AniManga Clash! Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero Episode 4 (Placeholder Review)


Plot: Miho convinces Honda to stand in line for a limited edition D-Shock watch that she desperately wants. Honda, needing to use the restroom, asks Yugi if he’ll stand in his place in line. Yugi manages to snag the last watch, but he’s suddenly harassed by a teenager named Shotaro. He’s an avid watch collector and wants the D-Shock for himself. He tries to steal it from Yugi right in the store, but Honda manages to fend him off.

Miho is extremely happy with her new D-Shock and Honda, but quickly becomes furious when Honda reveals that he lost the watch somewhere in an arcade.

Yugi notices that Shotaro is in the arcade and instantly becomes suspicious that he stole it. While the others are trying to control Honda in his watch-searching rampage, Yugi goes to confront Shotaro. He receives a vicious beating in return. Before Shotaro can leave, Yugi transforms into Yami and challenges Shotaro to a Shadow Game.

Yami is victorious and returns the watch to Honda, who can now face Miho again.

While Miho is happy about her watch, she tells Honda of a new perfume that is coming out and convinces him to stand in line for that as well. Some things never change….

Breakdown: This is our first anime-exclusive filler episode and it’s….really goddamn annoying.

At face value, the story is really no different from what we’ve come to expect. Douchebag has a run-in with Yugi and the gang, Shadow Game happens, douchebag loses, all sunshine and roses for everyone but douchebag.

However, there are two things about this episode that really rub me the wrong way. First of all, can we please just get rid of Miho altogether? We’ve established that she’s stupid, immature and annoying, but now we can add lazy and manipulative to that list. It’s not like Miho has a pressing engagement and can’t stand in line herself. She just doesn’t want to do it so she gets Honda to do it, at the ass crack of dawn, mind you.

Then, when he loses it and is clearly upset at this ACCIDENT, Miho slaps Honda and runs away yelling that she hates him. (Granted, he did strip down to his skivvies to search for it, so maybe that’s why she slapped him, but it was clearly more about finding the watch. Also, her animation when running away was literally nonexistent. They didn’t want to actually animate her leaving, so they showed her running animation for about three seconds then just fade transitioned the character’s layer away.)

Then when he gets it back, she implies that she wants him to wait in line for something else…….Does Miho have any redeeming traits?


Second, Honda is equally annoying in this episode. Between his pathetic behavior around Miho and his yelling for 90% of his screentime, he was insufferable. At least he protected Yugi from Shotaro that one time, but still.

He’s also incredibly stupid. Like, “Golly, the guy who was super obsessed with watches at the watch store, to the point where both of his forearms were covered in watches, and tried to steal the D-Shock from Yugi is not only in the same arcade as I am, but he also stepped on my hand and purposely tried to confront me after the watch mysteriously went missing…….Well, back to looking around on the floor for the watch. “

The only two redeemable aspects of this episode are that the interactions with Jonouchi and Anzu are kinda funny, mostly in regards to the facial expressions they gave them, and the Shadow Game was good.

Shadow Game

Yami was really digging the clock motif because the Shadow Game is all about clock gears, coo-coo clocks and pendulums. A coo-coo clock bird steals the watch from Shotaro and locks itself in its little room. Upon the game start, the bird will emerge and the stopwatch will start. The goal is to reach out and stop the timer as close to ten seconds as possible without going over. If they stop it too late, the giant pendulum will swing by and smash the player’s hand.

If Yami wins, he gets the watch. If Shotaro wins, Yami will acknowledge him as the watch’s rightful owner and he can leave.

Shotaro agrees and he loses, but he claims it was a practice run. Believing Yami has the better angle to make a quick escape, he demands they switch sides. He’s ready to go again, more confident that he can last longer, but the pendulum also switches sides and he smashes his hand. Yami proclaims himself winner, but Shotaro won’t let that go.

Sporting an incredibly freaky and scary look, Yami forces a penalty game on him.

Shotaro’s smashed hand is revealed to be filled with clock gears. His watches have all merged with his skin and even his eyes have turned into clocks.


In an odd turn of events, they even decide to followup on what happened to Shotaro later, after Yugi returned the watch that night to Honda and they returned it to Miho the next morning at school. Shotaro went home in a complete daze and viciously smashed his watch collection while his mother yelled for him to snap out of his trance. The end…..


Despite the Shadow Game and punishment being pretty good, I don’t think it makes up for all of the annoyingness that is the first half of this episode. Shotaro’s a confusing bad guy to start with. He’s so obsessed with watches but he wasn’t first in line to get this D-shock watch that even Miho technically got up early to get? (She got up early to meet with Honda to ask HIM to do it…) He loves his watches so much he wears as many watches as he can on his forearms, but the instant anyone even brushes them or annoys him, he comes out swinging. That’s obviously putting your precious watches at risk of damage.

I’m surprised he even agreed to the Shadow Game without removing his watches first, to be honest. He beat up some dude for nudging one of his watches while walking by, but he’s fine putting his arm in the way of a massive metal pendulum when he has all those watches on?

And, of course, this is yet another story where Yugi has to get beaten up because why not?

Next time, it’s back to the adaptation – Shadi appears and we learn more about the Millennium Puzzle!

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8 thoughts on “AniManga Clash! Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero Episode 4 (Placeholder Review)

  1. I remember that episode. It’s mainly for the Shadow Game with the clocks. I do agree that Miho was super annoying as a character and didn’t serve purpose like the others. The clock gears in the hand was so creepy even though this series wasn’t animated well. It’s weird how Toei is inconsistent when it comes to animation quality even though Yu-Gi-Oh is in the Shonen Jump Breakfast Club.

    Also, thanks for checking out my newest Top 7 list even though you would’ve guessed one of the entries when you saw the title.

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    • You’re welcome. 🙂 I knew Escaflowne’s situation was bad, but I didn’t know it was that bad. Yeesh.

      Admittedly, it did cut a bit close because TLK2 is the last Disquel I need to review to close out the entire “Dissecting the Disquel” review series I have and…well, guess what I’m rewatching/reviewing now and also really love as a movie? XD

      That doesn’t erase the fact that the situation with the JEL screening was bullshit, though. And if it did have anything to do with coinciding with TLK2, then that’s especially disheartening.

      On the whole, though, I do feel I must be honest and tell you that my views on the entire Kimba/TLK situation have been pulled back a bit, though, after recently watching this video on the entire situation.
      (Since I’ve watched, he’s updated with this video too )

      I’ve watched the creator (Adam/YMS)’s videos for a long time now and he’s always very thorough and well-researched, though I don’t agree with him on certain matters. He makes a lot of good points in this video, doesn’t really have a reason to be biased himself (though he is a Lion King fan, he’s no fan of Disney) and I found it hard to argue with him on most points. He even brought up a lot of things I had no idea about. It’s a long watch (2 and a half hours) but it’s very convincing. (And to kinda balance the field here, even he admits the cease-and-desist order was bullshit in the video)

      I dunno, maybe I’m just easily swayed or maybe I’m in a biased mood since I’ve been prepping for the TLK2 review for a long while now (That’s why DtD has been very dead lately lol The conclusion of that series is long since overdue), but that’s just my view for now.

      I’ve decided to watch as much Kimba/JEL stuff in the near future as I can get my hands on to make a more educated opinion myself, but until then I think I’m benched in this debate.

      I hope you don’t take this as being anything against you or the quality of your posts, which are awesome, I just wanted to be honest with you on this matter because I know how passionate you are about it, and I’ll be discussing TLK more in the future since I plan on reviewing that movie, The Lion Guard and even the *shudders* live-action remake….

      I hope you’re not upset with me. Again, I’m not criticizing your views on this or anything, I just wanted to be honest about mine. I like to see both sides of the coin, though that does tend to make people frustrated with me…

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      • No problem. Even I wasn’t aware how bad the Escaflowne situation was until I looked up some things about the Fox Kids edited version. No wonder I was so confused back then by not seeing the first episode. Hahaha! It was a crazy situation, but at least the original unedited version has been around for a while, so it could’ve been a lot worse.

        I personally didn’t expect to have a text block conversation, but it’s okay. Sorry if the timing was awkward with you gearing up for that review. Personally, I wondered when you were going to review that Disquel, so don’t feel bad about it. You should celebrate for reviewing all the different Disquels. Maybe I should’ve treated myself to something after completing my Satoshi Kon goal after my Paranoia Agent review. 😛

        I’m happy you feel that way about how bogus the attempted JEL ban was. It made Disney look super guilty even though it didn’t get through. I’m not saying TLKII was the reason besides the obvious reason why an attempted cease and desist lawsuit even existed. Given the fact that JEL made it’s debut the same year as that Disquel and how much money and time Disney puts into marketing, I do find it to be a possible reason why it could’ve happened. This is just speculation and an educated guess.

        You’re the second blogger to tell me about that video. I saw one of the highlight videos that involved clips of Susume, Leo/Leo the Lion and The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion (the 1989 remake series) a while ago. I didn’t realize he updated it.

        I’m not too familiar with YMS’s work until after the first blogger mentioned the video when I reviewed Cortex Academy since I mentioned how there was a plagiarism controversy tying it to Inside Out (long story). I’ve seen other video essays about the subject like Yesterworld’s The Lion King Lie video, Saberspark’s video, and Allie Kat’s video on the matter. Reading the recent comments on the first two got awkward with YMS fans bashing Kimba, the fans as well as the content creators even though they are Disney fans who like both Kimba and TLK (kind of a rarity given how heated that fandom rivalry is). Good on YMS for condemning the attempted JEL ban. I wish more Lion King fans would do that. Not going to lie, when I saw one of the clips from Susume, Leo with some offensive looking African characters (context: I have never seen that sequel besides the clip of Claw and Kimba fighting on the mountain), I facepalmed. I’m glad Tezuka Productions owned up to those depictions in that anime and the original manga while promising never to do anything like that again, but that was still very uncomfortable to say the least. I know I’d dock multiple points if I did review that sequel. I’m also going to ignore an obvious counter-argument I can make against TLK stans who point out those flaws when I can mention the portrayal of a certain group of characters or historical parallels with their situation because I’d be repeating myself in a previous conversation. Thankfully, the Kimba TV show (while not perfect) had some positive Black characters and JEL had Mary who was a great character with a supporting role. I hope that I’ve never come off as a “Kimba drone” by saying everything TLK did was identical because even I know not everything was ripped-off. For me, I was angry about some of the fan reactions, the denial, and for Disney not owning up to what they did. While I’m guilty for talking about Kimba more than most anibloggers, I wouldn’t call it my favorite anime IP.

        If it’s of any consolation, I’m way more offended by the Hakuna Matata trademark and the Mbube/The Lion Sleeps Tonight plagiarism case than the Kimba/TLK controversy. Yes, that animation controversy is infuriating in it’s own right, but I thought the other two examples were much worse. One of the reasons why I felt so strongly against the trademark issue was because I found out about it weeks after getting my DNA results and finding out I was part Congolese through my maternal heritage. Swahili is one of the 5 official languages in the DRC and while it’s not the #1 language in the country or the culture (that would be Lingala), I still felt enraged that Disney took part of MY culture. The Netflix documentary The Lion’s Share was so eye-opening in it’s own right about the music plagiarism case. Sure, Disney wasn’t the one who started the music thievery, but TLK was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to Solomon Linda’s family when the original movie raked in $15 million in royalties from that song alone and they never got a red cent of it. I wonder what Adam/YMS or Lion King fans would think about those situations.

        I understand if you feel benched after watching the YMS video and not seeing enough Kimba/JEL works yourself. While we have different opinions on that famous Disney movie, just know that I do like reading your reviews of different anime, cartoons, and movies. I feel like I’d be super shallow if I were to bash someone just for liking TLK even though I’m guilty for making subtle and overt potshots against that franchise in some posts. It does hurt because I used to really like that movie during my childhood, so it did psychologically affect me when I researched the Kimba issue and eventually finding about the other unsavory things tied with that Disney franchise.

        No, I didn’t see your comment as an insult or an indictment against me. I appreciate your honesty and it’s cool that you like my posts whether you agree with the content or not. Just know that my comments about TLK that I mentioned weren’t about you or any other blogger I respect with similar feelings like you (I can think of another one who liked the same post). You’re going to cover the not-so-live-action remake? Oh, no! Hahahaha! XD That humor wasn’t against you. I was just adding to your joke.

        Fiddletwix, I’m not upset with you at all. I didn’t feel like you were criticizing me and I get it if you want to see both sides of the coin. The past comments you’ve seen me mention in some posts were never directed towards you or other people I know. Hopefully, this was a decent reply to your comment.

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      • Escaflowne is one of those shows I’ve always meant to watch but never got around to. I really need to fix that sometime. I think I tried to track down the original dubbed version for an SDC a LONG time ago, but…I think I said “Screw this” because I couldn’t figure out why the hell the first episode didn’t match at all lol.

        Yeah sorry about the text block lol I just figured it would be a good time to speak up about it. I’m so glad you’re not upset with me about it, and this was a very good response. ^_^

        Oh I didn’t realize you had already been linked to that video. Yeah, when it comes to this controversy, both sides tend to leave nasty comments sometimes. It’s understandable as both sides are being defensive towards something they love. I didn’t really see any outright Kimba bashing when I looked at YMS’s comments, but maybe I just have my comments set to display differently (I have top comments on I think) or did you mean those other videos had Kimba bashing in them? I haven’t seen most of those videos, I don’t think. I think I watched Saberspark’s video at least. Adam/YMS kinda attracts some crass fans, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was jerks going around being…well…jerks about it.

        It is a very well-made and researched video overall. I honestly didn’t want to watch it because the title kinda makes it seem like it’s going to bash Kimba, but he doesn’t. He does mention numerous times how weird it is (and from what he showed, it is true. What the hell is up with him and his dad’s creepy pelt? lol) and he jokingly makes that comparison with that comic strip in the end, but he never says it’s bad or anything. And, trust me, when Adam when doesn’t like something he makes it known and very clear. Though, obviously, not everyone’s going to be as fair as that, especially in the *thunderclap* Comments section on Youtube.

        While he brought up many logical points, I was most effected when he said Tezuka’s son doesn’t support this controversy. Like, it’s one thing for Ishinomori’s production company to not be that bothered, but if his own son doesn’t see it that way I feel like it’s hard for me to want to die on that hill, ya know?

        Sadly, the blackface thing is something I’ll need to address in my upcoming reviews on Cyborg 009, too. Ishinomori was no racist, make no mistake, and 008 is a great character, but the manga was a product of 60’s era Japan and…..well, you can probably guess how his design looks. 008 was one of the first black main characters in manga, though, so that’s cool. And his design does get so much better in later versions.

        You never came off as a “Kimba drone” to me, don’t worry. I get where the frustration is coming from, all things considered. Thing is, many TLK fans kinda have the same issue the ‘fake’ Kimba crowd (the ones who hadn’t watched the series or knew much about it but wanted to go against Disney) had in that they would defend TLK and probably end up being jackasses about it, but not have any actual points to back themselves up with besides some of the obvious ones like Simba’s name. They couldn’t because they likely never watched Kimba either – they just got defensive of something they liked. That’s why I appreciated Adam’s video so much – because he watched every Kimba thing he could find and combed through everything (to an insane level, quite frankly.) and addressed the criticisms he had seen point by point without lashing out at Kimba fans. He does kinda poke fun of some of the sillier arguments and poorly made videos, but he’s not being an ass about it. I wouldn’t have continued watching if he did, because I don’t like putting up with that crap.

        Admittedly, it is hard to defend Disney’s titles when the company itself does stupid/malicious shit all the time. -_- It’s like trying to defend a guy in court and saying ‘Your honor, my client would never do such a terrible thing. I have evidence to show this never happened.’ but then you look over and you see he’s strangling the stenographer with his handcuff chain.

        When I get around to doing my TLK review (in 40 or 50 years because I’m nowhere near that time period in my Disney reviews and I have the production speed of a snail made of rock. lol) I plan on linking to your review on The Lion’s Share to help spread the word about that particular issue in regards to the music and Hakuna Matata. 🙂

        And yes, I do plan on reviewing the remake. If I don’t make it out alive, you can have my blog. XD

        I understand that you’ve never directed any of those comments or anything towards me, and I’m glad you understand that this wasn’t an attack on you either. I’m glad that my views on this situation didn’t negatively impact anything between us. I really like your posts and conversations and I’d hate to lose it over that. 🙂

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      • Escaflowne is something I want to revisit at some point and I liked what I saw in the original version. Yeah, and SDC post about Escaflowne would be very difficult with the missing episodes and the overall rarity of the edited version. Weirdly enough, Canada got more episodes than America with the same dub cast and everything. If you want to review the unedited version for The Anime Madhouse, that would be pretty cool!

        No need to apologize for the text block. It’s good that we have this conversation even though this was on a YGO post. Hahaha! I’m glad my response was good and made sense.

        Yeah, I’ve been told about it, but I haven’t seen the video in it’s entirety at this time. No disagreement about both sides leaving nasty comments and making all out flame wars. The one highlight video that I mentioned to you did have some trolling comments. There was one comment that I found to be very stupid which was something like “Scar’s based on Shere Khan.” which made my brain hurt for obvious reasons that I don’t need to bring up since that facet of the controversy. The other videos had some comments about people watching the YMS video and making fun of the content creators and Kimba fans which got pretty bad. Not all of them, obviously, but I did find multiple examples. Saberspark’s video was one that I knew was used in the YMS one even though I saw the actual video and not the reaction. Him and Yesterworld despite liking TLK both said that Disney at minimum should’ve at least credited Osamu Tezuka and apologize for what went down. Saberspark said something along the lines of how Kimba should be a part of animation history like everything else and it deserves to be more than just “the anime The Lion King probably stole from”. Okay, that kind of makes sense about YMS attracting crass people.

        That title card did look like it was going to be straight-up baseless Kimba bashing with the facial expressions. Good to know that it’s not the case. I will admit that the show let alone the series as a whole does have weird moments and EVERYONE who has seen the original anime talks about the whole issue with Caesar’s hide. I get that Kimba is trying to find courage with his dead father, but even I raised eyebrows with a couple of scenes where he talks to the hide as if his dad was still alive. Don’t even get me started on some of the random sci-fi stuff or how the 2009 remake is a post-apocalyptic take on the story. Very good point about YouTube comments in general though.

        I did hear about that statement from Makoto Tezuka and how he was concerned that Kimba fans were “weaponizing” his father’s creation against Disney and TLK. I get that him and his late father were inspired by Walt Disney and they didn’t want to burn bridges. Personally, I disagree with them, and I know if the situation was reversed, Mickey Mouse would show no mercy, but I do understand if Makoto didn’t want there to be bad blood with both works or the fandoms.

        That’s certainly going to be an uncomfortable topic. My first experience with Cyborg 009 was the 00s remake and I had an assumption that 008 always looked like that more or less until I watched and reviewed the Devilman crossover. In the end credits, you do see the original old-school manga designs of the characters and my jaw dropped when I saw 008, so that lead to a rabbit hole researching the original manga and anime a bit. He certainly looks WAY better in the recent remakes and adaptations than back then. Although in Call of Justice, he looks like an anime version of Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover in my opinion. XD

        Whew! I wanted to be sure. Thank you for understanding. I’m definitely passionate about film plagiarism cases and calling out cultural appropriation when I see it. Even I’m sick of fake Kimba fans who haven’t seen any of the TV shows or movies as much as well as the TLK fans who haven’t seen Kimba either. Both of those sections of fans or stans really ruin things for everyone. That’s cool how Adam didn’t act like a jerk.

        THANK YOU! I know you didn’t defend the malicious and stupid things Disney did (TLK or not) when we had that previous text block conversation. I have to be honest with you that when you told me the first time how you thought some of those things like the trademark issue, the Kimba controversy, or even how the hyenas had problematic elements to them, you actually broke a prejudice I thought so many TLK fans had. I assumed that so many Disney fans would be in denial or downplay the gravity of those situations especially with a previous case where a friend freaked out at me when I talked about the racist undertones of Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed as well as the elephant graveyard being a case of protagonist centered morality (side note: I wish Disney would own up to those issues instead of ignoring or making fun of people who pointed out those things). Now to lighten the situation, I think your analogy was quite hilarious. XD

        Whenever that happens, that would be quite awesome to link my review of The Lion’s Share (I do link an article about the Hakuna Matata trademark issue in the same post). Over the past year, I’ve had friends and bloggers who watched that documentary because of my review or me recommending it and they told me they were glad to have watched it even with the uncomfortable truths shown. A lot of them said they can’t look at “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” the same way again. Even more recently, some people asked me about documentaries that talk about racism in the subject matter and that was one I mentioned since it touches on colonialism (most of the doc takes place in South Africa, so Apartheid is mentioned) as well as cultural appropriation given the court case with those two songs.

        Oh, wow! You make this sound like a will or inheritance. Haha! I have faith in you to cover the CGI take on this story. Hahaha! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch a Chiwetel Ejiofor movie that’s good and pretend he didn’t play Scar (You were in Children of Men and Talk to Me! Have some dignity!). I heard his directorial debut for the British/Malawian movie The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is pretty good despite an obvious hilarious in hindsight moment when the main character is played by an actor named Maxwell Simba. The only thing that would be funnier is if Ejiofor’s character was his uncle instead of his dad.

        That’s very good and I’m glad you understood that. I’m thankful we can have healthy conversations in the blogosphere. Nothing was negatively impacted with these text blocks. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a jerk or troll to anyone. Kindness goes a long way online or IRL whether people agree with an opinion or not.

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  2. I only watched a few episodes of Season Zero and I don’t remember it being this bad. I only really have good memories of the show: 1) that it went to really dark territory (kids getting beaten up and stuff), and 2) that the main character is voiced by Megumi Ogata. Even now, I’d still like to watch the full thing someday. I wonder if it’s worth it?

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    • It’s worth it, IMO. As bad as it is sometimes, and as insane and dreary as it gets (The constant terrible people and main characters getting beaten up or otherwise abused does get old), especially in comparison with its successor, it’s bundles of fun. It’s cool to see all these different Shadow Games and Punishment Games, and there are some very touching moments in there too, usually between Yugi and Jonouchi. And, yes, Megumi Ogata makes for a great Yami. 🙂

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