AVAHS – Digimon Adventure 02 | A Very Digi Christmas Review


Plot: It’s Christmastime for the Digidestined, but the festivities are soured when Arukenimon floods the real world with a slue of Digimon and a control spire.

Breakdown: Twas the first day of December and all through the blog

Twix began writing this monologue

About all of the Christmastime posts she would write

though her self-imposed deadlines gave her quite a fright.

Each day, a review will grace this domain

Some of them cheery, some of them pain.

The year 2020 we all wanted to forget

and look forward to a new year with minimal regret

Channeling all of her holiday glee,

Twix kicked off her AVAHS jubilee

So gather around, all those seeking some fun,

AVAHS will bring cheer until day 31.


Welcome to 2020’s A Very Animated Holiday Special! This year, I thought we’d kick things off with an anime episode. I’ve mentioned before that, despite Christmas being big in Japan too, there just aren’t that many Christmas specials in anime. However, there is one anime Christmas special that is, well, special to me: Digimon Adventure 02 – A Very Digi Christmas.

A Very Digi Christmas was the first ever anime Christmas special I ever saw, and it was pretty much the only anime Christmas special that I knew of for several years until I eventually watched the Pokemon Christmas Special. If you know me, you know I already adore Digimon, so this arrangement was made for me.

This episode occurs near the end of the series, so a lot of stuff is going down, but that doesn’t mean that Christmas is put on hold. Not only is Ken holding a Christmas party at his house, but all of the new Digidestined are bringing the Digimon of the old crew back to the real world as gifts for them.

There is a LOT to love about this special. Ken’s being a big sweetheart. He’s super shy about inviting the other kids to his house for a Christmas party, but eventually invites the whole group, even Cody, whom he believes still doesn’t like him (and vice versa.) Then we get some nice character development for him as he starts relaxing and enjoying the company of his friends at the party. He’s able to finally be his real self while also finding some semblance of happiness after all of the crap he’s been through his whole life, and that’s just great. Ken’s character arc has always been the best of the franchise, and he’s still my favorite character alongside Izzy.


The other kids getting reunited with their Digimon was also great, although I don’t really understand why the old kids don’t keep their Digimon around 24/7 like the new kids do. Before, they were protecting areas from the Digimon Emperor. Why did they choose to stay after Ken became a good guy? Am I forgetting something important?

There are several little scenes here and there that help highlight the lighter tone of the episode, at least to a degree. You even have a short discussion between TK’s mom and Davis’ dad about their kids as they bump into each other in the street, and some woman who works with Ken’s mom mentioning that she recently had a delightful conversation with Ken and he’s changed for the better a lot lately. Little notes like that make everything feel a bit homier.

Even the stuff with the main plot is really good. There’s not much of it because they’re trying to focus more on the holiday (which makes the battle seem rushed, but it’s not awful) but they foreshadow the big finale coming up very ominously. It’s clear that they’ll not only need all of the Digidestined for this fight, but they’ll also need to somehow do damage control all over the world. The biggest threat is coming, and they’re in for a massive fight unlike anything they’ve ever faced before.

That being said, this special sticks out in my mind for a…different and slightly sadder reason.

Matt’s concert.

What’s wrong with Matt’s concert, you ask?

Before the concert, we see Sora shaking in nervousness as she tries to get up the courage to give Matt some home baked cookies she made him for the event. Tai shows up, wanting to invite her to the concert as a date, but she makes it clear through (purposeful) awkward fidgety dialogue that she can’t because she wants to get backstage so she can give Matt her gift.


This was the first indication that Sora was more into Matt than she was into Tai, who, for years, had been pegged as her main love interest. I never fully understood why they shifted gears to Matt both in and out of universe, but, spoiler alert, the two end up married with two kids while Tai has a kid with someone off-screen.

This change is very controversial in the Digimon fandom. Some people find the change to be one of the most baffling and unfitting decisions they’ve made in the entire franchise, and some find it to be more fitting that she fell for Matt. Others were simply heartbroken that basically the main pairing of the series fell apart with so little in terms of explanation or closure.

Me? I was some combination of A and C.

I always supported TaixSora. TKxKari was my OTP, though, and….even they didn’t seem to end up together….*huff* I thought Tai and Sora were really sweet together. They complemented each other well and helped each other grow. To suddenly shut the door on this pairing…during the Christmas special….was just a lot to process.

Remember, this is little child me. I was used to the main pairings in shows that I liked either being completely ambiguous or ending with them together. I’m not certain, but this was probably the first time I had ever seen a main pairing fall apart like this.

Not to mention that Matt never seemed to be romantically interested in Sora, so this fully came out of left field. Don’t get me wrong, they were close friends, and their eventual romantic relationship seems healthy enough, but this is one of those pairings where one party always seemed more interested than the other. At least with Tai and Sora the feelings always seemed very mutual.

By the way, the irony that the girl with the crest of love unceremoniously severed her romantic link to someone who has been her main love interest for the past four years (At least. There was ship-teasing even when they flashed back to them as younger kids.) while in the process of going after a new one is not lost on me.

Looking back to this episode as an adult, though, I do have to say….it’s not perfect, but they do handle this situation a lot better than I ever gave them credit for.

Tai and Sora are older now. They’ve changed in a variety of ways. They’re not the same people they were when they were kids in the Digital World. Sometimes, people just grow apart. And other times they just fall out of ‘love’ and move on to people they believe they connect with more. It happens, especially when you’re as young as they are.

What I truly never realized about this scene was how well it showed Tai’s growth as a person. Even Agumon points this out, but I think I was always too baffled by what was happening that I didn’t put too much focus on how it was happening.

Tai didn’t get upset or mad at Sora. He understood that Sora’s eyes and heart were elsewhere now. He swallowed his pride and even encouraged her to go see Matt. It obviously hurt him, but he knew that would make her happy. One huge aspect of love is putting the other person’s happiness above your own. He’s truly grown up at this point, especially considering his once fierce rivalry with Matt. You’re a good man, Tai.

Just another reason why I’ll always love this series.

…..Now, what I DIDN’T appreciate was adding salt to the wound by having June zoom by him, knocking him down, and then listening to her gush about how all of the girls just love Matt. That was unnecessary…

Some minor notes about this episode:

– Uhm, Matt has a televised concert!? Considering his band only seems to know how to play one song, I don’t see how this happened.

– Davis nearly referenced strip poker. No, I’m not kidding. Yolei asks what card game they all want to play next and Davis says “How about strip pok–” and he’s cut off. I don’t understand how that flew by censors at all. ‘Poker’ isn’t even the questionable word in that phrase! These kids are 11!

– When the new group is about to bulk DNA Digivolve, Tai says they’ll finally get to see what all the fuss is about with these DNA Digivolutions. Funny he should say that because he’s the first person (With Matt) to ever pull off a DNA Digivolution. Does he not remember Omnimon?

– The guy backstage at Matt’s concert was hilarious.

– Ken’s mom had a funny moment. She’s tearing up because she’s so happy that her house has the laughter of children in it again, and she tries to stop herself from crying like this. “Oh I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Quick! Think sad thoughts!”

All in all, this is a very nice holiday special and just a great episode as a whole, particularly for Digimon fans. Yes, the shipping stuff might sting even now, but I’ve grown to accept it. It wasn’t meant to be. Tai accepts that harsh reality, and so must we all. They ended up happy, and that’s all that matters.

…..Still not accepting that Kari and TK didn’t end up together, though.

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Digimon Tamers Episode 3: Renamon Vs. Guilmon – Fighting is a Digimon’s Purpose! Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Ruki is attacking Takato and Guilmon in hopes of absorbing Guilmon’s data to make Renamon evolve. However, when Terriermon gets caught in the crossfire, he ends up evolving instead. As Gargomon, he starts getting out of control, and it’s up to Renamon and Guilmon to stop him.



Title Change: Renamon vs. Guilmon: Fighting is a Digimon’s Purpose! is changed to To Fight or Not to Fight?

Takato says Child (Rookie) level is what he was thinking when he made Guilmon. Rika wonders what he means by that but brushes it off to have Renamon fight. In the dub, he just says he’s new to this.

Card Name Change: Heavy Metal is changed to Armor. It’s actually a kinda weird change because Renamon doesn’t get armor from it, she gets some kind of hydraulic arm hammer thing.

Terriermon asks Renamon if she can evolve since she’s so strong. In the dub, he asks if she felt weird rolling around in the dirt.

A very short shot of Jenrya turning around to look at Takato and Guilmon is edited for the commercial break.

Jenrya gives his full name, Lee Jenrya (Jenrya is probably where they get Henry) and Takato asks if he’s Chinese. He says his dad is from Hong Kong and his mother’s Japanese. We don’t get this information in the dub.

Takato learns that Jenrya keeps Terriermon in his room and envies that because Guilmon can’t fit in his room and needs to be kept somewhere else. He says it’s okay though because the place he found makes for a great hideout. Jenrya says that’s great and it’s also great that he and Guilmon are actually friends.

In the dub, they talk about Henry saving Guilmon from Rika and they wonder how anyone can treat Digimon like fighting machines. Takato says Digimon really just want to eat. He goes on to say that due to his previous adventures in the cafeteria at school, he knew it was time to find a hiding place with a lock. Henry then says Guilmon probably saved their lives because the cafeteria food probably would’ve poisoned them eventually.

Takato asks Jenrya if they’re friends now too, Jenrya says yes and he and Terriermon have a small back and forth about leaving before actually leaving. In the dub, Takato says Guilmon could be their official taste tester. Henry says that’s a great idea but then they’d go hungry. At the mention of food, Terriermon says he’s hungry. Henry asks how he can be hungry since he just ate, but Terriermon says moumantai and they leave for dinner.

Name Change?: Takato’s last name is Matsuda. In the dub, it’s Matsuki…..No idea.

Juri only says he ditched gym whereas Jeri says he ditched school altogether.

There’s no inner monologue from either Renamon nor Rika in the next scene with them in the street.

Shaochung repeats over and over that they have sukiyaki (A type of soup/stew) for dinner whereas Suzie, I think, keeps saying ‘bald bunny’ over and over after Henry’s comment about her rubbing all of the fur off Terriermon’s head.

Does Jenrya/Henry not understand the concept of devolving? He seems to believe that evolution is permanent like evolution in Pokemon is.

Jenrya says he’ll bring Terriermon some manjuu (a kind of pastry) after dinner. Henry says Terriermon’s response was rude. I guess because he started with ‘How many times do I have to say it?’

The original doesn’t make a sexist comment (Though I can’t even really be sure. It sounds like he’s saying girls can’t be good at the Digimon TCG, but if taken literally it sounds like he’s saying a girl can’t be the Digimon QUEEN. “Comprehend this; That’s the Digimon Queen! It’s like synchronicity dude! (Yeah for some reason Saban made these guys complete idiots with surfer dude speech styles) “Come on, that’s a girl, man!” See what I mean?)

Also, yet another poke at my theory because only the dub states this line “Yeah, she’s kinda cute too. Kinda like Kari with a punk ya know sorta edge.” There’s no way they’d know about Kari unless the first two series were either TV shows or actual people in this universe. Also, wha, Rika looks in no way like Kari. Not even if you gave Kari a ‘punk ya know sorta edge’. Also also, it’s really weird for them to be gushing over her like this and even acting like she’s not even hearing what they’re saying.

The original just has the guys gushing over how good she is at Digimon and the tournaments she’s won…which is also kinda creepy, but at least they’re clamoring over how good she is at something and not going on about how cute she is.

Option cards are called modify cards in the dub.

Well it’s nice to know both versions are sexist in the scene where they’re amazed that a girl could be a champion at Digimon. I’d say they’re equally matched in their sexist comments, but the dub probably wins out by making it seem like Kazu’s making the case that he’d be a shoe-in for the next tournament because apparently the last tournament was so easy that a human being with a vagina won it. Kazu also originally says that the Digimon Queen is so skilled even high schoolers are intimidated by her abilities while the dub has him all cocky about how she just hasn’t met her match yet and he’ll be it. Kazu’s cocky anyway, but coupled with the aforementioned comments, it’s just compounding the sexism.

The original has Takato asking where the Digimon Queen lives and Hirokazu says she goes to school somewhere east of the train station. He then thinks to himself that that must be why she was so familiar. In the dub, they twist his words to make it seem like Takato’s making off like he’s instantly got a crush on her and Kazu, in awe of this, says he’s out of the club.

Juri comes in saying that she enjoys tarot cards, but Kenta says you can’t battle with tarot cards and that Digimon is a man’s game! Ya know, despite the whole thing with the last tournament winner being a girl and everything. She says that’s discriminatory and Kazu actually offers to teach her how to play Digimon and that she may even be the next Digimon Queen. Well, that makes up for some of the earlier stuff, I suppose.

In the dub, Jeri asks, if Takato needs a girl, if she’ll do. Kenta says not unless she can beat the Digimon Queen. Jeri then says boys are so silly with their fighting. Well, it’s nice to know that the sexism at least goes both ways. But Kazu actually says he knows plenty of girls who enjoy a good fight. Getting mixed signals here.

Juri’s friend is Miki, but in the dub they say it like ‘Mickey’.

Ruki says that Digimon always seek each other out because they’re meant to fight each other. Also, Ruki doesn’t keep making fun of Takato and Guilmon like Rika does.

Since they use the word Digivolution instead of Evolution in the dub, the evolution screen had to be changed to reflect this.



Attack Name Change: Gatling Gun is changed to Gargo Laser.

Renamon scratches Gargomon’s face before jumping off of him. This is removed from the dub.


It’s weird, though. They remove the scene of him getting scratched, but leave the actual wounds.

Gargomon is actually pointing his gun at Rika. In the dub this is digitally painted away.



It’s hard to tell, but I think they also remove a front shot of Gargomon pointing his gun at Rika (and ultimately at the audience) It’s only for a split second, though.

Next time we’ll delve more into Jenrya’s past with Terriermon and learn why he didn’t want him to evolve.

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Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 4: King of Darkness, Digimon Kaiser Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: The Chosen Children are determined to free the Digimon who are under the Digimon Emperor’s control. Gabumon, caught up in the mess, sends out an SOS. Yamato and the others arrive to help him as well as some captive Digimon, but a Redvegiemon and his Vegiemon cohorts won’t let them leave in one piece. With a control spire over their heads, Daisuke butting heads with everyone and V-mon getting into trouble of his own, they’ll need to find some way to make Gabumon evolve to help get them out of this mess.


Entire Series Edit: The clips for the recap are different from the original, but the recap itself is the same.

Title Card: DigimonA02EP4SCREEN8

Title Change: King of Darkness, Digimon Kaiser is changed to Iron Vegiemon.

Taichi says they should get back to school because Koushiro and Miyako are probably worried. Tai says he can smell the cafeteria food from there, to which Davis responds that it’s the peanut butter and jelly bean sandwich he’s had in his pocket all week.

Cody: “Yuck!” My sentiments exactly, Cody.

The dark towers are called control spires in the dub.

They cut out Gabumon getting hit by Redvegiemon.


Also, everyone giggle at the fact that the Digimon Index Screen shows Redvegiemon as Red Vagimon.



And shouldn’t veggie be spelled with two g’s?

I kinda like Redvegiemon’s dub voice over the original’s. I dunno, there’s just something about him sounding like his VA is doing a Jack Nicholson impression that gets to me.

Originally, Redvegiemon says the punishment for trying to escape is 100 hits. In the dub, the punishment is smelling his rotten roots. This is to cover up the fact that Gabumon is getting pretty badly beaten in this scene. Likewise, all of the shots of him getting beaten are removed and the dialogue is merely Gabumon saying the smell is gross.


They keep in the final strike, which sends Gabumon flying, but they edit in Redvegiemon going down to the ground in the dub where he didn’t in the original.

They obviously completely change the song that Yamato sings, but they kinda sound similar. I pretty much really like both of them. However, I remember the dub song gets repetitive throughout the series since it seems to be the only song his band sings…

Needless to say, the rock puns in the next scene aren’t in the original.

Jun says she gets all the cute boys to sign her shirt, but it’s a perfectly white shirt. You can’t even see where Matt just signed it.

Jun originally doesn’t say that she hasn’t washed the shirt in two years nor does Takeru say that there isn’t much room on the, again, perfectly white shirt.

The e-mail that Takeru receives from Miyako is translated for the dub.

Subbed: DigimonA02EP4SCREEN14

Dubbed: DigimonA02EP4SCREEN16

Tailmon originally said that the TVs that are strewn about the Digital World can be used to send an SOS to the real world. Agumon did the same thing in a previous episode. In the dub, Gatomon asks why the things on top of the TV are called rabbit ears. She believes they should be called cat ears since rabbits don’t sleep on top of TVs, cats do.

Another instance of very clear ‘poop’ being changed to ‘digisludge’.

Daisuke berates Takeru for not having any ‘telepathy’. Iori corrects him and says he means to say ‘delicacy’ and then Hikari, Takeru and Iori laugh at him. In the dub, Davis again gets TK’s name wrong calling him TA. Cody laughs that Davis forgot how to spell TK and the others join in.

In the dub, Patamon acts like a prisoner, which he shouldn’t considering he’s wearing a fake dark ring.

I don’t get it. Why is it perfectly okay to show V-Mon pinning down a Vegiemon and punching him repeatedly in the face, but the earlier scene with Gabumon had to be censored and changed to him smelling gross roots? It’s basically saying ‘Good guy beating up bad guy (who is really just a good Digimon under the control of an evil being) is perfectly fine. Bad guy beating up good guy, showing the wrongness of the situation and creating deep sympathy for Gabumon, is bad.’

(Late-Stage Edit: After doing more comparisons on the other Digimon series…..yeah, it really does seem to be a double standard with Saban that the good guys are commonly censored when being hit, but the bad guys rarely if ever get the same treatment. Is it because little kids might get upset when their heroes are hit while they’ll be happy when their enemies are hit? I really struggle to understand this.)

Daisuke just says that his sister always talks bad about him behind his back. She doesn’t like him, but he doesn’t like her either so they’re even. In the dub, Davis lists off all this embarrassing stuff about him that he thinks Jun told TK, like chewing his toenails, sucking him thumb and wetting the bed.

Yamato gets mad because Daisuke is badmouthing Jun. Matt gets mad because Davis has a big mouth….but really all he said was that Jun badmouths him and then went on to explain completely embarrassing stuff about himself, so I don’t see why Matt would get that mad about it. He also only spoke with her for a minute, so for all he knows she does indeed constantly talk shit about him behind his back. At least in the original, there was the added comment of saying Daisuke dislikes his sister to help justify Yamato’s anger a little.

Takeru doesn’t add the fact that Daisuke’s younger than Yamato thus he ‘doesn’t know any better’. And TK, really, you’re using that excuse? He’s the same age as you are, and you know better than to act like that about your siblings.

V-mon just says ‘Daisuke’ before the scene cuts back to the others. In the dub, Veemon starts a knock knock joke.

The Gazimon say they’ll go find a rope as thanks for saving them. In the dub, they say they’ll hang onto each other and make a rope out of themselves so they can ‘hop down the bunny slope’. You’d think Gabumon would refuse and just say to help him get a rope, but nope he says it’s a great idea….

It’s very brief, but they cut a tiny sliver of the first strike Redvegiemon gives to V-mon and put a white flash in there to help censor the punch.

Attack Name Change: Red Hot Machine Gun is changed to Chili Pepper Pummel.

Attack Name Change: Hazard Breath is changed to Stink Jet.

For some reason they remove the yellow strike marks near V-mon when he gets slammed down by Redvegiemon.

They do the same ‘cut out of a bit of the strike, add a flash’ censorship when Veemon’s getting beaten.

They cut out the strike to his stomach.


They cut out two more hits to V-mon’s face.


They cut out V-mon trying to crawl to Daisuke and then getting hit in the back….Wow, that’s pretty sad.


They technically remove the shots of V-mon getting beaten, which is just reshowing the previous beatings being treated as new ones. They keep the overlayed shots of them, but they only show stillshots of each beating instead of showing the animated version like the original does.

In addition, the four-way splitscreen showing V-mon’s pained expressions is supposed to come on one piece at a time. In the dub, they all show up at once.

They remove another strike to V-mon’s stomach.


They remove recycled animation of V-mon getting beaten some more and instead just steal a stillshot of it to show him standing up against Redvegiemon.

Daisuke offers to take V-mon’s place in the torture. Davis just tries to convince Veemon that he’s happy now to……I….uh…don’t know. He got into this to cheer Davis up, but he can’t get out because Davis is saying he’s happy. He could just give up, but he’ll still keep getting beat anyway.

Again, the strike to V-mon’s head is slightly cut and a flash is thrown in to censor it a bit.

They remove more of the beating, which, again, is really just slightly altered recycled animation.

Another stomach strike censored with a little cut and flash.

Redvegiemon originally says he’ll send V-mon to hell. He obviously doesn’t do so in the dub. As a bonus, Yamato and Gabumon don’t originally tell V-mon to duck when he’s about to get hit again, he just does it on his own.

Entire Series Edit: Like the original series, there’s a vocal song accompanying every evolution in the original. It’s the same every time, though changed between types of evolution. In the dub, they also use the same song for Digivolutions, but it’s just the Digimon theme song.

Redvegiemon just screams when he’s on fire. In the dub, he says ‘I’ve heard of grilled vegetables before but this is ridiculous.’

Revegiemon asks what he’s been doing the whole time. In the dub, he asks, when he sees the dark ring, if he got married when he was asleep.

Taichi says they have to destroy the spire at the Gotsumons’ home as well. They just say they’re taking them home in the dub.

Daisuke apologizes for his behavior and the fact that V-mon got into trouble because of it. V-mon then says Daisuke’s matured quite a bit now. In the dub, Yolei says she’s happy the Gotsumon are gone because they’d scratch her CDs just by touching them. Cody then says that they’d clog the sink everytime they’d brush their teeth. Davis says that they were still pretty cool.

Because the final shot of the original fades to white, they have to use a stillshot of Ken’s face taken from earlier in the scene and place it at the very end of the scene to add ‘To be continued’ and the final narration in the dub.


This episode was….meh. Nothing really interesting happened, though this is probably the most edited episode of Digimon I’ve ever dealt with so far. Usually all I have to note in these series are dialogue edits, but they did a lot of censoring here. It wasn’t 4Kids level, but still.

Other than that, Davis was a brat, the Vegiemon and Redvegiemon weren’t threatening very much outside of the extended beatings. The story was just more ‘rescue Digimon from controlled evil Digimon’ and there was a lot more recycled footage than usual. The main revelation for this episode was the spawning of the control spires and learning that their new mission is to destroy them all, though Davis has a really good point in saying that the Digimon Emperor could just build more. The old Digimon can’t protect all those areas.

Next episode looks like basically the same episode only replace Yamato’s presence with Joe, Daisuke’s little character development with Iori’s and put snow on it.

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Digimon Adventure 01: Episode 12 – Adventure! Patamon and I Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: Takeru and Patamon arrive at The Village of Beginnings, which houses hundreds of baby Digimon and Digieggs. As Takeru and Patamon care for the eggs and babies, slowly falling into chaos as they cry, their caretaker, Elecmon, appears to defend them. He gets into a fight with Patamon, and tensions increase. Can Takeru help them put aside their differences?


Title Card: DigimonA01EP12SCREEN2

Title Change: Adventure! Patamon and I is changed to DigiBaby Boom

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of either title, but I’d say the dub’s is a bit better.

TK’s imaginary ‘Porkymon’ was originally ‘It’s-Probably-Like-This-mon.’ Saban should’ve at least removed the English text in the corner of the fake Index screen that has its literal name of TabunKonnamon.

They remove a shot of the cartoon pig turning around after it shakes its butt at the camera….Dunno why they’d remove that but not the butt shaking.


TK’s Hogmon was originally KittoKonnamon, which is ‘It-Must-Be-Like-This-mon’ Again, the English name in the corner is left alone. Also, nitpicky, but the animal Takeru is referencing is clearly a hippo, not another pig.

I know it’s excusable because they’re so far away, but the walk cycle, if you can even call it that, on Takeru when they first enter the village is horrific,

The Village of Beginnings is changed to Primary Village. As much as I’ve gotten used to the dub name, the original’s name is quite beautiful.

The first introduction to The Village of Beginnings is really quiet and sweet with only a gentle music box tune playing. In the dub, not only do we have the typical doopy travel music, but we also have TK’s obnoxious dialogue about getting cotton candy etc. over it. TK, I love ya kid, but your voice is one I’ve never been fond of, at least in little kid form.

In the original, Takeru’s first line into the village is ‘It’s so pretty!’ and he and Patamon gaze in wonder. In the dub, they’re still blathering about candy, which further ruins the moment.

Oddly, the original has a bowling ball hitting pins noise when Takeru and Patamon tumble over the hill. In the dub, this is omitted. Usually, it’s the opposite.

Takeru says the floor feels like a bed. In the dub, he says it feels like marshmallows.

I saw this joke coming. The dub has TK make a joke about Punimon being ‘Puny.’ He’s just making noises of awe in the original.

Yuramon’s voice is way too deep in the dub. It’s a baby, guys, not a ten year old.

Takeru’s comment about Devimon also starting as an egg makes me think. If Digimon never die, their information just get reconfigured, does that mean that every evil Digimon who has been defeated by the Chosen Children could, theoretically, return as eggs and then grow back up to conquer the Digital World again?

Patamon: “It’s Digicode!”


Oh come on. Digimon, I usually praise you for keeping a good chunk of the Japanese text on screen. Now you’re claiming it’s some gibberish ‘Digicode’ because you’re too lazy to throw some digital paint on this note? Don’t pull a Pokemon on me.

What’s even dumber is that there actually IS a Digimon language called Digicode (or DigiMoji or DigiLetters) and it, predictably, looks nothing like this.


Haven’t we kinda gone over this too? In Kabuterimon’s debut episode and the episode with Mimi in the maze? Unless they’re saying Japanese text looks like DigiCode just because ‘Oooh weird squiggles all look the same’ in which case, wow, way to be racist.

TK: *Rubbing a DigiEgg* “Maybe a digital genie will come out.” TK….goddammit, you’re not this dumb.

Also, nice that you guys accidentally put the background egg layer on top of Takeru’s layer while animating the second rub.


TK: “I’m gonna wish for a new skateboard!” TK…..please shut up.

Originally, he just keeps talking about rubbing the egg.

TK, you don’t need to be narrating every step of the flashback. We can easily see what’s happening for ourselves. Also, in the original, you can’t hear what kid!Yamato is saying. In the dub, he says ‘Atta boy!’

Elecmon’s Index screen is more involved in the original. The narrator states that Elecmon is a very inquisitive Digimon who loves playing pranks. He also spreads his tail feathers like a peacock to threaten enemies. In the dub, Elecmon is doing his own Index screen and he says he’s the caretaker of baby Digimon ‘so don’t cross wires with me!’

Attack Name Change: Sparkling Thunder is changed to Super Thunder Strike.

I don’t know why I’m mentioning this, but the Pabumon makes a fart noise before Takeru checks if it messed itself. In the dub, it doesn’t.

It really bothers me that none of these baby Digimon sound like babies in the dub. They’re not even trying.

Again, the baby Digimon layers in the background are overlapping on top of Takeru. Animators, wake up please.


Originally, Elecmon says Takeru and Patamon were ‘coddling’ the babies. They ask why that’s a bad thing, and he says ‘coddling’ means both ‘petting’ and ‘bullying’ and he meant the latter. In the dub, he says they were playing with the babies. TK asks why that has anything to do with him, and Elecmon explains that he’s the caretaker of all of the baby Digimon.

The way Dub!Patamon says ‘Now, now, don’t get all puffy!’ is weird.

In the original, Takeru just says ‘stop…’ quietly to himself before we see the Digivice reacting slightly. In the dub, he says ‘This is very bad! He’s Digivolving!’

That line makes no sense. First of all, he prefaced the declaration with ‘This is very bad’ meaning he can’t be implying Patamon is Digivolving because….that’d be good.

Second, how does he know either of them is even close to Digivolving? Neither is glowing, and TK can’t see his Digivice right now.

Third, if he somehow can see his Digivice reacting and is claiming a Digivolution would be a bad thing, he’s somehow inferring that his Digivice reactions are about to make Elecmon Digivolve.

The only way this would make sense is if TK were afraid of Patamon Digivolving, which we’ve proven that he isn’t.

Takeru is quietly and sadly scolding Patamon and Elecmon for fighting. In the dub, he’s yelling at them.

Dub!Elecmon’s lips are clearly not moving when he says ‘Hmph, my fur looks fine!’ Dialogue when there originally was none should only be used when the speaking character is off-screen, guys.

In the original, Takeru is announcing the match as a traditional sumo match. He calls the corners ‘east’ and ‘west’ and gives Elecmon and Patamon titles like ‘Elecmon of the Vast Sea’ and ‘Patamon of the Large Mountain.’ He’s even doing the inflection properly. In the dub, TK basically announces this like a pro wrestling match. He just says ‘That corner’ and ‘the other corner’, and he calls Elecmon ‘the defending champion’ and Patamon ‘The most excellent Digimon’ which is funny because he chose this format specifically so they could fight fairly, but calling Patamon essentially the best is clearly playing favorites.

The dub is just weird because you lose the joke entirely. You’re left wondering why the hell TK is wearing that getup and why Patamon and Elecmon are wearing those cloths. The joke is lost even further because it’s supposed to be a tone shift from traditional and serious to a childish game of tug-of-war. But in the dub, the tone is kept consistent.

It’s also funny because this is one of those 4Kids-y moments where they’re missing the forest for the trees. “Oh no, kids! Those squiggly lines aren’t Japanese text – they’re Digicode! Now here’s TK in a gyoji outfit waving around a gunbai while Elecmon and Patamon sport custom mawashis.”

Another scene where the tone is completely ruined? Oh joy. In the original, the tone of the scene changes from tense to very gentle as feathers rain down on Primary Village before Patamon is declared winner. In the dub, they keep the tense tone, so the feathers just seem like an odd addition. The change in tone is meant to help signify the new respect Patamon and Elecmon have for each other, which makes the shift kinda awkward in the dub.

Oh good, another scene where the tone is completely ruined, and this time by a stupid and kinda terrible joke. In the original, Takeru says fighting between friends is okay as a kid because you make up quickly. Then he says ‘Fighting between adults….’ which is hinting at his parents fighting.

From this one line we can tell that Takeru was likely upset at Patamon and Elecmon fighting because it reminded him of his parents. As you’ll recall, Takeru and Yamato’s parents are divorced, and Takeru probably remembers hearing a lot of fighting, even though he was pretty young when they split.

In the dub, TK retains the line about kids patching things up quickly, but says that adults don’t forgive as easily because his parents are still mad at him for that one time when he painted their cat. Uhm, considering that can really hurt an animal, I’d say they have a right to hold a grudge, TK.

So, not only do we lose a nice subtle line that explains a great deal about why Takeru was so upset, but we also make TK out as an animal abuser who is pretty much implying that his parents are overreacting to his cat-painting actions….

In the original, as Elecmon is looking around The Village of Beginnings, he tells Patamon an old saying, ‘A grain of pepper may be tiny, but it’s still sharp on the tongue.’ Patamon mistakes ‘pepper’ for ‘pansy’ and believes Elecmon has eaten pansies before.

In the dub, Patamon messes up an idiom of his own by saying ‘You can’t judge a cover by its book’ and Elecmon tells him to forget the sayings for a minute while he tells him something. Then we get a kinda Lion King-esque reference as Elecmon claims all of Primary Village will be Patamon’s some day and acts like he’s his dad? I get that we don’t really have that original old saying in America, but you can still use it and have Patamon mishear it. It’s not like it’s one of those untranslatable jokes.

Elecmon originally gets straight to the point in saying that Devimon’s on Infinity Mountain. In the dub, he says a bunch of stuff about how the terrain is dangerous and they need climbing gear before TK interrupts by mentioning Devimon. Also, it never ceases to amaze me how the dub both expects us to believe these Digimon are clueless about human things yet they know about stuff like climbing gear.

Takeru says he knows something great will happen when their hearts become one. In the dub, TK goes on a tirade about laughing and friendship. The tone is the same, but it’s like TK’s not making a point in the dub.

This is strange. In the original, Elecmon calls the area near Pyocomon Village ‘Gear Savannah’ but in the dub, he calls it ‘Gea Savannah’ with a long A sound. You’d think at least ‘Savannah’ would be pronounced with a short A sound, though. A long one is probably correct, but short is typically the pronunciation in America.

The narrator has some time during the long shot of the sea to give a monologue about the upcoming battle that is topped off by seeing a small flurry of feathers, which is a cute nod to Angemon’s impending debut. In the dub, Devimon is talking over a good chunk of the first part, then we get a commercial break, then the rest of the scene is silent, making the feathers meaningless.


I have to say, I’m a little torn about this episode. In the original, the episode is pretty cute and is a good prelude to what’s about to come, but I also feel it was kinda cheesy and a little boring. The baby Digimon are cute but get a little annoying, and the whole plot with Patamon and Elecmon felt slightly forced and under-written. If Patamon’s so mature, he should’ve just explained that they found a note telling them to hatch eggs and they felt compelled to care for the babies when they started crying. If it was such a problem, he should’ve offered to leave.

Elecmon, harsh as though it may be, was perfectly within his rights to attack because they were intruders touching his babies and letting them run loose all over the village. For all he knew, they really were attacking them since they were all crying. He should’ve heard them out a bit more, but that’s all.

The one being treated as the unreasonable one is Elecmon and no one else. Elecmon’s the one who has to learn a lesson, and he learns it through tug of war. It’s not like he even realized something about Patamon during the match or when he hit the block. It was literally them playing tug of war, him losing, then Elecmon’s all smiles and giving Patamon a bunch of praise before he apologizes. Patamon never apologizes even though, in my opinion, he was technically more in the wrong.

And don’t get me started on the animation. There’s no excuse for the layering thing to happen twice, and the overall animation is on the lower end of the spectrum for this show.

The dub is a mess of bad jokes and ruined tones. The whole meaning of the episode almost ends up getting lost because it’s like Saban completely missed the point or didn’t care. The dub is basically a hollow shell because of it.

Also, even though they have a decent amount of Takeru and Patamon bonding, I think the episode should’ve been more focused on their friendship, considering what’s to come, rather than focusing so much on Elecmon and The Village of Beginnings. Yamato and Gabumon had way more development in their episode than Patamon and Takeru did here.

Not to mention, now that I’m older, how glaringly obvious is the hanging thread of ‘We’ll be best friends forever!’? That’s almost as bad as telling someone you love them before heading off alone in a horror movie.

Next episode, one the preview just completely ruins from start to finish, Angemon’s debut! Ready your tissues.

.Previous Episode

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Digimon Adventure V-Tamer (Manga) Volume 9 (FINALE) + Full Manga Review

Plot: Taichi and Zero’s battle against Neo and Arkadimon is reaching a peak. Thanks to the data Hideto and Omegamon gained from Arkadimon, Zero manages to dodge the Dot Matrix attack several times, draining Arkadimon of its energy and giving Zero an edge. However, Neo isn’t done yet. He uses the power of the Digimental to evolve Arkadimon into its Super Ultimate form, which can use an even more powerful version of the Dot Matrix called the God Matrix.

Zero valiantly sacrifices himself in an effort to save his friends, but just when all hope seems lost, Zero’s ability to overwrite his lost data causes him to reform into the amazing Alforce V-dramon!

Able to rewrite his destroyed data even faster and shield himself from impending attacks, Alforce V-dramon, with the help and support of Taichi, gains the upper-hand yet again.

Incredibly angered by yet another miracle Taichi and Zero pulled off, Neo yells in rage at these ‘bugs’ seeing as them as nothing but accidents that he wants to wipe clear from the world – so people like Rei will never suffer from another horrific ever again.

Upon hearing Neo’s words, the group tries to convince him that this isn’t the way to stop terrible events like that from happening. Rei also admits that her devastation after the accident wasn’t because she lost the ability to walk – it was because Neo changed so much after it happened.

After Rei nearly sacrifices herself to get Neo to come to his senses, Arkadimon suddenly reverts back to Ultimate form. Neo’s will to fight seems to have waned, but the battle’s not over yet.

Arkadimon suddenly speaks and reveals that it’s actually Demon, having finally been able to retake the Digimon’s body after being absorbed by him. The combined version of Arkadimon and Demon proves to be too much for Zero, and Demon moves on to his true plan – opening a portal to the real world and causing mass chaos by infecting them with his Dark Virus. With them out of the way, both the real world and the Digital World will be his to command.

In a last-ditch effort to save both worlds, Taichi grabs the Digimental and uses it to turn Alforce V-Dramon into his Future form! Powered by the support of Taichi and his friends and fueled by the light of the future of both worlds, Zero strikes down Demon, destroying Arkadimon once and for all.

With Arkadimon defeated and Neo stood down, Taichi and Zero bid farewell to the Digital World and all of their friends so they can return to the real world.

Taichi meets up with Sigma, now without his mask, Mari, Hideto, Rei and even Neo as they enter another Digimon tournament…..only for Taichi to be turned away when Zero is, yet again, not recognized as an official Digimon, thus making him ineligible to enter.

Neo declares himself unfit to be a true Tamer unless he defeats Taichi, making them friendly rivals. When Neo wins the tournament, he, Taichi and the rest of the group link up for more Digimon battles as they head for the bright future Zero and Taichi set them on.

Breakdown: Going into the final volume, I was worried about a couple of things.

1) How they’d deal with redeeming Neo, and 2) How they’d manage to defeat Arkadimon.

In regards to the latter, it was a bit on the predictable side, particularly with Zero’s sudden evolution, but it was well-written and exciting. Plus, Alforce V-Dramon is too awesome. I’m so disappointed we only got him for a few chapters.

I won’t lie, I was tearing up when Zero seemingly sacrificed himself to save the others. I pretty much knew he wouldn’t be gone for good, but that scene really got me.

The reveal that Arkadimon was taken over by Demon was….not really as predictable, and it did save Demon from being merely a footnote villain, but I feel like there wasn’t enough written into Demon for his reveal to really be all that grand. He’s about as generic as his name.

His motivations are that he’s tired of Digimon being subservient to humans despite their massive powers. He plans on taking over the Digital World with his power and taking over the real world with his Dark Virus that will manipulate everyone’s emotions and cause chaos.

It’s a far cry from the plans Neo had of just flatout destroying both worlds and making a new one.

Speaking of Neo, we have to address the Elephantmon in the room – How is Neo going to be redeemed?

I’ve said a few times now that Neo’s pretty much gone beyond the point of redemption in my eyes. He’s been so malicious and horrible to pretty much everyone, including Rei and Hideto, that any redemption for him would feel cheap.

And I wasn’t wrong.

Neo’s redemption is in the ‘reveal’ that he’s been doing all of this to create a utopia, or Arcadia, so accidents like the one that robbed Rei of her ability to walk would never happen again.

*deep sigh*

He has said several times that he didn’t even so much care about that anymore. He just wanted power and to destroy both worlds. He’s even been a dick to Rei in the meantime to achieve this, and yet his motivation circles back around to his deep love of his sister and his guilt for her condition. How does that work?

Not only that, but they imply that Demon was manipulating him the whole time with the Dark Virus, amplifying his emotions and making him so ridiculously evil, which really feels like the bigger cop-out.

I feel it’s very appropriate to compare this plight with that of Ken from Adventure 02.

Ken was a tyrant. He wanted all of the Digital World under his control and every Digimon his slave. When the Chosen Children showed up, he didn’t care who he hurt, human or Digimon alike, or even if he’d end up killing Digimon or people. He just wanted power and control. Sometimes, he just wanted to see others suffer.

In a lot of ways, it was difficult to see redemption for Ken too. However, they did a pretty good job with it. He didn’t see Digimon as living, breathing creatures – he just saw them as data. He didn’t see the Digital World as a real world – he saw it as an escape; a computer program he could run off into and do whatever he pleased.

This falls apart when he starts putting the lives of other people in peril, however, especially in that episode where he pretty much made a game out of tormenting Daisuke over saving one of his friends or watching them all die.

However, you might say that’s due to madness because of his intense self-loathing over feelings of guilt with the death of his brother, Sam. It’s even possible that, given he believes the Digital World is just a game and nothing that happens there is real, that the lives of the others aren’t really in actual danger, but that’s extremely muddy territory.

Still, no matter what he believed, those actions are things he’d have to make up for, which he did. He paid for it in the loss of Wormmon, his partner, the realization that all of the pain and suffering he was causing in the Digital World was real and not a computer simulation, falling into such deep mental shock that he was essentially in a comatose state for several days, haunted by terrible memories of his past, and gets a massive tongue lashing by the reborn Digimon in Primary Village who had felt the sting of his whip firsthand. He even took it upon himself to start taking down the Dark Towers and making amends to the Digimon, no matter how harsh the scorn was from both them and the Chosen Children.

He also eventually joined the other Chosen Children to help save the Digital World time and again.

Even though it is later revealed that Ken also has something amplifying his dark feelings with the Dark Seed, that didn’t really matter. He still took responsibility for what he did and what he was. He accepted the mistakes he made and worked towards making up for them and being a better person.

Neo, however, doesn’t go through the same suffering. Despite doing as much damage if not worse in this manga, his redemption amounts to him just getting a dose of reality from Rei talking to him about never giving up and her nearly getting herself killed (or killing herself? It’s never really made clear) to talk sense into him. He just suddenly realizes that he was wrong and joins the good guys.

This is an actual page.

Neo doesn’t suffer at all. Sure, he beats himself up a little for Rei’s accident, but his drive is moreso trying to wipe the possibility of tragic accidents from the world. If he sees what happened as truly an accident, he’s not guilting himself too much.

He also doesn’t own up to all of the pain and suffering he caused, both for people and Digimon. He yells when he realizes he’s been stealing the futures of others for his own means, but it only lasts about three panels.

He never feels guilt for destroying Piemon, treating Greymon like garbage and deleting him, deleting him again as MetalGreymon after he suffered so much to come back from death just to be of use to Neo, nearly destroying Omegamon, any of the other Digimon he destroyed to feed Arkadimon, wanting Arkadimon to use a slower version of the Dot Matrix so Zero and Taichi will suffer more during Zero’s death, he never apologizes for hurting the other kids or saying the terrible things he’s said – he just frowns and saves Taichi from falling off a cliff.

Never is there a moment of actual suffering or repentance. He doesn’t even stick around in the Digital World to help rebuild the place or make amends to the Digimon. He leaves for the real world and calls it a day.

There is one moment where Taichi and the others meet up before he departs for the real world, and they explain that Neo was too ashamed of what he had done to face them so he left without them….which is about 1000x worse. Ken not only went back and faced his mistakes, he actively went into the Digital World to fix things and make up for what he had done, as much as he was able to anyway.

Neo’s such a bitch he wouldn’t even look everyone in the eye? He just lolnoped out of there and never looked back?

He did all of those terrible things and never even apologized to anyone for it. Back in the real world, Neo is just another one of the group now, even back with the friends he betrayed. The only thing he says is that he can’t be a real Tamer unless he defeats Taichi…..which is basically looping back around to his beginning motivations, only seemingly not malicious this time.

Another way they balk out on Neo’s evilness is through the Digimental. It’s only meant to activate with someone’s pure heart, so they were shocked to find that Neo could use it. Hispure feelings of wanting to make a utopia for Rei was what fueled it…..

Pile the influence of Demon on top of that and I guess we’re just supposed to accept that Neo’s actually a good guy and not expect him to have consequences for his actions. Bull. Shit.

He was an asshole seemingly even before he came to the Digital World, hence why Rei started becoming miserable. Even before her accident, he was a jerk. Remember when he told Hideto to just delete Wargs and Melgs because they were seen as weak in his eyes?

He also knew from the beginning that the Digital World and Digimon were real, but he didn’t care. In addition, his drive during the first few volumes was to be the best Tamer, then it evolved into him wanting to destroy both the real and Digital Worlds. I’m not sure how much Demon’s influence counts here, but I can’t imagine it’s much.

The overall battle was really great, though. Taichi and Zero’s interactions were amazing, and I love that their faith in each other never wavered for a second. They are a team of legends.

The absolute ending was good. I was bracing myself for Zero to die due to the effects of the Ancient coding within him, but I guess Zero’s going to live a long life now. I was at least expecting him and Taichi to need to part ways after everything was said and done, but I forgot that they can communicate through his v-pet device.

I was a bit upset that Piemon or at least a Digi-Egg for him was never recovered. Poor Sigma.

It’s a tad annoying that Zero STILL isn’t recognized by official sources and thus Taichi can’t enter tournaments, but he has friends to battle with whenever he wants and all he really needs is Zero by his side.

Overall Manga Breakdown: As a whole, I really enjoyed this manga. I think it’s a great read for both Digimon fans and non-fans alike. The pacing is a bit fast, but nothing too break-neck. They do slow down every now and again when it matters.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Taichi and Zero. I’d definitely rank them pretty high on my list of favorite Tamer/Chosen Children/Digimon pairings. Taichi and Zero don’t really change much over the course of the series, but that doesn’t really matter. Character growth isn’t always a necessity, and I don’t think it was needed too much here. They definitely teach each other to not be so hot-headed and when to take things seriously.

Taichi and Zero pull a lot of wins out of their asses just because friendship and determination and what have you. Even Neo calls out these ‘miracles.’ I feel like this was more of a problem in the first half of the series since the second half, while still having plenty of these moments, has many more moments where they’re down and out or on the ropes. In addition, they make it clear that it’s not just Taichi and Zero winning these fights – without everyone else helping out in their own ways, hardly any of Taichi and Zero’s battles would’ve been won.

Some of the battles were really intense and creative. I especially enjoyed Taichi and Zero vs. Sigma and Peimon and the battle with Hideto and Omegamon. Despite the emotional moment getting to me, I don’t think the final battle with Arkadimon topped either, so that was a bit disappointing in that regard.

I came to really like all of the side characters, barring maybe Mari. Sigma in particular had a great story, and he’s adorable in the real world.

I loved the bonus chapters that allowed them to crossover with the anime characters in nearly all seasons. That was a fun little addition. I didn’t much care for the poop chapter, though….

My main problem really does lie with Neo as our main villain. He just wasn’t handled well at all. He was made ridiculously over-evil then we’re pretty much made to just forget every horrible thing he did and forgive him when he never even says he’s sorry for what he did just because he felt bad that his sister was paralyzed (but might be cured some day?)

The influence of Demon being a factor is way too weak for me to consider it a significant issue, and the role of Rei almost seems like a hasty mid-way rewrite since most of his motivation at the start was proving he was better than Taichi. He never thought about Rei back then.

Demon also wasn’t a compelling villain, especially as a final baddie. He’s just an evil power-hungry dude. The fact that he returned was a decent twist, but his motivations and goals are way too weak (much weaker and less interesting than Neo’s, anyway.)

Volume Rating: 8/10

Overall Manga Rating Average: 8/10

Recommended Audience: There’s much more blood in this series than you’d normally see in Digimon, particularly with the Digimon themselves as Digimon typically aren’t supposed to bleed, really. There’s even some stuff that might constitute as gore. There’s no real swearing, nudity or sex. It doesn’t really get any worse in the final volume, and considering I’ve kept it at 8+ for most of the run, I think it’s safe to leave it that way for the entire series.

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Digimon Adventure V-Tamer (Manga) Volume 8 Review

Plot: Taichi and Zero finally go head to head with Neo and Arkadimon, but even though Zero looks like he might be able to topple the powerhouse Digimon, Arkadimon retaliates with a new trick of its own – the Dot Matrix; an ability that allows it to turn energy into data and absorb it. Arkadimon destroys Zero’s arm, then his wing and finally skewers him through the chest.

Zero starts dissolving into binary code, and they rush him to Holy Angemon Castle to see if they can save him. Holy Angemon, Leomon, Hideto and Omegamon and other powerful Digimon decide to evolve and confront Neo and Arkadimon.

Meanwhile, Zero is somehow managing to fight off being completely destroyed, but he’s losing strength quickly. The other Digimon from the area, many that Zero and Taichi have helped over their time in the Digital World, give their energy to Zero to help him fight.

Omegamon nearly destroys himself trying to attack Arkadimon. He’s unsuccessful in damaging him, but it wasn’t a total loss. The Dot Matrix was an invisible attack and no one could see where it was coming from. Omegamon’s attack allowed them to finally see that the attack was coming from Arkadimon’s torso.

Zero manages to get himself back to full strength with the help of all of the Digimon, and he and Taichi rev up to take on Neo and Arkadimon one more time. But, will it be enough?

Breakdown: The big battle is here, and it’s pretty good so far. I didn’t expect Zero to be down for the count in this volume, but we only have one more volume left so maybe I should’ve expected them to be down and out at least once this time around.

The Dot Matrix is a terrifying ability for a Digimon to have. Zero was only able to survive, supposedly, because he was an Ancient type and could hold his code together while the other Digimon gave him energy to recover. However, if it hit another Digimon in a vital area, they’d certainly be dead. And since Arkadimon absorbs the data, they wouldn’t be able to come back.

The scene where the Digimon give their energy to Zero to help him recover was very touching, and Omegamon nearly sacrificing himself was also emotional, even though he really didn’t die. We finally have some small moments where Neo seems like he might be caught off-guard, but he ultimately comes out on top time and again with that dumbass cocky grin on his face.

Neo’s falling further and further away from any sort of chance at legit salvation in my eyes, and that chance was already insanely slim. Wanna know the real reason why Zero had the opportunity to recover? Because Neo told Arkadimon to purposely use a slower version of the Dot Matrix to have Zero slowly vanish so both him and Taichi will suffer longer. Screw this guy so hard.

We also have another bonus chapter, this time with Taichi teaming up with Ryo.

If you don’t know who Ryo is, I don’t blame you. For a quick refresher for purely Digimon anime fans, he’s the guy that suddenly gets introduced in Tamers when the kids go to the Digital World. The one that basically becomes Rika’s love interest kinda?

He’s not purely a one-off random character, though. He’s actually a pretty popular character due to his prominence in the Wonderswan game series for Digimon.

Wonderswan and Wonderswan Colors were basically Game Boy Advanced right before Game Boy Advanced was a thing. They were released by Bandai in 1999 and were the last pieces of hardware to be created by game and gaming hardware designer Gunpei Yokoi before his death. They were never released in America, possibly due to oversaturation of the market at the time in regards to gaming consoles, and only a handful of the games, like Final Fantasy, Gundam titles and Digimon games were released in English.

Even in Japan, the handheld console just couldn’t compete with Nintendo (Which is a little ironic because Yokoi designed the original Game Boy) and Bandai not only stopped production on both devices in 2003, but they also bowed out of the console wars altogether.

The Digimon games created for the Wonderswan crossed over with Adventure, 02 and Tamers, the last of which Ryo also made a long-standing cameo in, so technically Ryo is the only character to be canon in all three original Digimon series. I should note that this does NOT mean all of the Digimon series take place in the same canon. From all I’ve gathered so far, it seems like the most logical conclusion is that all of the Digimon series take place in different dimensions – Ryo just has the ability to jump through dimensions.

Ryo, like Taichi, is rather hotheaded and confident while also being heroic and proud. Because their personalities are so similar, when Ryo enters their dimension, he gets along quite well with Taichi but quickly gets into a ‘Who will save whom?’ contest with him. Their hotheadedness somehow weakens the enemy Digimon they were fighting, and before they can even start an actual battle the Digimon is somehow vanquished by their pride.

I was really underwhelmed by this bonus chapter. There was no nice lesson to learn, the story wasn’t interesting, the resolution is bullshit, quite frankly, and it was just boring. They bring up Tamers in this chapter but don’t take the opportunity to bring in any of the Tamers. I never played any of the Wonderswan games, and I never cared much for Ryo in Tamers, so I was pretty divorced from this plot as it was, but what they did with it was less than I expected.

All in all this was a good, but not fantastic volume. We’ve only got one more volume to go through, so here’s hoping we have an amazing finale!

Rating: 7.5/10

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Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 11 Sub/Dub Comparison: The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon


Plot: Jyou and Gomamon meet up with Sora and Piyomon. Gomamon recruits Sora and Piyomon to pretend that they need Jyou as leader after he has a crisis of confidence. They come upon what looks like a church filled with people until they realize that they’re actually the ghost Digimon, Bakemon, in disguise. Jyou and Sora are set to be sacrifices to Lord Bakemon, and Gomamon and Piyomon have to find some way to save them.


Title Change: The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon is changed to The Dancing Digimon.

Title Card: DA01SDCEP11SCREEN1

Another awesome title card. Love the colors.

I usually don’t bring up dialogue where there is none, but Devimon monologuing to himself with not only a recap of what he did and what’s happened so far, but also prefacing the entire thing with ‘I, Devimon!’ and ending it with an evil laugh. That couldn’t be more super villain-y if he had a death ray nearby.

Jyou originally says this is why he didn’t want to go to camp. In the dub, he says if there’s one thing he’s learned in Digi-World it’s that beds don’t make good boats. I get that they’re implying he’s sea sick, but even if the bed made a good boat, which considering how well it’s floating right now, it does, he would still be getting sea sick.

Here’s a situation where the Japanese version confuses me more than the dub. Joe yells at Gomamon for eating all of the emergency food when he told him to conserve it for later since they don’t know when they’ll reach land. Gomamon says he did wait until later since Joe told him that 20 minutes ago. Joe shakes Gomamon and tells him 20 minutes is not long enough to wait, then he asks if there’s any food left whatsoever. Gomamon says there isn’t since Joe said he was sea sick and he needs the food to Digivolve if they encounter trouble. Joe yells that Gomamon will have no one to protect if he starves to death and then he suddenly vomits over the back of the bed.

In the original, Jyou looks at the empty bag and yells that this is why he didn’t want to go to camp, again. He tells Gomamon that he was supposed to be spending this time studying for entrance exams, and Gomamon asks why he’s telling him that since there’s nothing he can do about it. Jyou shakes him and asks who he’s supposed to tell. Gomamon responds by saying if they just sit there with hope in their hearts, Jyou might not get sea sick. He tries to ask what hope and sea sickness have to do with each other before vomiting over the back of the bed.


I understand that Jyou’s just venting, but why would he take the situation of losing all of their food to vent about not being able to study for the entrance exams? Likewise, while dub Gomamon is actually making a lot of logical sense in why he ate the food, original Gomamon not only doesn’t apologize for it, but he brushes off Jyou’s rant with a literal ‘what do you want me to do about it?’ instead of any empathy. And Jyou has a point, what does hope have to do with getting sea sick?

The only things Jyou believes are in the box are bottles of water and sterilized packages of food. Joe thinks there might be fruit, vegetables (oddly emphasized as ‘vegetibles) bread, milk, cereal, hot dogs, cookies, candy and soda. I’m not surprised by the dub change because there’s a lot of syllables to fill, but why does Joe feel so comfortable listing off so much junk food and dairy products when he literally just threw up a minute ago?

Gomamon originally tells Jyou there’s no way that stuff is in that box. Jyou then shakes Gomamon and harasses him for having hope when he just told him to have hope. In the dub, Gomamon says he wishes that stuff is in the there. Then Joe shakes Gomamon telling him they wouldn’t need food if he didn’t eat it all.

I don’t know why he’s so excited in either version. You have a big wooden box, sure, but how was he expecting to open it? I know Jyou is always prepared, but I doubt he has a crowbar….or upper body strength. Surprisingly, dub!Joe actually does address this by bringing it up in a dialogue-where-there-was-none moment, but he never gives an answer.

Ogremon originally says ‘Too bad I’m not food!’ In the dub he says ‘That’s right digi-Pest! (in response to Gomamon saying his name) Pummel Whack!’ Again, the original’s line actually seems kinda worse, even including the ‘digi-pest’ thing because…is that some witty one-liner? ‘Too bad I’m not food!’ Yes, Ogremon. Getting you instead of food is indeed a disappointment to say the least.

And now for the flip-side. Originally, Gomamon says the reason Ogremon’s being defeated by his Marching Fishes is because his kind come from the mountains, meaning the smell of fish makes them sick. In the dub, they get preachy and kinda foreshadowy by saying when the forces of the small and weak join together, they can cause the downfall of the big and powerful. Both result in the same revelation (the fishes being punched away and Gomamon saying ‘Guess I was wrong.’)

The dub doesn’t include Ogremon’s line about not being able to swim. Makes you wonder why he won’t follow them. Also, why the hell would you seal yourself in a box, float yourself out in the ocean just hoping you approach one of the Chosen Children’s beds just to ambush them for really no reason? Actually, why would you do most of that at all? And to the one person in the group who has an aquatic Digimon of all things.

Once again, Jyou says he knew it was a bad idea to come to camp (dude, get over it.) Joe says he doesn’t like adventure and that he’s a stay at home and read kind of guy.


Originally, Ikkakumon just says he’s tired from the battle. In the dub, he says he’s hungry too, which he shouldn’t be because he just ate all of that food.

Also, the dub’s music during Ikkakumon’s de-digivolving scene is way too heroic.

Piyomon is originally going ‘piyo, piyo’ as she hops (someone’s turning into a Pokemon) In the dub, she sing-songing ‘Sora is fishing, Sora is fishing!’

Sora says she’s using a twig for bait and hopes one of the fish thinks it’s a worm. She then asks Piyomon if she saw anything while she was searching around. Piyomon says it’s too foggy to see anything. Sora then states that she believes they’re on an island. In the dub, Sora says if she caught something big, Biyomon would be right there with her eating it. Biyomon says ‘since you put it that way’ which doesn’t make much sense to me. Then Sora believes she’s caught something.

Despite the fishing rod being a stick and not having a reel, the dub includes a sound effect like a fishing reel being let out.

Sora expresses amazement that there’s a big fish out there dumb enough to believe the twig is a worm. In the dub, she just says she’s grabbed a big one.

I would say they screwed up this line for the sake of lip syncing, but the dub syncing here is appalling. Sora originally just says ‘Jyou-senpai!’ which is three syllables. In the dub, Sora goes ‘Oh my! It’s a person! Jooooeeeeeeee!!!’ Obviously, this doesn’t fit. She really could’ve just said “Oh my! Joe!” and it would’ve fit much better.

There’s no way Jyou and Gomamon drifted that close to Sora and Piyomon’s island while they were sinking without either of them dying.

Now that I look at him, it’s pretty dumb for the aquatic Digimon to have such stubby back legs. When he’s carrying something underwater, he can barely move at all.

Sora’s manner of speech kinda bugs me. She says stuff like ‘Oh my!’ and ‘Goodness!’ Seems a bit too proper for someone who’s a tomboy is all.

Originally, Jyou doesn’t ask where Ogremon is because he was knocked out after they had already escaped him.

Piyomon originally says she doesn’t know where the others are. In the dub, she responds to Joe asking where Ogremon is by saying ‘he’s gone’ but again it seems like the lip syncing falls short because even that short line is too much and the line basically fades off before Sora cuts her off in the dub.

Jyou originally bursts with somewhat forced confidence and says that he’ll be the leader. In the dub, he agrees that he’s brave and says he’s the greatest one there.

Jyou originally hears bells and asks if the bells are to commemorate him becoming leader. (What is wrong with Jyou today? He’s either being obnoxious, making no sense or being stupid) Sora says that’s impossible. The bell sounds are not present in the dub until after this exchange. Instead, Joe asks if he fails, who will save them all. Sora responds that her fishing line will help them again.

Gomamon originally says that Jyou’s become quite the leader and Sora laughs at his statement. In the dub, he asks if a black gear got Joe and Sora laughs at his joke.

Originally, they stop because they hear music. In the dub, they just stop because they’ve arrived at the church.


Original!Sora is definitely acting poorly when it comes to treating Jyou as a leader. But dub!Sora is basically mocking him straight out over his title….the one they forced upon him. I know this is a ‘they created a monster’ thing, they even said it in the dub, but don’t act like he appointed himself leader. Doing that isn’t going to improve his confidence. It might actually make it worse if you prod him into something he legitimately feels like he can’t do.

Besides light background music, there is no music that the ‘people’ are dancing to in the dub. Makes the scene seem weird.

Originally, Sora believes these ‘people’ are putting on a festival. In the dub, because of the masks, Sora believes they’re celebrating Halloween.

Again, they bring up Halloween where there is none in the original.

‘Priest’: “We’d love to have you join us. We don’t have a lot of young people around. And no holiday is complete without them. You arrived just in time for some…..fun.”

Another Halloween reference.

Gomamon originally states that the Bakemon live in Overdell Graveyard. Also, I know we haven’t reached this part of the story yet, but how does the Digital World have a graveyard when Digimon never really die? And on the rare occasions that they do seemingly ‘die’ they never leave a body behind.

Gomamon and Piyomon don’t originally call the Bakemon losers. They just state that it’s weird for such a Digimon to be given the honorable suffix of ‘-sama’.

The ‘priest’ originally says God does not forgive those who speak rudely of the Bakemon. Both Gomamon and Piyomon apologize for their comments. In the dub, he tells them to not tell them who they should and should not honor. Gomamon then says ‘now now’ while Biyomon tells him to back off.

Sora asks where the ‘priest’’s offering is and he tells them that it’s them. In the dub, Sora asks when the trick-or-treating starts……

Oddly, the dub has Gomamon actually calling Bakemon by a somewhat translated honorific, Lord Bakemon. I think Saban was confused when the honorifics came up in the original and they had Gomamon adopt the title.

Saban gets confused again. In the original, the narrator says Bakemon is a Digimon who wears a white sheet as a disguise and that no one has ever seen the form underneath. In the dub, Gomamon says the guy was Lord Bakemon in disguise, stating that no one has ever seen his true form, implying that this is his true form. It’s not only wrong, it’s weird. They show a depiction of Bakemon when Gomamon’s asking about why they honor them, so why is this seen as a big reveal?

Also, am I alone in thinking Bakemon’s more interesting if you believe that is his real form? Instead of ‘here’s a dorky Digimon who wears a sheet.’

Jyou and Sora yell out that they’re in Overdell Graveyard. In the dub, they point out the dancers and bet that they’re Bakemon too.

Jyou says as he’s crying, again, that he should’ve stayed home studying instead of going to camp. Joe yells that he can’t be someone’s appetizer because he’s supposed to be going to med school.

Sora tells the Bakemon to go easy on the salt. Bakemon agrees, saying too much salt is bad for the body. In the dub, she asks if they’re really going to eat them. Bakemon responds that they’d taste very good with the right seasonings.

Gomamon originally justifies his claims that the guard Bakemon is dumb by saying Digimon who sleep with a mucus bubble coming out of their noses are stupid. Piyomon asks if it’s a good idea to judge his intelligence based on that and Gomamon says it is. In the dub, they skip straight to talking about the plan without justifying why they think he’s stupid. I actually prefer the dub because, yeah, sleeping on guard duty is enough of a reason to believe the guard isn’t too bright. We don’t need some convoluted justification for it.


The scene about the torture is basically the same, but Gomamon claims the graveyard must be too poor to have food and the Bakemon is offended. In the dub, they’re teaching him how to taunt them and tell him to go get food to eat in front of them and he agrees to go get some bananas.

Eugh, Digi World bananas look disgusting.

Jyou says his soul tastes bad. Joe says he’s mostly gristle.

Jyou says that Sora’s soul probably tastes better than his. Joe says it doesn’t matter because they’re both done for.

This next part’s a mess because of the commercial break in the dub. Before the break, they cut out a very short exchange between Jyou and Sora where she says the Bakemon is stronger than she thought and Jyou says it’s because he’s a ghost. After the break, they replay the shot of Bakemon tossing away the Harpoon Torpedo and skip over Jyou’s speech about sutras and prayers to have Sora’s responding animation say that Bakemon is tough. They replay the shot of Birdramon doing her Meteor Wing and Bakemon deflecting it then finally show the shot of Jyou’s speech.

Bakemon’s Hell Hand is not given a name in the dub so far.

Joe says ‘Bakemin’ It was once, but it bugged me.

Jyou’s solution is completely butchered and it always bothered me in the dub. I finally know why this seemed so awkward. Originally, Jyou said Bakemon is a spirit and spirits can be repelled with sutras and prayer. Sora asks if he knows any sutras and he responds that his grandmother from the country once taught him a prayer to do better on exams. Sora’s dubious, but is willing to give it a shot.

In the dub, Joe says good always prevails over evil and they have to weaken Lord Bakemon. Sora tells him he has to do it because he’s the leader and Joe tells her to not be a quitter. He then explains that he once saw a TV show where a Roman physicist talked about the power of mind over matter and how chanting one phrase over and over can be powerful. He believes if they focus their minds on Bakemon losing his power, he will. Again, Sora’s uncertain, but gives it a shot.

I absolutely never understood the dub. Never. Mind over matter, whatever. But it’s like those times where the character find a deus ex machina and just never use it. “Hey Devimon! Devimon lose your power….Devimon lose your power……Devimon lose your power!” *Poof* “Wow that was easy…..Hey, you don’t think…..There’s no place like home….there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home!” *Poof* Wow! It worked we’re back in the real world!” *series end*

At least the original explains that this is working because he’s a ghost Digimon and that Jyou is using a sutra prayer to deter a spirit. It’s still a little silly, but it’s within believable bounds for this show. The dub is just nonsense. His logic isn’t even based on what Bakemon is. They would’ve been better off even saying he’s a ghost and they can be rid of him if they convince themselves that ghosts don’t exist. Bakemon loses his power because they’re rooted in belief, like Santa or fairies or something. Stupid still? Yes. Makes more sense? Yes.

Another thing about this scene that always confused me….since when is Sora’s hat a helmet? Why is it suddenly hard enough to act as a drum? She doesn’t take it off very often, but in the second OVA (second part of the first movie) they clearly show it as a regular floppy hat.


They insert the same shot of Jyou talking before he commands an attack right before Bakemon gets hit….for some reason.

The music in the final scene of the original is really great and suspenseful.


I don’t much like this episode. Jyou and Joe are both insufferable. Jyou’s annoyingly sputtering off ‘I knew I shouldn’t have come to camp!’ every five minutes, Joe’s being an ego-driven aggressive ass and both of them are just being overall annoying. I can get that, if anyone’s having a crisis of confidence, it’s Jyou, but he flips his switch between confident and weak-kneed so much and so drastically that it’s really irritating.

Jyou’s big moment of confidence as leader was a complete and utter fluke, and the revelation in the dub was just ridiculous. Not to mention that it’s almost as annoying seeing Sora and the others pretend so poorly that they desperately need Jyou/Joe as leader. Jyou should’ve been smart enough to at least question their behavior, especially considering how independent and confident Sora usually is.

I like the setting and the Bakemon, but I feel it was wasted for the most part.

(This would’ve been posted months from now given my upload schedule since I recently updated the SDC for Digimon Adventure 01 earlier this month, but considering the subject matter is ghosts and the dub references Halloween so much, I though it’d be a nice Animating Halloween bonus to put out two updates. Happy Halloween!)

Next episode, we check in with Takeru and Patamon. Can they find it within them to be annoying too?

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Digimon Frontier Episode 1 Sub/Dub Comparison: The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Fire!

Plot: Takuya, Izumi, Tomoki, Junpei and Koji receive a mysterious message on their phones that invites them all to a train station. After a lengthy train ride, they find themselves in the Digital World. When a threat appears, Takuya’s cell phone transforms into a D-Tector (New name for the traditional Digivice), and he absorbs the power of a nearby spirit, Agnimon. He scans the fractal code of the spirit to transform into Agnimon and saves the day.


Unlike the first three series, I’m much less familiar with Frontier. I know the basic gist of the series. I know that they’re getting back to their roots with this one and having the Chosen Children for this season being trapped in the Digital World, but I also know that they’re deviating greatly from regular procedure in that the kids don’t get any partner Digimon. Instead, the kids themselves turn into Digimon.

I was always a bit uneasy about this change seeing as how one of the main focal points of the first three seasons was the relationships between the kids and their Digimon, but I can also see how they’d want to spice things up for a new series. In addition, if they do it well, this could open the series to new avenues the previous three series never really explored. That being said, let’s get started.


The opener, as always, is changed, but this season we get an entirely different opening theme song instead of a mix of the previous Digimon Digital Monsters theme we’ve known for the past three seasons. This song is memorable, but the lyrics are cheesy as hell. I can ignore all of that for the one section before the chorus where they just start chanting for no reason. That kicks so much ass.

In terms of clips behind the theme song, I believe more are kept than Tamersabout as much as Adventure 02. Unlike in Tamers, I don’t particularly mind this because the clips are fairly lame and they even make the kids lip sync to the song at a couple of points in the original which just seems lamer to me. It has nowhere near the creativity as Digimon Tamers‘ original opener. In fact, I’d say I prefer the dub’s clips as opposed to the original’s.

While we do get custom title cards, we don’t get ones that change every episode. It sucks, but I guess we’ll just have to deal with it. Today’s is The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Fire! In the dub, as with the previous dubbed versions, we get the title placed on the opening scene instead. This one’s is All Aboard! Also, they seem to have changed the font for the titles this series. I would say it’s just the original font italicized, but I feel like it’s a little more different than that.

Title Card:

Changed Font:

Takuya’s phone doesn’t ring in the original. He just looks at a message that he has. It seems like Takuya’s reading a message he got on his phone in the original whereas the dub’s acting like he’s checking the time. Did he set his phone alarm for 5:40? And if he’s just reacting to his alarm why did he feel the need to LOOK at his phone? The one that has nothing on the display since Saban seemingly blurred out the original text?



Don’t start screwing around with digital paint now, Saban. I wore out my beatin’ stick on 4Kids…

So they add in Takuya’s phone ringing, but forget to re-add in that background character’s phone ringing?

I love how Takuya says in the dub, as a damn truck is about to hit him, “Aw perfect!” Like it’s just a minor inconvenience. “Aw perfect! I lost my car keys! Aw perfect! I’m about to be hit head on by a tractor trailer!”

Shinya, Takuya’s younger brother, originally tells his dad to hurry up and get home. In the dub, he tells him to get him a really big present like a forklift….…

Takuya originally yells that the phone’s ringing. In the dub, he keeps repeating that he’s bored.

They translate the text messages for the dub.



Takuya’s mom asks where Takuya’s going since he’s supposed to be staying for Shinya’s birthday. In the dub, she just tells him to be careful outside. Nice responsible parent. Nice responsible kid, to be fair. He gets a random text message from someone he doesn’t know but somehow knows his name telling him to get on a train at sundown and he just up and does it BECAUSE HE’S BORED. Hey kid, ever heard of ‘stranger danger’? Personal safety? Common sense!? I know this is Digimon, so obviously he’s not going to get picked up by a guy in a blacked out van marked ‘Free Candy’, but this is an awful message.

Since the previous line was changed, when we jump back to Takuya about to be hit by the truck, he also takes the time out to say he hates when his mom’s right (since she warned him not to play in the street) You honestly think that when you’re about to be turned into road salsa that it’s a good time to make two sarcastic comments? In the original, he just asks if this is his destiny as the text was talking about.

The truck driver yells out to Takuya and asks if he’s alright, but Takuya doesn’t answer. In the dub, Takuya yells “Why does this always happen to me?!” Yeah, I always almost get hit by semis while I’m trying to keep an appointment with some complete stranger too.

The sign on the train station is translated for us.



Hm, it’s a little weird. They never used to feel much of a need to translate signs before and we can pretty much deduce where he is. I’m not complaining, just curious.

Well, Takuya technically steals a ticket for the train. It just pops out of the dispenser with no transaction, but that’s still stealing. Also, Takuya’s a little too excited about this. For all he knows, this is some spam mail scam yet he’s running around like a mad man all excited about his destiny.

Ya know, in the first season the kids were dragged into the Digital world against their will and it took them quite a while to embrace their ‘destiny’. In the second season, they have the original group of Chosen Children to show them the weight of the Digital world. Not to mention that they felt obligated to keep going into the Digital world to save the Digimon. In the third season, Takato’s gung-ho about Digimon from the start and gets incredibly excited when he receives his Digivice and Digimon. Takuya gets a random text from some creepy person who tells him to go to a train station for his destiny and he acts like he’s going to Disney Land. How boring is his life anyway?

I’m surprised they didn’t change the guy’s watch in this next scene. In order to Americanize the time, we’ve been going by a twelve hour clock system instead of a 24 hour one like in the original. IE, he says he has to get to the train station by 5:45 instead of 17:45. When Takuya checks some other guy’s watch, which is zoomed in on, they don’t change the watch to say 5:54, they leave it as 17:54. Just seems weird to me but maybe they didn’t have the budget to change something like that.

The voice on Takuya’s phone asks if he’ll take a train or leave. In the dub, it just asks which train he’ll take. Yes, you have no choice! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Wait, so all of these kids (I wanna say like 30-40 of them) all got a mysterious message from someone they don’t know telling them to go to get on a train and they all did it? Wow. But why did only five actually end up going to the Digital World?

In the original, the kids talk about why they decided to get on the train, and the answer from Takuya is that he wanted to. In the dub, they talk about why they all chose that particular train (even though, from the clips shown, it really looks like they all got on different trains, but whatever) and JP and Zoey say it was closest to the elevator.

Name Change: Junpei Shibayama is changed to JP Shibayama.

Name Change: Izumi Orimoto is changed to Zoe Orimoto

Name Change: Tomoki Himi is changed to Tommy Himi. See what I mean when I mentioned in the Digimon Adventure 02 SDC with the stuff about English names that at least had some connection to the Japanese name? Junpei can easily become JP, Izumi easily to Zoe and Tomoki to Tommy.

Let’s play ‘Connect the Digimon Voice Actors’ again!

Takuya is played by Michael Reitz who voiced Matt in the original two seasons.

Koji is played by Steve Staley who voiced Ryo in season three.

Zoe is voiced by Michelle Ruff who voiced Lopmon in season three, but she has a much bigger resume outside of Digimon to make up for that.

Tommy is voiced by Brianne Siddall who doesn’t have any prior Digimon credits, but was the voice of Tsukasa in .Hack//Sign and Elk in the Dot Hack games.

JP is voiced by Steve Blum who has numerous credits in Digimon including Yamaki and Guilmon from season three and Flamedramon from season two.

Though he hasn’t appeared yet, Bokomon, one of the Digimon that guides the kids alongside Neemon, is voiced by Brian Beacock who voiced Takato in season three.

Tommy’s crying because two bullies pushed him in the train and he didn’t want to get on. Okay, that’s sad, but uh, did they forcibly drag you around the region forcing you to get on various trains and go on the elevator? Because if not, it’s still pretty much your fault.

Tomoki keeps saying “I don’t want to be here” over and over before he finally just screams it while crying. In the dub, he doesn’t repeat this and he doesn’t scream, he just says in a slightly louder voice “Why are kids always picking on me?”

I dunno, kid. I’d say it’s your comically large hat.

Are you housing smurfs in there or what?

Izumi and Junpei originally wonder if the Digimon outside are birds whereas Zoe and JP suspect they might be ghosts or marshmallows. JP then says marshmallows are great with chocolate. Get it? Because he’s fat!

Takuya in the dub says the Digimon outside are probably the ghosts of the kids who came there before.

The eyecatches, as always, are removed.

The eyecatches change with each of the kids’ Spirit Evolutions, so I’ll be updating with each episode.

Entire Series Edit: The Digimon index screen is translated to English.



Takuya originally just implies that he knows what Cerberumon’s talking about when he mentions the legendary spirit. In the dub, he tells Cerberumon that he can’t have the spirit because it’s his.

Attack Name Change: Hell Fire is changed to Emerald Blaze.

Takuya acts very bravely and tells Cerberumon that he can’t have the legendary spirit while trying to fend him off with a pipe. In the dub, he says nothing but “This ranks pretty high on a scale of one to stupid!”

Cerberumon says in the original that the flames surrounding the spirit shouldn’t affect him, I guess because he also controls fire. He doesn’t mention this in the dub.

The music for the Spirit Evolution in the original is awesome. The music for the dub is also good, but not nearly as intense as the original.

….Anyone else ever notice, not just in Digimon but in many movies, shows and anime that the main character/leader almost always gets fire as their main power?

Name Change: Agnimon is changed to Agunimon. This is pretty much a legit blunder because while the Japanese name would literally translate to ‘Agunimon’ (because you have to combine the symbols for A and Gu to make the sound ‘ag’ in Japanese) the name they are going for is Agnimon because Agni is the Hindu god of fire. I guess it’s possible they did this on purpose for the sake of removing religion?

Tomoki tends to call Takuya “Takuya Onii-san” in the original. I’m not sure if he ever starts calling Takuya anything similar like “big bro” but he hasn’t done so this entire episode so there.

Attack name change: Salamander Break is changed to Pyro Tornado.

Digicodes are changed to fractal codes.

Now I know where they got the better clips for the opener in the dub – they took them from the ending theme which has much better clips than the original opener. Also, the ending itself is removed in lieu of a different version of the dub opener and no next episode preview is present, like many dubs.

Our narrator this season is Rika from the previous season. Speaking of which, I have no clue if this series takes place in yet another universe. It doesn’t seem to be in the same vein as seasons one and two because Digimon aren’t a commonality and it doesn’t seem to be building on three because Digimon seem to be a completely foreign concept and not a TV show or card game. Hm.

Next episode we’ll get into Koji’s character more and see him Spirit Evolve.

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Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 3 Sub/Dub Comparison: Digimental Up!


Plot: The new group of Digidestined is outnumbered by the Digimon Kaiser’s group of Tyranomon. They have to find two new Digimentals in order to have a chance at beating them, but they have no idea who the new Digimentals belong to. When Kari and Takeru discover that the Digimentals are theirs, they have to armor evolve Patamon and Tailmon to save the others.


Title Card: DA02EP3SCREEN1

That title card is another awesome one. Look at those colors.

Title Change: Digimental Up! is changed to A New Digitude….

In the original, Daisuke just asks if the Digimon are there. In the dub, he asks if Demiveemon saying he can smell Davis means he stinks.

Tailmon originally says that, due to the way the Digimon are acting, that she worries for the future. In the dub, Gatomon basically says the same thing but says she hopes her first litter doesn’t act like this. Ooh lala, Gatomon….Pretty sure Digimon don’t reproduce that way….or perhaps at all since I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Digimon have parents.

Miyako doesn’t say that the gate’s open until she actually turns on the computer to check unlike our now psychic Yolei.

How slow of a news day is it when you’re interrupting regularly scheduled programming to announce the winner of a computer programming contest? The original doesn’t say they’re interrupting anything for it, but still it’s apparently a major news story.

The man that they cut to is actually one of the judges of the contest who just says that Ken made an amazing computer program without actually telling us what it did. In the dub, the man is another reporter also commenting on the contest (Seriously, this is a two-reporter job? How slow IS this news day?) who says the computer program was one that brushed your teeth for you (Wouldn’t that be a robot design then? Not like your computer has the hardware to brush your teeth) and that Ken’s developing one with floss next.

The report continues to state that Ken also recently played chess (and I guess won) against 20 adults at the same time, is a master of math, judo and soccer. In the dub, they state that he plays one game of chess while everyone watches (that’s something of note apparently) he balanced the ‘world’s largest checkbook’, which really just implies that he balanced a checkbook that was blown up like the novelty checks lottery winners get, and he’s single.

Continuing still, the reporter then asks how Mr. and Mrs. Ichijoji went about raising Ken. They said they did nothing special, and that it was like they were the geese that laid the golden eggs. Iori then says it’s hard to believe that people like Ken exist. In the dub, the reporter asks what the benefits are to having a genius son. Mrs. Ichijoji says it’s great in the kitchen because Ken invented dishes that wash themselves while Mr. Ichijoji says he gets it from him since he once guessed how many jellybeans were in a pickle jar. Cody then says he heard that Ken was so smart that he once gave his teachers homework.

Takeru says Ken really is a genius. Miyako’s not pleased as she turns off the monitor and says she can write programs too. Daisuke then follows it up by saying that may be true but Ken’s also good at sports. Miyako isn’t, so she just grumbles. In the dub, TK says maybe Ken knows how to defeat the Digimon Emperor. Yolei turns off the monitor and says she knows more about the Digital World than he does. Davis then says that maybe so but he’s still a genius and Yolei grumbles.

The dub doesn’t make as much sense to me. Miyako’s getting jealous because he’s so amazing at something she’s really good at too, writing computer programs, which is why she starts acting that way. In the dub, she seems like she’s jealous because…I really don’t know.

Yolei’s only been to the Digital World once, why would she be so full of herself on her knowledge of the Digital World with that little experience that she would actually get upset at the thought that someone else might be more helpful than her in defeating the Digimon Emperor? Especially when TK’s the one who said it. The one who, out of everyone in the room (including Kari because she went later on) has the most experience in the Digital World.

Aw man, I don’t wanna watch this scene!….*sigh* Everyone knows what it is anyway!…..Fine. Ken kicks a puppy *audience gasp* I know! D: In the dub, they remove the shot of him kicking the puppy and the puppy falling. He threatens that he’ll call the pound on the puppy instead which makes it run away.

In the original, Mrs. Ichijoji says nothing more than saying she has to go to work and she made Ken some food. In the dub, she adds on that she bought a new label maker and she can’t stop labeling everything with it; she even labeled the toilet. I guess this is supposed to be a joke on the fact that the bathroom door has a sign that says ‘Toilet’.

They edit out Elecmon getting hit with the whip.


They don’t cut away to the Gatsumon before Ken kicks Elecmon in the original.

I think they shorten the scene of the Gatsumon headbutting each other.

In the original, the group wonders where the next Digiegg is and what Digimon will emerge from it. They also wonder if this means there are more Chosen Children. In the dub, Davis says it’s getting dark (it’s not…) and tells Kari if she’s scared then she can hold his hand. Kari says she’s not scared and TK chimes in saying that’s not Kari’s hand he’s holding; it’s his. Davis then says “Sorry TJ” and Kari corrects him and says his name’s TK. Also, I should mention that Kari and TK are nowhere near Davis when he says this so the hand-holding thing doesn’t really work.

Takeru says the Digimon Emperor before them is a hologram. The dub says it’s an illusion.

They remove Patamon hitting the tree.


Patamon says they’re useless as they are and Tailmon says it’s frustrating. In the dub, Patamon says he thought cats were always supposed to land on their feet and Gatomon tells him to shut up. It’s actually pretty funny.

Damn dub Digmon and his dumb jokes.

Attack Name Change: Big Crack is changed to his regular attack of Gold Rush. I do believe the dubbed named Rock Crackin’ appears much later in the series, though.

Attack Name Change: Red Sun is changed to Tempest Wing. The dub name, Eagle Eye…I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before but I could be wrong.

This episode has really bad animation….I mean, Digimon’s never been known for fantastic animation, but this episode and the Tyranomon moving…just…ick.

In the original, Nefertimon’s armor evolution phrase is ‘Light of Smiles, Nefertimon’ in the dub it’s ‘Nefertimon; the Angel of Light.’…..Which makes no sense when you think about it. Yeah, Gatomon Digivolves into an angel, but this form has nothing to do with angels besides maybe the white wings. Nefertimon takes her name from Nefertiti and her form from the sphinx. Angels aren’t even part of Egyptian mythology, are they? Well, no one ever said Gatomon and Patamon had Digivolutions that made much sense I guess.

Nefertimon is….friggin creepy. I’m sorry. She just is. Her non-moving expressionless sphinx face is just ughghsdjhasdhksdh…Her main attack is the Rosetta Stone in which she hurls a stone slab with writing on it at her enemies. The reference is neat, but the execution is silly.

Name Change: Pegasmon is changed to Pegasusmon. I don’t really mind this change. It sounds better in the dub, to be honest.

Pegasusmon’s index screen is changed to reflect this.

Attack Name Change: Sanctuary Bind is changed to Golden Noose. It’s weird, they took a holy sounding name and made it sound like a fancy hanging.

Attack Name Change: Needle Rain is changed to Star Shower because Saban seems to have a big thing about giving attacks that are clearly different from the others the exact same attack name. Later, I believe it gets changed to Wind Mane (dub name) a few times.

Attack Name Change: Nile Jewelry is changed to Rosetta Stone for again the same Saban-y reason. I believe this gets switched to its dub name, Queen’s Paw, a couple times.

Dub Kari: “I want to get a digital picture of this” Haha, get it? Digital picture! 😀

Also, who says that? “I want to get a digital picture.” Just say “I want to get a picture.”

In the original, Kari fumes about how the Digimon Kaiser went after Digimon who couldn’t evolve. In the dub, she says the picture turned out great except the Tyranomon all have red eye. Then she says that must be because they always have red eyes. That joke might work if not for the fact that we saw Tyranomon’s normal eye color at the end. They’re blue. The only reason they were red in this episode was because of the dark rings – they always make the affected Digimon’s eyes turn red.

Kari originally ignored Daisuke and asks Takeru if he agrees. In the dub she asks TK if he’ll defeat the Digimon emperor. Right, TK by himself will beat the Digimon Emperor. I think that line was put in there to make Kari give a poke to Davis’ pride, but it’s a silly change.

Iori was pointing out how it’s weird that Takeru and Hikari got Patamon and Tailmon to armor evolve but got no new Digimon when their Digimon were born when the Digieggs were picked up. In the dub, Cody explains what’s happened so far what with them all getting new Digimon and everyone being able to bypass the Digimon Emperor’s dark Digivice, but they keep forgetting that he’s human and they need different tactics to beat him.

Iori thinks to himself that he can’t bring himself to harm another being. Miyako then says it’s like an adventure game and Daisuke wonders why she had the sudden shift from angry/scared to joking. In the dub, Cody believes he shouldn’t have spoken up because now they’ll just make fun of him….and he was basically right.

Yolei says he’s too young to be worrying about stuff like that and Davis says to just let the older kids handle it. Right, he’s practically the only one of the new kids to consistently keep focus and get good ideas and plans yet he should just pipe down because the older usually dumber kids should handle it. Someone should point out to them that TK and Kari were the youngest of the old Digidestined and giving them special treatment because of their age just constantly held them back.

Next up, Yamato makes his appearance as Gabumon has a run in with Digimon Kaiser.

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Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 10 Sub/Dub Comparison: Kentarumon The Defender


Plot: Koushiro has found some ruins which bear the same markings as the power plant they were in before. He decides to forego looking for his friends in order to decipher the markings and maybe find a way back home. Meanwhile, Mimi finds Koushiro quickly enough but also quickly grows tired of his inconsideration in finding the others and finding food. She runs off into the ruins with Tentomon, and the ruins turn out to be a giant maze. Can Koushiro’s work on the marking help them get out or will the Black Geared Kentarumon get to them first?


Title Screen: DA01SDCS4

Title Change: Kentarumon the Defender is changed to A Clue from the Digi-Past.

Koushiro just points out that the island is breaking apart. Izzy basically explains in the nerdiest detail possible what is currently happening to them at the moment.

Original Mimi doesn’t talk about the humidity of the jungle nor its effects on her hair. She merely wonders where they are. Additionally, Mimi doesn’t hope for air conditioning as they walk away.

Mimi and Koushiro really do seem like they’re the most apt to get line changes, outside of maybe Jyou. Mimi’s lines are almost always changed, and at the very least Koushiro’s are loaded with lots of brainy jargon that not even the smartest child would ever put into their regular vernacular. Jyou’s lines are usually the same just usually piled with more neurotic comments than usual.

Oh great, it’s the introduction of…them. Sukamon and Chuumon….Oy. Sukamon and Chuumon are a pair of Digimon who are always together. Chuumon is a Digimon who looks like a rat that was drawn and animated by a crack addict. Sukamon is….a talking pile of shit.

No. I’m not kidding. He is a golden pile of shit with arms and a goofy face as well as the weird addition of punk accessories. Think I’m reading too much into his design? Well, he lives in the sewer. No? How about I add his ever so charming list of attacks.

“Smash” is innocent enough, but then we have “Bomber” also known literally as “Poop throw” “Dappun Pheromone” or defecation pheromone, and I’m pretty sure you can judge for yourself what that one does. Finally, we just have simply “Poop.” Yup. He actually has an attack called “Poop.”

But what makes me dislike these guys is that they’re constantly hitting on Mimi, which is weird enough considering they’re Digimon, way weirder considering they’re a rat and a pile of crap, but we’re also meant to kinda….revere them later.

Spoiler alert, they sacrifice themselves for Mimi way later in the series and it’s meant to be a lesson in not judging a book by its cover. Or not judging a pile of crap by its….smell or something. And they even get brought back to life later on because Digimon and they even make another appearance later in Digimon Adventure 02, still hitting on Mimi.

They may mean well when it counts, and I give them their due respect to a certain degree for their sacrifice, but they’re still extremely annoying little Digimon that I never liked and every second without them on screen the better.

Palmon originally doesn’t say that Chuumon and Sukamon are also known as the ‘Digi-losers’, which, no matter how I feel about them, is a dick thing to say. Originally, she just says they’re always together.

Also, the dub does everything in their power to avert the fact that 1) Sukamon is poop and 2) that he throws poop. The narrator even says during Sukamon’s Index Screen analysis that he looks like a golden poop, but in the dub they don’t say this.

Sukamon originally says he feels like a good poop now. In the dub, he just says they’ll be nice now.

The ruins are in the ancient dino region in the original. They don’t mention the area name in the dub.

Sukamon and Chuumon originally ask for a date. In the dub, they ask for a kiss.

Izzy: “Ya know what I think? If we stop this gear from moving, we’ll completely jam that creep up!” Izzy, how did you go from spouting techno-babble every five seconds, including overly complicating the sentence “I’m looking for a door” to changing ‘If we stop this gear, I bet the island will stop moving’ to that?

Mimi: “Let’s just hope that kissy face lemon custard was telling the truth.” Sweetie, you don’t want to eat that lemon custard…..trust….me.

Mimi repeats herself and asks if anything beneficial will come of him deciphering the characters on the wall. Dub Mimi says her butt’s getting cold from sitting on the ground doing nothing.

Original Mimi doesn’t call Koushiro a ‘computer geek pipsqueak’ like dub Mimi does.

Koushiro says Mimi and Palmon’s crying is only being a bother. Izzy asks what he can do to stop them from crying since his laptop can’t do everything. I’m not really sure which line is more aggravating. Izzy is usually one of my favorite characters, but he annoys the hell out of me in this episode.


Original Mimi says she’s hungry, thirsty and wants to see her friends. Dub Mimi also says she’s hungry, but then she says her feet are killing her and a giant lemon custard tried to kiss her. Mimi, please, never think of eating a lemon custard again, for your own health.

Dub Mimi says she misses her house, her bathtub and that she’s even missing her baby brother. Originally, Mimi just says she can’t stand to listen to any more arguing.

Tentomon tries to defend Koushiro by saying he may lack charm, but he’s not a bad boy. Mimi then says that, despite that, he still has no consideration for her. In the dub, Tentomon tries to suggest ways to get out of the maze, but Mimi asks why she should listen to him since he’s friends with Izzy and he’s the reason they’re in the maze…..Nooooo, the reason you’re in the maze is because you had a little temper tantrum like a four year old and wouldn’t listen to reason no matter what. Izzy is the reason you’re upset, yes, and he was acting cold and inconsiderate, but he’s not the reason you’re lost.

Kentarumon originally makes no noise. Koushiro is the one who warns them of a being following them and tells them to run. In the dub, Centarumon laughs evilly, Tentomon hears it and alerts Mimi to it while Izzy is silent through the scene.

Tentomon neglects to mention in the Digimon Index Screen that Centarumon can run at the speed of sound thanks to air propulsion devices in his back.

Koushiro knocked down a solid stone wall…with a rock the size of a soccer ball?….Uh…huh.


So the Digivices are based on an ancient design…..Then why do they change through each series? You’d think if they lasted thousands of years with the same design that they wouldn’t need a makeover every few years.

Izzy: “Whoa, time’s standing still here!”….Uh….No….it’s not…They’re just standing still.

Attack Name Change: Hunting Cannon is changed to Solar Ray.

Leomon: “The children must be…destroyed!”

Mimi: “Nooooooo!! You must mean some other children!” So you’d rather Leomon go off killing some other kids? Nice.

Mimi: “Bad kitty! Out! Go on, out!” *sigh*


Well, I…..really don’t like this episode…..at all. Izzy’s being an inconsiderate ass who actually doesn’t seem to care where his friends are or even if they’re okay. I know Izzy loves mysteries and figuring stuff out. I know he also has a habit of getting lost in his own head, which is something that will be addressed much later, but here he’s putting all of that over the safety and well-being of his friends. That’s a bit too far. I’ll be a bit lenient with him considering this is just a character flaw that he’ll eventually overcome, but that doesn’t make his behavior in this episode any less annoying to watch.

Meanwhile, Mimi’s being an ultra whiny little spoiled brat in this episode, and it’s not made at all better by the fact that she’s the one who’s mostly right in this situation, but they’re both in the wrong.

This was the debut of the annoying literal sacks of crap, Sukamon and Chuumon, and you know how I feel about that. The maze thing wasn’t that interesting with only one trap being seen and it was just a boring pitfall trap. I do like Kentarumon, and it was nice to get some insight into the Digivices but that was about it.

Also, reversing the rotation on the gear by kicking it? That’s a bit too silly. If Devimon’s devices can be tampered with that easily, he really sucks at this evil villain thing.

Next up, we find out what Jyou and Sora are up to. They come across a weird festival being put on by the ghost Digimon Bakemon and end up getting themselves captured by the ghouls.

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