Animating Halloween | Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Review

Rating: 5.5/10

Plot: Nine people from Kisaragi Academy High School perform a friendship ritual on a dark and stormy night since one of their friends, Mayu, is moving away the following day. Once the ritual is done, what seems like an earthquake hits the school and all of them end up in a strange different school called Heavenly Host Elementary – a site where grisly murders happened several decades prior. What is the mystery behind this school? And can they return to their world before the tormented spirits within the school kill them first?

Breakdown: It’s been a hot minute since I reviewed the manga Corpse Party: Blood Covered and it’s been even longer since I played any of the Corpse Party games. I was excited to sit down and finally watch an anime adaptation in this franchise since I have enjoyed everything to this point.

However, when I was finally able to check it out, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Let me put something into perspective. Corpse Party: Blood Covered is ten volumes long and covers the same story.

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is four 30 minute episodes long.

Do you see where the problems are already starting?

This simply isn’t a long enough time frame to flesh out each character, of which there are NINE, explore the individual stories of each group, truly care about whether or not they live or die and properly execute the story.

They gave it a decent shot, but in the end it was all just too rushed and smushed together, and as a result the anime just comes off as an unbridled gore fest. Granted, yes, Corpse Party is, of course, quite gory by default, but this anime was damn near sickening at parts. I tend to handle gore and stuff just fine (Saw is one of my favorite horror movies – Dead Space is my favorite horror game etc.) but there were some scenes in this anime where I legitimately wanted to skip over them because they were just torture porn.

I’m going to cover each individual group’s story before convening them all into the ending.

Naomi and Seiko

Yeah and we’ll always hang out together……..That was a terrible joke. I am sorry.

Originally, Seiko loved Naomi and Naomi loved Satoshi, so Seiko never told her how she felt. She did have a habit of “play” flirting with her and playfully groping her whenever possible, but Naomi just took it as Seiko being goofy.

Naomi was always very secretive about her feelings for Satoshi, but she still stewed in jealousy when it came to other female characters getting close to him, especially when the school started influencing her. In Tortured Souls, the same is basically in place but there’s not enough time to actually explore that so it’s very much just subtext.

Naomi and Seiko are just the best of friends, and Seiko has become increasingly concerned about Naomi leaving her side one day. Naomi’s jealousy is all but removed entirely.

Once the school’s influence starts affecting them, it leads to the untimely demise of Seiko, who seemingly hangs herself after Naomi snapped at her in anger. Naomi spends the rest of the series in a state of deep regret and guilt for Seiko killing herself.

However, I should note that the scene in which Naomi tries to ‘save’ her is rather stupid. Seiko is actually not quite dead yet when Naomi finds her hanging body. Naomi yanks DOWN on her, TWICE, and instead of getting underneath her and allowing her to climb on her shoulders to get the noose off and come down, Naomi runs to get a bucket, which means Seiko dies in the interim.

It’s a shame because I liked Seiko in the original series too. She was a bit overbearing, but she did love Naomi so much that she encouraged her to pursue Satoshi because she knew Naomi loved him. She didn’t want to ruin their friendship and she wanted Naomi to be happy.

Satoshi and Yuka

Depicted Above: The World’s Biggest Idiot. Recently beat out the last record holder who was, coincidentally, Satoshi Mochida.

While I am happy that they pretty much entirely omitted the part about Yuka loving Satoshi in a romantic sense, they left in the incredibly stupid part of the Blood Covered manga that I previously ranted about on Twitter.

Satoshi is in the middle of a school covered in corpses and ghosts. They are currently being lead over a field of corpses by a ghost. Yuka needs to pee, so Satoshi, with a smile even, happily leaves Yuka alone in this outdoor walkway WITH THE GHOST while he goes into the next building and SHUTS THE DOOR. Shock beyond shocks, this causes them to get separated and is ultimately the event that leads to Yuka’s untimely death in this version. Yes, believe it or not, the anime managed to make this scene even stupider than it was originally by having Sachiko, the main murderous spirit, escort Yuka as she goes off to pee and Satoshi’s just like ‘Lol enjoy ur p! Baiiii!’

Yuka’s still a pretty annoying character, but she was sweet to bring Satoshi his umbrella at the start. After that, though, it’s pretty much non-stop saying she has to pee and screaming until she dies. And let me tell you something right now, even if you have found Yuka to be the most annoying character in the franchise, she did not deserve the death she got. That was just overly brutal.

Satoshi continues to be the unsalted cracker he has always been. I’m still confused as to why so many girls love him, but in this version it’s not nearly as much of an issue because only Naomi’s crush still seems to be a real thing and even that’s toned down quite a bit. Ayumi’s love of Satoshi does seem to exist, but we’ll get to that later.

Mayu and Morishige


These two aren’t really together-together, they just happened to enter the same dimensional plane. (For those not familiar with the games, each group is separated not only by space but also by dimensions. IE they could be in the exact same spot in the school but not see or interact with each other because they’re on different dimensional versions of the school. This doesn’t really matter much in the anime, though, since once the ghosts start being appeased the dimensions merge.)

We don’t really see Mayu doing anything before the school starts influencing her (outside of her back at regular school where she’s basically just a nice girl). She gets mind-controlled into being the friend of two of the main ghosts in the school, but when their teacher, Yui, finds her, they kill Mayu in one of the most gruesome ways they could. The manner in which it’s done is canon, but damn it’s still incredibly gruesome. At least she went quick, is all I can say.

Morishige continues to be the creepy sadist psycho he was before, practically getting off from taking pictures of corpses and eventually starting to kill people himself. It’s still unclear whether he was screwed up from the get-go and the school just made it worse or if this is just the way he is. The only thing he really cares about legitimately is Mayu, and he suffers from a final psychological break when he realizes that the giant splatter of person he took a picture of earlier, that was his favorite corpse, was actually Mayu’s remains. His death is not the same as it was in Blood Covered, where he committed suicide out of guilt when Mayu’s spirit tells him to not look at her insides as he was gazing at the photo. Instead, he just becomes ultra psychotic, tries to murder Yuka, he dies via neck stabbage by a character who had never even met him at that point.

I think it was a mistake not having Morishige kill himself instead. That was the one thing that kinda redeemed his character, as terrible as that is to say. Otherwise, it’s impossible to sympathize with him even a little.

Yoshiki and Ayumi


Yoshiki was my favorite character from both the games and Blood Covered. He’s abrasive, somewhat cold and jealous, yeah, but he’s a pretty good guy. He’s much more interesting than Satoshi and way more likable than Morishige, and you can really tell how much he loves Ayumi, even if it’s difficult for him to come to grips with his feelings himself.

Complicating their relationship even further is the fact that not only is Ayumi completely oblivious to his feelings, but she’s also in love with Satoshi. However, this love really isn’t given proper focus or explored at all in Tortured Souls. When she and Yoshiki have returned to their world and are given the chance to go back to Heavenly Host to sate the spirits, save their friends and destroy the place, she suddenly started prattling off about how Satoshi would go back to save everyone and how they ahve to save Satoshi and the others.

Yoshiki comes off as a gigantic coward and a bit of a jerk in their story. He doesn’t do anything to help until his big moment at the end. Before that, he refuses to go back and try to save their friends even though nothing happened to him to warrant this vehement refusal. Without spoiling too much of Blood Covered, let me say that, while he also doesn’t want to return to Heavenly Host in that story, he still did a lot to help and he went through A LOT while he was there. Not to mention that the task of finding the other items and appeasing the rest of the ghosts as well as finding Sachiko and helping her pass on was a huge venture. The task itself really wasn’t difficult, but pulling it off while staying alive was an entirely different story. It was perfectly justified for him to want to stay behind. Even with all of that on his head, he still went back with her and helped end everything.

In this version, Yoshiki just has a big temper tantrum. Despite only the bare basics of spooky ghosts and seeing corpses happening to him, AND them already appeasing all of the murdered children’s ghosts beforehand quickly and off-screen, meaning they only have to do one thing when they go back to Heavenly Host, he comes off like he gives zero shits about their friends. And then he acts like Ayumi only wants to go back to save her beloved Satoshi. He actually lets her leave without him in this version.

Granted, he does – somehow – return to Heavenly Host later and tries to save Yuka, to no avail, and also kinda saves Ayumi, which is his character’s only saving grace before he’s viciously murdered while trying to confess his love of Ayumi. He has one of the worst deaths in the series, and while I didn’t much care for this version of Yoshiki (it’s at least way better than he’s portrayed in Musume from all I’ve heard about it….) he didn’t deserve to go out like that. Also, considering how few people survive in this version and how he was mercilessly murdered immediately after returning, it just kinda makes it look like Yoshiki was right to not want to come back.


I agree. The way they treated your character was sick.

Yui is the only character mostly left to her own devices. She starts out on the same dimensional plane as Mayu and Morishige, but that doesn’t matter much. Yui is definitely the most shafted out of the entire cast. She doesn’t even get an arc. She gets nothing to do. All she does is see Mayu get murdered then she seemingly spends the rest of the series in shock, sitting on the floor of a nearby classroom.

In the games and the manga, she gets a very emotional arc. One of the ghosts pins her under a large cabinet. She has glass and sharp instruments stabbing her in the back and her right arm is crushed under the weight. She has a back and forth with the ghost who keeps trying to convince her that she’s selfish and doesn’t actually care about her students. After a lengthy and very painful ordeal, she manages to convince the ghost of how much she loves her students. The ghost lets her go, but she’s still very wounded. She dies in both the games and the manga via self-sacrifice to save her students, just in different manners.

The last time we see her in the anime is after Ayumi returns to the school. Yui has somehow snapped out of her shock and has a discussion with Ayumi. She alerts her to Mayu’s death, tells her that Mayu wouldn’t want her to feel guilty about it…..and then immediately gets beheaded by falling debris…..

I sat through Yuka’s torture porn death.

I stomached Yoshiki’s unceremonious murder.

I had to pause the video when Yui was killed because I was just THAT insulted.

Why even have her in the anime version at all if you’re not going to give her anything to do? She barely interacts with anyone or anything, we get no insight into her character and then she’s just killed in a goofy fashion for shock value. Yui deserved way better than that. She was a great, tough and loving character who beat the odds and died on her own terms to save others. Fuck this.


In terms of the overall story being rushed, you can probably tell from what I’ve already written on how much stuff was omitted or changed from the Blood Covered manga and the games to fit the four episode format. Character deaths are just sorta glossed over without any of them, barring Seiko, being given proper weight. No one’s continuously affected by Mayu and Morishige’s deaths outside of Yui, but who cares, Yui’s death might as well be a footnote, and all that carried through after Yoshiki died was Ayumi asking him to watch over them as they geared up to stop Sachiko. Even when Yuka dies, Satoshi breaks down during the death, but the next episode he’s perfectly fine and barely even mentions her. We don’t even know where he left her body….

While it is even worse than what I’ve already conveyed in regards to condensation and omission, it does manage to hit the necessary beats and tell the entire story of Heavenly Host and Sachiko in a relatively satisfactory manner in the time frame that it was allowed.

They do skip over the appeasement of most of the ghosts, choosing to return their items to them off-screen, but they showed their suffering, at least one of the ghosts passed on to heaven on-screen, and Yuki was still the one who helped them out. In the end, the main story and conflict is about Sachiko and appeasing her, which they did just fine, so it’s not too bad.

I stupidly believed they might have actually been headed in a good ending direction. The Corpse Party games have numerous endings depending on your actions, and the manga ended in a relatively good manner. This is, afterall, the only version I can recall that has Heavenly Host being destroyed without implying that the school, somehow, recreates itself and still perpetuates the rituals and killings without the ghosts around…..But uh….nope.


In the very end, only Ayumi, Naomi and Satoshi remain. Yes. Only three people managed to survive, which is worse than even the worst ends of Corpse Party, barring ones in which they all seemingly die.

After Sachiko is appeased, the school starts falling apart. They have one opportunity to get back home by doing a reversal of the friendship ritual that brought them there, Sachiko Ever After. Problem is, you need to have the paper slip (from a ripped paper doll) that you originally obtained in the first ritual in order for it to work. Naomi lost her slip but took one from a random corpse, leading to concerns that something might happen to her during the ritual.

To fix this….Satoshi gives her his slip….??? Satoshi says it’s okay because he has Yuka’s slip……????? Yeah, this doesn’t make any sense. In Blood Covered (In the games too, I think) all they needed was A slip from the paper doll. They didn’t specifically need their own slip. In the end of the manga, Naomi also lost her slip, so Satoshi offered his, but she refused. Ayumi reveals that the slip she had was Naomi’s, so she gives it back to her, but then reveals that she also lost her slip. Yui, choosing to stay behind in the collapsing school, gives Ayumi her slip so she can save all of her beloved students.

The anime just makes no sense whatsoever. Satoshi giving her his slip means both of them won’t be using their original slips, unnecessarily putting both of them in danger. He would’ve been better off just giving her Yuka’s slip because maybe having two slips would decrease their chances of something bad happening.

But that’s still not the end.

They perform the reversal ritual and return home….Only to find that Ayumi and Naomi are holding the severed arms of Satoshi – the only parts of him that made it through the portal…

You girls need a hand? Pbthahahahaha!….Ahh….again, I’m sorry.

Satoshi didn’t use Yuka’s slip. He actually used Yuuya’s slip, which he found and for some reason kept earlier. Yuuya is a student from another school who also ended up in Heavenly Host. He’s a psycho who eventually, somehow, becomes the bane of my existence – the anatomical model. Speaking of that, I guess that’s another point for Yoshiki in this version since he killed that bastard.

Why he kept Yuuya’s slip but didn’t have Yuka’s, I have no idea. Also, why he lied about this I don’t know either. Maybe if he knew it was risky to use a paper slip that wasn’t a part of the original doll so he lied to ease Naomi’s fears, that’d make more sense. However, that was never established. It was just that you needed your original piece.

I honestly don’t know why they wouldn’t have made more of an effort to retrieve the other doll pieces from their friends if they knew this. They knew where all of their bodies were and having more slips would probably greatly increase their chances of surviving the ride back home. Satoshi picked up the slip of some random dude he never met, but didn’t pick up the slips of his dead friends. Logic is fun.

It’s possible that Satoshi just didn’t realize he grabbed Yuuya’s slip out of his pocket instead of Yuka’s, which is just kinda dumb.

The ending is actually framed in a funny manner because we just see Naomi and Ayumi reacting to the disembodied arms (without saying anything or even screaming) and then the credits roll.

In a post-credits sequence, we see Naomi’s mother frantically calling the doctor because of Naomi’s terrible psychological state in which she keeps muttering about imaginary friends, which is mirroring something that may or may not happen in the games. In keeping with the Corpse Party way of doing things, if a person dies in Heavenly Host, they never existed in the real world (eh, kinda. It depends on the ending.), yet things are somehow still identical to the way they were before. The only people who remember those who were lost are the other surviving party members. Losing Satoshi and Seiko and realizing that no one even remembers everyone else, barring Ayumi, must’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

As for Ayumi, we never learn what became of her after she came back home….nor how they explained the two severed arms thing to other people. It’s actually kinda funny that one of the people who is canonically dead in several of the endings to the games is one of the few who survives here.

This is one of those situations where I found my opinions of the anime souring after I sat down and actually wrote out my feelings on it. When I started writing, I felt like giving it a 6 or a 6.5 but I dropped it down to a 5.5.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had a decent amount of fun with the ride. While the atmosphere is diminished because of how rushed everything is, there was still a pretty high scare factor, especially considering that it’s very clear that no one’s safe in this situation. But I have to step back and wonder if I was worried about these characters more because I’m already invested in the franchise and know a decent amount of their other stories…. The answer is ‘maybe.’


I can imagine someone completely new to Corpse Party as a whole would be incredibly confused and uninvested in these characters, and pretty much the only reason they’d really be scared for them is because of how gory and graphic everything is. The characters are still likable, but it’s hard to really get attached to any of them in this version.

Some of the visuals on their own are fairly scary even without gore, but the gore-less horror shots are few and far between.

Also, while it doesn’t happen that often, this series has a habit of putting gratuitous panty shots in the middle of scary scenes. Like when Naomi is paralyzed on the bed and some spirit is invading her body, the spirit pulls up her skirt so we can see her panties. It’s no alluding to rape or anything – it’s just boop look at my panties. Oh look, Mayu is about to become a stain on the wall, better make one of her last shots as a non-splatter of a human being holding her upside down and shoving the camera right in her crotch.

Bottomline: I realize I keep skewing into trashing this show, but it did manage to hold my attention throughout the entire story, and it provided me with a decent actual horror title to watch for this year’s Animating Halloween. Most of the material this year has been very vanilla, but this provided me with some actual blood, ghosts and psychological terror. The characters, while not being given nearly enough time to be fleshed out, are still mostly good characters, barring the ones who weren’t good to begin with like Morishige.

The voice acting was also extremely good. One of the reasons the more torturous scenes actually got to me was because the actors were able to deliver extremely believable and gut-wrenching screams. When they were drowning in sorrow, you felt it. And when they had a moment of hope, you believed it might be okay. Even the ghosts provided good performances when they spoke.

The music was also pretty good. Nothing that really stuck with me that much, but fitting enough for the series’ tone and nice enough to listen to. The absolute ending of the OP is a bit too high-spirited, though, considering that the series is just not positive at all and the picture they’re holding on is alluding to something tragic and horrific, despite the people depicted smiling in it.

Overall, while this is a fine enough watch for Halloween or for anyone who wants a bite of gritty gore and horror in their anime while having a cast that isn’t obnoxious. While it has some glaring problems as a standalone, many of my complaints come from how bad it was in comparison to the games and the Blood Covered manga, which I loved.

I really think they should re-do this series as a 13 episode run instead of four. That would be the perfect length in my eyes to create strong atmosphere, flesh out the characters, strengthen the relationships and allow the story to breathe while also not overstaying its welcome given the level of gore in this title. Not sure if we’ll ever get another Corpse Party anime. I’d assume it’d be based on Book of Shadows if they did anything in that regard, but I don’t know if it would ever happen.

Additional Information and Notes: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls was directed by Akira Iwanaga, and it was written by Shoichi Sato. The OVA was produced by Asread, a company that hasn’t really fallen on my radar as of yet but has produced Shuffle!, Ga-Rei: Zero and Mirai Nikki. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls has, to date, never been licensed in North America nor is an English dub available.

Episodes: 4

Year: 2013

Recommended Audience: No nudity or sex, though rape/sexual assault is suggested in one scene. The obvious hitch here is gore galore. They do NOT hold back on the blood and gore here. They basically revel in it. It’s one of the goriest anime titles I’ve ever come across, and that’s saying something. 17+

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Animating Halloween | Hell Girl: Three Vessels Episode 11 – Blotted Page Review


Plot: Kamisaka has recently found a surge of popularity in his novel, Skyscraper’s Shadow, but not for good reasons. People are connecting the story in his book to the circumstances of a string of recent murders. The tides turn when the murderer, a teenage boy, is caught and directly blames the book for inspiring him. Kamisaka’s life spirals after that. What could possibly help things now?

Breakdown: This episode is incredibly on-point and adds a new spin to Hell Girl’s formula – There isn’t just one client/target today. There are FOUR.

But before we discuss that aspect, let’s talk about the topic of focus today. Yes, we’re exploring that fun, fun subject of ‘I’m not to blame for my actions. The media is. Damn TV shows, movies, comics, books and video games!’

While the plot of Kamisaka’s book is never really explained, we can surmise from the title and some excerpts that it has some part that involves a person being killed by having a weight tied to their ankles and then them being forcibly pulled off of the building as the weight is dropped off the side. That’s what the real murderer does, anyway.

Kamisaka’s book isn’t the only thing given blame as horror movies, violent video games and aggressive manga were also noted as being found in the murderer’s home, but the book is the main thing being given focus. In fact, a character later notes that, apparently, the murderer, Hiroto, said that if he blamed the book his sentence would be less severe. I’m not sure if someone told him that or if that’s just his personal belief, but there it is.


I would say there’s obviously no truth to that, but I know the world I live in….Can we get a tally on how many times video games and the like have been blamed for turning people into rapists and murderers or is the number simply too high? Likewise, can we get a tally on how many times people have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they DON’T DO THAT? Oh that number’s too high too? Rats.

Kamisaka’s life is damaged quite a bit by these allegations. He loses his movie deal, his coworkers start giving him a hard time, he can’t go home because his house is swarmed with press and one publication even frames his words from an interview like he condones violence and seemingly has no problem with what the murderer did in his book’s name.

He seemingly takes some responsibility for what happened, which is why he resigns himself to using Hell Correspondence near the end, but he usually stuck by what he was saying the entire episode which was that he was just writing what he wanted to write and the murderer was just doing what he wanted to do.

Client #2 is a reporter named Sumi Asaba. She interviewed Kamisaka about the incidents and intended on writing a fair article about what he said. However, her editor in chief had different ideas and created the slanderous article I mentioned before. She feels deeply guilty about what happened and is enraged by her boss.

Client #3 is Yui Michio, the sister of the first victim. She wants to learn who the proper target of her hatred should be, so she went to Tokyo to speak with the murderer and Kamisaka to make her decision. Whoever she settled on would be the person she’d enter into Hell Correspondence. After speaking with both Kamisaka and Sumi, she feels Kamisaka is innocent and Hiroto needs to die.

After the three of them meet, they basically create a hell pact. All three of them will send three people in relation to this whole mess to hell. They’ll enter the names at the same time and pull the strings at the same time.


Yui gets the ‘honor’ of targeting Hiroto since she has the strongest vendetta against him.

Sumi targets her editor, also claiming that doing so will bring the newspaper’s company down since it can’t seem to survive without him. That’s a bit extreme to note, considering you’d be ruining dozens or hundreds of lives from making them lose their jobs but okay.

So, who’s left for Kamisaka to target? His nameless friend whose only real sin was turning his back on him after shit started turning bad. The Wiki page for this episode even only describes him as Kamisaka’s fair-weather friend. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the guy is a bit of a prick, but I feel like they should have written a more deserving target for who was essentially the main character here.

In a bit of a cool moment we see all three of them simultaneously entering the names, getting the dolls, pulling the strings and watching the three dolls all vanish and tell them their grievances shall be avenged.

The hell torture this time around is basically the same for all of them – being thrown off of a skyscraper in various ways. Hiroto gets his big moment of irony in being forced over by having a barbell tied to his ankles and then the barbell is thrown off. The editor guy has acid painted on his feet, forcing him to accidentally jump. Finally, the fair-weather friend is forced off by Ai.

After the deed is done, the trio decide to have a drink together. As Kamisaka goes to grab the beverages, he suddenly vanishes. He’s been sent to hell by Hell Girl client #4.

As Kamisaka is riding in the ferry, he learns that Hiroto’s mother banished him because she blamed him for turning her son into a murderer. He asks what will change from banishing him and Ai mentions that his friend asked the same question when Kamisaka sent him to hell. Additionally, Yuzuki who is also here existing, said something very similar when she was watching the trio get their dolls.

In a very unique shot, we see four candles being lit in the end screen as opposed to the singular one we almost always get, and Kamisaka’s flame is snuffed out.


This entire episode was very well done. The motives were good, for three of the clients at least (I can forgive the mother. She’s grieving and needs someone to blame. However, I really don’t think Kamisaka had nearly enough reason to send ‘fair-weather friend’ to hell.) the story was believable and it had an overall good message for this entire series, which is kinda what Hajime was trying to convey the whole time in season one.

Nothing is really gained or lost in a lot of Hell Girl stories. Sure, many times the string pull saves the client’s life or someone else’s or it at least stops the target from tormenting anyone else, but just as many times it’s only because they had it coming to them. Pulling the string doesn’t fix anything in these circumstances, it just makes the clients feel better.

I feel bad for all of the clients, and I felt especially bad for Kamisaka…until the very end. It’s hard to feel bad for him when he sent a guy to hell just for being an unreliable friend. It’s not even like they were BFFs or anything. He just seemed like a friendly coworker who made a few iffy comments about Kamisaka regarding the situation after his book was directly blamed. Like I mentioned, he has so little presence that he doesn’t even get a name, yet he was sent to hell. Kamisaka kinda deserved that ferry ride after that.

Final note, and this may seem goofy to point out after all this, but what the hell was up with the glasses in this episode? Kamisaka had nonsensical glasses where the temples just…stopped. There were no earpieces. The temples just stopped about two inches from his ears. Also, the editor guy has weird glasses too where it looks like they have blinders but also gaps right by the lenses.


Now that I think about it, literally everyone in this episode has glasses on. Kamisaka, Hiroto, Yui, Sumi, the editor, the fair-weather friend – the only person who didn’t have glasses on was the victim. Is it because books are involved in the plot? What is going on?

Rating: 8.5/10

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Animating Halloween | Hell Girl: Three Vessels Episode 10 – The Goldfish in the Mirror Review


Plot: Kazuya’s parents are constantly at odds with each other. His mother is obsessed with being viewed as beautiful and is addicted to buying new elegant kimonos. His father is pretty much done with her. He detests that she’s constantly spending their money for clothing and usually ignores her or berates her whenever he’s home. Kazuya’s mother really only gets the adoration she desires from a kimono salesman named Saito who is taking advantage of her for profit.

Breakdown: I feel like this story shouldn’t have been a Hell Girl episode, but, on the other hand, if Hell Girl really existed, I could totally see something like this happening.

Kazuya’s family life is rather sad. He’s taken up a part-time job as a paper boy (apparently those still exist in Japan?) which is how Yuzuki, girl of a thousand nothings, knows him. He didn’t take this job to make extra money for himself, in fact his family is rather wealthy and he gets quite a lot whenever his father gives him money. The reason he’s taken the job is to help cover his mother’s kimono buying habit.

His parents have very obvious problems. His mother doesn’t tend to do much housework or mothering, choosing instead to spend her days fretting over her appearance and being buttered up by the kimono salesman, Saito. She still obviously loves her son and husband, but she’s off in her own little delusional world where everything is centered on her beauty and she seems painfully unaware that her husband doesn’t give a crap about her.

His father also seems to genuinely loves Kazuya, but he’s clearly fed up with his wife. Even though he definitely comes off like a bit of a prick, it’s hard not to sympathize with him. His wife acts like a doting housewife, but she neglects doing household chores because she’s too busy preening herself, and she won’t stop spending inordinate amounts of money on kimonos.

Kazuya believes all of the problems in his parents’ relationship stem from the kimono salesman, Saito, who is admittedly a prick but also obviously not the main problem here. Kazuya clearly doesn’t understand the complex issues involved with such severe marriage problems. Makes sense given he’s barely a teenager, but still. He’s a bit too naive, especially considering that he seems pretty mature for his age. He fully understands the weight of the decision resting on the string pull and spends quite a lot of time debating whether or not he should do it, yet he can’t see that sending his target to hell will likely do nothing.

He not only believes that Saito is the main problem in his parents’ relationship, but he also gives every bit of money he gets from his job and from his father to his mother by sneaking it into her pocketbook. She believes the money is from his father and that he’s discreetly trying to tell her to buy more kimonos…..

This being Hell Girl, of course he pulls the string, and, sadly but predictably enough, it fixes approximately nothing. No one even seems to notice the dude is gone, and another equally slimy kimono salesman starts buttering up Kazuya’s mother soon enough. The whole situation is very depressing because Kazuya just accepts his fate even though his actions didn’t help a damn thing. He even shows Hone Onna a book on hell and flippantly states that he’s going there someday.

I just don’t understand the point of this episode. All it is is sad and a little stupid. Nothing really happens….Nothing changes. Kazuya’s now set to hell and he didn’t even get anything out of the ordeal. Hell Girl simply couldn’t have helped in his situation. Saito wasn’t the problem, nor was sending him to hell cathartic, and sending either of his parents to hell would’ve probably just been damaging to his life, so…..why is this a Hell Girl episode?

Not even the hell torture is that interesting. It’s just the hell team parroting back Saito’s own skeevy manipulative words to him and assaulting him with goldfish. The only cool thing that happened was Ai riding a golden dragon….I realize I probably made that sound much more entertaining than it was – it wasn’t.

In another series, this setup would actually be pretty good. Maybe it would show the kid dealing with misplaced anger, trying to help them see their problems and try to fix them, and either helping them reach a healthier place together or accepting that it simply can’t work but also knowing that it’s not the end of the world.

But this isn’t another series, it’s Hell Girl.

Rating: 3/10

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Animating Halloween | Hell Girl: Three Vessels Episode 9 – Stray Inari Review


Plot: Kaede Inao was a girl everyone overlooked until she took up the art of fortune-telling, claiming she was guided by a mystical fox called Gon-san. One day, she’s approached by a girl who wants Kaede to curse someone else for her. When the curse seemingly works, Kaede becomes quite popular in class since everyone has people they want to curse. However, some people want more malicious curses to be laid on their enemies….

Breakdown: This was quite the screwed up little episode, especially the ending.

I do feel a little bad for Kaede, but she’s kinda bringing all of this upon herself. It does suck to be overlooked and alone, but she believes she’s doing terrible things all to gain attention and she’s perfectly fine with it.

She does struggle a little bit more when someone straight up asks her to kill someone, but, honestly, she doesn’t have too much of an internal debate about this. She becomes so determined to kill her target that, when her cursing fails, she calls on Hell Girl to do the job for her. And she’s, surprisingly, one of the few who actually pulls the string immediately without even bothering to listen to Ai’s instructions or warning. She doesn’t even have a vendetta against this dude, which should make her exempt from Hell Girl’s services to begin with, but whatever.

What is her grand plan after this? She has to assume that once word gets out that she can curse people to death that at least a few others will want this too. Remember, this is the world of Hell Girl where you can guarantee one out of about three people wants someone dead. Hell Girl only works once. You’re on your own after that. Is she going to become a serial killer now?

The real reason this episode is messed up is the absolute ending. The girl who asked Kaede to kill someone claimed that the target was a stalker who was harassing her all the time. However, at the end, she reveals that this wasn’t true.

She just wanted him dead because, and I quote, he was ‘disgusting.’ We never knew anything about this guy besides his name and what he looked like. He looked like a rather normal college kid. This psycho bitch was so, so, SO vehement that Kaede kill this innocent guy for absolutely no reason that she blackmailed Kaede by saying she’d spread the word all over school of her being a fake if she didn’t do it. What. A. Bitch.

And she’s tickled pink that the dude was killed. No remorse whatsoever. She’s proud of what she caused. She’s even introducing Kaede to more people who want others killed, which I predicted. What a horrible person. I hope there’s a future episode where this bitch ends up being a target, but I doubt it.

It’s also interesting to note that this girl contacted Hell Girl about the guy before she went to Kaede, but she didn’t submit the request. Meaning she was able to access the site……She was able to access Hell Correspondence because she thought this guy was so disgusting for some reason that it made her hate him enough to allow her to see it….Wow…just…wow. Also, what a wuss. Do your own dirty work if you’re that evil. Geez.

All in all, this was a good episode with some glaring flaws, but I do agree with Hone Onna. Kaede was a bit too stupid for my tastes. Agreeing to cursing was bad enough, but agreeing to kill was another ballgame entirely. Sure, some people would like her for it, but 1) they’d only like her because of what she could do for them, 2) She’d never be able to do it again, unless she did just murder with her own two hands, and 3) a vast majority of people would be afraid of her, not like her. This is actually depicted when Akie suffers from a minor accident and she’s paralyzed with fear that Kaede cursed her. Lest we forget the power that those kinds of rumors have. Look what it did to poor Takuma – and he didn’t even do anything to deserve it.

….Oh yeah, Yuzuki’s in this episode too, but again she does nothing. We don’t even get the magical girl transformation today because Kaede pulled the string so quickly and there was no hell torture, thank god. It did make me question why Hell Girl is allowed to show up in the flesh when she’s giving the doll over, but when she’s executing the hell torture she needs to use Yuzuki’s body. It’s weird.

Rating: 7.5/10

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Animating Halloween | Hell Girl: Three Vessels Episode 8 – Neighbor Review


Plot: Mioi adores her dog, Momo, but her neighbor, Shintani, isn’t nearly as fond of him.

Breakdown: Aurghghghghghghghghghg…..

The next episode preview for this one started with “So you really like dogs?” And I immediately noped. If you know me, you know the animal abuse stuff is a touchy subject with me. I absolutely hate watching or reading anything that has to do with animals suffering or dying. So, please bear with me as I skim through some of this episode.

*one episode watch and some fast forwarding later*

Oh good. After a legitimately interesting, sad and high-quality episode, we’re back to unpleasant goofy bullshit.

Actually, it’s pretty much recycled unpleasant goofy bullshit because this might as well be The Distant Room Next Door from Two Mirrors melded with Bound Girl from season one.

The client this episode is Mioi. She is a spoiled rich airhead who coddles her beloved chihuahua, Momo. She gets on the bad side of the target, Shintani, after she shares that she has the same pretty expensive bracelet that Shintani has only she decided to make it into a collar for her dog.

After that, Shintani wants to get her to either move out of the apartment complex (dogs aren’t allowed in their complex, but they hardly ever get reported unless they’re a nuisance) or get rid of the dog. She has another run-in with Mioi, this time a bit worse, where she backhandedly insults her shoes without really realizing it, also flaunting how rich she is without realizing it, and then Momo pees in her arms in the elevator, accidentally getting pee on Shintani’s shoes.

Once this happens, Shintani goes out of control with her vendetta against Mioi and Momo. She coats the stairs in pee and blames it on Momo (Where she got the urine, I don’t want to know.) she records Momo barking for a bit then plays it throughout the hallways of the complex in the middle of the night at a high volume. She dumps her kitchen trash on Mioi’s veranda so it stinks up the joint. She starts wailing on the walls to scare them, she spreads terrible rumors about Mioi throughout the complex and she’s just overall being a cunt.

Now, while she doesn’t reach Meiko from Bound Girl levels of laughably horrible dog-hating villainess, she does aspire to be. Yup, she laughs as she concocts a plot to try to murder the poor dog via poisoning. And when Mioi pleads at Shintani’s door, she just kicks the door over and over in response.


We actually get a jump scare when Mioi ominously pops up in front of the peephole when Shintani looks through it to see if she’s gone….weird spot to have one of the very few jump scares in the series, but okay.

For the record, Momo is alive and got treated at the vet, but still, Mioi has had enough and calls on Hell Girl.

The next day, Mioi heads out for another vet visit with Momo when she sees a notice from a delivery service saying they missed her and they left her package with Shintani.

Thus begins utter stupidity.

I want you all to keep in mind that I’m not kidding – or drunk – as I describe all of this climax.

Shintani is on the roof with the package. It’s a box of potty training pads for Momo. Shintani mocks Mioi saying she doesn’t need them for a dead dog, but Mioi reveals that Momo’s not dead.

Shintani legit grumbles over her foiled plans and giggles about the pain and suffering she caused anyway. Then she grabs the potty training pads and mockingly throws them all over the roof, telling Mioi to pick them all up before they fly away.

*deep sigh*

She does…..

*deeper sigh*

One of them is right on the edge of the roof, but she can’t reach it because there’s a barrier….

*massive sigh*

So she jumps the barrier…..

Because, ya know, it’s not like she’s filthy rich or lives in the city and can easily go to a store and get more potty training pads. It’s not like she doesn’t have a huge stack of them in her arms right now and absolutely doesn’t need that ONE potty training pad, nor would there be any number of potty training pads hanging over the edge of the building that would be worth risking her life for. It’s also not like what she’s doing right now isn’t just bending over and giving Shintani exactly what she wants.













Oh and then she falls off the roof.

Hang on, hang on, I’m nowhere near done.

She manages to hold on for a second, and…Momo rushes in…carrying the straw doll. Mioi pulls the string before falling….

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the stupidest, goofiest most nonsensical and WTF hell torture of the entire franchise so far?

Let’s go.

The hell torture starts out with Shintani piloting a mech.


Should I even continue? It definitely wins the title already.

Alright, as you wish.

The mech is poked in the back by a chihuahua mech piloted by Hone Onna who then attacks her with an onslaught of garbage bags. Three other chihuahua mechs pop up piloted by the rest of the hell team, and then they attack her with…well, they call it ‘water from a tank’, but it’s clearly yellow colored, so I think they were really shooting pee at her.


After her mech is destroyed by the golden shower attack, she tries to yell at them, but finds that she can only bark.

Ai comes and takes her to the ferry. In the ferry, Shintani can still do nothing but bark, and now she’s….being absorbed by the potty training pads!??



Ai mentions the super absorbency of the pads…and then she gets doggy ears, which is adorable, but also what the fuck?


Cut to a hospital where Mioi is shown to have survived her wounds somehow. It was a friggin’ five story drop, but okay. Yuzuki is in the room with her—Oh yeah, she’s in the episode too. She found Momo when he was lost at the start of the episode and she’s just kinda been watching shit happen like usual. Mioi goes on about how Momo must be lonely without her.

The end.

Wow…Just…just wow. I never expected to see an episode so jaw-droppingly stupid that I was actually fairly distracted away from the animal abuse. Can I even add anything after all of that?

Uhh….let’s see. How about, who the hell hates dogs and yet gets an expensive bracelet with the lone charm being a bone?

Mmm, what else? Oh yeah, Kikuri was back to ultra annoying bitch mode as she harassed poor Momo, wanted to EAT HIM and mocked Mioi as she was walking with a sick Momo.

And uh….that’s about it.

I have a headache.

Rating: 1/10 Purely because of doggy/kitty eared Ai and the sheer WTFery at the end.

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Animating Halloween | Hellsing Review

Rating: 7/10

Plot: Hellsing is an organization meant to protect the citizens of England and her queen from the vampiric threats that plague the land. While the soldiers themselves are skilled and their leader, Integra, has rock-solid resolve and determination, they have one very powerful ace up their sleeve in case things get too muddy; the incredibly powerful vampire Alucard. In addition to the true vampire threats that appear, artificial vampires created by computer chips, called ‘Freaks’ and incomplete zombie-like vampires called ‘Ghouls’ also start becoming a major problem for Hellsing and their newest recruit, a newly-made vampire police officer named Seras.

Breakdown: Ah, Hellsing. One of the most badass anime in existence. The anime that continues to remind us that vampires at one point used to be legit scary instead of romance novel and fanfiction fodder.

I watched Hellsing a long time ago and recently rewatched it for a reason I will be addressing later on. I really liked it because who can’t help but love watching Alucard, Integra and Walter and to a lesser extent Seras work.

The show really does have a great style to it. The art style, the music, the writing, the colors, the cinematography – all of it has a great flair that really helps make this show memorable. It’s a good thing too, because you really need to be able to encapsulate style to make Alucard’s character truly work.

There is a lot to like in this show – likable, or at the very least badass and cool, characters, fun action, memorable antagonists, atmosphere and more. However, there are two pretty glaring flaws as well.

First, the characters. Now, I like the characters, even several of the bad guys. I adore Integra, and I really think she’s one of the most badass characters, not just regarding female characters, ever written. I love Alucard and his weird sense of humor and overall kickass style. I love Walter and his unique brand of kickassery. I even really grew to love the leader of Hellsing’s military forces, Ferguson. And Seras is okay….

My problem with many of the characters is that, outside of Integra who basically gets an entire episode dedicated to her backstory, none of the characters’ pasts are fleshed out….at all.

Alucard’s backstory is somewhat touched upon in Integra’s backstory episode where we discover he was captured by Hellsing’s forces and decided to serve under Integra’s father and then her after his death. The two big problems here are that we don’t get any sort of information on what Alucard’s story was before that encounter, though it could not be more obvious as to who he really is, and the fact that the scene showing us Alucard’s first encounter with the Hellsing forces makes no sense.

In the flashback, he’s surrounded by Hellsing soldiers and easily takes all of them out. That’s it. They don’t show how they managed to capture him or transport him to keep him locked up, nor do they show exactly why Alucard has such as high respect for the Hellsing organization as a whole or even merely Integra’s father.

Integra’s father isn’t even in the aforementioned flashback. How did they manage to capture him if they were getting slaughtered by him? And if the Hellsing forces are so powerful that they managed to capture Alucard, why are they having such trouble with Freaks and Ghouls?

Alucard’s character is also a bit odd. For the most part, Alucard takes every situation with a huge evil grin and laughs at every challenge. It really doesn’t seem like he has a shred of humanity left in him, and he enjoys killing and slaughter just as much as any antagonist would. However, he does show some blips on the radar of caring for people who earn his respect like putting people out of their misery to prevent them from becoming Ghouls or visibly worrying about his master when her life is in danger. He even tells Seras to run away from a dangerous situation once. It’s really weird. Nice, I suppose, but weird.

Speaking of characters who get no exploration in terms of background, Seras also gets none. Considering that the first episode makes off like she’s the main character and she stays very prominent throughout the series, that’s a big problem. One of the biggest reasons this is such an issue is because most of her character development is based around her difficulties in dealing with the fact that she’s now a vampire.

In order to kill a vampire that had killed off most of her comrades in the police force, she agrees to let Alucard shoot her through the chest, delivering a fatal wound to her and, being a special blessed bullet, also destroyed the vampire. She made a deal with Alucard beforehand, psychically, that he would turn her into a vampire if she wanted to live after he killed her. She agrees and he turns her after shooting her.

However, she seems to regret her decision since she starts to be treated differently because of her new vampiric nature. Most importantly, she finds the act of drinking blood, even bagged blood or blood from Alucard, to be repulsive and nearly starves herself to maintain her dignity and humanity. Even at the end of the series, she still has yet to drink blood straight from the tap, so to speak.

Not to mention that her avoidance of blood and shame at her vampiric nature pretty much becomes a non-plot point halfway into the series since it’s somewhat resolved when she finally resigns and drinks her bag of blood. After that, her biggest problem really seems to be lugging around the huge cannon that she gets as her main weapon.

Considering we don’t have any sort of grasp on what Seras was like before she turned, outside of a rookie police officer with plenty of heart but low confidence, it’s hard to really feel for Seras’ situation. All we get of her backstory outside of episode one is a picture of her as a child sitting on her father’s shoulders. The picture reveals that he was also a cop, possibly indicating a feeling of failure as a police officer for letting her entire squad die and then choosing to become a vampire instead of dying with them.

Seras as a character is pretty disappointing anyway. For the most part, she’s just a newbie vampire and somewhat of a newbie soldier trying to get her footholds into her new job. She even has difficulties shooting at enemies, even if they’re vampires, purely because they look human, which is a bit silly because even at her previous job as a police officer, she’d still have to shoot and probably kill actual people.

It takes her until the second to last episode of the series before she actually manages to stand tall on her own feet and even gets a badass moment or two, but it wasn’t a big enough hurrah for so much waiting, especially in what was supposed to be her big main villain fight of the series.

I’d like to know exactly why Alucard chose to turn her anyway. First of all, surely a sharpshooter like him would have no issue killing the vampire without even hitting Seras. Second of all, even if he couldn’t avoid killing Seras to kill the vampire, why turn her? He has to have had similar instances like that before, and he rarely if ever makes more true vampires. So why her?

Walter having no backstory isn’t that much of an issue since he’s really a supporting character, but considering that Alucard alluded to his past as an incredibly ruthless soldier of Hellsing, it’s disappointing that we never saw it.

The second major issue is the reason I went back and rewatched this series. The story. I could not really remember anything of the story outside of the main plot details of ‘Alucard and Hellsing fight vampires.’ I rewatched the series to refresh my memory since reviewing an anime based purely on badassery seems pretty empty.

Sadly, I found the reason that I forgot most of the story is because it’s not memorable and doesn’t break outside of the main plot synopsis.

Pretty much all that happens is vampires, Freaks and Ghouls kill people and cause destruction. Hellsing and Alucard kill them. The end.

The only overarching storyline regards the Freaks. Hellsing has to investigate who is making the Freaks and stop them from doing so. There’s not much to the investigation except that more Freaks come along who are obviously connected to the perpetrator. There’s some conspiracy to take down Hellsing, but I don’t understand who is doing it or why.

You want to know something else? The only overarching storyline, which was weak to begin with, doesn’t get resolution. We find out who is making the Freaks, the main villain of the series, Incognito, but we don’t learn who his master is. Like Alucard, Incognito is working under the orders of a human master, yet they never say who it is or why they’re doing this.

All that is given about him is that he’s a mole in either Hellsing or the Round Table, but considering that there is no one in the Round Table who is prominent or that we give a crap about and most of the people in Hellsing barring one or two people are complete red shirts, and the two I’m talking about end up dying at the end of the series, I can’t imagine any reveal would’ve been worth it anyway. The fact that they didn’t even bother trying to make a character for this is just really sloppy to me.

Wanna hear something borderline insulting in that regard? After the battle with Incognito, we get a title card that tells us that the traitor, unnamed, was caught, secretly judged and silenced. That’s the sign of quality – to wrap up your main plot point with a title card. Another title card after that indicates that they’re still looking for the organization that manufactured the Freak chips. So not only do they wrap up a main plot point with a title card but they put a cliffhanger in another title card!

Speaking of Incognito, he’s seriously the best they could do with a series villain? A naked alien-looking guy with a lot of piercings and tattoos? Not to mention his gun is ridiculous, being a big bloated revolver. And they had to buff him by imbuing him with the power of a god named Set, a god we’ve heard nothing about up until now, have never seen and have no idea of his story or powers? Come on.

By the way, I’m aware that Set is a real deity in ancient Egyptian mythology. I’m saying they should’ve established who he was and what his powers and rules were in this universe.

Even Seras’ final hurdle, the, for lack of a better term, Super Freak Paul Wilson, is a huge disappointment. They bother to show us a tiny glimpse of backstory for him and then he’s quickly defeated by Seras.

There is a pretty decent arc with a priest character named Anderson, who is a vampire hunter working for the Vatican. Even without vampire powers, Anderson can still take a lot of what Alucard dishes out since he’s a regenerator, essentially immortal. Anderson is actually pretty interesting because he’s such a devout religious man, yet he’s also a big hypocrite by openly killing a Hellsing solder, not a vampire, for little reason, and his immortality itself seems like an unnatural affront to God. Anderson is a great foil to Alucard so it really disappointed me when his arc just kinda ended with no real fanfare.

Another factor that severely hurts what flimsy story that is there is Alucard himself. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hell out of Alucard. He is just untold amounts of fun. My problem is that he is way too OP for his own good. He takes every challenge with a laugh and always assures the audience that every threat is basically just a plaything for him. This guy cannot die, even less so than you’d think a vampire couldn’t die. He gets shot up to bits, beheaded, turned to mush, he even gets hit with his own blessed bullets and he does not die. He just gets back up even more powerful than he was before, like an immortal Saiyan.

This is further exemplified by the fact that Alucard has some sort of power restriction system set on him. It’s never adequately explained, but in times where Alucard thinks he’s found a worthy opponent, he unlocks restrictions put on his power to allow him to defeat the enemy. When Alucard goes into the final battle merely unlocking his power at level two, you know he’s not letting loose completely.

Even if he ended up ‘dying’ in the battle, the absolute end would likely be Alucard unlocking next level restrictions, restoring his power to full and completely annihilating anything that comes his way. When you have a character that is this powerful, it drains the tension from the series. You can still worry about human characters for the most part, but no threat really seems like a threat when Alucard can just sneeze on them to defeat them.

Art and Animation: The art and animation are fantastic, courtesy of Gonzo. The character art can seem a bit off model sometimes, mostly with the eyes, and the animation has its shaky moments, but it’s nothing too bad to warrant knocking down its praise. It has a great atmosphere, great colors, crisp linework and some great designs.

Music: The music was great with some awesome jazzy tracks and catchy as hell OP and ED…..However, it could be said that the OP and ED’s tones don’t fit the tone of the show. The soundtrack fits the style perfectly, but not really the tone. For a really dark show with blood and gore rampant, having such an upbeat and jazzy opener is a little odd. The ED is even worse in that regard because it’s really optimistic and almost alternative rock.

Voice Acting: EnglishHere’s another mixed note. Both times I watched Hellsing, it was in the English dub, and some of the voices are just eugh. Seras is probably the worst here as her actress just sounds horribly awkward with an English accent. Many of the characters need to put on an English accent for this and most of the time it just sounds phony.

Integra is alright, Walter’s VA is good, but the shining star here is Crispin Freeman as Alucard. Oh God, he is having a total ball in this role. He is enjoying every minute of it and you can tell in a heartbeat. He is perfect for this character, and it just makes Alucard even more enjoyable to watch.

Jan Valentine’s VA was also very well cast and seemingly had a great time with his character.

Bottomline: Hellsing is a very fun anime with some really cool characters and concepts as well as great action scenes, but it has a very one-note story that is completely forgettable, hardly any of the characters get explored very well, and some of the plotlines like Anderson and Jan Valentine seemingly end on cliffhangers. I’ll always have a soft spot for this series, but you’d be much better off with Hellsing Ultimate.

Additional Information and Notes: Hellsing was directed by Umanosuke Iida, and was written by Chiaki Konaka. The series was produced by Gonzo. It is currently licensed in North America by Funimation.

Year: 2001-2002

Episodes: 13

Recommended Audience: There’s obviously a hell of a lot of blood and gore. It could’ve been much gorier, but it’s still pretty nasty sometimes. In regards to sex, there is censored fellatio, some yuri eroticism, but no actual nudity. Lots of swearing. 16+

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Animating Halloween | Hell Girl: Three Vessels Episode 7 – Liar Review


Plot: The new kid in town, Atsushi, seems like a great guy. He’s good at sports, the girls love him and he’s even spending his free time taking care of his ailing mother. However, his friend Washizu discovers that he’s living in a world of lies constructed by his mother.

Breakdown: This episode is a bit tricky, and the ending might make it seem like it’s stupid, but I really think it’s the best episode of the season so far.

Atsushi is in a scarily realistic abuse scenario. He tells people that his father is very successful and is working a lot out in the city, so he’s never really home much. His mother is very sick, and he has to immediately leave his friends after school to shop for dinner and care for her.

However, the reality is that he was told to say those things by his mother. The true story is that his father abandoned them (???? It’s not entirely clear what happened to him, but the strongest implication is that he left them.) and his mother is a terribly abusive lazy bitch. All she does the entire day is watch TV and munch on junk food. His mother told him to lie about their situation to avoid people gossiping about them or thinking she’s a terrible mother. She demands that Atsushi immediately come home after school and do everything around the house for her. She doesn’t work, she doesn’t try to make money or clean or anything, she can’t even pay rent. She just tells Atsushi to weasel rent money from their grandfather.

If he doesn’t follow her orders to a tee, she beats him and guilt trips him by claiming he’s betraying her just like his father. Then she cries and whines and tells him he’s all she has left, which is some crazy accurate abuse. Yell at the victim for doing no wrong, beat them then make THEM feel bad about the situation by playing the victim and crying and then trap them into staying by making them think you need them. It is really scary how accurately they portrayed that.


Washizu becomes quick friends with Atsushi, but becomes worried about him when he starts suspecting that he’s lying about his situation. His suspicions are confirmed when Atsushi tells him the truth, but when Washizu starts suggesting they tell their teacher and friends about it, he reneges and tells him to forget everything he said.

Here’s where things start getting tricky. Despite Washizu claiming he hasn’t told a soul about Atsushi’s situation, rumors start spreading around school and the neighborhood, which makes Atsushi’s mom upset. She eventually starts going out on the town, to put it lightly, while acting like she’s allow to, even under the lie, because sick people can’t be expected to sit at home all day. Her night time activities make the rumors even worse, obviously.

Washizu tries again to convince Atsushi to tell their teacher and friends the truth. Look, I get his motives, I do, but what is telling the truth going to do? What is his teacher supposed to do? All it’s going to do is get him beaten, people whispering incessantly and he’ll be pitied. I doubt they’d be able to get him removed from the home or anything. He’s nearly an adult, and his mother never seems to leave visible marks on him.

During the conversation, Washizu discovers that Atsushi has a straw doll. Knowing the rumors about Hell Girl, he tries to convince him to not use the doll and to just tell the truth. It’s not so much about not killing his mother, oddly, but moreso because he knows of the price of using Hell Girl’s services and he doesn’t want Atsushi to damn his soul for someone like his mother.

Atsushi demands he leave the house and stay out of his business, so Washizu decides to get further proof that Atsushi’s mother is such a horrible person that she’s not worth going to hell for.

I kinda get his view, but it’s also totally backwards from what Hell Girl is all about. Typically, if you find out your target is a worse person than you initially thought, it just makes you more determined to pull the string. Most people don’t want to pull the string on targets who are good people.

One night, Washizu brings Atsushi out to a seedy part of town where his mother has supposedly been sleeping around. They spot her walking out of a bar with a random guy and putting her mouth all over his mouth. He’s apprehensive, however, because he’s heard rumors that she has a kid. Atsushi’s mother brushes it off and says she has no child and they continue about their barhopping.


Content that he’s finally convinced Atsushi of what a terrible person his mother is and how he should just stop lying for her, Washizu is shocked to see him pull out the doll and pull the string in a fit of rage.

Stopping myself right there, let me back up. Again, remember Washizu is the only one who could’ve started those rumors. Weird, right? What does he gain out of starting the rumors? Nothing, really, besides sewing the seeds for Atsushi to be honest since, why bother continuing to lie when everyone is already starting to believe the rumor?

That’s not all that’s weird. He’s seemingly kinda manipulative. In the first conversation he had with Atsushi about his home life, Washizu put all of the blame on his mother. In the second conversation, after he discovered the straw doll, he started also blaming Atsushi seemingly to make him…feel better? He legitimately said “I mean, you have some fault too. Since you listened to her and lied. If I were you, I wouldn’t have.” I nearly had to pause, because I hate these types of people who say shit like this. Hypothetical bullshit based on nothing.

If you’ve never been in someone’s situation before, don’t act like you’re better than them and would never do the supposedly shameful or bad thing they’re doing. All it does is make you look like a self-righteous jerk who can’t actually sympathize.

Finally, when Washizu showed Atsushi the scene at the bar, he had a weird smirk on his face. Why? I don’t know. He even laughed when he told Atsushi “Got it? She’s that kind of person.” Atsushi literally just heard his mother verbally disown him in order to have a better chance at getting laid, and he’s laughing like it’s some victorious moment.

So, anyway, Washizu was the target.


Yeah, I was surprised too, but not as much as you’d think I was. Throughout the first half of the episode, I was pretty convinced it was the mother. However, when they were having the second conversation, I actually gasped because the way Washizu was talking and the fact that they weren’t discussing how the rumors got started made me realize that Washizu was likely to be the target. I wasn’t too sure about it, but I was convinced enough to not really be all that surprised when he showed up in the hell torture.

The hell torture this time around actually isn’t goofy for a change. Washizu is hanging over a bottomless pit, hanging on by a branch. The hell team are all collected above. Washizu yells at them to help him, but despite saying they’ll get him help they just stand there telling him to hang on. After a bit, they lecture him on staying out of other people’s business, claiming he just wanted praise and wasn’t actually taking Atsushi’s feelings into consideration and just caused more and more problems for him.

It’s implied that he’s a hypocrite because he yells to them that they’re acting all nice when they’re just enjoying his pain even though he might have been doing the same thing to Atsushi (See: The weird shadowy smirk) Also, like the hell team are doing here, pretending like he’s trying to help but is actually not doing anything to help.

When you view the situation from this angle, the suggestion of telling the teacher and the other students makes more sense. Like I said, realistically, doing that wouldn’t really help him at all – it would just piss his mother off and make him a pity case for everyone else. Case and point, just the rumor going around of the truth made his life miserable and pissed his mother off.

One can definitely argue that his mother deserved that familiar ferry ride way more than Washizu, in fact Atsushi visited the website before Washizu did anything, but the way I figure it his life was manageably miserable before Washizu butted his nose in. After that, everything just got worse and worse. No one was harassing him or anything, but people were gossiping all around him and people were avoiding him.

I feel like a part of Washizu did have Atsushi’s best interests in mind, but he either went about it horribly or really was just in it for his own pleasure, ultimately. It’s honestly hard to tell. There was one moment where he was alone and thinking to himself that he had to help Atsushi, so I think he was at least partially genuine, but it’s unclear.

You ever hear of that philosophy that no one ever does anything completely selflessly? Like, even if you’re donating to charity anonymously, you’re still doing it because it makes you feel good? I kinda feel like that was in play with him. Like he got pleasure from watching Atsushi suffer, but he still told himself it was for Atsushi’s sake and may not have even really registered his own motives while he was doing these things. It’s something to think about.


As for Atsushi’s life after the string pull….well, it’s actually really sad and kinda scary.

Atsushi basically has a complete psychological breakdown after this. He starts living in a complete delusion of the lie. He acts as if his made-up successful father is finally spending more time at home, so he’s making a nice fancy meal for the whole family, which his bitch of a mother obviously doesn’t appreciate. When she complains about the meal he’s cooking, he throws the hot skillet of meat at the wall, and with one of the craziest expressions I’ve ever seen in Hell Girl, he suggests that all three of them go out to eat. He’s acting so nuts and so broken that even his mother is stunned and afraid. I honestly believed the episode would end with him killing his mother, but I guess his story just ends with him being trapped in a delusion to avoid the pain of his real life.

The end.

Goddamn, that was a heavily layered depressing episode. It’s also frustrating because the one person who deserved punishment didn’t get any.

Did you see what I meant about how you can easily interpret this episode as being stupid, but when you get down to it, it’s really not? I can still totally see why people would think it’s stupid, given that the mother is still alive and well, a seemingly nice kid ended up in hell and our main character ended up going bananas and was marked for hell, but I actually think this is the best episode of season three so far.

It has a realistic and sad conflict, a likable main character, a hateable would-be target who didn’t go overboard with how terrible she was, and a red herring /w plot twisty target swap at the end. Not to mention how terrible the episode as a whole makes you feel, and not in that cheap ‘all humans are scum’ way. This was just sad because it was bad circumstances. If Washizu really was genuine, then he just chose a horrible way to try to help Atsushi. And Atsushi was just a victim the entire time. Hell, you could even dig up some sympathy for Atsushi’s mom if her husband really did leave her……Not a whole lot of sympathy, she’s still a shitty person, but still. Even the hell torture was a lot better this time.


All in all, I really like this episode, even if it does bum me out that nothing happened to the mother. She was literally the cause of all of this. Something, anything, should have happened to her in the end. I guess now she has to live with a psychotic son who may be so disturbed that he could one day kill her….that’s something.

……Oh yeah, Yuzuki was in this episode. Like always, she just watched all of this happen from afar. The only time she did anything was when she offered to take Atsushi to a vegetable market for more affordable vegetables and we get confirmation that she does indeed live alone since her parents both work a lot of hours. I don’t quite understand why that automatically means she lives alone…Just because they’re not home often doesn’t mean they don’t live there. Or do they just live somewhere else because of their work?

Anyway, I’m already so sick of the transformation sequence that I’ve decided to just fast forward through it whenever it pops up. It’s not like a magical girl transformation sequence or anything. Those are fun. I can sit through those recycled scenes all the time. The Hell Girl transformation is just a lot of Yuzuki yelling in pain and boring shit happening.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Animating Halloween | Hell Girl: Three Vessels Episode 6 – My Teacher Review


Plot: The hell team is shocked when someone puts in a request to have Ren sent to hell! Who’s doing this, and why?

Breakdown: Hey, do you guys remember the days when the hell team wouldn’t interfere in the lives of humans at all? Yeah, that was a long-ass time ago. Now, they’re getting so involved with the lives of humans that they’re becoming Hell Girl targets……How did we get to this point?

If you’ve just been following along with my review, I should mention that, seemingly because Ai’s been possessing Yuzuki, who, again, does fuck all in this episode besides exist, the entire hell team has become full-time employees around her school. Hone Onna is a PE teacher, Ren is a…science teacher I think, Wanyuudou is a grounds keeper and Kikuri and Yamawaro just kinda wander around.

At least they seemingly had the sense to use pseudonyms, like Hone Onna goes by Sone Anna and Wanyuudou goes by Usa. However, Ren just goes by his own name for whatever reason.

This episode raises a question I never even knew had to be asked – what happens when Ai or one of her team is targeted by a client? The answer is….nothing. I didn’t expect anything to happen, but…yeah…nothing. Ai just treats it as an error.

It was kinda funny when Kikuri showed up, pretending to be Ai, and then handed the client an eyeball before walking away.

Ren actually gets an ego about all this, believing the client loved him so much that she hated him so she decided to send him to hell. However, that wasn’t the case.

The client is a girl from Yuzuki’s school named Yuuna. She targets Ren because she believed he and Hone Onna were romantically linked since they spend so much time together. Yuuna is actually in love with Hone Onna. However, she has another rival for her attention – a girl named Kira. They’re both ridiculously obsessed with Hone Onna to the point where they brag about getting band-aids from her (band-aids that have little bones on them, which I thought was a cute detail.)

Kira bullies Yuuna, and Yuuna, at first, seems like a shy sweet girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly, despite the opening scene telling us otherwise, but we soon see that her real personality is not the one she puts on display. She’s actually a very vindictive and conniving person who will do anything to get what she wants.

Yuuna soon takes advantage of Hone Onna’s brief kindness in giving her one of her special band-aids to pretend she’s covering up a hickey left by Hone Onna. Kira is enraged, and Yuuna drinks it up. She continues to pretend like she and Hone Onna are now lovers, and even bullies Kira by dropping her gym sneakers in a bucket of putrid mop water.

The client focus shifts to Kira, and she soon pulls the string.

The hell torture this time around makes a lot of sense but is also pretty weird. Ren is hosting a series of games where the prize is Hone Onna’s love. The other competitors are the rest of the hell team. They have a race in water while wearing like…stilts that have snowshoe-like devices on them? Yuuna trips Wanyuudou during the race to win.

Next is a daifuku game where Yuuna pushes Yamawaro and Kikuri down to get ahead.

Finally, it’s a race to the top of a rope against Ai, and she frickin’ kicks Ai off the rope, which would have killed her in any other situation, and Yuuna wins the race.

However, Hone Onna is forced to reveal herself as a skeleton to Yuuna, and Ai, who is actually injured from the kick she received before, ferries her off to hell. We also closeup to her fake hickey during the last shot of the ferry ride for reasons.

Later, we see Kira walking with her friends and….we get stupid. Kira is now completely over her crush on Hone Onna, which pretty much made that whole thing entirely pointless….but now she has a new crush……Wanyuudou!….The man who looks like he’s in his 70s….It was already enough of a stretch for these girls to think they had a chance with a woman in her 30s but, and not shaming older people here, why would a young girl have a thing for an old man?

And that’s it.

It’s a really weird season when I can’t even say something as weird and stupid as this is even in the bottom three episodes so far.

Is it dumb? Yeah. But it’s not THAT dumb. Students do have crushes on their teachers sometimes, and fighting for love/lust is one of the most basic human behaviors. I do find it dumb that Ren’s not using a fake name, and the fact that he was even targeted at all is stupid.

When Hone Onna asked her to check with the mysterious person she had a crush on to see whether she actually was romantically linked with this equally mysterious guy, she said she was scared to do so…but…scared of what? Also, we know her real personality is an evil little bitch, so why would she be scared to ask that question? I would think that she’d target Kira far above Ren because she’s also a romantic rival and she bullies her.

Speaking of the bullying, someone in the comments section was acting like Yuuna didn’t deserve to be sent to hell because she was bullied. I get where they’re coming from. Severe cases of bullying can mess a person up mentally. But first off, the bullying she got wasn’t really that bad. Coming off the heels of the episode where a guy was stripped naked, tied to a tree and had snowballs chucked at him, I think being insulted a little and pushed around once isn’t really enough to make me feel for a girl who tried to send Ren to hell and wouldn’t even verify if he and Hone Onna were an item before doing so.

Second of all, I feel like her shitty personality has little to nothing to do with her being bullied. I think she just plays the role of a timid fawn so she can get sympathy from others and no one expects her malicious behavior.

In the end, they kinda screwed all of this up. The hell team are not supposed to impact the events of the human world. They’re only supposed to go where the clients and targets naturally go. It was fine for them to take human form to watch them from afar or even sometimes have a brief conversation with them, but none of this would have happened had the hell team not decided to take jobs at the school. There’s no need for them to take jobs at the school. They can keep an eye on Yuzuki from afar and invisibly like they used to. Ren’s whole shtick is doing that – he even does it in this episode.

Besides that, we also learned that, maybe, Yamawaro has some sort of power over plants? He’s asked by Hone Onna to help her have a conversation with him, and he seemingly causes two leaves from a tree to land in Yuuna’s eyes as she’s biking, resulting in her crashing, which allows Hone Onna to converse with her…because…why not cause her to crash her bike instead of just pulling her aside and asking to talk?

All in all, kinda stupid episode, but on the higher-ish end for episodes this season. This is also another fairly failed attempt at mixing comedy with dark drama. There were one or two kinda humorous moments, but otherwise it melded together poorly.

Rating: 5/10

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Animating Halloween | Hell Girl – Three Vessels Episode 5: This Mundane World


Plot: After a very kind teacher at Yuzuki’s school, Niiyama, has a harmless run-in with her student, Ririka, she finds herself in hot water as Ririka’s bull-headed grandmother relentlessly harasses her, accusing her of things she didn’t do. Niiyama is strongly urged by her coworkers and bosses to just bow her head and concede to hopefully make her go away, but Niiyama is tired of rolling over.

Breakdown: Ya know, I want to say this episode is stupid…..and it kinda is, but also, for some reason, it did get to me a little.

Let’s just cut the fat, Ririka’s the one doing all of this. It’s pretty obvious out the gate. The only reason the grandma would think all this is if Ririka fed it to her, and unlike what they say there’s no reason Ririka would HAVE to lie and accuse her teacher of all this shit.

Ririka’s grandma is very defensive of herself and the few people she loves, so when she heard Ririka was supposedly being harassed and manipulated by Niiyama, she went on a psychopathic rampage including chewing out half the faculty at school, demanding an apology, threatening to sue the school board, demanding Niiyama be fired, constantly calling her and either hanging up or yelling at her, handing out defamatory fliers to the students, and filling her mailbox with fliers as well as plastering them all over Niiyama’s apartment building.

Niiyama considers sending the grandmother to hell, but keeps stopping herself. She changes her tune when she realizes Ririka is the culprit. And unlike her grandmother who was seemingly being a monster for the sake of protecting her granddaughter, Ririka was doing it for….

Seriously, they never give a reason. She’s just a bitch. She did a similar thing to another teacher in her elementary school. Niiyama sees Ririka lying firsthand, tells her that she has a responsibility to tell the truth, but Ririka’s like “Meh. Adults can take care of themselves.”

It’s slightly implied that she’s probably doing this to be more coddled by her grandmother, perhaps because she’s an orphan so she craves attention or something, but uh there are better ways to do that than nearly getting innocent teachers nearly fired and causing a lot of grief and pain.

Niiyama is a sweet woman. She just wants to be a teacher. That’s all. And I respect the hell out of her for trying to stand up for herself and teachers by dealing with her as respectfully as she possibly could without conceding. She’s nice to the students, she’s understanding, and she never seems to lose her temper. She doesn’t believe teachers should be responsible for guardians in addition to students, and she hates that teachers are basically forced to roll over for them in order to avoid trouble for the school.

She did everything she could to solve this problem without just giving in and quitting. A student she had been kind to, a student she had done everything right with ends up dragging her name through the mud and making her life a living hell…..just for the lulz.

The grandmother would obviously never believe her over Ririka, and there’s no telling when she would stop. Not to mention how terribly manipulative Ririka’s being. She lied to her grandmother right in front of Niiyama then had the balls to turn the nice-girl act back on and run to her acting like something bad would happen if she didn’t lie. You’re a shitty liar, kid, if that’s the best you can come up with.

What’s weird is that there’s one shot that directly contradicts this whole situation. When her grandmother is on the phone at 2AM yelling at Niiyama, Ririka’s plugging her ears in bed. I first thought it was because she was upset at the situation she was ‘forced’ into, but either this is a weird shot that makes no sense…..or she was just plugging her ears because she wanted to sleep…..

It does royally suck for teachers out there, and these circumstances of this episode are not the least bit unbelievable. They have to put up with shitty kids, shitty parents, shitty bosses, shitty pay etc. all because they want to help kids, and they rarely have much power in situations of conflict with students or parents, even when the matters are insanely stupid.

For instance, the building block of this conflict was that Ririka broke a beaker after bumping into Yuzuki – oh yeah, Yuzuki’s still here at Hell Girl High where everyone is either a client, target or related to one. Don’t expect her to do anything again. She’s Inertzuki. Yuzuki: We’ll find a purpose for her someday – Niiyama fully understood. She didn’t yell or blame anyone, she just told them both to be more careful. And Ririka told her grandmother that Niiyama yelled at Ririka and framed her for breaking the beaker when Yuzuki did it. Then she just ran with it. Every time Niiyama would try to talk to Ririka about talking to her grandma, she’d tell more lies about how Niiyama was manipulating her and forcing her to lie etc.

I hated that Niiyama felt she had to call Hell Girl for this, but the only other option really was just either taking all of the abuse until Ririka gets bored or whatever, waiting until she got fired, even though her colleagues didn’t seem to want to do that, or just quit.

As for if I feel bad for Ririka….a little. I imagine losing both of your parents at a young age messes you up quite a bit, but there is really no excuse for what she’s doing. And she’s doing it gladly without taking any responsibility for her actions just because she believes adults should be able to handle themselves. It’s just stupid.

Final note, we didn’t get a hell torture today, and I’m pretty okay with that. Instead we got Ririka’s grandmother looking like a lost soul after her granddaughter disappeared in front of her eyes and Niiyama bittersweetly accepting what she did. She doesn’t seem to have regrets, but she’s certainly not fully happy.

Rating: 6/10

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Animating Halloween: Hell Girl – Three Vessels Episode 4: Elder Brother Review


Plot: Yuzuki’s classmate, Yukawa, is constantly beaten and bullied by a group of three terrible boys. He resigns himself to this fate, however, because it’s been like this since he was a little boy. He finally finds self-confidence and strength when a man named Nishida protects him from the boys one day. The two become very close very quickly, but…is that enough?

Breakdown: It’s a very weird day when I realize Hell Girl has addressed an incestuous relationship before a homosexual one.

Anyway, this episode is complete shit….

It honestly was pretty good for most of it, but the ending was just horrible.

Yukawa gets bullied every day by a trio of assholes. And by ‘bullied’ I mean they take huge sums of money from him, treat him as a servant and beat the hell out of him on a regular basis. One day, they tie him up to a tree naked in the middle of winter and pelt him with snowballs. They’re about to chuck a snowball that has a rock inside of it at his head, but the snow/rockball is swatted away by a mysterious kendo fighter named Nishida. He manages to fight off the bullies and save Yukawa.

Nishida reveals that he’s an aspiring prosecutor in law school because he wants to bring justice to the world. Yukawa admires him for his strength, and they become friends. The two bond very quickly, and it’s soon apparent that they like each other romantically. One scene even heavily implies that they either kissed or made out in a field. Honestly, this would make for a decent shounen-ai/yaoi series setup. It probably already is, now that I think about it.

Anyway, because of Nishida’s influence, Yukawa becomes much more self-confident. He gets involved with kendo, he changes up his look and he confronts his bullies with no problem. Everything seems to be going just fine for him….But this is Hell Girl, so it can’t be fine.

And it’s not.

It’s also insanely stupid.

It’s like they started writing a romance story for a bit but then was like ‘Oh shit, I’m writing Hell Girl! Quick! Rush something Hell Girl-ish together for the ending!’

Nishida and Yukawa are on a bus ride together when a man accidentally angers a lunatic with a big knife because he bumped into him and started to yell at him. The man uses the knife to slice off all of the other man’s hair, but that’s not good enough. He stops the bus, and drags him off while implying that he’s going to slit his throat.

Yukawa nearly gets up to confront him during this, but sits back down, intimidated by the man. Hoping big strong Nishida will save him, he’s shocked to find Nishida obviously incredibly angry, but also restraining himself from doing anything. After the men get off and the guy supposedly dies off screen, Nishida apologizes to Yukawa for being unable to do anything and says he understands if he views him as weak now – he just didn’t want to do anything so dangerous while he was on the bus since Yukawa might’ve gotten hurt.

As they separate at the crossroads, Yukawa quietly tells Nishida goodbye with a smile on his face. Later, we see him getting his doll and he pulls the string, sending Nishida to hell. Nishida pleads for his life while being forced to constantly bang a taiko, proclaiming that all he wants to do is finish law school and help fight for justice. He’s ferried away anyway, like always, and he realizes that he’s being sent to hell for not helping the man. He yells out how unfair it is that he’s the only one being punished when everyone on the bus chose to do nothing. Yeah, he has a point. Or, more to the point, why is the psycho not being hunted down and sent to hell?

Back with Yukawa, he’s lost his self-confidence, is getting bullied on the reg, quit kendo and is back to the way he started. The school nurse, who had been concerned about him being bullied this whole time, asks him why he reverted back to allowing himself to being bullied and quitting kendo. He responds that even if he changes a little, it won’t change society…..


That is it.

He sent Nishida to hell because he wasn’t hero enough for him.

He sent a really great guy to hell because he wouldn’t charge at a PSYCHOPATH WIELDING A LARGE KNIFE WHILE HE’S UNARMED.

He sent a guy he seemingly loved to hell because he was trying to protect him and not the other guy.

He never sent his bullies or even a bully to hell because reasons, but this damn near perfect man – handsome, kind, educated, brave, loving etc. he sent down the river Styx because even if you’re great and brave and you live a good life with good people, who cares because shitty people still exist?

You’re more content living your life as a target for assholes and being a pathetic sack of fecal matter than at least striving to do what you can for the world at Nishida’s side?

Even if Yukawa was just morbidly depressed and wanted to give up on becoming strong because ‘why bother?’ why send Nishida to hell?

Fuck you, Yukawa. Fuck. You. Fuck your stupid ‘Haha, I see the world for what it really is now’ smile in the end, too. I’ve never been so floored by an episode of Hell Girl. That was just fathoms of stupid. It was light years of stupid. It was god-tier stupid.

Oh, and Yukari’s role in the episode? She’s just there again. Even less than usual. She literally just sees Yukawa in passing a few times and once the nurse asks her about him for some reason. They’re not friends. They never even talk. Absolutely pointless for her to be here.

It’s such a shame because this episode had so much potential, but they just farted it away in a pool of stupid.

Oh and as a bonus stupid, the bus suddenly stopped (causing the psycho to bump into the dude) because Kikuri rolled out into the middle of the street and needed to be wound. Some random dude wound her key….because that’s normal right? And then Kikuri leaves….So…stupid.

Rating: .5/10

Next episode


Late Stage Edit: I just realized I referred to Yuzuki as Yukari on accident in this episode, but I’m not going to fix it because it just highlights what a forgettable and benign character she is.

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