Sub Dub Comparisons

What Are Sub Dub Comparisons?

A while ago, I started getting interested in comparing the original Japanese version of anime with the dubbed counterparts. However, I was really only interested in doing this with particularly poor dubs or dubs with huge unneeded changes, the worst offenders being 4Kids and Nelvana in my opinion.

I decided to start out with Yugioh and eventually I spread out from there to Sailor Moon, One Piece, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, and I also have other projects in the works. I’m aware that some of these already exist on the Internet such as Sailor Moon comparisons, DBZ and Pokemon, but I don’t do DBZ or Pokemon (I would like to watch more of the original Pokemon subbed though) and if I do overlap someone, well, I add my own opinions on the matter and the episode as a whole to it to hopefully make it a little more unique. Plus it’s just something I like doing, even if they do take a bit of time to get through. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Sub Dub Comparisons

  1. Depends largely on the show, but typically if I’m introduced to a show in either sub or dub, I tend to prefer the version I started with even if the original/dub is just as good or even better. There have been several instances where I’ve changed my mind in favor of both sub and dub, but for the most part I stay with what I started on. I will say that, in regards to most action shows, I typically prefer dub as it allows me to focus more on the action than glancing back at the subs all the time. 🙂

  2. If an anime is clearly set in Japan I HAVE to watch it in Japanese with English subs. If the story takes place in Europe (or Europe-looking fantasy lands) then I might choose the English track.

  3. Have you considered Smile Pretty Cure/Glitter Force? I like it other than the first episode, but you’d probably tear it a new one…

    • I have done one episode of the first Pretty Cure series (Haven’t posted it yet), which actually fared quite well in the comparison department. I had never actually heard of Glitter Force, but I’ll be more than happy to check it on the title alone lol.

      • All right! I am waiting with bated breath! But beware…

        Magical Doremi has the pre-transformation keyphrase.

        Mew Mew Power has the post-transformation catchphrase.

        Glitter Force has the entire transformation.

        Good luck, fellow traveler, and may the United States fare you well.

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