Sub Dub Comparisons

What Are Sub Dub Comparisons?

A while ago, I started getting interested in comparing the original Japanese version of anime with the dubbed counterparts. However, I was really only interested in doing this with particularly poor dubs or dubs with huge unneeded changes, the worst offenders being 4Kids and Nelvana in my opinion.

I decided to start out with Yugioh and eventually I spread out from there to Sailor Moon, One Piece, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, and I also have other projects in the works. I’m aware that some of these already exist on the Internet such as Sailor Moon comparisons, DBZ and Pokemon, but I don’t do DBZ or Pokemon (I would like to watch more of the original Pokemon subbed though) and if I do overlap someone, well, I add my own opinions on the matter and the episode as a whole to it to hopefully make it a little more unique. Plus it’s just something I like doing, even if they do take a bit of time to get through. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Sub Dub Comparisons

  1. Depends largely on the show, but typically if I’m introduced to a show in either sub or dub, I tend to prefer the version I started with even if the original/dub is just as good or even better. There have been several instances where I’ve changed my mind in favor of both sub and dub, but for the most part I stay with what I started on. I will say that, in regards to most action shows, I typically prefer dub as it allows me to focus more on the action than glancing back at the subs all the time. 🙂


  2. If an anime is clearly set in Japan I HAVE to watch it in Japanese with English subs. If the story takes place in Europe (or Europe-looking fantasy lands) then I might choose the English track.

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    • I have done one episode of the first Pretty Cure series (Haven’t posted it yet), which actually fared quite well in the comparison department. I had never actually heard of Glitter Force, but I’ll be more than happy to check it on the title alone lol.


      • All right! I am waiting with bated breath! But beware…

        Magical Doremi has the pre-transformation keyphrase.

        Mew Mew Power has the post-transformation catchphrase.

        Glitter Force has the entire transformation.

        Good luck, fellow traveler, and may the United States fare you well.

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  3. I don’t dislike all English Dubs. There are at least a few shows where the dub fits better, like it does with Black Lagoon. There are quite a lot of cases, though, where the acting in the dubbed versions falls far short of that in the original audio. Two cases where I absolutely cannot stand the dubs are Elfen Lied and Future Diary.

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    • Indeed. I dislike the claim that all English dubs are bad, because it’s far too much of a blanket statement for such a wide array of quality, plus it holds the original voice acting up to an unrealistic standard. There are plenty of shows I like better dubbed than subbed like Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop.

      And, being honest, it’s not the easiest task finding suitable shows for this series because many dubs, especially modern ones, are quite loyal and good with the only real common complaints being lackluster voice acting, which I understand. The quality of dubs continues to improve over the years, though, in my opinion. It varies from company to company (like I love the Viz dub of Inuyasha, but the Animax one is terrible to me. Or one of the more obvious cases of the 4Kids dub of One Piece being exponentially inferior to the Funimation dub) Many times, however, it’s a point of preference. Some shows I prefer one version over the other just because I’m more accustomed to that version. 🙂

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