Animating Halloween: Tiny Toon Adventures – Night Ghoulery Review

Plot: The Tiny Toons parody numerous horror movies and shows for their Halloween special.

Breakdown: Now that the Looney Tunes have had their shot at a Halloween special review this year and pretty much flopped, how did the Tiny Toons do?

Much better, I’m happy to report. And I was trying really hard not to be biased because I did watch this special a lot as a kid (I especially remember loving the parody of The Tell-Tale Heart.)

Instead of taking old existing cartoon shorts and sloppily taping them together to make a Halloween movie, Tiny Toons went all out and made a full 45 minute long special with all new shorts parodying a variety of horror based movies and TV shows.

The shorts are bookended by sequences where Babs is parodying the TV series, Night Gallery, which a horror anthology show hosted by Rod Sterling (with Babs doing a Rod Sterling impression throughout) that was akin to the Twilight Zone.

Some of the segments are almost confusingly short and are not bookended by the Babs Night Gallery scenes, which can sometimes make it difficult to know where and why a new short is starting, but it’s not nearly as bad as Bugs Bunny’s Howl-oween Special.

Most of the shorts, however, are pretty entertaining. Not really busting a gut laughing, but I was laughing quietly to myself. It even started me off laughing since the special started with a parody of Nightmare Before Christmas. There were many moments that had me chuckling. Obviously, some of the shorts land harder than others, but they had their moments

I was baffled at how only one of them featured Buster at all. This special was covered in Plucky and Hamton, though, which is fine because I love those two, but it’s a little confusing why they were given so much focus. They, together, got two shorts to themselves, and Plucky even got another while partnered with Buster. Babs only got one short to herself, and Babs and Buster never had a short together.

I didn’t particularly care for the fact that two of these shorts had a character, both played by Plucky, that did the ol’ ‘There’s something scary!’ *tries to show other person* *There’s nothing there* *Character is treated like an idiot or crazy* trope twice in this special, especially considering that my least favorite part of Bugs Bunny’s Howl-oween Special was the one where they did that same trope with Sylvester.

Also, Tiny Toons does prove to get a little dated at spots. Nothing cringe or eye-roll worthy, but there are still instances here and there where you can see its age. In addition, even as an adult, there are a ton of references I just don’t get.

I really appreciated that they made a custom theme song for the special. Not only is it an extended version of the regular song, but it’s animated and lyrically changed to fit the Halloween theme, which was awesome. They even ended the special on a different ending rendition of it.

Overall, this is a really great special for any Looney Tune or Tiny Toon fan around Halloween. It’s obviously not scary at all, it’s Tiny Toons so it’s not meant to be, but it’s a great bit of Halloween humor with a little something for everyone. Plus, we got to see Furrball dressed as a Ghostbuster, come on.

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7 thoughts on “Animating Halloween: Tiny Toon Adventures – Night Ghoulery Review

  1. Huh, I don’t remember this at all. Maybe I’ve never seen it since it’s longer than the usual eps so it wouldn’t fit in a normal afternoon slot. (Unless as a double episode.) You’ve got me curious!

    • It aired in May (Originally planned for October, obviously, but it was pushed back for some reason) so I don’t really know how they went about airing it. It’s very possible they split it up into two episodes, because I can’t imagine they’d have a special event for this airing in May, and I remembered seeing it fairly often as a kid. If you’re interested in checking it out, it’s on Hulu, if you have it. 🙂

  2. I loved Tiny Toons (and still do, still have my Tiny Toons Game Boy games)! I was super glad they had it on Hulu. I feel like TT was overshadowed by Animaniacs when it aired, so thanks for giving it it some love

    • I still have the SNES game! 😀 I loved playing it when I was a kid. Truth be told, I liked Tiny Toons more than Animaniacs. I loved them both, but I definitely preferred Tiny Toons. So, any opportunity to give them some loving, I love to do so. 🙂

      • Did you have Babs’ Big Break?! That was my first ever Game Boy game, so it’s particularly special. Glad there are more Tiny Toons fans out there, I don’t run into many 🙂

      • Sadly, no. 😦 I know I played it for a bit, I think I borrowed it from a friend during recess once. I remember it being pretty fun. 😀 I had Buster Busts Loose, which was AWESOME. ❤

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