Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 8: The Dream Gazing Trap Review (Spoilers!)


Plot: Towa, Setsuna and Moroha pursue the four-eyed owl demon, Yotsume, who is fleeing back to Kyuki in a panic. She instructs him to use the power of her rainbow pearl in conjunction with his dream gazing ability to discover the weaknesses of the half-demon princesses.

He does just that, downing Moroha, Towa and Takechiyo, but Setsuna is immune because of her inability to sleep and dream. As Setsuna battles Yotsume, the other three dream about memories buried deep in their minds, revealing some mysterious events from their past.

Setsuna manages to defeat Yotsume on her own, allowing the others to wake from their slumber.

However, Kyuki has obtained the memories revealed in the dreams via the rainbow pearl. Now she must face the half-demon princesses herself.

Kyuki’s rainbow pearl possesses the ability to absorb demon power, which makes all of their attacks useless. Since they were hit with the dream gazing attack, which absorbed their demon power, Towa can’t call her sword and Moroha can’t become Beniyasha. Only Setsuna is left to fight, but she’s fairly powerless either way since she relies on demonic attacks.

Moroha reminds Towa that she possesses a similar ability to Kyuki’s. If she can absorb Kyuki’s demon energy, she can get some of hers back. Towa allows herself to get hit by Kyuki, which does indeed rejuvenate some of her demon energy and allows her to call her sword. She attacks the pearl directly, but it’s no use. She didn’t have enough resolve in her swing to actually cut the pearl out.

Setsuna saves Towa from another blow, but she ends up getting knocked unconscious as a result. Seeing her sister injured while trying to save her again angers Towa to the point where she can generate her sword and use what we now know is Sesshomaru’s Azure Dragon Wave. The wave fells Kyuki and knocks the rainbow pearl out of her grasp.

Riku, who has revealed himself as an incredibly powerful being who actually commanded Jyubei to send the girls out to defeat all of the Perils, finishes off Kyuki incredibly easily and obtains her pearl.

For their troubles, the girls earn a bag of gold from Takechiyo, delighting Moroha.

Two Perils down, two to go.

Breakdown: Twix getting to the most current episode of Yashahime before the next one drops? It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

So, wow, there is a LOT to cover in this episode. Like…a lot a lot. Let’s get started with a good ol’ fashioned breakdown.

– Riku’s actually some insanely powerful being who is a very important ‘client’ of Jyubei’s to the point where Jyubei and Takechiyo are subservient to him. Let me tell you straight out a line which kinda damages most of the current plot. Jyubei asks why Riku is sending the girls to kill the Perils if he can do it easily. And Riku flippantly says that he hates the Perils – he only kills those he loves.

It’s very unclear whether Riku’s actually a good or bad guy right now, but…he wants the Perils dead…can ‘easily’ defeat the Four Perils, and he won’t – for a very stupid reason. Okie dokie…

It downplays the power of the Perils as a whole, which makes their defeats at the hands of the girls seem less impressive. This is highlighted later when Towa defeats Kyuki and Riku says it was a ‘half-assed Azure Dragon Wave’ that took her out.

It’s disheartening to have one of Towa’s biggest moments in battle so far be farted on like that. ‘Pfft, weakling Peril defeated by weak attack. Pfft.’


Oh and, yeah, he said he doesn’t kill those he hates, only those he loves, yet uhm, wait, who delivered the killing blow again? *checks notes* Ah, yes, Riku….He even told Kyuki that he hated the Perils as he killed her. Contradictory character, you are.

– Speaking of Kyuki, let’s talk about her quick defeat, shall we?

But before I go off, a positive note to help balance things out. Ahem. I really like Kyuki’s design both in her false form and her true form. They are pretty cool designs. And now back my grumpy criticisms.

Kyuki is a peril that has been built up for a few episodes, and she’s the first enemy that the girls properly face now that we’ve caught up with the first episode’s initial scene, yet she’s defeated and killed in HALF AN EPISODE.


Don’t even get me started on how stupid the entire battle itself was. Kyuki’s ability to absorb demon energy is a good threat, but absolutely nothing about the actual battle makes a lick of sense.

First of all, the fact that she obtained their dreams? Had absolutely no bearing on the battle. They don’t even bring it up after she faces them. She didn’t learn of any weaknesses they had, which was the intention, yet she acted as if her getting the dreams from the pearl was to her benefit.

Second, hoo yeah, it is a BIG problem that Kyuki can absorb demon energy, making all of their demonic attacks useless. Sure is a shame none of them has spiritual abilities and sacred arrows which are the polar opposite of demon powers and are, in fact, meant to purify demon energy. Sure is a good thing they didn’t remind us that anyone in the group had these abilities in the first part of the episode by having that certain someone use those abilities against Yotsume and nearly defeat him that way.

Third, does Setsuna, this trained demon slayer, not have any abilities for slaying demons outside of her own demonic powers? Why does she keep using her demonic abilities when she knows they’ll just be absorbed? It makes her look really stupid. She could have used that opening to cut out the pearl herself with her naginata. That’s just a traditional weapon.

Fourth, the way Towa resolves this makes even less sense. Moroha’s like “Hey, remember, Myoga said you have a similar ability to absorb demon energy.” And then she frickin’ Iron-Reaver’s Towa in the chest to make this point! I was flabbergasted. Although, points for giving me a chance to use the word ‘flabbergasted.’

Towa absorbed demon energy through her sword last time. There was never any occasion where getting hit by demon energy allowed her to absorb it into her body, yet somehow Moroha was so confident that she could do this that she nearly maimed her friend to test it out.

The Iron-Reaver not only doesn’t hurt Towa, but it doesn’t even rip her clothes. This isn’t the first time this has happened – Inuyasha also Iron-Reaver’d Miroku in Movie 02 and didn’t rip his clothes – but why? All the Iron-Reaver does is leave a big purple claw mark on Towa’s chest to show that she actually absorbed the demon energy.

Took the words right out of my mouth, Towa.

…Hold the phone. Now Towa can absorb demon energy through her body via attacks…..Why has that ability not been shown until now? Wouldn’t every demon attack she’s taken so far just leave a mark on her instead of actually hurt her? It’s not as if Towa did anything to prepare for this, either. Moroha just swiped her out of nowhere.

Moroha says Towa can absorb any demon attack as long as she can withstand it. If she can’t, she’d end up getting killed.

Towa heads out to challenge Kyuki, but Kyuki swipes at her with her paw, leaving a claw mark on Towa’s chest. Even though that wasn’t a demonic energy attack (it was literally just her pawing Towa) it still allows Towa to absorb Kyuki’s demonic energy and get her sword back.

This shouldn’t matter because it’s a sword made of demon energy, meaning Kyuki would just absorb it again. It would an absorb-off.

Towa attacks the pearl directly, trying to pop it out of Kyuki’s mouth, but she fails because she doesn’t have enough resolve to succeed. After Setsuna pushes Towa out of the way of another attack, Setsuna winds up unconscious. Towa is devastated because her weakness got Setsuna hurt again, just like it did ten years ago. Channeling her inner shounen protagonist, this allows her to get a massive increase in power, which allows her to do the Azure Dragon Wave, which, from the way Riku was talking earlier, I thought might be different than the other dragon attack she had before, but it’s not….So they’re making a big to-do about her using an ability she already had?


Who cares anyway? It’s a demon-energy based attack, right? So, logically, Kyuki would just absorb the power and—whoops, she’s defeated by it.

….So uh…this was the demon who wanted to usurp Kirinmaru, eh? Either the girls, Towa specifically, are way too OP or these Perils are weaker than a newborn baby made of feathers.

Riku kills Kyuki by simply tapping his earring, which I still believe is probably another rainbow pearl, and she just fades into dust. Could he have killed her that easily this whole time?

– It’s confirmed that there are seven rainbow pearls, which means someone didn’t learn their rainbow colors. Silver is not a rainbow color. Maybe gold can pass for yellow or orange, but you ain’t getting a pass for silver. Moriah Elizabeth would be ashamed.

– Riku made off with Kyuki’s rainbow pearl and no one noticed, cared or mentioned it. The girls just completely forget that Kyuki had a rainbow pearl. And they forget this even before she’s killed. I don’t even think they noticed that Riku killed her. They’re literally about 20 feet away and not taking notice of anything Riku’s doing.

Speaking of being oblivious airheads, Towa happily greets Riku as if he’s an old friend and not a guy who just framed her for stealing a valuable sword from a powerful shogun lord and nearly got her killed.

And that’s the end of the episode. The battle may have been a jumbled nonsensical mess, but—Oh wait. You probably want me to talk about the dreams. That is mostly likely the main reason you clicked on this post in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dreams~~~

– Moroha, Towa and Takechiyo all get hit with Yotsume’s dream gazing ability. Moroha and Takechiyo’s dreams get mixed up because Setsuna used her cyclone ability near them. I don’t know why or how either. I guess so neither Takechiyo nor Moroha would properly remember the events of their dreams for some reason?

Moroha has Takechiyo’s dream. In it, he’s being ‘given’ to Jyubei as a servant by Miroku, which leads me to believe Takechiyo is indeed Hachiemon’s kid. Is this another case of a kid of one of the original characters not remembering where they came from or who their parents are and/or their parent is dead/trapped somewhere?

Still wondering why Sango’s been missing entirely too. This is another instance where Miroku is seen, but not Sango. Getting increasingly concerned.


Why is Miroku giving Takechiyo to Jyubei as a servant? Dunno. What connection does either of them have to Jyubei? Dunno. All I know is that Jyubei, at this point, calls Takechiyo a ‘young lord’ and Hachiemon is an ‘elder’ who is connected to Takechiyo. Also, he says he can’t treat Takechiyo the way he was treated before, he needs to be put to work, for some reason, implying that he was treated rather well, perhaps like royalty. What exactly did Hachiemon get into after the series ended that made him so important?

Miroku, by the way, still has his face obscured by his hat for some reason, and they’re not even allowing him to talk. He’s communicating purely through head nods in this flashback. Why? I can’t think of any reason why they’re doing this. He does still possess the ability to talk – he spoke to Setsuna, even though we didn’t see or hear it – so why? It’s always really awkward when shows try to mask cameos of old beloved characters by making sure they just barely have a presence by obscuring their appearances and not letting them talk. Especially Miroku of all people. Miroku practically had a silver tongue. There’s no reason he’d be communicating purely through nods.

Baby Morohaaaaaa!!~~~

Takechiyo has Moroha’s dream, which is the one everyone’s been waiting for. In this dream, Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru are together for some reason and they’re seemingly facing off against Inuyasha and Kagome.

Just to drive the weirdness of the obscure cameos even further, Sesshomaru is cloaked in shadow and doesn’t talk….but Inuyasha and Kagome are shown fully and audibly speak.

Kagome cradles a baby Moroha and gives her Inuyasha’s mother’s rouge. She tells her that she and Inuyasha agreed that, if they had a girl, they’d give that to her. (Well, that’s sexist. This series has proven men can have some mad makeup game.) That’s real sweet, but I still can’t stop thinking about the Kikyo aspect of that whole thing.

Kagome then tearfully hands Moroha off to Hachiemon, telling him to take care of her before she and Inuyasha, presumably, follow Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru into a temple for some reason. Their ultimate fates are never shown. I don’t really know how Moroha’s remembering this, considering she was a baby at the time, but at least we have a little more information on what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome. Doesn’t really alleviate any concerns that they died or anything, though. Does this mean that Moroha was raised by Hachiemon?

This also might confirm that Inuyasha didn’t give his robe of the fire rat to her, so where did she get it if that’s indeed what she’s wearing?

Towa’s dream is about Setsuna’s ability to sleep being stolen by the Dream Butterfly. In an interesting development, we see the Dream Butterfly flying to the Tree of Ages, who is the one in control of the butterfly, and sprinkling what it absorbed from Setsuna onto a sleeping Rin. This seems to imply that there’s a connection between the two conditions and, possibly, if they kill the Dream Butterfly, Rin might wake up too, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not that simple.

This dream really confuses me because there’s no rhyme or reason why Towa is seeing this. She wasn’t there to witness Setsuna getting attacked by the Dream Butterfly, and there’s absolutely no way she knows of Rin’s current state or that the Dream Butterfly is connected to Rin. The only way I can think of this working is if she’s psychically connected with Setsuna, which is possible (there is that belief that twins are physically linked and whatnot) but even Setsuna wouldn’t know about Rin…..would she?


In the end, none of them even talk about the events of the dreams, which is rather frustrating because I keep feeling like they’re purposefully stalling as much as humanly possible to avoid actually developing the backstories of the girls and what happened to the original cast. I should give some leeway here, because they were in the middle of a battle and didn’t have time to chat about the dreams, but I still feel like it’ll be a while before they discuss any of it, which just doesn’t feel realistic to me. Though, lest we forget that they all still remain completely uninterested in talking about their origins or parents in the slightest.

All in all, this episode is….eehhhhh….okay. It wasn’t a bad ride, and I appreciated the parts with the dreams, but the battle with Kyuki was a complete mess, and the dreams left me more confused than anything. I’m all for nostalgic fanservice, but they’re not even doing that right. Why are some old characters being hidden from us but the main friggin’ characters are fully on display? Miroku better have some badass facial scar or something.

At the end of the day, I can’t help but remember a tweet I saw a couple weeks ago where someone was saying something like ‘Yashahime continues to display its amazing ability to put too much plot into an episode while also not really furthering the plot.’ And….yeah that is pretty much what they’re doing.

They’re giving us the absolute bare bones of information each time they bother giving us some. Keep in mind, the dream stuff didn’t even matter to the plot of this episode. Kyuki didn’t use the information for any purpose. She mentioned that she tweaked Yotsume’s dream gazing ability in the rainbow pearl to absorb demon energy, which also doesn’t make any sense, and that’s about it. She already knew the girls were half/quarter-demon. All the dream gazing served to do was give a little more information to the audience about what happened to the original cast – information that is only about 1% useful.

Moroha’s hair is extremely light in this flashback. It’s in a shade that lies almost exactly between Inuyasha’s silver and Kagome’s black. Why is that?

I’m not saying back up the exposition dump truck onto my needy little head – you can’t shoot off all the fireworks at the start of the show, that’s boring – I’m saying they need to find a better way of dealing with the stuff in the past to make the overall story flow a little better. Following a trail of bread crumbs to your destination doesn’t work well when the bread crumbs are half a mile apart and you sometimes find a bunch of bread crumbs in one spot, but they’re spread out in the middle of a fork in the road.

I was continuously getting concerned about the power spikes in Towa, but I guess I shouldn’t because she’s still considered a weakling to actually powerful characters like Riku? Even though she’s mowing down Perils one after another in record time.

Inuyasha had a talent for making even low-level demons seem like a legit threat. Yashahime has a talent for making high-level demons seem like they’re weaklings. Remember these are the highest generals of Kirinmaru – a demon meant to be matched in power only by Inutaisho and Sesshomaru and who is also seemingly our main antagonist for now. If they’re not having significant problems with the Perils (Two have been killed so far, and we’re not even in the double-digits of episode numbers), why should I be in the least bit concerned about Kirinmaru?

What has Kirinmaru even done yet? Nothing, besides sit in the shadows and tell his troops “Take out the girls and bring me pearls. Yes, that rhymed.” Also, if Kyuki thought she could take on Kirinmaru with four out of seven rainbow pearls and she’s as weak as she was, then even his underlings don’t find him to be that much of a threat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not begging for another Naraku – please, dear god, anything but that – but still. I don’t much give a damn about him right now is all.

Next episode, it seems we might be getting another full-on filler episode, but maybe it’ll be fun.

Final notes: Yes, I did forget that Sesshomaru had an attack called the Azure Dragon Wave in the movies and The Final Act, so it makes sense that Towa would have this ability. In my defense, it’s been years since I watched The Final Act or any of the movies, and my memory is breathtakingly awful.

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4 thoughts on “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 8: The Dream Gazing Trap Review (Spoilers!)

    • That was probably one of the most frustratingly stupid battles I’ve seen in anime in a long time. It’s not even one of those moments where it’s like ‘don’t think too hard about it’ because thinking about it AT ALL reveals how stupid it is. What were the writers thinking? And on what is, arguably, the most important episode to date no less….

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  1. Reading about this anime on TVTropes, the main characters of this anime seem very interesting, and I feel like I could really get behind them as protagonists. However, it unfortunately looks like this anime just isn’t worth checking out due to its shoddy pacing and wasted potential. What do you think?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can’t really tell how much potential is wasted here quite yet, but yes I certainly agree that the pacing is awful. Then again, it’s not like Inuyasha was ever known for having good pacing. Then again again, Inuyasha was known for taking way too long to get from A to B. Yashahime is basically the opposite. I have no idea how long this series is set to last, so maybe it’s rushed for a reason?

      It doesn’t do a great job at satisfying either Inuyasha fans or newcomers so far. For Inuyasha fans, the nostalgic fanservice is sprayed in little bursts, and they make it really obvious that they’re doing their damnedest to keep the nostalgic fans interested while not blowing their load too soon. As I said, I get why they’re doing that but the way they go about it isn’t great. My frustration is probably playing into it a little, but it’s still an issue.

      You can’t have the instances of cameos from the old crew popping up (in flashbacks) or information being revealed about them seem really important but then have the main characters brush it off like they don’t give a damn about them. If their parents really are still alive (And we know at least Sesshoumaru and Rin are) and they’ll one day reunite with them, I have a hard time believing I’ll emotionally connect with it that much. I’m mostly interested in seeing their story for my own curiosity. I haven’t much considered anything like ‘Oooh what’s Towa going to say when she meets Sesshoumaru? What’s Moroha going to do when she learns of her parents’ fate?’

      A big part of the interesting aspect involving spin-offs that follow the children of the old series’ characters is seeing that parental dynamic between the new kids and the old group, but we don’t have any of that here. Every old character is MIA, and none of the children grew up with their blood-related parents. That’s a very dicey setup.

      This is kinda highlighted when I consider Towa’s relationship with Sota, Moe and Mei. She greatly loves them, and Sota raised her knowing she had demon in her, so when it was her time to leave he and the rest of her family fully understood. They happily saw her off and made her promise to return to them someday. I wanted to see something along those lines with their actual parents, but I know I never will now.

      What makes this particularly irritating is that they’re clearly making the characters blase about any information involving their parents so they can pad out the series. If they start caring, they’ll start asking questions. If they start asking questions, they’ll find answers sooner. Literally all they’d have to do, I believe anyway, is ask Myoga or maybe Kaede or Kohaku where the frick everyone is and what happened. But they don’t because they seemingly don’t care enough to ask such simple questions.

      The characters are pretty darn good, mostly. As you’ve probably noticed, I adore Moroha. She’s just a blast of a character. They manage to make her brash, impulsive and kinda rude while also making her fun, friendly, smart and strong. I know Towa and Setsuna are being framed more as the main-main characters, but I’ve always been more invested in Moroha’s story.

      Setsuna, in terms of personality, is good too. She very much channels Sesshoumaru in being stoic and kinda cold, but she clearly cares for others. I like her partnership with Moroha as she sees her as more of a comrade than a liability or annoyance, which is the dynamic most shows would go for. There’s definitely more to her than meets the eye. I think, to some degree, she’s kinda envious of Towa’s kindness and gentle demeanor, even if she always seems more irritated by it.

      Towa’s the weakest link, which is a problem because she’s framed as being THE main character out of the three girls. I really love her character design, and she’s a good person but I keep finding myself annoyed with her. She frequently comes off as stupid and overly naive, which we’re supposed to take as her just being the most sympathetic one considering she grew up in times of peace in a land with no demons, but it doesn’t make much sense when you consider she grew up fighting people constantly. Not to mention that kind/sympathetic does not have to equal stupid or naive…

      Other than that, she’s very determined and brave and gets huge power boosts when she accesses this determination, especially when it comes to saving people or meeting her goal (finding the Dream Butterfly, killing it and restoring Setsuna’s ability to sleep) which basically makes her any generic shounen protagonist. It continues to be weird that the one with the least experience of the three seems like she’ll, without a doubt, be the strongest member of the group very quickly. She’s still likable, but she’s just kinda bland and a little frustrating.

      They make a good team, overall, and I’m impressed at how they’ve developed a good amount of cohesion in such a short amount of time.

      I do like that the three main characters are all girls and that they kick ass, but they kick too much ass if they’re taking down their main enemies this quickly. I’m really hoping the next two Perils or Kirinmaru at least are a much bigger threat, otherwise it’s going to get boring fast. In addition, that benefit is lost if the newest male ally (??) really is far stronger than any of them, supposedly.

      I’m also having difficulty caring about the plot involving the Dream Butterfly. Mostly because Setsuna really doesn’t care…like…at all….that she doesn’t possess the ability to sleep or dream anymore. In fact, if anything, she’s benefited from it. She doesn’t need to sleep, so she can work as much as she wants. She doesn’t need to sleep, so she can always keep watch. And her inability to sleep is pretty much the only reason they even survived this episode. I care a little more now that I know Rin’s coma is caused by the butterfly, but that’s not the reason Towa is fighting so hard to kill it. She’s all about restoring her ability to sleep and dream (oddly, she doesn’t really bring up restoring her memories of when they were young and together, which is strange) It’s a pretty weak driving motivator.

      I also think they made a mistake with the rainbow pearls. They’re way too reminiscent of the Shikon Jewel shards. The least they could have done is make them some other shape or items or something. They literally all look like tiny multi-colored Shikon jewels, and they serve pretty much the same purpose.

      I really believe my final verdict on whether or not this series is worth the bother, for Inuyasha fans, will come in the reveal of where the old cast is and what happened to them. If that explanation isn’t worth it, then that presents a big problem because the main story just isn’t that strong on its own.

      I do like the idea of Rin being in a coma and Sesshomaru seemingly trying to wake her up through whatever trials he’s putting his daughters through. The implication that this is all happening because of Kirinmaru, either to blackmail Sesshoumaru or not, and the Dream Butterfly affected both Setsuna and Rin is a strong tie to bind all of these plot points together. I hope to see an even softer Sesshoumaru when everything’s out on the table, because, even though I like this hook, it can easily make him look bad if they’re not careful.

      However, we still have very little idea of what Inuyasha and Kagome’s role in this whole thing is. They met up with Kirinmaru and Sesshoumaru and seemingly gave up Moroha as a consequence of whatever happened there. They were never mentioned by the Tree of Ages when it was trying to give the girls that mission to kill Kirinmaru, so it’s a big question mark.

      And Miroku’s a bigger question mark as he’s wandering around doing….I dunno, plot things? Meanwhile Sango’s completely out of the picture and so is Shippo.

      I mentioned in one of my joke tags that there was a theory that all of the girls, Rin, Kagome and Sango were all in comas and all of the guys, Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha and Miroku were plotting to wake them up, but not only does that idea seem more silly the more you think about it, but I also don’t think I’d like the same setup being repeated in all of the pairings.

      If you’re not an Inuyasha fan, then I don’t really know. I guess you wouldn’t be disappointed at the tiny trickles of information on the old cast, but what you get otherwise really isn’t all that great. It’s not bad. I mean, I’ve never really disliked an episode so far – in fact, I’ve enjoyed myself fairly well. Even if the plot and story is stupid, I still tend to have fun with the ride. But maybe I enjoy the ride more because I was already a fan of the series and can’t properly put myself in the shoes of someone who isn’t.

      Taking all of the Inuyasha stuff aside, so far, you have a moderately okay fantasy anime. It has yet to truly wow me, but it still has growing pains and issues with establishing its own identity. I can understand that.

      I think, for fans and non-fans alike, it’s certainly worth at least checking out an episode or two. You wouldn’t regret that much. I’m still holding out hope that it will steadily impress me. Inuyasha, all of it’s downfalls considered, still managed to keep me engaged and had a lot of awesome battles. I believe Yashahime can pull off the same thing over time if they’re smart about it. I have yet to hit any episode that acts as a “this series is unsalvagable” wall.

      HOWEVER, I strongly suggest skipping episode one and starting with episode two because episode one is basically an epilogue to The Final Act instead of being a proper intro to the series as a whole. The new characters are hardly in it – it’s mostly just a side story for Inuyasha. Episode one doesn’t really contain any important information you won’t learn in episode two or beyond.

      Also, I’m really sorry for the massive text wall XD Starting to think I should have just made a regular post as a response with the way I ramble lol

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