8 thoughts on “SSBS – Wedding Peach Episode 2: Splendid! Bridal Dress Change

  1. One thing I never got was the two different outfits. It’s not like one is for physically fighting and the other special abilities or anything. They just randomly swap to use different attacks.

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    • I think they still wanted the full wedding/bride aesthetics while not being impractical in battle, but they went about it horribly (I would say they took the lazy route, but it’s more work to make two different outfits than to make one unique costume so I dunno). I actually think it would’ve been a better option and a cool exercise in creative design to have a battle outfit be fully wedding/bridal gown oriented while not being impractical. Maybe combine veils/lace and flowers and a cape-ish train with some armor pieces and a ring-themed weapon or something. As it stands, outside of having a few pieces of armor, Momoko’s battle outfit is really no different from most other magical girl outfits. Short frilly skirt with leotard-esque top and high-heeled shoes. It’s a missed opportunity for the show to really stand out, and that’s a shame.

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  2. Wedding Peach does sound very crazy with the teenage stereotypes, fighting in dresses, and being way too close to Sailor Moon. It still blows my mind with how other works have referenced this anime like Comic Party or Happy Lesson and…Oh, wait. KSS animated them all.

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