Episode One-Derland (Cartoons) Craig of the Creek

Plot: The Creek is an amazing place where kids from all over the neighborhood gather to explore, have fun and stake their claims. Craig, along with his friends Kelsey and JP, spend their days adventuring in the Creek while Craig works to create a full map of this utopia for kids.

Breakdown: You know what we’re really lacking in today’s animation world? Shows where normal kids just have fun being normal kids. Granted, yes, this show has an exaggerated view on kid life, at least where the Creek is concerned, but it’s grounded, humble and has a very real feeling to it.

That’s not meant to be a sleight on any show with fantastical elements. I absolutely adore shows with fantasy, superheroes, magic etc. But sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and relax with a show that is more rooted in reality. The only other show I can think of off the top of my head that has a similar realistic setting is The Loud House, and I haven’t watched much of that show.

Craig of the Creek has an air about it that’s very similar to Recess. The area they frequent is ruled by kids in various manners with each kid serving a different role or being a part of a specific group within the area. The imagination involved in both creating this world and in the kids who bring it to life is fantastic and very entertaining.

Even though, again, this is exaggerated, it’s not to the point of being terribly unrealistic.

Take this episode, for example. Craig is a cartographer of sorts. He wants to draw a full map of the Creek. There’s a spot on the map that hasn’t been explored, and he and his friends want to explore it to be legendary adventurers in the Creek. However, the area is a small spot located in a massive field of poison ivy. So they treat it like this epic adventure by getting suited up from head to toe in makeshift hazmat suits and even set up a tether with a fishing line to find their way back.

Something starts attacking them from the ivy, but it’s not a monster, it’s a kid who is immune to poison ivy. He has a big family and can’t get any privacy, so he uses his immunity to poison ivy to create a small sanctuary in the clearing of the poison ivy field where he has placed a trampoline. Craig, sympathizing with his plight, considering he has a similar situation, marks the spot as dangerous and warns everyone to stay out.

Being respectful of this kid’s sanctuary and privacy means much more to him than being a famous explorer in the Creek. And even his friends go along with this with no argument.

We even get a very nice and beautiful moment after this happens when they return home.

This show has all of the markings to hit all of the right buttons in regards to characters, story, comedy and even heartfelt moments. Plus, it’s definitely appealing to child and adult audiences alike. Not only do they not talk down to the kids, but this series is basically a nostalgia bomb for adults, especially if you lived in a small town.

They introduce the characters and establish the world very well. They have the dynamic of the three main characters solid right from the start. I particularly loved Kelsey. She is definitely my favorite character so far.


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Craig of the Creek has a very strong start, and it has a very refreshing concept that really brings me back. I can’t want for more adventures at the Creek.

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