3 thoughts on “AniManga Clash! Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero Episode 8: Game Shitennou, Finally on the Move (Placeholder)

  1. I don’t remember seeing this episode. That really sounds ridiculous. Season 0 is no masterpiece, but it was so much more interesting without the card games. YGOA references are definitely necessary and that Dan Green quote was hilarious even though Season 0 isn’t dubbed. Now it makes me wonder if characters can do what they want if they’re voiced by him…Hahaha! XD

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  2. I’m glad I didn’t get this far in Season 0 because this episode seems like a complete and utter mess. I like surreal, absolutely insane videos, but only when they’re supposed to be like that (for instance, YouTube Poops). This just seems horrifically incompetent and so-bad-it’s-good at best. I hope the later episodes aren’t this terrible.

    Also, in case you want to watch something that’s actually well-made, a bunch of YouTubers got together and reanimated the Season Zero episode where they visited a fast food place. It’s amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH3qOhZQGHM&ab_channel=PhuiJingLing

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