Episode One-Derland: Bt’X


Plot: Uhhhhhh……well…..there’s a guy named Teppei who has a weird powerful gauntlet thing called the Messiah Fist….he has a brother named Kotaro who is a prodigy in robotics and is announcing his discovery in the concept of a human brain for robots. There’s a robot empire who kidnaps him for some reason, and Teppei tries to save him.

Breakdown: It really amazes me when I find a show that is equal parts ridiculous and cliché at the same time.

First and foremost, this episode absolutely fails at being an introduction to the series. I feel like I know really no more about this series coming out than I did going in.

Kotaro and Teppei are close brothers. Kotaro’s a genius and well respected professor and Teppei’s a loud brute. Because of his announcement on the findings of this human brain for robots thing, a member of the robot empire, and yes that’s the name of the evil group in this series, named Aramis decides to kill everyone who listened to the speech and kidnap Kotaro when it would’ve been easier to just prevent the speech from happening but whatever.

There’s no reason ever given as to why Kotaro was kidnapped. He just discovered what the robot empire already has in the namesake of the series, the B’t (pronounced ‘beat’) robots, robots with brains that don’t follow human command and have free thought and run on human blood.

Teppei, using the power of his seemingly-does-everything gauntlet called, fittingly enough, the Messiah Fist, beats down robots and tracks down Kotaro only to fight with a cyborg named Metal Face and again, yes, that’s his real name. Want a better one? He rides a dragon robot thing named….wait for it…


Yes, Metal Face and Madonna. These names were greenlit.

We get no explanation as to what the Messiah Fist is outside of something that can punch through metal. No idea where it came from even though it seems to be well known by Metal Face. No idea of how many things it can really do. It’s just a power, okay?

Teppei and Metal Face seem to have a past, but don’t worry we won’t bore you by giving out actually plot development here. We’ll just have them repeat over and over that they know each other.

Teppei is about to get killed by Madonna (I knew this would happen some day) but the blood from his wounds resurrects the legendary B’tX, a big dragon pegasus robot thing that supposedly was destroyed five years ago. And then the episode just ends.

Even for the early 90’s this is a really cliché story so far. One superhuman-esque guy is fighting a bunch of evil robots to save someone precious to him? They don’t add anything really special to make it stand out. The Messiah Fist is the only thing that even tries to make a name for itself and even that’s not horribly memorable. It’s just shoots wires, has a tracker and allows him to punch through metal. Though I imagine it does all sorts of insanely convenient things later on.

The B’t robots are kinda an interesting idea, but it feels like this is something that would be introduced way later in a series because we never really see why it’s such a big deal for robots to have human brains. If these robots already have their own empire and freely kill humans without anyone’s direction but their own, then don’t they do things of their own volition anyway?

These robots don’t even look good. It’s hard to tell what they’re trying to be most of the time, and the two I saw were just animal-like robots made of nothing but white metal.

The characters were okay, but nothing really made them special either. Teppei is a very typical male lead – brutish, loud, dresses like a punk including torn jean vest and red bandanna but really has a heart of gold. Kotaro is seemingly perfect. He’s been a genius his whole life, he’s handsome, he has a great relationship with his brother, he’s very kind, and he speaks like a philosopher as a child. All the baddies are super evil assholes.

In the art and animation department, being an admitted lover of the old styles of the 80’s and 90’s…..eugh. The eyes are too big for their design and they’re never lined up correctly or were spaced properly. When closed, the eyelashes look like giant caterpillars on their faces. The overall designs are uninspired, lacking detail and forgettable. And the animation doesn’t fare any better. It’s not downright terrible, but it is very rough.

Finally, the music is just okay. Nothing stood out to me there, either, which I supposed rounds out this premiere episode.



I have no real urge to continue this at all, and this is coming from someone who adores silly dated action shows. It just seems to have no identity and no spark. I guarantee most people who seek this out are really only wondering what the name is about, and trust me the explanation is nothing special. It doesn’t even really make sense.

B’t just stands for the four B’s that describe the B’t robots – brains, blood, bravery and battler. They have human-like brains, they power up and run when exposed to human blood…..uh, they’re brave and they fight stuff. Of course, that really only explains what the B part is. No real explanation as to why the T is there nor why the B and T have to be separated by an apostrophe. The X is merely the name of the legendary B’t robot that was thought to be dead yet was revived by Teppei. There, now I’ve ruined your curiosity.

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