Pokemon Episode 34 Analysis – The Kangaskhan Kid

Pokemon episode 34 title

CotD(s): Tommy – A young kid who was accidentally dropped into the Safari Zone by his father and left to be raised by Kangaskhan, Tommy is a very excitable and wild child, though he’s also very brave and sweet.

Reappears?: No.

Pokemon: None, though it could be argued that, since he can command the Kangaskhan, that they’re kinda-ish sorta his. At least on his side.

Mama – A doting mother, she, like Papa, can be a bit on the weird, spoiled and eccentric side, but not nearly as bad as Papa. Mama was furious when Papa lost Tommy and is willing to do anything to be reunited with him.

Reappears?: No.

Pokemon: None.

Papa – An irresponsible, weird, creepy asshole, he, like an asshole, is an asshole.

Reappears?: No. Thank God.

Pokemon: None. Thank God.

Plot: Ash, Misty and Brock have supposedly now made it to the Safari Zone. In awe of the number of Pokemon nearby, Ash gears up to catch some of them. He spots a Chansey in a bush and tries to capture it, only to find that it’s a Jenny, this one being a Safari Ranger, in disguise trying to catch Pokemon poachers.

She arrests them and brings them to her base camp where she explains that this area is not the Safari Zone, but a National Pokemon Preservation Area where catching Pokemon is strictly forbidden. She lets off Ash with a warning since she believes he really didn’t know where he was. They’re interrupted by a poaching alert that Jenny must respond to.

When they arrive, they spot a herd of Kangaskhan and Team Rocket, who are trying to capture them. As they spook them with rockets, Jenny and the others try to outrun the resulting stampede in her Jeep.

The Kangaskhan run into a net trap set by Team Rocket, and they prepare to capture them in Pokeballs. Ash, Jenny and the others are left to watch helplessly since Jenny’s Jeep has overheated.

Suddenly, a wild child emerges from the brush, throwing a boomerang at Jessie’s Pokeball and knocking it back in her face. He runs towards the net, cuts through the ropes with his boomerang and lets the Kangaskhan out.

The boy sics the Kangaskhan on Team Rocket, who smack them around a bit before blasting them off. The boy hops in one of the Kangaskhan’s pouches and walks away. As Ash and the others try to process what they saw, a helicopter suddenly lands in front of them. Two people walk out, introducing themselves only as Tommy’s parents.

Their three-year-old son named Tommy accidentally got lost in this preservation area after a terrible accident, and they’ve been looking for him for five years. A recent photo lead them to this spot where they believe he’s living with the Kangaskhan. Jenny recognizes him as Tomo and has a full file of information on him, including his address. They ask for all of the group’s help in finding him and they agree.

As Ash, Misty and Brock carry Mama and Papa through the forest, they come across a wounded baby Kangaskhan. Brock tries to treat it with a Super Potion, but the baby cries in pain due to the sting of the spray. Tommy quickly emerges from the bushes, ready to defend the baby Kangaskhan from the people seemingly hurting it. Ash, Misty and Brock explain the situation, and it soon becomes clear that Tommy’s very confused after spending five years in the wild.

He doesn’t appear to be able to differentiate much between people or Pokemon and he doesn’t remember his parents. When Misty coaxes him to try and remember, all he remembers is being cared for and raised by his Mama Kangaskhan. Papa smacks him in the head with a log, knocking him unconscious. He dreams about his time as a baby, being cared for by Mama, and awakens with his memories intact. However, he’s terribly confused over which family he belongs with.

Ranger Jenny shows up with reports of Pokemon poaching and asks for Ash and co.’s help. Back at the Kangaskhan herd, Team Rocket has built a giant Kangaskhan robot and lure the Kangaskhan to it with fake cries. When they approach, they’re shot with tranquilizers.

Tommy tries to save them, but his little boomerang is no match for the robot. Team Rocket retaliates by launching their robot’s fists at Tommy, but he dodges. Ash and the others arrive and try to battle the robot, but to no avail. Tommy manages to knock off the cover to the gas tank, and Ash’s Charmander ignites the fuel. However, the robot keeps charging towards them.

Suddenly, Mama and Papa arrive in their helicopter and crash it into the robot to blast off Team Rocket and save Tommy.

Tommy mourns the loss of his human parents, but they emerge from the rubble unharmed, explaining that they realize forcing Tommy to depart with his Kangaskhan family isn’t fair, so they’ve decided to live with Tommy and the Kangaskhan. Tommy happily reunites with his family, human and Kangaskhan alike, as they bid Ash and the others farewell.


– Someone should really tell Ash and the others that you can’t just wander into the Safari Zone so they and the Narrator will stop thinking they’re in the Safari Zone.

– Also, for crying out loud, how far away is the Safari Zone in the anime? They’ve already been to the Fuchsia City Gym and have stumbled upon a Pokemon reserve as well as a Pokemon ranch and now a Pokemon preservation area (which is basically what a reserve is) and yet they still won’t reach the Safari Zone until the following episode. Let me remind you that the entrance to the Safari Zone is merely the northern most point of Fuchsia City in the games. Then again, Fuchsia City has a really frustrating layout to the point where I almost want to let this slide.

– Hey look, more guns! Funny how an episode with guns is preceding an episode that was banned for rampant gun use.

Pokemon episode 34 screen1

– The Jenny here is a Safari Ranger….then why is her uniform no different from a traditional Officer Jenny? Also, Jenny really thinks these ten-year-old children are poachers? Also also, she calls herself a Safari Ranger but, as stated, they’re not in the Safari Zone. I’m almost certain they’re no longer in Safari Land either. It’s hard as balls to get your bearings in this show sometimes.

– How do these three keep accidentally wandering into Pokemon reserves? If you’re not going to border the place with fences or walls, at least plaster signs everywhere so innocent people will stay out.

– Since I didn’t hear Ash about to call out any Pokemon (he only said ‘I’m gonna catch it!’ with a Pokeball in his hand, ready to throw) and it didn’t seem like he grabbed the ball from his belt, I’m left to assume two things about the scene before Jenny reveals herself.

1) Ash, 34 goddamn episodes in, was about to try and catch a Pokemon without battling it first.

2) Ash was trying to catch a CHANSEY, of all things, without battling it first.

(I realize you don’t battle Pokemon in the Safari Zone, but if he’s unaware of the Safari Ball restriction, I assume he’s unaware of the no battling restriction.)

– I now understand why Ash hardly ever catches Pokemon. This is the second time in a row that his capture attempts have been turned into a crime – and this time he actually got arrested for it.

– Why is the Safari Zone, of all things, basically surrounded by Pokemon reserves? I know I brought this up last episode, but there are now two of these places on their outskirts – three if the Big P Pokemon ranch counts as a separate Pokemon reserve.

– How does that map Jenny has know where Pokemon poaching is taking place? Is it really just detecting humans and Jenny instantly assumes they’re poachers?

Pokemon episode 34 screen2

– Ash: “Let us help, Jenny. We want to make up for what happened before.”

Jenny: “Thanks! Get in!”

Yes, ten-year-old children. Hop in the Jeep as I confront potentially dangerous Pokemon poachers. Remember, we’re in an episode with guns, so try not to get shot.

– Dexter: “Kangaskhan – a Parent Pokemon. Once approaching extinction, they are now protected by law and inhabit the Safari Zone.” We’ve already established that they’re not in the Safari Zone. Also, how are they really being protected if they inhabit an area where Trainers are encouraged to throw rocks at them and try to capture them?

– Ash: “Team Rocket! *to Jenny* We have to stop them!” Stop the poachers from poaching? That thing we came here to do? Naaaaah.

Pokemon episode 34 screen3
I stumbled into this frame by accident. Ash’s face is priceless.

– How did Team Rocket know that the Kangaskhan would run right in the direction of their net trap? It was a very wide open area – they could’ve gone anywhere. And it’s not like they directed them that way with the blast because it was straight above their heads.

– Ash: “We have to do something to stop them!”

Jenny: “It’s no use. I overheated the engine on the last stunt.”

Since when do you need your Jeep to stop poachers? You didn’t even have it when you caught Ash and the others. If you’re close enough to see how scared the baby Kangaskhan are, you’re well within walking distance. Take out your gun, walk over and stop them. You’re just as useless as the other Jennys.

Pokemon episode 34 screen4
Does this seem Looney Tunes-ish to anyone else?

– Jessie was trying to capture a Pokemon without batting it first. I don’t give a damn if they’re in a net – that wouldn’t work.

– Jessie was trying to capture a Kangaskhan without batting it first. That’s almost as laughable as Chansey.

– A small boy with a dull wooden boomerang was enough to cut through the net, but oh god there’s nothing this forest ranger and three Pokemon Trainers could do to help.

– I block out this episode for two reasons. 1) Tommy’s stupid ass parents (mostly Papa) and 2) Tommy’s horrific voice spouting ‘Kanga-kangaskhaaaaaannn!!’ every five friggin’ seconds. Thanks for that, Jimmy Zoppi.

– Tommy’s Wiki page says he’s a boy who lives in the Safari Zone, leaving me confused yet again. If this really is the Safari Zone then why does Jenny have jurisdiction here? Why is trying to capture the Kangaskhan poaching when capture is legal in the Safari Zone? I guess they’re not capturing them ‘correctly’ but that’s not what she’s citing them for. If the Safari Zone is like a couple of miles away from a Pokemon preservation area and there are no signs or fences separating the two, it’s a wonder lost Pokemon Trainers trying to capture Pokemon isn’t a more common occurrence for Jenny.

– Judging from how close the Kangaskhan are to the Jeep as they walk away after blasting off Team Rocket, holy friggin’ hell in August, you morons were plenty close enough to stop Team Rocket. You didn’t even need to leave the Jeep – you just needed to throw a Pokeball from where you were sitting. The only reason they were dense enough to sit there is so they could be introduced to Tommy and watch him demonstrate his relationship to the Kangaskhan.

Pokemon episode 34 screen5
We would get out and help, but Jenny just got these new heated car seats and they’re just heavenly.

– No matter if this is a Pokemon reserve or the Safari Zone, they shouldn’t be allowed to land their helicopter on the grounds.

– Papa and Mama have arrived……I would tune them out, but I kinda have to pay attention just so I can lay rest to why these idiots make my blood boil.

– Papa’s character design pisses me off for no good reason. He doesn’t look like a real character. He looks like a living creepy-ass muppet. Papa’s jacket pisses me off. It’s like someone blew their nose on a Rorschach test. Papa’s voice pisses me off. It sounds like some parent going overboard while trying to sound like a cross between a butler and a court jester.

He has no name. He literally introduces himself as Tommy’s father even though they have no clue who Tommy is at this point.

Mama looks like any other character for no reason. Is this a joke I’m just not getting?

Papa is way too happy for a person searching for his lost son in a dangerous area.

Pokemon episode 34 screen6
Look at him and feel the hatred enter your soul.

– Tommy’s eight years old? He doesn’t seem like it. Ages always worked oddly in this show. Why does eight look so drastically different from ten? He only barely looks a little bigger than his three year old version.

– Alright, let’s get to the meat here. I’m going to be swearing a bit more than usual so bear with me. Five years ago, a three year old Tommy and his parents were sight seeing in their helicopter over the Safari Zone. In order to get a better look at the Pokemon, Papa held Tommy out the window and FUCKING DROPPED HIM.

And immediately after this happens, Mama screams in horror, which is perfectly understandable….and Papa looks on with his same doofy-ass smile like he almost meant to do that.

Pokemon episode 34 screen7
“Hahaha, anything that has spawned from me is an abomination upon God anyway. Let’s go have some tea!”

Not only that, he then says this, still with the same stupid smile.

Papa: “Don’t worry, Mama, he just wants to get a closer look. Smart boy our Tommy is.”


Luckily, he was wearing a parachute and somehow knew to pull the rip cord at the proper time. Indeed smart boy Tommy is.

But, despite the fact that they knew he was wearing a parachute (for what purpose, I don’t know) neither of them could’ve known he would know how to activate the damn thing. He is only three afterall. So, for all Papa knew, mere moments after he was smiling about Tommy going to get a closer look at the Pokemon, he’d be shopping for a child-size casket for whatever they could scrape off the ground…..and he’d still probably be smiling while doing that.

They go down to the ground and look for him, only to find an empty parachute caught in the trees. Again, for all they know, he’s been grabbed by a Pokemon and eaten.

Does Papa express concern? Does he mourn over his lost son?

Nope. He just says with a smile –

Papa: “Maybe if you had been holding him this wouldn’t have happened.”

renaldo-rageragerage hades

The unholy nerve of this little goofy hobbit. He has the balls to not only drop his near infant son out of a helicopter with a smile, not find him later on and seemingly not give a shit, but then pass on the blame to his wife who was in no way at fault and was the only one showing a modicum of concern here. I want Papa to die with a shovel in his hands so that when he reaches the lowest depths of hell, he can dig even further to make his own custom level.

Wanna know something even worse? His original Japanese dialogue (courtesy of Dogasu’s Backpack) is this –

“Originally, Papa figures that Tarou has turned into a star in the sky, which is obviously a euphemism for death. Mama replies by yelling that that’s not what happened.”

He originally thought his son was dead, and responded to it calmlywith a fucking smile on his face…and completely ignored the fact that he possibly murdered their son. 

I have no words.

– I do love Mama’s reaction to his accusations, though. Her voice actress even gasps before she says her line like she’s that enraged.

Pokemon episode 34 screen8

– No one listening to this story is the slightest bit angry at Papa for what he did, said or how he reacted to what he did. They all just start crying. I know it might be crass at this point, but Jenny should also be arresting him for child endangerment, negligence and damn near manslaughter.

– Someone took a picture of a wild boy living with Kangaskhan and didn’t think to report it to the authorities?

– Tommy’s been missing in this area for over five years, and he’s supposedly been, at most, only a few miles away from the Ranger Station. Jenny also seemed quite familiar with the Kangaskhan herd. How has Jenny never heard of or seen him before now? Did she never get a missing child report?….Did…..they never file one? I honestly wouldn’t put it passed them.

-…..The hell? Jenny not only knows there’s a kid living with the Kangaskhan, but she knows his name and even has an address for him and a full file with his information. Even if Jenny didn’t have a missing child report on Tommy, there is absolutely no reason why she should’ve left him there. You fling up a rifle at a ten-year-old for attempting to capture a Pokemon, but you do nothing but write a file on a three year old spending five years living in the wild, being raised by Pokemon who are so dangerous even Dexter warned them of how vicious they were?

No wonder she’s not arresting Papa for child endangerment – she’s basically committing the same thing. Maybe he is better off living with Pokemon – God knows humans don’t give a flying crap about his safety.

Pokemon episode 34 screen9
So what are the qualifications for being a police officer in the Pokemon world? Be named Jenny and have a blatant disregard for the safety of children?

– After asking Jenny, Ash, Misty and Brock to help them find their son, they then ask them to carry them through the woods on a litter (It’s a very rough one with no cab, but calling it a gurney seems wrong and I can’t find any better word for it.) as they search. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Their justification for it? Papa doesn’t get outdoors much and isn’t in the best of shape.

Few things.

1) Who cares? Man up and walk, you lazy ass.

I want to put something into perspective. A long way down the line in Johto we get a character named Madame Muchmoney who is pretty overweight and hardly seems like she knows any other exercise beyond maybe fanning her face in summer. When her beloved Pokemon, Snubbull, goes missing, she walks, hikes, runs, climbs, swims and more all through the wilds of Johto for months, seemingly never using any vehicles.

This lazy bastard nearly kills his son, loses him for five years in the wilderness, and just because he’s ‘out of shape’ (I see nothing indicating he’s anymore out of shape than the average person. He has a cane but he’s obviously not supporting himself on it) he refuses to walk even a little and asks to be carried like royalty.

Madame Muchmoney, another spoiled rich lady who is very much out of shape, cared far more about her Pokemon, her dog, than this guy cares about his son.

2) Even if he can’t walk very much for whatever reason, that’s no reason to need to be carried on a litter. He’s so small, he could easily be carried on the back of one of the characters.

3) Why are they not using the Jeep if Papa can’t travel on foot?

4) Why is Mama riding on the litter? There’s no excuse given as to why she can’t walk.

5) He’s Mama’s horrible husband. If he needs to be carried, Mama should be doing it.

6) It’s cute that Pikachu’s holding part of the litter, but he’s way too small and physically weak to be supporting that. He’s also too short to be doing that at all. Why is Brock holding both back poles? I know he’s older and bigger, but that seems a little unfair and unnecessary considering a strong Pokemon like Geodude could help him out. Actually, why not just let Onix out and have them ride on it? Onix probably wouldn’t even notice.

Pokemon episode 34 screen10

7) Come to think of it, Jenny could be holding one of the other back—where the hell is Jenny? Did she agree to help them search then just decide not to go with them? As a Safari Ranger, she shouldn’t be letting this search with three children and two civilians go on without someone official escorting them. Is she the only Ranger in the area? Is she the only Ranger period? What is wrong with the authority figures and organizations in this show?

8) Wait – he doesn’t get outdoors often? How the hell is that possible if he’s been searching high and low for his son for five years?

– Props to Ash and co. for dropping them, though.

– Ash: *in regards to an injured baby Kangaskhan* “Can you treat it, Brock?”

Brock: “Don’t forget, Ash, I’m training to be the world’s best Breeder.” *whips out a Super Potion*

Yes, Ash, as a super skilled Pokemon Breeder, I, of course, know the way to treat injured Pokemon. With this incredibly common literally-treats-damn-near-everything-besides-status-effects item that even the newbiest of Trainers know to use.

Also, minor nitpick, but this is a baby Kangaskhan – is it really necessary to use a Super Potion? Surely a regular potion would suffice.

Pokemon episode 34 screen11

– Who beat up this baby Kangaskhan and where is its mother?

– The sound that baby Kangaskhan makes when it gets the Super Potion is horrifying. I haven’t heard anything on Pokemon nearing that bad since the Charmander/Squirtle fight in Origins.

– Also, Brock, when most people treat wounds with sprays, they typically don’t just give a wide shot right to the patient’s face. You go up close and quickly spray each spot. No wonder Kangaskhan responded like it did.

– Is Tommy a Kangaskhan whisperer or something? How is he constantly not only able to immediately detect when a Kangaskhan is in peril or pain, but he is also always close enough to immediately react?

– For the love of all things holy…So, Papa finds his son after he’s been lost in the woods for five years being cared for by Kangaskhan, all of which is purely his fault after dropping him from a goddamn helicopter. When Tommy has difficulty remembering him and Mama, what does he do? Cry? Get depressed? Feel resigned and leave?

……He knocks him unconscious by smacking him in the head with a log and then basically says they’ll forcibly take him back home and reboot him.

Ya know, sometimes people who would be offerings in a human sacrifice were also carried in a litter. Dunno why I thought of that.

Pokemon episode 34 screen12

– Tommy’s eight. He shouldn’t have memories of being a baby.

– Let me rephrase that – I mean, holy crap, giving him a concussion should not return his memories of his parents.

– I know the Japanese reason behind him doing this, but out of all the superfluous things cut from Pokemon how did Papa going *opens shirt* “Does this help you remember me, Tommy?” escape from the edit room of doom?

– Bless Misty for konking him on the head, though.

– Oh thank God, Offi—Ranger Jenny. I’d like to report more rampant child abuse and I’d also like to report you to your superiors for not arresting this man in the first place.

– Still, though, where the hell has she been? Who takes the only motor vehicle and no one else in the search party? At least take one of the parents. Preferably Papa.

– Jenny rushes to the children and useless Pokemon-less adults for help with Pokemon poachers. Is she seriously sans backup?

Pokemon episode 34 screen13
Good job, Misty! Now bury his body in the woods and the people of the world will be safe once more.

– Mama gives up surprisingly easily on retrieving her son. He didn’t rush to the Kangaskhan for fun – he did it because Jenny said they were in trouble. No matter which family he’d want to go with, he’d still want to protect both no matter what.

– James: “It’s jungle boy.”

Jessie: “He ruined our plans last time. This time we’ll show him who’s boss.” *rocket launches the giant robot Kangaskhan’s fists at Tommy*

Yes, we’ll teach this small boy with mental and social development issues who’s boss by trying to kill him with a giant robot. Rational responses all around.

– How long are Bulbasaur’s vines that it can wrap this massive robot several times over?

– Ash telling Squirtle to Skull Bash….a giant robot. I know Ash’s team isn’t very equipped for a giant robot fight but anything would be better than that.

– Squirtle doing that instead of looking at Ash like he’s a lunatic. I respect that level of commitment to his Trainer, but dude….

– Well, Squirtle’s dead. He died doing what he loved. Following a complete idiot into battle.

– If Tommy has little understanding of anything modern, how did he know what a gas tank was? How did he know to look for one? Unless he didn’t and just blindly threw his boomerang and got lucky, in which case, bullshit it did.

Pokemon episode 34 screen14
I was planning on writing a joke here, but got distracted by Bulbasaur’s face. Did he do the fusion dance with a Bratz doll?

– No gas tank I’ve ever seen has a cap that can be knocked off like that. They almost always have self-locking designs and twist caps. Unless it wasn’t secured at all in the first place, that shouldn’t have happened.

Also, it wouldn’t drain like that. Gas tanks are specifically designed to not have gas gush out of the filling hole. That’s why gas siphoning is a thing. You can really only get it out through suction. Imagine if you went to fill the tank, popped off the cap and suddenly gas gushed all over you.

– It either lost all or most of its gas by opening the tank like that or all of it burst into flames. Either way, the Jeep and the robot should not be working right now.

– Despite my bitching about them, I will give Mama and Papa the props they deserve for sacrificing their lives for the sake of saving Tommy. And that was a pretty good climax.

– Well, I WOULD give them those props…. If they died.

Few things (yes, again.)

1) The cockpit of the helicopter very obviously blew up. They showed the shine of the initial blast right in that spot.

Pokemon episode 34 screen15

2) The helicopter is so destroyed there’s hardly a trace of it in the rubble.

3) I’d say a few hours went by between the crash and the reflection seeing as how it’s sunset at that point. That means the wreckage had to have had enough time to burnt itself out. Are you telling me Papa and Mama sat in a smoldering helicopter/giant robot crash covered in gasoline and didn’t suffer any injuries? Blow me.

4) The odds of surviving that crash and fire were so low, Jenny didn’t lift a finger to search for them in it. She didn’t rush in or call for backup – nothing. Then again, this is Useless Jenny we’re talking about here.

5) If they were perfectly fine, not even any boo boos, why did it take them so long to emerge from the rubble? What were they doing down there?

6) Where the hell did they get those ‘Tarzan’ outfits?

7) When did they have the time to put them on? They were wearing their regular clothes in the helicopter before it crashed. Are you seriously telling me they were sitting in the wreckage and CHANGING THEIR CLOTHES?

– With any luck, Papa will die of exposure or a random Pokemon attack whilst living among the Kangaskhan.

– Jenny should still not be letting any of them live in a preservation area, however.


I think after all that rambling, I’ve said my piece on this episode. I don’t like it…..At all. Everyone’s being incredibly stupid, Papa can suck a stripped power line and the only redeeming aspects are whenever Papa gets smacked.

The voice acting’s annoying, the animation’s poor, the story is so ridiculous and filled with completely stupid decisions and consequences that it’s insane, and the Kangaskhan were more set dressing than anything. I would’ve loved to have seen more of a relationship between Tommy and his Mama Kangaskhan, but you just barely realize there’s one specific Kangaskhan that he’s taken to over three-quarters of the way into the episode.

How Dogasu called this a great episode is beyond me. Even as a kid I was, at best, ambivalent about this episode. To each his own I suppose.

……Hey wait. Mama has light brown hair and Papa has dark brown hair….But Tommy has turquoise hair….*gasp* Papa’s not his real father! Papa probably killed his real father and tattooed those swirls on his face to make him think he was his! I gotta call the cops!

*dials phone*….Hello? This is FiddleTwix. I’d like to report a suspected murder, child abuse, neglect, attempted murder, child endangerment – just a whole bunch of stuff!….Wha….what do you mean you can’t do anything about it?….Overheated Jeep?……Just get out of it, then!…..Stop laughing!…Hello? Hello?…*sigh*

Next time, our first ever for really realz completely never been dubbed ever banned episode. Oh yeah and we FINALLY LEGITIMATELY FOR REALREALREELZREALLYNOTKIDDING get to the Safari Zone at last.

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