Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 11 Sub/Dub Comparison: The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon


Plot: Jyou and Gomamon meet up with Sora and Piyomon. Gomamon recruits Sora and Piyomon to pretend that they need Jyou as leader after he has a crisis of confidence. They come upon what looks like a church filled with people until they realize that they’re actually the ghost Digimon, Bakemon, in disguise. Jyou and Sora are set to be sacrifices to Lord Bakemon, and Gomamon and Piyomon have to find some way to save them.


Title Change: The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon is changed to The Dancing Digimon.

Title Card: DA01SDCEP11SCREEN1

Another awesome title card. Love the colors.

I usually don’t bring up dialogue where there is none, but Devimon monologuing to himself with not only a recap of what he did and what’s happened so far, but also prefacing the entire thing with ‘I, Devimon!’ and ending it with an evil laugh. That couldn’t be more super villain-y if he had a death ray nearby.

Jyou originally says this is why he didn’t want to go to camp. In the dub, he says if there’s one thing he’s learned in Digi-World it’s that beds don’t make good boats. I get that they’re implying he’s sea sick, but even if the bed made a good boat, which considering how well it’s floating right now, it does, he would still be getting sea sick.

Here’s a situation where the Japanese version confuses me more than the dub. Joe yells at Gomamon for eating all of the emergency food when he told him to conserve it for later since they don’t know when they’ll reach land. Gomamon says he did wait until later since Joe told him that 20 minutes ago. Joe shakes Gomamon and tells him 20 minutes is not long enough to wait, then he asks if there’s any food left whatsoever. Gomamon says there isn’t since Joe said he was sea sick and he needs the food to Digivolve if they encounter trouble. Joe yells that Gomamon will have no one to protect if he starves to death and then he suddenly vomits over the back of the bed.

In the original, Jyou looks at the empty bag and yells that this is why he didn’t want to go to camp, again. He tells Gomamon that he was supposed to be spending this time studying for entrance exams, and Gomamon asks why he’s telling him that since there’s nothing he can do about it. Jyou shakes him and asks who he’s supposed to tell. Gomamon responds by saying if they just sit there with hope in their hearts, Jyou might not get sea sick. He tries to ask what hope and sea sickness have to do with each other before vomiting over the back of the bed.


I understand that Jyou’s just venting, but why would he take the situation of losing all of their food to vent about not being able to study for the entrance exams? Likewise, while dub Gomamon is actually making a lot of logical sense in why he ate the food, original Gomamon not only doesn’t apologize for it, but he brushes off Jyou’s rant with a literal ‘what do you want me to do about it?’ instead of any empathy. And Jyou has a point, what does hope have to do with getting sea sick?

The only things Jyou believes are in the box are bottles of water and sterilized packages of food. Joe thinks there might be fruit, vegetables (oddly emphasized as ‘vegetibles) bread, milk, cereal, hot dogs, cookies, candy and soda. I’m not surprised by the dub change because there’s a lot of syllables to fill, but why does Joe feel so comfortable listing off so much junk food and dairy products when he literally just threw up a minute ago?

Gomamon originally tells Jyou there’s no way that stuff is in that box. Jyou then shakes Gomamon and harasses him for having hope when he just told him to have hope. In the dub, Gomamon says he wishes that stuff is in the there. Then Joe shakes Gomamon telling him they wouldn’t need food if he didn’t eat it all.

I don’t know why he’s so excited in either version. You have a big wooden box, sure, but how was he expecting to open it? I know Jyou is always prepared, but I doubt he has a crowbar….or upper body strength. Surprisingly, dub!Joe actually does address this by bringing it up in a dialogue-where-there-was-none moment, but he never gives an answer.

Ogremon originally says ‘Too bad I’m not food!’ In the dub he says ‘That’s right digi-Pest! (in response to Gomamon saying his name) Pummel Whack!’ Again, the original’s line actually seems kinda worse, even including the ‘digi-pest’ thing because…is that some witty one-liner? ‘Too bad I’m not food!’ Yes, Ogremon. Getting you instead of food is indeed a disappointment to say the least.

And now for the flip-side. Originally, Gomamon says the reason Ogremon’s being defeated by his Marching Fishes is because his kind come from the mountains, meaning the smell of fish makes them sick. In the dub, they get preachy and kinda foreshadowy by saying when the forces of the small and weak join together, they can cause the downfall of the big and powerful. Both result in the same revelation (the fishes being punched away and Gomamon saying ‘Guess I was wrong.’)

The dub doesn’t include Ogremon’s line about not being able to swim. Makes you wonder why he won’t follow them. Also, why the hell would you seal yourself in a box, float yourself out in the ocean just hoping you approach one of the Chosen Children’s beds just to ambush them for really no reason? Actually, why would you do most of that at all? And to the one person in the group who has an aquatic Digimon of all things.

Once again, Jyou says he knew it was a bad idea to come to camp (dude, get over it.) Joe says he doesn’t like adventure and that he’s a stay at home and read kind of guy.


Originally, Ikkakumon just says he’s tired from the battle. In the dub, he says he’s hungry too, which he shouldn’t be because he just ate all of that food.

Also, the dub’s music during Ikkakumon’s de-digivolving scene is way too heroic.

Piyomon is originally going ‘piyo, piyo’ as she hops (someone’s turning into a Pokemon) In the dub, she sing-songing ‘Sora is fishing, Sora is fishing!’

Sora says she’s using a twig for bait and hopes one of the fish thinks it’s a worm. She then asks Piyomon if she saw anything while she was searching around. Piyomon says it’s too foggy to see anything. Sora then states that she believes they’re on an island. In the dub, Sora says if she caught something big, Biyomon would be right there with her eating it. Biyomon says ‘since you put it that way’ which doesn’t make much sense to me. Then Sora believes she’s caught something.

Despite the fishing rod being a stick and not having a reel, the dub includes a sound effect like a fishing reel being let out.

Sora expresses amazement that there’s a big fish out there dumb enough to believe the twig is a worm. In the dub, she just says she’s grabbed a big one.

I would say they screwed up this line for the sake of lip syncing, but the dub syncing here is appalling. Sora originally just says ‘Jyou-senpai!’ which is three syllables. In the dub, Sora goes ‘Oh my! It’s a person! Jooooeeeeeeee!!!’ Obviously, this doesn’t fit. She really could’ve just said “Oh my! Joe!” and it would’ve fit much better.

There’s no way Jyou and Gomamon drifted that close to Sora and Piyomon’s island while they were sinking without either of them dying.

Now that I look at him, it’s pretty dumb for the aquatic Digimon to have such stubby back legs. When he’s carrying something underwater, he can barely move at all.

Sora’s manner of speech kinda bugs me. She says stuff like ‘Oh my!’ and ‘Goodness!’ Seems a bit too proper for someone who’s a tomboy is all.

Originally, Jyou doesn’t ask where Ogremon is because he was knocked out after they had already escaped him.

Piyomon originally says she doesn’t know where the others are. In the dub, she responds to Joe asking where Ogremon is by saying ‘he’s gone’ but again it seems like the lip syncing falls short because even that short line is too much and the line basically fades off before Sora cuts her off in the dub.

Jyou originally bursts with somewhat forced confidence and says that he’ll be the leader. In the dub, he agrees that he’s brave and says he’s the greatest one there.

Jyou originally hears bells and asks if the bells are to commemorate him becoming leader. (What is wrong with Jyou today? He’s either being obnoxious, making no sense or being stupid) Sora says that’s impossible. The bell sounds are not present in the dub until after this exchange. Instead, Joe asks if he fails, who will save them all. Sora responds that her fishing line will help them again.

Gomamon originally says that Jyou’s become quite the leader and Sora laughs at his statement. In the dub, he asks if a black gear got Joe and Sora laughs at his joke.

Originally, they stop because they hear music. In the dub, they just stop because they’ve arrived at the church.


Original!Sora is definitely acting poorly when it comes to treating Jyou as a leader. But dub!Sora is basically mocking him straight out over his title….the one they forced upon him. I know this is a ‘they created a monster’ thing, they even said it in the dub, but don’t act like he appointed himself leader. Doing that isn’t going to improve his confidence. It might actually make it worse if you prod him into something he legitimately feels like he can’t do.

Besides light background music, there is no music that the ‘people’ are dancing to in the dub. Makes the scene seem weird.

Originally, Sora believes these ‘people’ are putting on a festival. In the dub, because of the masks, Sora believes they’re celebrating Halloween.

Again, they bring up Halloween where there is none in the original.

‘Priest’: “We’d love to have you join us. We don’t have a lot of young people around. And no holiday is complete without them. You arrived just in time for some…..fun.”

Another Halloween reference.

Gomamon originally states that the Bakemon live in Overdell Graveyard. Also, I know we haven’t reached this part of the story yet, but how does the Digital World have a graveyard when Digimon never really die? And on the rare occasions that they do seemingly ‘die’ they never leave a body behind.

Gomamon and Piyomon don’t originally call the Bakemon losers. They just state that it’s weird for such a Digimon to be given the honorable suffix of ‘-sama’.

The ‘priest’ originally says God does not forgive those who speak rudely of the Bakemon. Both Gomamon and Piyomon apologize for their comments. In the dub, he tells them to not tell them who they should and should not honor. Gomamon then says ‘now now’ while Biyomon tells him to back off.

Sora asks where the ‘priest’’s offering is and he tells them that it’s them. In the dub, Sora asks when the trick-or-treating starts……

Oddly, the dub has Gomamon actually calling Bakemon by a somewhat translated honorific, Lord Bakemon. I think Saban was confused when the honorifics came up in the original and they had Gomamon adopt the title.

Saban gets confused again. In the original, the narrator says Bakemon is a Digimon who wears a white sheet as a disguise and that no one has ever seen the form underneath. In the dub, Gomamon says the guy was Lord Bakemon in disguise, stating that no one has ever seen his true form, implying that this is his true form. It’s not only wrong, it’s weird. They show a depiction of Bakemon when Gomamon’s asking about why they honor them, so why is this seen as a big reveal?

Also, am I alone in thinking Bakemon’s more interesting if you believe that is his real form? Instead of ‘here’s a dorky Digimon who wears a sheet.’

Jyou and Sora yell out that they’re in Overdell Graveyard. In the dub, they point out the dancers and bet that they’re Bakemon too.

Jyou says as he’s crying, again, that he should’ve stayed home studying instead of going to camp. Joe yells that he can’t be someone’s appetizer because he’s supposed to be going to med school.

Sora tells the Bakemon to go easy on the salt. Bakemon agrees, saying too much salt is bad for the body. In the dub, she asks if they’re really going to eat them. Bakemon responds that they’d taste very good with the right seasonings.

Gomamon originally justifies his claims that the guard Bakemon is dumb by saying Digimon who sleep with a mucus bubble coming out of their noses are stupid. Piyomon asks if it’s a good idea to judge his intelligence based on that and Gomamon says it is. In the dub, they skip straight to talking about the plan without justifying why they think he’s stupid. I actually prefer the dub because, yeah, sleeping on guard duty is enough of a reason to believe the guard isn’t too bright. We don’t need some convoluted justification for it.


The scene about the torture is basically the same, but Gomamon claims the graveyard must be too poor to have food and the Bakemon is offended. In the dub, they’re teaching him how to taunt them and tell him to go get food to eat in front of them and he agrees to go get some bananas.

Eugh, Digi World bananas look disgusting.

Jyou says his soul tastes bad. Joe says he’s mostly gristle.

Jyou says that Sora’s soul probably tastes better than his. Joe says it doesn’t matter because they’re both done for.

This next part’s a mess because of the commercial break in the dub. Before the break, they cut out a very short exchange between Jyou and Sora where she says the Bakemon is stronger than she thought and Jyou says it’s because he’s a ghost. After the break, they replay the shot of Bakemon tossing away the Harpoon Torpedo and skip over Jyou’s speech about sutras and prayers to have Sora’s responding animation say that Bakemon is tough. They replay the shot of Birdramon doing her Meteor Wing and Bakemon deflecting it then finally show the shot of Jyou’s speech.

Bakemon’s Hell Hand is not given a name in the dub so far.

Joe says ‘Bakemin’ It was once, but it bugged me.

Jyou’s solution is completely butchered and it always bothered me in the dub. I finally know why this seemed so awkward. Originally, Jyou said Bakemon is a spirit and spirits can be repelled with sutras and prayer. Sora asks if he knows any sutras and he responds that his grandmother from the country once taught him a prayer to do better on exams. Sora’s dubious, but is willing to give it a shot.

In the dub, Joe says good always prevails over evil and they have to weaken Lord Bakemon. Sora tells him he has to do it because he’s the leader and Joe tells her to not be a quitter. He then explains that he once saw a TV show where a Roman physicist talked about the power of mind over matter and how chanting one phrase over and over can be powerful. He believes if they focus their minds on Bakemon losing his power, he will. Again, Sora’s uncertain, but gives it a shot.

I absolutely never understood the dub. Never. Mind over matter, whatever. But it’s like those times where the character find a deus ex machina and just never use it. “Hey Devimon! Devimon lose your power….Devimon lose your power……Devimon lose your power!” *Poof* “Wow that was easy…..Hey, you don’t think…..There’s no place like home….there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home!” *Poof* Wow! It worked we’re back in the real world!” *series end*

At least the original explains that this is working because he’s a ghost Digimon and that Jyou is using a sutra prayer to deter a spirit. It’s still a little silly, but it’s within believable bounds for this show. The dub is just nonsense. His logic isn’t even based on what Bakemon is. They would’ve been better off even saying he’s a ghost and they can be rid of him if they convince themselves that ghosts don’t exist. Bakemon loses his power because they’re rooted in belief, like Santa or fairies or something. Stupid still? Yes. Makes more sense? Yes.

Another thing about this scene that always confused me….since when is Sora’s hat a helmet? Why is it suddenly hard enough to act as a drum? She doesn’t take it off very often, but in the second OVA (second part of the first movie) they clearly show it as a regular floppy hat.


They insert the same shot of Jyou talking before he commands an attack right before Bakemon gets hit….for some reason.

The music in the final scene of the original is really great and suspenseful.


I don’t much like this episode. Jyou and Joe are both insufferable. Jyou’s annoyingly sputtering off ‘I knew I shouldn’t have come to camp!’ every five minutes, Joe’s being an ego-driven aggressive ass and both of them are just being overall annoying. I can get that, if anyone’s having a crisis of confidence, it’s Jyou, but he flips his switch between confident and weak-kneed so much and so drastically that it’s really irritating.

Jyou’s big moment of confidence as leader was a complete and utter fluke, and the revelation in the dub was just ridiculous. Not to mention that it’s almost as annoying seeing Sora and the others pretend so poorly that they desperately need Jyou/Joe as leader. Jyou should’ve been smart enough to at least question their behavior, especially considering how independent and confident Sora usually is.

I like the setting and the Bakemon, but I feel it was wasted for the most part.

(This would’ve been posted months from now given my upload schedule since I recently updated the SDC for Digimon Adventure 01 earlier this month, but considering the subject matter is ghosts and the dub references Halloween so much, I though it’d be a nice Animating Halloween bonus to put out two updates. Happy Halloween!)

Next episode, we check in with Takeru and Patamon. Can they find it within them to be annoying too?

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Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 6 Sub/Dub Comparison


Plot: As the group walks through a sewer to continue their journey, they run into the disgusting Numemon who are known as the most hated Digimon in the Digital World because they’re slimy, gross, live in the sewer and fight using their own poop. The group manages to escape from them, but find themselves surrounded again when Numemon spring from randomly placed vending machines in the desert.

As they split up to get away, Mimi and Palmon run into the mayor of Toy Town, a giant Teddy Bear Digimon called Monzaemon. He’s kidnapped the others, threw the Digimon into a toy chest and erased the emotions of the kids, making them into toys for the abandoned toys in Toy Town. With Palmon and Mimi the only two left, Palmon must find it within herself to evolve and save the day.


Title Card: digimon01ep6title

That title card looks fantastic, by the way.

Title Change: Palmon’s Angry Evolution! is changed to Togemon in Toy Town.

While the kids are singing songs in both versions, the scene is different. Obviously the songs got changed. Both the kids and the Digimon seem to be singing songs that already exist in either world and they’re tossing the singing back and forth between the kids and the Digimon by giving a letter that the line of the song has to start with.

When Agumon passes the song to the kids, he gives them E which throws them all off since none of them can think of any lyrics that begin with E. They each stop in succession saying “E?” over and over.

Mimi thinks of one and starts singing, but the other kids don’t know the song. Surprising the others, she’s actually a pretty decent singer in the original. She says the song’s Enka and her dad used to sing it in Karaoke all the time. Koushiro decides to switch the song to something more well-known and they all start singing that song.

In the dub, Mimi’s narrating over the first part where the kids are initially singing. Because if there’s one thing I want dub!Mimi to do, it’s narrate. Tai then says they should sing the song Agumon wrote, which is basically a chant about Digimon and Digivolving. Agumon says they should start solos with Mimi going first.

In horror, all of the kids stop in succession saying “Mimi?” “Mimi singing?” “Mercy!” Then Mimi starts singing ‘Home on the Range’ and she sounds about as appalling as you’d think she would. Also, this is yet another instance where the dub seems to be purposely mean to Mimi for no reason. Joe pokes fun at Mimi, and she says she’s had singing lessons for three years. Izzy says she should get a refund.

God, they are really mean to Mimi. I won’t deny that dub!Mimi is one of the most annoying (yet harmless) anime characters I’ve ever seen, hopefully that perspective changes as I go through this SDC series, but that doesn’t warrant being an ass to her. I guess they didn’t look ahead in the episode schedule seeing as how there’s a later episode where Mimi is supposed to be really praised for her singing and even performs a concert. Whoops! Then they all start singing the Digimon song that Tai and Agumon made together.

Sora says she wants to do laundry I guess because her clothes keep getting filthy as water was dripping on her in the sewer. In the dub, she says she was freaking out because she used to sing when she did laundry at home. The original’s a little weird because, I get that she’s homesick but what kid wishes to do laundry? The dub’s weird too because it make Sora look like a spaz for having a fit at singing because it reminds her of a leisurely activity she used to do at home.

Yamato just says he misses having barbecue in the original. In the dub, he says he’s thinking about Sunday because his mom would make barbecue every Sunday….Uhh, the dub does remember that Matt and TK’s parents are separated, right? TK lives with their mom and Matt lives with their dad. I would say that they get visiting time but considering their reunion later on, if they do get visiting time it doesn’t happen often.

Koushiro says he misses sending emails back and forth to his friends. Izzy says he misses accessing satellites to look at the stars and planets. Also, for some strange reason he tells Mimi and TK who are merely enjoying the ‘what I miss game’ to “Get a grip” immediately before he also partakes in it. So, the one person you don’t tell to “Get a grip” here is the one who’s crying over not being able to do laundry?

I guess I can forgive the dub for avoiding this. In the original, Numemon attack with their own poop…..yeah…. In the dub, they call it “Nume-Sludge” but even as a kid and despite the fact that it’s pink, you can easily tell that what they’re throwing is more than sludge.

Toy Town has its own little song in the original. In the dub it’s the same whimsical music they always use.

Palmon says they should look for Agumon and the others, and Mimi doesn’t respond. In the dub, Mimi brushes off the fact that her friends are acting incredibly peculiar by saying “Oh well, they always were a little odd.”

Dub!Palmon: “It’s coming from that locked chest!” Gee you think the noise is coming from the chest that’s bouncing around like crazy? Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Attack Name Change: Monzaemon’s Lovely Attack is changed to Hearts Attack.

Monzaemon originally says that the Digimon will go into the toy chest while the children will have their emotions erased and serve as toys for the toys. In the dub, he says all of them will go into the toy chest, which doesn’t make sense because only the Digimon are in the chest.

Palmon asks where Monzaemon is. Dub!Palmon asks what changed Monzaemon. Also, Palmon doesn’t originally call Agumon ‘Agu.’

Mimi doesn’t call Monzaemon a “Yeti Teddy” in the original, though props for not being the worst joke they could’ve made with a 30 foot tall teddy bear.

I don’t entirely get it. I know Monzaemon’s a Perfect/Ultimate level Digimon, but his shtick is to be full of love and joy and he’s meant to spread happiness to everyone. If that’s so, why does he have EXPLODING HEAT VISION?!


Mimi says it’s crazy that the Numemon are still trying to fight Monzaemon for her when all they can do is throw poop. In the dub, Mimi basically brags about how she’s so attractive that she can get Digimon to fight for her, and then says she doesn’t think the Nume-Sludge is working. Well, there’s no effect to this ‘sludge’ beyond being gross so what’s it supposed to do?

Wow, the animation between Mimi standing and going to Palmon’s side was awful. It’s like they forgot to include inbetween frames between the two stances because she basically teleports between stances.

Palmon commends the Numemon for being so brave. They can’t do much of anything and are slimy and gross, yet they gladly put themselves on the line to help Mimi. In the dub, Palmon basically says she’s had enough and that she ‘may be a lady but (she’s) no pushover.’ It’s also weird that Palmon’s evolution ultimately has little to nothing to do with Mimi. She’s not in immediate danger, she’s not being held captive, she’s not even part of the sudden evolving scene. She gets upset at the Numemon being attacked and evolves. The end.

Her evolution was always cool to me though because the bright green and pink colors always looked awesome. Even though I think it loses them later on.

Another vocal song during the evolution gone in lieu of the same Digimon soundtrack.

Attack Name Change: Chiku Chiku (Prickly) Bang Bang is changed to Needle Spray. One of those times when the original’s name was vastly better. Also, in this episode Togemon calls it Digimon Needle Spray.

Mimi says she can understand Monzaemon’s love of toys and Palmon agrees. In the dub, Mimi boasts about how she and Palmon saved the day even if she did 100% nothing.


I guess that’s my main problem with this episode. Mimi did nothing and had no development whatsoever. Let’s look back at our other evolution episodes, hmm? Agumon’s was more to show that their Digimon are truly loyal to their partners and that they’ll do anything to protect them. It also showed Taichi that they needed to take the Digital World more seriously.

Gabumon’s evolution episode was heavily about Yamato and his relationship to Takeru and his parents and how that weighs on him. In the end, he learned to be somewhat less controlling with Takeru and got slightly more laid back. Gabumon didn’t have much in terms of development but he did get closer to Yamato.

Piyomon’s evolution episode was also heavily centered around Sora with also some insight into Piyomon. While she is clingy and somewhat childish, Piyomon still steps up to risk her life to save those important to her. Sora also learned to be more appreciative of Piyomon and more hopeful.

Tentomon’s evolution……….was bunk. Koushiro didn’t really change as a character, we didn’t learn much about the Digital World and Tentomon evolved through a computer program not emotions. However, at least that episode showed us some insight into Koushiro. It hinted that Koushiro’s parents harbored a secret from him and that he might use technology to escape from problems in real life.

Palmon’s evolution had little to nothing to do with Mimi. She recognized that the Numemon were fighting a hopeless battle to help her, but that realization didn’t affect anything. Palmon’s recognition of this and seeing the Numemon getting attacked is what spurred her evolution.

Mimi did nothing but have a Numemon fall in love with her and run away. Then again, there’s not really much to Mimi as a character anyway. I’ve seen the dubbed version numerous times as well as season two several times and there’s really nothing that interesting about her. Her main character point is that she’s a self-absorbed ditz who deep down really cares deeply about others. That’s it. I will admit that she can be really nice, but she’s far from interesting. Again, hopefully reanalyzing the series for this SDC will change my mind, but I’m not holding my breath.

Next up is Gomamon’s evolution episode. Jo’s an okay character even if he’s a bit annoying with his incessant whining and complaining. My big fret is that, out of all of the characters, Jo seems to have his dialogue changed the most so the next episode may be a long one to get through. We’ll see.

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