Animating Halloween | Pac-Man: Pacula Review


Plot: Mesmeron creates a vampire version of Pac-Man and sends it down to Pacland to chomp Pac-Man learn the location of the Power Forest.

Breakdown: So….did Pac-Man basically just take a beat from The Smurfs and go “Yeah, let’s just say “Pac” every five seconds and put “Pac” on literally everything in sight.”? Because, my god, I was about to go insane. I’m half-tempted to rewatch this episode just to do a tally on how many times they say “Pac” in 11 minutes. Wow.

Anyhoo, this episode is pretty dumb. I don’t really know what I’m to expect from a Pac-Man Halloween special but….yeah….it’s pretty dumb.

First of all, I’m not going to question how Mesmeron made a vampire Pac-Man from a bat, I’m fine with that. What I’m wondering is why the hell he would make this vampire with a paralyzing fear….of Power Pellets. The reason the ghosts keep losing to Pac-Man is because he keeps using Power Pellets. It’s literally his only power. Why would you allow this thing to have the same weakness? Actually, it’s even worse because the ghosts aren’t afraid of the pellets themselves. They’re only vulnerable when Pac-Man eats one.

Second of all, I have no idea what the stakes (heheh) really are. Pacula chomps other Pac People, which makes them…..tired? I have no idea what is happening to the people who get chomped by this guy. They just look kinda tired afterward, and that’s it.

Third of all, the way that Pac-Man beats this guy makes no sense. When he and Pepper walk into Pacula’s castle (How he got a castle when he was born hours ago *shrug*) Pac-Man turns back the clock to say it’s a few minutes to midnight (Pacula gave him an ultimatum to show him the location of the Power Forest before midnight or he’ll chomp everyone in Pacland.)

That means that Pacula somehow slept through his cutoff time. The time on the clock when they got to the castle was 6:00AM. Pacula definitely didn’t give this ultimatum after midnight, so the only thing I can figure is, yeah, he slept through his cutoff time.

So they turn the clock back to just a few minutes before midnight so they can wake him up, the chime for midnight can go off, then they open the windows and reveal the sunlight, which he hates because vampire. Did they wait until sunrise, well beyond the cutoff just kinda hoping he’d either fall asleep or forget what he was doing?

The ghosts also turn themselves into vampires via a formula Clyde makes, figure that out, but Pac-Man and Pepper just eat some Power Pellets, chomp them all and save the day from a mass outbreak of….mild fatigue?

The end.

Like I said, I wasn’t expecting much anyway, but I expected little and got even less. I even had to groan my way through Pac Wars, which was the Star Wars ‘parody’ playing at the drive-in. One of the characters says “Use the Power Pellet force, Luke.” You get it? It’s funny because he added “Power Pellet” to the quote. It’s funny.

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