30DAC – Day 27: Most Badass Scene from Any Anime Character Ever

First of all, spoilers for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Pretty much the whole entry will be spoilers so be warned.

Second of all, I’m sorry I keep making FMA entries. I just love the series too much. I promise this is the last one.

I’m going to go with Roy killing Lust in FMA:B. This. Scene. Is. Awesome. It almost made it into my epic scene spot, but it screams ‘BADASS’ just as much as ‘EPIC’.

She just asked for a light, Roy.

You have a homunculous being burst into flames over and over and over by Roy just standing there like a boss with the most determined and awesome look on his face, never faltering even though he’s facing a supposedly immortal creature who just nearly killed, and actually paralyzed, his comrade and severely wounded him moments ago.

That’s what builds to the awesomeness of this scene. He’s not only standing firm like a statue and blowing up a homunculus like it’s the Fourth of July, he’s also severely wounded while he’s doing this. Not only THAT, but in order to refrain from bleeding to death, he had sear his own wounds closed with his fire alchemy. Not only THAT….TOO, BUT he also had to carve a transmutation circle into his own freaking hand in order to make the fire.

And he was blindfolded, had both of his hands tied behind his back and was riding a dragon when he did it.

…..Okay, that last part didn’t happen, but you thought it might have, didn’t you? Because Roy is just that badass. The end.

He obviously had to her kill her before she got any closer. Can’t scuff that purty mug.