30DAC – Day 17: Favorite Supporting Male Anime Character

I like getting ones where I know a clear-cut winner, and that is Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist.

Hughes was a psuedo-comic relief character with his constant gushing over his daughter Elisia and his teasing with Edward and Roy, mostly Roy. However, this doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a serious side. In fact, he was basically one of the most important intel links that Edward had and the best friend and supporter that Roy ever had. And he takes his role as a father to Elicia very seriously.

VERY seriously.

Even in the show, his role was solidified as support because his one drive in life, outside of protecting and loving his family, was to get Roy promoted eventually to Fuhrer.

Hughes just seems like the kind of character you’d love to know in real life. He’d be a great friend, a fierce protector, incredibly funny and sweet, and of course a fantastic supporter of anything you pursued. If there’s ever been a male supporting character who lived to support his friends and family, it’s Hughes.

And no, I’m not bringing it up. Nope. Happy faces. Look at Elicia! She’s adorable! Leave me alone!



Honorable Mentions: Krillin from DBZ, Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho and Rock Lee from Naruto

30DAC – Day 2: Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far

Urgh, this one’s really difficult. I really don’t like making favorites lists since I know they’ll get changed in months maybe weeks, but since the qualifier of ‘so far’ is included, that makes things a little easier anyway. Still really hard to decide, but still.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is topping my list here. While I really am baffled by how quickly they decided to do a remake simply because they wanted to be more loyal to the manga, I won’t deny that this series does trump the original in certain ways. There are some scenes and aspects of the original that I like better than Brotherhood, but it manages to win out.

I really need to take my glove off before I do that. My glove budget is going dry.

The original FMA would’ve made it, but I can’t deny the fact that Brotherhood does more things better than the original and has a solidified ending within its own series. While I don’t think Conqueror of Shambala is anywhere near the travesty fans seem to make it out to be, it still didn’t make a very satisfying ending to me, plus I’m not really a fan of series having a series finale as a movie, so Brotherhood wins out.

FMA as a whole just has such an amazing flow. It has a great blend of serious and sometimes even dark storylines, fantastic action sequences, hilarious comedy, lovable characters, frightening villains, and it all comes to together so well that it’s just amazing. Not to mention how well the artwork, animation and music work alongside it. It’s so difficult to find shows that have that level to talent to mesh all of that together so well, but both FMA series show this talent off like a superpower and I love every minute of it.

Honorable Mentions: Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Fruits Basket (which honestly would’ve made it if it didn’t end so abruptly and without including the other members of the zodiac.), Kodocha and the Dot Hack franchise.