33 Confirmed Dead, 36 Injured in Kyoto Animation Arson Fire


I never know what to say in times like these. Probably because I’m always so confused on the ‘why?’ Not like it really matters, nothing could justify something like this.

I stayed up late last night and was dumbfounded to merely hear of the fire itself. I went to bed with the death toll still at around 12 with several horrific details about the ordeal added into the mix. To wake up and hear that it spiked to 33? I don’t know what to say.

My heart goes out to those who were killed, injured and their loved ones. I hope those who were lost in the fire find peace. To those who were injured, I hope you’re able to recover fully and quickly.

I’ll save my malice for the perpetrator another day. He’s already been caught. He’ll get his dues.

And to those taking the time out to make jokes or groan that their projects are going to be delayed, do me a favor and take a long look in the mirror. Gain some perspective.

For now, let’s celebrate the happiness KyoAni has brought to us, mourn those who were lost and try our best to help those left behind pick up the pieces.

There are probably many fundraisers going around for KyoAni right now, but here’s Sentai Filmworks’ GoFundMe for the survivors of the arson attack. Please donate if you can. If you can’t, please share the link on social media or on your own blog.


5 thoughts on “33 Confirmed Dead, 36 Injured in Kyoto Animation Arson Fire

    • I know. I caught the news the first time around, and the next wave of news reports said it was arson and I was just baffled. Hard to accept that people that horrid exist.


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