriously, tell me I’m crazy. Look –

This is Makoto (The butler for Sacred Seven)

Makoto (Sacred Seven)

This is Sebastian –

Sebastian (Black Butler)

As for the enemies, they have the also oh so original names of the Darkstones. These powers come from stones/gems and the dark ones are bad. They’re about as memorable as they sound. I’ll give you three guesses as to what the good guys are called. I’ll give you a hint – the absolute first thing that comes to your head will be the correct answer.

The more I write this out, the more this seems like some ten-year-old’s project for a fiction writing class….

On the upside, the art is pretty nice. Some of the designs are awkward, but the lines, animation and coloring are eye-grabbing and crisp. The CGI’s fairly fake looking, though.

The music ranks from mediocre to awful. The opener’s music is on the worse side of the spectrum. The background visuals for it are creative, but the scenes being portrayed are as clichéd and mediocre as this series. Ooh the hero fights bad guys. Ooh action scene of him punching. And, of course, we can’t forget the main girl looking up into the sky and seeing the hero come down with his hand extended, then she grabs it, jumps into his arms and they fly off together. Why I haven’t seen that since Aladdin, Eureka 7, and every superhero comic book and/or movie ever made. The ending theme’s as mediocre as you can get.

Bottom Line: In the end, I can’t recommend this. It looks pretty. That’s about it. There are many more average boy-turned-hero stories that are way better than this.

Additional Information and Notes: Sacred Seven was produced by Sunrise, directed by Yoshimistu Ohashi and written by Shin Yoshida.

Episodes: 12

Year: 2011

Recommended Audience: There’s violence, might be moderate swearing. No nudity or sexual stuff that I could see from the first few episodes. 10+?

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