SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 49: The Awakening of Blue – Another Appearance!

Plot: As the girls get ready to open the café, Shirogane makes a startling announcement – there is no need to open the café anymore. The staff of Café Mew Mew is going on vacation for a while. The reason? Shirogane and Akasaka are detecting wild energy signals in Tokyo similar to those detected during the previous massive disasters in other regions of Japan. The energy is growing more and more, but the odd thing is that no physical or visible disturbances have been reported in the area.

Shirogane and Akasaka are fearing the worst. The biggest battle of their lives might be just around the corner. In order to recharge everyone’s batteries and prepare, they thought it best to let the girls have a long vacation. While they’re all clearly concerned about what the future holds, they take Shirogane up on his offer and decide to take a break.

While all of the girls enjoy some down time, Ichigo discovers that Aoyama is mysteriously missing. He’s wandering the streets in a stupor towards some unknown destination – if he has any destination at all.

Back with the aliens, Kisshu explains to Taruto and Pai that he plans on taking the Blue Knight’s power and using that to restore their planet instead of relying on Deep Blue and waiting for him to awaken. He proposes that Taruto and Pai leave Deep Blue’s side and join his mission instead. While Taruto is more than willing to help out Kisshu, optimistic that his plan can work over Deep Blue’s promises, Pai can’t find it within himself to betray Deep Blue and refuses. Knowing that they’ll likely be enemies from here on out, Pai, Taruto and Kisshu part ways.

Kisshu and Taruto unleash Kisshu’s grand master plan. Over the time he’s been separated from Deep Blue, he’s been working on creating a massive legion of over 500 Chimera Animals to unleash on the city. Spread out over Tokyo, the girls will be distracted away from Kisshu’s real target – Aoyama, or more to the point, the Blue Knight. He doesn’t even really want all of Aoyama. He wants to extract his spirit. That way he has the Blue Knight’s power without the fuss of having Aoyama.

His plan seemingly works. While Shirogane eventually figures out that Aoyama’s the target, the girls are way too busy fighting Chimera Animals all over the city to help search for him. Ichigo’s focus is on Aoyama, but even she’s getting pulled aside to fight.

Kisshu and Taruto start extracting Aoyama’s spirit….but there’s a problem. The spirit won’t emerge – and when Aoyama breaks free of their assault, Kisshu and Taruto freeze in fear at the mere feeling of the power lying beneath Aoyama’s exterior.

Despite this, Aoyama falls unconscious. The aliens are confused, but they resolve to take Aoyama entirely – opting to figure out a way to extract his spirit later.

Thanks to the energy signal Aoyama emitted before he fell, Shirogane is able to get a lock on his location and sends the girls there. Ichigo arrives first, and her determination to protect Aoyama sends a much meeker Kisshu reeling back. At her call to him, Aoyama starts transforming while still unconscious.

Yet again, things take a turn for the peculiar.

The Blue Knight suddenly glows radiantly and all of the Mew Aqua in the area starts honing in on his location. In a massive surge of energy and a flash of colorful light – a figure emerges. He looks like the Blue Knight, but as the smoke clears, the truth is revealed.

Aoyama is actually Deep Blue. He has finally fully awakened, and he’s prepared to lay claim over the earth.


– I find it rather touching that Akasaka and Shirogane do clearly feel guilty that they put all of this danger and responsibility on the shoulders of the girls.

– All of these quiet moments with the girls (along with this sweet, gentle song) are very nice. It’s good to see them get some quiet time and reflection before the end comes.

– Yet another instance of Lettuce/Shirogane ship tease. This one’s really sweet, too. I still don’t get the purpose of this. You don’t have to make them endgame, but don’t waste my and everyone else’s time by doing this stuff and not even bringing it up in dialogue. Even with Shirogane and Ichigo they bring it up numerous times, despite obviously not being endgame.

I’m probably just a salty shipper, but you’re sinking a ship you built in port, writers. Hell, you’re not even done building the ship. It shouldn’t be in the water. Considering Ichigo has three viable love interests who are fully infatuated with her, you could let one of the other girls have one. Just…just…one.

I’m not counting that guy that Lettuce had a crush on who was both way older than her and about to get engaged to another woman. I also don’t count Pudding’s fiance, because that makes me really uncomfortable because of the age gap and I still don’t think Pudding likes him like that. I mean an actual two way street. Sometimes, it’s nice to let the other girls have–*Rambling rant alarm* Oh fine, I’ll stop beating the dead horse.

– Sooo…the girls typically have to team up to take down one Chimera Animal, but Shirogane has no real doubt that the girls can take on around 100 Chimera Animals individually? Eh, I won’t really harp on this since, if true, this is pretty much a confirmed power boost to the girls.

– Is uh…someone gonna come by and help Pudding actually destroy her enemies? Because her attack only seals them in jello.

– Also, why are the Chimera Animals fully disappearing when defeated? Aren’t they just infected animals? Once they get defeated, they typically revert back to normal. Does this mean I’m actually watching a bunch of animals die?

– Let me guess….Ichigo’s the only Mew who gets a full transformation today.

(One set of transformation sequences later)

Yup……The other transformations were only barely edited, but still. Jimmies are a little rustled.

– Pretty badass reveal of Aoyama’s true identity being Deep Blue. I always thought that was cool.

A little ironic that his eyes glow red as he becomes Deep Blue, though. I know red=evil but still.

– Kudos to the art and animation in the episode, by the way. It’s really nice. Top notch for the series.


Overall, really awesome episode. My complaints are really just surface level stuff, even the little mini-rant about Lettuce and Shirogane isn’t technically important, even if it does make me sad.

From start to finish, practically everything in this episode was at its best. Nice, quiet moments with the girls, even if the weight of the future is hanging closely overhead. Intriguing mystery concerning what’s wrong with Aoyama and why he’s wandering around in a stupor. The aliens going their separate ways. A massive 500+ Chimera Animal attack with all of the girls getting individual battles. And, of course, the reveal of our main baddie, Deep Blue, and the revelation that Aoyama was Deep Blue this whole time.

Plus, the music was awesome – I especially appreciate them knowing when to use silence effectively (COUGHCOUGH4KIDSCOUGHCOUGH) and even the next episode preview was well done.

Yes, everyone. I am finally at an episode of Tokyo Mew Mew where I am almost entirely positive.

Told ya I’d get there.

Let’s let the goodness continue.

Next episode, Ichigo has to confront the truth about Aoyama and they all have to prepare for the wrath that Deep Blue is sure to bring upon earth.

….Previous Episode

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SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 36: Shirogane’s Past – The Secret of the Mew Mews’ Birth


Plot: Ichigo chews Shirogane out for her transforming into a cat. These days, the transformations are happening more frequently and they’re being triggered by something as minor as a dog lick. She is frustrated because the increasing risk of transformation makes it more difficult for her to live her day-to-day life and date Aoyama. Shirogane offers no help, however, and tells her to leave the room so he can change.

As she waits for him so she can chew him out some more, Akasaka informs her that Shirogane left. Ichigo begrudgingly leaves and is suddenly kissed by an iguana that flew out of the hands of a young boy.

She rushes to kiss a nearby bird to turn back and heads to school. As she’s walking, the same kid with the iguana shows back up and the exact same thing happens again. She spots a dog walking by so she rushes off to kiss it, but is stopped by the dog’s massive and angry boyfriend. He identifies her as the weird cat who’s been going around kissing small animals and is enraged that she’d go after his girlfriend.

He’s about to attack her when Alto shows up and saves her. They run off and he kisses her, turning her back into a person. Before Alto is able to walk away, Ichigo grabs him and decides she’ll treat him to a can of cat food before she heads to school.

Alto suddenly starts glowing and turns into Shirogane, revealing he also has cat transformation powers. Ichigo spends the rest of the day in a daze at this revelation, especially considering that he kissed her. Akasaka pulls her aside and decides to tell her the whole story of Ryou’s power.

Five years ago, Akasaka was working in America under the archaeologist, Dr. Shirogane – Ryou’s father. He was secretly investigating some technology of a previously unknown species after a significant find in some ancient ruins.

They seemed to be the remains of creatures who could create chimeras, and Dr. Shirogane lived in dread of his find because he believed they could still be a threat to humanity to this day.

Ryou was an incredibly intelligent boy. He had an IQ of 180 and desired to be a scientist like his father. However, he was also bullied quite frequently, and his mother would always gently tend to his wounds without judgment since he was never in the wrong.

Akasaka suggested that, since they’re in America, his father let Ryou skip to attend university, something that is impossible to do in Japan. Dr. Shirogane, who didn’t really want to let his son follow in his dangerous footsteps, agreed since it might be the best choice for his son’s future and happiness.

Later that night, Ryou and Akasaka were out driving back home when they heard an explosion. They arrived home only to find the entire building engulfed in flames. Ryou was restrained by Akasaka as they saw the Chimera Animal from the fossil that Dr. Shirogane had been investigating had somehow resurrected and attacked the lab. The Chimera Animal vanished, and Ryou’s father and mother perished in the blaze.

After the fire had died down, Ryou and Akasaka stood in the ruins of his home. Ryou proclaimed that his father’s research was not lost – he remembered everything in his father’s research logs, and he swore to go to Japan to restart and finish the Mew Project.

Like he promised, they returned to Japan and completed the Mew Project after five years of rebuilding and research. In order to ensure that this power was safe to inject in the girls they planned to target, Ryou injected himself with it, entrusting Akasaka to the project should this experiment fail.

Akasaka reveals that this power, when injected into someone who does not have the proper gene type, merely turns the person into an animal. As expected, Ryou turns into a cat when the process is complete, and he is forever granted the ability to transform back and forth into a cat through will. However, the hitch is that he cannot stay in cat form for longer than ten minutes, otherwise he’ll remain a cat forever.

Shirogane, in private, of course, has always been protecting the girls since before he even knew them. And he is always telling Akasaka that he’ll protect them no matter what.

A tearful Ichigo expresses regret that she’s always said such nasty things to him without knowing his story or his true intentions and feelings. Ryou walks in and tells her to not worry since he got them all into this in the first place – it’s merely the right thing to do.

Ichigo says she feels sorry for Ryou, and he suddenly decides to kiss her and turn her into a cat as punishment for saying she feels sorry for him. Akasaka tries to kiss her to turn her back, but she freaks out. The other girls, who have been listening outside the door, collapse on the floor when Ryou leaves. Ichigo takes the opportunity to kiss Pudding to transform back.

She confronts Ryou in the hall saying she’ll never pity him, but now that she knows Ryou’s serious about this situation, she’ll always do her best.


– This episode has a lot of Shirogane fanservice for a budget episode….Wait, Shirogane’s backstory episode is a budget episode? What the hell?

– This is the second time Ichigo’s walked in on a half-naked Shirogane…

– Ichigo says that she never used to transform unless she was properly kissed, but now she’s turning into one when she’s licked by a dog….but a dog kiss is what turned her in the episode where she discovered this ability. I guess that was still a kiss-kiss, but still.

-….Alright, why the hell is there a kid running in the sidewalk holding up a massive iguana yelling ‘YAY! IGUANA!’?

– Wait, what the hell?! She can talk to birds now?! Sorry, Mint. Ichigo took your thunder – the thunder you only kinda have.….I guess I’ll file this under ‘all animals can talk to each other’ but Aoyama’s dog never talked to her in the last transformation episode – only other cats did.

– Why even bother asking if the bird is male or female if it didn’t matter to her?

SSBS - TMM EP 36 Screen1

– What the hell was the point of that entire segment? It’s not even really showing that Ichigo is transforming more easily because the iguana full-on kissed her – it’s just that the circumstances were ridiculously convoluted.

– It happened the exact same way A SECOND TIME!? Why does this complete braindead moron of a child keep running around yelling ‘Yay IGUANA!’ without looking where he’s going? He tripped in the exact same way at the exact spot with the exact force needed to send it flying onto Ichigo’s lips AGAIN! And, in spite of the transformation to cat form including a big pink light, this idiot kid again doesn’t see a thing.

This is some lazy writing meant to pad time and recycle animation. Seriously, most of the shots are from the last transformation scene only with the perspective reversed.

– She can understand dogs now! For god’s sake! I know it’s, probably, only when she’s transformed, but screw it. I’m calling this – she snaked the only two ‘extra’ powers the other girls had. Sorry, girls. Ichigo’s too special. Go back to being part of the wall.

SSBS - TMM EP 36 Screen2

– This has been happening so often to Ichigo that animals are going around talking about the strange cat who’s forcing kisses on small animals? (“Kissing maniac,” as Ryou puts it) Even if dog licks are also triggering it now, she shouldn’t be transforming at this frequency.

– I hate to side with the dog attacking Ichigo…but…she is a little bit of a serial animal molester right now.

– How did Ryou know she’d be in that alley or that she was being attacked? Does he have Blue Knight powers now? Funnily enough, even Ichigo draws this comparison.

– Wait, she de-transformed….and now she can’t understand Alto….the cat…whom she should be able to understand even while in her normal form….Did the writers completely forget the powers she has?

– Just out of curiosity, why does Ryou not transform with kisses?

– Did her bag transform with her?

– Give the show props – this is the first time we’ve gotten confirmation that Chimera Animals have killed people before. That’s definitely a proper jump in threat level.

SSBS - TMM EP 36 Screen3
Pretty intimidating design too.

– Why can only girls properly attain Mew power? Akasaka says you need a specific gene type to attain the power, which is fine, but he specifically said that girls were the main target for the power. Is it only girls who can have this gene? Why?

– Also doesn’t explain where the scarf came from.

– I get that they did extensive research on this stuff, but how do they know ten minutes is the time limit for Shirogane’s permanent transformation?

– God, Ichigo’s getting all sorts of game. Yet the girls can’t even get a love interest to save their lives.

– She clearly seems more comfortable kissing Pudding than she does Akasaka. I’m not sure what I’m implying, but there ya go.

SSBS - TMM EP 36 Screen4

– I love how the girls have been literally nothing but background decorations this whole episode. They didn’t even get a line. At most they got a few reaction noises. If Ichigo had just let Akasaka kiss her, I wouldn’t have even mentioned one of them in the synopsis. That final shot of them all in front of the café is even worse since Ichigo’s the only one who moves so it makes them all look like literal cardboard cutouts.

– I like how the next episode preview music is changed for the Christmas episode. It’s the music box song, and I love it.


Overall, pretty bad first half, but great second half.

There were much better ways to show that Ichigo’s fed up with Ryou’s flippant attitude towards her Mew problems than to have a contrived ‘Ichigo keeps getting kissed by an iguana’ plot. Maybe, I dunno, show her on a date with Aoyama and needing to run away because he made her so flustered that she turned into a full-on cat.

Her transforming more often because the threshold for emotion keeps getting lower is much more believable than ‘Dammit, I can’t go one day without something or someone kissing me….and it’s turning me into an animal molester!’

Ryou’s backstory was quite good and does up the ante with the whole situation with the aliens and the Chimera Animals.

I kinda wish the backstory had been longer and went over the majority of the episode instead of being relegated to the second half. We would’ve been able to connect more with Ryou’s parents and feel more of his pain.

Also, despite being a budget episode, the animation wasn’t all that bad. I wish they didn’t default to the ‘insanely giant eyes – can barely see the lines for the nose and mouth’ style, though. Still wondering why such an important episode was a budget episode, too.


Ichigo struggles with her feelings as she and Aoyama spend Christmas together. Can she continue to keep her Mew powers a secret? Should she?

…Previous Episode

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SSBS – Tokyo Mew Mew Episode 31: Father’s Back – One-Game Match for Ichigo


Plot: Ichigo’s father finds out about her relationship with Aoyama, and he’s furious. He wants nothing more than to break them up.

Aoyama calls the house one night, and her father takes the opportunity to meet with him and give him a piece of his mind. He rushes off on his scooter, so Ichigo transforms and rushes after him.

When her father meets with Aoyama, he tries to forbid them from dating, but Aoyama politely refuses. Ichigo’s father proclaims that they’re too young to be dating. They have too much left to do on their own, and they’re not mature enough to fall in love. Aoyama agrees that they have much more left to do, but they cannot deny their feelings. They’re real, and shouldn’t be ignored no matter what age they are.

Ichigo’s father decides to challenge Aoyama to a kendo duel for the right to date Ichigo. Aoyama agrees.

On the day of the duel, Ichigo’s mother sits her down and explains her father’s behavior. When Ichigo was born, she was very small and had to struggle to stay alive. The entire time she was in the hospital, her father would visit her all the time, cheering her on. He loves her more than anything else in the world, which is why he’s so protective of her.

Additionally, he and Ichigo’s mother had a similar circumstance when they were younger. They too met and started dating when they were in junior high, and Ichigo’s grandfather greatly disapproved. Like Ichigo’s father did to Aoyama, her grandfather also challenged her father to a duel for the right to keep their relationship. Her grandfather kept getting knocked down, but he always got back up. He got up again and again until he finally gave up and let the two of them date. In a way, the duel and the resistance of Ichigo’s father made their relationship stronger and proved their love to be true.

Meanwhile, back in the duel, history seems to be repeating itself. Ichigo’s father is getting defeated quite badly by Aoyama. Even though they agreed to a single point win, her father is not acknowledging the hits as valid and keeps getting up. Her father manages one big burst of energy and forces Aoyama to the ground, knocking his sword away. As her father is about to land the winning strike, Ichigo arrives and stops the match.

However, neither of them is willing to concede until the match is properly won. As Ichigo’s father is about to land his strike, Ichigo steps in the way. Using Aoyama’s sword, she deflects her father’s strike and protects Aoyama. She proclaims that they’re not doing anything wrong, but if he demands a fight, she’ll face him.

Her father flashes back to the fight he had with Ichigo’s grandfather where the true ending of the match is revealed to be the same as is happening now. Her mother took up her father’s sword and stood against Ichigo’s grandfather to protect their love.

Realizing the situation at hand, Ichigo’s father laughs and gives them his blessing before leaving the dojo.


– I find it hard to believe that Ichigo’s dad never knew she was dating Aoyama. She never seemed like she was keeping it a secret, and her mother knew. They’ve been dating quite a while now.

– Wait, the scene ended without Ichigo arriving at the meeting?….So her transforming was 100% useless? Is there a transformation quota or something?


I was about ready to write this episode off for the first half. It’s basically the same double standard BS of protecting the daughter fiercely when she gets a boyfriend, but if the genders were reversed, this would be no problem.

Ichigo’s father vehemently hates Aoyama without even meeting him and is more than ready to force these two apart for no real reason. He even has the gall to ask Ichigo how far she’s gone with Aoyama at the dinner table, no less.


The second half makes up for a lot. The fact that Ichigo’s dad is so protective because she nearly died as a baby was a good justification, even if he did go overboard, and the parallel of her situation with Aoyama and her parents was quite sweet. It wasn’t so much protecting her from terrible boys as it was proving their relationship and love to be strong enough. He wanted to see if they both found it worth fighting for.

It’s still a bit on the sexist side. I have to imagine he might have done this to everyone Ichigo might have dated had she not met the love of her life in junior high. She didn’t even say she was in love – the only thing she and her mother told him was that he was her boyfriend.

I just can’t get behind the whole ‘fighting for the right to date someone’s daughter’ thing. Ichigo literally has no say in this unless she puts herself in the line of fire.

I still enjoyed the latter part of the episode for what it was worth. It was very sweet and definitely strengthened the bond between her and Aoyama. Even if the grounds for the duel are damn near medieval, it’s admirable that both Aoyama and her father will go to such lengths for Ichigo.

…..That being said, this is more filler. It’s not bad filler, as you can get by my lack of notes, but it’s filler. They practically insult you with this week’s transformation. She transforms to run after her father to stop him from confronting Aoyama, but it’s not like she’s running any faster than she would as regular Ichigo. Not to mention the fact that the transformation was entirely pointless anyway. She transforms, runs through the city like an idiot and gets lost, so she never even gets to the meeting.

Oh but where are the other girls? Where they’ve pretty much been fastened to the floor for the past five episodes – back at Café Mew Mew. We cut to Ichigo at work like three times. The girls all have a one-sentence reaction to what she’s doing each time and then we cut back to the plot. They were seriously just shots to remind us that the other girls exist.

There was also noticeably no Chimera Animal or Kisshu and friends today, either. That’s not really a problem, per se, but it’s worth noting. It’s been extremely slow-goings since the first season finale.

All in all, this is a nice episode, but I’m yearning for more action-oriented episodes.

Next episode, I seemingly get my wish. Mint and her friends are at a tea party, and they meet a girl who claims to be Mint’s eternal rival. Kisshu arrives to crash the party, believing there to be Mew Aqua at the event.

…Previous Episode

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 22 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo has neglected her summer homework, and school starts back up tomorrow. As she rushes to get it all done in time, she finds herself faced with a ton of distractions, no one willing to help her out, and Taruto with a new Chimera Animal.


The shot of Ichigo and Aoyama on their date is just of them walking together. In the dub, they’re on the roller coaster, and the dialogue is also changed to reflect this.

They remove the wiping transitions for simple cuts.

While still in the ‘summer is awesome’ montage, we see Ichigo and the others in their yukata at a festival catching goldfish, followed up by a shot of Ichigo looking ‘spooky’. After that, we see chibi-Ichigo flying through the air as she gushes over what a great summer it was. This is all removed because Japanese culture and… reason for the last one I suppose.


After the title card, we see Ichigo running in circles in her room lamenting that summer is over. This is removed.


As Ichigo cries about the end of summer, we see Japanese text in rock form fall on her head. If I’m not mistaken, that’s supposed to read as ‘August 31st‘ (8th month, 31st day.) which I suppose is indicative of the end of her vacation. In the dub………………………………………………………*sigh* Ya know, I took a rather long break from these comparisons……I come back and I see…..

Tater tots.

Yup, since 4Kids can’t be arsed to just friggin’ write ‘August 31st‘ in rock text above her head, they draw a bunch of rock-ish tater tots to fall on her head instead. Her dialogue is also altered to set up this fantastic joke by listing off crappy things she hates about school, one of which being tater tots.

Subbed: tmmep22screen5

Dubbed: s6flntt

Obviously none of the Japanese text on Ichigo’s books is kept.

Subbed: tmmep22screen6

Dubbed: 76hkyde

Also, the small text on the books behind her school books is completely wiped clean. Give 4Kids some credit for changing it instead of just painting it away.

Because 4Kids places their theme song in the middle of this scene instead of at the beginning of the episode like the original, we get a shot of Ichigo’s house before we see her running in circles again.

Ichigo just basically says she’s screwed as she cartoonishly floats to the ground. Zoey points out the fact that this is happening by saying “I’m a leaf falling off the tree of procrastination.” In addition to being a dumb joke, ‘procrastination’ is yet another word 4Kids shouldn’t be expecting their target audience to know if they don’t even believe they have the reading level of a stick of deodorant.

Okay, 4Kids, remember that stuff I’ve been telling you about in regards to the ‘missing the forest for the trees’ thing? Well, surprisingly, you kept in this scene with Ichigo dressing up in traditional clothes, in a traditional Japanese style house and sipping tea…..yet, you erased the Kanji on the wall.

Subbed: tmmep22screen7

Dubbed: 9t73ae8

Ichigo just glances to her pile of homework because she remembers it on her own. In the dub, Zoey tells herself to feel her energies focusing, and then we hear some bored sounding guy’s voiceover talking about kinetic energy, which makes her glance to her homework.

Ichigo just keeps muttering “What to do” over and over as she imagines sinking into murky water. In the dub, Zoey again points out the visual gag by saying she’s sinking in a pool of her own laziness and the fish of shame will nibble at her rotting…well, she doesn’t complete her sentence, but it’s safe to assume she would’ve said ‘corpse’.

Ichigo calls her friend Moe for help, which is reflected when we see the name on her phone. Zoey calls…..’The Megster.’ 4Kids….stop. Stop. Just stop. You’re making a fool of yourself whenever you try to act like you know anything of what kids actually say and do. Go take some Metamucil and watch your stories, but stop. Please.

Subbed: tmmep22screen8

Dubbed: mrdzoh2

Also, Ichigo merely asked for help with her homework not to copy it.

Unreadable text on the back of Ichigo’s phone is removed.

Subbed: tmmep22screen9

Dubbed: sxkk6wr

Zoey: “So, listen, I’m a bobo.” A….bobo? What?…..I know I didn’t mishear that……A bobo…..Wait. You mean a DODO? You guys can at least proofread or catch this in recording/editing for god’s sake.

Again, Ichigo asks for help with her homework while Zoey asks to copy it.

Ichigo also asks if it would inconvenience Miwa to go to her house immediately. While Zoey says the same thing, she also asks if there’s a boy at Mimi’s house.

HOLY CRAP! THEY LEFT IN, DIALOGUE-WISE NO LESS, THAT SHE’S IN OKINAWA! They could’ve said ‘California’ or ‘Hawaii’ and easily got away with it in that shot, but nope. They kept it in. I would be more proud of them if not for the fact that I’m pretty sure they left it this way purely because they made it clear that she traveled, which sometimes makes it acceptable. But still they could’ve merely said ‘Japan’ as a whole instead of leaving in the exact area.

Aw, 4Kids lost their brownie points from earlier by removing the text entirely from the books as we pan by.

Subbed: tmmep22screen10

Dubbed: tmmep22screen11

That means I have to make the joke I was going to make earlier. Ahem. Well, no wonder she’s having such trouble with her homework!


Also, for some reason beyond my understanding, they change the panning direction. In the original, the shot is moving from right to left (back of the books to the front) In the dub, it’s from left to right (front to back). Confusion levels rising.

While Ichigo says, as she floats to the floor yet again, that it’s her fault that she’s in trouble, Zoey says, as she points out the visual gag yet again, that she’s flapping in the breeze of doom and failure.

Scene swaps, yay! The scene originally continues with Ichigo contacting Moe again for help, with her finally caving in at the end. In the dub, they cut straight from Zoey floating to the floor with a scene of the aliens eating shaved ice, so let’s tackle that first.

There’s a banner behind Kisshu in this shot with the kanji for koori (shaved ice in this context). This is changed to saying “Home sweet home.” Right, ‘evil’ aliens would totally have a ‘Home sweet home’ banner in their house.

Subbed: tmmep22screen12

Dubbed (sorry for the quality; it’s a moving shot and the dub tends to have this ‘fade’ problem): rirl2gn

Kisshu then asks Taruto about the shaved ices they’re eating. Dren asks what Tarb was thinking by not installing an air conditioner in the new base he built. Also, as a slight note, Taruto talks about how he created a field to help keep them hidden while Tarb talks about all the trees he cut down for the lumber for their new house.

There’s two reasons as to why this is noteworthy. 1) They despise the destruction of their planet in the exact same means as chopping down trees. The original aliens may be hypocritical and ‘evil’ but I can’t see them condoning land clearing like that. 2) Taruto is the plant guy. Why would he specifically feel perfectly fine with knocking down tons of trees for lumber?

We get a lame presentation (and yes it’s an actual presentation) about the environmental reasons for the summer heat. Global warming, greenhouse effect, humans suck, where’s Captain Planet when you need him etc. etc. This is kept the same, but there’s another slight difference in Kisshu/Dren’s reaction. Originally, he just says that humans need to refrain from messing with things such as the ozone layer. Dren says they need to destroy the humans before they destroy the planet they’re trying to steal from them. I just feel like the last part of that line was tacked on to again make the aliens less sympathetic.

Taruto points out that the humans do have some good things as well, and he directs our attention to the jangling wind chimes. The boys all enjoy the sound while Pai just remarks that it’s boring. Tarb says that he wants to start the annihilation of the humans by starting with the Mew Mews. A shot of Taruto looking at the chimes is removed and Dren suddenly butts in to mention the cool breeze.


The rest of the scene plays out roughly the same with the only difference being Taruto pointing out that they’re using the heat as an excuse to skimp out on work while Tarb says he’ll tell Deep Blue that they’re slacking off.

The thing with Kisshu being confused about rock, paper, scissors is also the same, but Pai doesn’t mention anything about a ‘Daily Human Report’ that Dren should be reading……And, really, doesn’t that sound like something an alien in a Looney Tunes cartoon would have to read? Hey, guys, don’t miss that intense article on Rock, Paper, Scissors in the Daily Human Report. Next week, I hear they’re doing a piece on the cultural significance of Hopscotch.

They remove a shot of Kisshu in slow motion realizing that Pai and Taruto have thrown paper and rock. I have no clue why. In both versions, it’s clear that he cheated (He waited several seconds before putting his hand down. I know this shot was in slow motion, but it’s completely unreasonable to believe Taruto and Pai didn’t see that Kisshu paused before putting his hand out.) Was that a time cut or something?


The rest of the scene past Kisshu and Pai leaving the porch is removed. Pai looks back at Kisshu and thinks, for a guy who said he knew nothing of how Rock, Paper, Scissors worked, he played astoundingly well. I actually don’t mind this cut because it’s stupid to say that someone plays a game of pure luck well. That’s like saying someone’s good at slots. The only way you can really be ‘good’ is if you’re lucky or cheating.


Now back to the stuff from before with Ichigo, she’s sitting there trying to do her homework while berating herself for being stupid enough to put off doing her homework until last minute. Zoey’s prattling off a bunch of stuff about geometry. This continues throughout much of the scene.

The rest plays out basically the same, but the ending is completely changed. Originally, after Ichigo’s speech about friendship, Moe pops into frame yet again to say she’s not happy, but eventually she agrees to help Ichigo, and Ichigo rejoices before we cut to the scene with the aliens. In the dub, They repeat her blubbering animation after Megan yells at her, freeze-frame on Zoey as she’s making her speech and have the phone play a recording indicating that she’s been disconnected. Zoey then falls over on the desk and sighs before continuing with a scene that is supposed to occur later.


This means, dun dun dun, scene swap. And scene deletion as a bonus. This part where Ichigo falls over and laments isn’t until a scene with Taruto has passed and we get our first commercial break in the original. Also, it skips over a small scene with Ichigo’s mom asking her if she’s finished her homework since she’s just chatting on the phone and laughing.


They changed the name on Ichigo’s phone to—for the love of God…. THE MIMSTER?! Seriously?! She uses the same terrible nickname device for both of her friends…..Either Zoey’s being made out to be an incredibly lame teenager or 4Kids is trying to make me vomit.

Subbed: tmmep22screen23

Dubbed: 49cgkgw

Another paint edit changes her default screen to reading ‘Tom’. Are you sure he’s not the TOMSTER? Also, while no name is given to this person in the original, they clearly have a female voice. Since the shot of the phone is just the same over and over, I’ll just give you guys the screenshots of the dubbed versions for these cell phone changes.

Dubbed: kc0c3gn

The girl merely asks if Ichigo wants to go swimming, and Ichigo politely declines. In the dub, Tom is given a ‘surfer dude’ voice and asks Zoey if she wants to go to a laser show because it will be “A-W-E-some” I don’t know why he stopped spelling that halfway through, I’m just glad he stopped talking. Also, Zoey very rudely basically tells him to shut up and hangs up on him.

By the way, 4Kids really is being lazy because you can clearly see hiragana on some of the buttons on Zoey’s phone.

A guy calls this time, asking the same thing about the pool, and Ichigo declines again. The phone is painted again to say ‘Sasha’ (The SASHSTER!) and she’s given an equally annoying valley girl voice as she tells Zoey about a two for one sale at Q and U whatever that is. Zoey also again rudely declines.

Dubbed: gvmd6fb

The phone is changed to ‘Mark’ now. I would say he’s the ‘Markster’ but I kinda want the screen to read ‘The Marker’. That way I could finally link Mew Mew Power to Dead Space.

Yes, I have been wanting to do that.

The…Mark…. 😦 : slsivch

Ichigo’s line about talking to her mom instead of directing what she said to Aoyama is kept the same, but why would you want your boyfriend to think you were being a rude brat to your mom?

Half of the conversation between Aoyama and Ichigo is removed. He talks to her about seeing a movie, and asks to meet in front of the train station. While the train station line was at the end, it’s still basically the same. However, when Ichigo realizes the situation, she starts freaking out.

She starts stuttering, and Aoyama asks if she has other plans, because he can go by himself if she does. She runs around in circles stammering some more before asking Aoyama if he’s done his homework yet. He asks if she hasn’t finished it yet, but she lies and says she has before accepting his invite and ending the call. All of this is removed for no reason I can think of. Also, the removal of the rest of this scene really makes it seem like Zoey hung up on Mark right after he mentioned the train station. Rude.

In addition, the movie’s not given a title in the original. In the dub it’s ‘Better Never than Late’ which is supposedly a comedy, but sounds like it’s depressing to me.

Ichigo just asks herself what she’s going to do about her homework as she imagines sinking into a swamp. Zoey decides to play ‘point out the visual gag’ again and says she’s ‘swamped’.

Back to the scene with Taruto, they trim a bit of the establishing shot and that’s about it.

After that scene, in the original, we cut to the scene of Ichigo procrastinating that we already covered in the dub, so let’s hop straight to their date.

Text is painted off of the road in front of the train station.

Subbed: tmmep22screen31

Dubbed: 0ifpd96

The text reads as ‘Basutei’ which means ‘Bus stop.’

Also, though you really can’t read it, there’s Japanese text above the train station that is also painted away.

And they painted off the also unreadable text on the posters in the background as Ichigo runs by.

Subbed: tmmep22screen32

Dubbed: tmmep22screen33

Ichigo and Aoyama depart politely. Zoey interrupts Mark in the middle of saying goodbye to quickly run off while saying “Okay bye!” Because being rude makes all characters better.

No person is given blame for busting the water pipe, whereas Kiki is blamed in the dub.


Elliot: “Unless you know how to fix an aerator.”

4Kids, I’m no plumber, but even I see the issue in that sentence. Aerators have nothing to do with busted water pipes. They are those little fixtures that screw onto faucet heads to aerate water and prevent splashing. Keywords being ‘screw onto’ which means, yes, she probably could fix an aerator in mere minutes, actually. With her bare hands. In fact, even if the aerator was broken, smashed to bits even, that probably wouldn’t even cause a drip let alone a huge flooding leak because the actual faucet would not be broken; just a fixture that attaches to the faucet.

And why do you need all those pipes and wrenches, ones so huge even, for fixing an aerator? And why do you need pipes anyway if the main issue is the faucets? Just replace the faucets.

Hey 4Kids, I can fix this line for you.

“Unless you’re a licensed plumber.”

“Unless you have experience in replacing pipes.”

“Unless you replace lines that made sense with lines that don’t. Because originally Ichigo asked where the aliens are and Shirogane merely asks what she’s talking about.”

The selections of the Mews in regards to Ichigo’s homework are as follows;

She can’t rely on Pudding because she’s merely in junior high and probably can’t do high school work. In the dub, she can’t rely on Kiki because it takes her an hour to make minute rice. (Guess she forgot that Kiki does all the cooking for her siblings, so she must be at least somewhat competent as a cook.)

She can probably rely on Lettuce since she’s supposedly good at plenty of things. In the dub, she can rely on Bridget because she has a t-shirt that says ‘Me + Math = Love.’

She can likely rely on Mint because she has private tutors. Zoey just says ‘no comment’ when she gets to her.

Zakuro’s is basically left alone.

When she asks Mint for help, Mint agrees so long as she pays 800 yen for each subject. Ichigo declines and states that she’s not an idiot but….it’s not really that much, is it? 800 yen is almost $7.00. She likely has…what? 5-6 subjects to tackle? That’s 4000 or 4800 yen or roughly $34.00-41.00? That’s really not that bad considering her situation and the task at hand.

In the dub, she starts listing off a bunch of different stuff that she can do for her as payment, each of which starting with ‘for the rest of your life’. She lists off things like calling her Queen Corina, making her tea everyday etc. Zoey sarcastically declines by saying right after she does that she’ll sprout wings and fly to the moon, which, considering the world they live in and the fact that the person to which she’s talking sprouts wings on a regular basis, doesn’t seem as unlikely as it usually would.

When she asks Lettuce for help, she declines and says that she believes people should do their homework on their own. She then apologizes over and over. In the dub, she basically says the same thing but she says she doesn’t believe in doing homework for other people or cheating….which Zoey actually isn’t asking as opposed to those times she asked her friends for help. She’s really just asking for help.

When she asks Akasaka for help, he says he’d love to but he’s been asked to participate in a Chef’s Food Tournament. In the dub, he’s been asked to judge a cooking contest by the ‘Divorced Women’s Club.’

When she asks Shirogane to help, he puts up two fingers, indicating he’ll help her. She gets excited but he clarifies that the two fingers are indicating 2000 yen for each subject. Okay, now that’s a bit too steep, especially for someone who is probably richer than Mint. He says since he’s doing work that it’s only right that he gets paid, plus homework is something you should do on your own.

In the dub, she doesn’t know what to make of him putting up two fingers and he says he’ll charge $2.00 per question. She asks why ‘Elly’ (ugh) would do that, and he says he’s just teaching her a life lesson.

As Ichigo imagines herself trying to keep her head above water, she just repeats “No” over and over. In the dub, Zoey does the same thing she’s been doing with every visual gag and says she’s drowning.

Unreadable text on the sign behind the crowd is removed.

Subbed: tmmep22screen34

Dubbed: m2wg4yl

In that same panning shot, the words ‘Café M’ are removed from another sign.

Subbed: tmmep22screen35

Dubbed: anfixxn

It’s a good thing, too. They shouldn’t try to steal Cafe Mew Mew’s gang name.

During the transformations in the original, only the very endings of the girls’ transformations are kept, except, of course, for Ichigo who only has it slightly edited to fit the music. In the dub, we get the same mashup we usually get, this time with ‘Supernatural’ as the accompanying theme.

Ichigo and the others wonder why Taruto created such a tame Chimera Animal and claim he’s just trying to be annoying. He actually agrees and says he didn’t come to fight, plus it’s too hot out, so he’ll just go home. Mint then points out how odd it is that he’d do something so unnecessary and admit it straight out.

In the dub, Zoey complains that Tarb is getting in the way of her doing her homework, and Tarb says it’s not his fault that she put it off until the last minute….which he honestly couldn’t have known. Then Corina points out that Zoey was just lectured by a little twerp.

The Chimera Animal doesn’t have a name in the original. In the dub it’s the Psycho Cicada.

Those scenes with the girls being hit by those blades looks so awkward. The art looks crisper yet the animation is blatantly cardboard cutout-y.

Ichigo points out the main point of origin of the noise, which Pudding clarifies is the wings. Zoey says “Oh great” and Kiki asks if she was being sarcastic.

As they’re being attacked by the sonic waves, Zakuro points out that they won’t last much longer. Renee says the sound is “Worse than boy bands.” Hahaha, Oh 4Kids, you truly know how to connect with the children.

Ichigo says she can’t put up with the attack anymore because she has to do homework, so she starts attacking. Zoey seems like she’s sacrificing herself to the thing because if he doesn’t finish her off, her teachers will so it doesn’t matter. Then she starts attacking anyway.

Most of the dialogue at the end is basically the same, but the dub makes off like the girls are assholes. They’re practically mocking Ichigo the entire time, making sarcastic comments and acting snotty about the fact that Ichigo will never finish her homework with all the Chimera Animals roaming around now, and Renee comes off like she’ll hurt Zoey if she refuses to help.

Ichigo again begs for help while Zoey flat out asks for someone to do her homework for her.


Well, that episode was…..boring. Hell, even the enemies were just screwing around for the sake of screwing around. There was no real tension because who honestly cares if she gets her work done or not? It is her fault she never started until the day before school starts back up, and I’ve seen this scenario happen way too much in shows just like these to not know that even if she doesn’t do it in time there will be no mention of it ever again.

It’s just filler for the sake of filler. It’s not like it was building up to some big joke or anything either. All it amounted to was Ichigo overcoming a powerful noise just to get back to her homework.

And I know the obvious message of this episode is procrastination is bad, but she was legitimately trying to get her work done. Ichigo was anyway. Zoey not as much. People kept bugging her and no one would actually help when she asked. The one part that I can say was her fault was agreeing to a date with Aoyama in the midst of it all and maybe getting carried away while talking on the phone. If there’s any other message here it’s ‘If you make a mistake, your friends will leave you high and dry and laugh at your expense.’

Next episode, Ichigo’s annoying friends fall for Akasaka and Shirogane.

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 5 (4 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo’s bummed because Kisshu kissed her and she doesn’t know how to act around Aoyama now because of it. That’s about it.


Originally, the flashback to the kiss that Kisshu gave Ichigo is before the title card not after we see her walking to school like the dub.

The flashback, in addition, is wrong in the dub. The flashback shows that Zoey said “You kissed me.” followed by Dren saying “Yeah, nice wasn’t it? Well, see ya soon!” In actuality, the dubbed scene had Zoey simply saying “Eww” while Dren followed it up with “I’ve got to run, but don’t worry we’ll run into each other again real soon.” Seriously 4Kids, you even mess with crap when you’re referencing your own show, or were you really too lazy to simply look at what you made?

A scene where Dren is having a meeting with Deep Blue is inserted in the dub after Zoey’s second run-in with Mark.

Another short flashback of the kiss is edited out.

Zoey: (While in the classroom) “WHAT IF MY EARS POP OUT AND LOOK LIKE SOME HALF-CAT FREAK!?” You and your yelling of things that could instantly out you as a Mew Mew…

Zoey snorted while laughing….again.

The ticket that Aoyama gives Ichigo is digitally altered to English text. By the way, the ticket looks that awful in both versions. Although I wish the dub’s had more text. That has to be the easiest ticket to counterfeit. I could make a perfect counterfeit of that in MSPaint.



Nishiyama Park is changed to Wild Ride Amusement Park.

Also, it’s not Bring a Friend Day in the original….and that kinda makes you look cheap, Mark. That’s like giving her a coupon as a gift. Bring a Friend Day also doesn’t scream ‘romantic’…

An extended shot of Ichigo apologizing again is edited out.

The scene with Dren and Deep Blue was taken from this point in the episode.

Time to compare those scenes then. The original meeting scene has Deep Blue asking Kisshu if he’s gathered data for the plan. He says he’s doing so now. Deep Blue then says that humans have been infecting the earth for over 56 million years. Kisshu says he’ll keep working. Then Deep Blue reminds Kisshu that the earth and all of its inhabitants will be put into submission.

In the dub, Dren tells Deep Blue that he had a run-in with Zoey. Deep Blue asks if she was eliminated, and he says no because she’s intriguing and wants to keep an eye on her. Then Deep Blue reminds Dren that he wants the ‘blue planet’ take over the world yada yada.

Originally, Lettuce asks Mint in whisper what’s wrong with Ichigo. Mint says she doesn’t know and says she’s falling apart. In the dub, Bridget asks Corina if they should ask Zoey what’s wrong. Corina asks why they should because she’s just trying to get attention.

This scene is basically the same, but it’s the dialogue that needs attention. Ichigo/Zoey nearly tells Mint/Corina and Lettuce/Bridget that she was kissed by Kisshu/Dren. Ichigo blows it off by saying it’s nothing, and Zoey changes her words by saying she didn’t say “kissed” she meant “dissed” and that she was dissed by some girl in school…..4Kids, we talked about this. Stop thinking you know what the children are saying nowadays. This just bugs me all the more because there are numerous other words that would’ve worked there. Missed/Mist, wrist, list, hissed, gist, fist, cyst…okay that one would’ve been gross…Pisse—okay I know you can’t use that one, but you get it…

The word “Fukum” is taken off of a sign in the background. Dunno what that is, but there you go.



Ichigo is originally mad that Shirogane would boss her around when she’s so obviously upset. In the dub, she’s still moaning about rejecting Mark’s invite for a date.

The words “Porapora” on an awning behind Ichigo are edited away.



The words on a poster above Ichigo’s head on the train are painted away.



The words over the escalator are painted away.



The words on a divider behind Ichigo are painted away.



They don’t give a name to the location where Ichigo gets off of the train where Zoey gets off on Maple Street.

I didn’t catch this the first time I went through this episode, but it caught my eye while trying to get screencaps. There’s an ad on the side of the bus for ice cream or yogurt or something – in hindsight it could be Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or a knock-off. On the ad is a tub of ice cream/yogurt with….I dunno what they are. They don’t look like Japanese words, they just look like shapes, and the ‘words’ are painted off.

……..4Kids….I, albeit in my spare time, am putting effort into seeing how many changes and edits you’ve made to your series. I’m actually putting effort into it…..If I didn’t even see this change until a second viewing while knowing exactly what I need to look for in these comparisons….why the unholy hell did you even bother to edit that away?

I mean, it’s not even EEEEVVVVVVIIIILLLLLL Japanese, it just looks like scribbles and shapes, and it’s on-screen for literally less than a second. I know that I’m kinda in a chain of pointless edits right now, but at least these are on screen for usually a few seconds. At least those contain actual Japanese words. This is a flash that NO ONE (besides geeks like me) would notice. It took me two tries to notice that and a few tries to catch these screencaps because they go by so fast. What is the point?! What!?

Subbed: uyxvey4

Dubbed: 7eusksw

Text is edited off of a street sign.



Text is edited off another sign in the background. (Yellow square is → if anyone’s lost.)



The text on the banner for the park is painted away.



The text on the board outside is paint away—WAIT….Okay, finally they changed something instead of merely erased stuff. The original sign said “Today: Time with Animals” The dub has “Petting Zoo 12-4 PM: Wild Ride Amusement Park: Bring a friend for FREE.”

Subbed: fasergn

Dubbed: hqlswig

Bridget: (While pouring Corina some tea that’s not even given attention in the original) “Here you go, some nice mint tea”…….some nice mint tea…..nice mint tea… tea….mint…..4Kids….I think you just called me out….I really do. That….that just seems like something they’d put in there to piss off people like me who actually complain about dub changes…You wanna dance? We can dance.

Mint originally says that Ichigo’s probably still crying over her date. Corina asks why she should be worried about Zoey when she got the day off (not really, she was sent to look for aliens…) while they’re toiling away like slaves. Right….slaves….Hey Corina…take that tea and pour it up your–


*sigh* Okay. I gotta calm down or I’ll be burnt out by the mid point of this series.

The really tiny text on the banner for the animal pen is edited out.



Not sure why they’d visit a petting zoo….to not pet animals… (The original just says they show animals, it’s not a petting zoo.)

Boy the digital painters sure are earning their paychecks this week. Another banner on the stage is edited free of text. (By the way, what the hell is going on here? Is that Sailor Moon in a tutu fighting jellyfish and narwhals?)

Subbed: u0etxco

Dubbed: 7pdzybu

What the hell? One of the ghost illusions in the haunted house is a guy with a sword stabbed through him while he’s covered in blood……4Kids did nothing about it….That IS scary…

Originally, Kisshu says that Ichigo shouldn’t be going on dates with other guys since she’s his. In the dub, Dren’s just happy they’re out of the haunted house so that he can see if she can handle his latest attack.

When Kisshu says “Hehe, we meet again Honey” his voice makes that line adorable. Also, that line is changed to “What, you didn’t tell him about US?” in the dub, but the line is delivered in an also cute manner. Not nearly as cute as the original, but he tried.

A short flashback of the kiss (how many times are we gonna be reminded of that?) is edited out.

Kisshu originally thanked Ichigo again for the kiss. He insinuates that she liked it, and asks if she wants to kiss again while holding her chin. In the dub, he basically taunts her about telling Mark that they’re an item now.

Kisshu licking his lips is again edited away.

Most of where Kisshu grabs Ichigo’s chin and talks to her is edited away even though we just saw him do the exact same thing a minute ago….


Kisshu originally points out that she’s nothing more than a human unless she transforms, which leaves him disappointed and gives him no choice but to kill her. None of this is mentioned in the dub.

Ichigo originally berates Mint for yelling at her for slacking off when all she does is drink tea and slack off. In the dub, Zoey just tries to excuse why she’s at the amusement park.

Bridget says that Zoey thought that the amusement park would be the best place to look….for Zoey. The name you’re looking for, Sweetie, is Corina. Corina thought that. Zoey didn’t suggest a place to look for herself.

Also, again, Lettuce doesn’t transform on screen. 😦

Zoey: “Are you ready to Mew-tilate that thing, girls?!” …….This show’s gonna drive me to be an alcoholic.

Also, Ichigo is originally concerned about turning the lion cub back to normal, not mutilating it…

The dub seems to have edited out the motto for this episode…..YAY! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!! NO MEW MEW POWER IN MY FACE!!

I guess I should mention something about the motto for this episode, though. Mint and Lettuce are actually included in her pose, but not only do they get nothing to say during the motto, but the camera zooms in on Ichigo during the actual motto and pose, and, before the zoom in, all three of them are in shadow, which means we basically see and hear Lettuce and Mint contributing nothing to the motto, so why even have them doing it then?

Ichigo says as she’s flown through the air “Not my tail!” (Because the monster grabbed her tail) Zoey says “I’m totally flipping out!”….because she’s flipping through the air…get it?…Huh? Get it?

Mint originally complains that Ichigo ran off to see Aoyama without even thanking them. Lettuce excuses her by saying that Ichigo just gets pretty absorbed when Aoyama’s concerned. This is edited out I guess due to the placement of the commercial break or time, I dunno.

Originally, Ichigo says that she still has a secret that she needs to keep from Aoyama, but she’ll tell him eventually. Then she says that she loves him so so much.

In the dub, Zoey’s voiceover is acting like she just now remembered that, due to the way the dub is set up, that this entire thing is a flashback. Seriously, four episodes beyond the start of this flashback and this is the first time since the beginning of episode two that we’ve been reminded of it.

She says back then that she really thought she could keep that promise, she wanted to believe that, but with the Cyniclons and becoming a Mew Mew, she can’t be sure of anything. She just knew that she’d promise Mark anything at that moment.

Next up is Puddi—OH COME ON! More filler? -huff- Do we at least get to see Lettuce transform? ….What do you mean ‘probably not because it seems most if not all of the episode is centered on Ichigo, and Lettuce doesn’t even go to her school?’ *more huff*

…Previous Episode

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 3 (2 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ichigo has been recruited to work in a café that is run by Shirogane and Akasaka and acts as their Mew Mew base. They tell her that she’ll need to find the other girls that were selected for the Mew project in order to help complete their mission. Along the way, Ichigo discovers a rich ballerina named Mint who turns out to be one of the Mews.


After Akasaka and Shirogane show Ichigo the café, Akasaka tells her that Aoyama was brought home safely from yesterday’s attack. She expresses happiness and gratitude at this. In the dub, Wesley explains that the café is her new place of employment, she awkwardly asks what that means, and Elliot says it’s not like she has a choice.

As she looks over the cafe, Ichigo says that it’s a beautiful store in a sincere tone. In the dub, she basically makes fun of the guys for making such a girly looking cafe.

A shot of the ceiling is cut out before we cut back to Shirogane and Akasaka talking in the dark.

In the original, Akasaka says that Professor Shirogane, Ryou’s father, would’ve been proud of Ryou’s progress in the Mew Project. Ryou responds that he wishes he could’ve lived to see it come to fruition. In the dub, they just say that the project’s underway. No mention of Elliot’s father or his death.

In the original, after Akasaka compliments Ichigo on how she looks, Ryou says that it’s just because the uniform was designed so well, and Ichigo yells at him. In the dub, Elliot basically does say that she looks cute, but Zoey gets mad at him anyway.

The name for the Chimera Animals in the dub is predasites (I assume the name means predatory parasites) – animals that have been taken over by aliens called infusors. In the original, the aliens that take them over aren’t named.

In the original, Ichigo freaks out because she’s going to slowly become more cat-like. In the dub, she freaks out because she can’t catch the school bus but they want her to save the world.

Text is removed from the various daydream magazines that appear as Wesley explains how adored she’ll be as a Mew.



Our first glimpse of a Mew mark in the dub, we see Zoey’s as Elliot explains the marks to her. Like I said before, they’re edited out quite often for no reason, but when they need to show them, they’re sometimes edited. Ichigo’s mark is on her upper thigh whereas Zoey’s is lower down around the knee. I guess this is to divert attention away from her crotch.



In the original, Akasaka coaxes Ichigo into working at the café on the promise that she can eat as many cakes and pastries as she wants. Since she loves cakes, she gushes at the idea but soon freaks out again because she’s trying to take all of this in.

In the dub, Wesley coaxes her into working there by calling her a superhero. Zoey gushes at the idea of being a superhero, saying that Mark will be so impressed, but quickly freaks out because she thinks that Mark will instead think that she’s a freak.

Wow, the voice of Deep Blue in the dub is ech. I know WHY he has that voice, but still.

Uh, Mint’s grandmother says to please excuse Miki and says that Miki ran out of the car to play. In the dub, Corina’s grandmother says that Micky (sounds more like Micky than Miki in the dub) jumped out of the window to ‘play with the street urchin.’ OUCH. What did she do to warrant that? Geez.

Also, in the original, there’s more subtlety to how Mint acts. In the original, she just scolds Miki for running off, politely apologizes to Ichigo, and offers her a handkerchief to wipe off her face after Miki licked it. When Ichigo comments on how soft it is, Mint says that it’s silk and adds “What? Don’t you know what silk is?” She then says that she can have it before they drive away.

In the dub, due to the line from her grandma, Corina repeats the insult and adds that she’ll have to give Micky a bath because he played with Zoey, telling Zoey that she can keep the handkerchief because she’s ‘sullied it’ with her face and, because of that, she can’t possibly touch it. This coupled with her incredibly snotty voice acting and tone, there’s no underlying act at all. You know from the instant she gets on the scene that she’s a snobby bitch.

Masha originally tells Ichigo that he must’ve made a mistake by saying there was an alien presence when it was just the dog. In the dub, Mini-mew just repeats what Zoey says about Corina being a jerk.

Some of the scene between Aoyama and Ichigo is cut out. Just a small scene where Ichigo makes conversation before she brings up the bruise. The way it’s edited in the dub, it makes it seem like Mark couldn’t help but notice Zoey staring intently at his bruise.

In the original, after Ichigo drops her bag, she comes to the realization that Aoyama must’ve gotten the bruise from yesterday’s attack, not kendo like he stated. Then she blushes and thinks to herself that she’s sorry for what happened to him and that she loves him very much.

In the dub, Mark is talking over this whole scene about Zoey acting weird and saying that she can always come to him with anything. She never blushes or thinks anything to herself and never comes to the realization that Mark was hurt in yesterday’s attack.

I don’t really think I have to mention that Mark’s tangent about having a substitute teacher that looks just like a lizard is made up by 4Kids, right? In fact, that’s really against Aoyama’s nature to not only make fun of someone but to talk about others behind their backs. In the original scene, he’s quiet as he picks up Ichigo’s stuff.

When Aoyama lifts his head up in response to Ichigo screaming, his hair and eyes are different colors than what they’re supposed to be. He’s supposed to have black hair with brown eyes, but in this shot he has brown hair and gray eyes. This is prevalent in both versions, but it’s such a closeup that lasts for so long that it seems odd that it never got fixed.

In the original, Ichigo distracts Aoyama by telling him that there’s an alien in another direction. In the dub, this is changed to a spider. To be fair, 4Kids’ explanation seems more believable.

Text on Shirogane’s magazine is edited away in the dub. Also…..Noodle Magazine? What?



In the original, Ichigo gets upset because she can’t find her companions and doesn’t want to fight alone. In the dub, she worries about what Mark would think about her cat tail and ears and asks what other stuff might happen to her.

A banner behind Mint at her recital is edited out.



In the original, Ichigo finally names Masha as she’s sitting on a bench thinking. She names him Masha after Aoyama as his first name is Masaya, and she gushes about how she’s happy just saying his name.

In the dub, since Zoey already named Mini-mew when they first met, this scene is changed to her thinking that she should put a posting on the internet to look for her companions that says “freak girl who turns in animals” or something. As Mini-mew repeats what she says she gushes over him, likely not being able to understand her at all and says he’s cute. To be fair, Mark could’ve actually worked as being inspiration for the name Masha (MA-sha. MA-rk) but 4Kids decided to throw creativity out the window.

There’s no mention of needing to go to bed to get up early for a recital or being tired from the performance for the less fortunate in the original. Mint just states that it’s rude to come into someone’s house and run about everywhere and tells Ichigo that it’s better for her to leave.

Mint originally tells Miki to stay away from ‘that vulgar girl’ when Ichigo apologizes. In the dub, Corina tells Zoey to not pet her dog because she doesn’t want to wash Micky for a second time that night. You do realize that she pet him a minute ago and you said nothing then.

In the original, Ichigo asks how Masha detects a Chimera Animal if there was no signs of it in the house. Masha says the mutation was incomplete and thus was too difficult to detect. In the dub, there’s no mention of this. Just “Danger, Danger” (Danger, Will Robinson. Danger) and “Predasite alert”

Can I just say that it is glaringly apparent that Corina’s VA cannot mask that she’s an adult in her screams? Not only are the screams awful, but it’s very obvious that the screams are being made by someone in her thirties, not 13.

In the original, the Mew motto doesn’t happen until after Ichigo has stood in front of Mint and told the alien to release Miki. In the dub, it’s right after she transforms…..I honestly don’t know if I can hear about 20 or so “Mew Mew style, mew mew–” I can’t even complete that. It’s physically hurting me.

Mew Mark Alert: We need to see Mint’s mew mark on her back in order to know that she’s a Mew Mew.

Transformation Breakdown: This time we’re tackling Mint’s. Here are the subsequent edits.

Mint in front of the DNA strands is gone.

Most of her dance is gone.

Her putting her power pendant to her back to grow wings is gone.

Her signature pose, as Ichigo’s, is also edited away. I still don’t know why that is. What’s wrong with the poses?

Also, they don’t have Corina say anything as she transforms. She’s originally says “Mew Mew Mint, Metamorphosis!” Dub wise, this would still be “Power pendant, Mewtamorphosis” but she says nothing.

Weapon Name Change: Mint Arrow is changed to Heart Arrow. Something else I don’t understand. Zoey’s weapon is still the Strawberry Bell despite her not having a name that means ‘strawberry’ anymore. Why couldn’t they have kept her weapon as Mint Arrow for her mint blue colors or something? Heart Arrow. Yeah, you go get ’em, Cupid.

Attack Name Change: Ribbon Mint Echo is changed to…..nothing. Really. They say nothing in the dub. I guess Heart arrow is also the name of her attack.

In the original, Mint thanks Ichigo for saving Miki, and Ichigo thinks that she’s a nice girl after all. In the dub, she says she’s sorry for how she acted before and says there’s no excuse for it. Zoey doesn’t have any inner monologue in this scene. As Zoey tries to shake hands at finally becoming friends, Corina says she was sorry for hesitating in battle and has no intentions of being friends. Originally, she did say that she has no intentions on being friends with someone as vulgar as her, but she doesn’t apologize for anything.

The menu is edited to make the menu items into squiggles. I’ll have one order of scribble with a side of unnecessary editing, please.



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