Pokemon Episode 53 Analysis – The Purr-Fect Hero

Pokemon ep 53 Screen1

CotD(s): Timmy – A preschooler who was saved from a Beedrill by a wild Meowth, Timmy wants nothing more than to meet his hero, Meowth, and be with him forever.

Reappear? No.

Pokemon: Meowth…I guess? I think. This wild Meowth who is insanely strong and brave keeps saving Timmy. At the end of the episode, it’s implied that Timmy adopted/caught the Meowth.

Plot: It’s Kids’ Day, and wouldn’t ya know it, the group just happens upon a preschool today. The teacher at the school is upset because she hired some Pokemon Trainers to come to the school to allow the kids to play with their Pokemon for Kids’ Day, but they canceled at the last minute. Ash, Misty and Brock offer to have the kids play with their Pokemon for the day, and the teacher happily accepts.

The kids all have a great time tormentin—playing with the Pokemon, but Ash and the others notice a little boy named Timmy standing all alone. When they ask him what’s wrong Timmy replies that the only Pokemon he wants to play with is a Meowth.

A little while back, Timmy was playing in the woods when a Beedrill suddenly started chasing him. He looked like he was bound to be stung, but a Meowth suddenly leaped from the trees, attacked the Beedrill and sent it packing. Timmy tried to thank the Meowth, but it ran away before he could do anything.

To err on the side of caution, they make sure this Meowth isn’t the one from Team Rocket.

Suddenly, a strange traveling magic show appears offering a free show for Kids’ day. They ask for Pikachu to help with a disappearing trick. Presto! Pikachu is gone and is replaced with a Meowth.

Plot twist to end all plot twists, it was Team Rocket and they’re stealing Pikachu. They Smokescreen the place up and book it.

When the smoke clears, they find that Pikachu escaped the box, but Timmy was taken by mistake.

Later, Team Rocket discovers Timmy in the magic box. When he emerges, he explains that he thinks their Meowth is the Meowth that saved him. Taking this as an opportunity to get Pikachu, they convince Meowth to pretend to be this wild hero Meowth, further instilling the belief by pretending to attack Timmy and having Meowth save him.

Meowth follows Timmy back to the preschool, but slips up and talks in front of the kids, instantly causing Misty and everyone else to get suspicious.

Meowth runs away in a panic and Timmy follows. Ash, Misty, Brock and the whole class follow as well. They’re lead into a canyon where Team Rocket is waiting. When they hear Meowth blew his cover, they’re relieved and spring their trap on Ash and the others. They attack the group, but they successfully fight back. However, the shockwaves of their battle loosen a nearby boulder, causing it to careen down the canyon.

It’s about to hit Timmy and Ash, but they’re suddenly saved by the wild Meowth who kicks the boulder in half.

Team Rocket skitter away in fear of the boulder.

Later, Timmy has seemingly adopted the wild Meowth and proclaims that he wants to be a Pokemon Trainer when the grows up.

Ash and the others bid farewell to the kids as they head off once again to Cinnabar Island and Ash’s next Gym challenge.


– Oh boy, an episode centered around small children. I…I can’t wait. My patience needs a good workout.

– Is there any particular reason why Ash is staring at Brock with his mouth wide open like this?

Pokemon ep 53 Screen2

By the way, this is one of those ‘Togepi’s a noiseless doll in Misty’s arms’ episodes. Oh well, at least it’s here this time, as opposed to Princess vs. Princess where I guess it was taking a vacation day.

– It’s funny that Ash and Brock want Kids’ Day to be Boys’ Day since Misty and all femaledom just had Princess Day when, in actuality, Children’s Day DID used to be Boys’ day, but they changed it to Children’s Day in 1948 to celebrate family unity. However, unofficially, the day is still treated as Boys’ Day to parallel Girls’ Day.

While we’re on the topic of the history of the holiday, the banners/wind socks also have significance that isn’t explored in this episode. Here, they just seem to take banners as being a sign that it’s Kids’ Day.

Boys’ Day is also called the Feast of Banners. The Water Pokemon banners are meant to reflect koinobori (carp streamers) which are flown across Japan to represent families. The black carp represents the father, the red or pink one represents the mother, and blue, orange or green carp represent each child.

When it was called Boys’ Day, the arrangement was different. The red carp would represent the eldest son, and the blue and miscellaneous colors would represent the other younger sons.

– I can understand Jessie not getting a bunch of special stuff for Children’s Day when she was younger, but I’d think all the schools would offer the day off, not just James’ school.

– Oh boy, here come the cute little kids. I sure hope the very first thing they do isn’t irritating.

– Oh look, they’re grabbing and tugging at Pikachu like he’s the last pretty dress in the sale bin on Princess Day. Wonderful.

– Seriously, though, they’re tugging on his ears, pinching his chest and yanking on his face. Why weren’t these kids taught how to safely approach and handle Pokemon before they were allowed to do this?

Afterall, Pikachu’s an Electric Pokemon who can freak out and shock people when he gets upset.

Pokemon ep 53 Screen3

Like that.

– Ah, and the first outburst from their two-faced bitch of a teacher. Because no one can just be pleasant.

– Can I also note that it’s a really weird message you’re giving off to your audience when the kids only respond and obey the teacher when she yells at them and calls them brats? You’re kinda normalizing abusive behavior.

– Kid #1: “Hey we wanna see more Pokemon!”

Kid #2: “SHOW US MORE!!”

So this holiday is to celebrate kids, huh?

– Oh look, poor Psyduck’s being physically abused now. Can’t you writers lay off that little guy?

– Misty: “Yeah, and even the Pokemon seem to be having a great time.” You might want to check on your Psyduck because he has one kid on his shoulders and another pulling his tail.

– Brock: “It seems like playing with children helps the Pokemon relax.” He says literally as Psyduck runs by in terror as the kids chase after him.

– Ash: “Meowth!?”

Brock: “Why a Meowth!?”

Misty: “Timmy, why is the only Pokemon you want to meet a Meowth?” Maybe if you all stop asking the same question for five seconds he’ll tell you.

– Oh good, let’s have the little kids fight amongst themselves now. That’s not annoying.

– Is there any particular reason why everyone is intently focused on Pikachu before they even hint at suggesting Pikachu for the trick?

– Okay, I can understand them harassing the Pokemon, but why are they climbing all over Jessie and James? And why, pray tell, is that one kid hugging James’ face?

– Yet they leave Meowth entirely alone and play with Weezing? When they were just chanting Meowth’s name a second ago? I don’t get these kids.

– Annoying outburst by teacher #2….

Pokemon ep 53 Screen4

– Timmy just tackles Meowth…..

– Why did he stare at Meowth for 3+ minutes before deciding to go to him?

– I don’t get it. If Timmy already believes Meowth is the wild Meowth who saved him, why is there a need to pretend to attack him so Meowth can save him?

– James: “Team Rocket may be rotten cheaters, but we’re not in the business of destroying children’s dreams! At least not yet.”

Uhhh, you guys steal Pokemon every single week, or at least attempt to do so. Nearly everyone you steal from is a ten-year-old or at least younger than 18, and stealing their Pokemon might as well be destroying their dreams.

– Holy shit, those scratches look brutal. Dear god, Meowth got Jessie on the boob! Sympathy pain….Oh the sympathy pain.

Pokemon ep 53 Screen5

– Annoying outburst by teacher #3…..

– Brock: “This wild Meowth looks just like the Meowth from Team Rocket.”

Not to be…Pokemon-ist?….but how would you tell them apart? Team Rocket’s Meowth looks no different than any normal Meowth – He just talks and walks on his hind legs. Brock SHOULD have said, “Huh, this Meowth walks on its hind legs just like Team Rocket’s Meowth.”

– Timmy bringing back some random wild Meowth proves he wasn’t lying about a Meowth saving him from a Beedrill? Okay.

– How did no one else but Misty hear Meowth say ‘That’s right!’?

– I really don’t understand Team Rocket’s plan. Tell Timmy their Meowth is the hero Meowth…..?????….Profit?

It’s like they were planning on luring Ash and the others into this canyon, but they didn’t count on Meowth slipping up and running away and they didn’t know Ash and the others would follow Timmy. They didn’t even know Timmy would follow Meowth, because if the teacher was actually doing her JOB she’d stop him from leaving school grounds again.

– They know Meowth slipped up and talked in front of the kids and they said they were happy the hero jig was up, so why did they slap Meowth right as he was about to do his part of the motto?

– Jessie: “Hehehe, go back from where you came from little brats.” Again, this is a Children’s Day episode, right?

– Oh my god, Arbok’s mouth in this shot. What the hell?

Pokemon ep 53 Screen6

– Ya know, Ash, maybe you could’ve saved Timmy on your own if you actually, ya know, moved out of the way or ran or done something outside of standing there like an idiot for 10 seconds waiting for the boulder to crush you.

– Uhmmmm….

Pokemon ep 53 Screen7


Pokemon ep 53 Screen8


They seriously weren’t even trying with this episode, were they?

– So Timmy just owns this Meowth now?

– Ash: “The Pokemon League, huh?”

Misty: “That means, some day, you’ll be competing against Ash.”

Uhh, he’s like, what, four or five? I know I rag on this show for taking forever to make progress sometimes, but it’s not going to take Ash another five+ years to get to the Indigo Plateau.

– Narrator: “And as they head towards their next Pokemon adventure, our heroes know this is a Kids’ Day they and their new friends will never forget.” Why? I constantly forget this episode exists. Nothing happens. Some little kid wants to meet a hero Meowth, Team Rocket tries to trick him with their Meowth, the hero Meowth shows up. End.

Well, I guess a 10 pound cat KICKING A 50 TON BOULDER CLEAN IN HALF is pretty memorable.

– Did someone forget to draw Brock’s arm waving? Because he kinda looks like an idiot walking backwards and smiling like that.

Pokemon ep 53 Screen9

– Jessie: “Too bad, Meowth. If you had kept your mouth shut, you could’ve made everyone think you were the hero.” Make up your damned mind. Are you happy he dropped the act or not?! Also, he didn’t say an (audible to the others) word after the incident at the school, so what are you even on about?

– Nice obvious walk cycle, by the way.

– Meowth: “Nah, that helpless little sticky bunch of brats would’ve driven me nuts.” Again with the brats.

Meowth: “Besides, you two need me more than they do.”

James: “Dream on Meowth—By the way, what do we do now?”

Jessie: “Meowth, we’ve got to get that Pikachu!”

James: “Don’t worry, Jessie. Meowth always has a plan. Don’t you, Meowth?” This dialogue and line delivery is so awkward, fast and stilted. Not even the voice actors are trying today.


Sloppy. Lazy. Boring.

That’s this episode in a nutshell.

What a disappointing follow-up to the Girls’ Day/Hinamatsuri/Princess Day episode. Sorry, boys. We’re more than glad to dedicate an entire episode to the ins and outs of Princess Day, but we’ll just sneeze out something for you guys.

Not only that, but with how irritating the kids are, and the several instances of the word ‘brat’ this isn’t a very nice episode for little kids to watch on Children’s Day either.

Granted, I thought it would be much more irritating than this because, well, shows and movies just have a habit of making little kids out to be as annoying as possible. However, even though they were grating my nerves sometimes, I really just tuned out these kids most often than not. Don’t worry, though. Their shrieking harpy of a teacher made up for that.

This entire plot is just lazy and makes zero sense. Ash and the others visit a preschool on Kids’ Day and let the kids play with their Pokemon….I think that’s as far as the idea train went before they just starting throwing in the regular conflict of ‘Team Rocket tries to capture Pikachu’ The details were an afterthought, and they were probably written during a writer’s lunch break.

I still can’t make heads or tails of Team Rocket’s plan. They could’ve brainwashed Timmy into thinking Ash and the others were evil Pokemon trainers that Hero!Meowth has been trying to thwart in an effort to save the captive Pikachu or something. But no, it’s ‘Convince Timmy our Meowth is a hero….lure them into a canyon…I guess?…Take Pikachu—Whatever. Just get the episode animated! We’re on a time crunch!’

I can imagine that scene with Meowth and the boulder was originally it kicking away a rock the size of a basketball or something, but then they were like ‘Eh, make it the size of a house. Who cares if it makes sense? These are little kids. They’re stupid. Happy Children’s Day, by the way. Tell your little brats I said ‘Hi!’’ Even when I was a kid, that boulder thing was too much for me to swallow.

Not to mention that the art and animation for this episode are some of the worst I’ve seen in Pokemon.

Proportions are all over the place. For example, Arbok’s about ten sizes too big when he’s thrown by Onix, Brock seems like he’s shorter than Ash with Misty being the tallest half the time, and all of them are about as tall as this adult teacher.

The mouth movements are so oversized and awkward that their mouths are going into their noses half the time, Togepi looks like a bootleg Togepi plushy, and there are several instances of characters sliding along when they walk.

There was zero effort put into this episode, which is a damn shame for their Children’s Day special. A day dedicated to kids, their target demographic, and they just don’t care enough to make anything worth a damn. Like I said, I usually forget this episode even exists.

And, like the Hinamatsuri special, this episode was meant to air on Children’s Day in early May, but it got bumped back to early July due to the Pokemon Shock incident screwing up the lineup.

So, kids got no Pokemon on actual Children’s Day, and when they finally got their Children’s Day special, it was this….thing. Good job.

Next episode, Jenny and Growlithe fight crime! Kinda.

..Previous Episode

Episode One-Derland Kill La Kill


Plot: Ryuko is a new transfer student at Honnouji Academy, a…’prestigious?’ academy that is run like a crazy house. The students and faculty alike are under the reign of the student council, especially the president, Satsuki.

Ryuko is in search of her father’s killer, who holds the other half of her signature weapon, a giant pair of scissors. She believes Satsuki knows something about the killer, but needs to get through the crazy and powerful goku-uniform-wearing student body in order to even get a chance at challenging her and learning of her father’s killer.

She doesn’t stand a chance against them without her own form of the goku uniform, which she finds underneath her destroyed house. With her powerful and skimpy outfit on and her scissor in hand, she will take down anyone in her way.


Ah, Kill la Kill. Another of those ultra-hyped mega anime that everyone swamps their panties over yet continue to disappoint me when I give them a chance.

Well, I gave this a chance, and so far it’s disappointing.

If I had to describe Kill la Kill in one phrase it would be ‘trying too hard’. It really seems like it’s trying to be as crazy, hyper and outlandish as possible at every turn. Even when it’s seemingly taking a break, it’s really not. The fact that it can’t go two minutes without bombarding the audience with gigantic blocks of red text to introduce characters and weapons is just a highlight of how much it wants the viewer to pay attention to how crazy and loud it is.

And it’s doing it with such a lazy plot. Main character wields a powerful weapon or two that she inherited from her dead father, the one who was murdered. She’s avenging said father by fighting a bunch of overpowered cronies of a person who is clearly either responsible for it or is strongly linked to it. Each crony has their own unique abilities and trademarks that the main character will have to overcome until the big ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny with the main baddie who, in the end, will likely not be the actual main baddie.

Really, outside of the weird murderous crazy monarchy of the school, that’s about it. It’s pretty much as cliché as you get. Speaking of the school, everyone who is not a zero-star student gets something called a goku uniform. These are uniforms that somehow give the wearer special abilities that can be tailored to the user’s preferences and capabilities. The weakest is one-star, while the strongest, I assume, is the four-star, which Satsuki, I assume, must wear.

Ryuko’s not much to write home about so far. She’s a fight-happy brute with lots of determination and heart. Tournament fighter protagonist activate.

Satsuki’s not really that impressive either. We don’t see her do anything in this episode besides stand above everyone else looking intimidating.

The only other character of note who looks to be a main character is Mako, a zero-star student at the school who is a really nice airhead.

As for the episode as a starter, it’s all over the place. We start with some kid getting reprimanded for stealing a one-star goku uniform. He tries to combat one of Satsuki’s most loyal cronies, whose name has already escaped me despite being thrown in my face giant-red-text-style at least twice.

He obviously loses and ends up later getting killed and hung outside the school as a message to other students about what happens when you oppose the student counsel. While I guess this is a decent introduction to the workings of the school and the goku uniforms…..was this kid a complete dumbass?

I assume being a student of the school meant he was well aware of the powers of the uniforms yet he stole, of all things, a one-star uniform? And thought he could combat a three-star with it? Other than depicting the differences in power in the rankings of the uniforms, I see no reason for this complete dumbass to have done such a thing.

Ryuko shows up and already causes trouble when she first comes across Satsuki who recognizes the scissor sword thing and has some knowledge of Ryuko’s father’s murder.

She tries to challenge her but ends up fighting a three-star crony who is decked out in a uniform specially tailored for those in the boxing club. She tries and completely fails to even land a strike on the guy and subsequently has to flee before getting finished off.

As she sulks in her burned down home, she falls into an underground section of the house that she never knew of. An open wound causes blood to spill on a rock, and out comes a crazy talking and moving sailor uniform who forces itself on her in exchange for more blood. This was one of two moments in the series that got a ‘wtf’ out of me. I mean, what is this thing? Why does it thirst for blood? Why can it talk and move? Why is it crazy?

Later, Mako is being held hostage by the student counsel in order to flush Ryuko out of hiding. They’re hanging her upside down because fanservice and plan to dip her in a vat of boiling oil to literally fry her. Out from the audience bursts Ryuko who saves Mako and is again challenged by the boxing three-star dude. However, a quick removal of her cloak reveals what is one of the dumbest outfits I’ve ever seen.


What the hell is that? I thought she had a sailor uniform on. That is most definitely not a sailor uniform. That is some shoulder pads, suspenders, tiny panties, an even tinier skirt and topped off with red high heels and thigh-high stockings that are also being held up by suspenders. Our hero, a cosplaying stripper.

This was the second wtf moment, because I really thought, at the very least, that they’d try to make Ryuko a respectable and kick-ass lead. But nope. She has to wear….that.

I’m not going to get into a rant on ‘strong female leads’ being turned into fanservice dispensers, but, really, guys in the audience, would you like it if every shounen fighting anime protagonist wore a thong all the time, even in battles? Would Goku seem as bad-ass? Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho? Luffy from One Piece?

The reason I wtfed at this was because, up until now, the fanservice has been light at most. Even Mako hanging upside down only showed some side-boob (underboob?) and…well, they said her panties were showing, but I couldn’t see them. We also had a girl in a bikini introducing the boxing rounds, but that wasn’t much. This just came out of nowhere. I was bitchslapped by fanservice.

You want to know something else? The design of that thing isn’t even the real reason I’m upset. It’s the fact that this outfit is so OP that she can take out boxing guy with 100% no problem now. The guy who handed her ass to her in a gift-wrapped box with a bow made out of her teeth was completely blown away without a sweat all because of that outfit. Because screw having to actually work and get stronger on your own. It’s all about getting things that make you powerful.

What’s even more disturbing is….that uniform supposedly used to belong to her father….so….he wore that?…..uhhhh….huh.

So yeah, the entire series is seemingly gearing up to be kinda like a tournament fighter….only, considering she already beat a three-star with no problem, will be probably be inconsistent with her opponents in the future.

I saw a commenter on Hulu saying this reminded them of FLCL, and while FLCL was indeed crazy, at least it knew when to take breaks and when to spring craziness on us to be funny. At least it had an original, albeit confusing and unfinished, story. This just leaves me tired and confused with little incentive to get invested.

Otherwise, the animation is terrible in a lot of spots and only decent at best with art that is very reminiscent of Gurren Laggan, which makes sense given this is animated by Trigger, the same company who produced Gurren Laggan.

The music is fine, but none of it really stuck with me.

The voice acting gets some decent points with me as I believe everyone, Japanese version, were really good and putting their all into their roles. One exception being some pink-haired chick in Satsuki’s posse. That girl’s voice is horrendous.

Final Verdict:


I was just going to throw a ‘yes’ at this because I can see myself just flipping this on to see if the show is getting any better, but I suppose that does fit more with ‘undecided.’ I only got a little bit of entertainment from this episode no matter how much the show really tried to force me into enjoying it. Maybe if it finds a better rhythm later on I might enjoy it more, but for now it’s on the fence.

Edit6/11/17: After a long break from this show, I returned to it to give it some more of a shot and….I quit halfway into episode 2. I don’t usually like suddenly dropping shows like that, especially without completing an episode I started watching, but I quickly came to the realization that this show is even more annoying that I remember. It is just constant noise, and blocks of red text and yelling and cuts and randomness that they keep insisting is comedy. I just couldn’t sit through it, let alone get invested. I can see how someone might get into this, but it’s just not for me.

Updated status: Incomplete, but altered to a NO.

The Sunshine Award

I’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Award! Otherwise known as an irony award because it’s been super cloudy and rainy all day.

I’m very honored and happy to be nominated for the Sunshine Award, and I like to thank Mangataku-kun for the nomination! ^_^

I had no clue what this was until I was nominated, but I see that it’s a cool chain for anime (and manga?) bloggers where people can spotlight some of their favorite blogs, spread some exposure (ooh lala) ask some questions and share some of our experiences and opinions with other fans. Sounds like fun. 🙂

How it works:

1) Thank the person who nominated you.

2) Answer the questions given by the person who nominated you.

3) Nominate a few other anime bloggers.

4) Write the same amount of questions for your nominees to answer.

5) Notify the nominated bloggers on their blog.

6) Put the Sunshine Award badge (the above picture) on your blog post.

My Nominees!

I can’t see anywhere in the rules where there’s a set number of people to nominate so here are some great bloggers that I nominate for the Sunshine Award!

Fujinsei A ton of really interesting and well written blog posts about anime, manga, and basically ever facet of Japanese culture.

Mocorochi  Great blog with a great writing style, Mocorochi focuses on anime, games, manga and dramas. On a bit of a hiatus right now, but I still wanted to include this one, plus the blog will supposedly be back up and running very soon. ^_^

Standing on My Neck Like this blog’s namesake, and points for the Daria reference from the getgo, this blog tells it like it is and pulls no punches when reviewing any anime.

Moe Sucks  Really well-formatted, organized, detailed and funny reviews on anime done on an episode by episode basis. I got hooked on their Ore Monogatari!! reviews.

Anime World  Insightful and well-written reviews and discussions on anime.

Now to address Mangataku-kun’s questions.

1: When Did You Start Blogging?

Technically, I’ve had a blog for over seven or eight years on a general discussion forum (That was created from an indie Pokemon game website) that I moderate, but I’ve only been properly blogging with a legit blog for a little over a year. In regards to reviewing, I’ve also been doing that since 2008 on the same forum I mentioned, though I didn’t start doing it very regularly until a few years ago, and I enjoyed it so much that I made a WordPress blog about them. 🙂

2: What Anime Will You Watch Summer 2015?

I don’t really get a chance very often to check out the latest anime since the way I select things to watch is typically pretty random and spans all sorts of genres and release dates. I really only go out of my way for that if it’s something related to a show I know and love or if one of my friends strongly suggests it. While it’s not coming out in summer, I am really excited to watch the new Digimon movies. 😀 And I hope Working!! Season 3 is great.

3: Can You Suggest Me More Anime, Otaku, Japanese Blogs to Follow?

Sure thing!

Outside of my nominations, here are some other great anime, manga, all-things-Japan blogs for ya!

IntrovertJapan: For any and all things Japanese. They also have cool book giveaways on occasion, if you’d be interested.

Otaku Lounge:  I really love the way this blog is set up. There are plenty of thorough and interesting reviews as well as articles on various aspects of anime.

IlostMyHeartInJapan:  A blog made with a lot of heart (hehe, puns) about all sorts of great aspects of Japanese culture.

Denny Sinnoh: Cool guy with a bunch of stuff on Japanese culture on his blog. 🙂

Sequential Ink:  If you like manga, you belong here.

Otakuness Anime Reviews: In-depth and interesting anime reviews going episode by episode most of the time.

TheAnimeMan: Tons of reviews on anime, top lists and some stuff on Japanese culture.

Viewer Discretion is Advised:  Probably would’ve been nominated but I see they’ve been nominated twice lol. Piles of anime and manga reviews at your service.

Beneath the Tangles: An interesting look at anime through a Christian analytic eye. No matter if you’re religious or not, they have some very interesting articles.

IcySquirrel:  I love the tone of this blog. It’s just a lot of fun. Lots of quick and insightful impressions and full reviews on anime.

Slightly Biased Manga:  Another great place for in-depth manga reviews.

If you’d like to discover more, I tend to find mine either through the follow lists of bloggers I’m following or using the tags “anime” and “manga” on the WordPress reader. 🙂

4: Are There Any Anime You Can Suggest to Me?

I’m not sure of your tastes in that regard, but here are some off the top of my head, in handy-dandy alphabetical order. ~~So fancy~~

07 Ghost: Love this series, and it still makes me cry. Lovely soundtrack, great art and characters and decent story. However, the anime does end on basically a cliffhanger with no second season in sight, fair warning.

3000 Leagues in Search of Mother: A bit of a long one and pretty old, but this is still a very heartbreaking and fantastic story.

Baccano!: Absolutely adore this series. Tons of fun, very interesting method of storytelling, and incredibly memorable characters. Be warned of violence and gore, though.

Cowboy Bebop: Contractual obligation as an anime fan to suggest to everyone. Though it is and will always be awesome.

Ef Series: Both Memories and Melodies. Beautifully made, great characters and music, some really heavy storylines. I’d suggest Melodies over Memories, though.

Hell Girl: For lovers of ‘horror’ anthologies and sending bad people to hell.

FLCL: A quick burst of insane fun in every bite.

Fruits Basket: Classic, will never stop loving this series. Though, like 07 Ghost, it does end with no real resolution of the main issue of the series, and they leave off without introducing two characters of the zodiac.

Haibane Renmei: Relaxing and intriguing, I’d love to see more of this series.

Paranoia Agent: Confusing sometimes, but a great ride and a fantastic psychological thriller.

Trigun: Another classic and contractual obligation. Love and PEACE! 😀

Yu Yu Hakusho: I believe this to be one of the best Shounen fighting anime ever made and probably my favorite one.

5: Do You Have Any Other Hobbies Besides Consuming Anime/manga/LN/VN/or Basically Aside from Japanese Visual Goods?

I love drawing, and I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember. Wrist problems kinda restrict me lately, and I had a big slump the past couple of years, but I am working to get back into it. Outside of that, I love learning about animals and playing with my dog, Skye. I also love playing video games with RPGs and horror games being my favorite genres, and I love listening to all different kinds of music.

6: What Part of Japan Do You Love Most?

I’ve never had the pleasure of going to Japan, but I love the temples, national parks/natural spots in general and historic sites. While I’d love to see it at least once, I can’t imagine enjoying Tokyo or the big cities too much. I’m too much of a small town bumpkin. 😛

7: Are You a Certified Otaku?

I’m practicing without a license. *rebel*

8: What Japanese Food Do You Like Most?

Sadly, I also haven’t been able to try much Japanese food in my life. However, I do hear they have some awesome candy. :3

9: What are Your Strategies in Surviving School?

Don’t take your school days for granted. They may be tough in regards to schoolwork, but they can also be some great times that you may not ever get again. Appreciate your good teachers; they do a lot to ensure that you succeed and finding teachers that care is a wonderful thing. Be organized with your schoolwork, especially homework. It’ll save you someday, trust me. Finally, play kickball. Because kickball’s awesome yet no one ever seems to want to play outside of school.

10: Did Someone Introduce You to Anime?

Yes, actually. One of my best friends at the time, Monica, introduced me to Pokemon, Sailor Moon and Digimon in that order. To be fair, I first heard of Pokemon through some student at my school one day as he was playing Pokemon Red, which is the same version I bought shortly afterward, but Monica told me about the anime series. She also was the first person to introduce me to manga, which was, not surprisingly, more Sailor Moon. I also remember us labeling ourselves as certain Sailor Scouts when she said which ones reminded her of me and my other best friend, Beth. She said I reminded her or Sailor Venus and Beth reminded her of Sailor Mercury. After I got into the series, Sailor Venus did indeed become my favorite. 🙂

Questions for my Nominees:

1: What first drew you into the anime fandom?

2: What’s one anime that sticks close to your heart?

3: Has an anime ever made you cry? If so, which one and why? (Mark spoilers!)

4: Do you collect anime merchandise? If so, what’s your favorite type of merchandise?

5: What’s your most hated/disliked anime?

6: A character that nearly ruined an anime that you like?

7: What’s your favorite type of show to discuss on your blog?

8: Are you a fan of Japanese music?

9: Have you every been to Japan or plan to go?

10: What anime show or movie would you pick to show to someone who has never been exposed to anything anime in order to show them how cool it can be?

Thanks again to Mangataku-kun for the nomination, and happy blogging everyone!