Ojamajo Doremi/Magical Doremi Episode 4 Sub/Dub Comparison

Plot: In an effort to keep Hazuki and Aiko from figuring out that she’s a witch, Doremi accidentally leaks the secret to them. Given no choice, Majorika turns them into witches too. Now needing more magical spheres than ever, Majorika recruits them to sell items in her store since only currency obtained by selling magical items can be used in the Witch World for magical spheres. While Majorika is away, the girls decide to completely renovate the shop the way they want it.


The sneak peak of the episode is removed.

The closeup of their feet is removed.

The face Doremi makes right before she yells at her friends is removed.

Entire Show Edit: The theme song is usually right after the preview for the episode in the original. In the dub, it’s usually right after the first scene.

Aiko describes Majorika as a tadpole and Lala laughs at her saying that. In the dub, Mirabelle says she saw two folks in the shop and Lorelai says ‘You can’t always believe your eyes.’….Obviously she can…because she saw you…and you exist.

Doremi refers to Majorika and her form as being a ‘witch frog’. In the dub, she keeps calling her a green blob.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but they specifically told Doremi at the start that if anyone found out her secret that she’d turn into a frog thing, right? Why did they change it to having a disclaimer of ‘only if you’re a full witch.’?

Aiko points out that it was Doremi who made her father disappear before. In the dub, she says she always thought there was something strange about Dorie.

Hazuki says Majorika doesn’t look like a witch. In the dub, she says she wants to analyze her in science class.

In the original, Doremi merely tells them what happened to turn Majorika into a frog thing. In the dub, they shoehorn in a flashback to when it happened. Also, apparently, dub-wise, it’s only been a few days since Dorie became a witchling, which is hard to believe if you ask me.

They cut out Hazuki attempting to point out that Doremi is a witch again and Majorika and Lala freaking out about it, saying she’ll definitely turn if she says it again…..What? How the hell does that work? Once you’re outed, you’re outed. Why is it, for witches in training anyway, that if you keep saying it, she’ll turn into a frog thing but not if you only say it once?

Aiko says she’d never let Doremi turn into a frog thing. Mirabelle says she can keep a secret because she never let her dad know where the dog buried the TV remote.

Majorika explains that she can’t risk Doremi’s secret being outed and her being turned into a frog, because, if that happens, she’ll be unable to turn back since she was the one who outed her. In the dub, she says Mirabelle and Reanne are of no use to her.

Hazuki just thinks to herself that she can get whatever she wants. In the dub, Reanne thinks she can make herself more popular.

Aiko originally says she could use her magic to give her dad more time to relax, which is a very selfless and kind thing to do. In the dub, she says she can use her magic to do all of her chores, which would be helping out her dad, but the wording implies that she’s doing it more for herself.

A shot of the girls’ backpacks is removed because of the commercial break in the dub.

Aiko and Hazuki originally call Doremi ‘Senpai’, which causes her to gush. In the dub, they just say that she’s so cool.

Majorika calls Doremi an Ojamajo and Aiko asks what she means. She then explains that it’s the word used to describe a troublesome witch apprentice. In the dub, Patina yells that she’s not getting any younger, Mirabelle asks why she’s so angry and she says it’s because she’s a green blob (and doesn’t want to put up with their BS while she’s trying to turn back.)

Aiko says ‘Pretty Witchy Aiko-chi’ In the dub, it’s the same ‘faladeiladongding’ blah, but it somehow sounds worse coming from her.

Majorika says she’s found ojamajo number two when Hazuki can’t put on the uniform in time. In the dub, she says “What are you lookin’ at me for!?”

Hazuki doesn’t say anything when she gets her uniform on. In the dub, she meekly says the ‘faladeila’ blah blah.

This line is kept the same, but they ruin it a bit on delivery. When it’s shown that Hazuki succeeded, Aiko and Doremi quietly say ‘Saaaaafffeee.’ In the dub, they just yell “Safe!”

Doremi says her typical magic words followed by ‘Big tasty steak, appear!’ In the dub, she says ‘Give me a break, and make a witch a steak!’ I think. Like always, the middle of it is mumbled so I don’t know for sure.

Wait a minute, why does it look like Aiko’s Peperuto Poron holds many more magical spheres than Doremi’s?

Hey, wait, Hazuki’s is the same blank baton-like Peperuto Poron as Aiko’s?…..Oh great. Leader gets something better looking because pbbbt she’s the leader. Bite me.

Dorie: “Their wobblers look a bit different than mine.” First off, thanks for pointing out this fact, even though it’s never explained why they’re different nor why they’re named different things but look exactly the same.

Second, uh, cut! Take 2? Wandalars, Ms. Palant. Wandalars. Not wobblers. I would say that Dorie is just being a moron, but she knows exactly what it is, what it’s called etc. In fact, she just gave the girls a lesson on their magical items mere moments ago – the ‘wandalar’ included.

Hey wait, the dub actually does give an explanation. In the original, Lala explains that the wands Aiko and Hazuki have are not the Peperuto Poron, but rather the Poppun Poron (Aiko’s) and Puwapuwa Poron (Hazuki’s). That doesn’t explain why they look different than Doremi’s nor why they’re identical to each other, but whatever. In the dub, Lorelai explains that Dorie’s wandalar is an earlier model. The one that looks cooler and seems more efficient is the earlier model? Also, you just said Dorie’s been a witch for a few days. They really came out with a new model wandalar in that short amount of time?

Hazuki’s magical words are Paipai ponpoi puwapuwa puu…..That sounds incredibly dumb to English ears. I’m just hearing pie and poo mixed together. In the dub, since all spells are just rhymes, Patina explains to Reanne that spell drops are very precious, so they should only use them when necessary. Reanne promises to do so.

Aiko’s spell is Pameruku laruku larilori poppun. Aiko has trouble remembering the words, and she and Majorika have a back and forth about it. In the dub, same issue, so this is changed to Patina calling Mirabelle ‘Hayseed’, a play on her last name of ‘Haywood’ (She was also called this by a kid in her class last episode). She then argues with her over calling her that.

This also makes a weird transition in the dub. Originally, Aiko finally thinks she has the spell down and wants to try to use a spell to make some takoyaki. In the dub, she had been arguing with Patina about the insult, saying she’s making her mad, then we suddenly skew to a happy tone and her saying she’ll make some biscuits and gravy.

Aiko says her magic words, which are obviously changed in the dub to “Forget the hominy grits, just make me some biscuits where she (Patina) sits!” Uh, how does the spell work for biscuits and gravy if you forget to include the gravy part in the spell?

Originally, they kinda explain why Aiko’s spell didn’t work. She produced yakitako (fried octopus) instead of takoyaki (octopus dumplings), supposedly because they are made up of the same sounds just flipped. However, that’s not what she said, so I don’t know how this screwed up. In the dub, she just points out that she messed up. I guess because 4Kids couldn’t think of anything clever to make up there to relate to biscuits and gravy.

Aiko tries over and over again to make the takoyaki while Majorika stews and says she’s also an ojamajo, then she blows up at Aiko for wasting magical spheres. Aiko stops and asks what magical spheres are, then she looks at her wand as Majorika explains. All of this is removed, and I don’t know why. Yeah, she brought up the spell drops in the dub already, but she can still point out that Mirabelle’s wasting them.

Praise be the Reanne, we have a character who friggin’ enunciates when she casts a spell in the dub.

Also, her original spell words are changed to ‘Dusty toy in dreadful store, scamper right across the floor!’

Doremi originally says she doesn’t care what she makes move, just to have anything move. In the dub, she says ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, spin around and please don’t fall!’

There’s also a lyrical song here in the original and it’s just regular BG music in the dub. Doesn’t matter much because the song seems out of place, especially if you listen to the lyrics.

Majorika tells Doremi to cancel her spell, and she says she never taught her how to cancel spells. In the dub, Patina tells her to stop the suit of armor, and Dorie says she doesn’t understand how she got it to move in the first place.

Majorika and Lala talk about forbidden magic. In the dub, they explain the fairy test.

Several parts of this conversation are removed, I guess because the subject was changed?

First, Majo Rika says to never use magic that brings back the dead. Doremi asks what happens if you do it by accident, and she responds that the user will likely die—Oh now I get this cut…Oh wait, no I don’t, because the subject was changed anyway so who cares?

Next, you’re not allowed to perform healing magic, something we’ve already seen in the first episode. When you use healing magic, the injury is transferred to you. They then have a brief flashback that references that.

The subject then changes to the fairy test, so we’re back on track. About a minute of footage removed for no real reason, however.

Uhm, why are the imagined fairies winking, have hearts above the heads and are in alluring poses?

How does Hazuki need magical spheres already? Aiko used a lot while trying to make takoyaki, and Doremi’s been a witch for a while so she might be low already, but we’ve only seen Hazuki do one spell.

The witch world is changed to Lunaverse. I actually like the dub’s name more again.

Doremi says triumphantly that Hazuki is the first ranked student in their class. Majorika bursts her bubble by pointing out that Doremi’s the last. In the dub, Dorie proclaims that they should have a half-price sale and Patina shoots her down.

Majorika says to go home and get some rest if they want to sell goods tomorrow. The girls then agree. In the dub, Patina says witchlings can only sell magical goods that they make. The girls then agree to make some.

The girls huddle and whisper that the shop’s out of fashion, making Majorika furious. In the dub, the girls huddle and mutter, making Patina yell out to be quiet….they’re quietly whispering in a huddle, and you can’t make out what they’re saying. Why is she getting so pissed about their volume?

They cut out Majorika reassembling the suit of armor, getting into her witch outfit and going to the Witch World.

Text is erased from the paint cans.



Doremi says it’s partially their shop now too, so they should be allowed to fix it up. In the dub, Dorie says with a snotty tone, “You don’t expect us to work in this dump the way that it is!”

I’m just now realizing how selfish and bratty these three are – particularly Dorie. She turns Patina into a frog, is given her greatest wish of being a witch in return, she doesn’t seem to give a crap about succeeding for the sake of Patina and only wants to use magic for herself. Then when she’s told she, Reanne and Mirabelle will have to actually work for the spell drops they keep using like water, they basically say ‘fuck it’ to Patina’s store, take it over and insult everything about it. Granted, Majorika/Patina is very abrasive, but I think she kinda has a right to be, given the situation Dorie put her in.

Lala says fixing up the shop sounds interesting, and Doremi and Hazuki happily respond. In the dub, Lorelai says Patina won’t like it and for some reason Dorie happily responds “Why is that?”

Lala then continues and says she agrees that the shop is out of fashion, so she’ll allow them to fix it up. Doremi breathes a sigh of relief. In the dub, Lorelai continues that Patina is more into the old-school creepy type of witch and Dorie agrees.

Entire Show Edit: In typical 4Kids fashion, all flashbacks have fuzzy white ‘we’re alerting you to the fact that this is a flashback’ borders.

Why does Aiko have a sentient broom? Do the brooms need to be sentient before you can ride them?

Hazuki suggests writing ‘Maho’ in romanji. In the dub, Reanne suggests putting the first two letters of each of their names together to make the DoReMi magic shop….so now it’s not about sharing the shop, they’re taking it over in its entirety. Nice.

We have another lyrical song during the montage, and this time they actually do replace it with their own lyrical song. I don’t really care. It’s an exchange of one bleh-y bubblegum pop song for another.

They trade the shots of the girls putting up banners and the one of them working on the counter. I dunno.

Really? One of the lyrics in the Japanese song is ‘Being selfish is very good!’?….Wow.

They add a yellow shining effect to the mirror Hazuki’s holding because the lyrics of the dub song mentioned shining.



The banner, sign and posters are all changed.



(Included the closeup too because the video quality of the dub is such garbage)

Doremi says the new name goes better with the cute accessories. In the dub, Dorie says they couldn’t include Patina’s name in the title because DoReMiPa doesn’t sound right. It kinda could considering it goes do re mi FA, but I get her point.

Hazuki and Doremi cheer that that’s the Naniwa spirit (since Aiko just gave a good argument – Naniwa’s her last name) and Aiko thanks them. In the dub, they say ‘Team DoReMi Forever!’ and Mirabelle says she got carried away.

Lala asks if she can give the girls magic clay, since the items supposedly need to be infused with magic to make this weird currency exchange work. (They buy magical spheres in the Witch World using real money, but just using real money doesn’t work. You have to sell magical goods and then use the money obtained from the sales to buy magical spheres. Yeah, I don’t get it either.) In the dub, they don’t even say that the clay is magic.

Hazuki’s making a necklace. In the dub, it’s implied that she’s making a bracelet.

Aiko points out, if they sell a lot of stuff, they’ll get a lot of magical spheres. In the dub, she says she could sell corn to a scarecrow on the fourth of July…..I don’t quite get that one.


This episode was….kinda a mess built on a mess. First things first, Doremi thinks her friends are catching onto her being a witch, of which there is no concrete evidence. Instead of asking Majorika and Lala what to do on her own, she drags them to the magic shop for seemingly no good reason specifically to ask Majorika and Lala what to do about it.

They seem to screw up their own rules by saying Doremi can be ousted as a witch without being turned into a frog thing, but if it happens a ton of times then she will?

Instead of erasing their memories or something, somehow the next logical step is to turn Aiko and Hazuki into witches too, which just triples the witchling training workload and risk of being discovered, and doesn’t give Majorika any real benefit.

We have to go over the same witchling training crap we’ve already been through with Doremi, making a good chunk of the episode moot. I know it’s good to see how Hazuki and Aiko start off, but it’s really redundant when they’re just doing the same things we’ve already seen.

There’s absolutely no conflict in this episode outside of that one scene with the suit of armor coming to life, but that was taken care of off-screen during a commercial break.

The second half of the episode is just renovations and the girls somehow thinking they’re entitled to completely taking over Majorika’s shop, which is also her house.

It just seems like they were insanely impatient to get the girls together as witches and finally get everything all settled for their main plot base, which they could’ve avoided by having them all be witches at the start or something.

And I really must reiterate that the girls seem insanely entitled in this episode. ‘Give me spell drops.’ ‘We’re taking over your store.’ ‘We’re renaming the store to reflect us and not the one who actually owns it. ‘

I just don’t really like anything about this episode. We don’t learn anything new, outside of the rule about not bringing dead people back to life, that Hazuki has a flair for spells, and Aiko has a talent for riding brooms. Oh and that thing about the Witch World currency that still doesn’t make sense to me. Does buying magical items make the money magic? If the items are real magic, isn’t selling them to normal people a horrible idea? Most of the comedy isn’t that funny either. It’s just an episode that needed to be made so the actual plots could move forward.

Next episode, it’s the Maho-dou grand opening! But customers aren’t exactly pouring in.

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  1. Small bit of trivia: This episode was released on a sample DVD with the Doremi dolls that were sold in the States, making this the only episode of the English dub to have a DVD release.

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