8 thoughts on “Why I ‘Quit’ Watching Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon + Episode 16 Discussion

  1. That’s certainly a bummer with Yashahime coming off as a nostalgia cash grab instead of a meaningful extension of InuYasha. While I was never knee deep in that series at all, I can see how you would feel disappointed in watching this with the good memories you had with the original series. I don’t know if Yashahime will improve or not, but hopefully the writers learn their lessons.

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      • Technically, it wouldn’t be the first time. Before the Final Act came out, the Inuyasha anime just ended with ‘Welp, we’re gonna continue chasing Naraku and looking for jewel shards. Bye!’ 167 episodes for that. People were livid for years, myself included lol

        It would be worse with Yashahime considering there is no manga counterpart to supplement. Not sure people would be as angry as before, especially considering how it’s being received. Many would probably just brush off the series as not being canon, like with Dragon Ball GT.


      • Well, I think the viewership ratings in Japan are very good, although it could also be because of the timeslot. I doubt it’s going to end on a cliffhanger. It’ll be either a rushed ending or extended for a season 2.

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    • Oh my god, I just went to Hulu to read the description for the episode. The instant I saw the thumbnail I just gawked at the screen. What the hell are they thinking? lol I imagine the Sesshomaru stuff in episode 18 didn’t amount to much if it’s followed up by whatever that is.

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      • Yeah, ep 18 is about what you’d expect. 20 and 21 are supposed to be more story-focused, but they should be considering how close it is to the end!
        However, episode 19 has about 2 good minutes. It features Moroha of course.

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