Amon (Manga) Volume 6 (FINALE) Review

Plot: As the apocalypse surges, Akira struggles to maintain his resolve, and Cadney rears up for his final assault. Meanwhile, the demons plot to finally break Akira by taking away the one thing in this world that gives him hope.

The world’s crumbling.

Will anyone be left standing?

Breakdown: If you’ve already read the ending of the original Devilman series, there’s not really much to hold you to this volume. It is, by default, essentially the ending of the original manga just with a few more details and added scenes put in.

The biggest buildup so far has been Cadney, but since he had no role whatsoever in Devilman, we can assume his role here is nothing to write home about.

And it’s not. It’s incredibly disappointing.

We learn that Cadney was present at the Black Sabbath party, but he was the only one, besides Ryou, to keep his humanity during the whole thing. He huddled up on the floor and believed him to be the only one to truly be a self-controlled devilman since even Akira was losing control back then. However, it’s revealed that Cadney’s demon side is really just fragments of Amon, somehow.

He starts to lose control of his demon powers and tries to assimilate with Amon. Manjirou, who had been assimilated last volume, suddenly pops up and sets Cadney on fire as his final act. That was a pretty nice twist for such a minor character.

Oh yeah, Cadney latches onto Amon later and reanimates Miki’s body to taunt him only to be decapitated a page later. Pretty pointless.

Another new scene we get is Akira fighting Amon, literally. They split off from each other and have an evenly matched fight. It’s pretty awesome, but really short lived because Ryou interrupts.

For anyone who has never read the original Devilman, I’d imagine this final chapter would be really weird. We gear up for a final showdown between Ryou/Satan and Akira/Amon, but then we cut away to the very start of the story when Ryou’s saving Akira from Dosuroku and his gang back when they were thugs. As he did then, he calls himself crazy and the story just ends. If I was reading this without having read Devilman, I’d be insanely confused, and I’d feel very ripped off.

To recap the ending of Devilman, there’s a massive battle between the demons, humans and devilmen, particularly Satan and Amon, where eventually everyone dies. Ryou/Satan and Akira/Amon are the only ones left, but we see that even Akira’s dead and Satan’s left all alone only to be destroyed when the angels of heaven come down to wipe out every living being left on earth, including the demons, and supposedly restore humanity.

They could’ve redone that, but I dunno. Maybe they felt it redundant?

Nothing else of real note happens that didn’t happen in the finale of Devilman.

When all is said and done, the first half and second half of this entire series seems to be awkwardly stitched together. Some of the additions, due to the constraints of the original series, were just disappointing, particularly Cadney in his entirety. However, each story on their own, while sometimes being difficult to follow, particularly if you’ve never read the original manga (and sometimes if you have read it) is pretty good and adds a fair amount of development and interesting scenes that were missing from the original Devilman.

The art is both beautifully and grotesquely detailed, and there are many scenes that look much better than the original series ever did. It’s not as good as Devilman, but it’s a very solid entry in the franchise.

Recommended Audience: There’s damn near everything outside of sex. There’s full-frontal nudity, though the genitals are never really drawn (nor are they covered usually, though) A lot of blood, gore, violence, and mature themes spread throughout the entire series. 16+

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Amon (Manga) Volume 5 Review

Plot: Returning to the Devilman timeline, Akira and the others struggle with trying to live in their post-apocalyptic society as more and more people are turning into devilmen. As the demon and devilman increase in numbers, so do the numbers of people killed by the ADSC. Many allies fall, and Akira starts to have difficulties discerning between himself and Devilman.

Breakdown: It is so nice to be back in familiar territory. After four volumes of oddities and confusion, it’s a relief to finally have a good idea of what’s happening.

This volume returns us to the Devilman world we’re familiar with, but sticks us right in the part where the great war has already happened and humanity is starting to go extinct. I appreciate the volume starting at this point because this was one part of the manga I really wanted to see more of.

Trouble is, there’s not much they’re building on so far. Some of Miki’s friends die, we get some nice moments with Dosuroku and his gang buddies, but they ultimately die too, and we get more insight into Akira and Ryo’s relationship.

They introduce a new character named Cadney who is the personal secretary to Kouzou Rainuma, head of demon issues at the Department of Defense. But we don’t learn a whole lot about him in regards to who or what he really is. All we know is that he is firm in the belief that the concept of ‘devilmen’ is merely an illusion and that he has strength and abilities that not only rival devilmen, but also rival Akira quite easily. He seems to either be a devilman or a complete demon.

He says their department aims to eradicate demons and help innocent people who became devilmen. His first appearance is attempting to ‘help’ Miko, who, sadly, doesn’t get much time in this volume.

This volume also introduces us to some ways humanity has adapted to this situation. For example, there are obviously people benefiting from the devilman and demon outbreaks by gaining wealth and power, but there are also aspects such as cage matches between devilmen that rich people put on for sport and betting.

Akira is succumbing to an increasing feeling of bloodlust and is questioning who really has control over his body – him or Devilman/Amon. This is something they didn’t really address in Devilman as he always seemed to have a good degree over control over himself, even in the very end, so it’s an interesting aspect of his character to explore. It also seems to be the real reason behind why Ryo outs Akira over the news in Devilman, but that’s not made clear yet. All he keeps saying is that he wants to save him.

Miki is, sadly, no better than she usually is. She gushes over Akira, tries to get all up in that hotness and is ultimately useless. She is the point of some contention between Ryou and Akira because, despite them having a near romantic moment in the heat of Akira losing his sanity, Miki is shown to be able to reverse Akira’s transformations by merely touching him, which makes Ryou jealous.

But at least we get some quality time with Dosuroku. I can’t remember the last time a mostly minor character has been so missed to me, but dammit I love me some Dosuroku.

All in all, this was a pretty great volume that I hope is leading into a fantastic finale. I have to wonder how this will end considering we already know the grand ending of Devilman. What else is left to show? What’s left to tell?

Recommended Audience: Not better or worse than the other volumes. 15+

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Amon Volume 4 (Manga) Review

Plot: Satan has gone missing, and while Amon has saved many of the demons, he’s also not making himself known. A new greatly powerful demon named Asura arrives and offers the demons a chance to become as powerful as Amon. All they have to do is merge together over and over. Most of the demons are more than willing to go through with her plan and see her as leader, especially the demon who wishes for nothing more than be beautiful. However, Silene’s not giving into her claims. Asura has more going on behind the scenes than just a lush future filled with demon gods.

Breakdown: Our first chapter title page is a butt shot. Starting out well, Amon.

This whole volume was just very uninteresting. It focuses mostly on Silene, Demiko (still given no name) and a new enemy named Asura, who seems like a half-human, half-demon crazy person who is trying to take over as leader of the demons since Satan mysteriously disappeared. She’s trying to convince all of the demons that they can be like Amon if they agree to merge together over and over. However, her true intentions are to use the demons in their merged state to find Satan and kill him for revenge on how her body looks and acts.

Asura is two beings, Earth and Terra, merged into one. She used to be angel-like with beautiful white wings, but when Satan fucked up in the last volume, the two were merged into one crazy being with two personalities, a weird body and small black wings that couldn’t handle flight.

In the end, Demiko gets killed by Kaim who kills her after she tries to steal Silene’s wings for Asura, under a semi-brainwashed delusion that she could be made beautiful if she helped Asura.

Silene’s part is almost entirely stagnant through this whole volume. She meanders and mopes, longing for her precious Satan to return. She’s not buying into Asura’s lies, especially in her statement that they can surpass Satan, but she mostly whines and mopes and cries out for Satan.

The very last chapter is where the only thing of interest happens, though it’s a bit confusing. We find out why there seem to be contradictions between Devilman and Amon. The events of Devilman did happen, but they’re also in the future. God, as punishment for the events of Devilman, apparently put Satan in a time loop so he’ll constantly be tormented by losing his love (Amon, or moreso Devilman, though I thought Akira was a bigger part of that) He’s destined for the events long passed, and he’s damned to start all over again when it’s over with no memory of what happened.

It’s still not entirely clear in some respects, but it’s an explanation at least.

Amon’s role is mostly just to escort Silene to Satan as Asura goes to him with her new pile of merged demon goo to take him on, but she’s ironically defeated by the demons she gathered, granted powers or abilities by the sleeping Satan, who all turn into little Saiyaman angel things that range in size from a few inches to a few stories tall. The little ones stab her over and over with a bunch of tiny needles and they mutate her into some glob. She tries to assimilate with Silene, but gets stopped by Amon who’s again mostly just annoyed by everything around him. He rips off Silene’s wing as it’s trying to be merged with Asura and kills her.

Then the weirdest part of the volume…No….weirdest part of the manga happens. A gravely wounded Silene rides on Kaim back to their nest and quickly becomes pregnant. She reveals that silene continue to grow larger and larger in preparation for childbirth. However, if a silene’s life is put in mortal danger before then, they can basically force asexual pregnancy and give birth to one child very quickly before they die. She does indeed give birth to a young child (not a baby) that Kaim names Silene and starts to raise.

So….does that mean the Silene/Silen we see in Devilman is actually this Silene?

The very end has some nice action, answers some questions and ends….interestingly, but it didn’t hold my attention very well through the read. It was either boring or confusing. I don’t know what the next volume holds, but hopefully it will at least make more sense and be more interesting.

Oh and fewer butt shots, yeah that would be nice. Seriously, what is with all of the lone panels with pure butt shots? What is the point, Mr. Nagai?

Recommended Audience: Still lots of gross imagery, gore, and damn near full frontal nudity. 16+

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Amon (Manga) Volume 3 Review


Plot: Satan is missing, Silene is captured, and Amon is on a mission to find Satan and kill him. What is the true story behind the strange man who merged with Amon?

Breakdown: Not gonna lie here, guys. I wasn’t feeling this volume very much.

It starts off in a very odd place, I suppose quite a bit of time after the events of volume two. Silene has been captured, off panel, by a bunch of demons who seem in awe of her beauty, especially an unnamed demon whose body looks strikingly similar to Miko’s. In fact, this demon, who I guess I’ll just refer to as Demiko (demon Miko – I’m so clever) since she’s not given a name, wants to do everything in her power to be as beautiful as Silene since the whole reason she looks the way that she does is because she was merged against her will.

Amon telepathically frees Silene before the angels can purify them, at least I think that’s what’s going on. While Silene stays behind, Demiko runs off to a different dimension thing where she meets Amon.

Silene, caught again, is about to be purified when the angels merge into one to reveal Satan. With Silene’s call, Amon arrives on site. “Satan” is actually an amalgamation of the demons, taking that form to trick Silene into accepting the merging and purification, but Amon saves her. She states that she called out for Satan, but Amon reveals that he was the only one who received her signal.

Amon starts breaking down the world around them, claiming that he wants to take back the world and make it free again. As he proclaims his goal, he transforms into his full Amon devil form.

Silene has an identity crisis, and is set straight by Amon, but she falters yet again when Satan returns with his army of demons to be with her and save the demon race. But just as she’s about to reunite with Satan, Amon rips one of her wings off.

Silene, distraught, starts to battle Amon, only to have him stop her in mid-battle to show her that all of the demons and Satan were illusions created by her heart…because she can do that I guess. Silene’s injury was a fake as well. Silene asks Amon why he forsakes Satan so harshly and he says ‘I don’t know, I just don’t like the guy.’….Welp. That was some kind of motivational reveal.

Satan shows up….again.

fool me once futurama

Oh wait, this time he’s totes for real, and he’s gearing up for some tasty backstory. IE, the only interesting part of the volume. We learn that Amon is the first demon god, but his power rivaled God’s so God sealed him away in that sphere. In an effort to ensure that no being like Amon ever existed again, God created the demons a second time…


Air tight plan, there G-man. Seal Amon away, fine, but revive demons….for the sake of never having another Amon appear again? Hey, you never want to see another demon god? Don’t make one! Problem solved.

Demons can’t make themselves, but they can be created, and God is one of few beings with such power. It makes zero sense to revive the demons for this purpose, especially since all demons have the ability to merge with one another making themselves immensely more powerful. Hell, the demons all melding together now and in Devilman keep causing the world to end. Also, this ability is what allowed the man to merge with Amon to begin with, allowing Amon to return to the world. Your plan has more holes in it than the Guinness world record holder for most body piercings.

But that’s not all.

We also learn who the odd man born to the silenes really is. God felt threatened when Satan went to earth so he ripped some of Satan’s power from him. However, it wasn’t destroyed.

It was instead made into another living being – that which being the silene man. In essence, the man is Satan’s shadow. I don’t have as much of a problem with this, though I am confused beyond all reason as to why God didn’t destroy this power. Why turn it into a silene-like creature when Satan could realize what he is and find him in the future? God created Satan, he should be able to completely destroy at least some of his power.

Amon punches him in frustration, showing the power that the two of them have when they’re combined as they’re instantly transported into a negative void-like world for a bit. Satan states that he hates God’s world since it’s filled with peace and tranquility, so he wants to fill the world with pain and misery. He wants to experience the fullness of life with all of his power, so he calls Amon back to him. Amon won’t go quietly, though, and stabs him in the forehead with his tail, causing mass destruction around them.

When the dust settles, Amon asks if his true intention is to rule the world as king of the demons, but Satan implies that he’ll kill all demons due to them taking life for granted. Satan sheds his wings and says he forsakes God entirely and wishes to cling to the earth he fell to. This pisses Amon off and they start wrastlin’. Satan claims that the power Amon shows just proves that he’s no demon, but Amon says he doesn’t care because he is himself and that’s all that matters. At this revelation, we get this page.

amon screen volume 3

What the hell is this? I was under the impression that these two volumes were prequels, but they’re sequels? How? I thought Satan died. Did he get a reboot? Is this one of those ‘didn’t show it, so don’t blame us for what you believe from implications’ moments? Once God had Satan where he wanted him, he really let him go back to the way he was before and go doing the same crap all over again? Why? I don’t understand this at all. Did I miss something between volumes one and two? Is that a memory or a vision? I might be more understanding if it’s a vision, but it really seems like it’s a memory.

Whispering Akira’s name, Satan falls. Amon leaves and Silene flies away with Satan, end volume.

Most of this volume was stuff that I cared little about or was just completely pointless. Hell, Demiko didn’t even do anything. She never even got a name. She’s just kinda there to fill in spectator dialogue. She might be Silen, the first bad guy that Devilman fought, but I assumed that she was…..Silene….wait, I’m even more confused now. Kaim, Silen’s lover/friend from Devilman, is also there. I didn’t mention him because he doesn’t matter outside of kinda mirroring the scene he shared with Silen in Devilman.

It takes until the final two chapters for anything interesting to happen, and all of it is confusing as sin (pun not intended) or seemingly stupid. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe all of this will make more sense in the next volume, but I just left this feeling confused and unsatisfied, bordering on bored.

Recommended Audience: I believe the groin area is getting less censored now. Nothing horribly graphic, but you can now see full outlines of genitals instead of shadows all the time. Other than that, same as the other volumes. 16+

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Amon (Manga) Volume 2 Review


Plot: A look at the past of Amon and Satan. What truly happened back when demons ruled the earth so many years ago?

Breakdown: This volume is a complete shift away from Devilman pretty much in its entirety. Here, we’re going to prehistoric times where demons and dinosaurs ruled the earth. A winged harpy-like race called the Silene, mostly consisting of females, are proud warriors who rule over the land and take down all who oppose them. Their leader is a gigantic Silene merely called ‘mother.’

The Silene have tanned skin and black wings. When a pale child with no wings is born, it’s taken as a bad omen. One of the Silene, Sheena, wishes to have it killed after his birth coincided with the death of her right hand woman, Saias.

Mother, however, says that killing a defenseless child is against the Silene’s nature and pride. Thus they shall keep him alive, but he is never given a name and is never truly a warrior alongside the Silene. However, despite his disadvantage in not having wings, he still manages to become a very powerful warrior, taking down dinosaurs with little problem all on his own.

He has become as such due to the gentle guidance of a mysterious voice within his head whom he soon realizes is the voice of another outcast Silene, a white-winged creature merely known as ‘the white monster.’ She contracts the boy out to bring her food and increase her power. When a Silene named Sheena catches wind of their secret meetings, she tries to convince Mother to do something about it for fear that they will wipe out the Silene. However, Mother simply states that their fate is something they cannot avoid.

As the Silene do indeed start getting killed by the demons and dinosaurs roaming the earth, and Sheena herself gets terrible wounds to her leg and wings that make her unable to fly and hidner her battle capabilities, the white monster and the boy meet up with Mother who offers her body and power to them.

Sheena manages to survive despite her entire race being wiped out and hobbles to Mother where she is horrified to find her bones, picked dry with only the eyeballs remaining.

As time goes on, Sheena finds it difficult to get food for herself, but when she’s offered some food by a snake demon who stole her killshot, he tells her that he has seen a being just like her before – someone who calls themselves Silene.

She asks where to find her, and he says that they’re probably with the demons’ new ‘savior,’ Satan.

Satan has allied with Silene and the boy, now a man, and plans on raising an army of demons to combat God in order to ensure the demons’ survival. Sheena arrives and hears a story about a giant sphere of light in the sky. It is said that the sphere is the where the first and most powerful demon, Amon, was imprisoned by the gods due to their fear of him. The sphere has been glowing more and more over time, and they say that those who wish to challenge Amon can enter the sphere by climbing Amon’s Ladder.

Sheena, in desperation to restore herself and her kind, goes to the highest point she can manage and challenges Amon. The ladder appears and she is transported within the sphere to find a huge mass of demons who also challenged Amon.

She tries her best to defeat Amon and even believes she has won and regained her wings again. When the man, having followed Sheena, finds her merged to the demon pile with nothing but a delusion and a smile left behind, he lets her die in peace. The man decides to challenge Amon, and he seems to have won. Amon, now having taken over the man’s body, returns to the earth. He does not join with Satan and the others since he lives and fights only for himself. However, he plans on battling God all on his own.

Breakdown: This was a good volume, if a little jarring due to the complete lack of all things Devilman except Amon and Satan. In all honesty, I was perfectly fine not seeing the backstory of Amon and Satan. Having Satan explain it all at the end of the original manga was fine.

The story was good, most notably Sheena and the Silene’s story, but I didn’t feel like I needed to know. Considering the Satan/Amon plot was the least interesting thing about this volume, I feel like it kinda failed in that regard. I was excited to see Amon at the end, and I’m interested to see how this plays out….even though we pretty much already know.

Sheena is a good character, and, man, I felt for her at the very end. When they cut from a splash page of her restored and flying through the air to her to disfigured ‘body’ smiling and crying while she’s under that delusion, my heart just broke.

The boy is not very likable, but I don’t believe he’s really meant to be. I’d like to know what he actually is, though. He’s a Silene, I guess, even without wings he still has talons and feather-like features on his arms, feet and torso. He seems to be more powerful than a Silene despite his wing disadvantage.

Silene is likable as she really loved Mother and is also very protective and respectful of Satan. However, we don’t learn a whole lot about her besides the fact that she was locked away because of her white wings. She was cared for by Mother, though.

Now that Sheena’s gone, I hope the story doesn’t nose dive. I’d really like to get back to actual Devilman territory, though.

Recommended Audience: Non-stop full frontal and back-al nudity because the Silene don’t wear clothes. You don’t really see any genitals, but they’re just shaded a little and not detailed most of the time. You do get plenty of ass shots, though. Other than that, there’s some gore and violence. No sex or swearing. 16+

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Devilman Volume 1 (Manga) Review


Plot: Akira Fudou is rather cowardly yet kindhearted person who suddenly gets dragged away by his best friend, Ryo Asuka. He claims his father recently committed suicide, and he wants to talk with Akira about his inheritance. He explains that demons used to rule the earth yet vanished long ago. Now they’re steadily coming back, and Akira and Ryo are the only ones who have any hope of saving the world from their reign. In particular, Akira is needed to merge with a demon due his kind nature and will to fight the demons hopefully allowing him to overcome the influence of the devil within him to become Devilman!

Breakdown: Well I certainly am glad I went back to read this series, because it explains a hell of a lot that I was missing in the first volume of Amon. I also got to understand the weight of a particular line from the first volume of Amon. In Amon, people keep calling him Akira and there’s a big buildup to him saying that his name is Amon, showing that Akira is either dead or sleeping within him and now the demon has full control. In Devilman, the devils around him keep trying to call out to Amon, but Akira proclaims that he is not Amon and that he is a being made of Akira and a demon, making him Devilman. I thought that was pretty cool.

This first volume does have a pretty big problem, though, and that’s that most of it is a gigantic exposition dump. It was just page after page after page after page of Ryo telling us what happened prior to him picking up Akira. It’s a pretty good story, but it kinda drags due to the fact that a character is merely telling us about it instead of allowing us to see it as it went on. Even when the devils first start attacking, it didn’t seem horribly exciting.

It’s not until the Black Sabbath scene where things really get crazy, intense and just awesome. It is an insane scene that makes up for all of the waiting though the previous chapters.

A problem I had in going through the first chapter of Amon was that I really didn’t know much about Akira throughout the entire thing. I knew his backstory, that he was in love with Miki and he was a nice guy with good friends, but that was about it.

Now that I’ve gotten to know Akira more as a character, I feel like he’s very believable but also slightly confusing. Akira is a pretty big wuss and he seems like a pacifist to the point where he won’t try to fight thugs who are trying to sexually assault Miki. She’s the one who has to tell them off, and Ryo is the one who has to make them leave. Even when the demons start attacking, he has no real courage to fight them.

However, he is very noble in that he willingly accepts this deal with Ryo to merge with devils both to help save the world and to prevent Ryo from suffering alone.

It’s not until he finally has merged with Amon before he starts kicking some ass, but it’s a good buildup and pretty believable given his personality.

Ryo as a character is also pretty confusing. I’m not even really sure why someone like him is friends with someone like Akira. Ryo seems like a very intelligent and tough person, but he also has his moments where he seems like a stoic punk and even a few where he seems like a complete psychopath. It’s hard to get a real read on him.

Dosuroku is sadly nothing but an asshole thug here, and I don’t know how long it takes him to become a good guy.

Another character we finally learn of is Miki who (spoiler alert) is seen dead at the very beginning of Amon, leaving us with no clue as to her character. (End spoiler) Here, she seems to be a fairly nice girl who can stick up for herself when needed. However, she didn’t have much screentime (or…pagetime?) so she’s also a bit up in the air.

The art, done by author Go Nagai of Mazinger and Cutie Honey fame, is somewhat mixed. The scenes that are meant to be detailed look fantastic, but the miscellaneous scenes with them talking and the regular character models look weird sometimes. I actually laughed when Ryo first appeared because his facial expression and manner of dress made me think he was either a drug dealer, incredibly bored or somehow future-channeling Johnny Bravo. And the various scenes of him tearing up look terrible. It looks like his eyes are melting.

All in all, I really liked this volume and I definitely look forward to more.

Recommended Audience: For 1972, this is some pretty graphic stuff. Hell, even for today. There are numerous instances of nudity, though the genitals are always never drawn or they’re hidden in shadowed groins. There is also quite a bit of gore and blood, alcohol and drug use and implied threats of sexual assault. There are no sex scenes, however, and also very minimal swearing. 15+

Next Volume….

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Amon (Manga) Volume 1 Review

Plot: In an effort to combat demons that have been plaguing the world, Akira Fudou melded his body with the legendary Devilman, Amon. However, when Akira’s love, Miki, gets killed in the wake of the carnage, he loses his consciousness to Amon, allowing him to go on a rampage in search of a battle with Satan.

Breakdown: First and foremost, Amon is a retelling/reimagining of the last chapters of the Devilman manga from 1972. I have yet to read said manga, and that was probably a mistake. Then again, this series is meant to stand on its own.

Next, since this is meant to be a reimagining of a manga’s ending, obviously there are going to be a lot of questions mostly in regards to what happened to lead to where we are now. What we know from volume one is that Akira Fudou is a man who tried to help combat demons on earth by merging himself with a powerful demon named Amon. However, his love, Miki, ended up getting killed somehow by the demons, causing his consciousness to sleep within his body leaving Amon to run amok.

As the world basically turns into a giant pile of melted goo due to the various demons of the world merging together with everything in the world, especially the people, Amon plows through everything in his path to find Satan for a battle.

Meanwhile, Akira’s close friends, Dosuroku, Meriken-jo and Miko band together along with a bunch of monks to save Akira. While Miko and Meriken-jo basically do nothing but watch the whole time, Dosuroku takes action in a way that becomes a major turning point of the manga.

Dosuroku holds a great love and respect for Akira, whom he refers to as his brother, and in an effort to save his life he bravely merges his body with several of the most powerful devilmen in existence. While he was still no match for Amon, his powerful feelings and determination were able to reach Akira’s spirit deep within Amon for a second before Amon ended up killing him.

Amon eventually does have his battle with Satan, though it is horribly one-sided, and he does lose in the end. However, Satan returns Akira back to his regular form with a kiss.

As Satan and the other devilmen prepare for an epic battle, Akira wanders around a wasteland seemingly set back to as he was probably a little before the first chapter as he mourns Miki’s death and turns back into Amon again.

Bottom Line: I did really like this volume, though I do plan on going back and reading Devilman before continuing on. Despite doing a pretty good job of allowing us to connect with the characters and get a decent grasp on the story without going back to read Devilman, it’s still somewhat confusing without doing your homework. I don’t really care about Miki as we never saw her alive and never saw her interact with Akira. I also don’t care much for Akira as we never see him or hear him say anything until the very end of the volume. We just know he’s a great guy by what his friends say about him.

Miko and Meriken-jo are basically background figures as they really don’t do anything over the course of the volume, but Miko’s odd demonic body is intriguing. I’d like to know the story behind that.

The standout here is Dosuroku as I really don’t need to read anything else to understand his friendship with Akira. He’s a very passionate, brave and selfless person with a great heart. He really just shines here, especially for a supposed thug character. He kinda reminds me of Kuwabara only he doesn’t have as many annoying stupid/tough guy moments.

The art is gorgeously and grotesquely detailed with some really cool and really ughghguuggh moments.

I look forward to more of this manga, but like I said I’m going to go back and read Devilman to ensure I get the most of it.

Recommended Audience: This manga has about everything but sex. Lots of gore, some of it just really creepy especially in the scenes with the melted demon wave, full frontal nudity by both genders (I think, on Miko’s part anyway) and swearing. 16+

Next Volume….

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