Tabisuru Nuigurumi: Traveling Daru Review

Plot: While at an airport, a little girl loses a doll that she made. As she cries in the plane, one of her tears somehow makes it down to the doll and brings it to life. Seeing that its best friend has gone away, the doll goes on a worldwide quest to find her.

Breakdown: This a really cute short animation that lasts about ten minutes.

The art is really great, except maybe the designs of the people, which look a little off. The animation is quite good and the story is heartwarming.

If there’s one thing that kinda bugs me it’s that, though it is endearing, it’s a little weird that the girl was so attached to her doll that she constantly thought about it even in adulthood and even made the logo of her toy store a picture of it. I have a stuffed animal that means a lot to me, so I kinda understand where she’s coming from, but still. Though I’m likely looking too much into that. It’s probably difficult to forget Daru’s design anyway. It’s like a jellybean in a cute wittle hat. :3

As for the voice acting, there are only two lines spoken here and they’re (English Dub) perfectly fine. The rest, barring music and sound effects is completely silent.

Bottom Line: At ten minutes, there’s no reason not to sit down and watch this at least once. It’s a really adorable little short that I believe will tug at everyone’s heartstrings, especially if you had that one special toy when you were a kid that meant a lot to you.

Additional Information and Notes: Tabisuru Nuigurumi: Traveling Daru was directed by Ushio Tazawa and produced by CoMix Wave Films.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Year: 2012

Recommended Audience: Does this sound like a Tarantino movie? 0+

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