3 thoughts on “AniManga Clash! Yu-Gi-Oh (Manga) vs. Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero Episode 2/Chapter 4

  1. I definitely remember this episode. It made that flashback of everyone at Burger World in Duel Monsters make a lot more sense. I remember when Jonouichi made that comment about Anzu possibly “dating for pay” and I was stunned that anyone would say that in YGO. Good point about the color palette, it was so cheesy and over-saturated on so many levels. That’s certainly one episode that would NEVER fly if 4KIDS got their hands on it. I do remember some of the things with YGO Abridged like how Joey and Yugi reference Pulp Fiction and how Yami “challenges” Tea’s assailant to a dance competition before sending him to the shadow realm while claiming he looks good in a tutu. That was pretty funny. Good job with the comparisons between the manga, Season 0, and Duel Monsters.

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