Ojamajo Doremi/Magical DoReMi: Episode 5 Sub/Dub Comparison

Plot: As the girls start selling a bunch of stuff in the store, they run into Kotake. When Doremi tries to find out why he’d shop in their store at all, she finds he’s keeping a secret and wishes to help him with it.


The quick clip before the opening theme is removed.

Oddly, this time 4Kids REMOVED the white fuzzy border for the flashback.



Aiko says they’ll get a lot of spheres if they sell a lot of stuff. Mirabelle says it’ll be no problem selling stuff at the shop because she could sell corn to a scarecrow on the fourth of July.

In the original, the theme song comes after the removed opening clip. In the dub, it’s after this flashback.

In the original, the title comes after the flashback. The dub never places a title.

A very long scene is cut. After the title screen, we see Doremi waking up early, her mother chewing out her father for wanting to go fishing instead of fixing the gutters. Pop comes out, commenting on the fight, then Doremi bursts through the house, rushing out the door to get to the shop. Her parents and Pop stand bewildered by the door wondering what got her up and going so early. Pop stands there in horror at the idea that she might have a boyfriend.

Hazuki says she hopes everything sells well. Reanne calculates that, should they sell everything they have, they’ll be able to buy 94 spell drops.

They digitally painted the store’s signs again, but I’m mostly making this note because this time not only did they leave in the fuzzy flashback border, but they also added in a white flash before the flashback

Since they brought this up in the dub, the original town in which the girls live is Misora, which translates to ‘Beautiful sky.’ In the dub, it’s the aptly named Port Mystic.

When the little bubbles with the girls’ faces pop up, Hazuki says “We made these magic goods with all of our hearts.” Reanne says “We have a gift and a spell card for every problem people might have.”

Doremi says “It’d be nice to sell a lot of them!” Dorie says “And every one of ‘em’s on sale!”

Aiko says “If they make everyone happy, that’d be the best!” Mirabelle says “We guarantee each item to be 100% magical!” Basically skewed from a largely heartfelt message about making people happy with things they made with their hearts and souls to mostly just a marketing message.

Aiko says “It’s already one o’clock.” In the dub, she says “I could go for a game of checkers. Got any?”

A little Japanese text is erased on the sign behind Hazuki.



They added another flash before and after the shots of the old store.

Obviously, all of Dela’s songs are changed. Since she practically does nothing but sing, they vary in terms of how much. I’ll note when there are big changes.

Name Change: Dela is changed to Conya.

They got rid of a little writing on the cash register. (It’s hard to make out with the quality of the dub files, but it’s on the big button in the lower right.)



Dela denies the girls a discount. In the dub, she says the given price includes a discount.

Dela says she’ll add the register to the bill for the magic clay the girls used to make the items. In the dub, she says she’ll get them started on a three-year payment plan.

They cut out Majorika sighing and yelling at the girls.

Hazuki says they have charms to bring happiness to people. Aiko then says they can just look around if they’re not interested in one specific thing. Reanne says they have items that can do your homework for you, and Mirabelle says they have magic socks that never get dirty.

A sign with ‘Maho’ on it is removed when Doremi is walking that couple to the shop. The paint job is so sloppy too. They don’t bother matching colors, and the painted parts are painfully obvious.



The woman says that charm is really cute and her boyfriend agrees. In the dub, she says it gives you good dreams and the guy says ‘Neato.’

Aiko says the item they’re looking at will make them love each other even more and she’ll sell it for 50 yen, which is roughly 50 cents. Mirabelle says the plate they’re looking at will make all the food they eat off of it taste like candy and she’ll sell it to them for five bucks.

Originally, the couple only takes one of the charms, but in the dub they take four of the plates.

Originally the boy wanted to buy the heart item anyway. In the dub, he asks how much it costs.

In the original, the item is 300 yen, or a little less than three dollars. In the dub, this is changed to eight dollars. Also, this is mirrored on the cash register.



The boy doesn’t say anything as he’s being rang up. In the dub, he says he’ll use that item to make the bullies stop picking on him.….Yeah, I’m so sure that when the bullies see your pink heart with angel wings toy, they’ll stop picking on you. Foolproof plan.

The receipt is changed, and they added a ‘protection spell’…I’d ding 4Kids more for that if I didn’t find it to be a kinda clever play on a ‘protection plan.’



The word ‘Maho’ is removed from the little placard.



Doremi is hilarious when she says that blob has the power to bring world peace. Dorie says the same thing, but in a not as funny manner.

Another flashback….flash added before and after the shot of the flier. I guess the fliers were mislabeled in the dub to say they were opening tomorrow. Not sure how they screwed that up. Also, who puts up fliers saying something’s happening ‘tomorrow’? If someone just picked up one of those fliers the next day they’d think the opening was the day after….

Doremi mentions that Hazuki and Aiko sold nearly everything they made. Dorie only mentions Mirabelle.

Another mention of the ‘world’s most unluckiest pretty girl’ is removed.

Doremi tauntingly asks Kotake if he’s interested in magic too. Kotake nervously says he’s not, he was just lost. In the dub, Dorie’s a bit meaner and asks if he’s looking for some magic that might give him a life. Todd nervously says he thought this place was a gym.

This might be a mistranslation, but Kotake calls the girls ‘retards’ for liking magic stuff. In the dub, he just laughs at them.

Doremi tells him they may be ‘retards’ but his stupid kind isn’t welcome here either. Kotake then asks her “What did you say?” while Doremi replies with “What?” In the dub, she says “Well, Todd, did you hear the one about the loser who said “Whatdyasay?” and he replies with “What’d you say?” and she says “Loser!” Would’ve worked better if he actually said ‘Whatdya say?’

Hazuki doesn’t mention what the pin does. Reanne says it gives you courage.

Doremi says she made the pin out of clay. In the dub, she says the pattern is supposed to be a dog. Truth be told, the dub works a little better.

In the original, the pin is 200 yen or a little less than two dollars. In the dub, it’s ten bucks, which is insanely overpriced for Doremi’s stuff, if you ask me.

They remove a kanji from a bus that is on screen for about three frames….



They’re completely illegible scribbles, but they remove ‘TEXT’ from a sign.



And again.






I swear….to god……4Kids…..erased….texture marks……(Window behind Kotake after Doremi denies following him)



….I’m speechless…..That is a new level of pointlessness. Are they really so used to erasing scribbles that they thought those texture marks were garbled text of some kind and couldn’t help themselves but remove it? Good lord….

Doremi says she wants to buy some juice. Kotake asks why she didn’t buy juice at the convenience store they just passed, and she says she likes the juice at the store up ahead better. In the dub, she says she was heading to a store, and Todd says they already passed the Loser Store. Dorie then asks why he’s not there because she heard they were having a half-price sale.

Two more signs.



Another sign, though this time replaced.



The milk carton’s painted.



Name Change: The Puppy is originally named ‘Pal.’ In the dub, she’s called Cookie.

Also……Pal is a boy dog…..Cookie is a girl dog……I….Don’t….Know….

Doremi just talks to herself saying she has to go get help when, suddenly, dirt starts pouring into the hole. In the dub, Dorie tries to save Todd by pressing a button, which causes the dirt to pour into the hole. At least the dub explains why dirt is suddenly pouring into the hole, but it makes Dorie kinda look like an idiot (what life-saving button did she think existed to get Todd out of that hole?)

This goes without saying, but Doremi doesn’t mention anything about this ‘buried alive’ situation as being similar to ‘that ice age guy (she) saw on TV.’

The spell this time is changed to: “(I honestly can’t understand the first couple of words) like a feather and light as a breeze, make that sand freeze!”

They basically kept in the word play, but Doremi originally tells the sand to harden, which makes it freeze. In the dub, she tells it to freeze, but she meant ‘stop.’ The dub makes more sense, actually.

Doremi says Kotake and Pal will die at this rate. In the dub, Dorie mentions the ice age guy again and says they’ll end up like them.

Ya know, recycling animation for things like transformations, item summoning etc. is very common in magical girl anime and is something I typically let pass, but this show causes a unique problem. Doremi’s spell drops are always full during the summoning of her wand, but she clearly has four when the new animation starts.

The next spell is changed to “Must be quiet, mustn’t shout. Come down, rope. Help me out!”

After that, the next spell becomes “I don’t really know what spell I should do, just make Todd safe and me too!”

A lyrical song is replaced when Doremi does her final spell.

It’s weird – her spell to save Todd works, but, in the dub, she specifically asks the spell to save her too yet it does nothing to help her out.

Another omission of the ‘World’s unluckiest pretty girl.’


Overall, I liked this episode. It was a nice story with some good character development for both Kotake and Doremi. I liked how they made Kotake a believable level of brat. He’s at his brattiest when facing off against Doremi, but seems pretty civil towards Aiko and Hazuki and also seems like he’s a nice enough kid deep down.

Even though some of her screwups are little farfetched, it was nice to see Doremi help Kotake…..even though, in the dub, she’s the reason they’re in danger, mostly, in the first place.

SDC-wise, there’s quite a bit of digital paint, and I am still flabbergasted that they erased those texture marks, but it’s not that bad. I may have taken 50 screencaps for this comparison, but a large bulk was just signs. Dorie’s made out to be a little brattier, but that’s it in regards to story changes.

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