Happy New Year!

Just wanted to pop in an say Happy New Year, everyone! I think this year has been pretty good for the Madhouse. I’ve definitely been meeting my goal of updating more often, I’m almost done uploading all of my Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power comparison, and I’ve had plenty of great conversations with some of the commenters on my posts. You guys continue to be awesome around here, and I love you all for it (not in that way. Well, some of you maybe). I’ve also discovered and enjoyed many new blogs, some of which you can catch on my sidebar over yonder. I plan on somehow making a big blog promo post sometime, so you guys can see a bunch of new anime, gaming and more blogs around WordPress that I’ve enjoyed and deserve more exposure.


I have all sorts of stuff planned for 2017, which hopefully won’t get sidelined by me graduating college and finding a new job to pay for those soul-sucking student loans. I went over most of this in my last site update but first and foremost we’ll be updating the layout of the blog sometime in January to get a fresh start on the year. I’ve already narrowed down the choices by quite a bit, so hopefully we’ll get that going soon. Also, feel free to give some suggestions or ideas for stuff for me to review or sub/dub compare or just fun things for me to partake in or post or add to the site (if I can) and whatnot. I’m always up to try new stuff.


As a final note, I’ll be doing three more reviews for A Very Animated Holiday Special sometime this week (one Kwanzaa, one Hanukkah and one New Years) and then it will end. Like always, I can’t seem to stick to a deadline 😀


Let’s make 2017 a great year, everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!