SSBS – Cardfight!! Vanguard Episode 23: Fateful Encounter Review


Plot: Aichi, Kamui and Misaki (And Morikawa) head to Card Shop Psy and meet the National Champion of Vanguard, Ren. Aichi experiences odd visions when Ren gets a weird glowing look in his eyes. Kourin challenges Ren to a match using identical decks, allowing the others to spectate. Is Ren really as good as his reputation suggests?

Breakdown: Aichi’s getting visions now? Okie dokie.

To my understanding, Ren is meant to be one of the main antagonists of season one, and I’m just not impressed. He’s a cocky guy in a long black coat. There’s just not a lot to him to make him stand out to me. Even the pirate guys had a gimmick to them, but he’s just very typical and bland. Hopefully that will change later when I actually see him fighting with his own deck.

Otherwise, this episode was….a Cardfight. Maybe I’m grumpy because I’m sick as of this writing, but yeah….it was a Cardfight.

I really feel like this show still has a bit of an issue not being easy enough to follow along if you don’t play the game. I know it’s been a while since I last watched the show, but I was still having a bit of trouble fully understanding why certain things were happening. Most notably, I have difficulty understanding guards and why you sometimes need several of them to block an attack. I get that it has something to do with the power discrepancies between attacker and target, but I haven’t quite grasped it yet. I even watched some videos about it, and it still sounds like gibberish to me.

One of the videos I watched showed the rules on screen, and the guard step section was literally over a page long. If someone can simplify it for my little pea brain, I’d appreciate it.

Next time, the team finds out Misaki has a eidetic memory and decide to apply it to Vanguard.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Manga) Chapter 26 Review (AniManga Clash! Season Zero Placeholder)

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of “What the Hell is Wrong with Mokuba? Like, Really. Someone Lock This Kid Up.”

Today, Mokuba ‘invites’/psuedo-kidnaps Jonouchi and Yugi to his mansion for a party, but poor Seto is too tired from all of the preparation on his secret project, Death T, that he’s sleeping and can’t be bothered to tend to their guests. It’s up to Mokuba.

Mokuba decides to prepare them a feast – which is really just a bunch of random mundane foods like burgers and kids meals. However, Mokuba has prepared them in such a way that it is more than worth it to eat them, supposedly. The foods are on a spinning wheel, and one of the foods has a treasure inside. The only way to get the treasure is to eat your whole plate of food.

Jonouchi jokes about Mokuba poisoning the food, which he denies, but then Jonouchi eats it, and, yeah it’s poisoned.

Jonouchi is going to fucking die in 30 minutes unless Yugi can beat Mokuba at this game and find the ‘treasure’ without getting the other poisoned plate.

What….the hell…is wrong with Mokuba?

Mokuba is made out to be so much worse than Seto at this point. All Seto has done is rough up a few people and cheat at a card game. Mokuba has threatened Yugi with an uzi, threatened to chop off his fingers if he couldn’t beat him in Capsule Monsters, and now he’s poisoned Jonouchi and is aiming to poison Yugi.

Shadow Game (Kinda)

This isn’t really a Shadow Game because Mokuba’s the one running it, but eh.

Yami spins the wheel and gets the spaghetti, which is perfectly fine. Mokuba spins and gets the chocolate parfait, which is also perfectly fine. Yami notices that Mokuba touched an empty syrup bottle as he was spinning, which Mokuba says is just symbolic of his fate because of the old saying ‘The misfortune of others is like sweet syrup.’ In actuality, Mokuba’s cheating again. The bottle is a switch, and he can stop the wheel wherever he wants with it both for himself and Yami. He also knows where the poison is located.

He has committed the ultimate sin. Mokuba has spat in the face of 4Kids and every America to be American in America.

He poisoned…..


Yami spins the wheel, but he has a trick up his own sleeve. He ties his Millennium Puzzle to the wheel and gives it a strong spin, smashing the syrup bottle and rendering it inoperable. Mokuba no longer has the ability to stop the wheel where he wants – and guess where it ends up.

Mokuba gets the hamburger, and even though he could simply refuse to eat it, he does actually eat it and gets poisoned himself. Yami gets the antidote and saves Jonouchi, but…I guess leaves Mokuba to die? Because the chapter just ends there.

Granted, I assume he has more antidote for such an occasion, and his servants were coming to help him, but still, that’s kinda messed up, Yami. Is that his penalty game?


This chapter was pretty unnecessary given that we already had a run-in with Psychokuba a couple chapters back, and some elements were pretty nonsensical. For instance, why did Mokuba choose to put the switch in a glass syrup bottle on the table as opposed to being in a remote in his pocket or on the underside of the table or something?

Not only is it very obvious that he’s cheating, even given the extremely weak explanation he gave, but he’s leaving the switch open to being smashed. Even if Yami didn’t do the trick with the Puzzle, he could’ve easily just gone over and smashed the thing. What would Mokuba do about it?

Then there’s the question of why Mokuba would eat the poisoned hamburger. I was going to say maybe it’s a pride thing, but anyone who would cheat at the drop of a hat doesn’t have much dignity to play with. Mokuba would have just thrown the food and surrendered the antidote.

It wasn’t a bad chapter because it set up the main overarching plot for the next several chapters, and the game was pretty interesting and intense, but it was still technically unneeded.

Next time, Kaiba brings Yugi and Jonouchi to Kaiba Land for a fun day out playing games! Also, to try and kill Yugi’s grandpa! Ya know, just a relaxing Sunday.

Final Notes: So, I play Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, and one of Mokuba’s decks is called ‘Poison Hamburger.’ It’s centered around the ritual monster, Hungry Burger. I always wondered what the hell Mokuba had to do with hamburgers because I never recalled him doing anything related to burgers in the anime.

This chapter explains everything.

It’s really weird, because Duel Links!Mokuba will also make references to being really good at Capsule Monsters when that’s another thing that wasn’t carried over into the anime.

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SSBS – Beyblade Episode 6: Dragoon Storm Review


Plot: Tyson faces off against Ray in the semi-finals. After getting savagely defeated in the first round, Kenny upgrades Tyson’s blade with a new untested defense ring. Can this newly outfitted Dragoon defeat the brutal slashes of Driger?


Segmented Battle

Round 1: Tyson (Dragoon S) vs. Ray (Driger S) – Victor: Ray

Round 2: Tyson (Dragoon S) vs. Ray (Driger S) – Victor: Tyson

Round 3: Forfeited by Ray

Overall Winner: Tyson

Breakdown: It’s finally time for Tyson’s match with Ray, and while Tyson is psyched for the match, Ray is being a conceited bored little prick.

Tyson is waiting for Kenny to show up since he was supposed to help trick out his Beyblade before the match, but Kenny is……somewhere doing research and trying to build a Beyblade for Tyson, I guess not realizing what time it is.

I was really confused by this because they made it sound like Kenny had Tyson’s Dragoon, and I was wondering how he’d be able to compete without it. But I guess Kenny’s just making a copy of Dragoon or something?

Max’s dad offers to modify Tyson’s blade, but then after thinking about for a second he rescinds his offer and tells them to go out anyway. Uh thanks for nothing, Mr. Tate.

Before this match, there are graphics showing the details of each Beyblader, which is also kinda cool and realistic (considering this is a televised sporting event), but once again I’m confused as all hell as to the status of Bit Beasts at this point. They not only know both Tyson and Ray’s Bit Beasts, but they also have graphics for both of them and list their special attacks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, I’m not quite certain the stats are correct. They’re pretty vague star ratings, but Dragoon has max attack and evasion with minimum defense, which I can buy, but Driger has medium attack and evasion with maximum defense. That just doesn’t sound right to me. I’d think the attack would be maxed and evasion and defense would be two stars, but I dunno.

The match starts, and Dragoon immediately vanishes. It reappears above Driger and slams down on it, smacking it away a bit, but it’s not enough to get it out of the stadium. Driger rushes towards Dragoon, and one of the announcers exclaims that Ray made Driger spin counter-clockwise… if he just did that now? I don’t think he did that mostly because that’s impossible.

Without summoning Driger, he uses his Tiger Claw attack to carve up Dragoon and send it flying out of the stadium.

Max: “Dad, how did Ray get his Beyblade to disappear?” He didn’t do that. Tyson made his disappear.

Ray wins the first round, but then he starts to walk away. Ray finds no reason to continue because he doesn’t see Tyson as a challenge. It’s weird. I really don’t remember Ray being such a cocky asshat. I remembered him being pretty humble. Maybe he gets better later?

Just so he’s not seen as forfeiting, he also points out that Tyson’s blade is in no condition to battle. If he can’t fix it, he can’t continue anyway.

Tyson is shocked by this, but dude….why? How else do you think you can compete? There are literal claw marks dug into your blade.


What’s more shocking is Tyson reveals he DIDN’T BRING ANY SPARE PARTS… a dumbass. Literally every other Beyblader we’ve seen in this tournament was seen holding a tool box with spare parts in it, but Tyson, the best Beyblader in his town, didn’t think to bring any spare parts to this Beyblade tournament. Good job, Tyson.

Luckily, Kenny shows up with a box of spare parts, saving Tyson’s ass. Kenny reveals that he’s been up all night (has it been a night?) coming up with a new “invention” that Dizzi designed. It’s a new defense ring……….Even though Dragoon S doesn’t have a defense ring. The part that Kenny is holding up is an attack ring, hence why it has the big blades on it. A defense ring is kinda similar to a weight ring, only plastic. It has no blades on it.


Kenny: “So in order to properly defend against his extraordinary assaults, I’m going to accelerate your Beyblade’s attack spin in the frontal area.”

Wow, Kenny, that was a bunch of beautiful gibberish. You’re going to defend against attacks by….spinning? What’s a Beyblade’s attack spin? Is there a defense spin? What the hell is the frontal area of a Beyblade? It’s a circle and it’s constantly spinning.

Kenny: “Unless we increase the Dragoon’s power attack, we might as well quit.” Power attack?

When Kenny introduces his new “defense” ring…..

Kenny: “It’s made from a special indestructible alloy…” ….Adamantium? Also, does this mean Kenny literally made this ring? Does he cut metal? This was before 3D printing.

Before he heads out, Kenny warns Tyson that the new ring hasn’t been field tested yet – it’s only been successfully simulation tested. However, Tyson has faith in Kenny’s skills.

I love when Kenny puts Dragoon back together and holds it up. They clearly forgot to add the rest of the detailing to the Beyblade and put a flesh color in the middle, so it just looks like Kenny is holding up the “defense” ring again.


Mr. Dickinson comes into the….locker room? Waiting room? Whatever this is, to have a talk with Ray. He’s still being super cocky and doesn’t even want to continue the tournament because he thinks every competitor is lame and he could beat everyone with his eyes closed. Dickinson tells him to not write off everyone just yet since they could surprise him.

DJ Jazzman: “So, if you two are ready, let’s get it on! I SAID IS EVERYBODY OUT THERE READY?!” You didn’t say that…….Nitpicky but….he didn’t.

DJ Jazzman: “Wow! Tyson has changed his shooting technique, and his Beyblade is just a blur!” Uh….he didn’t change his shooting technique at all. And his Beyblade literally vanished the last time they battled.

While the instability of the new ring is making Tyson’s Beyblade overheat, Ray’s attacks are less effective than they were before. Tyson goes on the offensive and starts making a tornado with Dragoon, which is something Kenny is surprised by even though he’s seen this before.

The tornado surrounds Driger, but Ray isn’t done quite yet. He unleashes Driger…..Forgive me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t that be pronounced like “tiger” not like “trigger”? I mean, saying it like “trigger” sounds better, but if the tiger motif is what they’re going for, you’d think it’d sound like “tiger.”

Anyway, summoning Driger eliminates the tornado, leaving everyone in shock. Kenny wishes Dizzi were there to witness this……why do you not have Dizzi? You carry Dizzi everywhere, and one of your favorite pastimes is recording and analyzing Beybattles with Dizzi.

Ray and Tyson both go on the offensive and match each other head to head for a little bit before Kenny chimes in.

Kenny: “Tyson, there’s something important I forgot to tell you! The defense ring isn’t built for attacking!”

Jesus tap dancing Christ, Kenny.

So, first of all, what you’re saying is you REPLACED his attack ring with a defense ring – not that this is just a secondary ring? You said this defense ring works by increasing his attack power and spin….but it’s not designed for attacking? What the hell is the point of this defense ring, Kenny? Was the plan to just see if Driger would lose spin before Dragoon?

Tyson’s not giving up either way, and…uh…the stadium starts vibrating?

Beyblade gif stadium

I think if Beyblades spinning within the arena can cause such violent vibration, maybe you need to tighten something.

Tyson calls out Dragoon, which shocks Ray even though I thought Tyson having a Bit Beast was known information if the graphic at the start was any indication. The two clash, Dragoon once again creating a massive tornado, and to everyone’s shock Driger is ejected from the stadium.

Tyson has won round two, and it’s now a tied game.

This is just so weird. Tyson, with his original attack ring, couldn’t so much as graze Driger. He puts on an unbalanced non-attack oriented “defense” ring that actually causes his Beyblade to overheat, and he pulls out a win. Okie dokie. Even Kenny doesn’t understand how that happened.

Max jumps down from his seat, which is like a 15 foot drop, to run to Tyson even though he didn’t win the full match – just that one battle.

Ray: “Why did….you let me…..lose the battle?” Why is…..your dialogue……….so stilted?

I guess one loss humbles the shit out of Ray because he immediately jumps down, congratulates Tyson and compliments his skills. Now they’re good buddies, I suppose. He also forfeits the final battle because he doesn’t think his skills can match Tyson.

That match was way too close for him to flip so hard. I mean, really, what kind of competitor is he if he trounces Tyson in the first battle, basically brushes him off for how easy he declared the battle, and then he quits after losing narrowly in the second battle?

In all honesty, we’ve only got about a minute of runtime left and they didn’t want this to be a two-parter, so off he goes.

Ray meets Dickinson in the hall to talk about it, and he reveals that he wants to join Tyson’s team.

With Ray out of the running, they immediately head off to the finals where Kai waits to face off against Tyson.


This was a pretty exciting episode, battle-wise. Everything-else-wise was much clunkier. Kenny made a completely nonsensical upgrade to Tyson’s Beyblade that I can only assume made more sense in the original Japanese version, and it still managed to eek out a win for him despite getting squashed before.

Ray’s heel turn also came out of nowhere. He was literally yawning and being completely disrespectful of Tyson beforehand, but he manages to get a win and he not only humbles himself and compliments Tyson, but he also bows out of the final round. At the very least, I’m pretty sure he’ll be much more tolerable to watch from this point on since, again, I didn’t remember him being such an asshat when I first watched this.

Next time, Tyson and Kai meet in the finals to finally have their rematch.

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My Poke-Pinions #66-68 The Superpower Line


Name: Machop is a combination of “macho” and “chop.” Machop is a good name. It’s snappy and fitting while also being kind cute.

In Japan, it’s known as Wanriki, which is a combination of “wan” for “arm” and “riki” for “strength.” This name doesn’t really appeal to me all that much. It’s fine and fitting, but I prefer Machop.

Fun Fact: Machop’s beta name was Kara-tee for karate. I actually think that would’ve been cute.

Design: I’ll admit, I used to find Machop kinda creepy looking, but now I find it pretty cute. Sure, humanoid Pokemon are always a bit weird either way, and Machop’s half-human half-dinosaur/Gumby body is something alright, but it’s got its own cute charm to it…..Not sure why it has a tail, but okay.

Sprite-wise, Gen I is pretty funny. Look at R/G’s doofy-ass face.

R/B looks a lot cuter, but it still looks like someone glued googly eyes to it.

Yellow is better, but those arms…..

Gen II is colored a bit oddly with Machop being more of a dirty bronze color than bluish-gray.

Most of the sprites beyond this point are pretty cute, except when we get to Gen VII where the default sprite looks smushed and weird.


Ah yet another shiny that looks like it’s spent a few hours swimming in pee. Shiny Machop isn’t too terrible compared to the other pee shinies, but I still wish they had chosen a different color.

Dex Entries and Backstory: Machop is strong, and a master of many martial arts. It loves using Graveler as a barbell for some reason. Its muscles never get sore or cramp no matter how much it trains, and it can throw 100 adults. It likes particularly nutritious foods in order to help build more muscle, and it strives to challenge a Makuhita to a fight.

Design-wise, Machop is obviously based on body-builders, but it also has some reptilian features incorporated into it. Why? I have no idea. But it works fine enough.


Name: Out of the three, I like Machoke’s name the least. I get that it’s making secondary theming by having each second word also begin with a ‘ch’ word, but “choke” just sounds a bit too much like this Pokemon’s a serial killer not a master martial artist or body builder. I get that chokeholds exist, but it’s not what my mind immediately jumps to when hearing the word “choke.”

In Japan, it’s known as Goriki, which means “herculean strength.” I like it better than Wanriki, but I still don’t care for it all that much.

Fun Fact: Like Machop was going to be known as Kara-tee in the beta version of the English games, Machoke was going to be known as Kung-Foo.

Design: Machoke looks even more human-like than Machop to the point where it now has spawned wrestling trunks. It also now has a championship belt, which is actually a power regulator.

Machoke is purple, so it’s already earning a few points with me. Otherwise, it’s a pretty okay design. Despite losing the tail, it retained some of its reptilian features, and I like that the stripes on its arms look muscle details.

Sprite-wise, R/G is just as doofy as Machop’s R/G sprite.

R/B is hilarious because Machoke looks cross-eyed there. The fact that it looks like its making armpit farts doesn’t help.

What the shit, Yellow? Ew.

Gen II looks alright…..barring the pec wiggle.

Gen III is alright too, but what’s up with the animation for Emerald? It looks like he suddenly decided to take a violent crap on the floor.

Everything else is alright. He’s just posing and flexing his muscles in various ways.

I will ask why Gen VI onward looks so gray. It’s like he now has Machamp’s colors instead of his own purple coloring.


If Machop was swimming in pee to make its shiny, Machoke was swimming in baby poo. The blue on the stripes is a nice touch, but otherwise, ew.

Luckily, they realized how barfy this looked and changed the shade as time went on. Gens IV and V look more like pine green, and it’s a lot nicer.

So of course they made it worse later by having every Gen beyond that point look like Machoke is sick.

Dex Entries and Backstory: Machoke is really strong. It is typically used to help with jobs involving heavy materials, like clearing land and construction. It never gets tired, and needs the aforementioned belt to regulate its power, which is weird because several Dex entries note that it always goes at full power.

Design-wise, Machoke has the same inspiration as Machop, except maybe with slightly more pro wrestler influence.


Name: I think Machamp is a perfect name for the final evo of this line. It’s the CHAMPION!

In Japan, it’s known as Kairiki, which translates to “superhuman strength”….not sure if that’s better or worse than “herculean strength” but okay.

Fun Fact: Beta!Machamp was going to be known as Ju-Doh.

Design: Out of the entire trio, Machamp weirds me out the most. I think it’s the four arms combined with the weird huge lips. Something about that combo is just weird. It doesn’t look terrible, but it kinda weirds me out, is all.

Sprite-wise, pbbbbbttttthahahahaha R/G again.

R/B just looks weird. It’s almost like it has three arms on its right side.

Yellow, for some reason, gives off 1920s cartoon vibes.

Gen II is very golden for some reason. I love the animation for Crystal.

What is up with the back sprite, though? It’s like it’s asking for a high five.

Everything else, which is mostly just flexing poses, is fine.

Gigantamax Machamp:

Mmmm….I don’t care for it. The face looks weird, I don’t much care for the charcoal gray color, and it’s just a weird shape. What is up with the Popeye-esque muscular structure of the arms? And why do the hands look too small/short? I do like the lava-esque cracks on the forearms, but that’s about it.

Shiny: More green, but I guess they got the memo with Machoke and decided to make most of Machamp’s shinies a pine or lime green….

….Barring Gen II of course, which looks more like overcooked asparagus green….

and Gen III, which looks more like the baby poop shade Machoke had.

Shiny Gigantamax Machamp is also green, but a darker shade.

I think it looks… The green doesn’t go well with the orange and yellow ‘lava’ cracks anymore. It makes me think Machamp’s turning into a citrus fruit.

Dex Entries and Backstory: Machamp is really, REALLY strong. It can throw punches from all four arms insanely fast, over 1000 in two seconds, and throw its victims over the horizon. One arm alone has the strength to move mountains. However, it has an issue with dexterity due to its four arms. It needs to really think about it before trying to do anything involving careful precision otherwise it may tangle its arms.

Gigantamax Machamp has punches so powerful that they sound like bomb blasts when they hit. It’s so strong that it once lifted a large ship back to port when it experienced trouble at sea.

Design-wise, the only difference between Machamp and the others in the line is that the blue skin and additional arms may be in reference to Hindu gods, Shiva or Vishnu.

And that was the Superhuman line. Honestly, not a whole lot to say, but it’s a pretty cool Fighting Type line, and it’s definitely a classic. Fun fact one last time – Machamp was the first ever holographic card I ever got, and I still have it.

Next time, the Bell Plant line!

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Pokemon Episode 66 Analysis: The Evolution Solution


CotD: Professor Westwood the Fifth – A renowned Pokemon professor who helped program the Pokedex, Professor Westwood is very proud of his lineage, which is made up entirely of fellow Pokemon researchers on his father’s side. Westwood is a bit eccentric, but he truly loves Pokemon.

Pokemon: A Slowpoke that eventually evolves into a Slowbro. Since he kinda stole Jessie’s Shellder, he might also have that too, technically?

Reappears?: No.

Plot: Ash’s mother, Misty and Brock head off to a beach resort for a vacation while Ash is left behind to train for the Pokemon League. He visits Professor Oak who explains that he’s currently struggling with one of the biggest mysteries of Pokemon – Why Slowpoke evolves when its tail is bitten by a Shellder.

Oak tells Ash that the only person who might be able to figure it out is Professor Westwood, a Pokemon researcher who helped program the Pokedex. He just so happens to reside in Seafoam Island where Ash’s mother and his friends just departed to. Ash happily offers to visit Westwood to help get the answer for Oak.

When he arrives, he recruits Misty and Brock and they head to Westwood’s lab. While Westwood is a bit of a nut, he is clearly dedicated to his work. Sadly, however, he does not have the answers Oak is searching for. He’s been trying to unlock this mystery for a long time in order to impress his peers at the Pokemon Symposium. While Slowpoke is quite the derpy Pokemon, Psyduck finds it to be a kindred spirit, and the two make good friends.

Team Rocket shows up to steal his Pokemon, even though he only has the Slowpoke he’s currently researching. Jessie has a surprise, though – a Shellder to turn it into a Slowbro. As Team Rocket tries to force Slowpoke to evolve, Psyduck comes out to protect its new friend.

While the battle is clumsy at best, Psyduck gets a massive headache when Shellder latches onto his head. The headache allows him to use his Psychic abilities and defeat Team Rocket. However, his victory is short lived because Shellder just latches onto Slowpoke’s tail afterward anyway, evolving it into Slowbro.

Team Rocket tries to take Slowbro, but with its new abilities upon evolution, it is able to easily Mega Punch them away.

Having witnessed Slowpoke’s evolution, Westwood finally understands why Shellder latches onto Slowpoke. With Shellder’s weight on Slowpoke’s tail, it is able to balance on its hind legs and frees up its front legs for use in order to use skills like Mega Punch. Shellder is also able to move on land while hitching a ride on Slowpoke.

The mystery now solved, Ash and the others head back, but not before Psyduck and Slowbro say their goodbyes….their long….very simple goodbyes.


– I get that Ash OBVIOUSLY needs to train for the Pokemon League, and I’m not at all saying he should go, but it’s pretty rude of his friends to head off with his mom and her friends to an island/beach getaway for a while and not even bother telling him.

– Speaking of this island getaway, Delia explains that it’s taking place on Seafoam Island, which is a pretty long way away from Pallet Town, but it seems that this is the dub’s weird change. This anime-exclusive resort is originally called Binnes, and is supposedly quite close to Pallet. I’ll assume it’s just on the beaches nearby Pallet that you take to get to Cinnabar. 4Kids changed it to Seafoam Island because I dunno. This is another instance of 4Kids thinking kids don’t pay attention to the stuff they’re consuming, I suppose.

– Why is Mr. Mine sweeping the dirt?


He keeps doing that.

– Ash: *In response to Oak being frustrated at not being able to figure out the mystery of Slowpoke’s evolution* “Why don’t you just use the Pokedex to look it up?” Ash….Oak MADE the Pokedex. What makes you think it has answers he doesn’t?

– If this Professor Westwood did know the secret to Slowpoke evolution, would those findings not be public and thus something Oak wouldn’t need to lookup? This is especially weird because Oak says Westwood helped him program the Pokedex, so wouldn’t he also put everything he knows into it?

– Why does Ash need to visit him? Why can’t they call? This technologically advanced yet somehow still technology starved world continues to confuse me.

– Brock: “He’s the guy who programmed the Pokedex!” Okay….if he’s the guy who programmed the Pokedex, wouldn’t his area of expertise be more on the side of computers and coding than Pokemon? (Originally, he wrote the Pokedex. I don’t really know what that means. Okido provided the data but Nishinomori wrote the blurbs or something? You’d think Okido could do that himself.) Also, Oak just said he HELPED program the Pokedex, not that he was the one who programmed the Pokedex. That’s a fairly significant discrepancy.

– What exactly is it with Pokemon and having family lines that all look identical? First the Jennys, then the Joys and now this guy’s family line.

– Admittedly, though, it is pretty funny that he clearly had his painting made to make him look so much more handsome when he looks the same as his ancestors.


– Misty: “You mean like Togepi?”

Westwood: “I’ve never seen another Pokemon quite like that one.” But….you helped program the Pokedex/wrote it. Togepi’s in the Pokedex….Huh?

– I definitely remember the running gag of Westwood freaking out and apologizing to each of his ancestors before realizing the last one is himself. Wasn’t funny back in the day, and it’s still not.

– Look, I get that this is a neat little tidbit about Slowpoke’s evolution, but you cannot convince me that Pokemon researchers have never witnessed a Slowpoke evolving before. They’re way too common for me to believe that.

– Misty: *In reference to Slowpoke’s category of the Dopey Pokemon* “It’s not very nice to call it dopey.” I agree, but I also think the part where it says, after ‘no one can ever tell what it’s thinking,’ “if it ever does think” is more rude.

– Misty: “Hey, it’s the same clueless expression Psyduck has!” ‘Boy, it’s mean to call Slowpoke dopey……Hey look at its clueless expression! I’ll also now insult my Psyduck at the same time!’

– If there’s one thing I definitely remember about this episode, it’s the ‘conversation’ between Psyduck and Slowpoke. It’s pretty funny.

– Wow, that Krabby is such a dick. It literally just hopped out of the water to pinch both of them on the tail and then left.

– Ash: “Look, it’s got a bite!”

Misty: “Well, at least it’s good at something. Unlike Psyduck.” Misty, don’t you have to go be a bitch somewhere else?

– Giovanni: “Ah, a nice relaxing day at the beach is just what I needed after Team Rocket’s headquarters was destroyed.” Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttttttttttthahahahahahahah! What a weird thing to say and do. “Dammit, my evil organization has been dealt a severe blow. One of the strongest Pokemon in existence escaped from my grasp, my headquarters was destroyed, my Gym was blown up by that group of nimrods I won’t fire for some reason……Ah well. Time to break out the Hawaiian shirts, order a pina colada and sunbathe my troubles away. Ahhh.”


– YAY SHELLDER! I love Shellder. We don’t see it enough in the series.


– James trying to emulate Ash is hilarious and adorable.

– Also, look, Ash, even James knows to battle a Pokemon before trying to catch it.

– I don’t really know any logical way they’d set this up, but there really should be some failsafe put in place to prevent other people from capturing Pokemon you weaken in battle. Jessie just straight-up steals Shellder from James after he and Weezing did so well in that battle.

– Why did Giovanni only instruct Jessie, James and Meowth to break into Westwood’s laboratory? He didn’t tell them to steal his research or his Pokemon – he just said to break into the laboratory because it might prove useful to him.

– Jessie and James doing their motto muffled underneath their parasail had me laughing out loud.

– Westwood is a Pokemon researcher with only one Pokemon? Oak observes and cares for hundreds. Why exactly did Oak think Westwood would be helpful with this mystery?

– Technically, the mystery has changed, hasn’t it? Oak was wondering WHY Shellder clamps onto Slowpoke’s tail, and Westwood is wondering why it turns into a spiral shape when Slowpoke evolves into a Slowbro.

– I find it quite concerning that the one time Slowpoke is thinking and moving quickly is to get away from Shellder, knowing it will bite its tail. That has very weird implications for the supposedly symbiotic relationship the two have upon evolution.

– Misty: “Wait a minute, Ash! We’re at the ocean, and Water Pokemon are my specialty!” I’m all for Brock and Misty being more active, but why does Misty frequently need the excuse of being near water or involving Water Pokemon to take the reins so often? Imagine if Brock was like “Hold on, Ash! We’re by rocks, and Rock Pokemon are my specialty!”

– Westwood: “Fascinating! I can present this to the symposium!” You want to present a Psyduck and a Slowpoke staring at each other to what is supposedly the most prestigious collection of scientists in the Pokemon researching world? Okie dokie.

– *Shellder bites Psyduck’s tail*

Ash: “It’s gonna be a Psybro! :D” That line was pretty funny because it’s clear Ash is being sarcastic while Misty seriously replies “I’ve never heard of a Psybro….”

– Misty: “Wah! Psyduck used its Tail Wag attack!” Tail Wag isn’t an attack, Misty.

Ash: “I made up that Psybro thing….” But Misty didn’t call Psyduck Psybro. I actually think this is a flub. I think the script was supposed to say or did say that Misty was supposed to call out for Psybro here, but either someone accidentally put “Psyduck” in the script or Rachel Lillis just said “Psyduck” without realizing the script said “Psybro.”

Veronica Taylor’s delivery of this line is funny enough for me to excuse this flub, though.


– Why would they purposefully attack Psyduck’s head? They’ve been on the receiving end of Psyduck’s headaches before.

– This whole battle on both sides is very funny. No one’s doing anything right.

– Psyduck suddenly cutting off his power from out of nowhere was funny too.

– Westwood: *after Slowpoke* “I’m the first researcher to witness this!” No, you’re not.

…..I’m not debating this. He’s not. I refuse to believe that no Pokemon researcher has ever seen a Shellder latch onto a Slowpoke tail. They fish with their tails, Shellder seem to be jonesin’ for that tail, and you can literally just apparently put a Shellder next to a Slowpoke and they’ll do it…..No…..No, he’s not the first researcher to witness this. Unless every other researcher in the Pokemon world is the most inept scientist in existence, no.

– Alright, so the given reason for why Shellder attaches to Slowpoke’s tail is because it’s mutually beneficial. Shellder is able to now move on land while Slowbro has use of its arms and can stand on two legs.

And that’s it. That’s your explanation.

Even as a kid, I thought that was kinda lame and unsatisfying as an answer. Shellder gains the ability to move on land. Okay….why does it need to do that? It seems like it does fine on the beach and in the sand. Also, it was chasing Slowpoke on the beach and was keeping pace with it even when it was running. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly mobile on land.

Slowpoke is able to walk on its hind legs now and can use its front legs. Okay….I get that it can use Mega Punch and stuff now, but walking on two legs seems like it would be even slower than walking on four. Also, now it looks to be much heavier, so that would be a hindrance as well.

I guess not everything in nature needs to make sense, but when you’re writing something, especially a story centered on an explanation of such a phenomena, you expect the answer to be a bit better and make more sense than that.

I usually save these bits for My Poke-Pinions, but let’s see what the Pokedex entries have to say about this.

Bear in mind that most of these explanations were written years later.

According to the Pokedex, Shellder really latches onto Slowpoke’s tail because it likes the taste. Pokemon Stadium says the tail is crunchy….eugh, while Crystal…..”An attached Shellder won’t let go because of the tasty flavor that oozes out of its tail.”

Who wrote that? That’s so gross.

R/S explains that Slowpoke loses the ability to fish with its tail when it evolves, forcing it to swim and fish that way. Hm, let’s see, be able to stand on their hind legs and punch people or more easily and conveniently catch the food it needs to survive? Hmmm.

Then we have Ultra Moon with this helpful tidbit.

“Shellder, in its greed to suck out more and more sweetness from Slowbro’s tail, has metamorphosed into a spiral-shaped shell.” Excuse me—what?! How does that make sense?! Why does greed for more…..eugh…..tail sweetness equate to becoming a spiral shape?

These entries have to get better, right?

Sword: “Sweet flavors seeping from the tail make the Shellder feel as if its life is a dream.”

EUGHDSJ…….Galarian Slowbro Pokedex entries have to be less gross, right?

Shield: “If this Pokémon squeezes the tongue of the Shellder biting it, the Shellder will launch a toxic liquid from the tip of its shell.”

Speaking of which, they never do explain why Shellder becomes a spiral shape when Slowpoke evolves nor why Slowpoke full on evolves when a Shellder clamps on to a Slowpoke’s tail as opposed to it just, ya know….living with a Shellder on its tail. What is it about Shellder’s presence that prompts evolution?

Interestingly, the Dex entries also explain that Slowbro is a rare example of a Pokemon being able to devolve. If the Shellder comes off, or its tail breaks off, it reverts back to being a Slowpoke. Natural devolution is so rare that only one other Pokemon, Exeggcutor, has been recorded doing this as well. In the case of Exeggcutor, when one of their heads fall off, it becomes an Exeggcute again. Even unnatural devolution is extremely rare and complicated, usually involving powerful beings or very specific conditions and devices.

I would say trying to record a Slowbro devolving by taking the Shellder off its tail is much more interesting and unique than trying to understand its evolution. In fact, numerous Pokemon are shown to evolve by combining more than one creature, like with Magneton or Dugtrio, so outside of wondering why Shellder gains a spiral shell, which is never answered really, it’s not uncharted territory.

– Slowbro and Psyduck taking forever to say goodbye to each other was also very funny.


Dogasu had something to add about this episode that I kinda wanted to respond to.

As for the rest of the episode, the shonen anime “training arc” of the series is now officially underway and while Satoshi is rarely seen doing any actual training it’s kind of fun to see him try to be a serious Trainer for all of five seconds before finding some really flimsy excuse to just take the whole day off to go goof off somewhere. It’s a very ten-year-old boy thing to do, right? Satoshi being really bad at staying focused on training will be a running theme throughout this arc and even though he does eventually lose because of some B.S. disqualification the arc still manages to do a good job of making it clear that Satoshi is simply not ready to win the Pokemon League, sleeping Lizardon or not.

I think comparing this to a shounen training arc is both pretty apt and pretty funny purely because of the sheer lack of training that actually goes on.

From now until the Indigo League actually starts, I’m going to rate how well these episodes fare as training episodes.

This one? A flat zero. Even Misty points out that Ash missed a day of training to help Westwood. I don’t care if Ash brushes it off like learning about Pokemon is training. Studying? Yes. That counts as training. Learning about Slowpoke evolution? No. When would that ever prove useful in a League match? Study that some other time.

As for Dogasu’s point about it being very much a ten-year-old boy thing to do to brush off work to go play, well, yes, but also not really. I can totally get kids flaking on doing schoolwork or chores to go goof off. I definitely did that as a kid. But flaking on stuff you’re passionate about? I get that to some degree as well because many kids, at heart, just want to play around and have fun, especially if they know their friends are doing it too.

However, if you’re the one pushing for this goal – literally no one but Ash is pushing him to be a future Pokemon Master – you’d think they wouldn’t have as much problem actually putting effort into it. Goofing around for one episode or two? Yeah, sure, fine, understandable. However, goofing off even when you have stuff to do that’s important to you usually comes after you’ve already done some work. Ya know, as a bit of a break. This seems to be Ash’s first day of official training, yet he can’t muster the motivation to train for more than *checks watch* zero minutes?

I agree that this whole arc perfectly encompasses why Ash just isn’t ready to win the Indigo League anyway, despite his specific issues with Charizard, but I still get irked at the fact that Gary lost before Ash, and he clearly had a much better work and study ethic than Ash did. Not to mention that the lesson at the end of the Indigo League is that Ash screwed up with Charizard specifically and doesn’t get an earful of “Well, what do you expect when you barely do any training on your journey and then spend only about 5% of your time in between earning your final badge and the start of the League actually training?”

So, yeah, as a ‘training’ episode, this one falls really flat.

As an episode as a whole, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It was definitely more geared towards just being pure entertainment because there’s nothing they really learned in this episode, and there’s not much of a story so much as just things happening. The entire story can be summed up in a sentence. It made up for it a lot with how genuinely funny it was. Slowpoke and Psyduck are always funny on their own, but the two of them together is fantastic, and there were plenty of other funny moments from other characters throughout the episode.

Next time, surfing Pikachu!

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SSBS – Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 8: The Three Eyes of Hiei Review


Plot: Yusuke and Botan, who is now posing as a classmate of his, catch up on the roof of the school. Botan has used her healing powers to help Yusuke recover for his next battle, and Kurama has been freed by the Spirit World punishment board on good behavior.

Things aren’t all great though, as Keiko spots Yusuke and Botan hanging out. They act suspicious around her, since Yusuke is trying to keep his Spirit Detective job a secret from her. As a result, she believes there’s something romantic going on between them.

Pressing Spirit World matters come first before Yusuke’s love life, however. Yusuke has one more artifact to retrieve – The Shadow Sword – and it’s in the hands of his toughest enemy yet, Hiei – the fire apparition with a third Jagan eye that grants him great power.

In order to get Yusuke to hand over the other two artifacts willingly, Hiei kidnaps Keiko and holds her hostage. His plot works, and Yusuke hands over the Orb of Baast and the Forlorn Hope to Hiei, but this face-off is far from over.

Hiei reveals that he’s struck Keiko with the Shadow Sword. In moments, when the third eye on her head opens wide, Keiko will become a mindless demon slave. Only the elixir stored in the sword’s hilt can change her back. Botan uses her Spirit Energy to help keep the eye from closing while Yusuke battles Hiei, but the battle is very one-sided.

Hiei is incredibly fast and powerful, especially once he transforms into his full demon state. Botan struggles even more upon this transformation as Keiko’s new demon eye starts feeding on Hiei’s demonic energy. Yusuke is able to get in some good shots, but Hiei quickly regains the upper hand, binding Yusuke with chains of demonic energy.

Just as he’s about to finish off Yusuke for good, Kurama suddenly bursts in and steps in the way of his sword strike. He cuts himself on the blade and throws the blood back in Hiei’s Jagan eye. With the eye blinded, Yusuke becomes unbound. Kurama goes to help Botan keep Keiko from transforming while Yusuke fights Hiei once more.

Hiei realizes that Yusuke becomes much more powerful the more the people he care about are put at risk, so he decides to end the battle once and for all. Yusuke tries to shoot Hiei with his Spirit Gun, but misses due to Hiei’s swift speed. However, Hiei is still struck from behind by the blast. Yusuke had used the Forlorn Hope, which had fallen on the floor in the battle, to bounce the Spirit Gun back and hit Hiei.

The Forlorn Hope was destroyed, but Hiei was vanquished.

Yusuke gives the elixir to Keiko, and her transformation is reversed. The group all delight in his victory, but it seems this was another instance of Yusuke’s dumb luck because he honestly didn’t know if the Spirit Gun could bounce off mirrors – he mostly just guessed.

Back at school the next day, Botan relays that, while they did retrieve the artifacts in time, King Yama still found out that they were stolen since the sword had blood on it and the Forlorn Hope was shattered. As a result, Koenma received 100 spankings.

Keiko spots the two of them hanging out again, and since Yusuke hasn’t been able to tell her about his secret, and she doesn’t remember anything about the events with Hiei, she assumes, again, and they’re romantically involved. Yusuke rushes to correct her, but she’s not very open to listening to him.

Yusuke’s first case is closed, but there is a new challenge right over the horizon.

Breakdown: Hey Keiko, you’re looking a bit distressed.

Damsel in distress.

I don’t know what I was doing with that joke.

Anyway, this episode is pretty good. It’s not the greatest, and I don’t think it’s a fantastic debut of Hiei, but it’s pretty good. I always kinda disliked Hiei’s full demon form. It’s not absolutely horrible, but it’s ugly and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why is that his full demon form? He’s a fire apparition, and the Jagan eye was surgically implanted, yet his full demon form is green skin and eyes all over his body.

And what was the point of mind-controlling all of those humans? They pretty much disappeared after they handed over Keiko.

Wonder where they went. Hm. Must’ve burned to a pile of white ash considering the sun is basically giving eskimo kisses to the earth right outside.


Seriously, animators, tone the sun and moon sizes down.

That being said, Hiei is still a very significant threat who very nearly did kill Yusuke if Kurama hadn’t bamf’d in and saved him. Have I mentioned how much I love Kurama? Because it’s a lot. Dude took a sword to the stomach for Yusuke and used his own blood to down Hiei while shrugging off the wound like it was nothing. Badass is an understatement.

Plus, Botan even got a moment of badassery. If it weren’t for her, Keiko would be all demonized right now. But, speaking of Botan….she has healing powers? Where were these earlier? And why is this even being brought up? Wasn’t he more or less recovered after his meeting with Kurama? I know he was hobbling around when Kurama called him out, but he was basically fine when he met him at the hospital. Did they just want to ensure no one would ask why Yusuke’s at full power even though he got a whuppin’ by Gouki?

I honestly don’t remember her using healing powers in the future, but maybe I’m forgetting something.

As a whole, this arc was a great start for Yusuke, and it’s allowed him to grow as a fighter and a Spirit Detective quite a bit more. We’ve also learned, in typical shounen fighting hero fashion, that his powers get stronger when the people he cares about are in danger or wounded.

Speaking of shounen fighting anime, get your brackets ready – it’s time for our first tournament arc! The powerful psychic, Genkai, is looking to pass on her abilities before she passes away, so she holds a tournament to determine who is most worthy of her power. To ensure her incredible abilities don’t fall into the wrong hands, Yusuke is tasked with joining the tournament. Can he beat out the rest and become Genkai’s pupil?

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Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5: Smile, Mint! A Fancy Lady, Forlorn Review


Wow…..This episode was great.

Mint-centric stories tend to be hit or miss with me usually because, on one hand, she has some of the deepest development and layers of the main characters, but on the other hand she still frequently reverts back to just being her annoying and spoiled self.

This episode basically melds her original origin story with the episode where she deals with Zakuro rejecting them and calling her annoying. Not only does it manage to do that without being clunky and weird, but it makes its own unique story and shines brighter than the previous two stories.

After Zakuro rejects the invitation to be a Mew Mew and calls Mint annoying, it sends Mint into a depression. She’s doing her best to cover it up by working and being generally pleasant, but her friends know something is very wrong with her. To cheer her up, they visit her at her mansion.

Mint initially is annoyed by them, not understanding their efforts in cheering her up or hanging out with her. The situation is made worse by the presence of her older brother, Seiji. He was a one-off character in the original anime they brought over into the reboot, which is something I welcome because I think Mint having a brother creates an interesting dynamic for her.

Seiji is a very sweet kid. He’s extremely polite, accommodating and kind to the girls while clearly loving his sister very much. However, Mint hates the fact that Seiji treats her like a little kid who needs constant protection and guidance and can’t be trusted to do things on her own. A mindset that is particularly weird considering she’s literally being brought up with intentions on making her an important figurehead in her father’s massively successful company alongside Seiji.


I dunno if the idea is that Seiji is doing all of the legwork and actual training and studying while Mint will just be able to pop in and have her brother take care of everything while she coasts or something.

Being brought up in an incredibly rich household does tend to breed sheltered children who just inherit powerful jobs because their parents give them those positions. Many times, they really don’t have to do much in life because their parents will pay for everything. Maybe they have to put in an effort at school, but, sadly, even that seems more unlikely every day.

Having the foresight to look at yourself in that situation and actually be sad that everyone around you pretty much just wants you to be taken care of instead of allowing you to take care of yourself would certainly be frustrating. Many kids would just gladly accept the free pass through life. Her parents don’t care at all about her own desires and are basically just shaping her into what they want her to be.

When she found out she was a Mew Mew and Shirogane and Akasaka told them they needed her to help save the world, her outlook changed drastically because that was the first time anyone had ever told her they needed her.

While this is a great change to Mint’s origins, it’s also disappointing because we never really get to see the circumstances surrounding how she became the first Mew Mew. Maybe this will be covered in a future episode, but I’m starting to really doubt it.

A few years prior to the start of the series, she discovered Zakuro and was enamored by how strong-willed and independent she was despite being ‘the same age’ as her…..Gonna question the ‘same age’ thing pretty hard because Zakuro may have been aged down a tad between versions, but she certainly still looks a couple years older than the other girls. I mean, look at Zakuro in that video in the flashback and compare how Mint looks.

Anyway, finding out Zakuro was a fellow Mew Mew was a huge moment for her. When Zakuro not only turned them down but called her annoying, she was obviously gobsmacked. However, she took the time afterward to try and understand why Zakuro would say that. Then she realized that she was putting Zakuro on a pedestal. Despite loving her from a distance, she had no idea who Zakuro truly was as a person outside of her public persona. She just made assumptions about her and pushed her own desires for Zakuro onto her without learning what she wants or respecting her views, so of course Zakuro would see her as annoying.

That last part I inferred on my own because she stops the explanations at the part where she explained she didn’t know anything about her besides her public persona, but it was implied that’s what she was going for.

All of this is being conveyed to Ichigo, Pudding and Lettuce during a really sweet and emotional extended conversation that they were having during a sleepover.

I really appreciate that they actually took the time to stop for a bit and analyze Mint’s reaction and thoughts on what happened with Zakuro because they really didn’t do much with it in the original anime. She was just sad until Ichigo convinced Zakuro to join up with them.

The scene is similar in the manga, as far as I remember, but they only really have them coming over to cheer Mint up and starting a pillow fight. They didn’t have a long conversation between the pillow fight and Kisshu’s appearance like they do here.

It may sound weird that I’m appreciating a mere conversation being included here, but I don’t think we ever got enough of the girls just talking regularly and having deep conversations without it being about Mew Mew stuff or Ichigo and Aoyama. I think scenes like these are really necessary to help solidify the friendship between the group, especially when all too often it felt like the girls weren’t organically a collective group friends instead of just being support for Ichigo.

The weakest part of the episode happens after this conversation. Kisshu just shows up out of nowhere, asks Ichigo on a date, then he turns Mickey (Mint’s dog) into a Chimera Animal when she says no. They really couldn’t think of any better way of introducing the conflict into the episode. No big evil plan or anything – just ‘Date me Ichigo!’ ‘No!’ ‘Oh whatever then. Guess I’ll try to kill you all.’

He did basically the same thing in the last episode. What gives?

They transform, and we get a slight glimpse into Lettuce’s transformation. From what I saw of it, it seems pretty cool. She’s swimming like a mermaid, and her flip before what I think is probably the shot before her pose is all underwater. Really want to see the full version, but looks cool so far.

They try to battle Mickey, but Mint doesn’t have the heart to do so, not wanting to hurt her dog. None of the others can attack Mickey either because of Mint’s apprehension. You’d think if one of them would be suitable for this job it’d be Pudding. Her attack just encases in the enemy in gelatin.


Either way, it looks like the girls are legitimately screwed for a bit. They just keep getting viciously smacked away and can’t hope to overpower Mickey without their Mew Mew abilities. They are totally reliant on Mint making the choice to step up and do what she has to in order to save all of them.

This is certainly a tough choice, even if she knows Mickey won’t die. (I’ve never seen any of the animals they free from being a Chimera Animal be severely hurt or killed) she still has to hurt him a little in order to free him. The other girls obviously don’t want to hurt Mint’s dog, so they leave the decision in her hands, knowing she’ll do what’s right for everyone. And she does. She saves Mickey. She saves her friends. Everything’s good again.

Kisshu decides to take advantage of Ichigo’s weakened state to try and kidnap her, but Mint isn’t having that. She declares Ichigo as a good friend of hers, which is a big deal considering she denied calling them her friends before to her brother. She threatens Kisshu with her bow, forcing him to leave, but not until he makes it clear that he’s going to kill Zakuro next so she will never be able to join their team.

So yeah outside of the laughably weak motivations for Kisshu’s appearance and the slight disappointment that is the possibility that this is the only glimpse into Mint’s new Mew Mew origin story, this was a really great episode for both Mint and their friendship group as a whole.

I really enjoyed it, and I hope these types of episodes keep coming.

Next time, can the Mew Mews save Zakuro and convince her to join their team?

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AniManga Clash! Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero Episode 20 (Placeholder Review)


We’ve finally gotten to the last of Kaiba’s Shitennou – Daimon – and this one’s pretty intriguing. Daimon is basically Kaiba’s surrogate grandfather/mentor, much like Sugoroku is to Yugi. Ever since Kaiba was a child, Daimon taught him everything he knew about games. Back then, Kaiba had a deep and sincere kindness and passion for gaming, but the kindness in his heart vanished over time.

Daimon was very elderly and sick even when Kaiba was a child. You may be wondering how Daimon is Kaiba’s last Shittenou if he was so badly off even back when Kaiba was young. Surely, there’s no way he’s alive now, let alone strong enough to be Kaiba’s Shitennou.

Well, Kaiba loaded him up with cybernetic organs and synthetic….stuff flowing through his veins that allow him to live even though, by Daimon’s own admission, he should have died a long time ago, and is basically a walking corpse. Even a doctor says as much. Daimon has to, for lack of a better word, charge or hibernate in a special pod for most of his day. He can only last about three hours outside of the pod before he is back on death’s door.

Basically, Kaiba turned his mentor into a cybernetic zombie, and that is insane and awesome on levels I can’t even fathom.

Kaiba remains to have a lot of respect for his mentor, enough to do all of this to make him his final Shitennou, but it’s clear his kindness and caring are mostly gone even for someone as important to his past as Daimon.

The only manga note in this episode comes from chapter 40. In the chapter, Mokuba recaps his and Seto’s history, eventually leading up to Kaiba taking over the company behind Gozaburo’s back. In the manga, when he’s faced with this betrayal, Gozaburo commits suicide by smashing himself through the window and falling several stories to his death. He’d rather die on his terms than accept failure. In the anime, we get this scene in real time, not a flashback. However, in this version, Gozaburo is too scared at the concept of dying once he reaches the window and has a heart attack, which seemingly kills him. (Daimon says he wishes to pay his respects to Gozaboro immediately after this happens, so I assume he’s dead.)


Despite the fact that I do like Daimon and really wish he was a character who had been carried over into the 2000 anime, this episode is pretty darn bland. It’s a shame considering it’s the final Shitennou showdown.

A good chunk of the episode is taken up by Daimon and Kaiba’s backstories together. Then Yugi kinda causes Daimon’s car to crash by walking out in the middle of the street to get to a game store.

Daimon’s unconscious when the car crashes and is taken to a hospital. Yugi waits in tormented anguish thinking he’s either badly hurt or killed someone, but the doctor rather non-nonchalantly tells him it’s no big deal because he was already dead before the crash. (By the way, they never say if the driver was okay.) He explains all of the tech and surgeries that are being used to keep him alive long beyond his intended death.

Daimon wakes up and reveals he’s mostly fine. He immediately challenges Yugi to a game of Duel Monsters when he sees the cards in his pocket. Daimon manages to win, but he respects and admires Yugi because he reminds him of Kaiba when he was younger.

Later, Anzu and Yugi go to an amusement park together, and once again Anzu notes that Yugi acts like a little kid and longs to meet “Cool Yugi” once more…..*sigh* Also, she’s a damsel in distress in this episode because why the hell not?

They enter a monster house because Yugi thinks it will scare Anzu and get her cuddling up with him, but he’s disappointed when she starts petting the giant monster animatronics and saying they’re cute.

One of the monster robots grabs Anzu, puts her head in its mouth and she passes out. Kaiba and Daimon reveal themselves in a dome above them, and Kaiba tells Yugi to duel Daimon or else he’ll crush Anzu’s head in the robot’s mouth. Also, the dome somehow reads their minds, and this ability somehow creates perfect holograms of the monsters and everything they’re playing, because I guess that’s literally the only thing they’re thinking about.

Shadow Game (Not Really)


It’s just a simple game of Duel Monsters, so…..yeah none of it makes any sense. They don’t even keep track of the Life Points at all. It’s ridiculous, quite frankly. Out of all the duels so far, this is probably the one with the least amount of explanations outside of that first montage duel Yugi had with the first Shitennou. It’s a little insulting that this episode is all about people who have a great respect and passion for games but then when it comes to depicting one they’re just like “Yeah, just show monsters doing shit. I don’t care.”

Because it takes a staggering 16 minutes before any duel actually happens, they have to slam that gas pedal and rush through this duel. I’m going to try and go through this duel turn by turn to see if I can make actual sense of it.

Daimon sets one card face down (Yes, they finally start using that mechanic, although he doesn’t declare this part of the move.) and then summons Skull Bat with an ATK of 800.

Yugi, now Yami, plays King Rex with an ATK of 1200 and declares an attack.

Daimon states that the attack of the King Rex triggers his trap, Golgotha’s Punishment, which immobilizes King Rex. Also, Skull Bat is able to defeat King Rex now for some reason. I tried to translate the text on the card with Google Translate, but the footage is too low quality, and Daimon’s thumb is covering half of it. The Wiki just says it reduces the enemy’s ATK by “???” I do see an 8 at least, and maybe a 7, but that’s about it.


Either way, they don’t update the Life Point counter, so there’s no way to tell. It has to be more than a 400 point reduction, though, given the ATK point differences between the two at base stats.

Yami plays Big Tree in defense mode with 600 DEF points.

Daimon then summons Bloody Zombie with an ATK of 700 and attacks the Big Tree. Yami activates the trap card he DIDN’T SET FIRST. So glad the continuity is as pristine as ever. The trap is called Miraculous Water, and unlike Golgotha’s Punishment, we actually know what the text on this card says…..and it’s just useless flavor text. “Those who go against its torrents are swallowed up,

and in time give water to the earth.” How the hell does anyone know what traps and magic cards do if they don’t have their effects written on the card?

This is one of the bullshittier cards. Miraculous Water causes a wave to wash over the opposing monster that triggered the trap and destroy them. Not only that, but the water also feeds the tree, prompting it to create and drop seeds. These seeds sprout, and the plant that grows from it destroys the Skull Bat.

Being fair, yeah, that is kinda what the flavor text describes, but if someone did that and pointed to the flavor text as the true explanation, I’d call bullshit. I could believe it destroys the attacking enemy and powers up earth-based creatures, but it doesn’t imply anything about immediately destroying other monsters.

Anyway, again, I can’t determine any Life Point changes here, if there are any.

After this turn, Daimon doubles over in pain. He’s spent too much time outside of his pod and is starting to deteriorate. Kaiba immediately activates a series of tubes that pump Daimon with probably a liter or more of intense painkiller that allows him to continue.


To help him along, Kaiba puts an extremely obvious visor over Daimon’s eyes that allow him to see Yami’s cards. It’s so obvious, in fact, that Kaiba might as well just stand behind Yami and yell out each card he draws. Kaiba, why bother keeping Daimon alive for the express purpose of using his awesome gaming skills to defeat Yugi if you’re just going to encourage him to cheat?


Daimon refuses to use the visor since he’s an honorable duelist who would never resort to cheating.

Daimon plays his…..Isn’t it Yami’s turn?……..Whatever, Daimon plays Golden Pegasus in attack mode with an ATK power of…..uhhh…..Dammit, this series needs to be released in HD.

According to the Wiki….it’s…..000?….Uh….okay…..Why the actual hell would Daimon, this supposed game master, play a monster with no ATK points in ATTACK MODE?

Yami plays Devil Dragon, which, considering it’s just Koumori Dragon, I know has 1500 attack.

The dragon beats the pegasus, so, at the very least, Daimon should be sitting at 500 LP.

Daimon then summons Fairy Ophelia in attack mode with 350 ATK. Devil Dragon defeats it, and Yami wins.

Nevermind. I thought I was watching a duel that followed rules and logic. Silly me.

Daimon then summons Bug Demonmyst with 200 ATK and 400 DEF, but I don’t know what mode it was in.

Devil Dragon also makes quick work of the bug.

Yami wonders what Daimon is doing summoning weak monsters that will obviously fall to his dragon, and Daimon reveals his secret strategy. He summons Zombiemaster, which resurrects all of the fallen monsters over the course of the duel (from the player’s graveyard) and absorbs their power. The Wiki says it gives Zombiemaster “????” amount of ATK points for each monster and allows multiple attacks per monster resurrected. However, if it is as Daimon explained it, that would mean he’d get 350+200+literally zero added onto 500, which is 1050, which isn’t enough to defeat Devil Dragon.

Whatever, he defeats Devil Dragon.

On Yami’s next turn, he summons three monsters in attack mode.

The first is King Beetle with 1400 ATK, the second is Dark Mammoth (I think) with 600 ATK and the final monster is Mushroom Man with 800 ATK.

Daimon defeats all of them in one swoop because, apparently, another effect Zombiemaster has is being able to attack multiple times in a single turn depending on how many monsters he resurrected with it.

Yami uses Revive the Dead on Fairy Ophelia, which….I don’t think he can do because, at the moment, Fairy Ophelia is not dead. It was ‘resurrected’ by Zombiemaster, was it not? I guess the Wiki acts as if the monsters are more representations of Zombiemaster’s acquired power than actually resurrected, and, looking at the field, Daimon only has two cards out, so maybe that is right.

Anyhoo, Yami revives Fairy Ophelia, which reduces Zombiemaster’s power by whatever since it has one less monster in the graveyard to draw power from.

Yami: “If the dead are revived, Zombiemaster loses its power. Its power returns to normal.” Huh….does that mean Zombiemaster needs at least three monsters in the graveyard for its ability to work at all?

Yami uses Flute of Light on his new Fairy Ophelia which lets himmm…..*Translates flavor text* “Sacred timbre becomes light and evokes the true power of fairies.” …..Hmmmm…….pbbbbbttttttttt….He wins okay?

Daimon collapses after the defeat, and Kaiba walks away, seemingly not caring that his once beloved mentor and grandfather figure is on the floor dying. Yami comes up to him, and Daimon takes his hand pleading with Yami to return the kindness that he knows Kaiba still has deep within him. Meanwhile, Kaiba’s outside stepping on some kid’s orange that fell on the ground. Guys, he’s abandoning his dying mentor because he lost a card game. We don’t need bonus proof Kaiba’s a dick.

It’s implied that Daimon dies in Yami’s arms, and Anzu is freed from the robots. She’s been passed out this whole time? Someone get Anzu to a hospital. That’s not normal.

And, uh, that’s it.


Not much else to say, really. Oh, they do tease Kaiba Land, which will be important for the second to last arc, but other than that, that’s it.

Again, it’s a shame they never implemented Daimon into the reboot. There was a good opportunity there for some extra humanity points for Kaiba instead of just relying on his bond with Mokuba.

Poor Daimon all around, really. The guy chooses to live a sad existence spending most of his time in a pod, only being let out when he’s needed to play games or test Kaiba’s new equipment. And all just to do whatever he can to turn Kaiba back to the kind kid he knew before he passes on, which he couldn’t do. It’s really sad.

Next time, Kaiba kidnaps Yugi’s grandpa and starts the events of the final arc, the Death-T trials in Kaiba Land.

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Alright, You Have Got to be Kidding Me

Screenshot 2023-04-24 215628



I am laughing my ass off. My cheeks hurt. Am I on some Youtuber’s prank show? Are you kidding me with this? I thought they were, at the very least, purposefully avoiding recycling my content theft posts for VERY obvious reasons, but nope. Five minutes ago I got this notification because, again, I had links to my own content in the post so it notified me that someone else was posting the links.

Either they’re mocking me or they’re using a bot who just crawls a bunch of different anime blogs, puts the posts in some kind of filter and then posts them automatically. That’s the only way this makes sense.

I know I said I was done with them, and I am now, but I couldn’t ignore this. Beautiful self-report. Mwah. Bravo, Mangarabe. Thank you for one last belly laugh.

Ya know what? I’m going to put another link to a post of mine in here just to see if they take this one too. I’ll update this post if they do. Geez, I was angry before. Now I’m just doubled over in laughter. You can’t make this stuff up, man.

EDIT 4/27/23: Yup! They took this one too! Thank you, WordPress notifications. Unreal. And my other post is still up there as well. Literally no one is keeping an eye on that place. It’s weird as hell. Also, I just now realized they aren’t even hosting the images themselves. They’re direct linking to the images on my posts. Can these people do nothing themselves?

Screenshot 2023-04-27 101106

Content Theft UPDATE #2


Mangarabe’s back. Somehow, they got their account unsuspended and they’re back up and running. Not only that, but

Yeah, they’re still stealing content – including mine. They just stole my most recent Hell Girl manga review and my newest Flint the Time Detective SDC entry.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 144055

HOWEVER, they noticeably didn’t steal my recent posts about content theft. Golly gee fuckin’ willikers. I wonder why. What a mystery.

They had to have read those posts and yet guess what else returned?

Screenshot 2023-04-24 140003

Yup, that giant abyss of a sinkhole in their security is right back up there, front and center. Do you not just not care? Is your view on community so accepting you’re just opening the door for anyone to become an admin of your site? Talk about working on the honor system, which is ironic given the, ya know, thieving you do.

Oh and they’re also still reporting on morbid QVC facts for…..some reason.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 135601

At this point, I don’t know what to do. I don’t really think there’s anything I can do if someone actually managed to get them suspended and they were able to, I guess, appeal and get their account back.

I’m sick of this whole situation. I’m just leaving this at don’t go to this place. If you do, only do it to check to see if your content or the content of someone else has been stolen so they can know about it – use an adblock extension to avoid giving any ad revenue to them. Otherwise, just help spread the word of what this place is doing so either people can avoid it or maybe someone with more knowledge/skills/power than me can do something about it.

Oh by the way, as a final note that I didn’t mention before, just because I’m that salty, they even stole their logo from

Screenshot 2023-04-24 143453

Yes, it does say free for personal and commercial use, but with attribution, which Mangarabe doesn’t give anywhere on the site. Also, their logo is weird, isn’t it? Their name, as written all over the site, is Mangarabe, but the logo says Manga Arabe. Did they put that through a crappy translation program too? This whole site defies logic.

For those anyone missing context, please see these posts:

PSA – Content Theft

Content Theft UPDATE