Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 2: What Makes a Real Friend? Review


Lettuce’s debut! Or should I say De-Mew–Nonono! Must stop! *ahem* Anyhoo, Lettuce is here! How did they cover everyone’s favorite finless porpoise? Let’s check my notes.

– So apparently all legendary creatures are actually Chimera Animas?…..Mmm….Okay.

– Also, the reason they chose endangered species for the Mew Project was because those animals are naturally more motivated for fight for their survival? I guess that’s cool, but doesn’t really make much sense. How do animals know they’re endangered?

– She can change back from her Mew form by just saying “Change back”? I wonder if that will work on her full cat form. Probably not. That is a slightly interesting inclusion, though.

– Wow, Shirogane. It’s rude as hell to call her a bioweapon…

– I like that Mint snickers when Ichigo spills the parfait on one of the bitchy girls. I think I’m liking their dynamic a tiny bit more in this version, even if the differences between versions aren’t that stark. Mint is still a bossy stuck up girl, but she’s a little less abrasive and meshes with Ichigo just a tiny bit better here.

– While it is really cool that Lettuce gets powers over water when she’s really upset, why doesn’t she get all mermaid-y like Ichigo gets cat traits, ears and a tail? It’s weird that once again the series explains that Ichigo has cat traits because of her powers but they never adequately explain why the other girls don’t have traits of their animals. At least, not yet, I guess. Kinda doubt they will go down that route, but I feel I can have some hope.

– OOOOHHHH Mint’s new transformation is awesome! I like how they had the door shift to being on bottom so they could show the birds flying up out of it instead of just out of the door.

Not crazy about her pose, though, because she seems like she’s turned too much. She’s not facing the same direction as the bird, and she’s not facing us. I get that she’s meant to be facing up towards the sky, but I still feel like maybe turning her a little would feel more natural. Maybe that’s just me. I love the added touch of the sunbeams, though.


– Disappointed that we didn’t get to see Lettuce’s true transformation today nor her proper attack animation, but that’s fine. I’m sure we’ll see it in the future…….Does give me bad flashbacks to 4Kids’ basically all but removing her transformation entirely, though.

– As for her new look when transformed, I like it. I particularly like how they styled her hair. Not crazy about the skirt, but that’s about it.

– I like the minor tweaks they did to Lettuce’s breakdown here. It’s not her taking advantage of her powers to lash out. She’s losing control of her powers and basically herself because she’s having a massive breakdown over her internal struggles with making friends. I also like that they included brief glimpses of Lettuce throughout her life showing that, no matter what she did or how much she tried to make friends she’d always end up alone.


I always kinda disliked the original version (whether sub or dub anime version or manga – though the dub was the worst offender) because it’s like they were shaming her for how she was feeling when it was totally validated. Here, Ichigo’s not only making the effort to ensure that Lettuce knows she legitimately wants to be her friend because she’s nice and cares about others, but she’s also saying that learning to love herself is more important than pleasing others, and that friendship is more than just spending time with people.

They actually managed to pull off a very emotional scene here where it always frustrated me in the original versions. It really struck a chord with me, personally. I actually kinda felt like tearing up. I am quite impressed, TMMN.

And they showed her rejecting the bitchy friends! AND doing her best to be more legitimately sociable! AND the customers cheering her on!

This is pretty much everything I ever wanted from Lettuce’s reveal. Bravo!

In the end, this is definitely the best version of Lettuce’s debut, and the episode as a whole was very enjoyable. I like they ended with her not only getting some legitimate friends but also showing that she’s becoming a bit more confident, even if she clearly has more work to do. I hope we see some cool things from Lettuce in the future. She was always one of my favorite characters.

Next episode is Pudding’s debut. Will TMMN continue to impress me? I certainly hope so.

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SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 41: The Wind Brings Happiness – A Heartfelt Prayer


Plot: Shirogane and Akasaka detect numerous disturbances in Tokyo Bay and set out the Mews to fight once again, but Lettuce has reservations. She asks if they can talk to the aliens instead and come to an understanding. Even though the other Mews have similar thoughts and agree that the aliens also have feelings and hearts that should be respected, they can’t deny that the aliens don’t seem to be reasonable. The chances of them coming to an understanding are far too low, and it’s dangerous to avoid fighting since it might cost them the lives of those they’re trying to protect.

The aliens’ newest plan involves growing a Chimera Animal that creates pollutants. Using a current generator, when the Chimera Animal is fully grown, they’ll spread the pollutants all over the bay, killing every creature in the ocean.

The group splits off into two teams to combat the minor Chimera Animals Pai has sent out into the bay to guard the main beast. Pudding and Ichigo dive underwater to investigate when they’re swarmed by a school of vicious Chimera Animal fish. The girls transform and start to fight, but there are simply too many to take down. They’re forced to retreat, but the fish take chase.

Meanwhile, Masha spots the current generator and sends out an emergency beacon only to be shot down by Pai seconds later. After receiving the signal, the group changes up their teams with Lettuce heading off with Shirogane to investigate the signal while Akasaka and the rest of the Mews head in the other direction to distract the fish.

When Lettuce and Shirogane arrive at the location of Masha’s lost signal, their boat is suddenly overturned by the toxic Chimera Animal, now fully grown.

While Lettuce can breathe underwater in her Mew form, Shirogane starts to drown. She tries to save him, but the Chimera Animal gets in her way. The Chimera Animal grabs Shirogane and makes off with him. However, it suddenly changes color, lets go of Shirogane and leaves to fulfill its duties to pollute the sea.

Meanwhile, the other Mews set a trap for the Chimera Animal fish and Taruto. Pudding traps them all within her Pudding Ring Inferno, made larger by Mint Echo, Zakuro fends off Taruto, and Ichigo finishes the fish off.

Back with Lettuce, she’s able to spot Shirogane under the water by catching a glimpse of the Mew Aqua on his necklace, but Pai stops her from saving him. She tries to appeal to his heart, but he refuses to listen. She avoids his attacks and rushes towards Shirogane. Her body reacts to the Mew Aqua and she becomes a mermaid again.

She kisses Shirogane to transfer some of the Mew Aqua’s power to him to help save his life. The Mews and Akasaka arrive at the current generator and are confronted by the main Chimera Animal. Lettuce emerges from the water, and the light from the Mew Aqua causes the Chimera Animal to recoil in pain. Taking the window of opportunity, Ichigo mounts an attack and defeats it.

After the battle, Shirogane wakes up, and Lettuce is ecstatic to know he’s alright. Masha is fished from the water, exhausted and damaged, but not in disrepair.


– Again, I thought they were trying to reclaim the earth and hated that humans were polluting it, yet their plan this week is to pollute the bay and kill every creature in there? Is this like a commentary on the human condition? Now the aliens are screwing nature up and not fully taking into consideration the consequences of their actions?

– I know Lettuce isn’t a strong swimmer, but does it not make more sense to send the only aquatic animal based Mew out scuba diving into the water?

– Also, those wet suits are really cool.

– Just gonna come out and say it – I ship Lettuce and Shirogane. He makes her more confident, she softens him up, they work well together. It annoys me that they so unceremoniously end it after just teasing it a couple of times. Why even bother?

– This is really nitpicky, but not only can Lettuce, when transformed, breathe underwater, but she can also talk. I’ll forgive the talking since that’s connected to the breathing and just something characters that can breathe underwater tend to do, but it doesn’t really make sense for her to have the ability to breathe underwater. The animal she’s based on, the black finless porpoise, is a mammal. It can’t breathe underwater.

I hate that I’m calling out one of the Mews having a unique ability when it’s pretty clear that I hate that the others girls get nothing while Ichigo gets everything, but I couldn’t just leave that alone.

– It is a little touching that Taruto actually seems like he feels guilty for taking control of the fish when Pudding calls him out on it.

– That was actually a pretty clever trap that they laid for the Chimera Animal fish. I’m a little annoyed that Pudding’s Pudding Ring Inferno keeps coming off like it’s a weak ability that can easily be broken, but it was a good plan.

– Uh, Pai, I’m pretty sure you can’t use directed lightning attacks like that underwater.

– The animation for this episode has been on the lower end of the spectrum. Not the worst in the series, but noticeably poor.


I liked this episode, but I didn’t love it. I’m a little disappointed that Lettuce turned into a mermaid again only to save Shirogane and to be an annoying distraction for the Chimera Animal while Ichigo, once again, gets the last shot. Maybe I wouldn’t be as irritated if she didn’t also get the last shot on the Chimera Animal fish not but five minutes prior.

I should at least be thankful she wasn’t the central focus of this episode when it was Lettuce’s time to shine….literally.

I do love Shirogane and Lettuce’s dynamic, and it’s nice that they’re continuing to show the softer sides of the aliens. Also, I did really appreciate that the Mews legitimately defeated the Chimera Animal fish together instead of the other girls being a shield or distraction or something.

Next time, is Zakuro leaving the Mews to move to the US?

….Previous Episode

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SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 34: The Most Important Matter – The Ability to Trust Someone

Why are we only now focusing on Lettuce’s artistic abilities? She’s amazing.

Plot: Ichigo and the other Mews are raising money at a charity drive with a café stand. While Mint tries to contribute by peddling her 10,000,000 yen armoire, Lettuce offers to sell a bag of dolls that she hand-made herself. She’s selling them for a mere 100 yen a piece, but is okay with that price since she would’ve easily just given them away to whomever liked them.

Aoyama arrives and compliments Lettuce’s dolls. A sudden rush of customers nabs them all up in a matter of hours, clamoring over their cuteness. Shirogane arrives to see what all the fuss is about, which seems to prompt Aoyama’s departure.

Just as they’re about to close up, a woman comes by asking if there are any dolls left. Lettuce gives her the last one, a green finless porpoise. The woman compliments her on her adorable dolls and reveals herself to be Ayano Uemura, a very famous doll-maker. She likes Lettuce’s work so much that she gives her a business card and tells her to drop by her workshop.

After some encouraging words from her friends and family, Lettuce goes off to meet Ayano in her workshop. She offers to make a doll with Lettuce, and after days and days of planning, designing and sewing, they make a beautiful doll. Lettuce couldn’t be happier, and she gets even better news when Ayano says she’s entering Lettuce and her doll into a local exhibit.

When they arrive, however, they see that Ayano is claiming the doll as her own and refuses to acknowledge the girls’ claims that Lettuce made it. She even calls security to escort them from the premises. Ayano runs off from her stand in frustration and possible guilt when she runs into Kisshu.

He decides that he’s going to cause a ruckus at the exhibit just to mess with the Mews and turns Ayano’s soul into a Chimera Animal. The Mews rush in to combat Kisshu, but are surprised and confused when Kisshu states that this Chimera has only one attack, an easily avoidable web shot that can only be used once. As Ichigo is about to attack and take the Chimera Animal down, the real ability of the Chimera Animal is revealed to be using the web to grab the dolls and strike the Mews down with them, snaring them in web.

Lettuce is able to summon her castanets with her fingers, and, enraged at the misuse of preciously crafted dolls, uses her Ribbon Lettuce Rush to blast away the web. With the web gone, Ichigo is free to attack the Chimera Animal and return Ayano back to normal.

Ayano admits that she’s been in a creative slump for a long time and was nearly about to quit when she stumbled upon Lettuce’s dolls at the charity drive. She envied her creativity, so she concocted a plan to get Lettuce to design and make a doll with her so she could pass it off as her own and revitalize her career.

Lettuce doesn’t appear to even be slightly angry at Ayano’s actions. She tells her she was happy that Ayano liked her dolls. The point of doll-making is to spread happiness. It doesn’t matter who takes credit for making the doll as long as the doll itself makes others happy. She also admits that she had a lot of fun making a doll with Ayano and asks Ayano if she at least had fun too.

Ayano admits that she did and tearfully apologizes to Lettuce. Lettuce suggests that they make another doll again someday and she agrees.

Her friends all look on in pride, realizing that Lettuce is an incredibly strong person. She knew all along what Ayano was doing, but believed in her anyway. She had the strength to have hope and the kindness to forgive.


– Lettuce’s reaction to everyone buying up her dolls is hilarious and adorable.

SSBS - TMM EP 34 screen2

– Lettuce didn’t bring nearly enough dolls to cater to all of these people. They just had a massive surge of customers and they show the stand as still being full. She came with one bag….

– N’awwww, that doll’s adorable! I looks like it’s kinda modeled to be a Mew Lettuce themed porpoise. I want it!

SSBS - TMM EP 34 screen1

– Wow, Lettuce has the nicest family ever. Even her little brother is a sweetheart. No wonder Lettuce is so kind.

– As much as I’m liking this episode so far, I saw the ‘she stole my doll’ twist from the instant she invited Lettuce over to make a doll. Not only is it predictable, but I saw this exact same plotline in an episode/chapter of Hell Girl a little while ago.

I’m almost certain this episode doesn’t end with Ayano being sent to hell by Hell Girl, though.

– I don’t really get why she invited Lettuce to the exhibit. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have to deal with a possible PR issue. They’d probably still find out, but still.

– Hahah! I love that Kisshu’s reason for attacking today is literally ‘Eh, I just wanted to screw with you.’

– Was kinda hoping Lettuce would get a full transformation sequence today since Mint got one a couple episodes ago. Oh well, at least Ichigo wasn’t given one either.


– Lettuce gets to help save the day by badassingly freeing them from the spider web…but….Ichigo still gets the final attack.

– So when do they reveal that Lettuce is secretly an angel? Because, man, the levels of understanding and forgiveness in her heart are insane.

– Looking back, what was Ayano’s long-term plan? She only made one doll with Lettuce, and certainly there’s no way she’d make another with her after finding out about what she did. Was she really going to coast on the success of one doll? What happens after that? Stealing one doll won’t bring back her own creativity.


Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I always really enjoy Lettuce stories. She falters and is slightly annoying in how soft-spoken she is, but she’s always hopeful and caring and is constantly trying to see the good in people. It’s hard not to root for her time and again.

Art theft is one of my instant bitch-switch flippers, and even though I knew she’d steal the doll and claim it as her own, I still felt angry when it was finally revealed. However, we didn’t go down the route of the characters lecturing her with ‘Art theft is wrong! Stealing is wrong! You’re a bad person and you should feel bad!’ Instead, we got a lesson in forgiveness and understanding the true meaning behind any form of art – spreading happiness. Or at least some meaningful emotional response.

It’s about establishing connections and sending messages to the people around you. One day you could feel like entertaining them with a big comic book splash page and another day you might feel like impacting their heart with a sad painting.

Is art theft still horrible? Yes. Should you tolerate it? Hell no. But you also shouldn’t bear such deep grudges. Let others know what they did, let whatever punishment that is about to befall them befall them and hope they never do it again. That’s really all you can do.

The animation in this episode is some of the worst we’ve had so far. Some of it is laughably horrible. The Chimera Animal this episode also felt a bit forced, but I will accept Kisshu’s hilarious excuse of just wanting to cause trouble for literally no reason. Truth be told, I’d probably take that over yet another false Mew Aqua identification.

Plus, we got to see some really adorable dolls in this episode. I really want the finless porpoise and the….whatever that was that Lettuce and Ayano made together. It looks like a Pokemon, to be honest.

Next episode, continuing on with ‘not-focusing-on-Ichigo-for-a-change’ month, Zakuro meets a little girl who is one of her biggest fans.

…Previous Episode

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 19 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: The girls and guys of Mew head to the beach for some vacation time. We learn that Lettuce, ironically, doesn’t know how to swim. When she meets a girl named Iruka who is being bullied for being afraid of the water, she takes it upon herself to learn how to swim alongside her.


The first scene was originally a flashback/fantasy of Shirogane talking to Ichigo about the trip to the beach and her imagining the Blue Knight speaking to her in a similar fashion. This is replaced by a repeat of the final scene in the last episode.

They edit out a shot of Lettuce before the title screen.


A shot of the cabin is replaced by a shot of a palm tree.

They remove numerous shots of Zakuro taking off her towel as well as a shot of the guys gushing over her.

Here’s your visuals, pervs:

Here’s a weird edit: They leave in the shot of the guys gushing over Zakuro with hearts in their eyes but they remove half of the guys from the shot because……They defied the laws of physics?

Subbed: tmmep19screen23

Dubbed: tmmep19screen22

They also replace a shot of Mint gushing over Zakuro for what was supposed to be an earlier shot of the guys gushing over Zakuro with heart eyes. Dunno why. They’ve been really supportive of MintxZakuro this whole time.


Ah, here you are, you awful paint edit, you. Not the last of these if I do remember correctly. Lettuce’s bathing suit is digitally altered as she’s sitting to cover some of her thighs and more of her butt. However, they do it in such an awkward manner that it makes her look like she’s wearing a damn diaper. The fact that her bathing suit is white certainly doesn’t help this.


Dubbed: o5tolqu

So you can show all the girls in bikinis that you want, but diaper them up when they’re sitting because that’s just too risque.

As Ichigo explains the finless porpoise (or the black finless porpoise in the dub), a text box with the Japanese name ‘Sunameri’ is on screen. In the dub, it’s erased. This happens with each subsequent explanation with the other animals as well. Also, we’re 19 episodes in and they’re just now educating us on the various animals that their powers derive from?


Sunameri – tmmep19screen9

Iriomote Wildcat – tmmep19screen10

Parakeet (Mistranslated in the subs – Mint’s animal is actually a blue lorikeet.) tmmep19screen11


Sunameri – ohxcgbh

Iriomote Wildcat – nuprjfx

Blue Lorikeet typryna


Zoey: “That’s weird. You’re infused with a fish!”

You know, for a person who is about to go on an encyclopedia-esque ramble about the specifications of sunameri, you got the most basic and simple fact that most people would probably know about the thing incorrect. Sunameri, black finless porpoises, are mammals not fish.

And for the sake of nitpicking, sunameri are also not dolphins. They’re porpoises and strongly resemble dolphins both in appearance and behavior, but they aren’t dolphins. And if we wanna get unnecessarily annoyingly nitpicky, yes, adult finless porpoises are typically not black in color, making their name seem odd, but the babies are mostly black with a little gray.

They cut out a short scene of Lettuce talking, explaining that she simply doesn’t swim and that it has nothing to do with the Mew powers.

Both Ichigo and Zoey say that they may be infused with iriomote wildcats, but they have no desire to play with mice. Yes, the whole chasing butterflies, landing on your feet no matter what and your insane desire for fish don’t count towards cat behavior, huh?

Mint agrees and says that, while she’s infused with a parakeet, she has no desire for karaoke. In the dub, she says she rocks karaoke.

Pudding says she was eating meat long before she became a lion, and when her animal card pops up, chibi-Ichigo has to explain that Pudding is once again confusing her animal with a lion when she’s really a golden lion tamarin, a monkey. When the girls look at Zakuro, she sprouts wolf ears and says What? Do you want me to eat you?” since her animal is a grey wolf. All of this is removed (as well as a shot of a palm tree) again, and I really have no idea why this was removed. Was 4Kids getting sick of having to paint so much or did they just get tired of all this education?


Pudding and Kiki basically say the same thing, that Shirogane/Elliot’s a great surfer, but Kiki’s line is this;

“Dude, he’s totally rippin’ some nard (?) barrel!”………….That’s it 4Kids, I’m taking the record player!

Corina: ‘And here I thought they were total geeks’ Well, one of us was right in our assumptions because I thought you were a bitch.

They edit out a shot of a sea slug before we see Tarb.


Tarb: “I’m tellin’ ya, the stuff you find down here is totally whack!” One more line like that and you’re not going to the sock hop either, 4Kids!

They edit in a shot of the jellyfish before the commercial in the dub and a shot of a palm tree after the commercial ends.

Name Change: The kid that’s being picked on is named Iruka. In the dub, she’s Cassandra.

Because I guess they couldn’t find a suitable English name to make this work (Ariel might’ve but eh copyrights) a line is forced to be lost. The kids picking on Iruka make fun of her saying it’s ironic that a girl named Iruka (meaning Dolphin) can’t swim. In the dub, they just say she’s afraid of some monster in the water.

Ichigo and the others merely tell the boys that it’s not nice to pick on a lone girl like Iruka. In the dub, Corina tells the ‘losers’ to get lost, and Zoey threatens to show them what it’s like to be picked on. Because that’s a mature lesson for the kids right? Being bullied? Call them losers and threaten to bully them back.

The boy calls Ichigo “oni-baba” or ‘old hag’. In the dub, he calls her ugly.

They remove a shot of….uh…I don’t know how to really describe this, but after Ichigo gets super angry at being called an old hag, she becomes pure white and cartoony and spins around, but this is removed.


Ichigo laments on the kids’ behavior and says “Kids these days”, which prompts Mint to say that saying such a phrase really does make her old, and then she goes all cartoony again. Since the line was changed, Corina just says to let it go and Zoey doesn’t go cartoony.


Iruka has the “word” ‘PiPo’ on her shirt. This is erased from the dub.

Subbed: tmmep19screen19

Dubbed: fz2ihm0

A shot of the girls is removed after Mint says that Lettuce and Iruka can learn together.

They remove a short scene where the girls ask how she’s going to try to teach Iruka to swim on her own when she doesn’t know how.

Zakuro says it’s hard as a swimmer to know what a non-swimmer feels like. In the dub, she says the plan might work, especially if Bridget learns her true identity. I don’t even know what she means by that.

Slightly nitpicky, but Iruka says she still loves the sea and, in fact, does know how to swim. Cassandra says she wasn’t always afraid of the water and doesn’t mention the fact that she can swim.

Iruka says she was reaching for an ark shell. Cassandra says she was reaching for a periwinkle.

So wait, her story has nothing to do with monsters and everything to do with a near-drowning experience? Then why were those kids making fun of her for being afraid of ‘monsters’ in the water in the dub?

Iruka talks about the various things she loves about the sea and how she’d love to be able to swim so she can be free in the water again. In the dub, Cassandra basically acts like she wants to learn how to swim in order to have those kids stop bullying her. Yeah, kid, it’s not like bullies don’t just move on to other topics of ridicule when they find a suitable target.

Lettuce wants to jump into the water to hopefully give Iruka the courage to swim again. In the dub, she says something about having to face your fears and mentions that she read something like that on a fortune cookie once.

Mint doesn’t ask how Lettuce’s glasses are still on like Corina does to Bridget….And, nice, your friend nearly dies and you’re more concerned about how her eyewear wasn’t lost in the sea.

Lettuce thanks everyone for saving her, Bridget laments over how stupid it was of her to jump into the water.

Cassandra: “I’m a failure at seven.” Who talks like this at seven?

The girls seem to be in Hawaii in the dub as Wesley says “And as they say on the island ‘Ahaaina’ which means ‘gathering for a meal.'” In the original, Japan being an island and all, they’re just on a Japanese beach. And this is the first indication that they’re on an island in the dub period. I figured the dub placed them in California and they went to the beach considering that going to said beach wasn’t taken as that big of a deal. That was word for word what he suggested; going to the beach. The beach is a far cry from ‘Wanna go to Hawaii with me?’ Even if they live in a state close to Hawaii, that’s still a long trip and a plane or ship ride away.

The line in the original was just ‘itadakimasu’, which is a common Japanese phase said before eating that is usually translated as ‘Thanks for the food/meal’. They did match this line, just in a different foreign language so…good job?

Iruka says it’s time to move on. Bridget says it’s a beautiful day.

The original lifeguard doesn’t say anything before we see his face. He yells to the swimmers to get out of the water because it’s dangerous. In the dub, they make a joke out of this. The lifeguard tells himself to stay calm, and then we see his face as he yells to the beachgoers to “Run for (their) lives, for the love of Pete!”

Corina: “Cyniclons!”

Kiki: “Who would’ve thought!?”

Quite literally everyone watching ‘would’ve thought’.

Ichigo asks why Pai and Taruto are there. Taruto says it’s none of their business, and Pai says they’ll leave the sea the way it is. Zoey surmises that the two are talking to the girls. Tarb asks if the girls missed them, and Sardon chuckles and says “Good one, my ironic young friend.” Good what? Asking enemies if they missed you is like the most overused villain quip ever uttered. That’s not even really irony, either. Are you studying humans through Alanis Morrisette?

Taruto says their new Chimera Animals look like they’re from outer space. Ichigo points out that they’re typical sea life just made larger. Pudding’s in the background marveling over the animals while Zakuro points out that it’s going to rain soon. Taruto then gets mad that everyone’s ignoring their creatures and not being scared.

In the dub, Tarb just says how great the new predasites are, Zoey acts unimpressed by them, and we cut the scene with Pudding and Zakuro talking to jump straight to Tarb getting mad saying that it took him a long time to find good creatures.

This episode basically solidifies that the girls really don’t give a crap about who sees them transform. Then again, I suppose when your superhero identity is literally just putting ‘Mew’ in front of your name, it’s pointless either way.

In the original, we only see Lettuce and Ichigo transform, and they actually both get full transformations. We don’t even get clips of the other girls transforming. In the dub, it’s a complete mashup.


The starfish monster yells “Starfish, Charge” when he does his attack. He’s silent in the dub.

The jellyfish monster yells “Electric shock attack” when he shocks the girls. He’s silent in the dub.

When Pudding and Mint are shocked, they do that cartoony thing where you flash back and forth from them to their skeletons. In the dub, the skeletons are removed. I can’t even begin to tell you how many kids cartoons I’ve seen this gag on, not to mention that 4Kids has no problem showing skeletons, but hey, since when do they make sense?


Mint only points out that there seems to be no weakness to these creatures. Corina wants to run off and head to the mall.

Name Change: The boys who were bullying Iruka are named Komura, Takeshi and Yousuke. In the dub, Komura’s changed to Tommy, and the other boys are left unnamed.

The starfish says as he tries to smash Lettuce to “stay down.” In the dub, he’s silent again.

They cut out a shot of Iruka and Komura spinning around in the water with Lettuce following.


A flashback immediately following the flashback of Iruka telling Lettuce that she’ll swim again someday is removed.

They won’t show Lettuce’s transformation because of three seconds of mostly covered nudity, but they’ll keep that shot of the camera zooming right in on her boobs no problem. Feh.

Pai wonders if the light is sunameri power. Sardon says there must be something in the water causing her transformation.

Mint points out that creatures who live in the dark depths of the sea have strong reactions to bright light like the one Lettuce is creating. The dub says the same thing basically but they have to dumb it up;

Corina: “That bright light’s having some strange effect on those fishy freaks over there.”

All the Mews have their attacks shortened yet Ichigo’s is full……It’s the same in both versions, that just pisses me off…It’s even worse considering we don’t even see the other girls’ attacks even registering. It’s like they threw the clips in under contract or something.

It also bugs me that, while at least the favoritism’s on another foot, Lettuce is the only one who ever has a transformation because of the Mew Aqua. It would’ve been nice to see the other girls get cooler powers and better transformations with the Mew Aqua instead of basically stagnating and getting jack squat the entire series.

This episode is interesting, albeit a little cliché, but there are several aspects that bug me.

Next episode, Pudding has fallen ill, but she has to take care of her siblings, her job and her duties as a Mew Mew. The other girls try to help her out as much as possible by trying to alleviate her workload. We also get a clearer depiction of her backstory meaning this will likely be a rough one.

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 16 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Lettuce has fallen for an older guy who also loves reading. While she gets up the courage to confess to him, Pai decides to crash the local library for information, and it just so happens to be the regular meeting place for Lettuce and her crush.


We start off on a bad note this episode with a scene swap. A scene of Mint and Ichigo walking through town is placed at the very beginning of the episode when it’s supposed to come way later. The actual start of this episode is supposed to be Lettuce at school.

I think the reason for this is so Corina and Zoey can narrate over Bridget’s scene instead of letting Bridget do it herself. Because screw Bridget.

They remove a shot of Lettuce slowing down as she approaches her old group of friends.


They remove Lettuce putting her shoes in her locker and then forgetting something and running back upstairs.

They erase the text on the sticker, which just makes you wonder why they zoomed in on it.

Subbed: tmmep16screen5

Dubbed: vuzb3pu

Signs + Text = Bad.



By the way, what’s up with that last shot? Why did they erase everything but the circle and square?

They remove a shot of Lettuce crossing the crosswalk.


Corina and Zoey’s narrating is getting really annoying. Teenage gossip, with implications that Bridget is being a creepy stalker (and Corina actually says ‘stalker’) is much less sweet than Lettuce narrating about how she’s falling for this guy.

All of the books in the library have text on them…because books. In the dub, all the text is painted away. Too many shots for this – just trust me.

The book that the guy, Norihiro, pulls down is titled ‘Lamaze is Not Difficult’, which was the book next to what she wanted. Embarrassed, she takes the book anyway. In the dub, the book is called ‘How to Tell Him How You Feel’. There’s no mention whether or not this was the book she wanted, but given the title change, I suppose so. I’m gonna guess 4Kids didn’t want to touch upon pregnancy topics in the least in regards to a teenage girl.

Subbed: tmmep16screen10

Dubbed: rciw2na

Name Change: Lettuce’s crush is named Norihiro Edomurasaki. In the dub, he’s Ian.

Norihiro points out that he’s seen Lettuce around the library a few times and that Lettuce seems to really like books. He points out that it’s rare to see girls hanging around libraries to read nowadays and, because of that, he’s taken a slight interest in her.

In the dub, Ian says he’s in his second year of college (oddly they did get his age right) and that he’s a literature major mostly focusing on Russian literature. He lists off how this means he usually reads about sad people, hunger, cold weather and poverty and jokes about how that makes him a real cheery guy.

Norihiro asks what kinds of books she’s interested in. Ian asks her what her story is because he sees her reading harder stuff like Shakespeare instead of music magazines and teen romance like he’d expect a teenage girl to be interested in. I might be paranoid, but I really feel like this is 4Kids talking here. ‘We don’t get Lettuce. Why does she read books? She’s a teenage girl. Shouldn’t she be playing Polly Pocket and gushing over Nsync and making me sandwiches?’

Lettuce says she likes foreign travel guides. She loves to look at pictures of shores from foreign lands and says it’s relaxing. Bridget says Shakespeare wrote about teen romance and then quotes Romeo and Juliet. She says she’s probably a weirdo for liking such serious stuff and then says when she wants lighter fare, she reads travel guides.

Another scene swap, because we’re still in Zoey’s little story, they fade back in on the scene of Zoey and Corina after the flashback is over. In the original, we cut back to Lettuce again heading to the library to see Norihiro.

In the original, Ichigo doesn’t know that Lettuce likes a guy, so she asks Lettuce why she’s so chipper today, but she just smiles and says its for no reason. Ichigo asks if something good happened, and Lettuce replies “Not really.” Ichigo then asks if she got a boyfriend, which causes Lettuce to blush and vehemently deny it. Ichigo turns into a little chibi-demon thing because she believes Lettuce is lying. Lettuce fumbles a bit in her words of denial, and Ichigo stands firmer in her stance that she did find a boyfriend. Lettuce admits it, and says to keep it just between them, and Ichigo agrees until she decides to yell it to the other girls.

In the dub, since Zoey already knows, she asks how her new boyfriend’s doing, and Bridget gushes about how they talked about Dostoyevsky. Zoey doesn’t know what that is, but says it’s great. Bridget says it’s great having a secret crush, and Zoey says that it’s even better because she told Corina. Bridget freaks out that Zoey told Corina because she knows Corina will tell everyone. Zoey turns into the little chibi-demon and says maybe everyone should know, but Bridget says it’s just a crush and it’s on an older guy at that. Zoey asks why her love should be a secret, and Bridget says she just wants it to be one before Zoey yells to Corina in the back to keep Bridget’s crush a secret.

As the girls are thinking of Lettuce’s possible boyfriend, Zakuro thinks of a shadowed guy smoking a cigarette. In the dub, the smoke is edited out.

Subbed: tmmep16screen11

Dubbed: ktj0uy6

And here’s the big edit that still baffles and confuses me to this day, but, oddly enough, is merely a contender for the most confusing edit of the episode. As they’re still picturing what Lettuce’s boyfriend looks like, Mint thinks of a blond ballet dancer.

In the dub, this picture is removed and replaced with Renee’s picture and the dialogue is even changed to saying it must be someone cute, but everyone has their own views of what is really cute. So there’s no denying that this scene implies that Corina thinks Renee is cute and would be her version of a great romantic partner.

Subbed: tmmep16screen12


I just do not get this. I mean, I can’t think of really any instances where 4Kids has been shown to be anti-gay, but then again there’s not a whole lot of that content in their shows besides Harley from Pokemon, and they left him entirely alone. James’ crossdressing was also left alone outside of the banned episode.

I just don’t understand why they’re purposely pushing for it here so fiercely. *shrugs* Maybe there are shipping wars in 4Kids. Maybe there was something really wrong with the ballet dancer, and Renee was the only person they could think of to replace him.

The other reason I can think of is that they didn’t want to show a male ballet dancer because it’s a guy doing something seen as feminine, but they’ve shown guy ballet dancers several times and again, James. Hell, Ash did it once or twice too.

The final theory I have is that 4Kids might have thought that her crush on Renee is so legit that thinking of another person as a romantic interest, a guy even, would be….kinda cheating on her? And they didn’t want Corina to be doing something like that? It’s a huge stretch, but it’s all I’m coming up with. This just really confuses me. The smoking thing I understand, but I just don’t get this.

When asked if he’s tall, Lettuce says no. In the dub, she says he kinda is.

Mint asks if he’s an athlete, and Lettuce says no. Corina asks if he writes her a lot of poetry, and she says he’s never written her anything.

Ichigo asks if he’s younger than Lettuce, but she says no. Ichigo then gets up in Lettuce’s face and asks what he’s like. Lettuce starts going on that he’s tall (wait, you just said he wasn’t) and that he loves reading but then she trails off and says he’s not her boyfriend. Zoey says there’s one thing she still wants to know, so she gets in Bridget’s face and asks if he’s a good kisser. Bridget says she wishes she knew because he’s so smart and cute, and then she gushes over how crazy she is about him.

It should be noted that this line change is pretty creepy taking into consideration the original. In the original, Lettuce is 12-13 years old and this guy is 18-20. Yeah, please don’t find out quite yet if he’s a good kisser.

It’s actually kinda creepy in the dub anyway. He’s at least 20 in the dub because he’s two years into college and she’s 15 in the dub. Not as creepy, but still creepy and probably illegal.

After Lettuce blows up and says he’s not her boyfriend, Ichigo sits and coyly teases her some more. In the dub, Bridget says Ian’s not her boyfriend and Zoey sits and coyly points out that now they know his name is Ian….Uh, excuse me. He introduces himself in the flashback that you narrated, heavily implying that Bridget told you all of those details. Can’t you people keep anything straight?

Ichigo asks flat out if Lettuce loves Norihiro. Zoey asks if she’s even told Ian that she has a crush on him.

The girls then yell, as Lettuce responds in silence, that she really does love Norihiro. In the dub, her silence is taken as denial that she’s told him so they yell “You have to tell him!”

The scene with Taruto and Pai is kinda changed. Pai is gathering data on humans, and Taruto wonders why since humans are worthless. He explains that a humans’ true abilities vary from person to person. Body and mind work separately. Taruto says that this only means that humans are imperfect, and Pai responds that he needs more data.

In the dub, Sardon says he’s coming up with new strategies. Tarb asks why he’s doing that because their regular strategy of ‘charging in and kicking butt’ has worked just fine in the past. Yeah, that’s why you’ve never once won against them, huh? Sardon says he needs to learn more about humans perhaps by reading their books. Tarb then asks over and over where he thinks they’re going to get human books.

Seriously, 4Kids, if you couldn’t make a line to fit all of the mouth flaps, just cut the scene and move on. No need to make him repeat the line like an idiot. Sardon then replies that they need a library card.

The scene from earlier with Lettuce going to the library was just swapped to this point.

And they changed it to something stupid. How nice. Anyway, the scene is entirely the same as the original until Lettuce gets to the library and sees Norihiro checking in. Originally, this had no talking.

In the dub, he clearly says he’ll see the librarian tonight, and she giggles and tells him not to read too much. Gee, I wonder with all of the capacity of my brain cells if he’s romantically entangled with this young lady? Well, gang, looks like we have another mystery on our hands.

The book that Lettuce has is called ‘Appeal of Tahiti’. In the dub, it’s ‘Fiji: A Guide’. Tahiti, Fiji, eh they’re both foreign places, and islands to boot. Who cares if they’re if they’re over 2000 miles apart and are in no way the same place?

Subbed: tmmep16screen13

Dubbed: phes6sq

Norihiro doesn’t talk about his college work, he just says he bought the book at a bookstore he frequents, but figured Lettuce would like it better.

Norihiro talks about how he rarely smiles anymore, and he likes seeing Lettuce smiling like she is now. Lettuce says he can smile more and talks about how she used to be sad and miserable all the time, but now she has a better attitude on life because the people around her are encouraging. She then encourages Norihiro in doing the same.

In the dub, Ian talks about how Bridget reminds him a lot of how he used to be when he was her age, but now he spends all of his time engrossed in books. This line also supposedly makes Bridget sad because he’s pointing out the age difference between them. He continues to tell Bridget to not end up like him and that life is meant to be lived not read about. He apologizes and says that lately he’s been thinking that he hides from life in books. Bridget says she knows how he feels because she used to use books as an escape as well, but then she realized that reading was a way of connecting to people by reading about stuff like loneliness and courage.

The eyecatches are different starting now, and they’re still removed in lieu of the ones 4Kids made.


The girls originally just hint that the book means he likes Lettuce. In the dub, they say the book’s a sign of a bigger message – that he wants to go away on an island cruise with her. Uh….huh.

The girls just yell “Good luck!” In the dub they yell “You go, girl!”

We’re at the scene that was shifted to the beginning so let’s tackle this. In the original, Mint and Ichigo are talking about how nice it is that Lettuce has a guy now, and Mint says she’s more surprised Ichigo has a boyfriend. Ichigo is about to deny that Aoyama’s her boyfriend, but then turns around, laughs and says this isn’t something to discuss with someone who has never had a boyfriend. Mint sneers for a bit before going chibi and floating off into a picture of Zakuro saying that she’s fine as long as she’s with Zakuro.

Ichigo gets a freaked out look on her face before gushing over how nice it would be to go to an island like the one in Lettuce’s book with her boyfriend. She then fantasizes about it. The fantasy includes her and Aoyama on a beach about to kiss when Ichigo’s stomach growls. Aoyama smiles and says they should eat dinner and Ichigo agrees.

She’s horrified, however, to find the table covered in gross food like frogs, lizards and bats. While she’s completely grossed out, Aoyama is happily eating away, making Ichigo freak out both in the dream and in real life, which prompts Mint to just leave her while she’s crying about her fantasy.

In the dub, the girls are complaining about the long day they just had at work. Corina asks why it took so long to clean up a smoothie machine accident, and Zoey points out that it would’ve gone faster if Corina had helped. Corina says she had other work to do, but Zoey says checking the folds on the napkins isn’t work. Corina says it is, Zoey freaks out a bit before getting a dreamy look on her face about the fact that Bridget opens the café tomorrow and not her. That’s when the opening scene with Bridget starts, and they start narrating the story. Blah blah blah already explained this part – when we cut back to the girls, Zoey is gushing over the ‘geek love’ I mentioned before, and Mint just walks away.

Few things;

The signs are removed in this scene.

That scene with Mint gushing over being with Zakuro is removed.

And the entirety of Ichigo’s island fantasy is removed.

You’ll have to trust me on the signs, there are a ton of them as they’re walking through town.


Also, considering that the fantasy sequence is used in another episode, I won’t bother getting screencaps of that scene.

While the dialogue is basically the same in the scene with ‘the Beckys’ in terms of subject matter, they could not be more painfully obvious with theirs in the dub. “Don’t you wanna lend us money so you can be our friend?” Try making after-school specials, 4Kids.

Lettuce is also nicer than she is in the dub. In the original, she just tells her bitchy ‘friends’ that she’s busy and can’t go with them. In the dub, she says she has better things to do.

The signs all over town are removed. And isn’t it a bit funny that in an episode where reading is one of the focal points that they still remove every bit of text they can get their hands on?

What’s that smell? It smells…kinda like….a crappy pop song, oh god no. *listens*….Eh….At least it’s not ear-bleedingly awful in regards to melody…Let’s see about the lyrics. Making friends…blah….then I saw you….blah…is this more than a crush? Yada yada….I wanted to show you how I feel, so I wrapped it in a meal…….If that wasn’t exactly what was happening here, that line would be stupid in a sea of bland love song clichés. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the other lines. It’s like they really wanted to shove the details of this scene into the song, so they made one line about cooking a meal for someone you love in an otherwise completely stale sack of ‘I like this guy a lot’.

To be fair, there’s a lyrical song in the original too. Melody-wise, it’s about as interesting. Lyric-wise, it’s a lot better.

They remove the shots of the island before the little clipshow. They also remove Lettuce getting up and an exterior shot of her house.

If Sardon barely knows what a library is, why and how did he make that quip about the library card earlier?

Name Change: The librarian, Norihiro/Ian’s girlfriend is originally Satsuki. In the dub, she’s Sabrina.

Norihiro thanks Lettuce specifically for encouraging him and allowing him to be a better person. In the dub, he thanks Bridget for reminding him why books make him a better person and that he needs to go save the girl he loves.

Kiki: “We’re gonna turn you dust mites into dust weaks.” I actually had to think about why this is a pun for a second. You need to work on your one-liners, 4Kids.

Originally she just says today’s Chimera Animals are funny.

They remove Ichigo’s motto (Throw the parade!) as well as a short shot of Lettuce saying “You guys…”

Attack Name Change: Fuu Hyou Sen (Windy Ice Fan) is changed to Ice Wind Blast. That’s actually pretty close, so Kudos.

Well, this is no shock now, they completely removed Lettuce’s transformation scene so in the dub she just pops up transformed and attacks. I should mention, however, that while she is ‘naked’ for a bit, there is no damn reason why her transformation should be removed.

All the other girls are kinda naked for a bit, and I don’t see Lettuce’s nakedness being on screen for too long in comparison. It’s all silhouette anyway. What a load. If it was such an issue, then a short and edited transformation is better than flat out nothing. They CAN show certain segments of it because they’re included in the mashup, so I don’t get it at all. It’s also worth mentioning that all of the other girls, as I’ve mentioned, have segments of their transformations removed too anyway, so this makes even less sense.

It still bugs me that this is Lettuce’s big episode and yet she still has to call on Ichigo to ‘finish them off’.

Pudding explains that Lettuce wasn’t affected by the Chimera Animals hypnotic reading because she likes books so much……well that’s dumb. In the dub, Kiki just cheers for Bridget and we’re left to wonder why it didn’t affect her.

And here we are at the other contender for most confusing edit of the series, one I can hardly find a single excuse for. The engagement ring that Norihiro gives Satsuki has an emerald on it. I dunno if that’s to give a nod to Lettuce for giving him the courage to propose, but it’s bittersweet symbolism either way.

In the dub, it’s painted white and turned into a diamond….I mean, it might just be because diamond engagement rings are the most common but…..why? Just…why? I don’t get it. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this edit. I don’t….I don’t get it! Why are you searching for new and improved ways to confuse and anger me 4Kids?! Why!?

Subbed: tmmep16screen19

Dubbed:  zhdzdww

The girls are quiet after they see Norihiro propose to Satsuki until Ichigo says “Lettuce…” Lettuce then interrupts and says she’s alright as she sheds a tear. In the dub, they basically ruin the scene by Corina asking “That’s not Ian is it?” and then Ichigo says “Anyway!” while Bridget sheds a tear and then says it’s not Ian and that Ian couldn’t make it. As we cut to the shot of the trees, Kiki says they saw her talking with him and Renee quiets her.

Lettuce narrates at the end again, but Zoey rears her stupid head in to narrate again like it’s her damn story. They basically say the same thing, but dammit this is Lettuce’s/Bridget’s episode, shut the hell up!

Zoey: “After all, if there’s anyone who has read the words ‘Tis better to love and lose than to never love at all’ it’s Bridget.” The quote is “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” This is an episode about reading, dammit.


God this episode was mangled to crap. Completely unnecessary scene shifts, story changes, scene removals etc. They’re just getting worse. And then they throw the ring curveball at me and I just get blindsided.

As an episode, originally, though, this is pretty alright. I never wanted to see poor Lettuce get heartbroken, especially since she has a grand total of two romantic interests over the course of the series and they both end up with her getting rejected, but it was pretty well-written and interesting.

Next up is the Blue Knight’s debut.

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