Digimon Tamers Episode 2 Sub/Dub Comparison: You’re my Friend! Terriermon Appears


Plot: Takato has created a Digimon named Guilmon and is doing everything in his power to keep him out of trouble. But when Guilmon decides to follow Takato to school and causes all sorts of problems, Takato worries that Guilmon will be taken away from him. Is Takato’s friendship with Guilmon over before it even really starts?



Why is Terriermon stretched like that? He looks awful. Terriermon is not Stretch Armstrong.

Title Change: You’re My Friend! – Terriermon Appears is changed to Digimon, Digimon Everywhere!

While the rest of the scene is basically the same, Takato originally realizes that Guilmon’s not hurting him because he recognizes that Takato is the one who created him. In the dub, Takato is just marveling that he created Guilmon.

I don’t get, if Guilmon doesn’t even understand what he is, why would Takato think he knows what a Digimon Tamer is? And, again, I have no clue why he automatically thinks goggles has an association with Tamers barring my TV show theory. Henry and Rika only wear sunglasses, and that’s only when entering the digital fog stuff.

Guilmon repeats his misunderstanding of Takato’s name again (Takatomon) and Takato also repeats that that’s not his name because he’s not a Digimon. In the dub, he tells Guilmon that he’s glad he hid his goggles because his mom would’ve thrown them away since she thinks everything he thinks is cool is trash. Kinda makes her seem like a jerk who’s always throwing away his stuff.

Also, how does Guilmon know what goggles are?

Yamaki says in surprise that another Digimon is realizing. In the dub, he says the Digimon has lost the race, but he ends up getting out anyway so I don’t see why this line was changed.

Takato’s mom doesn’t insult Takato’s dad by asking if it hurt when he said he was thinking.

There’s no dialogue from the couple before they see the fog in the original. Kinda wish they had kept it that way because it’s “The stars are beautiful tonight.” “Not nearly as beautiful as you.” So much cheeeessseee…

The guy thinks the fog is a fire or something. In the dub he thinks it’s the northern lights.

Entire Series Edit: The Digimon Index screens, now coming as holograms from the Digivices, are translated into English.

Also, Rika, in the dub, mispronounces Goblimon’s name. She says “GobliNmon” instead of Goblimon.

Renamon seems to be a pretty quiet fighter in the original. In the dub she frequently makes snide comments towards her opponents. They can do this easily because 99% of the time, you can’t see Renamon’s mouth when she’s talking.

Well….I am uncomfortable. Culumon originally asked the two what they’re doing over and over. (They’re kissing). In the dub, Calumon asks if what they’re doing is a special attack. Then he says they’re going to have to….open their mouths a lot wider if they want to swallow each other….

Also, the couple doesn’t think Calumon’s an alien who’s going to eat their brains. They’re just scared of a talking weird creature and run off.

Rika doesn’t say what the Boost card does. While we can assume it’s a burst of power, the original actually states it outright that it’s a 10% power boost. Also, Ruki just says that they should use a card. In the dub, she says the battle is boring then uses a card. Yeah, this battle’s boring and easy…better power you up for no reason.

Another vocal song removed in lieu of just regular BG music.

Goblimon keeps yelling ‘DATA!’ over and over while the dubbed version just growls.

Ruki says in a somewhat soft tone, “Grow stronger Renamon” then she smiles. Rika says in a harsh tone “Next time you’ll win without my help!” then smiles. It changes the scene from a glimpse at a somewhat kinder Rika who wants her Digimon to get stronger to someone who acts like Renamon’s a weak burden.

Takato doesn’t tell Guilmon not to eat whatever he was eating while he was making the wall. I wouldn’t usually bring up such a minor thing when there’s no real dialogue there, but Takato teaches Guilmon how to eat and what food is only a minute or so later. So this line seems really weird.

Takato doesn’t say he wishes there were a class on Digimon because he’d have the best show and tell ever. He just says he need to go to school until evening.

Guilmon doesn’t howl when Takato leaves, he just looks up. Why would he howl anyway? He’s not a wolf.

Kazu doesn’t say anything in the original when Takato comes up in the……whatever the hell they play cards in. (Seriously, what the hell is that? It’s a spiky dome thing at a playground, and the only functions seems to be shelter with a little loft in it. How can you play with this thing? And apparently no kids ever go into it because they keep their Digimon cards in boxes in the loft and they never get stolen.) In the dub, in response to saying that they wouldn’t believe what he’s been, through Kazu says “What? Is it one of your rare ‘take a shower’ days?”

Hirokazu says “What’s with the goggles?” In the dub……Kazu says “What’s with the glasses, Yolei?” Okay, I am thoroughly confused now. First of all, those are obviously not glasses, they’re goggles. There’s a difference. Second….YOLEI?!….So they know of the other Digidestined for real in the dub? But they never say how they know of them. Like I’ve said before, I assume the previous series are just TV shows in this series, but the original only very very very slightly pokes at this theory. In the dub, we’re given slabs of evidence to this. Third, if they did follow the original series as just TV shows, why wouldn’t they reference either of the previous goggle-heads? Say “What’s with the goggles, Tai/Davis?” If you’re going to change the dubbed version to make several blatant pokes at the previous series, at least make the references make sense.

Takato doesn’t have any inner monologue running as he’s putting his cards away. At the end of the shot, he merely wonders where the blue card is. In the dub, he wonders if anyone can make a Digimon the way he did or if he’s some kind of DIGIDESTINED. You’re really trying my…….Well, I dunno if I can say the dub is trying my patience….I mean….Is this something to be upset over? I feel way more confused than I am upset, but I guess purposely making the audience confused should be something to get upset over….So….ahem….RRRRGGGHHH!!

Takato doesn’t accuse Kazu of cheating in the original. He merely points out that, of course, he is better at jumping because he’s taller and then trails off.

This next one’s weird. In the original, the teacher in the classroom that Guilmon walks by is unnamed while the principal is named, Seiji Iwamoto. In the dub, the teacher is called Mr. Iwamoto and the principal is unnamed. Seems like either some wires got crossed or they switched that for no reason.

Hirokazu just wonders if there’s a fire in the original. In the dub, he says Kenta’s socks triggered the fire alarm again.

I knew this wouldn’t be kept in. One of the girls in the hall, hearing the principal’s ramblings, says she didn’t know the principal drank before coming to school. The girl she’s speaking with says that’s bad for their school’s reputation. In the dub, the first girl says the principal has finally gone crazy, and the second girl says she always knew school was bad for you.

The kids in the hall are just talking about how silly it is that the principal says he saw some monster in the hall and pulled the fire alarm because of it. While this is kept the same, the dub adds in the weird line of “And he says he also saw the loch ness monster and bigfoot too – in his bathtub!”

In the original, they say someone ate/stole all the bread for the entire school (all of those containers had bread?! Are the kids living on nothing but bread for lunch?) In the dub, they make jokes about how bad school food is by saying the meatloaf with the crunch coating, the watery spaghetti sauce and the hard-as-shingles cake is gone. Takato also just facepalms at this in the original while dub!Takato says Guilmon’s the only one who would stomach eating that stuff…..even though he just learned how to eat an hour ago and the only thing he was taught to eat was bread.

Name Change….Kinda?: Lee Jianliang/Jian/Jen/Jenrya (it’s really confusing, okay?) is changed to Henry Wong. In the future, I’m going to be referring to him by Jianliang when talking about the original since that seems to be the most commonly accepted version.

Terriermon says ‘moumantai’ again when he’s scolded by Jianliang in the original. In the dub, he says it’s not his fault if Takato stinks at being a tamer.

This is what I meant about the Adventure 01 kids and the Tamers having way better connections with their Digimon than the Adventure 02 kids did. Takato’s had Guilmon for all of 15 minutes, and when he realizes that Guilmon may be taken away from him, it’s heartbreaking. He truly loves Digimon, and he was actually blessed with having his dream Digimon being created for him. It wasn’t a matter of him being cool or even a real life Digimon – he was his own creation come to life.

That is a wonderful connection that the Adventure 02 kids never came close to having with their Digimon. I never felt any significantly impacting connection between Davis and Veemon, Yolei and Hawkmon or Cody and Armadillomon. Once Ken shifted to the good side, I did feel that way with him and Wormmon, but Ken’s generally the most well-written character in Adventure 02 anyway. I hate to…well, hate on the Adventure 02 kids but it’s the truth.

That being said, there’s no inner monologue in the original as Takato’s crying. There’s just sad music and clips, which is much more impacting. In addition, Takato never insinuates that he was never meant to be Guilmon’s Tamer. Right, that makes sense. You got the Digivice, and he’s a carbon copy of a fanmade Digimon character that you created, but he was meant for someone else. Sure.

Rika doesn’t say that Guilmon’s a lousy fighter. (And yeah, you can gauge that by coming right the hell out of nowhere and kicking him in the face. That’s a cheap shot if I ever saw one) She just tells Takato to get out of the way.


This episode was really emotional and gave us a nice first look into just how close Guilmon and Takato are. Even if most of the subtlety is gone in the dub, it’s still emotional even there.

Next episode, Rika begins an assault on both Guilmon and Terriermon, and we get what I believe is the first and only time that the goggle-head has been robbed of the first Digivolution rights as Terriermon Digivolves first.

I guess they wanted to get his Digivolution out of the way because, if you’ve seen the movie/OVA 3, you already know what Gargomon looks like. Plus it DOES makes sense because I think he’s had his Digimon longer than any of them. He’s obviously had his longer than Takato, but I think he’s been with Terriermon even longer than Rika has been with Renamon.

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