Ojamajo Doremi/Magical Doremi | Episode 6: A Liar’s First Friendship Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: The girls’ classmate, Nobuko, is a notorious liar. Doremi and Hazuki know this, but since Aiko is new, she’s unaware and falls for her lies. One lie goes over the line and enrages Aiko. Can Nobuko find it within herself to be honest for a change and make amends?


Both the pre-theme song cold open with a kid detective, later known as Nobuo, facing off against who will be revealed as the Bone Bone Army and the pre-title-card open with Doremi flying to get to school on time are removed.

Doremi says if she uses magic she’ll never be late to school anymore. Since they cut out her flying to get to school faster, they changed this to her saying she’s thinking of using magic to cheat on her math test tomorrow.

Hazuki responds by saying “What if someone sees you?” which makes Doremi freak out because she hadn’t thought of that. In the dub, Reanne responds by saying the test is actually today, which makes Dorie freak out because she hasn’t studied. I don’t get the dub because, if she was intending on using magic to cheat anyway, why does it matter when the test is or whether she studied or not?

Name Change: Nobuko Yokokawa is changed to Belinda Higgins.

Dorie: “You’ll believe anything, Ray.” Uhm….her name’s Reanne…..Is Ray a common shortening of Reanne?

Nobuko said the boys thought her hair was pretty. In the dub, she says they said she was totally cute and that one of them was thinking of asking her to the dance.

Text removal (The same text is also removed from Doremi’s book):



More text removed from the note. They also added “Patina” to the corner, so I don’t know why they didn’t just translate the entire text and write it in.



The idol Doremi was taking about was Norihiro. In the dub, he’s Randall. Also, she was talking about the look on his face not a backflip he did.

Likewise, the group Norihiro is from is called The Wonderfuls. In the dub, they’re the Three of Hearts. Dub has a better name, honestly.

Aiko likes Yutaka. In the dub, she likes Jefferson.

Hazuki likes Yukio. In the dub, she likes Chazz.

Nobuko says the girls are naive about The Wonderfuls and then goes on to explain bad “facts” about them to prove it.

– Norihiro is a cheapskate

– Yutaka has a mother complex

– Yukio sews in his spare time (and that’s a bad thing….because?)

In the dub, Belinda acts like she know more about the group than they do.

– Randall is a vegetarian

– Jefferson speaks French

– Chazz is a crybaby

Nobuko just says she’s a relative of Yutaka. In the dub, she claims Jefferson is her first cousin.

What is up with this shot of Aiko? She’s missing a pupil….

Hmm, I feel like this episode is meant to be a double moral. Nobuko needs to learn not to lie, and Aiko needs to learn it’s not nice to use people and claim they’re your friends when you’re just using them to get stuff you want….

Hazuki tells Aiko that Nobuko lied when she said she knew Mizuki, who is a famous manga artist. Doremi also says she lied about knowing the president of the United States. In the dub, Reanne says Belinda lied and said her dog knew how to read the newspaper. The second lie is kinda kept because Dorie claims Belinda said the president of the United States used to be her babysitter.

Doremi says her mom loves Nobuko’s adventure stories. Hazuki says she loves Nobuko’s story of the wounded man. In the dub, Dorie says she loves Belinda’s story about the grizzly bear, and Reanne says she loved the story of the carrot soup.

Doremi corrects Hazuki and says it was the story of the drunk man. In the dub, I guess as a really weird way of avoiding this mention of drunkenness, they claim the story of the carrot soup was one she told at lunch and they flash back to it. They remove a shot of a confused Aiko as a result, but it will be replaced after the flashback is over. I’m also pretty certain they loop the shot to make it last longer there.

The “flashback” to the carrot soup story is actually just the next scene playing out only it has that white flashback filter.

They remove a shot of Aiko reacting to the story Nobuko is telling some kid in their class.

In the story, Nobuko is talking about her grandfather. Belinda is talking about her great-grandfather.

I have no idea how this ever happened, but the rest of the story is left entirely alone. The only reason I say that so incredulously is because, even though it’s obviously a lie, it implies that Nobuko’s/Belinda’s granddad married and had sex with a living carrot.


No, I won’t give you context.

It won’t help, and it’s funnier this way.

The rest of the scene is cut off.

The text on the board was original Japanese writing. In the dub, it was changed to math equations.



4Kids – ruiner of jokes that are perfectly translatable. Nobuko collapses to the floor claiming she’s dizzy. Her classmate, Reika, irritatingly glares at her saying to not claim that when she’s clenching her stomach. In the dub, Belinda claims she has cramps, and her classmate, who doesn’t get a dub name, tells her to not be a drama queen.

Another joke gone, though this time I understand. Nobuko claims stomachaches are caused by the DNA in your stomach, and that DNA stands for “Doushitemo Nontonaku Atarui” which I guess translates to “always causing trouble somehow.” I don’t really see how 4Kids could have worked with this, so I’ll give them a pass here. Instead, they just say Belinda gets stomach cramps if she’s exposed to too much chalk dust.

Aiko tells Nobuko that she doesn’t need to hurry in getting the autograph. In the dub, she asks if Belinda will call or send an email to get it.

Nobuko claims her mom works at a TV station. In the dub, it’s a record label.

Okay, okay, okay……They’ve doing a decent-ish job at making Nobuko out to be a harmless liar. She makes up crazy stories, and once you realize she’s a total liar you just accept her antics and enjoy her stories, even if they’re kinda mean sometimes….


Aiko tells Nobuko that her mom’s gone (her parents are divorced, but she just says “My mom’s gone.”) and Nobuko’s response is to lie and say her dad probably died while adventuring…..That’s….just….a dick move. Even if you’re a kid, you have to understand that feigning empathy for a loved one’s death by lying and claiming your loved one also died is just a terrible thing to do. You’re essentially joking about their situation and/or using it to gain sympathy for yourself.

They turn it around later because Aiko encourages her to not give up hope that her dad’s still alive, so Nobuko tells Aiko to cheer up too…Yeah, Aiko, cheer up. You implied that your mother is dead and this serial liar just compared your situation to a ridiculous lie about her dad being lost in the jungle, possibly dead. Chin up, ol’ chap. This is one time 4Kids actually has a hand over the original because they make it clear that her parents are divorced. They don’t imply that her mom is dead. It’s still shitty to try and bond with someone over having an absent/missing parent when your parents are both fine, but at least it’s a tiny bit better in the dub.

Nobuko claimed her dad was a famous adventurer researching the Angkor ruins. Belinda claimed her dad was a scientist researching something about deadly rabbits.

Her dad went to Cambodia in the original whereas he went to Brazil in the dub. That’s uh….quite the locale change, there, 4Kids. Changed the country, continent AND hemisphere. Being extra today, are we?

There’s no mention of Nobuko’s father’s real occupation in the original. They just say he was at parents’ day. In the dub, they claim he’s an insurance salesman that they met at Belinda’s birthday party last month.

Mirabelle: “ARGH I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! She’d rather climb a tree and lie to you than stay on the ground and tell you the truth!” …..Wha…I mean, yeah, she obviously loves telling lies more than telling the truth but I don’t understand the tree part.

In the original, Aiko just yells that she thought Nobuko knew the difference between a good lie and a bad lie.

Aiko starts getting really angry when she hears the girls start praising Nobuko’s acting skills. In the dub, Reanne says “No offense, but whoever heard of a deadly rabbit?”

I dunno, this rabbit kills me all the time.

Dorie: “We told you that Belinda’s a Be-liar.” *sigh*

Also, in either version, they should be a bit annoyed in defense of their friend because, even if lies are to be expected of someone, lying about a parent being missing and possibly dead as a response to a friend telling you their mother is “gone” or their parents are divorced is still a dick move.

Name Change: Ms. Yuki is changed to Ms. Shannon.




Oh my god, they actually replaced the text in Nubuko’s book instead of just erasing it all. AND they bothered to have the writing look like a child’s handwriting. Good work, 4Kids.



The kid detective in Nobuko’s book is called Nobuo Takekawa. In the dub, he’s Slim Higgins.

In the original, Nobuo says if there are lost kittens in the north, he’ll find them, and if there are gangsters in the south he’ll beat them up. In the dub, Slim says he knows the secrets of the underworld and he has pledged to fight evil.

The Bone Bone Army is changed to the Bone Brothers.

The words on the bombs and the sign are removed.



The professor was originally named after Hazuki. In the dub, he’s Professor Rayner. They still make the connection that the characters are meant to be the same based solely on the fact that Rayner….I dunno. Starts with an R? The only other connections the two characters have are being smart and having glasses. Like I said, her name is REanee, not Rayanne or some other iteration. It would’ve made a lot more sense to just name the guy Professor Griffith as that’s Reanne’s last name.

Nobuko doesn’t do anything with Aiko’s name when she uses it for her character. In the dub, her name is Mira Bell, which is a lot more clever than what they did with Reanne.

I do have to ask why Aiko’s the only one who looks exactly the same as her character. Nobuko was genderflipped and got a detective-y outfit. Hazuki looks like a balding old scientist man. But outside of getting a hat and jacket Aiko looks no different.

Oh and Doremi is the dog, which I thought was very funny. In the original, her name is kept, but in the dub they change it to ‘Roary’ or ‘Rory.’

I get that this is a story written by a kid, but Aiko’s introduction was seemingly her first meeting with Nobuo. Why would she proclaim that they’re best friends at the end? I get that it’s a throwback to Aiko saying they were best friends in real life, but it’s still kinda weird. In the dub, they actually fix this by having Mira tell Slim to call her by her first name since they’re friends NOW. Stop making me praise 4Kids, please.

I love how they recognized their own characters immediately, even if they were drastically changed, but it took them until they were done reading the story to realize Nobuo was Nobuko/Belinda Higgins was Slim Higgins. It’s even weirder in the dub because most of their names were barely the same.

They omit a the first few clips of the flashbacks, showing Aiko proclaiming she and Nobuko are best friends now.

In the original, the last clip in the flashback is a closeup of the paper Nobuko was writing on with the line “Ain’t we best friends?” highlighted. In the dub, they completely omit this I guess because they didn’t keep the part about throwing back to the best friends line in Nobuko’s story.

Instead of showing them transforming one by one, the dub mashes all of their transformations together, using slightly different clips. Pointless change, but I have no problem with it. Considering all of their transformation sequences are exactly the same, unlike most magical girl shows, the original seems repetitive while the dub is quick and concise.

Dub Spell Change for Aiko:

Hair for hair,

Limb for limb

Turn me into detective Slim!

That’s actually not bad—Urgh….Praising 4Kids too much…..Urgghh….My soul can’t handle it.

Dub Spell Change for Doremi:

I wish that I could change this story

But for now I’ll be….

…The little dog, Rory.

That one’s really good. It’s clever and captures the same reluctance and unhappiness Doremi had – URGH! My soul! I’m going to have do an emergency SDC for an episode of One Piece if this praise doesn’t stop.

Dub Spell Change for Hazuki:

Give me a mustache and a giant brainer.

I can turn into Dr. Rainer!

Okay, phew. That one sucked. I feel a little better.

Give me a….giant brainer? I feel like that’s a euphemism, and I’m very uncomfortable.

No one was suggesting that Aiko lost her mind, like they do in the dub. They just say she’s very angry. Why would the dub change it to her being ‘crazy’?

You know who’s really crazy?…The girl who is strangely accepting of having a conversation with three real-life versions of characters she made up in a notebook that she doesn’t let anyone read.

Originally, Nobuko only bids goodbye to Nobuo. In the dub, she says goodbye to all of them, which is a little better and more respectful than the original.

So the lie wasn’t even for the sake of giving Aiko someone to empathize with so she’d feel better about her situation, even though they kinda make it seem like that was the intention – it was so she’d think they were more alike and they could develop a friendship over that. I’m trying really hard to not pick apart this plot because she’s just a kid and kids do this kind of stuff, they need to learn, but it’s just so messed up. Thank god Doremi and Hazuki cleared up this lie immediately. Imagine if she kept that up and then, suddenly, her dad appeared and Nobuko had to explain herself.

The cover of Nobuko’s book is changed.



Nobuko rejects Doremi’s suggestion that Doremi the dog is actually a princess under a spell, but she adds that the dog character has powers like the ability to run super fast and understand human speech. In the dub, she accepts Dorie’s interpretation of Rory but adds that she can do all sorts of dog tricks.


I may have gone a bit overboard with the nitpicking regarding the lie Nobuko told, but I did really enjoy this episode. It was cute and pretty funny. Chronic liar characters are really hard to make likable, and I think they did a pretty good job with Nobuko/Belinda. She’s a little annoying, particularly in the dub, but not that bad. And, from all I’ve read, she’s not a one-off character, so it won’t feel like it was a waste to have her character be one longing for friendship only to vanish into the ether after one episode.

I think the use of magic in this episode was creative, and I can give the realism regarding Nobuko/Belinda’s reaction a pass because, again, this is a young child. I think she should be old enough to be questioning this more, but eh.

The episode had a really good moral regarding lying and even properly establishing that some lies can be put to good use by simply making them fictional stories, but, sadly, they never brought up the fact that Aiko using Nobuko’s connections for her own benefit and making a ‘friendship’ out of that wasn’t right either. I truly believe they’re friends now, but their first interaction was her becoming best friends with Nobuko just because she promised to get Aiko an autograph.

My pride is swallowed for today – 4Kids did a decent job dubbing this episode. Still had to run myself ragged getting screencaps, but content-wise it wasn’t that bad. The changes they made were the norm for them, Japanese text and whatnot, and I am damn near baffled at how many changes they made that I actually liked or even preferred over the original.

The one change that gave me pause was the weird flashback thing. Why bother making that a flashback? I don’t get it.

Next episode, the girls have an important witch test coming up, but Doremi has to watch her little sister, Pop.

…Previous Episode 

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Ojamajo Doremi/Magical DoReMi: Episode 5 Sub/Dub Comparison

Plot: As the girls start selling a bunch of stuff in the store, they run into Kotake. When Doremi tries to find out why he’d shop in their store at all, she finds he’s keeping a secret and wishes to help him with it.


The quick clip before the opening theme is removed.

Oddly, this time 4Kids REMOVED the white fuzzy border for the flashback.



Aiko says they’ll get a lot of spheres if they sell a lot of stuff. Mirabelle says it’ll be no problem selling stuff at the shop because she could sell corn to a scarecrow on the fourth of July.

In the original, the theme song comes after the removed opening clip. In the dub, it’s after this flashback.

In the original, the title comes after the flashback. The dub never places a title.

A very long scene is cut. After the title screen, we see Doremi waking up early, her mother chewing out her father for wanting to go fishing instead of fixing the gutters. Pop comes out, commenting on the fight, then Doremi bursts through the house, rushing out the door to get to the shop. Her parents and Pop stand bewildered by the door wondering what got her up and going so early. Pop stands there in horror at the idea that she might have a boyfriend.

Hazuki says she hopes everything sells well. Reanne calculates that, should they sell everything they have, they’ll be able to buy 94 spell drops.

They digitally painted the store’s signs again, but I’m mostly making this note because this time not only did they leave in the fuzzy flashback border, but they also added in a white flash before the flashback

Since they brought this up in the dub, the original town in which the girls live is Misora, which translates to ‘Beautiful sky.’ In the dub, it’s the aptly named Port Mystic.

When the little bubbles with the girls’ faces pop up, Hazuki says “We made these magic goods with all of our hearts.” Reanne says “We have a gift and a spell card for every problem people might have.”

Doremi says “It’d be nice to sell a lot of them!” Dorie says “And every one of ‘em’s on sale!”

Aiko says “If they make everyone happy, that’d be the best!” Mirabelle says “We guarantee each item to be 100% magical!” Basically skewed from a largely heartfelt message about making people happy with things they made with their hearts and souls to mostly just a marketing message.

Aiko says “It’s already one o’clock.” In the dub, she says “I could go for a game of checkers. Got any?”

A little Japanese text is erased on the sign behind Hazuki.



They added another flash before and after the shots of the old store.

Obviously, all of Dela’s songs are changed. Since she practically does nothing but sing, they vary in terms of how much. I’ll note when there are big changes.

Name Change: Dela is changed to Conya.

They got rid of a little writing on the cash register. (It’s hard to make out with the quality of the dub files, but it’s on the big button in the lower right.)



Dela denies the girls a discount. In the dub, she says the given price includes a discount.

Dela says she’ll add the register to the bill for the magic clay the girls used to make the items. In the dub, she says she’ll get them started on a three-year payment plan.

They cut out Majorika sighing and yelling at the girls.

Hazuki says they have charms to bring happiness to people. Aiko then says they can just look around if they’re not interested in one specific thing. Reanne says they have items that can do your homework for you, and Mirabelle says they have magic socks that never get dirty.

A sign with ‘Maho’ on it is removed when Doremi is walking that couple to the shop. The paint job is so sloppy too. They don’t bother matching colors, and the painted parts are painfully obvious.



The woman says that charm is really cute and her boyfriend agrees. In the dub, she says it gives you good dreams and the guy says ‘Neato.’

Aiko says the item they’re looking at will make them love each other even more and she’ll sell it for 50 yen, which is roughly 50 cents. Mirabelle says the plate they’re looking at will make all the food they eat off of it taste like candy and she’ll sell it to them for five bucks.

Originally, the couple only takes one of the charms, but in the dub they take four of the plates.

Originally the boy wanted to buy the heart item anyway. In the dub, he asks how much it costs.

In the original, the item is 300 yen, or a little less than three dollars. In the dub, this is changed to eight dollars. Also, this is mirrored on the cash register.



The boy doesn’t say anything as he’s being rang up. In the dub, he says he’ll use that item to make the bullies stop picking on him.….Yeah, I’m so sure that when the bullies see your pink heart with angel wings toy, they’ll stop picking on you. Foolproof plan.

The receipt is changed, and they added a ‘protection spell’…I’d ding 4Kids more for that if I didn’t find it to be a kinda clever play on a ‘protection plan.’



The word ‘Maho’ is removed from the little placard.



Doremi is hilarious when she says that blob has the power to bring world peace. Dorie says the same thing, but in a not as funny manner.

Another flashback….flash added before and after the shot of the flier. I guess the fliers were mislabeled in the dub to say they were opening tomorrow. Not sure how they screwed that up. Also, who puts up fliers saying something’s happening ‘tomorrow’? If someone just picked up one of those fliers the next day they’d think the opening was the day after….

Doremi mentions that Hazuki and Aiko sold nearly everything they made. Dorie only mentions Mirabelle.

Another mention of the ‘world’s most unluckiest pretty girl’ is removed.

Doremi tauntingly asks Kotake if he’s interested in magic too. Kotake nervously says he’s not, he was just lost. In the dub, Dorie’s a bit meaner and asks if he’s looking for some magic that might give him a life. Todd nervously says he thought this place was a gym.

This might be a mistranslation, but Kotake calls the girls ‘retards’ for liking magic stuff. In the dub, he just laughs at them.

Doremi tells him they may be ‘retards’ but his stupid kind isn’t welcome here either. Kotake then asks her “What did you say?” while Doremi replies with “What?” In the dub, she says “Well, Todd, did you hear the one about the loser who said “Whatdyasay?” and he replies with “What’d you say?” and she says “Loser!” Would’ve worked better if he actually said ‘Whatdya say?’

Hazuki doesn’t mention what the pin does. Reanne says it gives you courage.

Doremi says she made the pin out of clay. In the dub, she says the pattern is supposed to be a dog. Truth be told, the dub works a little better.

In the original, the pin is 200 yen or a little less than two dollars. In the dub, it’s ten bucks, which is insanely overpriced for Doremi’s stuff, if you ask me.

They remove a kanji from a bus that is on screen for about three frames….



They’re completely illegible scribbles, but they remove ‘TEXT’ from a sign.



And again.






I swear….to god……4Kids…..erased….texture marks……(Window behind Kotake after Doremi denies following him)



….I’m speechless…..That is a new level of pointlessness. Are they really so used to erasing scribbles that they thought those texture marks were garbled text of some kind and couldn’t help themselves but remove it? Good lord….

Doremi says she wants to buy some juice. Kotake asks why she didn’t buy juice at the convenience store they just passed, and she says she likes the juice at the store up ahead better. In the dub, she says she was heading to a store, and Todd says they already passed the Loser Store. Dorie then asks why he’s not there because she heard they were having a half-price sale.

Two more signs.



Another sign, though this time replaced.



The milk carton’s painted.



Name Change: The Puppy is originally named ‘Pal.’ In the dub, she’s called Cookie.

Also……Pal is a boy dog…..Cookie is a girl dog……I….Don’t….Know….

Doremi just talks to herself saying she has to go get help when, suddenly, dirt starts pouring into the hole. In the dub, Dorie tries to save Todd by pressing a button, which causes the dirt to pour into the hole. At least the dub explains why dirt is suddenly pouring into the hole, but it makes Dorie kinda look like an idiot (what life-saving button did she think existed to get Todd out of that hole?)

This goes without saying, but Doremi doesn’t mention anything about this ‘buried alive’ situation as being similar to ‘that ice age guy (she) saw on TV.’

The spell this time is changed to: “(I honestly can’t understand the first couple of words) like a feather and light as a breeze, make that sand freeze!”

They basically kept in the word play, but Doremi originally tells the sand to harden, which makes it freeze. In the dub, she tells it to freeze, but she meant ‘stop.’ The dub makes more sense, actually.

Doremi says Kotake and Pal will die at this rate. In the dub, Dorie mentions the ice age guy again and says they’ll end up like them.

Ya know, recycling animation for things like transformations, item summoning etc. is very common in magical girl anime and is something I typically let pass, but this show causes a unique problem. Doremi’s spell drops are always full during the summoning of her wand, but she clearly has four when the new animation starts.

The next spell is changed to “Must be quiet, mustn’t shout. Come down, rope. Help me out!”

After that, the next spell becomes “I don’t really know what spell I should do, just make Todd safe and me too!”

A lyrical song is replaced when Doremi does her final spell.

It’s weird – her spell to save Todd works, but, in the dub, she specifically asks the spell to save her too yet it does nothing to help her out.

Another omission of the ‘World’s unluckiest pretty girl.’


Overall, I liked this episode. It was a nice story with some good character development for both Kotake and Doremi. I liked how they made Kotake a believable level of brat. He’s at his brattiest when facing off against Doremi, but seems pretty civil towards Aiko and Hazuki and also seems like he’s a nice enough kid deep down.

Even though some of her screwups are little farfetched, it was nice to see Doremi help Kotake…..even though, in the dub, she’s the reason they’re in danger, mostly, in the first place.

SDC-wise, there’s quite a bit of digital paint, and I am still flabbergasted that they erased those texture marks, but it’s not that bad. I may have taken 50 screencaps for this comparison, but a large bulk was just signs. Dorie’s made out to be a little brattier, but that’s it in regards to story changes.

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Ojamajo Doremi/Magical Doremi Episode 4 Sub/Dub Comparison

Plot: In an effort to keep Hazuki and Aiko from figuring out that she’s a witch, Doremi accidentally leaks the secret to them. Given no choice, Majorika turns them into witches too. Now needing more magical spheres than ever, Majorika recruits them to sell items in her store since only currency obtained by selling magical items can be used in the Witch World for magical spheres. While Majorika is away, the girls decide to completely renovate the shop the way they want it.


The sneak peak of the episode is removed.

The closeup of their feet is removed.

The face Doremi makes right before she yells at her friends is removed.

Entire Show Edit: The theme song is usually right after the preview for the episode in the original. In the dub, it’s usually right after the first scene.

Aiko describes Majorika as a tadpole and Lala laughs at her saying that. In the dub, Mirabelle says she saw two folks in the shop and Lorelai says ‘You can’t always believe your eyes.’….Obviously she can…because she saw you…and you exist.

Doremi refers to Majorika and her form as being a ‘witch frog’. In the dub, she keeps calling her a green blob.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but they specifically told Doremi at the start that if anyone found out her secret that she’d turn into a frog thing, right? Why did they change it to having a disclaimer of ‘only if you’re a full witch.’?

Aiko points out that it was Doremi who made her father disappear before. In the dub, she says she always thought there was something strange about Dorie.

Hazuki says Majorika doesn’t look like a witch. In the dub, she says she wants to analyze her in science class.

In the original, Doremi merely tells them what happened to turn Majorika into a frog thing. In the dub, they shoehorn in a flashback to when it happened. Also, apparently, dub-wise, it’s only been a few days since Dorie became a witchling, which is hard to believe if you ask me.

They cut out Hazuki attempting to point out that Doremi is a witch again and Majorika and Lala freaking out about it, saying she’ll definitely turn if she says it again…..What? How the hell does that work? Once you’re outed, you’re outed. Why is it, for witches in training anyway, that if you keep saying it, she’ll turn into a frog thing but not if you only say it once?

Aiko says she’d never let Doremi turn into a frog thing. Mirabelle says she can keep a secret because she never let her dad know where the dog buried the TV remote.

Majorika explains that she can’t risk Doremi’s secret being outed and her being turned into a frog, because, if that happens, she’ll be unable to turn back since she was the one who outed her. In the dub, she says Mirabelle and Reanne are of no use to her.

Hazuki just thinks to herself that she can get whatever she wants. In the dub, Reanne thinks she can make herself more popular.

Aiko originally says she could use her magic to give her dad more time to relax, which is a very selfless and kind thing to do. In the dub, she says she can use her magic to do all of her chores, which would be helping out her dad, but the wording implies that she’s doing it more for herself.

A shot of the girls’ backpacks is removed because of the commercial break in the dub.

Aiko and Hazuki originally call Doremi ‘Senpai’, which causes her to gush. In the dub, they just say that she’s so cool.

Majorika calls Doremi an Ojamajo and Aiko asks what she means. She then explains that it’s the word used to describe a troublesome witch apprentice. In the dub, Patina yells that she’s not getting any younger, Mirabelle asks why she’s so angry and she says it’s because she’s a green blob (and doesn’t want to put up with their BS while she’s trying to turn back.)

Aiko says ‘Pretty Witchy Aiko-chi’ In the dub, it’s the same ‘faladeiladongding’ blah, but it somehow sounds worse coming from her.

Majorika says she’s found ojamajo number two when Hazuki can’t put on the uniform in time. In the dub, she says “What are you lookin’ at me for!?”

Hazuki doesn’t say anything when she gets her uniform on. In the dub, she meekly says the ‘faladeila’ blah blah.

This line is kept the same, but they ruin it a bit on delivery. When it’s shown that Hazuki succeeded, Aiko and Doremi quietly say ‘Saaaaafffeee.’ In the dub, they just yell “Safe!”

Doremi says her typical magic words followed by ‘Big tasty steak, appear!’ In the dub, she says ‘Give me a break, and make a witch a steak!’ I think. Like always, the middle of it is mumbled so I don’t know for sure.

Wait a minute, why does it look like Aiko’s Peperuto Poron holds many more magical spheres than Doremi’s?

Hey, wait, Hazuki’s is the same blank baton-like Peperuto Poron as Aiko’s?…..Oh great. Leader gets something better looking because pbbbt she’s the leader. Bite me.

Dorie: “Their wobblers look a bit different than mine.” First off, thanks for pointing out this fact, even though it’s never explained why they’re different nor why they’re named different things but look exactly the same.

Second, uh, cut! Take 2? Wandalars, Ms. Palant. Wandalars. Not wobblers. I would say that Dorie is just being a moron, but she knows exactly what it is, what it’s called etc. In fact, she just gave the girls a lesson on their magical items mere moments ago – the ‘wandalar’ included.

Hey wait, the dub actually does give an explanation. In the original, Lala explains that the wands Aiko and Hazuki have are not the Peperuto Poron, but rather the Poppun Poron (Aiko’s) and Puwapuwa Poron (Hazuki’s). That doesn’t explain why they look different than Doremi’s nor why they’re identical to each other, but whatever. In the dub, Lorelai explains that Dorie’s wandalar is an earlier model. The one that looks cooler and seems more efficient is the earlier model? Also, you just said Dorie’s been a witch for a few days. They really came out with a new model wandalar in that short amount of time?

Hazuki’s magical words are Paipai ponpoi puwapuwa puu…..That sounds incredibly dumb to English ears. I’m just hearing pie and poo mixed together. In the dub, since all spells are just rhymes, Patina explains to Reanne that spell drops are very precious, so they should only use them when necessary. Reanne promises to do so.

Aiko’s spell is Pameruku laruku larilori poppun. Aiko has trouble remembering the words, and she and Majorika have a back and forth about it. In the dub, same issue, so this is changed to Patina calling Mirabelle ‘Hayseed’, a play on her last name of ‘Haywood’ (She was also called this by a kid in her class last episode). She then argues with her over calling her that.

This also makes a weird transition in the dub. Originally, Aiko finally thinks she has the spell down and wants to try to use a spell to make some takoyaki. In the dub, she had been arguing with Patina about the insult, saying she’s making her mad, then we suddenly skew to a happy tone and her saying she’ll make some biscuits and gravy.

Aiko says her magic words, which are obviously changed in the dub to “Forget the hominy grits, just make me some biscuits where she (Patina) sits!” Uh, how does the spell work for biscuits and gravy if you forget to include the gravy part in the spell?

Originally, they kinda explain why Aiko’s spell didn’t work. She produced yakitako (fried octopus) instead of takoyaki (octopus dumplings), supposedly because they are made up of the same sounds just flipped. However, that’s not what she said, so I don’t know how this screwed up. In the dub, she just points out that she messed up. I guess because 4Kids couldn’t think of anything clever to make up there to relate to biscuits and gravy.

Aiko tries over and over again to make the takoyaki while Majorika stews and says she’s also an ojamajo, then she blows up at Aiko for wasting magical spheres. Aiko stops and asks what magical spheres are, then she looks at her wand as Majorika explains. All of this is removed, and I don’t know why. Yeah, she brought up the spell drops in the dub already, but she can still point out that Mirabelle’s wasting them.

Praise be the Reanne, we have a character who friggin’ enunciates when she casts a spell in the dub.

Also, her original spell words are changed to ‘Dusty toy in dreadful store, scamper right across the floor!’

Doremi originally says she doesn’t care what she makes move, just to have anything move. In the dub, she says ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, spin around and please don’t fall!’

There’s also a lyrical song here in the original and it’s just regular BG music in the dub. Doesn’t matter much because the song seems out of place, especially if you listen to the lyrics.

Majorika tells Doremi to cancel her spell, and she says she never taught her how to cancel spells. In the dub, Patina tells her to stop the suit of armor, and Dorie says she doesn’t understand how she got it to move in the first place.

Majorika and Lala talk about forbidden magic. In the dub, they explain the fairy test.

Several parts of this conversation are removed, I guess because the subject was changed?

First, Majo Rika says to never use magic that brings back the dead. Doremi asks what happens if you do it by accident, and she responds that the user will likely die—Oh now I get this cut…Oh wait, no I don’t, because the subject was changed anyway so who cares?

Next, you’re not allowed to perform healing magic, something we’ve already seen in the first episode. When you use healing magic, the injury is transferred to you. They then have a brief flashback that references that.

The subject then changes to the fairy test, so we’re back on track. About a minute of footage removed for no real reason, however.

Uhm, why are the imagined fairies winking, have hearts above the heads and are in alluring poses?

How does Hazuki need magical spheres already? Aiko used a lot while trying to make takoyaki, and Doremi’s been a witch for a while so she might be low already, but we’ve only seen Hazuki do one spell.

The witch world is changed to Lunaverse. I actually like the dub’s name more again.

Doremi says triumphantly that Hazuki is the first ranked student in their class. Majorika bursts her bubble by pointing out that Doremi’s the last. In the dub, Dorie proclaims that they should have a half-price sale and Patina shoots her down.

Majorika says to go home and get some rest if they want to sell goods tomorrow. The girls then agree. In the dub, Patina says witchlings can only sell magical goods that they make. The girls then agree to make some.

The girls huddle and whisper that the shop’s out of fashion, making Majorika furious. In the dub, the girls huddle and mutter, making Patina yell out to be quiet….they’re quietly whispering in a huddle, and you can’t make out what they’re saying. Why is she getting so pissed about their volume?

They cut out Majorika reassembling the suit of armor, getting into her witch outfit and going to the Witch World.

Text is erased from the paint cans.



Doremi says it’s partially their shop now too, so they should be allowed to fix it up. In the dub, Dorie says with a snotty tone, “You don’t expect us to work in this dump the way that it is!”

I’m just now realizing how selfish and bratty these three are – particularly Dorie. She turns Patina into a frog, is given her greatest wish of being a witch in return, she doesn’t seem to give a crap about succeeding for the sake of Patina and only wants to use magic for herself. Then when she’s told she, Reanne and Mirabelle will have to actually work for the spell drops they keep using like water, they basically say ‘fuck it’ to Patina’s store, take it over and insult everything about it. Granted, Majorika/Patina is very abrasive, but I think she kinda has a right to be, given the situation Dorie put her in.

Lala says fixing up the shop sounds interesting, and Doremi and Hazuki happily respond. In the dub, Lorelai says Patina won’t like it and for some reason Dorie happily responds “Why is that?”

Lala then continues and says she agrees that the shop is out of fashion, so she’ll allow them to fix it up. Doremi breathes a sigh of relief. In the dub, Lorelai continues that Patina is more into the old-school creepy type of witch and Dorie agrees.

Entire Show Edit: In typical 4Kids fashion, all flashbacks have fuzzy white ‘we’re alerting you to the fact that this is a flashback’ borders.

Why does Aiko have a sentient broom? Do the brooms need to be sentient before you can ride them?

Hazuki suggests writing ‘Maho’ in romanji. In the dub, Reanne suggests putting the first two letters of each of their names together to make the DoReMi magic shop….so now it’s not about sharing the shop, they’re taking it over in its entirety. Nice.

We have another lyrical song during the montage, and this time they actually do replace it with their own lyrical song. I don’t really care. It’s an exchange of one bleh-y bubblegum pop song for another.

They trade the shots of the girls putting up banners and the one of them working on the counter. I dunno.

Really? One of the lyrics in the Japanese song is ‘Being selfish is very good!’?….Wow.

They add a yellow shining effect to the mirror Hazuki’s holding because the lyrics of the dub song mentioned shining.



The banner, sign and posters are all changed.



(Included the closeup too because the video quality of the dub is such garbage)

Doremi says the new name goes better with the cute accessories. In the dub, Dorie says they couldn’t include Patina’s name in the title because DoReMiPa doesn’t sound right. It kinda could considering it goes do re mi FA, but I get her point.

Hazuki and Doremi cheer that that’s the Naniwa spirit (since Aiko just gave a good argument – Naniwa’s her last name) and Aiko thanks them. In the dub, they say ‘Team DoReMi Forever!’ and Mirabelle says she got carried away.

Lala asks if she can give the girls magic clay, since the items supposedly need to be infused with magic to make this weird currency exchange work. (They buy magical spheres in the Witch World using real money, but just using real money doesn’t work. You have to sell magical goods and then use the money obtained from the sales to buy magical spheres. Yeah, I don’t get it either.) In the dub, they don’t even say that the clay is magic.

Hazuki’s making a necklace. In the dub, it’s implied that she’s making a bracelet.

Aiko points out, if they sell a lot of stuff, they’ll get a lot of magical spheres. In the dub, she says she could sell corn to a scarecrow on the fourth of July…..I don’t quite get that one.


This episode was….kinda a mess built on a mess. First things first, Doremi thinks her friends are catching onto her being a witch, of which there is no concrete evidence. Instead of asking Majorika and Lala what to do on her own, she drags them to the magic shop for seemingly no good reason specifically to ask Majorika and Lala what to do about it.

They seem to screw up their own rules by saying Doremi can be ousted as a witch without being turned into a frog thing, but if it happens a ton of times then she will?

Instead of erasing their memories or something, somehow the next logical step is to turn Aiko and Hazuki into witches too, which just triples the witchling training workload and risk of being discovered, and doesn’t give Majorika any real benefit.

We have to go over the same witchling training crap we’ve already been through with Doremi, making a good chunk of the episode moot. I know it’s good to see how Hazuki and Aiko start off, but it’s really redundant when they’re just doing the same things we’ve already seen.

There’s absolutely no conflict in this episode outside of that one scene with the suit of armor coming to life, but that was taken care of off-screen during a commercial break.

The second half of the episode is just renovations and the girls somehow thinking they’re entitled to completely taking over Majorika’s shop, which is also her house.

It just seems like they were insanely impatient to get the girls together as witches and finally get everything all settled for their main plot base, which they could’ve avoided by having them all be witches at the start or something.

And I really must reiterate that the girls seem insanely entitled in this episode. ‘Give me spell drops.’ ‘We’re taking over your store.’ ‘We’re renaming the store to reflect us and not the one who actually owns it. ‘

I just don’t really like anything about this episode. We don’t learn anything new, outside of the rule about not bringing dead people back to life, that Hazuki has a flair for spells, and Aiko has a talent for riding brooms. Oh and that thing about the Witch World currency that still doesn’t make sense to me. Does buying magical items make the money magic? If the items are real magic, isn’t selling them to normal people a horrible idea? Most of the comedy isn’t that funny either. It’s just an episode that needed to be made so the actual plots could move forward.

Next episode, it’s the Maho-dou grand opening! But customers aren’t exactly pouring in.

….Previous Episode

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Ojamajo Doremi Episode 3 Sub/Dub Comparison: Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko Debuts

Plot: There’s a new kid in town, a girl from Osaka named Aiko. Doremi and Hazuki don’t exactly have a warm welcoming with her as they find her brash and insulting. But when Doremi uses her magic to follow her one day in order to get dirt on her, she finds that Aiko has a very humble home life with a single dad who works extremely hard to make ends meet while Aiko herself is responsible for a lot of housework. When Aiko purposely neglects to tell her father about the upcoming parents’ day at school, Doremi decides to help out her new friend with a little witchcraft.


Before the theme song in the original, we see Aiko getting excited about moving to a new town as she goofs around on a jungle gym. This is removed from the dub.

Originally, Doremi was upset because her family ate all of the steak that they made for Hazuki (in guise as Doremi). In the dub, she’s mad at her sister because she said ‘Look under there.’ Making Dorie respond with ‘Under where?’, leading to the classic joke of haha, she said ‘underwear.’

In the original, Aiko says she can see Doremi’s panties, then laughs and says she’s dumb since Doremi’s wearing shorts making it impossible for her to see her panties. In the dub, Mirabelle says she can see their epidermis and laughs when they freak out saying epidermis is another word for skin.

Okay, so let me get their straight. Saying ‘underwear’ is okay, in fact they edited the scene to specifically say the word, but implying that another girl can see Dorie’s underwear is not okay……So I suppose we won’t be getting the classic gem of ‘I see London, I see France, I see Dorie’s underpants’ anytime soon then?

Also, this line change kinda makes this scene look worse. Saying ‘I can see your epidermis’ then covering your groin? Seems more like they’re making innuendo for her junk….

Name Change: Aiko Senoo is changed to Mirabelle Haywood.

Side note, Mirabelle’s voice is the most grating and annoying so far. Congrats.

The joke edit carries over into the next scene where Kotake, the boy who’s been teasing Doremi throughout the series, tries the same trick. Doremi yells the explanation of the prank, making her seem smart for not falling for it. In the dub, she just says she’s heard it earlier.

Name Change: Tetsuya Kotake is changed to Todd Washington.

After the teacher walks in the room, some girl who looks really snotty gets up and tells everyone to bow. They do and greet her good morning. This is removed.

Aiko points out that Doremi’s in her class, and the teacher asks if they’re already friends, which Doremi denies. In the dub, Mirabelle acts like Dorie’s going to bully her and asks her not to do so since she’s new. Her teacher then asks if she’d like to go to the principal’s office and Dorie declines. Nice to see that our new character is a continuous brat.

They paint over and reanimate the shot of Aiko writing her name since A) it’s in Kanji and B) her name was changed anyway.



Also –

Mirabelle: “In case you can’t read, my name is Mirabelle P. Haywood.” Apparently you can’t read because there’s no P in there.

Also, originally, Aiko was saying that the Kanji for her name is written with the symbols for ‘L’il sister’ and ‘tail.’ In the dub, since this can’t be mirrored, it’s omitted.

Aiko is from a town in Osaka. Mirabelle is from a very small town called Butter Corn Ridge.

Some brat in class is amazed that they have a real Kansai person in the class now, which slightly irks Aiko. She then tells them to call her a ‘Naniwa-ko’ which I surmise means ‘Osaka kid’. Then the boy and his stupid friends mockingly apologize while following up by saying puripuri~ which, I don’t know if I’m not getting the right word here because the only meanings I’m getting that make any sense are ‘cranky’ and ‘bad smelling’. The latter makes a little more sense considering Aiko responds by saying ‘Yuck!’ but surely just saying ‘bad smell’ can’t make you want to say ‘yuck!’

In the dub, the boy asks her, calling her by the obvious joke of her name which is ‘Hayseed’ → Haywood, how to milk a pig. She corrects him on her name then says you can’t milk a pig, only cows. Actually, you can technically milk a lot of things, including pigs.


The boy follows that up by mockingly saying “Just so you know, you can tune a piano but you can’t tune a fish!”……As many times as I’ve heard that stupid joke…..the fact that it needed such a lengthy set up and doesn’t even work at all with said setup…..is just…..I felt my soul rot a little is all.

Surprisingly, they kept in the group name of these dumbass boys, the SOS trio. Their names, Sagawa, Ota and Sugiyama make up their title in the original whereas their dubbed names, Simon, Oliver and Stewart make it up in the dub. Also, they call themselves keepers of justice in the original whereas they call themselves the class clowns in the dub….Ya know, there’s a difference between ‘class clowns’ and ‘idiots who think they’re funny.’ The former usually gets laughs from people who aren’t them.

Aiko makes a joke out of their names by saying she thought that it stood for ‘sukuyounonai oboke sanbaka,’ which translates to ‘three worthless idiots.’ In the dub, she does the same thing but says they’re ‘stupid, obnoxious and smelly.’ I will give them props for actually adapting this as much as they could.

Wait, so Dorie says ‘Ah, it’s you!’ and nearly gets sent to the principal. These boys disrupt class, make fun of Mirabelle’s name, where she comes from and her accent. She retaliates by calling them stupid, obnoxious and smelly. And the teacher just laughs and brushes it off like nothing? But Dorie says one innocent thing and nearly gets sent to the principal? Does she just have it in for Dorie? What the hell?

The dub teacher is seriously telling Mirabelle to share her favorite crayon color? Is this pre-k?

Mirabelle keeps the line about liking to sing, but Aiko says she’s not good at studying but loves gym whereas Mirabelle says she loves computers and shucking corn.

Aiko tells Doremi that she has a funny name. Mirabelle tries the same trick on her but with a different word, this time ‘cilium’ IE eyelashes, but Dorie just gets angry that Mirabelle’s even trying another trick.

While Aiko tells Hazuki to call her ‘Ai-chan’, Mirabelle doesn’t do anything similar in the dub.

While Aiko says Doremi’s reactions and personality made her forget that she saw Hazuki earlier, Mirabelle just flat-out calls her forgettable.

Aiko says she likely didn’t pay much attention to Hazuki since her clothes scream ‘Stuck-up bookworm’. Mirabelle says Reanne is plain and that there’s nothing special about her. I get that Aiko is written to be either a brat or someone who just doesn’t realize when they’re putting their foot in their mouth, but damn this kid’s irritating.

What kid in the class yelled ‘Mirabelle for class president!’ just because she caught chalk? Is this why politics is so screwed?

Also, the papers behind the kids are now and will always be painted.

The teacher says even the boys never cleared so many vaulting boxes. In the dub, she says it’s a new class record.

Aiko’s tag is removed.



The other girls have their tags removed too.



Name Change: I assume this is Reika Tamaki or Josie Huffington in the dub.

Reika says girls are only truly great when they’re popular with boys…..Well, uh….you sure are going to have an eventful high school career ahead of you…In the dub, she says Mirabelle being good at jumping doesn’t matter because she’s the most popular, prettiest and smartest girl in the school.

Mirabelle and the SOS trio omit talking about how Aiko’s father raised her. Also, they omit saying that she can join the SOS trio since her name has an S in it (Senoo) because Mirabelle’s dub name doesn’t start with S at any point.

Doremi acts like Aiko has nerve for shopping when she just moved there…..That….bitch….?? Dorie thinks that she can’t let Mirabelle see her spying on her since it’s really weird.

The magic words for spells remain the same in the original, and in the dub they’re ‘Yellow lemons, blue sky, make me like a butterfly!’

Between the magical girl shtick, the rhyming and the butterfly stuff, I’m feeling sufficiently over-girled.

I understand the flub of only giving Doremi a butterfly costume instead of actually making her into a butterfly, but if that’s the case why did it also shrink her to insect size?

The kanji on the woman’s apron is removed.



Aiko calls the woman ‘Onee-chan’ which surprises her since it’s an implication that she’s a girl or a young woman when she’s clearly around 40-50. Then she says she might be a young wife, which continues to flatter the woman. In the dub, the woman asks if Mirabelle has any ideas on how to get rid of the cat trying to eat her fish and she says to get a big junkyard dog, which the woman agrees with. Yeah, that junkyard dog’s gonna kill that cat. Also, yeah, Mirabelle, you’re a friggin’ genius for figuring out that cats don’t like dogs….

Aiko needs mackerel. Mirabelle needs salmon.

The store’s sign is painted blank.



The woman gives her some extra mackerel. In the dub, she gives her some bonus shrimp.

Doremi grumbles about Aiko using such obvious flattery tactics. Dorie says “Even fish lady’s being nice to her!” A) Why wouldn’t she be nice to her? Mirabelle’s been nothing but kind to her and we have no reason to believe she’s a mean or bad person beyond this. B) Maybe it’s because Mirabelle doesn’t refer to her ‘fish lady’.

More signs painted blank.



Also, they mirrored the shot of the taxi to put it on the right side of the street. They’ve done this same thing numerous times in Yu-Gi-Oh and Mew Mew Power, so I assume this will be a constant thing. Gotta keep those American kids who can totally drive from driving on the wrong side of the street. Oh and as for everyone in other English-speaking countries who drive on the left side, enjoy your increased car accident tally.



The sign on the side of Aiko’s house is completely removed. I can’t even tell what it says.



The text on the food in the fridge is removed. This is on screen for literally two frames.



Aiko’s making takoyaki, which is basically a ball-shaped pancake filled with stuff like octopus and tempura. In the dub, Mirabelle makes her grandma’s chocolate doodles. Sure hope there’s no octopus in that….

Aiko’s dad has no nickname for her beyond ‘Aiko-chan.’ Mirabelle’s dad calls her ‘Bell-bell.’

Oh and hi Sean Schemmel.

Aiko says she can make the takoyaki since her dad’s so tired from work. Mirabelle says she doesn’t want him to make them since he’ll probably poison Dorie, implying that he sucks at cooking.

Aiko’s dad says it’s nice that Aiko’s found a friend so quickly and that he was worried she’d end up getting bullied since she just transferred. Aiko then says that she’d pound anyone if they ever tried to bully her and they laugh. In the dub, Mirabelle’s dad says some woman asked why he had to assault her ears with redneck music in his taxi. He said yes since it’s company policy. Mirabelle then cheers on her dad for saying that, he says he turned it up after that and they laugh.

Aiko says that she’ll start laundry. Mirabelle says she’s going to go around back and get….something. I cannot discern at all what she’s saying.

Aiko says her dad’s takoyaki is the best in the land, which is ironic considering 4Kids just said a minute ago that his cooking was awful. Mirabelle warns Dorie that her dad will talk her ear off.

Doremi kinda talks in an Osaka dialect as she says how great the takoyaki is and Aiko points this out. Dorie says the food is great in a normal voice and Mirabelle asks if she thinks they can put away a whole plate. So, I guess they really aren’t trying for a southern accent.

The poster behind the girls is wiped of text.



Aiko’s dad is only a taxi driver. Mirabelle’s dad has two jobs – one as a taxi driver and another making ‘something or another’ for ‘some company.’

Mirabelle adds that one of the reasons they sold the farm and left their old town was because there were too many memories floating around of her mom, who left them when she was four.

The scene gets cut after talking about her mom. Doremi says she admires Aiko because she never does anything to help out around the house yet Aiko does a bunch of stuff while her dad is doing the work of two parents. Aiko asks if she should be proud of herself and does a dramatic pose. She and Doremi then laugh.

We cut to Aiko’s dad sleeping, though I have no clue how these two elementary school girls dragged him to his bed from the living room. He mumbles something in his sleep about asking where someone wants to go and we cut to the next day. The commercial is placed right after the discussion about her mom in the dub, so I can only guess 4Kids either cut this for time or to avoid an awkward commercial placement.

I think they shortened the shot of Aiko talking about how her dad can’t take time off of work to come to parents’ day.

Slightly nitpicky, but Aiko’s dad says he could’ve asked to trade shifts if Aiko asked him earlier, but considering he doesn’t want to put his new job in danger it probably would’ve been impossible either way. In the dub, Mirabelle’s dad also says he could’ve switched shifts if she had asked him earlier, but it’s simply too late now. The original puts the blame on the situation while the dub kinda puts the blame on Mirabelle.

Aiko’s dad asks Doremi to tell Aiko that he’ll come to the next parents’ day. Mirabelle’s dad doesn’t.

Her transformation sequence is rather short, but do we really need it twice in one episode?

Apparently it’s mush mouth day in the dub. While the magic words are still the same in the original, the dub’s is ‘Just when….???….feel so bad, make a perfect copy of Mirabelle’s dad!’

The text on the top of the missing dog poster is removed…..so I guess it’s just a random dog poster.



Aiko’s dad’s clone doesn’t have an Osaka accent. In the dub, he talks like a robot.

So where exactly is this dad-clone being stashed for like five hours?

Reanne has a good point. Why is it only moms back there? It’s parents’ day, not Mother’s Day. Does no one besides Aiko have a dad? Or at least one that gives a crap? Also, where are Doremi’s parents?

The teacher asks Sugiyama to do the next question, and his mom tells him not to do it wrong. In the dub, she asks Stewart to pay attention and his mom scolds him for embarrassing her. Well, ladeeda. Your kid loves you so much he’s actively trying to say hi to you in class. What a disgrace.

Aiko yells out that she’s very happy. Mirabelle yells out that her dad’s stupid. She obviously doesn’t mean it, but still.

While both the original and dub teacher ask Aiko/Mirabelle to do the final problem, dub!teacher adds on “Feel like comin’ up here and making your father proud?” Little bit of pressure, there, Teach. She said earlier that she wasn’t good at studying, so you could be putting her on the spot. Though, I doubt it. She seems really confident that she can do—ah, nope, she can’t solve the problem. Welp….


I actually very much enjoyed this episode. While Mirabelle is bit grating, she does grow on you throughout the episode. She doesn’t really mean to be a jerk, she just teases people and sometimes puts her foot in her mouth. It’s her dub voice that kills it for me for the most part.

The story with her dad was very realistic and endearing, and I like how Doremi’s magic didn’t really interfere with the plot at all. Her desire to help her friend leads her into telling Aiko’s dad about parents’ day, but her dad-clone wasn’t the one that showed up in the end. I will say that Doremi and Hazuki overacted quite a bit to Aiko’s behavior, but it’s more understandable in the dub where it even seems like Mirabelle’s trying to get Dorie in trouble.

Next episode, the trio of witches seems complete now as Doremi tries to turn Hazuki and Aiko into witches.

…Previous Episode

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Ojamajo Doremi Episode 2 Sub/Dub Comparison

Plot: Hazuki is depressed with her life and wishes to be Doremi. She doesn’t mind the idea of being Hazuki since she’s rich, so Doremi uses magic to change them into each other to live the other’s life. However, is the grass really greener on the other side?


The episode starts off with Hazuki leaving for the day and wondering to herself what would happen if she ran away before the theme song starts. After the theme song ends, we get Doremi giving a short recap as to who she is and why she has powers, the regular magic girl show shtick. Both of these scenes are removed.

Pop tells Doremi that the bath is ready for her whereas Caitlyn asks if Dorie’s having conversations with herself again.

The witch exams are just called ninth through first exams. In the dub, the first exam is called the Fairy Exam whereas, originally, it’s the ninth. Technically this is still descriptive of the exam since it’s an exam that, if passed, allows Doremi to get her own fairy like Majorika has in Lala.

Doremi originally accidentally tells Hazuki that she’s a witch for a second, and imagines herself as a frog alongside Majorika. Hazuki asks what she means by that, she freaks out and says she has a witch’s way of thinking. In the dub, the daydream and the freaking out are removed, and it’s changed to Dorie telling Reanne that she forgot to do her homework. I have no clue why this was cut.

Doremi’s actually more rude than Dorie is in the next part. It’s clear that Hazuki is upset and depressed about her life right now. When she’s trying to explain it, Doremi says, literally, that it doesn’t matter and that she’s the world’s unhappiest pretty girl, but if she were Hazuki she’d be lucky and happy.

In the dub, Reanne says she might have a point that her life seems good, but sometimes she wishes she were someone else. Dorie then goes off saying she’d want to be like that shampoo commercial where she smells the shampoo and then rides off into the rainforest on a unicorn….That actually sounds like an awesome commercial.

Text is replaced again to make the books say…oddly enough ‘Reading.’…”Kids, these are your reading books.” “…..As opposed to non-reading books?” “DO YOU WANT DETENTION!?”



Name Change: Yuki-Sensei is changed to Ms. Shannon

Originally, Doremi apologizes for what she said earlier, and Hazuki says she wishes Doremi hadn’t found out about her problems that way and also apologizes. In the dub, Dorie tells Reanne that her friendship is important to her and that she wants her to know that she can always tell her anything. Reanne says that no one’s never said such a nice thing to her before and says Dorie’s a great friend.

I thank God above that 4Kids only dubbed two magical girl anime in their existence because between Mew Mew Power in my face and Faladeiladongding now I am a witchling, I’m already resisting the urge to be go on a rampage.

The spell to turn Reanne into Dorie is “This will make a real great story, turn Reanne into Dorie.” The original’s has yet to change.

Hazuki is happy she’s finally Doremi whereas Reanne is happy she’s ‘someone else’, which is a lot sadder when you think about it. Being envious of someone and despising your life so much that you’d just wish to be anyone else are two very different things.

Aw, 4Kids, you were doing so well. There’s a sign on the trash bins that says ‘Trash’ in Japanese. Instead of changing it like they’ve been doing, they painted away not only the word but also all of the little designs on the sign and the bins. They replace them with typical recycling symbols.



The spell for changing Dorie into Reanne is “Now for part two of this plan, turn Dorie into Reanne!” Still the same in the original.

The dub doesn’t include the parts about saying that witches really exist and also adds that Dorie jokes with Reanne about calling her sister ‘bratface’. In addition, while they keep in the part about asking how to address their parents, Dorie doesn’t ask Reanne for the same information whereas Doremi does.

Again, they change her being excited about being Doremi into her being excited to be quite literally anyone but herself.

The eyecatches are removed.

Pop isn’t singing a girly pop (hehe) song when Hazuki comes in like Caitlyn is. Also, Pop kindly greets Hazuki (Doremi) while Caitlyn says snootily “What are YOU staring at?”

There’s no way to keep this in here besides being uncharacteristically loyal to the source material, but Hazuki keeps calling Pop, Pop-chan, which she seems to despise. It causes her to continuously freak out, and she refers to her prior conversation with the actual Doremi by saying “If you don’t want one of my boyfriends, that’s fine. But don’t refer to me by that suffix!”

In the dub, she’s freaking out about how nice Reanne is being to her. She then says the complete opposite of the last line by saying this means Dorie actually wants one of her boyfriends now, but it will cost her.

They edit out a shot of Hazuki freaking out when Pop says she’s acting weird.

Also, they cut the next shot of Pop down to just show her with big round eyes.

Doremi’s mom is nicer and just asks Pop what she wants whereas Dorie’s mom yells that she’s busy.

In the original, Doremi’s mom asks for the sauce. The dub asks for the flour. She then asks to check the bathroom whereas the dub asks for vacuuming. Asking if the gate is locked is changed to answering the phone, and Doremi’s mom is consistently nicer than Dorie’s seemingly attitude-ish one.

Doremi clamors over calling Hazuki’s mom ‘mama’ whereas Dorie’s clamoring over saying ‘ma’am’ because god knows she never could’ve said that when she was Dorie.

The one thing I always find weird about these ‘switching bodies’ episodes of anything is when the characters change clothes or are the other person for extended periods of time. Technically, in this case, the girls are just magically transformed to look exactly like each other, but it’s still an exact replica of Doremi’s and Hazuki’s bodies. You’d have to change clothes, take showers, do….other things, in someone else’s body. That’s just creepy.

In the original, Hazuki’s mom only says they’re having dinner at a hotel. In the dub, there’s no mention of a hotel, they just call the place The Winchesters. That can only mean one thing. They’re having dinner with Sam and Dean.

Hazuki’s mom asks if she’d like Italian or French for dinner. Reanne’s mom asks if she’d like pasta or salad.

Hazuki’s mom replies to Doremi’s request of steak by mentioning that she had it yesterday. Doremi responds by saying that today’s another day and that’s just what she wants.

In the dub, they keep the mention of steak but they change her mom’s line to saying Reanne’s a vegetarian. Dorie responds by saying she’s not one anymore and she needs protein.

Hazuki’s mom responds by saying she can have whatever she wants, and Doremi thanks her. Reanne’s mom asks her about her argument about soy protein, and Dorie just says to forget about it.

Hazuki’s mom goes off to make the reservations. In the dub, she goes off to pick more dresses.

Hazuki’s teacher doesn’t tell her what song to play, and Doremi asks when she gets steak. Hazuki’s mom laughs at the fact that she thought she’d get dinner right then. In the dub, Reanne’s teacher tells her to play Paco Bell. Dorie asks what Paco Bell is. Reanne’s mom says she’s been practicing it all week and to kindly play it for them.

Doremi’s dad shows Hazuki a catalog about lures when Doremi’s mom bursts in to tell them to stop what they’re doing and come eat dinner. Doremi’s dad yells about how he’s a serious fly fisher, and Doremi’s mom strikes back by saying it’s awful because she’s the one who has to gut and clean them. This eventually leads to a comedic, note COMEDIC, physical fight. Exactly like the ones you’d see in Western cartoons with the doofy sound effects and cloud of smoke.

In the dub, Dorie’s mom tells him to stop talking to Reanne about that stuff, and Dorie’s dad interrupts her by saying he’s a very serious fly fishing writer. Dorie’ mom strikes back by saying he’s barely sold anything, and the entire scene with the extended comedic fight and the arguing is removed as we cut straight to Hazuki’s reaction shot, which is also edited to be rid of the dust clouds.

I get it, ya know, domestic violence and whatnot, but come on, they couldn’t have made it anymore comically unserious if they put a giant banner on screen that said ‘THIS IS A JOKE! ONLY A COMPLETE BRAINDEAD IDIOT WOULD THINK DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS OKAY!”

Hazuki wonders how they can be so civil and friendly to one another at dinner after having such a bad fight. Due to the previous completely unneeded line change, this is changed to Reanne not being able to eat the steak dinner since she’s a vegetarian. I’m really just hoping sometime in the future Hazuki will eat meat and 4Kids will either completely miss it or edit it out.

This line is changed, but what they did do was funny. Doremi’s mom says she knew Doremi was acting weird so she bought the steak to help cheer her up. In the dub, this line is omitted and instead we get this.

Mom: “She doesn’t have a fever.”

Dad: “Did you check her tongue?”

Mom: “For WHAT?!”

Dad: “I dunno! Spots?!”

I nearly spit out my drink this was so funny. Kudos, 4Kids. Also, you can tell Dan Green has a lot of fun as the dad. The parents have a good back and forth in both versions. Usually anyway.

Hazuki says her parents will be really worried about her whereabouts if they find Doremi in her bed instead of her. In the dub, Reanne says, if they find Dorie there, they’ll be confused and send her to the hospital.

Hazuki talks about how bad she feels for deceiving Doremi’s parents and how she made them worry about her since she wasn’t acting like Doremi. In the dub, Reanne talks about how much she missed her family while she was with Dorie’s family.

The next scene is the same only the dub adds in the mention of her not eating it because she’s a vegetarian. It’s really important that we drill this into your head for no reason.

They cut the final scene out, which is Doremi learning that the steak that was kept from dinner last night was eaten sometime, somehow between Hazuki going to bed and Doremi returning late at night. Her family rejoices in her being back to normal, but Doremi laments at her bad luck.

Next episode we’re introduced to Aiko who seems to be the last girl in their magical girl group who will get powers – at least during this series.

…Previous Episode

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Ojamajo Doremi Episode 1 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Doremi is a girl who loves magic. She can’t do any, but she tries. She studies witchcraft and tries to perform magic, but to no avail. Until, that is, she stumbles upon a rundown magic shop run by an old witch. When she outs the witch as such, she accidentally turns her into a frog. The only way to change her back to normal is to train Doremi to be a witch. Doremi couldn’t be happier at this, but finds that witchcraft is harder than it looks.


Series Name: Ojamajo Doremi is changed to Magical DoReMi.

They remove Doremi’s opening narration. It’s the same magical girl spiel of explaining that she’s an average girl but practicing magic, hijinks and whatnot.

Surprise! The opening theme is completely changed! A good chunk of the clips are kept, but many are changed, and of course we have to include cheesy effects and cut-outs and stuff. The original theme is okay. The dub is, like many of 4Kids dubbed themes, awful in terms of lyrics but a massive ear worm.

A shot of the flying flowers is removed.

The sign on the witch’s shop is actually painted over instead of erased. From what I can tell, it says “The Rusty Broom” The original says “Marika’s House of Magic”

In the original, Doremi is chanting “Puapu Arukuku.” What that means, I do not know. I looked it up and everything. In the dub, she’s chanting, not kidding, “Lovey duvey, duvey lovey.” This SDC is going to be more pain, isn’t it?

Name Change: Pop (Really, you named your daughter Pop?) is changed to Caitlyn. Or whatever one of the thousands of spelling variations of that name that exist for no reason.

Oh my god, Caitlyn’s voice….the pain….chipmunk…..oh lord….

After Pop mocks Doremi for her various crushes, she does that bii-daa thing where you pull down one eye lid and stick your tongue out. Then her dad shows up, getting yelled at by her mom who is berating him for wanting to go fishing instead of helping with the housework. Doremi then explains in inner monologue that her parents constantly fight and that her sister’s in kindergarten. All of this is removed for whatever reason. I figured they’d remove the tongue thing, but why the rest of the scene?

Name Change: Igarashi, the boy Doremi crushes on in this episode, is changed to Robby.

Holy crap! They replaced something instead of removing it again!



I just wonder why….I mean, not like this board adds a thing to the scene. 4Kids: We keep you guessing AND angry!

Also, guess they have absolutely nothing scheduled, so why are they even there?

And they remove the kanji from Doremi’s book cover and pages. (As well as every other students)




The papers on the wall behind Hazuki are edited, but not blanked for some reason.




Name change: Sugiyama is changed to Bennigan.

Doremi’s friend tells her they’re on the bottom of page five. In the dub it’s the top of page 15.

Name Change?: Something was bugging me about Doremi’s name in the English version. They kept calling her “Dorie” but not saying her full name so I didn’t know if I could count it as a name change. It seems like all her name is in the dub is Dorie and it’s never mentioned if that’s short for Doremi. I could’ve sworn during an earlier tangent that she called herself ‘Doris’ but I couldn’t be sure.

In order to make the title ‘Doremi’ make sense, they changed the capitalization of the word to make DoReMi for Dorie, Reanne and Mirabelle. Being honest, I actually like this change because it includes all of the girls instead of focusing purely on the leader like magical girl shows annoyingly tend to do.

Doremi’s book cover is edited.



Doremi is sent to the hall while Dorie is sent to the principal’s office (for reading a different book in class?)

The boy in Doremi’s class mocks her by calling her ‘clumsy Domiso’ and she corrects him saying her name’s Doremi. He then says ‘Dojimi?” which means ‘Clumsy girl’ and she yells her name in his ear. In the dub, he mocks her for making a mistake, but doesn’t say anything about her name. Also, instead of correcting him, she just threatens him by saying if he doesn’t stop she’ll turn him into a frog.

Hazuki says Doremi doesn’t want to go to the soccer game because she failed in her confession earlier. In the dub, she says people who get sent to the principal’s office don’t get to go to the soccer game.

Name Change: Hazuki Fujiwara is changed to Reanne Griffith.

The bratty kid from before makes fun of Doremi again as she leaves while dropping all of her books from her upside down book bag by saying “Do-ji-mi-fa-so-la-mi-re” in the tone of the music scale. This apparently translates roughly as saying “Look at the clumsy girl!” In the dub, since this really can’t be mirrored, he just says “You dropped all your witch books, dummy.”

Upon seeing the witch’s gloves, Doremi flashes to her witch book that said witches always wear gloves. (This dialogue was changed to hats or something in the dub) In the dub, since that specific line was changed, they edit out the shot of the book and any mention of suspicion that she is a witch.

She also thinks back to the book saying that witches look at you with red eyes, and we see the witch’s red eyes. In the dub, she just introduces herself.

Dorie finally thinks to herself that the lady looks like the witch on the cover of her book while Doremi recites the rest of the stuff about witches. They hate children and can smell them with their big noses as we see the lady at profile showing her big nose.

There’s a long pause after Doremi finds out that Majorika’s a witch. She’s about to say out loud that she’s a witch, but it’s obvious that Majorika doesn’t want her to. We pause for like five seconds while a drumroll goes on before she finally says it. In the dub, it’s just ‘suspenseful’ music, which takes away from the comedy of the scene.

In the original, Majorika introduces herself and Doremi does the same. Majorika then laughs at her name while Doremi says it’s still better than Majorika’s. She then yells at Doremi.

Name Change: Majorika is changed to Patina.

In the dub, Patina says the only way she can be changed back is by training Dorie to be a witch. Dorie agrees, but she has to be back home by seven. The witch then laughs at her for saying she needs to be home by seven and says she’s even dumber than she looks….Yes, she’s dumb because she has a curfew…and is a child. Dorie then says at least she’s not a green blob thing and Patina yells at her.

In the original, Doremi’s just called a witch’s apprentice. In the dub, she’s called a witchling.

Name Change: The fairy, Lala, is changed to Laralie.

The magical girl transformer item for this series is called a Maho Tap. To its credit, it is rather unique amongst the magical girl transformers since it seems to be a small music box type thing with an activation button. In the dub, they’re called ‘dream spinners’.

When Doremi transforms (in a rather lackluster transformation sequence for a magical girl anime, to be honest) she says “Pretty witch, Doremi-chi!” In the dub, she says….*sigh* “Faladeiladongding, now I am a witchling!”…….Yup….yup…I can see this tormenting me.

Doremi’s ‘wand’ is actually a musical instrument called a Peperuto Poron. In the dub, it’s called a ‘wandaler.’

Doremi’s original magic words are Pirikapiri Lala Poporila Peperuto. In the dub, I guess she just makes a lame rhyme out of whatever spell she wants to cast, which is basically the most cliché witch thing ever.

In the original, the little gumball things in Doremi’s wand are called ‘magical spheres’. In the dub, they’re called ‘spell drops.’ I actually prefer the dub’s name because at least it’s somewhat unique.

I guess in the dub, Patina has a thing about slang since she seems to make a joke or cringe whenever Dorie says slang in the dub where it’s not present in the original. I guess this is to make up for not mentioning that witches hate children in the dub.

Oh good, goofy pop music for no reason. I was indeed missing Mew Mew Power and Cardcaptors.

To be completely fair, there’s a vocal song in the original too, but it’s played at a very low volume. In the dub, their song is played at “BUY OUR SOUNDTRACK” levels.

In the original, Lala says, if someone outed Doremi as a witch, she’d turn into a frog like Majorika. Doremi then imagines herself as a frog and starts pouting. In the dub, Laralie just says if anyone outed her as a witchling it’d be very difficult to complete her training. The scene with Doremi as a frog and her pouting are removed.


The girl who also has a crush on Igarashi says she doesn’t care what happens to her, just as long as his wound gets healed. In the dub, she says she was going to use her wish to make him love her and then continues on the same.

Also, the girl doesn’t know that the wound will be transferred to her if she wishes him to be healed in the original. In the dub, that’s specifically what she wishes for.

After she makes the wish, there’s a fairly large blood stain that appears on her pant leg since the wound transferred to her….I honestly don’t know why there’s so much blood. Igarashi’s wound was barely bleeding, but the point is that 4Kids left this in….4Kids, eraser of all things blood, left this in.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I think Doremi was one of 4Kids’ earlier works, and this is especially reflected in the fact that they’re leaving a lot of text alone or painting over it instead of removing it, and even leaving in all of the many many many anger veins. Yet…..what 4Kids became….

They cut out a shot of Igarashi visiting the girl, Maki, in the nurse’s office. I guess because he wasn’t saying anything, but the nurse and Hazuki were both talking during that scene. Eh, maybe time or something.


Name Change: Maki is changed to Jen.

Majorika laments over how troublesome Doremi is as a witch and names her ‘Ojamajo’ or ‘troublesome witch’. She doesn’t say the same or even ‘troublesome witch’ in the dub.

In the original, Hazuki says it seems like Doremi’s giving up. Doremi agrees and says her premonitions were wrong again. She then restates her catchphrase that she truly is the unhappiest pretty girl in the world.

In the dub, Reanne says she never even bothered to learn his name, Dorie says she’s right and that she’s a big coward. Despite the catchphrase being said several times by now in the original, this final line is the closest they ever get to saying it by making her say she’s the most misunderstood little girl in the world.

As expected, the next episode preview and ending theme are removed. Damn shame too because the ending theme is incredibly nice to listen to. So relaxing.


First impressions? The dub could honestly be much worse, so far. They kept in mostly everything and the changes weren’t that awful, outside of some cheesy magical girl stuff. As for the original and the series as a whole, well it seems more casual than a lot of magical girl fare. I’m not even sure there’s a villain to fight. And the magical theme along with limited magic is a nice template, but I’m not that impressed by it. Hopefully I’ll get more into it as episodes go by.

Next episode, Hazuki wishes her life was more like Doremi’s, and she gets her wish when the Ojamajo decides to work her magic.

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