Shounen Step-By-Step: Beyblade Episode 1

Beyblade episode 1 screen

Plot: Tyson is a passionate player in the game of Beyblading. He’s one of the best around, and he’s always up for a challenge. When he’s set to challenge Andrew, another top Beyblader in town, he finds that their match is canceled due to Andrew losing his Beyblade in a bet against the Blade Shark, Carlos. Infuriated that Carlos is collecting Beyblades from his opponents, he challenges him to win them back. However, he needs to find a way to beat Carlos’ incredibly steady heavy Beyblade with some ingenuity and lots of practice.


Tyson – The later leader of the BayBladers, Tyson is full of spirit and excitement for Beyblading, and he is willing to work his butt off to get better at it. Bit Beast: Dragoon

The Chief/Kenny – A beyblading expert, the Chief usually provides step-by-step analyses of the beybattles of his friends while also providing them with advice in the field. The Chief is not a good beyblader in practice. He does have a beyblade, but Dizzi, his bit beast, cannot be transferred into it due to her being trapped in his computer, and his skills in actually beyblading pale far in comparison to his analytical knowledge on the subject. Bit Beast: Dizarra/Dizzi

Kai – Leader of the Blade Sharks and a very skilled beyblader, Kai is a cold and stoic loner who holds beyblading in great regard. He appears unemotional and distant, but he eventually grows to care about his teammates as friends. Bit Beast: Dranzer.


Tyson (Dragoon Grip Attacker) vs. Billy (Death Driger)

Victor! – Tyson

Andrew (Unknown) vs. Carlos (Kid Dragoon)

Victor! – Carlos

Tyson (Dragoon Grip Attacker) vs. Carlos (Kid Dragoon….huh, kinda ironic.)

Victor! – Tyson


Ah, Beyblade. Another nostalgia bomb. I loved Beyblade when I was a kid. I had plenty of Beyblade toys, though they annoyed the living hell out of my mom since they were so loud. Like many shounen gaming anime, I both loved the fact that they were super exaggerated forms of the real thing to make for loads of fun and the fact that you could get a taste of the same excitement with the toys. Like the Beyblades in the show, most of the real Beyblades could be taken apart to the smallest piece and customized with other parts. Sadly, the little bit beasts never emerged from my Beyblades, but I take what I can get.

Beyblade, to me, is still a show that, for the most part, doesn’t stray too far away from just being a fun sport. Sure, ancient beasts emerge from the Beyblades and start wrecking the joint, but that just adds to the fun. Rarely does anyone get hurt or anything severely dramatic happens, and to the best of my knowledge the world’s fate never rests on these spinning tops. In this series anyway; there are many more sequels to cover. There’s even a series airing this year.

Without further ado, here’s the first episode of Beyblade!


We start out with some blue silhouettes of Beyblades as a narrator tells us that Beyblade is actually an ancient game involving ancient beasts. They must’ve lived next door to Egypt where Duel Monsters was gaining popularity. Now, the game stays popular but the beasts are dormant, ready to be awakened some time soon.

Tyson and his always-trying-to-sound-‘hip’-and-‘cool’ Grandpa are training in Kendo in their family’s dojo when Tyson tries to leave. Tyson’s Grandpa stops him to tell him the legend of the family sword and how an ancient dragon named Dragoon was entombed inside of it. The sword must be passed down to skilled martial artists in the family, so it’s important for Tyson to practice.

Now’s as good a time as any to tackle the concept of bit beasts. Bit beasts are the ancient monsters that the narrator was speaking of before. Nowadays, they take the form of small pieces of plastic that clip into the top of a Beyblade. When called upon, the beasts emerge from the Beyblades and use special abilities like elemental powers or buffs.

Obviously, the beast Dragoon will eventually become Tyson’s bit beast. Dragoon has the power to make tornadoes in battle.

Now, the concept itself, to me, is pretty cool. If I can accept that monsters can be shrunk down and captured in little balls by ten years olds, and that monsters live in pieces of cardboard for a children’s card game, the fact that monsters live in pieces of toys is no problem to me.

However, I do have two issues with it.

The first is, if you have a bit beast and you’re going up against someone who doesn’t, they’re kinda screwed. They really have no chance unless the person with the bit beast just sucks that much at Beyblading. I mean, think about it. A normal run of the mill Beyblade going up against something that can, say, create tornadoes, create lightning, create fire, somehow slash at your Beyblade with cat claws and more. There’s no way a normal Beyblade would be able to compete.

The second thing is, these bit beasts are meant to be rare yet by the end of the series they’re everywhere. Everyone and their brother has one. At least the ones that the main characters typically battle, indicating, again, that people with normal Beyblades stand no chance. If you want to get into the Beyblading circuit, you better hope that you stumble upon one of these ancient beasts or you’ll be toast.

It also bugs me how using these things isn’t considered cheating at any point. They give you a major advantage, yet refs usually act like it’s all part of the game.

Beyblade episode 1 2

Tyson pretty much blows off Grandpa again and gets suited up for a scheduled Beyblade battle when he’s cornered in the street by a bully (?) named Billy and his two goons. Billy wants to settle a Beyblading score with Tyson so they set up at a nearby Beystadium (which, on the street, is basically just a wok) and start the match.

One of Billy’s goons conveniently has never seen a real Beyblade battle despite Billy, an avid Beyblader, being his best friend. Being a handy-dandy intro episode, Billy’s other goon explains the game to him. It really could not be more simple; you launch two tops, known as Beyblades, into a Beystadium using a launcher and a ripcord or winder. The two tops smack into each other until one Beyblade either breaks, stops spinning, or flies out of the stadium. The game gets a bit more complicated later on, especially in tournaments, where new aspects such as terrain, specially modified Beyblades and more bit beasts start showing up.

Then there’s the whole thing with it seeming like Beyblades actually obey the commands of their players….Not kidding; they act like trained dogs. They turn when told, go where they’re told, attack when told. It’s weird. I imagine this change was made so that the Beybladers actually seem like they’re doing something in battles instead of just standing there and hoping for the best, but it’s still weird.

In this Beyblade battle, since those factors aren’t in place yet, the battle pretty much goes the same way a real one does; you basically just stare at the Beyblades until one of them is thrown out. In real life, though, it’s usually just a matter of the Beyblade losing rotation power and crapping out in the wok.

Tyson wins, and Billy laments that he was unsuccessful yet again. Tyson gives him a pep talk and says he has a great Beyblade, but the difference between him and Billy is that he’s had his Beyblade forever and is constantly practicing with it and perfecting its design. He even dreams about it. There ya go Billy; you keep losing because you’re not nearly as obsessed with the game as Tyson.

Beyblade episode 1 3

Billy asks for a rematch, but Tyson realizes that he’s late for his scheduled Beyblade battle against Andrew, noted for supposedly being the best Beyblader in town and having a skull design that baffles science to this day, and he runs off. Meanwhile, while Andrew is waiting for Tyson, a Blade Shark named Carlos challenges Andrew and puts up the bet that he has to give him his Beyblade if he loses.

Tyson later arrives to find his beybattle with Andrew canceled due to the fact that he lost against Carlos and lost his beyblade. Enraged that Carlos, the boy with way too many sharp angles in his face, appears to collect the beyblades of all of his ‘victims’, Tyson challenges him to a match next. Carlos states that Tyson was his next target anyway and accepts but is interrupted by the Chief who tries to get Tyson to notice something odd about the patterns left in the wok from Carlos’ beyblade.

Beyblade episode 1 4

Carlos quickly grows tired of the stalling and leaves while telling Tyson to meet him the next day at the river for a match. If he wins, he gets Tyson’s blade. If he loses, Carlos has to give back every beyblade he’s won back to their owners.

Chief introduces himself to Tyson and also introduces his computer’s AI, a quick-witted bit beast named Dizzi, to him as well. Tyson is weirded out that the Chief has a bit beast trapped within his computer, but is very willing to hear what he and Dizzi have to say.

….Wait, bit beasts are already common knowledge in the beyblading world? And seeing one isn’t even worth a few minutes of awe? Did I miss something? (Technically, yes I did. Dizzi is only a bit-beast in the dub. :x)

Tyson, Andrew and the other kids watch a recording of Andrew and Carlos’ beybattle in which Dizzi explains that Carlos’ beyblade is made to be heavy, thus making it very stable and allowing it to spin longer. In order to combat it, the Chief calculates that a faster beyblade is the solution; a beyblade that is four times faster than normal speed to be precise. The other kids simply want to give up, but Tyson will hear none of that and after a quick pep talk Tyson runs off to build the perfect beyblade to beat Carlos.

Beyblade episode 1 5

That night, Tyson gets an idea during dinner to put an extension on his winder to make the beyblade faster. I don’t really get why he gets this idea merely from seeing his grandpa hold a fish with chopsticks, but according to the wiki this is something that merely didn’t translate from Japanese to English (and they really didn’t try);

“In (the) Japanese version, as they’re having dinner, Tyson sees the fish that his grandfather is holding with sticks ‘duplicate’ itself three times, making a longer series of fish. That is what originally gave him the idea to lengthen his ripcord.”

However, even with the extension, the beyblade only spins twice as fast as normal…..I don’t really get how that works. I mean, even with a longer winder, isn’t it the speed in which you’re pulling the winder that affects beyblade’s speed and not the winder’s length? Even if I had a long winder, if I pull it at the same speed the speed of the beyblade wouldn’t be affected. If you rip the thing out of the launcher like it owes you money, it would go faster.

After Tyson gives up in light of his only idea being a failure, he is visited by Dragoon who transplants himself into Tyson’s blade. With a newfound enthusiasm, Tyson goes out for some intense practice to get his beyblade up to speed before his match the following afternoon.

Beyblade episode 1 6

Tyson arrives late to his match and shows up covered in bandaids. As they prepare for their match, Tyson backs away from the beystadium. As the match begins he gets a running start to launch his beyblade. Now, this always confused me as I never understood how merely getting a running start and jumping could affect how fast a beyblade spun…..I still don’t, but watching the scene again and seeing him perform the launch…I’m assuming it’s because he puts all of his body into his launch while in the air and thus allows him to pull the winder much harder? I really don’t see that working very well, but that’s the only way I can add logic here. Also, you could’ve made the beyblade lighter….

I’m not getting why a faster blade is best against a heavy one. The faster speed does make for better power, but if Carlos’ blade is all about stability and lasting power while the faster blade is more unstable and has little lasting power then shouldn’t it just be a matching stand off? I guess it’s an effort to out-muscle the heavier beyblade, but I’d bet on the heavy blade in that match, to be honest.

Also, wouldn’t making a beyblade heavier give it less lasting power? Heavy blades require much more energy to spin because weight makes movement difficult. Being more stable, I can get behind, but lasting much longer than a lighter blade? I sincerely doubt it.

The match seems pretty equal for a bit until Carlos’ blade is shot out of the wok, making Tyson the winner. While Tyson and the others celebrate, Carlos tries to make off with the beyblades only to be stopped by the leader of the Blade Sharks, Kai. He states his disappointment in Carlos and smacks him to the ground. As Kai leaves, Tyson stops him and challenges him to a match. The Chief tries to stop him as the Blade Sharks are the toughest Bey-gang in town (apparently bey-gangs are a thing…), but Tyson won’t listen. Kai accepts his challenge and gives him ample warning about his beyblade as well as his bit beast, Dranzer.

As they start their match and launch their blades, the episode concludes.

Beyblade episode 1 7


This as a first episode is a pretty good one. It explains the game very well, allows us to get plenty of insight into Tyson as a character and even as a beyblader, plus the development of the strategies, even if they sometimes don’t make much sense to me, was always a part of the show that I really enjoyed. However, this episode has several problems.

First, let’s address something that’s a problem with the entire series. The art and animation are horrid. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, and you have to take shounen gaming anime art with a grain of salt a la Yugioh, but dear god, this is disgusting sometimes. Carlos’ face looks like it was drawn with rulers, Andrew’s face looks like it was molded with silly putty, and Tyson’s face looks huge. The details are sparse, though they are much better than, say, Metabots, and everything just looks ugly. The animation is stilted and the mouth flaps never match up with the words properly. I know it’s a dub, but this is bad even for dub syncing.

The music is great, and it has one of the most memorable and catchy OP’s of the bulk of shounen gaming anime I’ve watched.

The voice acting is….ech….Everyone is just okay at best (Kai, Chief and Tyson) and laughably bad at worst (Carlos). Also, the line reads are so incredibly awkward due to the poor lipsyncing efforts. There’s so much stalling for no reason in the middle of sentences or saying things oddly just to try to get the line to fit.

The characters….Okay, I’ve always liked Tyson because, despite the fact that we’re starting off with him being a super awesome beyblader who is undefeated, he definitely has plenty of growth and problem areas to work out through the series. He works his ass off to figure out ways to beat his enemies, and he definitely doesn’t end up scoring wins around every corner, something we’ll see very soo—oops spoilers.

However, there’s not a lot to make him stand out much. He’s a hardworking optimist, and that’s great, but I’d never see one anime character and instantly think ‘yeah, he’s a lot like Tyson from Beyblade.’

I’ve also always liked the Chief. I kinda think his role on the sidelines constantly giving advice to the team is cheating a little on occasion, but his role is necessary to both provide the audience with detailed information on what’s going on and why and as technical support for the group. Dizzi is funny and memorable, though I am kinda weirded out that she seems to have a crush on the Chief…

Carlos is just a terrible first antagonist. He’s a laughably bad poorly written thug who just takes beyblades….in a pretty fair manner. He’s not forcing these people to put up their beyblades, nor is he forcing them to battle him, they agree to beybattle and put their beyblades up as an ante if they lose. They could just refuse the terms, but no; they decide to put their precious beyblades on the line against a psycho with a sack of blades. Also, his horrible laugh and bubble gum are just cliché and silly.

Kai is a bit more interesting, though we don’t get much insight into him right now. His kinda-ish rivalry with Tyson is interesting because they are indeed friends and teammates and not sworn rivals like Kaiba and Yugi.

The story as a whole was fine, but not terrible creative. The cliffhanger was also fairly decent especially considering that Tyson is rushing into this mostly blind while relying on modifications he made purely to battle someone else. I also appreciate how beybattles are relatively short instead of going on for ages like how some games do in these shows. However, that won’t last forever. Beybattles will get pretty long and crazy in the future.

Rating: 6.5/10

Next episode, we conclude Kai and Tyson’s match.

Eiken Episode 2 Review


Rating: 0/10

Episode 2: Warning: This review contains screencaps and language that might not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

To give myself a short break from this series, I decided to go over the English voice actor list. The acting thus far has been pretty damn bad. Not some of the worst I’ve heard, but you can clearly tell that practically no one except maybe Kirika’s VA really gives a crap….and I can’t say I blame them. If there was ever a voice acting project outside of hentai that screamed ‘I really needed a paycheck’ it’s Eiken.

Chiharu’s VA is credited as Becky Chiang, but it’s really Stephanie Steh. She has a very long list of acting credits including Mamimi from FLCL, Orihime from Bleach, Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto, Usagi from Viz’s Sailor Moon dub, and Penny from Zatch Bell. So basically she’s really comfortable playing crybabies and shy girls.

Densuke is played by Bryce Papenbrook. I really only recognize him as young Vash from Trigun, Shugo from .Hack//Twilight, Ikko from Ah my Buddah!, and apparently Eren from the dub of Attack on Titan, but I’ve never really watched the dubbed version of AoT. Though, considering I know him best as Shugo and none of these roles seem to display much range, I feel like that would be an awful voice for Eren, but I’m not one to judge.

Kirika’s VA is Cindy Robinson who, despite having a decent length resume, I can’t really recognize from anything. The only ones that stick out are Tsunami from Naruto and Queen Beryl from Viz’s dub of Sailor Moon.

Komoe and Kyoko’s VA (And them sharing a VA is basically proof that these two are supposed to be mirror loli fodder just with different chest sizes) is Rebecca Forstadt, who has a similar issue in her roles. I really only recognize her as Pai from 3×3 Eyes in the Streamline dub, even though I’ve never watched the dub. I should mention, however, that Komoe’s voice is one of the worst out of the bunch.

Here’s where it starts to hurt because Grace is voiced by Mona Marshall…….Mona….freakin’…Marshall. Kite from .Hack, Toboe from Wolf’s Rain, and, yes, Izzy from Digimon. I weep for you, Mona Marshall. I weep…

Yuriko is voiced by Jessica Gee, who really only seems to do video game work now, but I noticed that she also had a part in De:Vadasy…..that’s a whole other can of worms I don’t even want to think about right now.

Finally, Teacher is voiced by Kathy Keller and I find her resume to be the funniest because, outside of Eiken, she has had zero roles in anything else for voice acting. Think about it, she’s voicing Teacher, who feels like she’s ignored and forgotten. She only has this one role to her name and otherwise completely vanished from the VA world. What a coincidence.

Alright, enough lollygagging (Am I doing it again or is my mind becoming so messed up by this show that I ruined that word forever for me?), let’s get to to second half of Eiken.


Our first shot is of a banana peel…….We get narration from our main character, Densuke, as he explains facts about his school, Zashono Academy. The building of which is also a big ol’ phallic symbol—Okay, what’s with the Deja vu?

Actually, we see the school and the city around it covered in decorations for the games and we hear Densuke explaining that a lot has happened in….the past day…..this was included over a shot of his first meeting with Chiharu…..Implying….that he’s only been there a day….

Shima talks with Chiharu for a bit and she says she needs to go back to the others to do the games because she has a responsibility to the Eiken club. Then Shima wipes off some of the yogurt from Chiharu’s face with his index finger because it’s a stand-in for man-milk………………Chiharu’s braids are way shorter than her actual hair length is……..Hm……Oh what was I saying?

Cut back to Densuke who wants to find Chiharu but not before Kirika plops her punching bags on Densuke’s head again while eating a banana and Komoe does that stupid floppy dance thing again while trying to hold onto a really long white and seemingly dripping phallic symbol I can’t even identify. I would say it’s a peeled banana, but it’s way too long and they never say what it is.

Komoe slips on a banana peel – for the love of god, how many times am I going to need to repeat that? She basically beats the crap out of Densuke’s face with her her can-cans and afterward they somehow end up with Komoe’s face in Densuke’s crotch.

Time for theme song! Yay! I get a break again!

Boo, why’s it over?

Anyway, the next event is up and the game is to get a ball across a pool without using your hands…..Oh gee…I wonder what this will lead to.

Eiken part 2 screen 2.png

We see Kirika eating another banana….can you please just give it a rest? I actually thought Kirika would be entertaining given her entrance, but, outside of that, all she does is stand there with products from Phallic-Food Co. in her mouth, never actually taking a bite, and putting her bam bams on Densuke’s head.

Yuriko is rubbing what I think is suntan lotion all over Densuke to get him to admit that he likes her awoogas better than Chiharu’s when the same orange double balloon blimp that has been flying around for the entire series flies overhead and I guess Densuke’s just now asking what that’s about. It’s actually the winners of the previous games….Have they been floating around in the sky for no reason this entire time?

Oh now Kirika’s cutting the BS and is purposely moving the banana back and forth in her mouth for no reason. Comedy gold.

The winner from last year is, SHOCK BEYOND SHOCKS, Shima who is now wearing a speedo and is surrounded by a harem of six literally identical girls in maid outfits and glasses. Oh good, I was worried we wouldn’t get the maid outfit trope in there.

Eiken part 2 screen 3

Wait…if this is a series of events and the cumulative wins equal the winner….why is Shima just showing up now? Two events have already gone by and there can’t be that many left. Is he that…..*sigh*….Is he that cocky that he’d come in so late believing he’d win the rest of the remaining games in hopes that might be enough to win? Why is he even allowed to enter now? I know this is pointless to talk about, but it allows me to hit the pause button. Floobedy doobedee.

We also learn that Shima specifically came back from studying in America just to compete in these games…wow. Hope you’re getting your airfare’s worth, buddy.

Densuke is now in a girl’s swimsuit because I don’t know. I guess the Eiken team may only have girl swimsuits and Densuke doesn’t own one of his own, but that doesn’t explain why he has a pink beaded elastic in his hair now. And, no, it’s not to keep his hair out of his eyes in the pool because it doesn’t affect his bangs at all and is just a small side pony.

Get ready for a twist; Shima’s not doing the event with one of his clone maid girls, he’s doing the event with Chiharu!


I have no idea why I keep getting irritated by these moronic plot developments, but really? She was so mad at Densuke for something I don’t even think he did, had any control over or was properly established at all that she abandoned her friends on the Eiken team to join Shima? You’re a dumbass bimbo, Chiharu.

It’s Shima and Chiharu’s turn to, for lack of a better term, position the ball between them and he decides to, for lack of a better term, put the ball in her mouth and then pretend to kiss her when they’re holding the ball between their mouths.

The event starts and Shima and Chiharu take an early lead while Densuke’s too freaked out by Yuriko’s bowling balls to move faster than them.

Shima embraces Chiharu further and puts the ball between their cheeks instead to move faster.

Shima: “Let’s pick up the pace by moving faster.”…..That….is typically….how you pick up….pace…I….what?

Oh and by the way….this entire scene is now screaming of rape-ish implications because Shima keeps going further with his advances, putting the ball between her goal posts and keeping his nose on it, all the while she’s screaming that she doesn’t like it and she’s embarrassed and scared and also while she’s moaning……

In addition, all of the teams are stopped for no reason while this happens seemingly just to get more fanservice in.

Eiken part 2 screen 4

Chiharu remembers Densuke’s promise that he’d protect her again in her head, this time making the promise that he’d protect her from Shima so she reaches out for him, but he’s preoccupied. I guess Yuriko worked the ball down to his crotch and now is rubbing his crotch with her face and the ball while she uses her hands to rub his ass. What else do you expect, really?

We cut away to after the race because no one bothered to write anymore of that scene. We cut to Shima apologizing to Chiharu for pushing her too hard, but he claims he just wanted to cheer her up. Yes, cheer her up by forcing her to do stuff she doesn’t want to do and by basically using the event as an excuse to molest her.

Shima hugs her and thinks to himself that all he wants is to make Chiharu smile and then we get an odd and out of place pause for like four seconds where absolutely nothing is happening or is being said. I actually thought the video didn’t buffer enough when this scene came up.

Densuke pops up out of the bushes and Shima congratulates him on winning second which I guess means they won first. It’s called ‘Show, don’t tell’, Eiken. It’s one of the most basic concepts in visual storytelling.

The next event is starting and I can’t wait to see what fresh slice of hell is waiting….Oh it’s….just a running race from one island to another since the tides are out enough to show the land beneath it….Huh….this might not be so bad. Oh it’s an obstacle course!……getting slightly more worried now.

The first obstacle involves crossing a pool..…


…..where a bunch of chocolate covered bananas–


*sigh* Urgggh, where a bunch of chocolate covered bananas are waiting for them and they have to keep the bananas in their mouths until they reach the next obstacle.

Meanwhile, Shima talks to Densuke about liking Chiharu and states that he wants to go out with her. Kirika shows up WITHOUT A PHALLIC SHAPED FOOD!? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?! D: She says that the final event will decide which one of them gets Chiharu.

In case you’re just tuning in, the series just basically stated full out that Chiharu was a prize….property to be won. Chiharu gets no say in the matter. They don’t even ask her opinion while they’re discussing this. They just agree to those terms and prepare for the game.

Back at the games, the racers are running to the bananas and clone maid #227 from Shima’s team can’t get this bafflingly large chocolate covered banana into her throat enough to get a good grasp on it and says she can ‘usually handle this size’…..I didn’t really think they could get lazier, but there they go. Grace pops up for the first time in ever to show her how its done and slowly gets a good chunk of it down smoothly. I still weep for you, Mona Marshall. Learn from your mistakes, please.

By the way, is there any reason they can’t carry the bananas sideways like any normal person would? Oh right, then it wouldn’t look like a BJ.…

Eiken part 2 screen 5

Back with the others, Kirika says that, in addition to Densuke getting Chiharu as a prize for winning (urgh), Shima has to ‘back off’ of the Eiken club……………………………What? He’s been in one event and like two separate scenes, none of which involved any other Eiken members besides Yuriko, Densuke and Chiharu. This is the first scene we’ve ever seen of him and Kirika together. In addition, he’s been in America for at least a year. What exactly is he doing to the Eiken club that’s so annoying? Is there some homework I wasn’t assigned before watching this?

Densuke’s nervous because he doesn’t think he can win and he wipes the sweat off of his face when Chiharu points out that he’s wiping off his face with her panties again…….How? Just how? Why does he have those with him? I mean, stupid as it was, at least that joke made sense in the fountain because her panties came off in the fountain but why does he have them now? Did he keep them on him for….gross and wrong reasons? If so;

Densuke gains another lead in the Ecchi Creepiness Olympics! It’s still anyone’s game, especially with a new contender in our possible sexual predator, Shima, but it’s looking good for Densuke. I haven’t seen a creepiness competition this intense since the battle of Kimura from Azumanga Daioh vs. the teacher from DearS! That reminds me, I could actually be watching anything but this right now. Back to you in the studio!

Komoe’s up in the obstacle course, mostly just doing her schtick of bouncing bob-ombs. When we cut back to Densuke who is feeling down in the dumps about his odds in the competition feeling that he has no chance against Shima because he’s so super hot and stuff. He tells Yuriko that all he wanted was to win the games to buy Chiharu a present and looks at…..Chiharu’s panties in his hands again. Why did you keep those?! Chiharu didn’t run away that time to my knowledge. When you realized what you had in your hand, did you just stuff them back into your girl swimsuit hoping she wouldn’t notice?

Eiken part 2 screen 6

Wow, it certainly seems like Densuke’s the crowd favorite for the Ecchi Creepiness Olympics now! Things are really heating up, but we still have about fifteen minutes left! Can he hold this lead until the ending theme starts?

Cut back to the obstacle course where it’s now Teacher’s turn to go at it, and her challenge is to sit in an inner tube and float down a pool. Okay, an excuse to show lots of asses and crotches……I’ll bite, what’s the catch?

I tell you the catch….eels. Or to put it in more common terms, tentacle hentai. Yes, there are eels in the pool and their only function in the obstacle course is to swim up into the contenders’ bikini bottoms. Again, I’m pretty sure Teacher’s doing this one because the more hardcore ecchi stuff is possibly regulated to be done by older characters.

Back with Densuke, he’s still moping and instead of offering actual support, Yuriko strips down naked and hugs Densuke and keeps hitting on him. What a slut. Actually she’s a slut and a bitch because she realizes Densuke feels like crap right now and likes Chiharu and she realizes Chiharu likes Densuke back yet she still does this crap. What a jerk.

It’s Kyoko’s turn, IE, the only character who is not entirely annoying to watch’s turn, but surprisingly she doesn’t do anything but win with her big mech which should totally be cheating, but no one says a thing about it.

Eiken part 2 screen 7

Back with Densuke, Yuriko gives Densuke her bra and tells him to win the competition to win her heart forever. Bitch, please. You’re such a horny whore bag you’d probably go through the Kama Sutra with him if he breathed in your general direction. Also, this is the second time it’s been implied that Yuriko keeps molesting him to the point where he actually ‘finishes’.