CSBS – Rugrats S01 Ep02

Rugrats episode 2 title

Plot: 2A: Barbecue Story: The adults are having a barbecue, and Angelica sends Tommy’s ball flying into the neighbor’s yard. Tommy sets off on a mission to get it back.

2B: Waiter, There’s a Baby in my Soup: Stu and Didi are forced to bring Tommy to a fancy dinner with a man who is listening to Stu’s presentation on why he should market his toys.

Breakdown: 2A: Barbecue Story – Something I kinda dread about rewatching this series as an adult is knowing there will be many moments that will make me cringe in how possibly horrifying the real-world result could’ve been.

Case and point, this segment.

During a barbecue, Angelica, being a bitch, decides to swat Tommy’s ball into the neighbor’s yard for kicks. Tommy breaks into the neighbor’s yard to retrieve it and is forced to go over a secondary fence into an area meant for a vicious guard dog. The dog very nearly (and, if you watch closely, honestly should have) mauls Tommy to death, until he’s suddenly saved by Spike.

Spike returns Tommy to the barbecue and is rewarded with a plate of burnt burgers.

At face value, this is an alright episode. Not the funniest in the world, and there are several annoying aspects I’ll get to in a minute, but it’s decent.

However, as an adult…..I’ve read several news stories about little kids being mauled by dogs, sometimes to death and others severely injured with many scars and deformities left behind. I could not stop myself from imagining Tommy getting viciously attacked by this dog.

Rugrats episode 2 - 2A 1

When Tommy’s parents discover him missing, I thought they’d hear his panicked cries and rescue him, but no. They never hear his cries nor discover where he went. Despite being just next door, Spike is the only one who hears poor Tommy and comes to the rescue. Granted, this scene is one awesome Spike moment. He is a total dog badass here, but Jesus Christ, these parents will never not win the worst parents ever award.

To put more clarity on this situation, when Tommy was crying in his playpen after Angelica swatted his ball, every single adult there diverted their attention to Tommy. When he’s screaming and wailing in terror with a huge bulldog snapping his teeth mere inches from his face, everyone besides Spike suddenly becomes deaf.

The ending is a very sweet moment between Tommy and Spike, but the rest of the episode just leaves me feeling uneasy.

The aforementioned annoying aspects come in Angelica and Chuckie. Angelica never gets any comeuppance for what she did, even though her actions very nearly lead to her cousin’s death. Chuckie has a moment of complaining that seemed more whiny than he normally is, mostly because he’s blaming his misfortunes on Tommy when he didn’t force him to come along.

2B: Waiter, There’s a Baby in My Soup – As big of a Rugrats nut as I was when I was a kid, I did have those episodes I didn’t care for. This is one of them. However, back then, my reasoning was entirely for the obnoxious antics of Mr. Mucklehoney. Nowadays, adult me can see that this whole episode doesn’t work.

It’s main premise is built on sand. Didi and Stu are ‘forced’ to bring Tommy to a fancy restaurant because their babysitter canceled last minute, Grandpa Lou is on a bowling date, and they have a presentation with Mr. Mucklehoney – an obnoxious prankster who is constantly laughing.

Rugrats episode 2 - 2B 1

Oh, excuse me, I mean Stu has a presentation with Mr. Mucklehoney. Didi has no purpose here.

This whole plot could’ve been avoided had Didi just stayed home with Tommy. What’s more disruptive? Stating a superfluous third party couldn’t attend a dinner because she had to watch their infant son or bringing a one year old to a fancy restaurant? Keep in mind, Tommy himself is being obnoxious in this episode. When they find out their babysitter needs to cancel, Tommy is on the floor having strewn all of the pots and pans in the kitchen on the floor and dumped a garbage can full of trash all over himself, the floor and the pans.

People find babies in cheap family restaurants to be an annoyance, but bringing a one-year-old to a fancy restaurant? When you have a very good reason not to? And when you’re having dinner with someone very important? Come on.

What’s even worse is that they set up an out and don’t take it just so it can be more believable when Tommy manages to escape. Didi gets a call from Grandpa Lou right before they order. He needs a ride home because he had a fight with his date and she was his ride. Didi agrees and is about to take Tommy, who is drumming on the dinnerware with a fork and spoon, with her because she realizes he’s being a nuisance. However, Mr. Mucklehoney offers to have him and Stu watch him, and she’s just like ‘alright’ and even gives the spoon back to Tommy so he can continue being loud and irritating to everyone around them.

Rugrats episode 2 - 2B 2

Of course, Tommy quickly slips out of his high chair and, of course, Stu is none the wiser. He slips into the kitchen and, I might need to add a ‘third-party adult fail’ section because not a damn person in that kitchen realizes a baby is crawling around on the countertops making a mess and destroying stuff. I feel really bad for the people who get that cream pie filled with silverware. Thank God Tommy never reached the stove. He fell into a bowl of pasta – he could’ve easily fallen into a pot of boiling water.

When he gets back to the table, he’s superheated Mucklehoney’s soup, bubblegum’d his shoes to the table, tied Stu’s shoes to the table and caused the entire table to topple over on top of Mucklehoney.

And, of course, Mr. Mucklehoney is one of those sitcom schmucks who has all this crap happen to him and, because it would be unfair to have Stu suffer for Tommy’s actions, he loves the crazy antics Stu has caused and offers him a job.

Rugrats episode 2 - 2B 3

This episode is poorly written and riddled with plot conveniences. You can practically see them drawing a map to the plot they were trying to get to. “Okay, how about we have Tommy let loose in a restaurant making all sorts of trouble? We’ll work out the details of how this happens right before we animate it. No storyboards. They’re a hassle.”

Not to mention, Tommy just doesn’t work well on his own. Rugrats always worked best when the babies were playing off of each other. Even if the plot is obviously focused on one character, you need at least one or two more to make the story as a whole work. Tommy is completely on his own here. There’s not even any minor Angelica cameo. Not to mention, they seem like they upped his annoying level so they could get more comedy out of him.

Parenting Fails

2A – No one notices or cares that Angelica took Tommy’s ball and threw it over the fence. Even if it’s understandable to maybe not catch her taunting him with it, surely someone had to have seen her throw the thing.

No one notices them breaking out of their playpen, even though they’re all in the side yard, nor do they see the babies escaping into the neighbor’s yard.

If you have babies or pets, don’t leave loose or broken boards in your fence.

I applaud the neighbor for having a second fence within his fence for his vicious dog, but I’ll add some neighbor fails for making this fence all of a foot and a half tall (the babies can get over it just by giving each other a little boost.) and chaining the large and very strong dog to a rickety dog house that is half-assedly nailed to boards in the ground.

It takes them way too long to notice the babies missing, especially considering the babies were looking in the neighbor’s first yard for quite a while.

No one hears Tommy’s terrified cries merely a yard away.

X10 fails just because I can’t get the image of Tommy being mauled out of my head. The fact that their dog was a better parent here than anyone else is ridiculous.

2B – Nobody notices that Tommy is playing with the toilet – a possible drowning hazard because it’s one of those toilets that seems to hold three gallons of water in the bowl.

Nobody notices that Tommy spreads out all of the pots and pans in the kitchen on the floor. Even if you can say they didn’t see it, there’s no way they didn’t hear it because that would be insanely loud.

Nobody notices that Tommy knocks the garbage over.

When they do notice, they don’t give a crap.

Gonna count them bringing Tommy to this meeting as a fail. If they really had no choice, I’d understand, but not only is Didi a perfectly good option, they don’t even consider contacting any of the other parents to see if they can do it. Any adult should know that bringing a baby to a fancy restaurant is inconsiderate. And this is coming from someone who’s never had a child or been to a particularly fancy restaurant. Unless you have the most angelic baby in the world, or they’re comatose, they’re going to cry, smell and be obnoxious. They even show how annoyingly he’s behaving before they even leave, and he wastes no time before he starts drumming on his dinnerware.

Didi leaving Tommy alone with these two.

Stu not noticing Tommy has escaped. He is literally seated a foot away from him.

If I don’t have a ‘third party adult’ tally, we’re skipping six points.

Tally: 26

What the…They’re Babies!

Outside of the babies easily scaling that fence, there wasn’t much in this area for either episode.

Next Episode, the babies go to the movies, and Angelica stays over for a slumber party.

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Hell Girl Episode 2: The Possessed Girl Review

Hell Girl Ep 2

Plot: A high school girl named Ryoko is being stalked and harassed by a mysterious man.

Breakdown: I feel like, for some reason, I wasn’t as creeped out by this guy as the show wanted me to be. He sends her some creepy gifts, breaks into her room when she’s not there and he even has the scary aspect of being a cop, with the power and authority to get around being suspected or charged.

However, he still doesn’t come off as fully scary to me. There was no moment when I went ‘Oh holy crap, this sick bastard needs to go to hell.’

I also felt more sympathy for the victim this time around because she was trapped in every sense of the word and basically had to send him, and subsequently herself, to hell for something she couldn’t control.

How she knew who he was before even her father knew is beyond me. She had to have known his name in order to input her grievance into the Hell Girl website, yet their lone suspect was the wrong person at that time. Maybe it was a flashforward I didn’t quite get. I dunno.

The torment this time around was fairly fun, but nothing fantastic or particularly memorable.

Next episode…

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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 2 (1 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison

Usagi, you have to become Sailor Moo–Oh sorry, wrong magical girl show.

Plot: The origin story of Ichigo/Zoey that had to be thrown back to because 4Kids decided to use episode 12 as their episode one for some reason. Ichigo’s just a normal girl trying to start a relationship with her crush, Aoyama. While on a date with him, a strange red light hits her, and she soon discovers that her DNA was fused with the red data animal, the iriomote wild cat. Now she has to use her newfound powers to save the world from aliens. Anime is weird, is what I’m trying to say.


I want everyone to keep in mind right now that this episode and every episode until the dub’s episode 13 is supposed to be a flashback. This will be on the test.

In the original, Aoyama accepts Ichigo’s offer to see the red data animal exhibit immediately, which is what causes her to burst out in a blush. In the dub, he jokes with her by saying no, which causes her to suddenly blush, then he says he was kidding and agrees to go.

Ichigo hits her nose when she falls out of bed, that’s why she’s looking at her nose when she gets up. In the dub, Zoey does a zit check and sees that whatever imaginary zit 4Kids made up is still there, and then she complains about her zit cream being a rip off.

Oh and I’ve gotten quite good at looking for random marks of text in scenes just to check if 4Kids erased them, and my practice has rewarded me. There’s a small sign in Ichigo’s room in the lower righthand corner that says Cose. I have no clue what that is, but there you go. 4Kids erased it because I’m so sure little kids would’ve noticed that and cared.




Japanese text is taken off of Aoyama’s workbook in the flashback, Japanese text is taken off the banners in the flashback of Aoyama’s kendo match (because nothing says spirit like blank banners) the word “Boton” and a bunch of Japanese text are taken off the buildings before Zoey sees Mark, and the text on an awning that says Parapora is gone too.

In the original, Ichigo tries to make conversation by saying it was nice weather that they’re having and makes a big gesture to the sky with her hands. Aoyama chuckles and says “I guess” then she bursts into a blush.

In the dub, Zoey apologizes for being late by saying she was exercising and time got away from her. She makes the same gesture with her hands, and then Mark laughs and says she’s not late, she’s early, which causes her to blush.

Well, here’s a moment of stupidity for you. You know how I just said that 4Kids changed that stuff about the weather to exercising? Well in the very next scene, Ichigo says the same thing about the weather on the train and then berates herself for repeating the same thing over again instead of coming up with actual conversation.

4Kids translated this scene perfectly (Well perfectly for 4Kids anyway. Which means they kept the main gist for the most part)….yup. Zoey states that it’s nice weather out today, Mark says she said that already, which she didn’t, then Zoey berates herself for repeating things, which she didn’t. Great job 4Kids. Top notch. Big hand for biggest payers of attention to their own work – 4Kids!

Hey, some actual sense making for a change. The original sign outside of the exhibit was in, of course, Japanese. 4Kids erased this, but added “Red Data Animal Exhibit” in English text on the sign. That’s such a good idea. It’s almost like that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Ooh and 4Kids lost their gold star quite literally a second later by erasing the word “Rda” that is all over the INCREDIBLY TINY banners in the next scene. 4Kids: Kids can’t read English unless WE write it.





In case you can’t see, they’re those tiny banners on the ceiling. Yes, they’re so small I felt compelled to point them out.

4Kids edited the text on the computer screens when Ichigo walks through the entryway….Even though, again, the text was in English.





The brochure is actually translated instead of erased….But OOH they dropped the ball on the cover of the brochure by erasing the letters “RDA” for Red Data Animals. That sure was amazingly stupid, let’s go to the replay…..Ah, see here’s where they were being intelligent….and this is really interesting because you can almost see where 4Kids was like “DDDDDEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRPPPP” and erased the letters on the cover. I haven’t seen a fumble like that since the big translation fumble of one minute, 46 seconds ago!


Good – tmmep2fixedscreen4

Bad – tmmep2fixedscreen5


Good – korf7gd

Bad – xrym84c

Also, some tiny, illegible text is taken off of a sign on the wall of pictures.

In the original, Ichigo’s not laughing when they focus on her smiling face as she’s walking with Aoyama. In the dub, they make this awkward joke where Zoey’s like “Be cool” then we suddenly cut to her laughing like a dink and snorting as Mark awkwardly tells her they should go see the marine exhibit.

In the original, Aoyama mentions to Ichigo that it’s a nice day, then he laughs because now he’s repeating it too. In the dub, Mark does the same thing, but he states that that’s the fifth time one of them has said that. Really? I count two times and that’s counting this instance. How much weather are you two discussing behind the scenes?

Zoey’s been saying “I’m awesome, I rule” etc. a lot in this episode. Ichigo doesn’t say it at all. Usually during the times that she’s saying this stuff in the dub, she’s gushing over Aoyama.

Words are blurred out on Akasaka’s computer screen now instead of erasing them. I guess they wanted to see what the blur tool in their editing software did. Again, the words are so small that even if there was a point in editing out text, it would have no point here.

The scene showing the screen is supposed to be before Shirogane puts his goggles on. It’s after it in the dub.

Text on the juice cans is removed.

Text on a falling garbage can that only appears for less than a second gets removed.

The scene where Ichigo gains her powers is removed. Basically she has an…out of body experience I guess and she meets the iriomote wild cat. She picks up the cat and it smiles at her before jumping into her body. Then we cut to her on the lawn. This scene might’ve been cut due to the fact that Ichigo’s naked throughout most of it. You can’t see anything, like at all, since she’s so immersed in light, but I guess it was bad enough for 4Kids.




By the way, we never see this, but if all of the girls had this same experience…that means Lettuce and Zakuro should’ve been scared to death to see a wolf and a porpoise jump into their bodies.

They edit out a small scene where the vending machine nearly falls on Aoyama.

In the original, Aoyama tells Ichigo that she was asleep for three hours, which greatly surprises her, then she realizes that he’s right since it’s already evening.

In the dub, Mark tells her that it was fine that he waited because he got to watch the clouds and listen to her snore, which surprises her, and then she laments over snoring in front of Mark.

The next scene is just stupid. The scene where Ichigo’s rambling is changed and filled with teen girly BS. Let’s just leave it at that because I know I got stupider listening to it and I don’t want to make you feel stupider for reading about it.

This is a perfect opportunity to say that I hate Ichigo’s two girl friends from school. Sub, dub, they’re still little bitches…..Okay they’re bigger bitches in the dub, but still.

Nitpicky, but in the original, Aoyama yells “The face!” before striking in his kendo match. The dub just has him say….uh “Hiyoi”? In kendo, you’re supposed to yell out what point you intend on striking before you strike. Like I said, nitpicky.

They edit out a shot of Ichigo running away after she lands on her feet after that fall.

In the original, Ichigo gets all panicky after she wakes up because she realizes that she was going to apologize to Aoyama during lunch and lunch break had started. In the dub, Zoey hears that lunch break has started so she flips out about getting some milk.

4Kids edits out a flashback of the scene where Ichigo gets her powers. I guess it was for the sake of continuity. Since Ichigo wasn’t seen in any shot of the flashback (it was all just shots of the cat) I’m assuming that it was, indeed, for continuity purposes.

They also edit out a shot of Aoyama appearing in the doorway before his closeup.

Well, I have to give 4Kids credit for giving this scene a shot. While Ichigo is talking to Aoyama on the roof, she keeps saying “Nya” as a suffix to a lot of words and keeps freaking out because of it. She’s trying desperately not to say it, but can’t and eventually she runs away.

4Kids didn’t mirror this, but they had her keep saying stuff like “purrrfect” (Catwoman, you are not) “Meow” and “Feline” I give them credit for making the effort with “purrfect” and “meow” but if you’re trying to make Zoey say cat sounds, why did they make her say “Feline”? Why not “mew” or “hiss” or “kill everyone and bathe in their blood, for the Prince of Darkness commands it!”

……What? That’s not a common cat sound? But my grandma’s cat says that to me all the time. Hm.

Also, during the end of her freak out, Zoey basically says straight out that she’s acting really weird and that she thinks she’s turning into a cat. Since the lip flaps are so fast, I thought maybe they were going for a thought-dialogue, but nope. In typical Zoey style she just blurts all of that right out to Mark who, shockingly, isn’t reacting to anything she’s saying until she runs off.

So this is another one that was pointed out to me elsewhere and goes by so fast I really have to commend that person for having such a good eye. As Shirogane saves Ichigo, his hair is black in that split second shot. 4Kids fixed this by turning it blond like it should be….Kudos for fixing a graphical error, but, seriously, did time, energy, money or thought need to be put into a shot that lasts like a quarter of a second? I don’t even think I can catch a screenshot of that.

Entire Show Edit: All of the mews have tiny pink symbols called Mew marks on their bodies. Ichigo’s is on her upper thigh, Pudding’s in on her forehead, Mint’s is on her back, Lettuce’s is on her chest, and Zakuro’s is around her belly button. Almost every time one of these marks are on screen, they’re edited out. I’ll mention it when I see a Mew mark in the dub.

In the original, Ichigo’s thinking to herself that her heart is calling out to the pendant, then we have another small flashback to the scene where she gets her power before she transforms. In the dub, Elliot is talking over most of this scene with a pep talk.

Ichigo Transformation Changes: Our first full transformation in the dub, so I get to tell you exactly what was cut.

Ichigo standing in front of DNA strands.

Ichigo’s lipstick appearing.

Ichigo putting her hands up in front of her face.

Ichigo’s chesticle shadows are painted away.

Ichigo’s trademark pose.

Subbed: tmmep2fixedscreen8

Dubbed: ky0crm1






Ichigo has a slight freak out after she transforms as she’s falling through the air. This is edited out of the dub.

Elliot: (After Zoey barely lands without crashing into the ground) “Nice one, Zoey!” Nice what? What did she do? She barely corrected herself from falling and she still ended up on her ass. Considering she now has super land-on-her-feet powers, I’d actually say that’s pretty lame.

Ichigo magically (literally, not sarcastically) knows the words to bring out the Strawberry Bell. Zoey basically says nothing and the bell I guess reacts to her fright.

Every time I hear the dub catchphrase I die a little inside….Also, Ichigo’s catchphrase for this episode is “I’ll give you a taste of cat spirit, nya!” Which may or may not sound dirty depending on how filthy your mind is….which is very.

This may have been in the last episode, but Ichigo’s Strawberry bell has her twirling in the air for quite some time before she actually attacks. In the dub, the footage is sped up because kids have the attention span of gnats on speed, apparently.

They edit out a scene where Shirogane grabs Ichigo’s chin and tells her not to cry.


No next episode preview this time. Which probably means that the other episode’s was a one-time thing.

Next episode, Mint’s debut!….Yay….

…Previous Episode

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Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 2 Sub/Dub Comparison

I lost to Anzu? Wow, I do need help…

Plot: Jonouchi is training with Grandpa to be in an upcoming tournament. He comes in eighth, but still has a lot to learn. After watching the finals of the tournament on TV, Yugi gets a mysterious package containing a glove, some stars and a videotape. As he pops the video in, he sees the creator of Duel Monsters, Pegasus Crawford, on the screen proposing a duel to Yugi.

He drags Yugi into a strange shadow world to play a Yami no Game, a game played with real monsters and real consequences. Whoever is ahead within fifteen minutes wins. If Yugi wins, he’s left alone. If he loses, he has to go to Duelist Kingdom for a tournament being held by Pegasus. Will Yugi win or will he lose something precious to him?


Weevil and Rex have much better voices in the Japanese version. Rex’s voice in the dub is insanely nasally and it sounds like he has a throat infection. Weevil’s voice is horrid in the dub. He sounds like a cartoon weasel. Rex’s voice in the Japanese version is very plain, but much less grating than the dub. Weevil’s voice is incredibly fitting in the original. It’s a very soft and methodical voice that leads you to believe he’s hiding something. Weevil’s not a kind-hearted person, and you can tell he’s not trustworthy just by his eyes, but his voice adds some degree of mystery about his true intentions.

Name Changes: Dinosaur Ryuzaki is changed to Rex Raptor, and Insect Haga is changed to Weevil Underwood. I find no reason to prod 4Kids about this since they were just taking Japanese lame pun names and changing them into English lame pun names.

The poster for the upcoming Duel Monsters tournament is completely redone for the dub. However, the Japanese poster was incredibly lame IMO and the dub one is far superior. Congrats 4Kids. I complimented you.



….HOWEVER, as you can see, there’s no text on the dubbed poster, so there’s no real reason why he’d be so entranced by it. It’s also an awful advertisement for the tournament. There’s no information written on it at all, so it doesn’t even really count as an advertisement for the tournament. Since 4Kids is so paint-edit hungry, you’ll eventually see that practically every sign and advertisement in their shows is useless.

There’s no real reason given in the dub as to why Joey wants to join that tournament. In the original version, it’s heavily hinted that it’s because there’s a three million (?) dollar reward. Grandpa says he wants to cleanse Joey of his impure intention of simply getting money from dueling by teaching him the heart of the cards. Then Joey screams as they fade out. In the dub, Grandpa basically starts grilling him about all sorts of Duel Monsters questions.

In the original version, Jonouchi makes it to the final eight in the aforementioned tournament and most of their conversion on the couch includes mentions of it. In the dub, they act as if he never even competed. I do have to say, it’s incredibly impressive that Jonouchi made it that far just by a few weeks of training. He really sucked at the game before. As for why this is changed from eighth place to never competing in the tournament at all, well, I really believe they wanted Joey to be almost a complete rookie out of the gate so they removed this small plot point.

Pegasus in the original is very entertaining to listen to. He constantly switches back and forth between English and Japanese. I don’t mind Pegasus’s dubbed voice at all. In fact, it’s pretty fitting, but he does sound immensely creepy sometimes.

I understand Pegasus’s power to see other people’s cards and read their strategies, but he can’t always have the right card in his hand to counter whatever the other player is planning.

The duel between Pegasus and Yugi is heavily changed, at least dialogue wise. In the dub, Pegasus takes this opportunity to tell Yugi all about the story of Duel Monsters. He explains that they’re in a Shadow Game in the Shadow Realm and how the game was made using real monsters in ancient Egypt blah blah blah. They even put the final winning attack in the Pegasus vs. Yugi battle in there for no good reason besides it’s the one in the first season that looked the most Egyptian-y.

In the original, they only talk about Pegasus’s upcoming tournament and how he’s using his Millennium Eye to win.

In the original, Yugi seems very honorable in that he wants to destroy his controlled Devil Dragon instead of the Piper, which has lower attack points, thus would suffer the most damage. He wants to destroy the dragon first because he has a duty to his cards to not allow them to be under the control of a malicious being. In the dub, Yugi just gloats and mentions nothing about duty. He just attacks the Koumori Dragon and moves on.

Yugi mentions that he could win if he stalls until the time runs out when he’s ahead in life points. However, he doesn’t want to because that wouldn’t be a legit win to him. Dub!Yugi makes no mention of this ‘loophole’.

Next episode, it’s off to Duelist Kingdom!

…Previous Episode

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