Yugioh Sub Dub Comparison


Yugioh (Dubbed by 4Kids)

Season 1 (Duelist Kingdom)

Episode 1 – The Bloodcurdling Blue-Eyes White Dragon (The Heart of the Cards)

Episode 2 – The Trap of Illusionist No Face (The Gauntlet is Thrown)

Episode 3 – The Lost Exodia (Journey to the Duelist Kingdom)

Episode 4 – The Insector Combination (Into the Hornet’s Nest)

Episode 5 – The Ultimate Perfect Appearance – Great Moth (The Ultimate Great Moth)

Episode 6 – The Beautiful Harpy Ladies (First Duel)

Episode 7 – The Sea-God Leviathan (Attack from the Deep)

Episode 8 – The Stolen Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Everything’s Relative)

Episode 9 – Revival of the Dead! Magical Silk Hat (Duel with a Ghoul)

Episode 10 – Blue-Eyes White Dragon Strikes Back (Give Up the Ghost)

Episode 11 – Friendship Power! Barbarian #1 and #2 (The Dueling Monkey)

Episode 12 – Black Flare! Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Trial by Red-Eyes)

Episode 13 – Trap of the Metamorpot! Flame Swordsman in Danger (Evil Spirit of the Ring)

One thought on “Yugioh Sub Dub Comparison

  1. One thing that bugs me about the Japanese version of this season is that they replaced Megumi Ogata. Dark Yuugi in season 0 is one of my favorite jobs she’s done.


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