30DAC – Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character Ever

Damn, this one didn’t get the same treatment as Day 3. This was actually pretty difficult to determine. I was going to go with Yuzuyu from Aishiteruze Baby, but then I realized that, though she is a great kid, part of me knows that she’s really ranking high in favorite females because she’s just so adurrabull.

I finally decided upon Sana from Kodocha.

Karaoke lullaby.

Sana’s not flawless. She definitely makes mistakes and always feels compelled to right them. What I admire about her is that she somehow manages to put on a smile through even the toughest of ordeals and tries not to dump her problems on others. However, when things get particularly bad, she’s not too proud to seek out and accept help that is offered. When a problem is affecting others, she does her damnedest to fix it no matter what. She also has a talent for bringing out the best in people with the most shining example being the transformation of Akito. Of course, there some instances where her ability to fix problems gets a bit farfetched, but it can be overlooked.

And she’s Robin Sena.

Not only is she kind-hearted, sincere and just someone you’d love to know in real life, but she’s also one of the funniest and most hyper-random people I’ve ever seen in anime rivaling even Excel from Excel Saga. The comedic antics of her, and many other characters of course, are what keep the tone of the show even because it can get pretty heavy sometimes, but it never seems forced.

Sana is a very well-rounded character with a great heart and superb sense of humor, and she really deserves this spot.

I just shamelessly added this one because it’s awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Ed from Cowboy Bebop, Kagura from Fruits Basket, Sango from Inuyasha.