SSBS – Smile! Precure Episode 8: Miyuki and Candy Changed Places?!


Plot: A pair of magic rings created by Majorina is accidentally dropped to earth. As (bad) luck would have it, Candy and Miyuki find the rings. The rings magically attach themselves to Candy and Miyuki, which causes them to switch bodies! Candy is forced to try to pretend to be Miyuki all day at school while they try to figure out a way to get back to their original forms.

Breakdown: I don’t much care for body switching episodes. Even if it does make for some funny moments, it’s mostly just awkward and follows the same path over and over.

Oh no, they switched bodies. Oh haha, they’re awkward because they switched bodies. Oooohhh they fight because they’re both crap at being the other. Yay they learn to triumph in the other’s body. Aww they learned something from the experience and gained more mutual respect. Whoo they switch back at the end.

This episode is ultimately more of the same. They even do the voice switch and, somehow, certain bodily functions shifting yet not really? It’s pretty confusing.

I will say that I loved how they changed both Miyuki and Candy’s designs a little to reflect the change. When Candy took over Miyuki, her lips curved, her eyes got rounder and wider and her pigtails got curlier and floppier. When Miyuki took over Candy, her eye design changed quite a bit.

I also adore that they had Miyuki transform, battle and use Happy Shower while in Candy’s body instead of just having Candy do it in her body. It was really cute and funny.

Majorina also had many really funny moments, especially with Wolfrun and Akaoni. She’s easily becoming my favorite character.

However, this episode didn’t really need to happen – and I don’t mean that in a filler way. They never explain why Candiyuki had to go to school when they could have just excused her and kept her home, with the other girls trying to figure out a way to switch them back while at school – maybe contacting Pop or something – but then we wouldn’t have a plot and crazy Candiyuki shenanigans.

I was also a little disappointed that we never really get Miyuki’s view on this whole situation. She’s been turned into a little rabbit fairy thing but she never really says anything about it besides doing that thing with her ears. The final battle as Miyandy makes up for that quite a bit, but still.

All in all it’s a VERY tired cliché plot, but it’s done fairly well in this circumstance. It didn’t bring anything new to the table, but it put a fun spin on it that I enjoyed.

Next episode, Yayoi’s playing a not-funny April Fool’s Day prank involving her moving away. I assume awkwardness and displeasure abound.

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