Tokyo Mew Mew SDC (COMPLETE)


Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power (Dubbed by 4Kids)

Episode 1 (12 for the Original) – Identity Revealed, Cherry Blossoms Falling Out of Season (The Main Mew’s Muse)

Episode 2 (1 for the Original) – Turning into a Cat, the Hero Is a Girl in Love (The Mew Kid in Town)

Episode 3 (2 for the Original) – A New Comrade, the Hero is a Real Lady (Mew Two)

Episode 4 (3 for the Original) – School Ghost Stories, Finding the Ghost’s True Identity (Pooltergeist)

Episode 5 (4 for the Original) – A Date in Tears, a Secret I Can’t Tell Aoyama (The Lion Thing)

Episode 6 (5 for the Original) – Stormy Rhythmic Gymnastics, Becoming a Shining Star with a Cat Dance (Gymewstics)

Episode 7 (6 for the Original) – Piano of the Heart, the Exciting Ball (Party ‘Til You Mew)

Episode 8 (7 for the Original) – Enter Purin, the Ears and Tails are Part of the Act (Monkey See, Monkey Mew)

Episode 9 (8 for the Original) – To the Hot Spring! The Miracle of Love in the Mysterious Mountains (Spa Blahs!)

Episode 10 (9 for the Original) – My Dear Brother, Memories Are in the Photos (Do Mew Want to Dance?)

Episode 11 (10 for the Original) – The Last Comrade, the Phantom Lone Wolf (Hollywood Mew Mew Part 1)

Episode 12 – Having Faith, All Five of Us Are Tokyo Mew Mew (The Taming of the Mew Part 2)

Episode 13 – Hearts at Odds, Aoyama the Target (Slime and Slime Again)

Episode 14 – Secrets of Akasaka, a Story of Sad Love (Butterflies are Freaky)

Episode 15 – Masha, the Little Hero—Life-Threatening Friendship (The Hero Lies in Mew)

Episode 16 – Retasu’s Love, an Earnest Love in the Library (Books of Love)

Episode 17 – A Knight in Blue! I’ll Protect You!  (A Knight to Remember Part 1)

Episode 18 – Midsummer Love! Ichigo’s Heart is Swaying (My Knight in Blue Armor Part 2)

Episode 19 – The Power of Kindness, May the Wish Come True in the Sea Depths (A Girl with a Porpoise)

Episode 20 – Mother’s Memory, the Big Sister’s in Trouble (Daughter of the Year)

Episode 21 – The Spark of the Heart, Ichigo and Mint at Odds (One Flew Out of the Mew Mew’s Nest)

Episode 22 – Farewell Summer, Ichigo’s Longest Day (Buggin’)

Episode 23 – Love is Sudden! Catch the Heart of a Maiden (I’ve Got a Crush on Mew)

Episode 24 – The Wonder Jewel, the Brilliance is in You (Diamonds are a Girl’s Worst Enemy)

Episode 25 – Hurdles in Love, Ichigo’s Love is Full of Obstacles (The Hunt for Blue Aqua Part 1)

Episode 26 (MMP FINALE) – Time, Stop! My Heart Overflows with Love (Coo Coo Cocoon Part 2)

Episode 27 onward was reviewed separately as a Shoujo Step-By-Step since 4Kids lost the rights to TMM and could not dub beyond episode 26 (season one) You can find the full review series here.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Mew Mew SDC (COMPLETE)

  1. I just realized something:

    The Mew Mew Rap sounds suspiciously similar to a line in the DK Rap when it talks about Lanky Kong:

    “He has no style. He has no grace \ This Kong has a funny face.”

    It can’t be a coincidence that they both rhymed the exact same words, can it? Also, how come it sounds so much better in the DK Rap?

    Liked by 1 person

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