Pokemon Shorties! (7) Pikachu’s Summer Festival

Plot: Pikachu and a slue of other Pokemon are setting up for a summer festival. Their headline act that night is a singing Marilli/Azumarill, but she suddenly gets kidnapped by a Airmd/Skarmory. It’s up to Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Nyasu/Meowth, Sonansu/Wobbuffet and friends to save her and the festival!

Breakdown: I often joked when I watched the other shorts that they were so one-note and ‘cute Pokemon being cute’ that I could watch them without any dialogue whatsoever and know exactly what’s going on.

So, of course, the first short that I’m forced to watch in Japanese raw is one that has an actual plot where the narrator is providing dialogue for all of the Pokemon….

Yes, the English dubbing of the Pokemon shorts has ended and now the only way I can review nearly any of the shorts beyond this point is by tracking down the raw versions.

Granted, there’s not a whole lot of plot to make this difficult to follow without help, but I was still thankful for the Wiki page to give a full detailed synopsis.

With that out of the way, this is a very enjoyable short. Pikachu wasn’t the main focus, in fact he didn’t really do much more than any other singular Pokemon. He might have even done less than a majority of them. The other Pokemon got plenty to do (Loved Wakasyamo/Combusken, Juptile/Grovyle and Fushigidane/Bulbasaur, even if the latter only got one very small part, it was so cute) the plot was pretty good and even Nyasu wasn’t annoying at all.

That old Madatsubomi/Bellsprout was really creepy, though.

The plot with the Bossgodora/Aggron was good but a tiny bit contrived. The Aggron and its….children (?) heard about Marilli performing at the summer festival, but they live on an island and can’t cross the water to see her. So, they did the next logical thing and kidnapped her so she could perform for them.

This isn’t too contrived for a Pokemon short, but Bossgodora is shown to have several Pokemon friends to help him with stuff, like Airmd, who kidnapped Marilli, Coil/Magnemite who chased Pikachu and the others away, and Samehader/Sharpedo who tried to stop them in the water. Why did he not think to ask if there was a big Water Pokemon around who could give them a ride? Like, oh I dunno, the Whaloh/Wailord who gives them a ride at the end because Ohsubame/Swellow heard the story from the old Madatsubomi and asked him to do it.

Also, why is a Pokemon who is not known for singing or its nice voice, and can’t even learn Sing (unless it’s bred by a Pokemon who can naturally learn it) being the headliner singer here? I wouldn’t be so bothered if not for the fact that the singing doesn’t sound like Marilli’s voice at all and there’s a frickin’ Purin/Jigglypuff singing backup! I’m not sure it’s the one we know and…tolerate, but it’s still a Pokemon known for its singing.

Despite these minor issues, this was still a very enjoyable short. It had plenty of action, comedy and nice moments all around. Even the music was great. Some of those tracks were bringing me right back into the games, and the festival song was pretty good. The ED was mediocre, though.

Recommended Audience: Why are you reading this section? You know the answer. You’re just looking for me to say something funny here, aren’t you? Well, not today, pal! I’m going to say boring stuff like taxes, congress and proofreading! Regret reading this now, huh? That’ll teach you!

Short 8: Pikachu’s Ghost Festival

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Corpse Party: Blood Covered (Manga) Review

Plot: Satoshi Mochida, Yoshiki Kishinuma, Naomi Nakashima, Seiko Shinohara, Ayumi Shinozaki, Mayu Suzumoto and Sakutaro Morishige are all very close friends at Kisaragi Academy. Saddened that Mayu is going to be transferring next year, Ayumi propositions them to partake in a charm ritual that will supposedly bond them all forever – Sachiko Ever After. Joining them are their homeroom teacher, Yui Shishido and Satoshi’s little sister, Yuka.

However, upon completion of the ritual, they are thrust into a strange different school called Heavenly Host Elementary. The school is blackened, wrecked, with many holes in the floor and structural damage. The place is littered in corpses and there are revenants around every corner.

What’s worse is that the group has been separated into smaller groups and spread not only over the school but also over dimensions, meaning they have no way to regroup and return home. They’re soon tormented by the revenants – attacking them and seemingly wanting them dead.

What is the secret behind Heavenly Host Elementary? And can they all return home alive?

Breakdown: It has been several years since I played any of the Corpse Party games, including the game this is directly adapting, Corpse Party: Blood Covered, so even though I remember the main gist of the story, I wouldn’t be able to give this manga a play-by-play comparison to see how it matches up.

That being said, I did really enjoy the Corpse Party games I played. I got bad ends, and that anatomical model can go to the deepest recesses of hell in a coffin made of napalm, but I still got really invested in the story and the characters. It had its hiccups, but they were really well-made.

Blood Covered is an absolutely amazing horror manga. It never made me scream or anything, but I jumped once or twice and it definitely kept up a great atmosphere.

The series pulls no punches with its violence or gore, and by the end I was nearly crying, which is strange because the ending is a lot happier than any of the ends I ever got.

The story was also well-written with several twists and turns that I never saw coming. I had some moments during the Corpse Party games where I felt like the story was contrived or didn’t make full sense, but the manga does a good job ironing those issues out. The only question I really have is SPOILERS Why does Heavenly Host still exist at the end? It shows the kids who were murdered as supposedly being the new spirits running the joint, but they got their body parts back and turned good. I know the spirits still ended up being a part of the school, but I thought their spirits would dissipate or move on once the school was destroyed. What re-tainted them? END SPOILERS

While the character designs are simplistic in style, the horror elements are beautifully stylized and detailed. There are so many panels in this manga that I stopped on just so I could appreciate the creepy vibe they were instilling in the scene.

The characters were also pretty memorable and likable, barring one recurring theme I’ll get to shortly. They were all realistic characters reacting and interacting like real people. I ranted on Twitter a bit about one pretty stupid decision Satoshi made, but it’s not like people don’t make stupid mistakes, especially in horror stories. I felt particularly impacted by Yui, who never once truly faltered in her resolve to stay true and not play this out selfishly or be affected by the darkness.

Mayu never really got a chance to be affected by the darkness, and Satoshi never got affected because that might make him interesting.

That being said, I had some minor issues with the characters. Morishige and Mayu were such non-characters that I pretty much forgot about them by the time the story put the focus back on them. I almost thought Morishige was a completely foreign character wandering around.

They also don’t do much with him when he is reintroduced. We find out he’s got an almost fetish level amount of admiration for corpses, leaving the audience forever wondering if this is a trait he’s always had or if he developed it because of the influence of Heavenly Host. He spends a while searching for Mayu, whom he views as a sister, and outside of spoilers, that’s about it.

His impact on the story is extremely minimal, and Mayu’s impact is even less than that, which is worse because their stories are intertwined so it kinda comes off like they’re just here to up the body count.

Another issue I had was that I was perpetually irritated by the fact that nearly all of the female characters had a romantic obsession with Satoshi – even his little sister! (I can’t escape the incest. Thanks, manga….)

So many times the flow of the story was interrupted by someone getting jealous of Satoshi interacting with a girl, someone getting flustered, sad or embarrassed at the thought of a romantic interaction with Satoshi, Yoshiki getting jealous that Ayumi’s in love with Satoshi instead of him, someone focusing entirely on Satoshi in their efforts to escape the school when they’re all in danger etc. etc.

The only female character here, besides their teacher, who isn’t in love with Satoshi is Seiko, and that’s because she’s hopelessly in love with Naomi and spends a good deal of her time teasing Naomi to go after Satoshi. Oh wait, I should mention that Mayu is also not in love with Satoshi as she’s implied to be in love with Morishige, but she’s such a minor character here that it really doesn’t matter.

It’s just incredibly irritating, especially when it comes to Ayumi and Yuka. I won’t lie that part of my irritation with Ayumi is the fact that Yoshiki is in love with her, even confesses it so, but at the very end she’s still dedicated to Satoshi and barely pays Yoshiki any attention even though he’s damn near died several times trying to protect her.

When Yoshiki starts feeling the effects of the school and it’s geared towards jealousy of Satoshi, even though it’s only a few scenes, you do sympathize with the guy because, as far as I’m concerned, Satoshi is a pretty bland Gary Stu.

Seriously, I would never be able to describe Satoshi any further than ‘He’s a nice guy and a good big brother.’ Even the people who are in love with him don’t describe him any further than that. Like in the games, the manga makes off like Satoshi is the main character, but he really isn’t. Numerous other characters are more vital to the plot than Satoshi is. I just kept wondering what it is about this guy that makes him so appealing to so many girls.

As far as Yuka is concerned, she could’ve been a lot more annoying, and they didn’t focus a lot on her romantic feelings for Satoshi, but it’s still irritating, especially in regards to the fact that she acts and looks more like a damn toddler when she’s, according to the Wiki, 14 years old.

Also, they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get this girl to the bathroom….

These aren’t really major issues, but they did keep cropping up and it did get annoying.

All in all, this is a fantastic read. I found myself staying up late reading and being disappointed that I really needed to stop reading and go to bed. Corpse Party tends to do a really good job at making characters that you truly care about while also making a terrifying atmosphere and not balking on deaths. It’s a great mixture of creepiness, gore and horror, and while it does have a few issues in the character department, it’s nothing damaging enough to make me lower my opinion by much.

Corpse Party has several other mangas out, and I hope to review them in the near future. Maybe I’ll even get my hands on another one of the games or watch the live-action movie.

Additional Information and Notes: Corpse Party: Blood Covered was written by Makoto Kedouin. It was illustrated by Toshimi Shinomiya. It was published by Gangan Joker.

Volumes: 10

Year: 2008 – 2012

Recommended Audience: There is a TON of gore and frightening situations here. People get pulverized by getting thrown into walls, there are a bunch of chopped up corpses, there are scenes where characters get their eyes stabbed and popped out, their tongues cut out, their heads lopped in half etc. and it is pretty detailed in its gore too. There’s a smidge of fanservice, but not a lot. No nudity either. 16+

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CSBS – American Dragon Jake Long S01 Ep 04: The Legend of the Dragon Tooth


Plot: Haley is getting her first adult dragon tooth, which means the old one is falling out. Hearing this, Dr. Dentin, the Tooth Fairy’s assistant, steals her wand and holds her captive while he tries to steal the dragon tooth for himself. It’s said that planting a dragon tooth in soil will yield unspeakable evil and massive power.

Jake is becoming increasingly irritated by his little sister’s annoying behavior. Not only is she doing what she always does in regards to shoving how much better she is than him in his face, but now she’s being even more coddled by their parents than usual because she’s got a loose tooth.

Trixie and Spud cheer Jake up later that day by telling them they’ll be able to get into the Hip Hop Video Awards where Jake’s celebrity crush, Shaniqua, will be performing. However, his plans are soon soured when his mother reminds him that he agreed to babysit on the night of the awards.

That night, Jake, Trixie and Spud make an arrangement – they’ll each go to the awards while watching Haley in shifts.

As Jake leaves for his shift, Dr. Dentin tries to infiltrate the house only to find that it’s protected by a new shield that Grandpa put up. He has no choice but to wait until Haley leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Trixie and Spud try to pry out Haley’s loose tooth, in spite of the fact that her mom told her that dragon teeth must fall out on their own. Their efforts are good, but they yield no results. It seems it’s incredibly difficult to pry out a dragon tooth.

Jake returns after his shift, irritated that not only does he have to go back to babysitting, but also that the house has basically been destroyed in the tooth removal antics. Haley tells him that Trixie suggested playing hockey since hockey players always lose their teeth. Fed up with the situation, Jake tells Haley to go play outside, despite the fact that she’s not allowed to play outside after dark.

Dentin nearly ambushes her, but Haley unknowingly staves off some of his tooth minions with her hockey puck before Trixie and Spud return and take her back in the house.

Jake, Spud and Trixie go back and forth to the concert and home numerous times before they decide to just take Haley with them to go see Shaniqua. As they’re skateboarding to the arena, Jake senses a threat and realizes the tooth minions are following them. Jake makes up an excuse to briefly stay behind and Haley refuses to leave, so Spud and Trixie go on ahead while Jake takes care of Dentin and the tooth minions.

Jake fights the minions again and again, but each time he destroys them they just reform. In the confusion, Dentin grabs Haley and heads off to his lair to retrieve the tooth.

Meanwhile, the tooth fairy, having escaped from near death, seeks out her old friend Fu Dog to help her take down Dentin. Realizing Haley’s the target, Grandpa comes along to help.

They meet up with Jake and head towards the Tooth Fairy’s lair. They manage to hold their own against the tooth minions, but Haley’s tooth gets knocked out in the crossfire. Dentin grabs it and plants it in the soil, turning him into a massive tooth monster. His plans now? To steal money from children to recoup the costs of the Tooth Fairy’s money for teeth tradition. He takes Haley in case he needs more dragon teeth and heads off.

Jake tries to fight him, but gets wrapped up in some cable. He tells Haley to use her dragon teeth to bite through the cable, but she doesn’t feel like she can. After some encouraging words from Jake, she’s able to partially transform and bite through the cable, freeing Jake.

In a final blow, Jake grabs a massive TV screen off the side of a building and slams it into Dentin. The burst of electricity causes him to explode in a flurry of teeth.

Now safe and sound, Jake takes Haley back home. When their parents return, they’re angry about the mess but instantly forget about it when they notice Haley has lost her first tooth.

Even though Jake missed the concert, he’s more than happy to have saved his little sister and gotten some bonding time with her. Meanwhile, Spud and Trixie ride off happily with Shaniqua in her limo sucking down sparkling cider.


– Ugh, I always hated those tooth monsters. Anything involving teeth squicks me out.

– Yes, our villain today is an evil magical dentist.

– Also, I don’t much care for Haley. Just getting it out there.

– I find it interesting that they confirm that Haley has developed dragon powers earlier than Jake ever did (It clears up why Jake only seems to be learning the basics now when Haley can already partially transform and use fire breath etc. He only developed his powers upon reaching his teens, which means just barely before the series began was when he started gaining them) but the reasoning is a little odd. Girls mature faster than boys. I know that’s technically true, but from a mythical standpoint, that seems a little strange.

– Jake’s face when he imitates Haley, however, is simultaneously hilarious and frightening.

– Actually, Jake’s making a lot of great facial expressions today. It’s like he’s somewhat melded with a Looney Tune.

– Dr. Dentin: *After experiencing the magical shield first hand* *later, after Jake says it’s a spell* “Ah, so that’s what it is. Some kind of magic spell.” What the hell did you think it was? Some kind of electrical shield generator that dispels magical creatures?

– Why did a cat meow when Trixie finally hit Spud with the fire extinguisher? Jake’s family doesn’t have a cat….

– There is no way in hell twenty minutes went by between Trixie and Spud leaving and Haley just going out the door to play hockey. About a minute went by, if that.

– Trixie and Spud both decided to help Jake out with the babysitting specifically so he could see Shaniqua in concert….and when she’s on stage, they argue over who gets to go see her….Uh, what?

– Why didn’t they just take Haley from the beginning? Technically, they shouldn’t be able to in the first place because I doubt they have an extra ticket, but still.

– Trixie’s awful bitchy when she tells Jake and Haley to work out whatever it is on their own.

– Did the tooth fairy actually say ‘H E double hockey sticks?’ Wow…..Actually, now I’m reminded that Disney had a movie called H E Double Hockey Sticks with a good chunk of the movie taking place in Hell. Weird times, the early 00’s….

– How is taking Haley for more dragon teeth going to help? Is he somehow going to get bigger and….toothier?

– So ‘unspeakable evil’ is a giant tooth monster who steals kids’ piggy banks….Okay.

– Why couldn’t Jake bite through the cables with his dragon teeth? It’s especially strange because Haley clearly still has baby dragon teeth.

– It’s weird that the dragon tooth monster thing actually seems less powerful than the tooth minions. Sure, he’s bigger and physically stronger, but he doesn’t have any special powers, and the tooth minions simply reform when they’re defeated – the dragon tooth monster doesn’t.

– Also, Jake just straight up murdered someone. Dentin was electrocuted and exploded into a million teeth. He is never seen again.

– How and why did Spud and Trixie get to hang out with Shaniqua after the concert? They’re drinking ‘sparkling cider’ in her limo and everything.

That seems like a cruel ending to a degree. They offer to watch Haley so Jake can see Shaniqua, selfishly refuse to stay home when Shaniqua’s show comes up, their selfishness and balking on their word put Haley in danger to begin with (she would’ve been safe had they stayed home) yet Jake has to miss the concert, and Spud and Trixie get to hang out with his celeb crush in a limo.


Ultimately, I did kinda like this episode. Haley wasn’t as annoying as she could’ve been, and she even had some moments where she was kinda sweet.

Likewise, Jake wasn’t as annoying as he could’ve been, given the situation, and he also had some nice moments. Trixie and Spud (Mostly Trixie) were basically asses, though. They destroyed Jake’s house and completely screwed him out of his chance to see Shaniqua while simultaneously putting Haley in danger (Unknowingly, but still.) Yet they get to hang out with Shaniqua while Jake fights tooth creatures and nearly takes the blame for their mess.

My other issues were with the enemy. I will admit, this episode did have some good action. While gross (I still hate teeth) and uninteresting in a design sense, the tooth minions were damn near invulnerable. The dragon tooth monster, while also uninspired design-wise, was a set piece for some decent action, but it as the main villain was terribly disappointing.

No wonder more people haven’t tried that dragon tooth trick. It’s just not worth the fuss.

‘Unspeakable evil’ my ass.

Even his motivation was dumb. He didn’t become a big tooth monster to wreak havoc or rule the world – he wanted to steal money from little children, dimes and quarters kinda stuff, because he was sick of the Tooth Fairy giving money away…..

Finally, I did enjoy the Tooth Fairy just because she has a really funny manner of speaking. She talks all sweet and cute, but then she says things that make you double-take. The fact that she legit called her lair her ‘Fa-la-la-la-lair.’ was priceless.

Next episode, Jake is anxious as he gets a role in a play opposite Rose, and one infamous scene involves a kiss.

……Previous Episode

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Memories Episode 3 – Cannon Fodder Review

Plot: In a communist dystopian reality, life is all about one thing – shooting cannons at the enemy.

Breakdown: As you can tell from the lack of a description, I am at a loss with this segment. That is really all this segment is – life begins and ends with these insanely massive cannons that they shoot at some unseen and unnamed enemy.

It’s not hard to get the ‘true message’ behind it. This is war. It has infiltrated all of life. The children are taught nothing but the mechanics of the cannons. The adults are either stay-at-home moms, teachers, cannon loaders or military personnel. Everything is steel and steam. They are the only life on this slab of metal, but it’s hard to say they’re really living.

The episode focuses on an unnamed family where the mother is a stay-at-home mom, the father is a cannon loader, and the son is infatuated with becoming the ‘one who shoots the gun.’ He has absolutely no real grasp on this war outside of what he’s been taught about the cannons.

He only knows that they shoot cannons at the enemy, and the enemy is bad. He even asks his father who the enemy is, and he gets no answer outside of the standard “You’ll understand when you’re older.” There’s also a crayon drawn cartoon of him imagining himself as the big general in this war against the enemy, and he can’t even imagine a real description of them outside of evil-looking people with cannons.

The only thing we learn about the enemy is that they live in a mobile city that we never see.

That is how far the brainwashing goes – you’re forever awash in war, but you have no grasp on the enemy or why you’re even fighting. The higher ups just tell you they’re bad, so they must be bad. This is especially exemplified in the scene where the cannon finally fires and everyone in the city does this united monotone cheer that they seem to be forced into doing.

It’s a pretty heavy-handed message that doesn’t go far enough to make any sort of impact. They spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on the cannons, but only a minute or two focusing on how little those in charge care about the civilians. The workers are being poisoned by the gunpowder, but we only see them protesting against it, not anyone suffering from it. Other than the father getting yelled at during work once, there’s nothing else. It’s dreadfully boring, if I can be blunt.

This story also doesn’t go anywhere. I was expecting some big ending or counterattack, but all they show in the last 30 seconds is an air raid light shining through the window, which I guess is ominous, but I can’t even be sure that’s happening because they make that exact same noise when the cannon goes off. It shouldn’t be going off late at night, but still.

The entirety of the show is the kid goes to school, the father goes to work, they shoot the cannon, the son comes home, the father comes home, we get a recap on the news about how many shots were fired from the cannon that day and what damage they presumably did, and then we get the aforementioned cartoon as the kid goes to bed and the raid starts. The end.

The one thing that kept me interested was the visuals. This segment has art and animation akin to those old British cartoons. It’s all scratchy like it’s drawn in charcoal. The character designs and the background art are pretty nice to look at, as much as a socialist city of steel and weaponry can be nice to look at. Plus the environment and the directorial style were very interesting.

I feel like this whole movie went in reverse. Have this segment be first and have Metallic Rose be last. You shouldn’t have your movie start on a high note and end in a misfire….get it? Because…cannons.

It’s not terrible, it’s just…boring and obvious. It’s also not saying anything most people don’t already know. I feel like I’m just not getting something about this episode, but no matter how much I dig, I just can’t find more substance.

Additional Information and Notes: Memories – Cannon Fodder was directed and written by Katsuhiro Otomo, and it was produced by Studio 4°C.

Recommended Audience: Nothing at all really happens, but given the tone, I suppose 7+?

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Episode One-Derland (Cartoons) Undergrads

Plot: Nitz, Cal, Rocko and Gimpy are four childhood friends who are heading off to college. They live up the college life in their own ways while pursuing girls, booze and parties.

Breakdown: I somehow remember seeing bits and pieces of this show when it was on the air. I don’t think I much cared for it, but I recognize the art style. Gimpy’s weird face especially stuck with me a bit. Didn’t realize until about halfway in, though.

That being said, this show is okay. It establishes all of the main characters rather well, which is impressive seeing as how we actually have about six main characters so far. It also sets up the story just fine.

It’s just kinda boring is all. I never was a fan of anything that takes place in college, because it’s always the same material. It’s more predictable than high school dramas. Beer, get laid, party, schoolwork’s in there somewhere, we all have a license to be stupid because college, ironically.

And, really, that’s all you get here too. We have the four college stereotypes; Nitz the straightman, Gimpy the geek (who never shuts the hell up about Star Wars because geeks are required, by law, to always talk about Star Wars or Star Trek) Rocko the blockheaded….jock? Partier? And Cal the rather oddly mannered super nice and handsome ladies man who doesn’t really act like a ladies man but does? Maybe Cal doesn’t count here.

Then there’s Jessie, the cool, down-to-earth gal who is obviously being set up as the love interest for Nitz (You can do so much better, girl), and Kimmy, his actual crush who seems like a nice enough girl just…excitable.

As the four guys are taking their own paths in college, four plots are created. Nitz realizes his high school crush, Kimmy, goes to his college and learns she’s going to a mixer later that night. He has absolutely nothing to talk about in regards to his first week of college, so he freaks out that she’ll be put off by that. Gimpy gives him a massive list of things college freshman do on their first week, and he sets out to do all of them including, somehow, buying textbooks and eating a meal in the cafeteria.

How did he get through his first week of college without buying textbooks or eating a meal in the cafeteria? The latter I can maybe excuse, but the former?

Also, it’s so dumb that he’s doing this in the first place. In any other situation, you can easily just respond to ‘What have you been doing during your first week of college?’ with ‘Just hanging out, getting settled in.’ Perfectly acceptable answer. But no, apparently it’s better to say he’s done stuff like going to an AA meeting. Yes, that’s one of the things on the list, because apparently college freshmen being alcoholics in their first week of school is common. He goes to a meeting and spends the entire time talking about wanting to impress his crush. Nice.

What’s even worse, this plot ends with him being a total dickhead. He talks about his crush problem with a bunch of different groups of people, all of whom take a deep interest in his plight. They all attend the rather sparsely attended mixer because Cal was sending invites while he was hanging out with Nitz as he went through the list.

They’re all being perfectly fine at the party and keep asking him about Kimmy, interested to see if he’ll get his dream girl. When it’s revealed that she’s not coming, he flips, tells off the people in the party who came to support him, insinuates that he doesn’t even like the friends he actually has, then storms off.

Then I guess we’re meant to sympathize with this jackass as he mopes for all of twenty seconds then reunites with his friends.

Rocko’s plot is trying to join a frat, but they don’t do hazing there. They’re perfectly willing to accept him, but Rocko wants to be hazed so he makes himself act like a complete tool all day. Rocko’s an obnoxious idiot.

Cal’s plot is very short as it’s mostly just him inviting people to the mixer and being mauled by women. He does have his own idiot moment, however, because, after following Nitz around and listening to him blather on about Kimmy, he stupidly forgets that Nitz wanted to talk to Kimmy. When she calls during the mixer, he tells her it’s okay if she doesn’t come because they have enough ladies. *huff*

Finally, Gimpy’s plot is trying to stop Rocko from joining a frat because he believes he won’t be friends with him anymore if he does. His was the most entertaining plot, but it was still pretty stupid. Also, as a Star Wars fan, shut the hell up about Star Wars. I know I already brought this up, but seriously, every other line of dialogue from his mouth was somehow a Star Wars reference.

Gimpy’s the only one attending a different school. Being the geek of the group, he attends a tech school but contacts the group frequently through video chat. Also, he and his entire group of geek friends all fit the freaky geek stereotypes to a tee. Gimpy himself looks like an electrocuted monkey.

This show did have its moments that earned a little smile out of me, but overall it was just really dull. The main characters range from unlikable to alright, the jokes range from ‘was that a joke?’ to smile-crack worthy, and I simply don’t have it in me to want to continue this series further.

I had heard fairly good things about this show, and I see the potential it has, but it never clicked with me back when I first caught it on TV and it didn’t click with me now. I can’t be the only one because the show got canceled 13 episodes in, failed to get picked back up when they gave the rights to Comedy Central and failed to do a continuation in other media such as a proposed comic or webtoon. However, to its credit, in October 2018 they did get Kickstarter funding for a movie, so we’ll see what comes of that.

The show has okay animation for an MTV/Teletoons show, and the art’s passable. The music is decent but forgettable with the theme song being performed by Good Charlotte. The voice acting is also okay. Everything is just….okay at best.



I might give another episode or two a passing watch, and maybe I’ll power through the other 12 episodes if they release the movie, but it’s a skip for now.

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Exploring Disney’s Castle – Fantasia (1940)

Plot: A collection of animated shorts set up as a visualization of classical music ranging from abstract to linear stories.

Breakdown: Fantasia is one of the most critically acclaimed Disney movies in regards to its artistry ever made, which isn’t surprising considering how much work and money went into it.

Fantasia was incredibly expensive. The animation costs and the development of the custom sound system of Fantasound made Fantasia a surefire money pit no matter how successful the film would ever be at the box office. This was only compounded by the already existing problem of the war in Europe, which caused box office failure even for the much cheaper project of Pinocchio. And, believe it or not, Fantasia was made to help soften the financial burden of creating the Silly Symphonies short of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a short that was integrated into Fantasia, and is probably the segment most people remember from the film.

Fantasia was supposed to be an ever-ongoing project with new editions coming out every few years. The new editions would see the omission of an old segment and the inclusion of a new one, making for a new viewer experience upon each release. However, money troubles reared its ugly head again with the impacts of low box office performance by Fantasia, and the new trouble of the US’s involvement in World War II made it an impossible venture.

Fantasia did gain a sequel in 2000 called Fantasia 2000…but we’ll get to that later.

Enough history. Confession time. I didn’t want to review this movie. Why? Well, the fact of the matter is that I didn’t think I could really do it justice without any sort of knowledge or experience on classical music. Considering this movie is really a celebration of the marriage between animation and music, I felt like only having one half of the equation wasn’t enough.

Plus, I have a rather embarrassing past with this movie. I’ve owned this movie on VHS for as long as I can remember – in fact I still have it – but I don’t think I ever watched it until a few years ago. I remember putting the movie in once as a kid, getting confused as to what the hell it was and turning it off after only a few minutes. Basically, I robbed myself of the opportunity to have a lifelong connection to this movie simply because I’d rather watch Power Rangers or Rugrats.

After thinking about it, though, I decided that I should still give it a review. Most people who watched this movie have neither a mass amount of knowledge in animation or classical music, and simply having an appreciation for these factors should be enough.

The movie has introductions and interludes in a live-action format. The Master of Ceremonies, Deems Taylor, explains the story or history behind the segment in a cool setup where the orchestra as well as Taylor are shrouded mostly in shadow with colored lights changing depending on the music. The orchestra starts playing the music for the feature as we shift into the animation.

Our first animated segment is introduced – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johan Sebastian Bach.


Mr. Taylor introduces us to what Fantasia is and how it works. He states that there are three types of features in Fantasia – ones with a solidified story and plot, ones with no real story but visuals and musical themes to create the flow, and ones that exist simply to exist. Basically, the animation is a depiction on what you’d imagine if you were listening to the music, and our first feature is exactly that type.

The segment starts off by showing us the orchestra in silhouette playing the music. When prompted by the conductor, the lights and shadows change on the walls. Eventually, we segue into the animated portion and back into the live-action segment one last time.

I’m….ambivalent about this segment. The animation, as expected, is gorgeous, and it is very creative, especially near the end. However, I really just feel like these types of shorts are just kinda there. They really seem like very elaborate screen savers or a very well-done visualization setting for a music player. Plus, I’m probably in the minority, and this shouldn’t be taken as a con to the movie, but for some reason this segment makes me a little motion sick when played on a big screen.

The Nutcracker Suite by Pyotr Ilach Tchaikovsky


Here we have something with a bit more substance to me probably because we have actual depictions of actual things actually doing things. In this segment, we get an animation of fairies and the changing of the seasons as the Nutcracker Suite plays. By the way, while I really won’t be making many notes about the music, I really don’t like most of The Nutcracker Suite. Much of it is insanely repetitive, gets caught in your head so easily and many of the parts get annoying in their pitch.

This segment is separated into several parts. The first is the fairies, who are naked…..uh basically magic-fying everything in a forest. I really like this part of the animation because the colors and all the magic effects look fantastic. I especially like the parts with the dandelion and the spider web.

Next, we have a bunch of mushrooms dancing in front of a black screen….riveting.

After that, we have a bunch of flowers slowly falling into a pool of water as they sway in the wind to the music. Then the flowers shift into a more human-like shape to dance along to the music. I have my problems with this part. The beginning is fine and quite beautiful, but I can’t stop thinking that, after the flowers change form, that they’re really a bunch of dancing napkins.

The next part is like a rail shooter. Hear me out – it’s underwater and the plants and fish sway and move to the music, but as the camera moves through the various locations it’s like the fish can see the camera and run away at first glance. I have a personal love of underwater animation, as long as it’s done right of course. It really takes a lot of work and talent to make underwater life seem realistic, and it’s done very well here. The synchronicity and colors as well as the really interesting fish are wonderful to watch, and best of all they got one of the segments of The Nutcracker Suite that isn’t annoying, grating or repetitive.

….Oh but let’s change that by segueing into our next part which shifts into the hyper crazy part of the Suite with a bunch of flowers dancing like crazy. The segment is too fast for my liking and is merely flowers rushing around dancing so it’s not very interesting.

We return to our regularly scheduled gentle tones and slow, soothing music as we return to the still-not-clothed fairies. This time, they’re committing mass leaf genocide as we transition into fall. Artistically and creatively, this part is basically on par or even better than the first part with the fairies, but I personally prefer this one since it goes with a better part of the Suite. And I kinda like the warm colors better. I guess it makes sense since autumn is my favorite season.

We stay with the fairies for a while, and the warm colored fairies are soon replaced by blue fairies who bring about the start of winter. I really like when we get into this part because the blue fairies ‘ice skating’ (get it!?) is one of my favorite parts of this whole segment. It’s kinda like a mix between the first segment’s visual style and the fairies in that shot.

The rest of the winter segment with the fairies is also good, but something looks….off about the snowflakes for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas


I find it odd that Disney didn’t vi to put this segment near the end. I mean, it’s featured on all of the box art, you’d think they’d save what is seeming like the grand-ish finale for last, but I guess third is fine too. Maybe this placement was intentional to help sate the impatient children who wanted to see Mickey. Then again, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice short was created specifically because Mickey’s popularity was dwindling.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is by far the most well-remembered segment of Fantasia, outside of Night on Bald Mountain. It’s the origin of Mickey’s other most well-known outfit of the red robe with pointy blue and white-starred hat.

This is the first short to have original music. Since The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was meant to be a stand-alone Disney short or Silly Symphony, it was slated to have such a thing all along. The short was written and the music was composed based on the story itself.

It should also be noted that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is not an original story. It was based on a story that is thousands of years old.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is set in ancient times of magic where a master sorcerer, Yensid, mentors his apprentice, Mickey Mouse. Yensid takes off his magic hat and goes to sleep. Mickey, with a passion for magic and a health dose of laziness, decides to steal his master’s hat and use one his spells to enchant a broom to do all of his dirty work. Eventually, he wishes for the broom to stop after it fills up a tub with too much water, but finds that he is unable to stop them. Completely out of control, Mickey resorts to broomicide via axe….wow. But he quickly finds that life, uh uh, finds a way.

The pieces of the murdered broom all soon turn into actual brooms with their own buckets and are ready to flood the place even more. Mickey, unable to stop them or get the water out of the place, is resigned to getting caught in a whirlpool in the basement. Yensid, awoken from his nap, removes the water from the castle and stops the brooms like a boss. As he confronts Mickey and gets his hat back, Mickey returns to his duties with an embarrassed smile as Yensid delivers a swift whack on his ass with the broom.

After the short ends, a silhouetted Mickey congratulates the conductor, Leopold Stokowsky, he does the same for Mickey and they shake hands.

I like this short. I’m not the world’s biggest Mickey fan (his personality tends to be all over the place if you go short by short…) but it’s a nice short story about how the quickest and easiest way is not always the best way, taking things can lead to trouble and messing with supernatural forces beyond your control can leave you drowned in the basement. I also really like the direction and style of this short, especially in the dream sequence and the finale. The colors and style are just great.

Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky


This segment is meant to be a visual adaptation of Stravinsky’s original intentions for the symbolism of the song. From what I gather in the introduction, he meant it to be about the birth and development of life as a whole. As our MC dictates, the animations that accompany this song are meant to show a scientific recreation of life on earth from the very first single celled organisms to the fall of the dinosaurs.

We start in the blackness of space as we, like celestial beings, look down upon our galaxy. After we zoom in (a lot), we eventually see our rather pitiful looking little planet as it is experiencing numerous volcanic eruptions. The score also leads me to believe that Jaws might be popping up soon, so keep a look out.

For some reason, I’m not liking how they’re animating the fire in this segment. It just feels choppy. The lava is beautifully animated, though.

After all the volcanoes finally let loose and erupt everywhere, the lava meets the ocean waters and everything goes nuts again. Gigantic storms occur, huge waves cascade over the lands and steam fills the sky. Once the giant volcano nearby becomes consumed with water, the lava is cooled, explosions pop through the rocks, and everything as far as the eye can see is water.

Years later, tiny green single-celled organisms, whom Disney somehow made cute, emerge along with other weird life in the water. They split up and split up and split up and split up and split up and—you get the idea, until they are covered in a weird dark cloudy liquid.

Even later, there is more advanced life under the sea, and they’re oddly all dancing neon linework. They, too, are covered in the weird dark liquid where we then see even more advanced sea life that actually looks similar to what we may see today.

We follow one fish around as he frantically tries to get away from predators. He soon starts making his way towards land, and then we just transition to dinosaurs. Okay, that’s a bit jumpy, but this was dragging a bit.

Who cares anyway? Friggin’ dinosaurs!

We see a bunch of dinosaurs doing dinosaur things like looking awesome, eating and straight up killing each other. Disney’s not really pulling any stops here. Earlier under the water, we saw some poor fish that was drawn with a cartoony face being snatched up and eaten by a jellyfish. He had a panicked expression and everything, but it wasn’t in the main focus of the shot. Yeesh.

And we just kinda chill out with the dinosaurs for a while watching them do things. Until, that is, we see what we all came here to see….the T-rex. He even comes with his own thunderstorm – guys, you don’t need to make a t-rex even more intimidating. It does a fine job on its own.

Naturally, every living thing in its path craps their yet-to-be-invented pants and run off. The T-rex eventually catches a stegosaurus. They face off for mortal combat with all of the other dinosaurs watching like it’s some prehistoric WWE. To its credit, the stegosaurus does put up a decent fight, but this a T-rex, sweetie. You gonna die.

After the stegosaurus dies in the most horrifying yet non-graphic way possible, the T-rex silently roars in victory to a bolt of lightning (Seriously, the T-rex plus the orchestral accompaniment are enough bad-ass. You’re gonna overload the system) and every other dinosaur just walks away after the fight concludes while Mr. Rex eats his meal.

Much later, the dinosaurs start suffering as their once lush lands have dried up under the intense and dry heat of the sun. The food is sparse, water is rare, and dinosaurs are dropping like flies as they search for greener pastures.

After all of the dinosaurs have been reduced to skeletons in the wastelands of earth, an eclipse occurs and suddenly the lands are rocked by a massive earthquake followed by another huge wave that cascades over everything. The eclipse becomes full, and our short ends.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this one. I know this may seem dumb to say in a short that is trying to cover the course of life from single-celled organisms to the fall of dinosaurs in a handful of minutes, but I felt it was fairly slow. Also, I didn’t feel like much of the animation was really impressive or awe-inspiring. It was good, but some shots like the rocks falling and the fire felt really rough.

Plus, I don’t really get the finale. A sudden and horrific drought killed the dinosaurs but then the lands were like re-written by a huge earthquake and suddenly the ocean waters reappear and have yet another ungodly huge tidal wave to further remake the lands? And if this is the version they’re going for, how did the mostly aquatic dinosaurs die?

It’s an interesting concept, but I just didn’t get into it very much.



When we return from our break, the MC decides to give us a little visual lesson on sound. We get what is essentially the visualizer from Windows Media Player as it shows the audience that all noises can be represented visually through various types of waves. While it is a very simplistic way of showing us the association between the animations and music, I find it rather charming. My favorite parts are the percussion section and the harp.

With that out of the way, we move on to–

The Pastoral Symphony by Ludwig Von Beethoven


Mr. Taylor introduces this segment to us as a reimagining of Beethoven’s original idea of the story behind this symphony. Originally, it was meant to convey a day in the countryside. However, Walt Disney decided to adapt the symphony to a story set in Greek mythology.

Our short starts out at Mt. Olympus which doesn’t really look impressive at all. When you have a location description of ‘home of the gods’ you’d think they’d put more effort into making the place look grand and amazing. It’s pretty, it’s just that I would never think this is supposed to be Mt. Olympus.

An episode of My Little Pony starts—Oh excuse me, those are just the unicorns that are drawn in a really similar manner to the typical MLP style (I’m very aware this predates MLP by many years). They frolic through the woods until they come across a bunch of nymphs playing pan flutes. Hearing the music, the unicorns decide to play and dance with the nymphs.

A bunch of pegasuses….pegasi…..P….pega—Dammit. Plural pegasus fly overhead eating leaves and fruit from the trees. A newborn pegasus fawn decides to try his hand at flying, but continuously fails until his mother scoots him along and he’s finally able to fly with the others. He flies with what I assume is his full family complete with demonic looking father pegasus and three multi-colored siblings. I think mama pegasus has some explaining to do.

They eventually reach a large lake where hundreds of other….pegases….pegasasses….pega-HORSES join then. They play around for a while and we cut to a bunch of topless centaurettes. Yes, everyone, nudity in a Disney movie that doesn’t have to be found by some guy with nothing better to do than go through Rescuers Down Under and Who Framed Roger Rabbit frame by frame. They’re bathing because of course they are and it really seems like they’re purposely hiding their horse half to give the viewers boobs without making them feel uncomfortable about the horse part. They later laze about with some cherubs while doing girly things like filing nails and putting on makeup.

The cherubs see a centaur blow a horn to call his friends, all of which have really freaky faces, to go get some centaurette lovin’. The centaurettes prepare for their future lovers with arts and crafts via birds, flowers and lily pads.

The centaurettes do their best to seduce the dead-eyed creepy as hell centaurs with their half-naked dancing, and it succeeds as everyone is now paired up and in love, daww. They’re also conveniently color coded.

Did I say everyone was paired up? I meant one blue centaur is forever alone. And, even more conveniently, a blue centaurette is also forever alone. The cherubs see this and lure the centaurette over to the centaur so they can be in love. Something really IS in the water at Disney isn’t it? Also, I have a feeling all of these cherubs are supposed to be Cupid stand-ins?

Anyway, they lead them to a nice place to get it on, the cherubs leave them to their dirty business and pull some curtains over the scene. And as one cherub tries to peek in on them (I don’t need a perverted naked baby, thanks) his naked butt is proudly displayed straight on to the audience before it turns into a heart. You’re really weird, Disney.

The centaurs and centaurettes then make some wine for the god Bacchus, the Greek god of wine and intoxication. Also, the black centaurettes are half zebra for whatever reason. Is that….racist? I can’t tell.

Also, Bacchus is riding on a donkey-corn….Or a Uni-key…that is also getting smashed out of his mind.

They dance and party with Bacchus before he gets seduced by a centaurette. Remember, Greek mythology. No need to bring up anything weird in regards to sexual pairings.

They party some more with Bacchus until a dark cloud appears overhead and a storm starts. Zeus shows his….rather goofy looking face, as does Vulcan, and Zeus starts chucking lightning bolts everywhere, especially at Bacchus. That’s what you get for missing your AA meetings, Bacchus!

Zeus continues to be an ass while everyone runs for their lives, and he even destroys the giant cask of wine!


But it’s okay because Bacchus just laps it up and splashes around in it like an idiot.

Zeus finally grows tired of being a sadistic asshole and falls asleep, allowing the clouds to disperse and the sun to shine through once more. As the weather clears, the mythological creatures return to frolicking as Iris creates a rainbow in the sky. The day starts to end, and the sun starts to set, causing Apollo to appear and wave farewell to all of the creatures.

Morpheus appears and causes nightfall, though I thought that was Nyx’s job, and all of the creatures go to their respective homes to fall asleep. Finally Diana, using the crescent moon as a bow, shoots an arrow through the sky that creates the stars.

This short didn’t really mesh with me. It’s not particularly funny or exciting, it’s just cutesy. Cute or at least non-threatening versions of creatures from Greek mythology just basically screwing around for a day. Not to mention that, while the animation is gorgeous, the art is not doing it for me. I understand why the art is so colorful and cutesy, it’s just the style they were aiming for in regards to the kids, but it doesn’t ever make me think we’re at Mt. Olympus. Also, again, what the hell was up with the centaurs? Eugh.

I pretty much sleepwalked through the whole thing. I can’t really say I hated it because it didn’t leave that much of an impact, but I just wasn’t very much interested in it, which is a damn shame because I adore mythology.

Dance of the Hours by Amilcare Ponchielli


This section provides the audiences with something more of Disney’s regular style. It’s a comedic short set up as a ballet with a bunch of anthropomorphic animals, each group representing a different time of day; morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Since this is a ballet and most of the short is dancing, I can’t really make another detailed analysis for you, but let me break it down a bit. I will say, however, that it is really hard to watch/listen to this because I can’t not associate this song with ‘Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda’ and that old K9 Advantix commercial….

The first section, Morning, is performed by ostriches. Comedic moments are few and far between here. They’re mostly just tiny moments like making their ties dance and swallowing their food with their ties blocking the foot in their throats. The only major comedic moment comes at the end where the lead ostrich, the one with the pink bow and shoes, tries to eat some grapes after feeding her friends some fruit, but her greedy friends try to steal them from her, resulting in her dropping the grapes in a pool of water. The water bubbles up and the ostriches run away, segueing us into the Afternoon section.

The second section is performed by hippos. Nothing really comedic at all happens besides one weird thing – the main hippo’s fat.

The third section, Evening, is performed by elephants and I’m just now getting that the whole big joke of this entire short is that a bunch of animals that would really never be considered elegant or graceful are performing a ballet. We get a legit funny moment with one of the elephants blowing a bubble and suddenly a fish appears in it and floats away.

Other than that, the elephants really just screw around with bubbles and make the lead hippo, now asleep, float up in the air with the force of their collective bubbles.

The final section, Night, is performed by a bunch of alligators. A bunch of alligators who want to eat the main hippo. A bunch of alligators who are wearing cultist robes while wanting to eat the hippo.

This segment is actually pretty amusing as the hippo is basically being the Bugs Bunny to the alligator’s Elmer Fudd, and it is weird to see a ballet being made of attempted murder.

Eventually, all of the animals get in on the final dance against the alligators, and the segment ends with seemingly the alligator’s winning but they don’t eat the animals and the other animals just smile as the song concludes so….*shrug*

While it’s not really amusing until the second half with the elephants and not really close to funny until the section with the alligators and the finale, it’s still a pretty decent short. I think it kinda failed as being the only comedic section of our movie, however. Especially considering that 1) This is Disney. Silly Symphonies much? You can’t get funnier than this? And 2) the darkest part of the movie is coming up next.

Speaking of which!

Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky and Ave Maria by Franz Shubert


If The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is the most widely known part of this movie, Night on Bald Mountain is definitely the most impacting and interesting.

This segment was made of two separate pieces of music melded together to make a narrative. The first section, Night on Bald Mountain, shows spirits rising up to greet their master, the devil Chernabog, even though the opening narration seems to indicate that it’s Satan as they state that Bald Mountain is the meeting place of Satan and his demons.

Bald Mountain is gorgeously designed, and the colors and design of the surrounding environment are deliciously creepy. Chernabog is one intimidating and creepy SOB, even if his overall design can be seen as a bit uninspired. His closeups are simply striking. Just the way he sends giant shadows of his hands over the town below is chilling, especially when the buildings distort in response.

The animation for the ghosts is a bit weird, it’s like paper cutouts done in CGI, at least during their first handful of shots. Later on, they look like they were made with chalk, which makes them seem really gritty and creepy.

Chernabog surrounding himself in a swarm of spirits and then unleashing the fires of hell upon them is a great moment. Plus the designs of the demons are unsettling. Basically it’s a party in hell and everyone’s invited. Chernabog even cooks up some naked whores made of fire. How nice of him. And Disney even throws in nipples on some of the female hellspawn. It’s art, so shut up parents.

I get hypnotized by this segment. It’s just so….beautiful. In a grim and dark sense, but it is really beautiful. The art, the animation, the setting, the little things going on like turning the pretty fire ladies into beasts, demons being snatched in midair by other beasts supposedly to get eaten, Chernabog toying with everyone and everything like a kid playing with his action figures – it’s just awesome.

But then the Angelus bells ring and Night on Bald Mountain has to end their party because Ave Maria is coming to bring down some serious religion, hope and love on your asses!


I love how each ring of the bell not only changes the colors in the shot, but also causes pain to Chernabog and the little demons. Upon hearing the bells, the spirits return to their rest back in the desolate ruins of the town. The sun rises over the horizon, and Chernabog returns to isolation.

Through the foggy mists of dawn, a procession of lights wades through the land. An endless stream of people slowly travel through the barren landscape. I really like the direction on this part. We go from gigantic Chernabog playing with demons and spirits like they’re GI Joes to him wincing in pain to them returning to hiding because of these little tiny lights of hope, barely visible to us, that walk across the land. It’s a wonderful contrast.

It’s also a great segment to wind down on after the powerful and exciting Night on Bald Mountain. It has a way of making you feel relaxed, calm and even happy.

Through the darkness of the wooded path is a ray of light leading to a beautiful bright and lush forest where the sunlight breaks over the horizon and the bright rays of golden light shoot up into the sky.

The end.

Bottom Line: Fantasia is not a flawless film, especially if you bought it for your kids. I mean, I’m all for kids watching more mature programming, not filthy – mature, to give them a glimpse into a more complex world beyond their own, maybe teach them a lesson or two or just prompt them to think about things they otherwise wouldn’t have. However, I can see this being a major snoozefest for kids. There’s only one segment that resembles typical Disney fun, and there’s not much that is fun or funny about it, and another one that involves Mickey Mouse, who was at a low point in popularity at the time of release.

Unless your kid is one who will be captivated by some gorgeous Disney art and animation or is a real big fan of classical music, I can’t believe many kids would actively want to watch this very often, at least not younger ones.

Plus, a few of the shorts aren’t that interesting to me. It’s just animals or creatures doing things to musical accompaniment. It may be well-done, but it’s not interesting to me. Plus, I guess I’m just not cultured enough to find any real entertainment or substance to abstract representations of the musical notes. It’s certainly beautiful, and you have to respect the manner in which it was made, but the end result doesn’t keep me hooked in.

The art and animation truly is amazing in this movie with special attention and praise to Night on Bald Mountain, Ave Maria and The Nutcracker Suite. I did have some issues, however, such as the fire on The Pastoral Symphony or some of the scenes with the spirits in Night on Bald Mountain, but it’s nothing major. Oh but the centaurs, yeah, I have a problem with them. Eughghghghghgh.

I can’t really comment well on the music. It’s mostly well-known classical tracks, though a few went over my head. I really do hate the Nutcracker Suite, and some of the songs weren’t very memorable to me, but I did really like the music as a whole.

Fantasia is probably overrated, even though I do hate saying that to something that was such a passion project. It’s worth the watch for The Nutcracker Suite, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria alone. Hell, it’s worth it just for Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria to me. But I just don’t see me wanting to rewatch this movie again any time soon. It’s a beautiful movie, but it doesn’t evoke such strong feelings and excitement as many people would built it up as.

I would say definitely, most definitely, watch this movie at least once in your lifetime. But if you don’t like it, I’d certainly understand.

Recommended Audience: There are some dark themes like death, killing between animals, starvation, hell and demons. There are, believe it or not, several instances of nudity in regards to topless women with at least two shots of breasts with nipples drawn and colored. Also, naked babies (Cherubs) but you don’t see their genitals. No sex or gore, though they get damn close with that stegosaurus scene. 10+

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Sailor Moon Episode 9 (DiC) Sub/Dub Comparison

Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen

Plot: Jadeite has a new and dumb plan to get energy – sell clocks and make people obsessed about being punctual.….Yeah. While Sailor Moon falls under his spell, Sailor Mercury and Luna have to pull her together to save everyone.


Title Change: Usagi’s Disaster: Beware of the Clock Confusion is changed to Time Bomb.

Despite perfectly translating the first scene, which shocked me, they edit out the scene that follows where Usagi and Ami arrive in the city for a day out. Ami says she’s never been there before because she’s always reading. Usagi tells her that she needs to get out more. Ami apologizes, and Usagi says there’s no need to apologize before deciding to go do some window shopping.

Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen1Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen2Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen3Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen4

In the original, Usagi tells Ami that there’s a sale at a local watch store with deals of 50% – 70% off. Ami says that she doesn’t need a watch since she likes the one that her mother gave her. Usagi tells her that there’s no harm in looking and grabs her to go look.

In the dub, Serena says that she needs a new alarm clock since hers is broken, making her late for school a lot. Amy says that she knows because the first thing that she was told when she transferred was that Serena’s always late……Really? That’s the first thing you were told when you transferred? How’d that go? “Serena Tsukino’s always late. Welcome to Crossroads Junior High!” Serena tells her that that’s why they should go check out the sale. Amy says she’s too tired and that she’s not a veteran mall hopper like Serena, but Serena drags her off anyway.

Two zeroes are edited off of Usagi’s cash in her wallet because people would probably wonder why Serena can’t afford a clock when she has $1000 in her wallet (Well, kids would think that it’s dollars. It’s actually 1000 yen, but to be fair, 1000 yen IS roughly ten US dollars…)

Subbed: Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen5

Dubbed: Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen6

No mention of Usagi’s mom going shopping with Umino’s and Naru’s moms in the dub. Also, Usagi mentions in the original that “God didn’t abandon (her) after all.” when her mom gives her the clock that she wanted……You waste all of your money while shopping (or at the arcade in the dub), don’t have enough left to buy a clock and that’s God abandoning you? Wow.

In the original, Naru, Usagi and Umino all volunteer to go after the students who are late in order to start class. In the dub, Molly complains that if class doesn’t start soon that she’ll miss dance class, Serena will run out of snacks and Melvin will be late for his snail watching class….Snail….watching….class? Okie dokie.

Today’s plot is the definition of flimsy. I know they were having a sale, but it looks like everyone in the city bought a clock/watch except Ami. That’s just absurd. In the first episode they were practically giving away expensive gems and only garnered a slight mob of women, but give the clock shop a decent sale and everyone’s going insane.

…And how did Luna tie that clock to herself?

I love how it sounds like Luna is letting Ami use a device that was meant for Serena when the damn thing is covered in the symbol for Mercury.

The shot of Usagi in the bus had to be mirrored so kids wouldn’t think that they were driving on the wrong side of the street.

A scene where a woman attacks the bus driver because he’s driving past her stop is edited out.

Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen7

I’m a firm believer that Usagi’s transformation sequence would’ve been hilarious if they sped it up because she was so obsessed with being late.

Hmmm, there’s an animation error when Usagi kicks in the first door. After Usagi speaks, Ami’s mouth repeatedly moves like she was supposed to be talking there, but there’s no dialogue. DiC actually fixes this by making her talk in that scene. Good for you, DiC.

The original says that there’s a 76% chance that Ramua (Monster of the week or MoW) is in a certain direction. The dub omits this and just says she is in that direction.

They delete a shot of Usagi’s cheek cut and bleeding slightly.

Sailor Moon Episode 9 SDC screen8

In the original, Ramua says that, since Mercury’s paralyzed too, she can watch Sailor Moon suffer and starts trying to stab her with her spear. Usagi tries to dodge the stabs. In the dub, she basically says that she can attack both of them now, the shots of Usagi dodging are gone, and the dialogue makes it sound like Ramua’s trying to hit Mercury.

In the original, Naru tells Usagi and Ami that the cake store’s holding a speed eating contest, and Usagi and Naru run off to join. In the dub, Molly tells Serena and Amy that there’s a big shoe sale. Because teenage girls and shoes amirite? Next she’ll want a matching hat.

Next up, Sailor Mars debuts! Yay!

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Pokemon Episode 53 Analysis – The Purr-Fect Hero

Pokemon ep 53 Screen1

CotD(s): Timmy – A preschooler who was saved from a Beedrill by a wild Meowth, Timmy wants nothing more than to meet his hero, Meowth, and be with him forever.

Reappear? No.

Pokemon: Meowth…I guess? I think. This wild Meowth who is insanely strong and brave keeps saving Timmy. At the end of the episode, it’s implied that Timmy adopted/caught the Meowth.

Plot: It’s Kids’ Day, and wouldn’t ya know it, the group just happens upon a preschool today. The teacher at the school is upset because she hired some Pokemon Trainers to come to the school to allow the kids to play with their Pokemon for Kids’ Day, but they canceled at the last minute. Ash, Misty and Brock offer to have the kids play with their Pokemon for the day, and the teacher happily accepts.

The kids all have a great time tormentin—playing with the Pokemon, but Ash and the others notice a little boy named Timmy standing all alone. When they ask him what’s wrong Timmy replies that the only Pokemon he wants to play with is a Meowth.

A little while back, Timmy was playing in the woods when a Beedrill suddenly started chasing him. He looked like he was bound to be stung, but a Meowth suddenly leaped from the trees, attacked the Beedrill and sent it packing. Timmy tried to thank the Meowth, but it ran away before he could do anything.

To err on the side of caution, they make sure this Meowth isn’t the one from Team Rocket.

Suddenly, a strange traveling magic show appears offering a free show for Kids’ day. They ask for Pikachu to help with a disappearing trick. Presto! Pikachu is gone and is replaced with a Meowth.

Plot twist to end all plot twists, it was Team Rocket and they’re stealing Pikachu. They Smokescreen the place up and book it.

When the smoke clears, they find that Pikachu escaped the box, but Timmy was taken by mistake.

Later, Team Rocket discovers Timmy in the magic box. When he emerges, he explains that he thinks their Meowth is the Meowth that saved him. Taking this as an opportunity to get Pikachu, they convince Meowth to pretend to be this wild hero Meowth, further instilling the belief by pretending to attack Timmy and having Meowth save him.

Meowth follows Timmy back to the preschool, but slips up and talks in front of the kids, instantly causing Misty and everyone else to get suspicious.

Meowth runs away in a panic and Timmy follows. Ash, Misty, Brock and the whole class follow as well. They’re lead into a canyon where Team Rocket is waiting. When they hear Meowth blew his cover, they’re relieved and spring their trap on Ash and the others. They attack the group, but they successfully fight back. However, the shockwaves of their battle loosen a nearby boulder, causing it to careen down the canyon.

It’s about to hit Timmy and Ash, but they’re suddenly saved by the wild Meowth who kicks the boulder in half.

Team Rocket skitter away in fear of the boulder.

Later, Timmy has seemingly adopted the wild Meowth and proclaims that he wants to be a Pokemon Trainer when the grows up.

Ash and the others bid farewell to the kids as they head off once again to Cinnabar Island and Ash’s next Gym challenge.


– Oh boy, an episode centered around small children. I…I can’t wait. My patience needs a good workout.

– Is there any particular reason why Ash is staring at Brock with his mouth wide open like this?

Pokemon ep 53 Screen2

By the way, this is one of those ‘Togepi’s a noiseless doll in Misty’s arms’ episodes. Oh well, at least it’s here this time, as opposed to Princess vs. Princess where I guess it was taking a vacation day.

– It’s funny that Ash and Brock want Kids’ Day to be Boys’ Day since Misty and all femaledom just had Princess Day when, in actuality, Children’s Day did used to be Boys’ Day, but they changed it to Children’s Day in 1948 to celebrate family unity. However, unofficially, the day is still treated as Boys’ Day to parallel Girls’ Day.

While we’re on the topic of the history of the holiday, the banners/wind socks also have significance that isn’t explored in this episode. Here, they just seem to take banners as being a sign that it’s Kids’ Day.

Boys’ Day is also called the Feast of Banners. The Water Pokemon banners are meant to reflect koinobori (carp streamers) which are flown across Japan to represent families. The black carp represents the father, the red or pink one represents the mother, and blue, orange or green carp represent each child.

When it was called Boys’ Day, the arrangement was different. The red carp would represent the eldest son, and the blue and miscellaneous colors would represent the other younger sons.

– I can understand Jessie not getting a bunch of special stuff for Children’s Day when she was younger, but I’d think all the schools would offer the day off, not just James’ school.

– Oh boy, here come the cute little kids. I sure hope the very first thing they do isn’t irritating.

– Oh look, they’re grabbing and tugging at Pikachu like he’s the last pretty dress in the sale bin on Princess Day. Wonderful.

– Seriously, though, they’re tugging on his ears, pinching his chest and yanking on his face. Why weren’t these kids taught how to safely approach and handle Pokemon before they were allowed to do this?

After all, Pikachu’s an Electric Pokemon who can freak out and shock people when he gets upset.

Pokemon ep 53 Screen3

Like that.

– Ah, and the first outburst from their two-faced bitch of a teacher. Because no one can just be pleasant.

– Can I also note that it’s a really weird message you’re giving off to your audience when the kids only respond and obey the teacher when she yells at them and calls them brats? You’re kinda normalizing abusive behavior.

– Kid #1: “Hey we wanna see more Pokemon!”

Kid #2: “SHOW US MORE!!”

So this holiday is to celebrate kids, huh?

– Oh look, poor Psyduck’s being physically abused now. Can’t you writers lay off that little guy?

– Misty: “Yeah, and even the Pokemon seem to be having a great time.” You might want to check on your Psyduck because he has one kid on its shoulders and another pulling its tail.

– Brock: “It seems like playing with children helps the Pokemon relax.” He says literally as Psyduck runs by in terror as the kids chase after it.

– Ash: “Meowth!?”

Brock: “Why a Meowth!?”

Misty: “Timmy, why is the only Pokemon you want to meet a Meowth?” Maybe if you all stop asking the same question for five seconds he’ll tell you.

– Oh good, let’s have the little kids fight amongst themselves now. That’s not annoying.

– Is there any particular reason why everyone is intently focused on Pikachu before they even hint at suggesting Pikachu for the trick?

– Okay, I can understand them harassing the Pokemon, but why are they climbing all over Jessie and James? And why, pray tell, is that one kid hugging James’ face?

– Yet they leave Meowth entirely alone and play with Weezing? When they were just chanting Meowth’s name a second ago? I don’t get these kids.

– Annoying outburst by teacher #2….

Pokemon ep 53 Screen4

– Timmy just tackles Meowth…..

– Why did he stare at Meowth for 3+ minutes before deciding to go to him?

– I don’t get it. If Timmy already believes Meowth is the wild Meowth who saved him, why is there a need to pretend to attack him so Meowth can save him?

– James: “Team Rocket may be rotten cheaters, but we’re not in the business of destroying children’s dreams! At least not yet.”

Uhhh, you guys steal Pokemon every single week, or at least attempt to do so. Nearly everyone you steal from is a ten-year-old or at least younger than 18, and stealing their Pokemon might as well be destroying their dreams.

– Holy shit, those scratches look brutal. Dear god, Meowth got Jessie on the boob! Sympathy pain….Oh the sympathy pain.

Pokemon ep 53 Screen5

– Annoying outburst by teacher #3…..

– Brock: “This wild Meowth looks just like the Meowth from Team Rocket.”

Not to be…Pokemon-ist?….but how would you tell them apart? Team Rocket’s Meowth looks no different than any normal Meowth – He just talks and walks on his hind legs. Brock SHOULD have said, “Huh, this Meowth walks on its hind legs just like Team Rocket’s Meowth.”

– Timmy bringing back some random wild Meowth proves he wasn’t lying about a Meowth saving him from a Beedrill? Okay.

– How did no one else but Misty hear Meowth say ‘That’s right!’?

– I really don’t understand Team Rocket’s plan. Tell Timmy their Meowth is the hero Meowth…..?????….Profit?

It’s like they were planning on luring Ash and the others into this canyon, but they didn’t count on Meowth slipping up and running away and they didn’t know Ash and the others would follow Timmy. They didn’t even know Timmy would follow Meowth, because if the teacher was actually doing her JOB she’d stop him from leaving school grounds again.

– They know Meowth slipped up and talked in front of the kids and they said they were happy the hero jig was up, so why did they slap Meowth right as he was about to do his part of the motto?

– Jessie: “Hehehe, go back from where you came from little brats.” Again, this is a Children’s Day episode, right?

– Oh my god, Arbok’s mouth in this shot. What the hell?

Pokemon ep 53 Screen6

– Ya know, Ash, maybe you could’ve saved Timmy on your own if you actually, ya know, moved out of the way or ran or done something outside of standing there like an idiot for ten seconds waiting for the boulder to crush you.

– Uhmmmm….

Pokemon ep 53 Screen7


Pokemon ep 53 Screen8


They seriously weren’t even trying with this episode, were they?

– So Timmy just owns this Meowth now?

– Ash: “The Pokemon League, huh?”

Misty: “That means, some day, you’ll be competing against Ash.”

Uhh, he’s like, what, four or five? I know I rag on this show for taking forever to make progress sometimes, but it’s not going to take Ash another five+ years to get to the Indigo Plateau.

– Narrator: “And as they head towards their next Pokemon adventure, our heroes know this is a Kids’ Day they and their new friends will never forget.” Why? I constantly forget this episode exists. Nothing happens. Some little kid wants to meet a hero Meowth, Team Rocket tries to trick him with their Meowth, the hero Meowth shows up. End.

Well, I guess a ten pound cat KICKING A 50 TON BOULDER CLEAN IN HALF is pretty memorable.

– Did someone forget to draw Brock’s arm waving? Because he kinda looks like an idiot walking backwards and smiling like that.

Pokemon ep 53 Screen9

– Jessie: “Too bad, Meowth. If you had kept your mouth shut, you could’ve made everyone think you were the hero.” Make up your damned mind. Are you happy he dropped the act or not?! Also, he didn’t say an (audible to the others) word after the incident at the school, so what are you even on about?

– Nice obvious walk cycle, by the way.

– Meowth: “Nah, that helpless little sticky bunch of brats would’ve driven me nuts.” Again with the ‘brats.’

Meowth: “Besides, you two need me more than they do.”

James: “Dream on Meowth—By the way, what do we do now?”

Jessie: “Meowth, we’ve got to get that Pikachu!”

James: “Don’t worry, Jessie. Meowth always has a plan. Don’t you, Meowth?” This dialogue and line delivery is so awkward, fast and stilted. Not even the voice actors are trying today.


Sloppy. Lazy. Boring.

That’s this episode in a nutshell.

What a disappointing follow-up to the Girls’ Day/Hinamatsuri/Princess Day episode. Sorry, boys. We’re more than glad to dedicate an entire episode to the ins and outs of Princess Day, but we’ll just sneeze out something for you guys.

Not only that, but with how irritating the kids are, and the several instances of the word ‘brat’ this isn’t a very nice episode for little kids to watch on Children’s Day either.

Granted, I thought it would be much more irritating than this because, well, shows and movies just have a habit of making little kids out to be as annoying as possible. However, even though they were grating my nerves sometimes, I really just tuned out these kids most often than not. Don’t worry, though. Their shrieking harpy of a teacher made up for that.

This entire plot is just lazy and makes zero sense. Ash and the others visit a preschool on Kids’ Day and let the kids play with their Pokemon….I think that’s as far as the idea train went before they just started throwing in the regular conflict of ‘Team Rocket tries to capture Pikachu’ The details were an afterthought, and they were probably written during a writer’s lunch break.

I still can’t make heads or tails of Team Rocket’s plan. They could’ve brainwashed Timmy into thinking Ash and the others were evil Pokemon Trainers that Hero!Meowth has been trying to thwart in an effort to save the captive Pikachu or something. But no, it’s ‘Convince Timmy our Meowth is a hero….lure them into a canyon…I guess?…Take Pikachu—Whatever. Just get the episode animated! We’re on a time crunch!’

I can imagine that scene with Meowth and the boulder was originally it kicking away a rock the size of a basketball or something, but then they were like ‘Eh, make it the size of a house. Who cares if it makes sense? These are little kids. They’re stupid. Happy Children’s Day, by the way. Tell your little brats I said ‘Hi!’’ Even when I was a kid, that boulder thing was too much for me to swallow.

Not to mention that the art and animation for this episode are some of the worst I’ve seen in Pokemon.

Proportions are all over the place. For example, Arbok’s about ten sizes too big when he’s thrown by Onix, Brock seems like he’s shorter than Ash with Misty being the tallest half the time, and all of them are about as tall as this adult teacher.

The mouth movements are so oversized and awkward that their mouths are going into their noses half the time, Togepi looks like a bootleg Togepi plushy, and there are several instances of characters sliding along when they walk.

There was zero effort put into this episode, which is a damn shame for their Children’s Day special. A day dedicated to kids, their target demographic, and they just didn’t care enough to make anything worth a damn. Like I said, I usually forget this episode even exists.

And, like the Hinamatsuri special, this episode was meant to air on Children’s Day in early May, but it got bumped back to early July due to the Pokemon Shock incident screwing up the lineup.

So, kids got no Pokemon on actual Children’s Day, and when they finally got their Children’s Day special, it was this….thing. Good job.

Next episode, Jenny and Growlithe fight crime! Kinda.

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Anime Madhouse Cleaning (Get it? Like House Cleaning *cough*)


Hey everyone! A brief update – For a long, long time I’ve been wanting to go back and fix a bunch of the posts on the site that have extremely glaring formatting and technical errors (As well as minor things like style problems and typos.) After putting it off for years, I finally got around to doing it.

I’ve been going through almost every post on the Anime Madhouse for going on a month now and I think I’ve fixed a vast majority of these issues. Obviously, they’re still far from perfect, but they’re much better than they were. A handful are exponentially better (I’m embarrassed that some of these even saw the ‘Publish’ button) some are just spruced up a tad.

Hopefully now that the Madhouse is cleaned up a little, it’ll be more suitable to invite people over for tea and brunch.

And, as always, thank you guys for continuing to read, like and comment my stuff. You all are the bees knees. 🙂


The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hey everybody! I was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger award by the very kind 7Mononoke! Thank you so much for the nomination. If you haven’t already, check out their blog. They have some really awesome and insightful anime reviews, lists and analyses.

Let’s go over the rules.

– Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog so others can visit them.
– Answer eleven questions asked by the nominator.
– Nominate eleven bloggers of your choosing and provide ask them eleven questions of your own.
– Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts.
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post or on your blog site.

Without any further ado, let’s answer the questions!

1 – What is Your Favorite Color, and is There a Particular Reason as to Why?

My favorite color is purple. I don’t believe there’s any real reasoning behind it – I’ve always just found purple to be an awesome color, especially neon purple. My favorite color combo is orange and black because of Halloween, though.

2 – Do you have a favorite kind of wild plant, tree, or flower?

I never really gave it much thought, but if I had a favorite plant, it’d be bamboo because it’s cool-looking, very renewable, useful for many purposes and pandas eat them. Pandas are adorable.

Tree-wise, I’d say the birch tree because they’re so different from other trees. I love their white coloring since it’s a nice contrast to the rest of the forest.

My name is actually a flower name, Heather, but my favorites would probably be wisteria and lavender. (lol purple)

3 – Have you taken a Myers-Briggs test before, and if so what type are you?

Yes, I have. In fact, I had to take it as part of one of my psych classes for college. 🙂 I am an INFJ or Advocate type.

4 – What is one of your fondest or most memorable childhood memories?

When we went to Six Flags with my grandparents. Bad things happened (like our ride over there was kinda miserable, and my grandma had to be taken off one of the roller coasters because she was feeling ill) but we had a lot of fun, and even through the bad things we never fought or got irritated. We went about our trip, saw some great shows, went on some fun rides and we just enjoyed each other’s company. Plus, as a cartoon nut, I was crazy over all the Looney Tunes stuff.

5 – What is a scent that you like? It could be a food-related scent, anything floral, or something like the smell of cut grass, pencils, or books.

I love all of those scents, for the record, but my personal favorite smells are citrus, like orange and lemon, and maple. I also love the smell outside right after a big thunderstorm.

6 – What is your current favorite anime or your current favorite book?

It’s really hard for me to choose my favorite shows, manga, anime etc. but I still believe Fruits Basket is my favorite above all. It’s, in my opinion, a perfect balance of drama, character development, relationship development and comedy with an absolutely amazing cast and equally amazing dub.

I know the current incarnation will be exploring the rest of the manga, but the one mark against the original series has always been that it never got a chance to explore those characters. Even though I’m enjoying the new series, I kinda still wish we had gotten the continuation in the old Fruits Basket style. Maybe I’m just more partial to the extra comedy in the original series, but it’s a lingering thought.

7 – Do you like adventure outdoors, like occasional camping or light hiking?

Okay, here’s the deal. I love being outdoors. I really do. I’ve never really been camping, but I love hiking, nature walks, swimming-ish (I can’t swim that well, but I love being in the water) etc. However, I am just an absolute smorgasbord for mosquitoes, and bug spray never seems to help me much.

I tend to have bad reactions to bug bites too. Nothing severe, but still. This has lead me to being paranoid when outdoors. As a result, I typically do my outdoor adventuring in autumn, when it’s cool, there are few bugs and it’s very beautiful outside, or during winter. In fact, my dad and I used to go on long snowmobiling trips fairly often in winter. We no longer have snowmobiles, but I’d love to go on a long trip on a snowmobile again sometime.

8 – Do you have a psych or a developmental disorder, and has it affected your life? (No need to reveal what it is unless you’re comfortable.)

I have social anxiety disorder and depression. Had them for around ten years now. I don’t really feel like going into details, but yes they have affected my life quite severely.

9 – What kind of insect or arachnid scares you or annoys you the most?


Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. MOSQUITOES.

I hope they all die in the biggest fire.

10 – What is your favorite OST from an an anime or other TV series?

I’ve always adored the OSTs from the Dot Hack Franchise. I’d never really be able to settle on one. As for regular TV, the Avatar the Last Airbender (if you don’t count that as anime) soundtrack is phenomenal.

11 – What are you most grateful for? You can mention several if needed.

My parents and my pets. I owe my life to them in more ways than one.


My Nominations (Forgive me if I nominate people who have already done this (recently, anyway) or if you don’t do awards posts. :))

Artemis (Otaku Lounge)


Kat Sade (GrimmGirl)

Irina (I Drink and Watch Anime)

A Nerdy Perspective

Crow’s World of Anime

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New Questions

1 – What’s a food most people seem to love, but you dislike?

2 – If you could live in any anime world, where would you live and why?

3 – What anime world would you absolutely never want to live in?

4 – What’s an anime character you believe was unjustly killed off?

5 – What was your favorite toy growing up?

6 – What’s one skill you want to develop but haven’t found the time/money/energy to do so?

7 – What’s an anime character that nearly ruined an entire series for you?

8 – Likewise, what’s one anime character that made an otherwise terrible/boring anime exponentially better?

9 – Any item from any anime is now a life-size merch item. You can get one item absolutely free. Which one would you get?

10 – Do you have any tattoos? If so, what are they? If not, would you want to get one?

11 – What do you do when you have writer’s/artist’s block?